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For the Week of  12/26/14 — 1/2/15


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Texas Headlines

84th Legislative Regular Session

Dec 26, 2014: Top 10 stories of 2014: Fracking fight shifts from Denton to the statehouse

Dec 26, 2014: Texas Lawmaker Fights City’s Fracking Ban

Generation Adequacy

Dec 30, 2014: Oncor Officials Look To 2015 For Decisions About Route To Increase Bulk Electric Power

Dec 29, 2014: Oncor’s Backup Plan For Texas Power Gives Jolt To Energy Storage Industry

Dec 28, 2014: Texas Pushing Back As Feds Move To Reduce Coal-Fired Plants

Dec 29, 2014: Texas Retail Providers: “Subsidy” for Generation-Related Capital Costs Would Set “Dangerous Precedent” For Market

Dec 28, 2014: The Grid Reliability Myth

Dec 25, 2014: E.P.A. Wrestles With Role of Nuclear Plants in Carbon Emission Rules

Dec 26, 2014: ERCOT: Texas Becoming Less Reliant On Coal To Generate Electricity

Dec 26, 2014: Power Price Declines From Houston to Minneapolis as Demand Falls

Dec 23, 2014: CenterPoint Unveils New Transmission Line Alternatives

Dec 23, 2014: Pattern Energy Acquires Logan’s Gap Wind Project In Texas

Dec 26, 2014: Texas Wind Power Sets A Record In 2014, But Federal Tax Credit Ends Soon

Dec 23, 2014: Utilities Eyeing Direct Investment In Shale Gas

Dec 23, 2014: How U.S. Power Generators Are Preparing for 2015


Dec 26, 2014: El Paso Electric Company Reaches New 52-Week High at $41.08

Dec 29, 2014: Texas Is Freaking Out About The Oil Crash

Dec 30, 2014: Heads Up, Entergy Customers: Your Bill Is Likely To Increase Because Louisiana Needs More Power

Dec 28, 2014: Entergy Louisiana River Bend 1 Reactor Shut

Dec 28, 2014: Texas Needs To Incentivize Solar Power

Dec 29, 2014: This Year’s Key Developments in Distributed Energy and Utility Disruption

Dec 26, 2014: Generation Cornerstone: Ninemile 6 Joins Entergy’s Power Portfolio

Dec 26, 2014: Turning City Government Green Is Paying Off

Dec 26, 2014: Texas Air Toxicologist Does Battle With EPA Science On Air Emissions

Dec 26, 2014: Solar-Powered Vehicles Could Patrol In Galveston

Dec 23, 2014: State: Texas Oil and Gas Drilling Permits Fall 50 Percent in November

Dec 23, 2014: Electric Utilities Benefit From Shale Gas Boom

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Dec 30, 2014: Texas REP Releases New Bill Format

Dec 29, 2014: Texas Power Reserve Applies To Become Texas REP And PGC

Dec 29, 2014: Retail Provider Has Property Seized By Vendor; Court Orders Return

Texas Generators

Dec 29, 2014: Texas Power Reserve Applies To Become Texas REP And PGC

Power Grid Security

Dec 29, 2014: Understanding Semantics of Grid Security Strategies

Dec 29, 2014: Hackers Tried to Paralyze Nuclear Plants

Dec 26, 2014: South Korea Heightens Security After Cyberattack on Nuclear Plants

Dec 27, 2014: South Korea’s Two Nuclear Reactors Stopped After Toxic Gas Leak

Dec 23, 2014: If Cyberwar Erupts, America’s Electric Grid Is A Prime Target

Dec 23, 2014: South Korea Steps Up Cyber Security At Nuclear Plants

Renewable Power

Dec 29, 2014: The Perry Legacy: Texas Now Hands-Down Leader in Wind Power

Dec 28, 2014: The Perry Legacy: Cleaner Air, but Who Gets Credit?

Dec 25, 2014: Company’s Solar Ambitions Are As Big As The Sky

Dec 23, 2014: Wonder Material Could Harvest Energy From Thin Air

Dec 29, 2014: Tariffs-Smariffs, We Can Already Make the World’s Lowest Cost Solar Modules — Here In The US

Dec 26, 2014: Renewables Dominate New US Electrical Generating Capacity

Dec 24, 2014: U.S. Geothermal acquires Earth Power Resources

Dec 26, 2014: Why Do Some US States Have Higher Rooftop Solar Installation Than Others?

Dec 26, 2014: Topaz Turns On 9 Million Solar Panels at World’s Largest Photovoltaic Power Plant

Dec 26, 2014: “In America”, with James Earl Jones, set to Produce New Segment on Solar Power Systems

Dec 26, 2014: A Dozen Reasons 2014 Was Awesome for Clean Energy & Beyond Coal Victories

Dec 26, 2014: Apple, IKEA, Walmart: 12 Leaders In On-Site Renewables

Dec 23, 2014: Living the EV/PV Dream: How I Chose to Pair My Solar System With an Electric Car 

Dec 23, 2014: In 2014, U.S. Climate Movement Grew in Grassroots Might But Lost Ground in Congress

Dec 23, 2014: US Solar Capacity Rising Thanks To Declining Prices

Dec 23, 2014: Ford Dealers to Charge EVs with On-site Wind Power

Dec 23, 2014: Solar and Wind Provide 70 Percent of New US Generating Capacity in November 2014

Outside Texas

Dec 29, 2014: New CPUC President, Utilidata, Empower Energies, Nexeon

Dec 29 2014: Group Wants 2 State Regulators Recused From Deciding Future Of PNM’s Coal-Fired Power Plant

Dec 29, 2014:  Ukraine Separatist Leader Warns Against Using U.S. Nuclear Fuel

Dec 29, 2014: Vermont Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down as Industry Evolves

Dec 29, 2014: BYD All Electric Bus Rolled off Production Line in Dalian

Dec 23, 2014: Warning of Rate Shock, Harm to Retail Market, Pa. PUC Slams Proposal to Increase PJM Price Cap

Dec 29 2014: ConEd Files for Expansion of Residential Demand Response Programs

Dec 22, 2014:  Utica Shale Electric Use Is Having Big Impacts On Firstenergy, American Electric Power

Other News

Dec 23, 2014: Is The Oil Crash About To Snuff Out The ‘Texas Miracle’?

Dec 23, 2014: Turmoil Is Coming To Houston Area’s Economy

Dec 23, 2014: El Paso Water Utilities Is Planning Leader


For the Week of  12/19/14 — 12/26/14


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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Texas Headlines

85th Legislative Regular Session

Dec 19, 2014: Proposed Texas Legislation Could Make It Hard And Expensive To Ban Fracking, Limit Drilling In Texas

Dec 19, 2014: Get Ready Cities, Austin Lawmakers Are Challenging Your Authority To Regulate Fracking.

Generation Adequacy

Dec 22, 2014: From Court Battles to International Expansion, a Look at the State of Demand Response

Dec 22, 2014: Coal for Power and Emerging Environmental Constraints: Biochar to the Rescue?

Dec 18, 2014: Power Across Texas Rises as Wind Production Declines

Dec 19, 2014: With US Nuclear in Decline, Scientists and Analysts Urge Support for Next-Generation Technologies


Dec 22, 2014: Fort Worth Based XTO Energy Fined $2.3 Million By Federal Agencies For W.Va. Violations

Dec 22, 2014: Solar Electric Power Association recognizes El Paso Electric

Dec 22, 2014: NRG Sets Lofty Sustainability Goals At Groundbreaking Of Its Green HQ

Dec 22, 2014: Investment in Microgrid Enabling Technologies is Expected to Exceed $155 Billion Through 2023, According to Navigant Research

Dec 22, 2014: American Superconductor: Too Cheap To Ignore With Emerging Energy Grid Security Catalysts

Dec 19, 2014: Fitch Rates Lower Colorado River Authority, TX’s Rev Bonds ‘A’; Outlook Stable

Dec 19, 2014: JPMorgan: Texas At Risk Of Recession Next Year

Dec 22, 2014: Texas Reliability Entity Members Elect New Chair and Vice Chair

Dec 19, 2014: Power Sector Employment Declines, Except For Renewable Electricity Generators

Dec 19, 2014: Energy Tech Firm Creating 160 S.A. Jobs

Dec 19, 2014: Environmentalists Split With the Obama Administration Over Key Power Plant Rules

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Dec 23, 2014: Texas ALJ Allows Complaint Implicating REP Obligations to Communicate TDU Charges to Continue, Refers to Mediation

Dec 23, 2014: Jade Energy Texas REP Application Draws Intervention From Owners

Dec 23, 2014: Texas REP Video Offering Carbon Free Plans

Dec 22, 2014: TXU Energy Awarded 53 Million Contract By Defense Logistics Agency

Dec 22, 2014: Retail Supplier No Longer Affiliated With EDF Trading

Power Grid Security

Dec 22, 2014: South Korea Official Says Cannot Rule Out North’s Hand In Hack Of Nuclear Operator

Dec 22, 2014: Mysterious Drone Over Restarted Belgium Nuclear Plant Prompts Investigation

Dec 22, 2014: S. Korea Nuclear Plant Hack: 3 Reactors Demanded Closed By Christmas

Renewable Power

Dec 22, 2014: Analysts: Oil Price Slump Will Have ‘Modest’ Impact On Renewables Prospects

Dec 22, 2014: Green Mountain Power Creates B Corp Energy 

Dec 22, 2014: Is Clean Energy Adoption Driving Down Oil Prices?

Dec 22, 2014: Obama Administration Charges Second Wind Power Producer For Killing Birds

Dec 19, 2014: Who Really Has Grassroots Support? Wind Energy

Dec 22, 2014: How Real Is The Off-Grid Solar Threat To Utilities? (Part II)

Dec 19, 2014: U.S. Should Save Nuclear Industry From Fracking Peril: IEA

Dec 19, 2014: Canadian Solar’s Statement on the Latest AD/CVD ruling by United States Department of Commerce 

Dec 19, 2014: Planting Soybeans Instead Of Corn Below Wind Turbines Could Boost Power Generation

Dec 19, 2014: US Wind Tax Credit Extension Gives ‘Brief Opportunity’

Dec 19, 2014: US Power Sector Needs $2.1 Trillion in Investment by 2035, Says IEA

Dec 19, 2014: US To Impose Solar Tariffs On China And Taiwan

Dec 21, 2014: The Top Cleantech Buzzwords and Phrases From 2014

Dec 21, 2014: 2014 Meant More Renewables In More Places For Less Money: The Year In Review

Dec 19, 2014: Low Oil Prices Not Expected To Kill Renewables

Dec 17, 2014: The World’s Biggest Car Company Wants to Get Rid of Gasoline

Outside Texas

Dec 21, 2014: Energy-Storage Plans Gain Ground in California

Dec 22, 2014:  Local Chinese Governments Give Financial Support To Leading U.S. Electric Vehicle Battery Company

Dec 22, 2014: The Detroit Power Outage: A Lesson for Cities about Microgrids

Dec 22, 2014: PJM Proposes Capacity Performance Rules That Will Present New Opportunities and Risks for Clean Energy Resources

Dec 22, 2014: European Coal Hits Seven-Year Low as Costs And Demand Drop

Dec 21, 2014: Nation’s Coal Mines Nearing Record Low In Worker Deaths

Dec 20, 2014: CODA Energy Installs Largest Behind-The-Meter Energy Storage System In Los Angeles Basin

Dec 18, 2014:  DOJ’s Pepco-Exelon Review Focuses On Grid Lock

Dec 19, 2014: The Alarming Research Behind New York’s Fracking Ban

Dec 20, 2014: FPL Gets Approval To Charge Customers For Fracking Investment

Other News

Dec 23, 2014: Entergy’s River Bend Nuclear Plant Reports Event

Dec 22, 2014: Report: Texas Could Face 2.7 Trillion Gallon Water Shortfall by 2060

Dec 19, 2014:  Beaumont Justices Hear Oral Arguments In Pipeline ‘Common Carrier’ Case

Dec 19, 2014: Russel Head, CEO,  Andeler Power, Was Featured On DFW Radio Station

Dec 15, 2014: The Texas Energy Revolt

Dec 18, 2014: Water, Texas, and an Opportunity that should not be Wasted


For the Week of  12/12/14 — 12/19/14


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Dec 17, 2014: Sierra Club Agrees To Legal Cease Fire With Luminant

Dec 18, 2014: Sierra Club, Luminant Agree To Legal Truce After Reaching Settlement

Dec 15, 2014: Texas State Law Could Short-Circuit Electricity Battery Breakthrough

Generation Adequacy

Dec 18, 2014: Options For Customers In Houston Electricity Market Are Missing

Dec 18, 2014: County Judge-Elect Pushing For Transmission Line Alternatives, Centerpoint Adds Public Meeting

Dec 16, 2014: ERCOT Forecasts Plenty Of Power For Winter Cold

Dec 18, 2014: ERCOT Cites Very Little Burden in Complying with EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Dec 18, 2014: Natural Gas Overwhelmingly Replaces Coal

Dec 16, 2014: ABB Boosts Power Transmission Capacity in Texas

Dec 16, 2014: EIA Releases 2013 Coal Distribution Report

Dec 17, 2014: SunPower and Sunverge Charge Into 2015 with Solar and Battery Storage Offering in the U.S. and Australia

Dec 16, 2014: AEMA Urges ERCOT To Focus On Expanding Demand Response, In Response to ERCOT’s Analysis of EPA Regulations Impacts

Dec 15, 2014: Summit: Redesign of The Texas Clean Energy Project Saved “A Couple Hundred Million”

Dec 15, 2014: Investor Buys Majority Share of Wind Farm East of Amarillo

Dec 15, 2014: EPA’s Regulatory ‘Trifecta’ Imperils The Texas Power Grid

Dec 15, 2014: $650 Million Deal Shifts Wind Farm Ownership from E.ON to Enbridge

Dec 12, 2014: FERC Plans Conferences On EPA Carbon Rule Impacts

Dec 12, 2014: Cheap Natural Gas Lures Private Equity To U.S. Power Industry


Dec 18, 2014: Texas Could Be Headed for an Oil-Fueled Recession, J.P. Morgan Economist Says

Dec 18, 2014: Austin Braces For Tesla Lobbying Blitz

Dec 18, 2014: Scammers Posing As AEP Workers

Dec 17, 2014: Pattern Energy Expands Credit Facilities to $350 Million

Dec 17, 2014: Boerne, Seguin Settle LCRA Suits — No Cash To Change Hands

Dec 17, 2014: Class Actions Can Strain Retail Electric Providers

Dec 17, 2014: What The Senate’s Tax Bill Means For Wind Power

Dec 17, 2014: Congress Briefly Renews Tax Breaks For Wind, Biofuel

Dec 18, 2014: Electric Delivery Trucks Headed to Texas: UPS to Get 18 Workhorse E-100 All Electric Walk-In Vans.

Dec 16, 2014: Copper Theft Costs Texas Co-op $19,000

Dec 17, 2014: How Energy Markets Can Solve Modern Challenges

Dec 17, 2014: Senate Passes Bill Temporarily Renewing Wind Tax Breaks

Dec 16, 2014: TXU Energy Partnership with EnergyHub Enhances its iThermostat, with More Flexible Control Options for Customers

Dec 16, 2014: Facebook Complaints About Electric Solicitors Prompt Changes in Abilene

Dec 17, 2014: Buffet’s Smart Grid Idea Takes over your Washing Machine

Dec 8, 2014:  Tesla round two: Carmaker will fight to change Texas law in 2015

Dec 16, 2014: Fitch: U.S. Utilities, Power and Gas Outlook Stable for 2015

Dec 15, 2014: Ascent Solar’s EnerPlex™ Brand Launches on

Dec 15, 2014: U.S. Energy Boom’s Other Winner: Utilities

Dec 15, 2014: Electric Grid Operations Sound the Alarm: EPA’s Carbon Plan Wreaks Havoc with Reliable and Affordable Electricity

Dec 12, 2014: East Texas Electric Co-op Adds Biomass Capacity

Dec 12. 2014: Austin Aims for 950MW of Solar Along With Bold Distributed Energy Goals

Power Grid Security

Dec 18, 2014: DIA: North Korea Planned Attacks on US Nuclear Plants

Dec 15, 2014: Homeland Security Warns That Major Coronal Mass Ejection Could Be Catastrophic To Civilization

Renewable Power

Dec 18, 2014: E.On Commissions Large Scale Wind Power And Solar Energy Projects In The US, Including Texas

Dec 17, 2014: Space-Based Solar Power: The Energy Of The Future?

Dec 18, 2014: EIA: U.S. Wind Power Capacity Additions Expected To Increase In Final Quarter 

Dec 17, 2014: Honda’s Hydrogen Fuel Car To Make U.S. Debut At Detroit Auto Show

Dec 17, 2014: What Spain Can Teach Texas About Solar Energy

Dec 18, 2014: Yingli Green Energy Comments on U.S. Department of Commerce’s Final Decisions on Tariffs for Solar PV Panels Using Non-Chinese Cells

Dec 18, 2014: America’s First Offshore Wind Project Hit With Waves Of Controversy

Dec 16, 2014: Local Market Conditions and Policies Strongly Influence Solar PV Pricing

Dec 18, 2014:  US Confirms Steep Import Duties On Solar Products From China

Dec 16, 2014: Cheap Oil Saps Tesla, Alternative Energy ETFs’ Vigor

Dec 15, 2014: Cheap Gas Will Cause Electric-Car Sales To Plummet: True Or False?

Dec 17, 2014: Alt Energy Stocks Follow Crude Oil’s Ups and Downs

Dec 17, 2014: Mapping the Frontier of New Wind Power Potential

Dec 16, 2014: U.S. Trade Authorities Increase Tariffs On Solar Imports From China In Final Ruling

Dec 16, 2014: Nuclear Power Should Play “Substantial Role” In Mitigating Climate Change: Environmental Scientists

Dec 16, 2014: Geothermal Energy in 2014: Emerging Economies Power Up

Dec 16, 2014: PetersenDean/Solar4America Call for Immediate Resignation of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) CEO and Board of Directors

Dec 16, 2014: Gosar, Other Lawmakers Raise Concerns With Solar Leases

Dec 15, 2014: DOE  Release Draft Report on Plains And Eastern Clean Line Transmission Project

Dec 12, 2014: Rise of Clean Energy Staff Mirrors Texas’ Renewable Energy Boom

Dec 15, 2014: Falling Oil Prices Will Not Bother Solar

Dec 15, 2014: Wind Has More Than Enough Potential To Cover World’s Energy Needs

Dec 15, 2014: Nuclear Power Key to Protecting Biodiversity

Dec 15, 2014: Financial And Regulatory Barriers To USA’s New Nuclear Technologies

Dec 15, 2014: SunPower Invests $20 Million in Tendril to Bring Smart Energy Solutions to Market

Dec 12, 2014: Despite Green Energy Promises, Walmart’s Coal Consumption Remains Gargantuan

Dec 12, 2014: Wind Power A Growing Energy Source Worldwide

Dec 12, 2014: Myths And Facts About Using Solar Energy In Your Business

Outside Texas

Dec 18, 2014: PSE, RES Americas To Develop Battery Storage Project

Dec 18, 2014: Allete Buys NRG Energy’s 15-Year-Old Wind Farm for $15 Million

Dec 12, 2014:  Largest Fuel Cell Power Plant Accepted in Germany

Dec 18, 2014: FERC Proposes $30 Million In Penalties Against Power Traders For Alleged Manipulation

Dec 17, 2014:  NYISO Stakeholders Approve Pricing Proposal to Enhance Reliability, Fuel Assurance

Dec 17, 2014: PNM Proposes Solar Charge in New Mexico

Dec 15, 2014: MISO Ponders Larger DR Role despite Legal Challenges

Dec 15, 2014: N.Y. Orders Immediate Development of Distribution-Level Demand Response Programs

Dec 15, 2014: WPI Receives More Than $1.1 Million in Awards from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Dec 12, 2014: Climate Deal Would Commit Every Nation to Limiting Emissions

Dec 12, 2014: Exelon Would Profit From Reforms Proposed By Operator Of Electric-Grid

Dec 15, 2014: PJM Proposes Changes to the Load Serving Entity Capacity Obligation Allocation As Part of Performance Proposal

Dec 15, 2014: CT Plans Utility-Offered Demand Response Programs If FERC Lack of Jurisdiction Upheld

Other News

Dec 18, 2014:  The National Hockey League Going Carbon-Neutral with Constellation

Dec 18, 2014: Ecova, A subsidiary of Cofely, the Leading Brand  of GDF SUEZ,  Names Jana Schmidt President and CEO

Dec 18, 2014:  Texas Railroad Commission Name Change A Start

Dec 18, 2014:  10K Energy to Relinquish Texas REP Certificate

Dec 18, 2014: True Electric to Relinquish Texas REP Certificate

Dec 18, 2014:  Jade Energy Files Again to Change Ownership/Control

Dec 18, 2014:  Acacia Energy Changes Name to Brooklet Energy Distribution

Dec 16, 2014:  PUCT Denies Complaint and Appeal of Calpine and NRG vs ERCOT Endorsement of HIP

Dec 16, 2014: Source Power & Gas Amending Texas REP Certificate to Reflect Change in Ownership

Dec 16, 2014:  Austin Energy Employees Accused Of Stealing Copper Wire

Dec 16, 2014:  Oil Prices Are Dropping: Here’s What Could Be Coming

Dec 16, 2014:  Falling Prices A Cloud On South, West Texas

Dec 15, 2014:  Notice of Violation and Settlement for MP2 Energy in Texas

Dec 15, 2014: Palo Duro Wind Interconnection Services Registers as Texas PGC

Dec 15, 2014:  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Registers as Texas PGC

Dec 15, 2014: ScottMadden Discusses Industry Trends with CPS Energy’s Governance and Executive Leadership

Dec 15, 2014: NRG Home Offering Ongoing Goal Zero Product Rewards for Northeast Residential Customers

Dec 15, 2014: Direct Energy Offering Free Electric Supply As Part of New TOU Plan for Small C&Is in Pennsylvania


For the Week of  12/5/14 — 12/12/14


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Dec 11, 2014: ERCOT Says November Wind Generation Was Highest Since April 2013

Dec 11, 2014: J.P. Morgan Asset Management And First Wind Announce Transfer Of Majority Ownership In Palouse And Texas Route 66 Wind Projects

Dec 10, 2014: Fitch: U.S. Public Power Outlook Stable Amid Environmental Regulation and Declining Consumption

Dec 10, 2014: Fitch: Tax Credit May Raise US Wind Power Development Volatility

Dec 10, 2014: Sky’s the limit for solar in Texas

Dec 10, 2014: FOIA Denials Cost EPA $170,000 in Legal Fees

Dec 10, 2014: EPA May Miss Deadline On Climate Rule

Dec 10, 2014: Nuclear Energy Firms Raise Stakes in Projects

Dec 10, 2014: Power For Interconnection Region

Dec 9, 2014: Entergy to Purchase Bankrupt Union Power Station in El Dorado for $948M

Dec 9, 2014: GEH Robot Completes Buried Pipe Inspection At Texas Nuclear Plant

Dec 9, 2014: While Germany Explores Energy Storage Technologies at Breakneck Speeds, The US Isn’t Far Behind

Dec 8, 2014: Grid-Scale Storage: Smooth Operators

Dec 9, 2014: Major U.S. Power Plants Awarded Advanced Energy For Life “Clean Coal” Honors For Technology Solutions To Achieve Lowest Emissions

Dec 9, 2014: High Cost Hinders Progress of Carbon Capture As Climate-Change Fix

Dec 6, 2014: BTU Preparing For Winter Months at Dansby Power Plant

Dec 7, 2014: 2,000 Wind Turbines On The Horizon in Texas Counties

Dec 5, 2014: Improving Nuclear Power Plant Safety By Looking At Nature


Dec 11, 2014: ERM Power Acquires Source Power and Gas

Dec 10, 2014: Texas Pflugerville Firm Awarded By U.S. Department Of Energy For ‘Revolutionary’ Wind Turbine Design

Dec 10, 2014: Xcel Energy Inc. Board Declares Dividend on Common Stock

Dec 9, 2014: Utilities, including TXU Energy, Roll Out Home Energy Analytics to Over 1.5 Million

Dec 9, 2014: NRG Energy Announces Plan to Repurchase Common Stock as First Part of its 2015 Capital Allocation Plan

Dec 9, 2014: GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA Further Supports the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Dec 7, 2014: The Push For A More Efficient Rural America

Dec 9, 2014: The Flexible and Evolving Power Distribution Grid

Dec 9, 2014: 2014, The Biggest Year Ever For Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) In United States

Dec 8, 2014: Two Texas Co-ops Get Oklahoma Wind

Dec 8, 2014: Xcel Energy Seeks Rate Increase For Texas Customers

Dec 9, 2014: NRG Energy (NRG) Approves $100M Buyback

Dec 8, 2014: Wal-Mart Investment in Solar Energy Transforms Industry

Dec 8, 2014: Texas Staff Recommend Dismissal of Complaint That Implicated REPs’ Responsibility to Communicate Changes in TDU Charges

Dec 7, 2014: Los Fresnos CISD To See Return On Turbine Farm Tax Break

Dec 7, 2014: Tesla Wants Texas Auto Sales Rules Eased, Hints Future Investment Projects Could Be At Stake

Dec 6, 2014: Metals Finance Raises $3.7M, On Path To Being A U.S. Coal Producer

Dec 4, 2014: Obama’s Clean Power Plan Getting Dirtied But It Has Key Business Support

Dec 5, 2014: Kentucky, Fearing Impact Of Carbon Power Rule, Urges EPA To Rethink Proposal

Power Grid Security

Dec 10, 2014: Are Power Plant Transformers America’s Weakest Link?

Dec 7, 2014: Nuclear Plant Tests Response Time To Terrorist Attack

Renewable Power

Dec 11, 2014: Should Homeowners With Solar Panels Pay To Maintain Electrical Grid?

Dec 11, 2014: Can Wind Energy And Birds Coexist? Environmental Group Says Yes

Dec 11, 2014: Mapping the Frontier of New Wind Power Potential

Dec 11, 2014: Solar Energy Will Produce Less Than One Percent Of US Power In 2015

Dec 11, 2014: Solarcity And Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Create Program To Finance Approximately $400 Million In Residential Solar Projects

Dec 11, 2014: First Commercially Available Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Hit the Street

Dec 11, 2014: Honda Releases “Green Dealer” Guide to Help Auto Dealers Measurably Reduce their Energy Consumption and Environmental Impact

Dec 10, 2014: FERC: 102 MW Of Biomass Capacity Added In October

Dec 10, 2014: Community Solar Projects On The Rise With Announcement Of New Deal

Dec 10, 2014: EPA Seeks Comments on Delay in Issuing 2014 Standards Under Renewable Fuel Standard Program

Dec 10, 2014: Can Burning Tires Be Called Renewable Energy?

Dec 9, 2014: Sharp to sell US solar business to Canadian firm for $250 mn

Dec 9, 2014: United States Wind Power Market: A Strengthening US Economy And Growing Demand For Electricity Will Benefit The Industry

Dec 9, 2014: MIT Study: Wind Farms Do Not Harm Human Health, But Annoy Some People

Dec 9, 2014: U.S. Solar Power Sector Booming

Dec 9, 2014: US Sees Second-Largest Solar Installation Growth In Q3

Dec 9, 2014: Walmart Stores : Walmart Banks On Solar Energy Savings

Dec 9, 2014: EPA Official Supports Biomass Exemptions from Greenhouse Gas Regulation

Dec 2, 2014: Is Pouring Funding Into Renewable Energy The Answer To Our Nation’s Electricity Grid Woes?

Dec 9, 2014: How Renewable Energy Jobs Are Changing America

Dec 9, 2014: Freeing The Grid Report Shows Which States Excel and Which States Lag in Promoting Solar

Dec 9, 2014: Dubai Shatters Solar Price Records – Lowest Ever!

Dec 9, 2014: Solar ETFs: Consumers Add to Surge in U.S. Installations

Dec 8, 2014: Wind Tax Credit: More Bang For Your Buck?

Dec 8, 2014: Utilities Face Significant Revenue Losses from Growth of Solar, Storage and Energy Efficiency, Accenture Research Shows

Dec 8, 2014: Global Wind Turbine Manufacturing Capacity Has Far Surpassed Demand, According to New Navigant Research Report

Dec 5, 2014: Can Renewables Power the Future?

Dec 5, 2014: Wind Power Subsidies Are Actually Killing Innovation In Renewables

Dec 5, 2014: What New Device Could Bring Wind Power Into Urban Areas?

Dec 5, 2014: Wind Industry Will Do Just Fine Regardless of U.S. Clean-Energy Subsidy

Dec 5, 2014: Solar Homes Are Mini Power Plants. Why Are Most of Them Out of Step With the Grid?

Dec 5, 2014: Is Renewable Energy Truly Providing the Winds of Change in the Data Center?

Oct 15, 2014: First US public offering of solar bonds: can crowdfunding take clean energy to the next level?

Emerging Technologies

Dec 9, 2014: Hydrogenics Proposes Storing Electrolyzed Hydrogen In Natural Gas Lines

Dec 9, 2014: HyperSolar Achieves Major Breakthrough in Splitting Water Into Renewable Hydrogen Fuel

Outside Texas

Dec 11, 2014: PJM’s Capacity Market Reforms Could ‘Erase Revenue Streams’ for Utility-Scale Solar

Dec 11, 2014: American Electric Power Company’s Trademark Application for “TRANSOURCE” Filed

Dec 11, 2014: Xcel Energy Announces New Upper Midwest Leader

Dec 9, 2014: World Loses $89.3 Billion to Electricity Theft Annually, $58.7 Billion in Emerging Markets

Dec 8, 2014: Toshiba To Merge US Power Businesses

Dec 8, 2014: ISO New England Seeks Changes to Market Participant Financial Requirements to Protect Against “Thinly Capitalized” Retail Suppliers

Other News

Dec 11, 2014: Nations Power Relinquishing Texas REP Certificate

Dec 11, 2014: PUCT Dismisses Jade Energy Request to Change in Ownership/Control

Dec 11, 2014: Retail Supplier Now Marketing Healthcare Services

Dec 10, 2014: Senate Confirms Williams as Director of Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy

Dec 10, 2014: CenterPoint Energy ranks first in industry in The Civic 50

Dec 9, 2014: Texas Rep to Cease Marketing Under One of Its Texas Brands

Dec 9, 2014: Texas Co-ops Warn of Payment Scams

Dec 9, 2014: New Fed Report Highlights Booming Texas Economy

Dec 9, 2014: Just Energy Co-CEO to Keynote Energy Marketing Conference

Dec 9, 2014: Winter Season Ad for Texas Rep’s Free Nights

Dec 9, 2014: Texas Rep Brings Back “Naughty or Nice” $200 Enrollment Incentive for Holidays

Dec 9, 2014: Texas Rep’s New Plan? Get More, Save More

Dec 9, 2014: Champion Energy Offering Service in New State

Dec 4, 2014: Midland Ranks First In State For Job Creation

Dec 8, 2014: Newman Solar Registers as PGC

Dec 8, 2014: Route 66 Wind Power Registers as PGC and REC Generator

Dec 8, 2014: Briscoe Wind Farm Files to Register as REC Generator

Dec 8, 2014: New Retail Provider Receives Texas REP Certificate

Dec 8, 2014: Retail Provider Now Offering Insurance Quotes

Nov 26, 2014: Graham, Duncan: Greener Cars Are Insurance Against Oil Dependence


For the Week of  11/28/14 — 12/5/14


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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Dec 4, 2014: EPA Finalizes Greenhouse Gas Permit for Guadalupe Power Plant close to San Antonio

Dec 4, 2014: Regional Approach Can Make Complying With EPA Rules 30% Cheaper

Dec 4, 2014: U.S. Navy to Deploy Vanadium-based Flow Battery Technology

Dec 3, 2014: Houston Is Getting A New Natural Gas Power Plant

Dec 2, 2014: Texas to Overhaul Its Grid-Balancing Services With Energy Storage

Dec 3, 2014: Environmentalists: Regional Haze Ruling in Texas Means Cleaner Air in Oklahoma

Dec 3, 2014: EPA Clean Power Plan to Cut Reliability, Cost Billions of Dollars, FERC’s Philip Moeller Says

Dec 2, 2014: In EPA’s Clean Power Plan, Texas Is The Target

Dec 2, 2014: Big Bend New Front In Pollution Fight

Dec 2, 2014: Study Finds “Significant” Greenhouse Gas Savings with Demand Response; Group Urges EPA to Incorporate in Clean Power Plan

Dec 2, 2014: Arguments Mount over Interim Power Plant Regulations

Dec 2, 2014: Utilities Blast EPA With Clean Power Plan Concerns

Dec 2, 2014: Coal groups unite against Clean Power Plan

Dec 2, 2014: U.S. Nuclear Plants Squeezed by Cheap Gas, Uranium Costs

Dec 2, 2014: Electric Co-ops: EPA Rule Illegal, Imprudent and Impossible to Implement

Dec 2, 2014: Clean Air Groups Deliver Eight Millionth Comment Supporting Cleaning Up Power Plants

Dec 1, 2014: Texas Public Utility Commission calls on EPA to drop CO2 rule

Dec 1, 2014: Utilities Say EPA Carbon Plan May Put Reliable Power at Risk

Dec 1, 2014: Comment Period Closes For EPA’s Clean Power Plan, Industry Groups Have Their Say

Dec 1, 2014: The Cost Of Energy Storage

Nov 26, 3014: Thirst For Power Leaves Oil Industry Seeking Solutions In West Texas

Nov 25, 2014: Energy Storage Is Today Where Solar Was In 2010-Set For Exponential Growth

Nov 26, 2014: EPA Proposes Ozone Crackdown, Rankling Texas Officials

Nov 24, 2014: EPA Rejects Texas’ Plan to Reduce Haze at Oklahoma Wildlife Refuge

Nov 25, 2014: Texas Takes Over Greenhouse Gas Permitting From EPA

Nov 20, 2014: Does Texas Need a Carbon Tax to Meet EPA Climate Rules?

Dec 1, 2014: A Realistic Approach To Linking Carbon Markets

Nov 30, 2014: A Novel Way To Put Price On Carbon

Nov 28, 2014: How A Utility, Germany, Elon Musk And Falling Oil Prices Are Conspiring To Fight CO2


Dec 4, 2014: Nueces Electric Coop Battles Copper Crime

Dec 4, 2014: Bluebonnet Officials Warn Consumers Of Scam

Dec 4, 2014: Fitch: 3Q14 US Utilities Earnings Underscore Slowdown

Dec 4, 2014: Fitch: Thermal, Renewable and Oil & Gas Projects Stable in 2015

Dec 4, 2014: Fitch Affirms Nextera on Acquisition; Hawaiian Electric on Watch Positive

Dec 4, 2014: NextEra’s Acquisition Of Hawaii’s Biggest Electric Utility May Be Bad News For Distributed Power Business

Dec 3, 2014: San Antonio to sell fresh round of debt for CPS Energy

Dec 3, 2014: Power Companies in Texas Amp Up Energy Management

Dec 3, 2014: Zacks Downgrades El Paso Electric Company to Underperform (EE)

Dec 2, 2014: Grimes County Faces Multiple Project Proposals. Including a Transmission Line  Project

Dec 2, 2014: Local Xcel Power Plant Caught in Political Power Struggle Between TX, Federal Regulators

Dec 2, 2014: EnerNOC Acquires Pulse Energy to Expand Efficiency Offerings to Small Businesses

Dec 2, 2014: Los Fresnos CISD To See Return On Turbine Farm Tax Break

Dec 1, 2014: NRG Energy: Differentiation Through Renewable Energy Commitment

Dec 1, 2014: EPA Rule Could Mean Bigger Xcel Bills

Nov 30, 2014: Why Austin Utility Bill Discounts Aren’t Just Going To The Poor

Nov 26, 2014: CPS, Sprawl And Solar: SA’s Sustainable Report Card

Nov 28, 2014: Renewable Energy Investments, Solar Power Bode Well For San Antonio Energy Industry

Renewable Power

Dec 4, 2014: AWEA Urges Clean Energy Supporters in Congress and White House to Work to Pass Two-year Extension of Critical Tax Policies

Dec 4, 2014: Algae Biomass Organization Welcomes House Extension of Biofuels Tax Credit, Calls for Long-Term Solution

Dec 4, 2014: Wind Power: Why Is A Three-Week PTC Extension Worthless?

Dec 4, 2014: New Study Says Wind Energy Has Double Benefits

Dec 4, 2014: Census Bureau Releases Biomass Power Plant Data

Dec 4, 2014: Students Shine a Spotlight on Geothermal Energy and Discover Career Pathways

Dec 3, 2014: NRG Energy Breaks Ground on Sustainable Headquarters

Dec 2, 2014: Alternative Energy Source Provides Sunny Outlook For Businesses

Dec 2, 2014: 4 Attacks Against Solar Energy in the United States

Dec 2, 2014: The Linchpin To A National Supergrid

Dec 3, 2014 House Approves Tax Credit For Wind Energy But Trouble Is Ahead

Dec 3, 2014: U.S. Puts More Cash Behind Solar Power

Dec 3, 2014: Solar Technology Tries To Muscle In On Crowded Energy Market

Dec 3, 2014: Top Renewable Plants Announced

Dec 3, 2014: Step Aside Solar Panels-This New Technology Could Change Everything

Dec 2, 2014: Camera, Action, Lights Now Powered by Solar at Historic Texas Theatre Thanks to Green Mountain Energy Sun Club

Dec 2, 2014: World’s Largest Solar Power Plant With 9 Million Solar Panels Goes Online In USA

Dec 2, 2014: Marathon Capital Advises First Wind on Sale Transaction

Dec 2, 2014: GE Evolves LED Outdoor Lighting with 3 New Matching Fixtures

Dec 2, 2014: Solar Power’s Stunning Growth: US Generation Up 100 Percent This Year

Dec 2, 2014: Energy Efficiency and Renewables Are Lowest Risk/Cost Investments for Utilities

Dec 2, 2014: Tesla May Run Slow on Cheap Gas

Dec 1, 2014: Congress Could Revive Tax Credit For Wind Energy

Nov 29, 2014: What’s Wrong With A Second Look At Solar Leases?

Dec 1, 2014: Do We Risk Having Two-Tier Access to Renewable Energy?

Nov 26, 2014: Going Green: Texas Community National Branch Is Now Solar Powered

Nov 28, 2014: Enbridge To Buy 80% Stake In 2 U.S. Wind Power Farms, One in Texas, From Germany’s E.ON

Nov 23, 2014: Does ‘Clean Coal’ Technology Have a Future?

Nov 27, 2014: Why Plug-In Hybrid Cars Are Not Gasmobiles

Nov 25, 2014: Clues Show How Green Electricity May Be in 2050

Nov 26, 2014: The Myth of ‘Clean Energy’

Nov 20, 2014: Data Center Interest In Renewable Energy On The Rise

Nov 28, 2014: How Apple Became One of the Greenest Companies in America

Outside Texas

Dec 5, 2014: New England Generators Want to Eliminate Clawback in Capacity Market

Dec 1, 2014: New England Generators Want Demand Response Banned From Capacity Markets

Dec 4, 2014: Fluor Partners With Chinese Company On Nuclear, Wind And Solar Projects

Dec 3, 2014: U.S. Dept. of Justice Issues Civil Investigative Demand to PJM

Dec 3, 2014: PJM Revises Transition Period in Final Capacity Performance Design To Be Filed With FERC

Dec 3, 2014: Now Class Action Suits Targeting Retail Suppliers Over Alleged Do Not Call Violations

Dec 1, 2014: Australia Opens Door To Nuclear Energy

Dec 1, 2014: Calpine and Exelon Seek to Raise Capacity Prices Through Complaint at FERC

Dec 1, 2014: FERC Dumps Capacity Order Raising Costs for PJM Load by $2 Billion Annually on Black Friday

Nov 28, 2014: As Mexico Addresses Climate Change, Critics Point to Shortcomings

Nov 28, 2014: China, US Diverge On Approaches To Nuclear Energy

Nov 24, 2014: Green Energy Crashes Power Grid in Georgia Republic

Other News

Dec 4, 2014: Fort Stockton EDC Seeks Business Diversity

Dec 3, 2014: Potentia Energy Purchased by Verde Energy USA Texas

Dec 3, 2014: Green Pastures Wind II Files for PGC and REC Certification

Dec 3, 2014: Briscoe Wind Farm Files for PGC Registration

Dec 3, 2014: Constellation Announces 25 Community Champions Grant Recipients, Expands Program Reach

Dec 3, 2014: Saudi Arabia Declares Oil War on US Fracking, hits Railroads, Tank-Car Makers, Canada, Russia; Sinks Venezuela

Dec 2, 2014: Duke Energy Executive Leaves to Join NRG Petra Nova

Dec 2, 2014: TJC’s Energy Center To Offer First Power Plant Technology Program

Dec 2, 2014: Arlington Couple Fights Oncor to Protect Tree

Dec 3, 2014: Retail Supplier Publishes “Credit Scorecard” of 10 Largest Retail Suppliers

Dec 2, 2014: Neuman Solar Project Registers as REC Generator

Dec 2, 2014: Texas Reps Launch Offering of Free Smart Thermostats Under Texas Low-Income Program

Dec 1, 2014: Updated Plan To Reimburse Texas Retail Providers for Provision of Smart Thermostats, In-Home Monitors to Low-Income Customers

Nov 25, 2014: Just Energy Affiliate Door-to-door Water Heater Firm Hit With $7 Million In Penalties

Dec 1, 2014: Texas Rep Ups Incentive for Nest Plans to Include $100 Gift Card


For the Week of  11/21/14 — 11/28/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Nov 25, 2014: EFH Companies At Odds Over $5.2 Billion Battery Proposal; Oncor Loses Ally

Nov 25, 2014: Energy And Tech Butting Heads Over $5.2B Texas Battery Project

Generation Adequacy

Nov 25, 3014: San Bernard Co-op to Add Natural Gas Peak Power

Nov 25, 2014: Reed: Proposed Emissions Standards Would Devastate Power Plants, Destroy Jobs

Nov 25, 2014: EPA Rejects A Texas Clean-Air Plan, Orders Pollution Upgrades On Some Big Coal Plants

Nov 25, 2014: Energy from Ice and the World’s Largest Battery; Texas Looks to Join the Energy Storage Game

Nov 25, 2014: Energy Harvesting Widens Opportunities for Microbatteries

Nov 25, 2014: Nuclear Power’s Dark Future

Nov 25, 2014: FirstEnergy Says Demand Response Putting Power Plants Out Of Business

Nov 24, 2014: Dispute Over Big Bend Skies Tied To Coal-Fired Power Plants

Nov 24, 2014: EPA: Texas Coal Plants Should Spend $2B To Cut Emissions

Nov 24, 2014: Can the U.S. Government Revive Nuclear Power?

Nov 24, 2014: Utilities Press Railroad to Speed Coal Deliveries

Nov 21, 2014: Texas Power Gains Amid Higher Use and Lower-Than-Forecast Wind

Nov 21, 2014: Panda Power Funds’ 758MW natural gas power plant in Texas begins production

Nov 18, 2014: States Face Barriers To Cooperating On EPA Greenhouse Gas Rule On Power Plants

Nov 21, 2014: Sen. Whitehouse Introduces Bill to Provide for Carbon Dioxide, Greenhouse Gas Emission Fees

Nov 21, 2014: Bigger, Cleaner, And More Efficient: A Carbon Corporate Tax Swap

Nov 19, 2014: EPA Finalizes Changes to MATS Startup and Shutdown Rules

Nov 21, 2014: EPA Delays Decision On Ethanol In Gas

Nov 22, 2014: RFS Announcement: A Cloud of Uncertainty With a Silver Lining

Nov 22, 2014: NRC’s Macfarlane Urges Industry to Focus on Safety and Public Outreach


Nov 25, 2014: Expansion Sought For Transmission Network In The Texas Panhandle

Nov 25, 2014: Xcel Energy Announces Executive Changes

Nov 25, 2014: Tax Abatement Set For Texas Wind Project

Nov 25, 2014: Fitch Rates Seguin, TX’s Utility Revs, Series 2014 at ‘A+’; Outlook Stable

Nov 24, 2014: River Oaks Energy Partners with DFW International Airport to Lock in Electricity Costs Through 2017

Nov 24, 2014: Just Energy Announces Closing of the Sale of National Home Services to Reliance Comfort Limited Partnership for $505 Million

Nov 24, 2014: New NRG Digs Not Just Green, But Ultra-Green

Nov 24, 2014: Microgrids and On-Site Power Offer Relief to an Aging Electricity Grid

Nov 21, 2014: El Paso Electric : Announces Quarterly Dividend

Nov 21, 2014: New Coal Mine in Texas Expected To Produce For 50 Years

Nov 17, 2014: Breaking Down FERC’s Recent, And Pending, ROE Decisions

Nov 21, 2014: FERC Accepts NERC’s Five-Year Performance Assessment

Nov 21, 2014: FERC Looks at Fuel Assurance Issues Following Technical Conferences

Nov 21, 2014: Heinrich Introduces Bill to Modernize Nation’s Electric Transmission Grid

Nov 21, 2014: Integrated Approach Needed To U.S. Electricity Policy

Power Grid Security

Nov 24, 2014: Cyber Experts Divided Over The Scope Of Damage Of A Cyberattack On U.S.

Nov 18, 2014: DOE Launches App For Power Outages, Other Energy Emergencies

Renewable Power

Nov 25, 2014: Texas Co-ops Sign Up For Oklahoma Wind Energy

Nov 25, 2014: Texas Solar Growing, But 20% Goal Seen As ‘Ambitious’: Power Group CEO

Nov 25, 2014: Wind Power Dominates New U.S. Electrical Generating Capacity In October

Nov 25, 2014: Turning Woodchips Into Electricity

Nov 25, 2014: A Brief History Of Wind Power

Nov 25, 2014: Coming Clean: The State of US Renewable Energy

Nov 23, 2014: Toyota To Start Sales Of Fuel Cell Car Next Month

Nov 24, 2014: 3 Factors That Could Kill Renewable Energy Tax Extenders in 2014

Nov 24, 2014: SunEdison to Become World’s Biggest Renewable Company

Nov 24, 2014: EPA and City of San José officials will tour zero waste facility turning food scraps into renewable energy

Nov 24, 2014: Wind Power Sees Gain in U.S.

Nov 24, 2014: 2020 Vision: The Near Future of Solar Power

Nov 24, 2014: Solar Power Charging Ahead In America

Nov 21, 2014: Clean Energy and Job Creation Go Hand-in-Hand in San Antonio

Nov 21, 2014: IKEA Purchases Second U.S. Wind Farm in Texas To Provide Clean Energy To Their Stores

Nov 21, 2014: SolarCity Signs Multiyear Solar And Energy Storage Deal With Walmart

Nov 21, 2014: Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels

Nov 19, 2014: NARUC Addresses the Marriage of Gas and Renewables

Nov 21, 2014: The Cost of Solar Panels for Your Home

Nov 21, 2014: Microsoft Enters Strategic Partnership With Tunisia Over Wind Power

Nov 21, 2014: Renewable Energy: Does It Need Critically Rare Materials?

Nov 21, 2014: GE Builds Brilliant Future of Wind Energy with 25,000th Wind Turbine Installed

Nov 21, 2014: Feds Find Struggling Western Bird Needs 3-Mile Buffer From Drilling, Impacting Energy Industry

Nov 20, 2014: GOOGLE ‘C’ : Wind To Power New Google Datacenter

Nov 21, 2014: Wind Energy Industry Protests Bird-Kill Fine

Nov 21, 2014: Wind Power Saves Regional Electricity Customers $1.2 Billion Each Year, Report Says

Nov 21, 2014: NREL Teams with SolarCity to Maximize Solar Power on Electrical Grids

Nov 18, 2014: Power Sector Fossil Fuel Revenues Decrease While Renewable Energy Grows Rapidly

Outside Texas

Nov 24, 2014: Direct Energy: Consumers in PJM Being Asked to Pay for Improved Reliability via New Capacity Performance Structure

Nov 24, 2014: More Class Action Suits Filed Against Retail Suppliers Solely Over Whether Pricing Was “Market-Based”

Nov 24, 2014: RES Americas Announces Two Energy Storage Projects Outside Of Chicago

Nov 24, 2014: You Could Soon Be Paying to Keep Open a Coal-Fired Power Plant No One Wants

Nov 21, 2014: PJM Prices Hit November Record In Cold Snap

Other News

Nov 25, 2014: Pro Power Providers Undergo Change in Ownership/Control

Nov 25, 2014: Officials Warn Of Local Energy Bill Telephone Scam In Waco

Nov 25, 2014: Texas Scammers Threatening Disconnection Have New Trick

Nov 25, 2014: Oncor to Lower Priority Move-In Fee

Nov 25, 2014: Freeport LNG Lines Up $11 Billion In Capital

Nov 24, 2014: Ziphany, Glacial Affiliate, Soliciting Bids for Sale

Nov 24, 2014: Direct Energy Parent Seeing Success with New Tariff From Supermarket-Branded Retail Energy Supplier

Nov 21, 2014: How To Shop For Electricity In Texas

Nov 17, 2014: Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Light Bulbs

Nov 23, 2014: Tesla Says In Talks With BMW Over Car Batteries, Parts

Nov 17, 2014: FERC Isn’t Responsible For Gauging Projects’ Impact On Warming — Lafleur


For the Week of  11/14/14 — 11/21/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Nov 18, 2014: Three Reasons Oncor’s Energy Storage Proposal Is a Game Changer

Nov 18, 2014: Oncor Rebuts PUC Memo Claiming Maintenance Cuts

Nov 15, 2014: Oncor Wants To Play The Innovator

Nov 11, 2014: How TXU Is Leveraging Disaggregation To Become A ‘Trusted Energy Advisor’

Nov 17, 2014: TXU Energy Earns Spot Among Top 100 Places to Work in 2014

Nov 15, 2014: Within A Very Short Timeframe, These Energy Storage Stories Will No Longer Be Noteworthy

Generation Adequacy

Nov 20, 2014: Panda Sherman Power Dedicates New $350 Million Texas Power Plant

Nov 19, 2014: 2014/2015 Winter Outlook: Sufficient Power Supplies Expected, but Natural Gas Pipeline Constraints an Ongoing Concern

Nov 20, 2014: NRG, One Of The Nation’s Largest Energy Companies Just Pledged To Slash Its Emissions By 90%

Nov 20, 2014: NRG Seeks to Cut 90% of Its Carbon Emissions

Nov 20, 2014: US FERC Recommends Plant Receive More Time For EPA Emissions Rule Compliance

Nov 20, 2014: Does Texas Need a Carbon Tax to Meet EPA Climate Rules?

Nov 20, 2014: House Passes Bill to Usher in New Era of EPA Transparency

Nov 20, 2014; EPA Carbon Plan and Power Plant Regulations Will Cause Energy Prices to Soar

Nov 20, 2014: Can We Meet EPA Carbon Emissions Goals Without Going Nuclear?

Nov 19, 2014: Early Cold Snap Set A New November Record For Texas Electric Demand

Nov 19, 2014: Eos Energy Storage Sells Battery System to GDF SUEZ for Testing at R&D Headquarters

Nov 18, 2014: ERCOT Wants ‘Safety Valve’ In EPA Plan

Nov 18, 2014: Here’s a Utility Hiding Some Facts About the EPA Clean Power Plant Rule

Nov 18, 2014: EPA CO2 Rules Could Boost Nuclear Power

Nov 18, 2014: Nuclear Expansion Poses The Greatest Threat To Security

Nov 17, 2014: Texas Power Grid Chiefs Say EPA’s CO2 Plan Would Raise Costs, Might Threaten Reliability

Nov 17, 2014: ERCOT: Here’s How EPA’s Carbon Rules Could Affect Your Electric Bill, Reliability

Nov 17, 2014: ERCOT: EPA Rules Will Cost Texas Consumers

Nov 16, 2014: Solar Poised To Increase Market Share In Texas

Nov 14, 2014: El Paso Electric Marking Rio Grande Power Plant’s 85th Birthday

Nov 13, 2014: Texas Power Surges as Cold Boosts Use With Plants Out

Nov 14, 2014: CenterPoint Wins A Round In High-Powered Line Dispute

Nov 13, 2014: Running Low On Coal, Utilities Ask Regulators To Prod Railroads


Nov 18, 2014: EPA Finalizes Greenhouse Gas Permit For $1 Billion Jumbo Project In Corpus Christi; Facility Will Bring Almost 4,000 Jobs To Corpus Christi Area

Nov 20, 2014: Bryan Texas Utilities Inspecting Electricity Poles

Nov 20, 2014: Texas-Based Sunnova Claims Record $250m Funding Round

Nov 20, 2014: Texas Based Sunnova Gets $250 Million Funding To Expand Its Solar Power Business

Nov 19, 2014: Electric Reliability From the Customer View

Nov 20, 2014: Using Big Data, Smart Grid Startups Itemize Utility Bills

Nov 19, 2014: The Future Of The U.S. Nuclear Industry Depends On Collaboration

Nov 19, 2014: PEC To Lower Delivery Charge On Power Bills

Nov 19, 2014: Utility Bills in Yorktown Texas May Be Lower

Nov 20, 2014: Centrica, Direct Energy’s Parent Company, Lowers Earnings Forecast As Mild Weather Bites

Nov 20, 2014: Centrica Interim Management Statement

Nov 20, 2014: Direct Energy Sees 50% Higher C&I Unit Margins, Residential Customer Count Drops

Nov 18, 2014: NRG Energy Sets Long-Term Sustainability Goals at Groundbreaking of “Ultra-Green” New Headquarters

Nov 19, 2014: Financing Complete, Texas based Panda Power Funded Leesburg Power Plant Moves To Construction Phase

Nov 19, 2014: Bechtel, Siemens to Build Panda Power Funded 778-MW Natural Gas Plant in Loudoun County

Nov 18, 2014: CPS To Postpone Rate Hike Request

Nov 18, 2014: Pflugerville Texas School District Powers 11 Schools with Solar

Nov 18, 2014: IKEA Announces Its Largest Global Wind Investment To Date: 165 Megawatts in Texas

Nov 18, 2014: ACCIONA Windpower to Supply 165 MW for IKEA’s Largest Renewable Energy Project in Texas to Date

Nov 18, 2014: Texas Customers Question Electric Company’s Billing Practices

Nov 18, 2014: Solar San Antonio’s Sinkin To Step Down, Help Kingdom Of Hawaii

Nov 18, 2014: Uranium Energy Corp Reports a 77% Increase in Estimated Uranium Resource at Burke Hollow Project in South Texas

Nov 17, 2014: Texas Coalition for Affordable Power: Member Cities Receive End-Of-Year Dividends

Nov 17, 2014: Demand For Energy-Efficient Data Centers Being Met By Dallas-Based Mestex

Nov 17, 2014: Entergy announces new Transmission Operations Center in Little Rock

Nov 14, 2014: Industry-Government Partnerships Critical To Resiliency Of Us Electric Power Grid

Nov 17, 2014: Fitch Rates Duke Energy Progress’ First Mortgage Bonds ‘A+’

Nov 13, 2014: Power Line Forum Draws Hundreds As Frisco Urges Underground Route

Nov 13, 2014: Oncor Juices Up Tree Trimming After Storm Outages In North Texas

Nov 14, 2014: New Battery Could Propel The Renewable Energy Market

Nov 13, 2014: ‘Battery Guru’ Says More Energy Storage Research Needed

Power Grid Security

Nov 20, 2014: NSA Director: China Can Damage US Power Grid

Nov 11, 2014: Blackenergy Malware Threat Has Some Uneasy

Renewable Power

Nov 20, 2014: Star Power: The Growing Role of Solar Energy in Texas

Nov 20, 2014: Solar Power Should Be One-Fifth Of All Energy In Texas By 2025

Nov 20, 2014: Amazon Pledges Its Data Centers Will Go Green

Nov 20, 2014: Congress Must Not Let Wind Energy Jobs Blow Away

Nov 20, 2014: Walmart Builds on Leadership of Commercial Solar Deployment and Expands On-Site Solar Energy Projects

Nov 20, 2014: Environmentalists Accuse Walmart Of Failing On Renewable Energy Targets While Using Too Much Coal Power

Nov 20, 2014: GOOGLE ‘C’ : Wind To Power New Google Datacenter

Nov 20, 2014: Khol’s Earns EPA Sustained Excellence in Green Power Award

Nov 20, 2014: SolarCity Announces New Solar Power And Energy Storage Projects With Walmart

Nov 20, 2014: America Could Power Itself 100 Times Over With Solar Energy, Concentrated Solar Power And Photovoltaic

Nov 20, 2014: U.S. EPA Crowns 2014 Green Power Leaders

Nov 20, 2014: Sullivan Solar Power Leads the Pack with Technology Innovations for Solar Energy Integrators

Nov 20, 2014: US Wind Power – Market Analysis and Forecast till 2030

Nov 20, 2014: Turkey Looks For Energy In An Abundant Resource: Pistachio Shells

Nov 19, 2014: NRG Energy Solar Unit Expands in California, Offers Loans

Nov 15, 2014: UK Energy Minister: Solar Farms Not Welcome In The UK

Nov 19, 2014: Google Buys Up 62MW Of Dutch Wind Power

Nov 18, 2014: Huge Solar Plant Isn’t Getting Results

Nov 18, 2014: Revolutionary Wind-Turbine Blade from Texas Startup Company

Nov 18, 2014: Focused Sun: Low-Cost Solar Panel Captures Four Times More Energy

Nov 18, 2014: HyperSolar Looks to Future as Hydrogen Fuel Demand Increases

Nov 18, 2014: NRG Home Solar Expands Operations in California

Nov 18, 2014: Census Bureau Economic Data Show Electric Power Generation Using Renewable Energy Growing

Nov 17, 2014: San Antonio Leads Texas In Solar Industry

Nov 14, 2014: CPS’s Solar Deal Rolls On As Nexolon Fades

Nov 17, 2014: BP Losing Battle With Renewables

Nov 17, 2014: Huge Solar Plant Lags In Early Production

Nov 13, 2014: The Coming Solar Power Boom: Charts Tell The Story, Grid Parity In 2 Years

Nov 11, 2014: How Green Are Those Solar Panels, Really?

Nov 17, 2014: Coming To A Mall Near You: A Green Alternative To Home Depot

Nov 13, 2014: SunPower Is Tripling Solar Capacity, Boosting Cell Efficiency, Adding Energy Management and Storage

Nov 17, 2014: SunEdison and TerraForm Power Sign Definitive Agreement To Acquire First Wind For $2.4 Billion

Nov 17, 2014: Wind Power, A Safe Source Of Electricity

Nov 14, 2014: United States Air Force Unveils Plug-In Electric Vehicle Fleet at Los Angeles Air Force Base

Nov 18, 2014: Toyota Says Mirai Is The Future Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell VehiclesNov 14, 2014: Dallas Academy Flips Switch on Solar Array the Size of Football Field

Nov 17, 2014: NRG Home Solar Eyes California’s Residential Market

Nov 17, 2014: NRG Betting Big On Rooftop Solar In California

Nov 13, 2014: Affordable Solar Power Could Be Just One 3M Employee Away

Nov 13, 2014: Map: Many States on Track to Meet or Exceed Clean Power Plan Renewable Energy Aims

Nov 13, 2014: EPA Recognizes the First Existing Apartment, Condo Buildings with ENERGY STAR Certification

Nov 14, 2014: Fitch: US Wind Power Production Underperformance May Continue

Nov 14, 2014: A Battery to Prop Up Renewable Power Hits the Market

Nov 14, 2014: Ford To Collaborate With Wind Energy To Deliver Clean Energy To Dealers

Nov 14, 2014: Westinghouse Solar : Andalay Solar Launches the Sale of American-Assembled Modules

Emerging Technologies

Nov 20, 2014: Nuclear AMRC & US Firm Sign Agreement To Develop Next Generation Small Modular Reactors

Nov 14, 2014: Eaton Develops Efficient Electric Lockout Device for Safer Machine Maintenance

Outside Texas

Nov 21, 2014: FERC “Encourage[s]” RTOs to Examine Energy Market Rule Changes (Greater Scarcity Pricing) to Provide Fuel Assurance

Nov 21, 2014: FERC Opens Investigation into PJM Continuing to Pay Deactivated Power Plants for Reactive Power; Refers Behavior to Enforcement

Nov 20, 2014: Retail Supplier Affiliate Offering Distributed Generation, Efficiency Services to Pay $2.5 Million Under Agreement with Department of Justice

Nov 19, 2014: China’s Energy Plan Reduces Reliance On Coal

Nov 18, 2014: PJM Ready For Winter, But Worried About Next Year

Nov 18, 2014: PG&E Announces Two Major Electric Vehicle Initiatives At The White House With Senior Administration Officials

Nov 18, 2014: FERC Issues Order Granting Rehearing for Further Consideration re Standards for Business Practices and Communication Protocols for Public Utilities

Nov 17, 2014: U.S.-China Climate Surprise — A Coal Plant That Stores CO2 And Makes Fresh Water

Nov 17, 2014: Generators File Complaint to Disqualify Demand Response From ISO-NE Capacity Auction

Nov 14, 2014: Direct Energy Maintains Price Protection Through December 2014 in Massachusetts

Nov 14, 2014: Government Watchdog Confirms DOE Nuclear Technology Export Process May Inhibit U.S. Competition

Nov 15, 2014: What Does It Cost To Decommission A Nuclear Power Plant?

Nov 14, 2014: PacifiCorp : California ISO Files Waiver with FERC to Align Market Prices with System Conditions as New Market Transitions into Full Production

Nov 13, 2014: Power Line Offers Bigger Benefits Than Pipeline

Other News

Nov 21, 2014: Retail Market Veteran Joins Texas REP as VP of Sales

Nov 21, 2014: Former Calpine Manager Leading New Broker

Nov 20, 2014: Constellation Announces 2014 E2 Energy to Educate Grant Recipients

Nov 19, 2014: ABB Delivers Customized Training Switchgear To Texas Technical College

Nov 18, 2014: Front Line Power Solutions Files to Become Aggregator

Nov 18, 2014: PowerOne Pursues Acquisition of Retail Energy Providers

Nov 18, 2014: NRG Names New Managing Director for NRG Retail Northeast

Nov 18, 2014: Spark Revises Customer Book Acquisition in Response to Regulator Concerns

Nov 18, 2014: Public Forum to be Held on the Website

Nov 18, 2014: Retail Supplier Names Former Direct Energy VP As New COO

Nov 18, 2014: Solar Provider Hires Former Tesla Director

Nov 17, 2014: Stream Energy to Reveal Mobile Launch Strategy to Associates at Super Saturday Event Nov. 15

Nov 17, 2014: North American Power Launches Service in Texas

Nov 14, 2014: Nexans Introduces New EV Charging Solutions

Nov 14, 2014: NRG eVgo to Bring Electric Vehicle Fast Charging to Chicago

Nov 14, 2014: Nissan Offers Free Public Charging for New LEAF Buyers in Chicago

Nov 14, 2014: How Elon Musk Cleverly Manipulated 7 States To Compete For Tesla’s Huge Factory

Nov 14, 2014: Quenching Our Future: Protecting The Rio Grande Basin’s Dwindling Water



For the Week of  11/7/14 — 11/14/14


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Nov 13, 2014: Oncor Proposes Massive Battery Storage Project On The Grid With Tesla

Nov 13, 2014: Texas Utility Sees Benefits In Potential $2B Battery Storage Rollout

Nov 11, 2014: Hunts’ InfraREIT Plans IPO before Oncor Sale

Nov 10, 2014: Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant Donating $100,000 to Counties in Support of Emergency Preparedness Activities

Nov 10, 2014: Oncor Plans $2 Billion Battery Fix for Wavering Wind and Solar Power

Nov 10, 2014: Texas Utility Oncor Wants to Invest $5.2B in Storage: Can It Get Approval?

Nov 10, 2014: Quote Du Jour: On Bankruptcy And Perceptions

Nov 8, 2014: Oncor Proposes Giant Leap For Grid, Electricity Storage Batteries

Nov 9, 2014: Oncor Commissioned Study: Deploying Up To 5,000 MW Of Grid-integrated Electricity Storage In Texas Could Provide Substantial Net Benefits According To Brattle Economists

Nov 9, 2014: Oncor’s New Downtown Waco Electric Substation Planned To Improve Reliability

Generation Adequacy

Nov 12, 2014: Texas Sets A New Wind Power Record In November

Nov 13, 2014: Texas, The U.S. Wind Energy Leader Now Looks To Battery Storage

Nov 13, 2014: China-U.S. Climate Agreement Raises Questions For Texas Carbon Policy

Nov 13, 2014: Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units

Nov 13, 2014: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Becomes Sole Permitting Authority for Greenhouse Gases in Texas

Nov 13, 2014: ERCOT Energy Saver Mobile App Offers Access to Real-time Grid Information

Nov 12, 2014: Pattern Energy Acquires Panhandle 2 Wind Power Facility in Texas as it Reaches Commercial Operation

Nov 12, 2014; Analyzing Combined Heat and Power in the US

Nov 10, 2014: Perry, Palo Verde Nuclear Power Units Go Offline

Nov 5, 2014: NRC Resumes Nuclear Power Plant License Renewals

Nov 10, 2014: Benefits of Texas Wind Energy Estimated to Exceed $3.3 Billion Annually

Nov 9, 2014: Will There Be Enough Coal for Winter Power?

Nov 5, 2014: Saulsbury Industries Wins Contract from El Paso Electric

Nov 6, 2014: First Wind Closes Financing On Second Project In Texas With MUFG

Nov 7, 2014: Obama’s Clean Power Plan Probed by Lawyers and Legislators for Weaknesses

Nov 7, 2014: What the Clean Power Plan Means for You & How to Tackle Building a Compliance Strategy

Nov 6, 2014: EIA: Coal Stockpiles At Coal-Fired Power Plants Smaller Than In Recent Years


Nov 13, 2014: Centerpoint Energy Reports Lower Q3 Net Income, Affirms Guidance For 2014

Nov 13, 2014: Dynegy Reports Net Loss For Q3, Updates Annual Guidance

Nov 13, 2014: AEP Raises 2015 Operating Earnings Guidance, Reaffirms 2016 Operating Earnings Guidance Range

Nov 13, 2014: Exelon’s Diversification Strategy Drives Growth in Challenging Energy Market

Nov 12, 2014: Texas A&M Campus In Doha Launches Smart Grid Center

Nov 13, 2014: NRG Energy Selects Steve McBee as President and CEO of NRG Home

Nov 12, 2014: Entergy Reports Lower Q3 Net Income, Affirms Guidance For 2014

Nov 12, 2014: Texas Electric Cooperative’s Safety Milestone

Nov 10, 2014: Texas based Biofuel Maker KiOR Files For Bankruptcy, But Not Miss. Unit

Nov 6, 2014: Direct Energy President and CEO Talks Innovations in Energy

Nov 12, 2014: No, Obama’s Carbon Limits Won’t Mean Massive Power Outages

Nov 12, 2014: The Clean Power Plan Offers Common Sense Pollution Reduction

Nov 11, 2014:  American Electric Lifts FY15 Operating EPS Guidance

Nov 10, 2014: FERC Chair LaFleur says agency can help implement EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Nov 11, 2014: RES Americas Announces Largest Energy Storage Projects in North America

Nov 10, 2014: EPA’s Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality Implementation Plans for Texas

Nov 10, 2014: El Paso Electric Announces Third Quarter Financial Results

Nov 10, 2014: Dynegy Inc. Receives Early Termination of Hart-Scott-Rodino Act Waiting Period

Nov 10, 2014: Information on Licensing Applications for Fracture Toughness Requirements for Ferritic Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary Components

Nov 7, 2014: Fitch Affirms Austin’s (TX) Electric Utility System Revs at ‘AA-’; Outlook Stable

Nov 7, 2014: Calpine Completes Purchase of Fore River Energy Center in New England for $530 Million

Nov 6, 2014: Silver Spring Networks Opens New San Antonio Office as CPS Energy Smart Grid Deployment Ramps Up

Nov 7, 2014: Uranium Resources Adds Properties in Texas and Plans 2015 Drilling Program on Mid-Term Alta Mesa Este Project

Nov 9, 2014: NRG and Google-Owned Solar Company Request $540 Million Bailout To Help Pay $1.6 Billion Loan

Oct 31, 2014: Is The Ivanpah Solar Facility Living Up To Expectations?

Oct 29, 2014: NRG’s Solar Plant Production Falls below Expectations

Nov 4, 2014: 5 Energy Trends That Will Change The Balance Of Power

Renewable Power

Nov 12, 2014: U.S. is Closer to Building Zero-Net Energy Communities

Nov 12, 2014: World Needs More Cleaner Energy

Nov 13, 2014: US Wind Energy Industry Touts Global Leadership in New Tax Credit Push

Nov 13, 2014: Breakthrough Wind Blade Concept Wins Outstanding Venture Award at Clean Energy Industry Growth Forum

Nov 13, 2014: Abengoa to Develop in Belgium the Largest Biomass Power Plant in the World

Nov 13, 2014: New Initiatives Debut at Industry Growth Forum

Nov 13, 2014: Don’t Let Congress Stall Wind Power In 2015

Nov 13, 2014: Obama’s Deal With China Is A Big Win For Solar, Nuclear, And Clean Coal

Nov 10, 2014: East Texas Electric Cooperative’s Woodville Renewable Power Project Completed and Online Ahead of Schedule

Nov 10, 2014: OwnEnergy, Mortenson Build 67 MW Texas Wind Farm

Nov 13, 2014: After Solyndra Loss, U.S. Energy Loan Program Turning A Profit

Nov 8, 2014: Market, Not Regulation, Should Drive Clean Energy

Nov 11, 2014: U.S. Is World’s #1 Wind Energy Producer, leading China and Germany

Nov 12, 2014: US Power Market (Thermal, Hydro, Renewable and Nuclear) Trends, Regulations, and Competitive Landscape to 2030

Nov 12, 2014: Renewable Energy ‘Fundamentally Too Weak’ To Provide Grid Power, Says Economist

Nov 12, 2014: Solar Roads Being Developed In The Netherlands

Nov 11, 2014: Vestas Supplies Texas And Poland With Wind Turbines

Nov 10, 2014: VESTAS Wins Order For 100 Turbines For 200MW South Plains Wind Farm In TEXAS

Nov 7, 2014: Will Congress Extend Tax Credits For Wind?

Nov 11, 2014: Distributed Resources Could Make DG Solar Utilities Easier

Nov 11, 2014: U.S.-China Smackdown: America No. 1 In Wind Power

Nov 11, 2014: Company Channeling Wind Power With Turbines, Blimps

Nov 11, 2014: DOE Announces $53 Million to Cut Solar Power Costs

Nov 10, 2014: Energy Department Announces New Investments in Gasification Research

Nov 11, 2014: SEIA Embraces Efforts to Double Renewables Worldwide by 2030

Nov 11, 2014: Do Green Power Certificates Boost Green Power?

Nov 11, 2014: Nuclear Plants on the Edge Could Benefit from Clean Power Plan

Nov 11, 2014: Thermal Solar Energy — Some Technologies Really Are Dumb

Nov 10, 2014: Large solar selling cheaper than fossil fuels in Texas, Georgia, India, Brazil, and Chile

Nov 10, 2014: What Plummeting Oil Prices Mean For Renewable Energy

Nov 10, 2014: Wind Power Growth GIF, + Wind Turbine Growth Chart

Nov 10, 2014: Algae Biomass Organization Expands Carbon Utilization Campaign

Nov 10, 2014: Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell A Finalist For 2015 Green SUV Of The Year

Nov 10, 2014: Bourne Energy Develops Solar-Hydro Hybrid Power Generator

Nov 10, 2014: Exclusive Pilot Program with Wind Energy Corporation Brings Clean Energy to Select Ford Dealers

Nov 6, 2014: Wind Towers Catching Texas Crop Dusters Off Guard

Nov 6, 2014: NextEra Energy Ranked As Top Green Utility In North America As Part Of EI Energy Intelligence Global Ranking

Nov 7, 2014: Clean Energy Jobs on Rise in Q3 2014

Nov 7, 2014: NRECA Unveils Interactive Website Tracking Cooperative Solar Development

Nov 8, 2014: Solar Industry Is Heating Up Again After Stumbling During Recession

Nov 7, 2014: Scientists Are Going to Shoot Lasers Into the Sky to Measure the Wind

Nov 4, 2014: New Solar Power Material Converts 90 Percent Of Captured Light Into Heat

Nov 7, 2014: Here Comes the Sun: America’s Solar Boom, in Charts

Nov 4, 2014: SMUD Releases Request for Statements of Interest in Developing a Biomass Gasification Project

Nov 8, 2014: Massive Lake Huron Wind Development Planned for Key Migratory Bird Corridor

Nov 7, 2014: Solar Eclipse Next March Threatens Europe Solar Grid, Temp ‘May Drop 6C In 30 Minutes’

Outside Texas

Nov 13, 2014: EPRI Extends Nuclear Research With Japan

Nov 10, 2014: First Underground Coal Gasification License Issued In 20 Years

Nov 10, 2014: Pepco To Utilize Car Charging Stations In Demand Response Pilot

Nov 10, 2014: Fukushima Radiation Identified Off Northern California

Nov 7, 2014: Nuclear Energy And The 2014 Mid-Term Elections

Nov 7, 2014: Energy in the 114th Congress

Nov 7, 2014: Japan Governor Approves First Reactor Restart

Nov 7, 2014: BMW Develops Street Lights With Electric Car-Charging Sockets

Other News

Nov 14, 2014: NA Power Files to Amend Texas REP Certification

Nov 14, 2014: TX Hereford Wind Registers as a Texas REC Generator

Nov 13, 2014: EPA Announces Support For Small Businesses To Bring Green Technology, Innovative Research To Marketplace/Small Businesses

Nov 14, 2014: Will Austin’s Green Self-Image Be Realized In Its “Zero Waste” Goals?

Nov 11, 2014: Latest Electric Car Innovation Could Recharge Batteries In Minutes

Nov 12, 2014: Former NRG Exec Joins Andalay Solar as COO

Nov 11, 2014: LoneStar Wind Registers as Texas PGC

Nov 11, 2014: NorthStar Wind Registers as Texas PGC

Nov 11, 2014: Texas Rep Announces Prepaid Product, Complimentary Electricity

Nov 11, 2014: Still Using Faxed Ads to Promote Retail Energy Offers? This FCC Ruling Will Be of Interest

Nov 7, 2014: Entergy Texas NOV and Settlement Agreement Filed

Nov 7, 2014: Power Outages In Laredo After Fire In Network

Nov 6, 2014: EPA, DOE Release 2015 Fuel Economy Guide for Car Buyers


For the Week of  10/31/14 — 11/7/14


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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Nov 5, 2014: Oncor To Pump $1.2 Billion Into Power Infrastructure

Nov 5, 2014: TXU Parent Reports Less Than 1% Decline in Residential Customer Count

Nov 4, 2014: Invesco Fund Treads Risky Path as Major Investor in Distressed Corporate Debt

Nov 3, 2014: Judge Allows EFH To Continue With Oncor Auction, But With Greater Oversight

Nov 3, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Given Conditional OK To Take Oncor Bids

Nov 3, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Gets Closer To Oncor Auction With Judge’s Ruling

Nov 2, 2014: Energy Future’s Speedy Bankruptcy Hinges on Today’s Oncor Ruling

Nov 3, 2014: Judge Will Decide Today On How EFH’s Auction Of Oncor Moves Forward

Nov 1, 2014: Outages, Waits To Have Power Restored Put Focus On Oncor’s Maintenance Spending

Generation Adequacy

Nov 6, 2014: Conservancy Worries Power Lines Could Harm Katy Prairie

Nov 6, 2014: Texas’ J. Robert Welsh Power Plant Automates Callout With ARCOS

Nov 5, 2014: Texas Electricity Rises Amid Lower Wind Production

Nov 5, 2014: Upgrading South Texas Power Lines

Nov 5, 2014: NRG Vs Centerpoint: Houston Power Project Debate Heats Up

Nov 5, 2014: NRG’s Crane: “Texas Will Never Be In a Multi-Year Scarcity of Generation”

Nov 5, 2014: Residents Worried CenterPoint Electric Could Take Over Parts of Grimes County

Nov 5, 2014: Construction Begins on New NRG Natural Gas Peaking Plant near Houston

Nov 4, 2014: Comverge and Constellation Close Transaction to Form New, Standalone Demand Response Company Named CPower

Nov 5, 2014: NRG Adds Some Power To Houston Transmission Line Debate

Oct 31, 2014: Alstom To Provide High Efficiency Heat Recovery Steam Generators For Exelon’s Two Combined-Cycle Gas Power Plants In Texas

Oct 31, 2014: Power Weakness In Valley Studied by ERCOT

Oct 31, 2014: ERCOT: Region To Have Sufficient Electric Supplies This Winter

Oct 29, 2014: America’s Electricity Grid: Outdated or Underrated?

Nov 1, 2014: Residents To Offer Input On New Power Line In Grimes County


Nov 6, 2014: NRG Reports Higher Retail Margins, But Challenging C&I Space Prompts “Repositioning”

Nov 6, 2014: Calpine Reports Third Quarter Results, Narrows 2014 Guidance and Provides 2015 Guidance

Nov 5, 2014: Grid Overseer Warns of Reliability Risks Under EPA’s Proposal

Nov 5, 2014: The Biggest Energy Non-Issue in Tuesday’s Election

Nov 6, 2014: Why Is EPA Penalizing Nuclear, the Nation’s Third Largest Energy Source?

Nov 6, 2014: Coal May Get More Time to Burn

Nov 6, 2014: NRG’s David Crane Begins to ‘Pull Back the Curtain’ on a Retail Solar Strategy

Nov 5, 2014: NRG Energy (NRG) Misses Q3 Earnings Estimates, Up Y/Y

Nov 5, 2014: NRG Energy: 20% of Texas Customers Buy More Than One Product from NRG

Nov 5, 2014: Xcel Energy Clamps Down On Copper Theft

Nov 5, 2014: How Exelon Stands to Shape US Energy Policy

Nov 5, 2014: Electric Utilities On Right Track With Clean Nuclear Energy

Nov 3, 2014: AREVA Inc. and Caterpillar Join Forces to Offer Emergency Response Solutions to Nuclear Energy Industry

Nov 5, 2014: Westinghouse CEO Expects Nuclear Power To Grow In Energy-Hungry U.S.

Nov 5, 2014: B&W Announces Intention to Spin-off Its Power Generation Business

Nov 4, 2014: Why Housing Is A Key Indicator For The Power Utility Industry

Nov 5, 2014: NRG Energy Profit Grows But Outlook Cut

Nov 4, 2014: Smart Grid Networking and Communications Technologies Spending is Expected to Total Nearly $30 Billion over the Next 10 Years, According to Navigant Research

Nov 4, 2014: Law Research Article Paints Dismal Picture For Litigation Against Greenhouse Gas Emitters

Nov 3, 2014: Will NRG Energy’s (NRG) Earnings Disappoint This Season?

Nov 4, 2014: NRG Energy Assigned BB- Credit Rating

Nov 3, 2014: Constellation Completes Acquisition of Integrys Energy Services

Oct 31, 2014: EPA Approves GHG Permitting Program in Texas

Oct 29, 2014: Xcel: Scams Against Texas, NM Customers Rising In Fall Months

Oct 30, 2014: Xcel Energy’s Results Fall Short Because Of Mild Weather

Oct 30, 2014: Exelon Profit Rises On Higher Utility Sales

Oct 31, 2014: Entergy Declares Dividend

Oct 31, 2014: Energy Department Releases Federal Agency Climate Plans on Fifth Anniversary of President Obama’s Sustainability Initiative

Nov 2, 2014: Lignite Energy Council Staffer Appointed As National Advisor On Coal Power

Nov 2, 2014: Coal Ash Regulations Closer To Reality

Oct 31, 2014: Distributed Energy In The US

Power Grid Security

Nov 6, 2014: ‘Trojan Horse’ Bug Lurking in Vital US Computers Since 2011

Nov 6, 2014: Men With Drones Arrested Near French Nuclear Plant

Oct 31, 2014: Secret Meetings Tackle Back-To-Back Energy-Sector Cyberthreats

Nov 1, 2014: French Nuclear Plants In New Mystery Drone Overflights: Source

Renewable Power

Nov 6, 2014: NextEra Signs Contracts For 445MW Of New Wind And Solar Projects

Nov 6, 2014: Siemens, Microsoft and FuelCell Energy Come Together to Build Zero-Carbon Cheyenne, WY Data Center

Nov 6, 2014: Microsoft Taps Siemens As Technology Partner To Engineer Power Monitoring Solution For First Zero-Carbon Biogas Data Center

Nov 6, 2014: Synthetic fish measures wild ride through dams; to help design fish-friendly hydropower facilities

Nov 6, 2014: The Newberry Volcano Enhanced Geothermal Project: The Most Important Power Plant In The Country?

Nov 6, 2014: Solar Energy Costs Fall 14% Despite Stable Wholesale Solar Prices

Nov 4, 2014: Renewable Energy vs Natural Gas – How The Costs Stack Up

Nov 5, 2014: Solar Power Express Expert Breakdown on Buying VS Leasing Solar Panels

Nov 4, 2014: Amazon’s New Campus To Be Heated With Recycled Energy

Nov 5, 2014: Distributed Generation Is Growing

Nov 5, 2014: California Turns Focus To Energy Storage To Meet Renewable Targets

Nov 3, 2014: Is a (Mostly) Solar World Coming?

Oct 30, 2014: Incredible Breakthrough Could Boost Solar Power Efficiency to Almost 100%

Nov 2, 2014: Nanoparticle-Based Material Turns Up The Heat On Concentrated Solar Power

Nov 3, 2014: NRG Energy Celebrates Solar Developments In Virgin Islands

Nov 3, 2014: From Smart Grids To Flying Robots, Engineer Finds Many Applications For Theory

Nov 1, 2014: Fedex Hub Delivers Largest Rooftop Solar System In North Texas

Oct 31, 2014: Clean Energy Project At UTSA Wins Federal Support

Oct 21, 2014: Walmart Is Killing the Rest of Corporate America in Solar Power Adoption

Nov 3, 2014: DTE Energy’s LED Saturday is Nov. 8 at The Home Depot

Nov 3, 2014: New Solar Material: The “Blackhole Of Sunlight”

Oct 30, 2014: Texas County Approves New Solar Site, Eyes Golf Fees

Nov 1, 2014: New Solar Power Material Converts 90 Percent of Captured Light into Heat

Outside Texas

Nov 6, 2014: PJM and NYISO Implement Coordinated Transaction Scheduling

Nov 5, 2014: Pennsylvania Default Service Auction Sees Higher Risk Premium, Driven by PJM Volatility, Uncertainty

Nov 4, 2014: Investing in a Power Grid to Connect Communities across Central America

Nov 4, 2014: FERC Issues Formal Notice of Investigation into New England Generator Over Capacity Payments, Make-Whole Payments

Nov 3, 2014: Fraunhofer Develops Tiny, Affordable Devices That Generate Their Own Energy

Nov 3, 2014: After Seven Years, FERC Eliminates “Windfall” Adder Payments to Mitigated Units

Nov 3, 2014: FERC to Hold Technical Conference on PJM FTR Rules Applying to Up-to Congestion Transactions and INCs/DECs

Oct 31, 2014: PSEG Confirms FERC Investigating Its Cost-Based Bids

Other News

Nov 7, 2014: Founder Of Lobby Firm McBee Strategic To Join NRG Energy

Nov 6, 2014: TXU Energy-Bidgely Partnership Elevates Customers’ Ability to Track Consumption and Manage Spending

Nov 6. 2014: CenterPoint Energy Announces Executive Promotions

Nov 6, 2014: Texas REP Introduces Critical Peak Rebate Program

Nov 5, 2014: Renewable Power Direct Files Application for Texas REP Certification

Nov 5, 2014: Acacia Energy Files Application to Change Name to New Era Energy Services

Nov 5, 2014: Optim Energy Twin Oaks Files Application to Relinquish Texas PGC Registration

Nov 5, 2014: Texas REP Introduces Rewards Program

Nov 5, 2014: World Energy Solutions Acquired By Energy Intelligence Software Provider

Nov 4, 2014: Power Resources NOV and Settlement Agreement Filed at PUCT

Nov 4, 2014: Complaint Against Frontier RV Park for Overcharging Filed at PUCT

Nov 4, 2014: Rattlesnake Wind I Files for Texas PGC Registration

Nov 4, 2014: River Oaks Energy Files to Register as Texas Aggregator

Nov 4, 2014: Denton Fracking Ban Passed In Landslide

Nov 4, 2013: New Texas Retail Provider Receives REP Certificate

Nov 3, 2013: Texas REP Offering 100% Green Free Saturdays Product

Oct 31, 2014: Mexico Economic Overhaul Could Energize Rio Grande Valley


For the Week of  10/24/14 — 10/31/14


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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Oct 29, 2014: Energy Future Tells Judge Lender Fight Cost $6,000 An Hour

Oct 27, 2014: Bankruptcy Judge To Rule On Energy Future’s Oncor Unit Sale Nov. 3

Generation Adequacy

Oct 30, 2014: ERCOT Says CPS Energy Can Mothball 1,074-MW Natural Gas-Fired Unit

Oct 30, 2014: Renewable Power Direct, Tenaska Power Services Sign Service Agreement

Oct 30, 2014: Gemma Announces Completion of Biomass Power Plant In Texas

Oct 30, 2014: Equal Earth Expands Footprint, Grows Portfolio of Renewable Energy Assets Including Texas

Oct 30, 2014: Fusion Power: Goodbye Fossil Fuels?

Oct 29, 2014: ERCOT Finally Values Wind Peak Capacity Using Actual Data

Oct 29, 2014: Texas Regulators To Approve 138-KV Transmission Line

Oct 27, 2014: Optim Energy To Market Two Gas-Fired Power Plants In Texas

Oct 27, 2014: Hey EPA: “The California Model” Doesn’t Work, and We’ll Need More Electricity

Oct 24, 2014: DLA Energy Issues RFP to Secure up to 55 Megawatts of Renewable Energy for Navy Installations in Texas

Oct 21, 2014: Energy Storage Is Preventing Blackouts But Its High Cost Is Impeding Progress

Oct 24, 2014: Schooling Demand Response in Texas Academia


Oct 30, 2014: Texas Electric Co-Op Stops Sending Delinquent Notices, Customers Upset

Oct 30, 2014: UN Atomic Energy Director Visits A&M

Oct 30, 2014: NRG Energy Earns Buy Rating from Deutsche Bank

Oct 30, 2014: Environmental Groups, Attorneys General Again Sue To Block Nuclear Plant Relicensing

Oct 30, 2014: Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units

Oct 30, 2014: The Obama Clean Power Plan Nuclear Gap

Oct 29, 2014: CenterPoint Energy Names Three Executive Positions

Oct 29, 2014: Entergy – Keeping the Lights on in Huntsville, 2nd Reliability Project Begins

Oct 29, 2014: Entergy Begins 2nd Project to Keep Texas Dayton’s Power Reliable

Oct 29, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. (NRG) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for October 30, 2014

Oct 29, 2014: Nine Environmental Groups, NRDC File Lawsuits Challenging NRC Failure To Comply With 2012 Court Ruling On Nuclear Waste Storage

Oct 29, 2014: Breathing Cleaner Air to Cost Americans on Utility Bills

Oct 29, 2014: EPA Emissions Regulations Would Cause Reliability Problems

Oct 29, 2014: How The EPA May Change The Clean Power Plan

Oct 29, 2014: NRC Resumes License Renewals For U.S. Nuclear Power Plants

Oct 28, 2014: Oncor Power Returns For Counties Along SH 95

Oct 27, 2014: Copper Thief Sentenced to 10 Years in Texas Utility Cases

Oct 27, 2014: Energy CEOs Bullish On Growth, Expect Greatest Profits In 2016 And 2017: KPMG Study

Oct 27, 2014: Dynegy Closes $5.1 Billion Senior Unsecured Notes Offerings

Oct 20, 2014: Renewables Not Shale Biggest Driver In US Emissions Cuts, Study Finds

Oct 27, 2014: New Pain For Seniors Resulting From EPA ‘Climate Crusade,’ Says AMAC

Oct 24, 2014: Austin Includes Energy Price Hedge Value In Solar Tariff

Oct 24, 2014: Prentis: Has Privatization Failed Texas Utility Customers?

Oct 22, 2014: Xcel Energy Nixes Fuel Cost Surcharge For Texas Customers As Fuel Prices Drop

Oct 24, 2014: Lubbock City Council Appoints New Members to Electric Utility Board

Oct 23, 2014: AEP Reports 2014 Third-Quarter Earnings; Narrows 2014 Operating Earnings Guidance Range

Oct 24, 2014: Former EPA Leader: ‘Irresponsible’ For US To Halt Nuclear Power

Oct 22, 2014: Clean Air Rules Must be Achievable, Affordable

Oct 23, 2014: Benefits of Clean Power Plan Are Measureable, Drop for Drop

Oct 23, 2014: Lower Electricity-Related CO2 Emissions Reflect Lower Carbon Intensity and Electricity Use

Renewable Power

Oct 30, 2014: For Willie Nelson, A Biodiesel Dream Deferred

Oct 30, 2014: Enbridge: Wind Closing Gas Gap

Oct 30, 2014: “The End Is Near” For Incandescent Light Bulbs

Oct 30, 2014: U.S. DOE Launches $1 Million H2 Refuel H-Prize Competition for Small-Scale Hydrogen Refueling System

Oct 29, 2014: He Ripped Their House Off the Grid and He’s No Hippie: Tales of the Solar Middle Class

Oct 29, 2014: Wind Power Composite Material Consumption To Hit $4.3B By 2018

Oct 29, 2014: Argonne Battery Roadshow Aims To Connect With Industry

Oct 29, 2014: Cigarette Plant Becomes Factory For Solar And Wind Farm Batteries

Oct 29, 2014: The US City That Has Decided To Go 100% Renewable

Oct 29, 2014: Jimmy Johnson to Host Upcoming “Champions of Industry” Segment on Solar Power Innovations

Oct 29, 2014: Turns Out Solar Power Can Be Contagious

Oct 29, 2014: Eaton to Assist MGM with Rooftop Solar Project

Oct 28, 2014: SolarCity’s New ZS Beam Solar Carport System Makes it Faster, Cheaper, Easier and Safer to Install Solar in Parking Lots

Oct 28, 2014: Wells Fargo Launches $10 million Cleantech Innovation Incubator

Oct 28, 2014: NREL and Army Validate Energy Savings for Net Zero Energy Installations

Oct 28, 2014: How Wind Energy Could Reach 20% Penetration By 2030

Oct 28, 2014: It May be Lights Out for the Wind Energy Come the Midterms

Oct 28, 2014: SolarReserve Acquires Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Concentrating Solar Power Business

Oct 21, 2014: Biofuels Group Launches Six-Figure Ad Buy Across 3 States

Oct 27, 2014: Is Solar Mainstream Yet?

Oct 27, 2014: Solar Industry Launches Lobbying Effort as Tax Deadline Prompts Canceled Projects

Oct 27, 2014: Lucintel Estimates Composite Materials Consumption In The Wind Energy Industry To Grow To $4 Billion By 2019

Oct 26, 2014: DOE Announces $53M Investment To Cut Cost Of Solar Power

Oct 23, 2014: BYD Unveils World’s Largest Battery-Electric Vehicle in Houston

Oct 25, 2014: Investing In Solar Panels Is Paying Off For Two Texas Rowlett Residents

Oct 22, 2014: U.S. Solar Is 59 Percent Cheaper Than We Thought It Would Be Back In 2010

Oct 22, 2014: Wal-Mart Cheered, Jeered for Solar Power Efforts

Oct 25, 2014: In The Near Future, Solar Will Be Spray Painted On Everything

Oct 24, 2014: LCOE of Utility-Scale Solar Power Getting Really Competitive

Oct 26, 2014: Carmakers Prepare To Shift To Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Oct 23, 2014: Renewable Energy and On-Site Utilities Part of Slow Sea Change in Energy Industry

Oct 26, 2014: Wisconsin Utilities Seek Rate Changes in Rooftop Solar Battle

Emerging Technologies

Oct 23, 2014: The Next Era in Power Electronics

Outside Texas

Oct 30, 2014: Clean Energy Group Releases Paper on How to Finance Resilient Power and Reduce Risks from Power Outages

Oct 29, 2014: NRG Energy Celebrates the Spanish Town Estate Solar Development in U.S. Virgin Islands

Oct 29, 2014: Lower Level Of Competition In Maryland Procurement Is Attributed To PJM Capacity Market Uncertainty

Oct 30, 2014: Retail Suppliers: PJM Using “Express Lane” to Impose Billions of New Capacity Costs on Consumers, Provide $2 Billion Windfall to Existing Resources

Oct 28, 2014: GE Hitachi Awarded Nearly $300 Million in Outage Services and Fuel Contracts by Exelon Generation

Oct 28, 2014: Poll: Americans See Nuclear Energy as Key to Limit Carbon Emissions

Oct 28, 2014: U.S. Department of Energy Grant Will Further Study Of Safer, More Efficient Nuclear Reactors

Oct 26, 2014: FERC Removes 10% Adder from Generators’ Make-Whole Payments

Other News

Oct 31, 2014: Centrica Reports Departure Date of Int’l Downstream Leader, New Reporting Structure for Direct Energy CEO

Oct 30, 2014: EIF Channelview Cogeneration Files Change in Ownership/Control

Oct 30, 2014: Ownership of Retail Provider Disputed at Texas PUC

Oct 30, 2014: Great American Power to Acquire Retail Supplier

Oct 29, 2014: Hyundai Announces New Six-Speed Transmission For Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Oct 28, 2014: New Texas REP Launching Prepaid Service

Oct 28, 2014: Spark Energy Acquires Book of Connecticut Customers

Oct 28, 2014: Infuse Energy Filed to Amend Texas REP Certificate

Oct 28, 2014: Easily Manage Your ISO Invoices With ReD’s iManager

Oct 27, 2014: Palo Duro Wind Energy Applies for REC Certification


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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Oct 23, 2014: Energy Future Says Oncor Bids May Be Higher Than Expected

Oct 23, 2014: Oncor Plans Increased Maintenance Spending In 2015

Oct 23, 2014: Berkshire’s Betting Big On Energy, But Likely Not on Oncor

Oct 21, 2014: Energy Future Judge Delays Oncor Bids to Hear Creditors

Oct 17, 2014: Creditors Take Aim At Energy Future Plan For Sale Of Oncor Stake

Oct 18, 2014: Oncor Takes Heat From Regulators Over Storm Preparations

Generation Adequacy

Oct 22, 2014: Texas Spot Power Surges as Demand Tops Forecast

Oct 22, 2014: Texas Grid Operator Bracing For Loss Of Power To Mexico

Oct 21, 2014: The Future of Energy Is Here. And It Looks a Lot Like the Past

Oct 16, 2014: Lawyers To Debate $590 Million Houston Transmission Project

Oct 14, 2014: CPS Provides Customers With Four Different Energy Options


Oct 22, 2014: Nuclear-Reactor Ship Headed To Galveston To Be Scrapped

Oct 22, 2014: CenterPoint Energy Declares $0.2375 Quarterly Dividend

Oct 22, 2014: $25 Million Funding Available for Generators for Small Electrical and Thermal Systems

Oct 22, 2014: Samsung and Earth Networks Partner to Boost Energy Efficiency via WeatherBug Home in Texas

Oct 22, 2014: EIA Commends EPA Rule to Limit Ozone Depleting Greenhouse Gas

Oct 22, 2014: Urban Air Initiative Calls New EPA Emission Models Flawed

Oct 21, 2014: Cities Say Centerpoint Revenue Exceeds ‘Reasonable’ Designation

Oct 21, 2014: How Much ‘Excess Revenue’ Did CenterPoint Energy Make?

Oct 21, 2014: AEP Increases Quarterly Dividend To 53 Cents A Share

Oct 21, 2014: Exelon Corporation Declares Dividend

Oct 17, 2014: Entergy Service Project Scheduled For Huntsville Area

Oct 18, 2014: In Texas, Tax Credits for Energy Industry Are Under Scrutiny

Oct 17, 2014: NextEra Energy Board Declares Quarterly Dividend

Oct 17, 2014: Texas, NM Regulators Detail Concerns With EPA Power Plant Rules

Oct 16, 2014: New Study Confirms Major Economic Costs from EPA’s Proposed Carbon Regulations

Oct 17, 2014: Study: EPA’s Power Plan Could Total At Least $366 Billion

Oct 16, 2014: NRECA Comments Oppose EPA Proposal for Modified and Reconstructed Power Plants

Power Grid Security

Oct 21, 2014: Cybersecurity Labor Shortage Hurting Battle Against Internet Attacks

Oct 15. 2014: NERC Convenes Electricity Sector Leaders at Grid Security Conference in Texas

Renewable Power

Oct 22, 2014: NRG Energy Installs Vegas Array

Oct 21, 2014: Will Solar and Wind Generate Revolution or Evolution?

Oct 19, 2014: How Renewable Energy Could Leave You Mired in Blackouts

Oct 22, 2014: Energy Department Announces $53 Million to Drive Innovation, Cut Cost of Solar Power

Oct 22, 2014: Big Utilities Can’t Beat Solar, So They’re Jumping In

Oct 22, 2014: Renewables Will Go Nowhere Without Better Batteries

Oct 22, 2014: So What Direction Should Solar Panels Face?

Oct 22, 2014: US Wind Power Breezes Past 2013 Installation Mark By September

Oct 22, 2014: US-China Solar Pact Holds Big Potential: Analyst

Oct 22, 2014: By 2018, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation Market to Surpass US$145.9 billion: Transparency Market Research

Oct 22, 2014: SEIA Launches Campaign To Extend Solar ITC, Emphasizing Tax Fairness

Oct 22, 2014: First Nationwide Solar Bulk Purchase Program Launched

Oct 22, 2014: False Pass Forges Ahead With Tidal Power

Oct 22, 2014: MGM Resorts International and NRG Energy Celebrate the Installation of the World’s Largest Convention Center Solar Array

Oct 21, 2014: Big Utilities Pushing Into Booming Home Solar Market

Oct 21, 2014: What Happens in Vegas? Solar Power International, That’s What

Oct 21, 2014: Blackstone Teams with Former Solops Management Team to Fund Utility Scale Renewables Development Company

Oct 21, 2014: Solar Energy Prices See Double-Digit Declines In 2013; Trend Expected To Continue

Oct 20, 2014: Geothermal Power Industry Lost Steam But May Be Poised For Comeback

Oct 20, 2014: Galenfeha Completes Successful Testing Of Solar Power Station

Oct 17, 2014: Biofuel Companies Look Beyond the Gas Tank

Oct 17, 2014: Xcel Energy : Minneapolis, Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy form First-of-its-kind Clean Energy Partnership

Emerging Technologies

Oct 15, 2014: New Generator Powered Solely By Heat, Not Fuel

Oct 16, 2014: Texas Plant to Capture, and Then Reuse, Carbon

Outside Texas

Oct 24, 2014: PJM, IMM Estimate Capacity Performance Transition Costs To Be Up To $4 Billion Annually

Oct 22, 2014: PUC Commish: Retail Suppliers’ Businesses “In Jeopardy” In Pennsylvania From Flawed Wholesale Market Design

Oct 22, 2014: Uncertainty in PJM Capacity Market “Scaring Away” Participation in Maryland SOS Auction, State Likely First to See Declining Competition for SOS Bids

Oct 22, 2014: Direct Energy: Granting FirstEnergy Complaint on Demand Response Participation in Already Run Capacity Auction Would Result In “Windfall” for PJM Existing Generators

Oct 22. 2014: Pa. PUC: FirstEnergy Interpretation of Court’s “EPSA” (Order 745) Decision Also Means FERC Lacks Authority to Create, Compel PJM Capacity Market

Oct 22, 2014: PJM Grid 20/20 Focuses On Resource Diversity, Explores The Impacts Of Shifting Trends In Resource Types

Oct 16, 2014: Three Reasons Solar Will Outshine Fossil Fuels In Mexico

Oct 20, 2014: Court Stays Decision on Order 745 (Demand Response)

Oct 20, 2014: California ISO: Challenging 2014 Summer but Reliability Held Firm

Oct 19, 2014: Power Plants Seek to Extend Life of Nuclear Reactors for Decades

Other News

Oct 23, 2014: Enhanced Forecasting Methods Added to Retail Energy Desk – ReD

Oct 21, 2014: Devonshire Energy Relinquishing PUCT REP Certificate

Oct 21, 2014: Palo Duro Wind Energy Files for PUCT PGC Registration

Oct 21, 2014: Broker Names Former NRG/Reliant Director As Vice President of Business Development

Oct 21, 2014: Energy Shopping/Comparison Website Names Former Expedia CEO to Board of Directors

Oct 21, 2014: Finalists Announced For 2015 “Green Car Of The Year”

Oct 21, 2014: AEP Energy dba Bluestar Energy Solutions Relinquishing REP Certificate

Oct 20, 2014: CEO Departs Retail Supplier, New COO Named

Oct 15, 2014: New Tesla Model S May Have Us Rethink Electric Cars



For the Week of  10/10/14 — 10/17/14


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Oct 15, 2014: Federal Judge Approves $20 Million In Bonuses For EFH Executives

Oct 15, 2014: Judge Lets Bankrupt Energy Future Issue Bonuses

Oct 15, 2014: Judge Oks EFH Bonuses

Oct 10, 2014: Energy Future Creditors Attack Oncor Bidding Rules

Oct 10, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Is Fighting to Give Executives at Least $20 Million in Bonuses

Generation Adequacy

Oct 16, 2014: Coal Supply Cuts Signal Challenging Winter for Utilities

Oct 16, 2014: Equal Earth to Acquire 20 MW Wind Farm in West Texas

Oct 15, 2014: CPS Signs PPA With Coal Fueled IGCC Project In Texas

Oct 15, 2014: Anti-Wind Push in Texas Makes Strange Bedfellows

Oct 15, 2014: NET Power Announces Launch Of Breakthrough Clean Power Project

Oct 14, 2014: Exelon, CB&I And 8 Rivers Proceed With Texas Clean Energy Demonstration Power Plant

Oct 15, 2014: Texas Staff Recommend REP’s Letter of Credit Be Drawn Upon to Pay TDU Debts

Oct 15, 2014: APPA: Only 6% of New Capacity in 2013 Built in Capacity Markets

Oct 13, 2014: Rolling Blackouts Highlight Troubles With Electric Grid In Rio Grande Valley

Oct 13, 2014: Valley Not Generating Enough Energy

Oct 13, 2014: CPS Energy Sources Shift, May Have Impact On Logistics

Oct 10, 2014: Report: Amount Of Coal Power To Shut Down From EPA Rules Doubles Since 2011


Oct 16, 2014: Austin Plan for Renewable Energy at Odds With Utility

Oct 16, 2014: Sounding Off: Northwest Dallas County Readers Grade Oncor’s Reaction To Recent Storms

Oct 16, 2014: San Bernard EC Hailed For Solving Grid Interoperability Issues

Oct 16, 2014: NRG Energy Receives “BB-” Credit Rating (NRG)

Oct 16, 2014: Texas Is Terrible at Energy Efficiency, According to Study

Oct 15, 2014: Meters, Billing Prompt Rise In Texas Electric Customer Gripes

Oct 15, 2014: Sheriff: Telephone Scam Targets Texas Electric Cooperative Customers

Oct 15, 2014: Copper Thieves Targeted Communication Towers In 14 Texas Counties

Oct 15, 2014: Austin Community College Receives EPA Grant for Solar Water-Disinfection Project

Oct 15, 2014: EPRI, Utilities, Automakers to Demonstrate Technology Enabling Plug-in Electric Vehicles to Support Grid Reliability

Oct 15, 2014: Software Enables Plug-In Electric Vehicles To Support Grid Reliability

Oct 15, 2014: EPA Clean Power Plan: We Must Do Better, We Can Do Better

Oct 14, 2014: Texas United Coop Returns $4.7 Million To Membership?

Oct 14, 2014: Meeting To Discuss Proposed Transmission Line Routes In Collin, Denton Counties

Oct 14, 2014: Report: Texas Utility Regulators See Rise in Complaints

Oct 14, 2014: Dynalab Gets Boost Making Parts For New Electricity Meters

Oct 14, 2014: Scranton Times Tribune: Make ‘bridge’ fulfill role

Oct 14, 2014: NRG Energy (NRG) Shares Enter Oversold Territory

Oct 14, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. to Present Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results on November 5, 2014

Oct 14, 2014: Dynegy Closes Common Stock and Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock Offerings

Oct 13, 2014: Sharyland Proposal To Move LP&L Energy Surprises City And Utility Officials

Oct 13, 2014: Founded By Hunts, Sharyland Utilities Now Eyeing Lubbock Power & Light Business

Oct 13, 2014: Half Renewables ‘Ideal’: Austin Energy

Oct 13, 2014: Advanced Manufacturing Boosts S.A.

Oct 13, 2014: Innovari Announces Acquisition Of Demand Response Provider NetPeak Energy

Oct 13, 2014: Austin Energy Company Innovari Leaving Town

Oct 13, 2014: Do Politicians Care About Nuclear Matters?

Oct 13, 2014: US Utility Coal Stockpiles End Week At 114 Million St, Up 1%: Bentek

Oct 13, 2014: Exelon’s Position In The Power Industry

Oct 14, 2014: NRG Energy (NRG) Declares $0.56 Quarterly Dividend; 7.7% Yield

Oct 13, 2014: Small-Business Success Story: A New Career in Solar Power

Oct 13, 2014: Independent Power and Renewable Energy Equities at a Glance — NRG Energy, Dynegy, Calpine, Atlantic Power, and AES Corp

Oct 10, 2014: How Can Houston’s Office Buildings Be More Energy Efficient?

Oct 10, 2014: Dynegy Prices $5.1 Billion Unsecured Notes Offerings

Oct 10, 2014: Investor’s Business Daily: EPA’s Rules On CO2 Emissions Will Kill The Economy

Oct 10, 2014: Southwest Power Pool Says EPA Power Plant Plan Requires Time

Power Grid Security

Oct 13, 2014: Smart Cities Must Protect Utilities from Cyber-Attacks

Oct 10, 2014: Cybersecurity And The Smarter Grid

Renewable Power

Oct 16, 2014: Solar Businesses Ready to Roll with Clean Power

Oct 15, 2014: America’s Leading Companies Continue to Invest Big in Solar Energy

Oct 15, 2014: Yahoo Signs Long Term Power Purchase Agreement with OwnEnergy

Oct 15, 2014: BJ’s Wholesale Club Saves with Energy Storage from Direct Energy and SolarCity

Oct 15, 2014: New E Source Report Reveals Which Utilities Are Reaching Their Energy-Efficiency Goals

Oct 15, 2014: DOE Releases New Study About Offshore Wind Energy

Oct 15, 2014: Solar Power Is Casting A Bigger Shadow

Oct 14, 2014: Frito-Lay Celebrates New CNG Fueling Station In Southwest Dallas

Oct 14, 2014: Comparing Apples with Oranges

Oct 14, 2014: As US Renewable Energy Industry Changes, Top-Ranked EPC Firms Will Need to Adapt to Keep Pace

Oct 14, 2014: SolarCity’s New Mypower Plan Makes Cheap Solar Power More Accessible Than Ever

Oct 14 2014: Survey: Utilities Could Do a Much Better Job at Streamlining Solar Interconnection

Oct 13, 2014: 10 Top States with The Highest Clean Energy Job Market

Oct 13, 2014: Efficient Polymer Solar Cells Through Nanoimprint Lithography

Oct 13, 2014: Renewables Killing Germany Energy Industry

Oct 13, 2014: Green Building Initiative Hails New US Department of Energy Rule

Oct 13, 2014: E.ON Achieves More Output from 469 Wind Turbines through GE’s Wind PowerUp Services

Oct 13 2014: Market Outlook Report on Wind Power in the US

Oct 9, 2014: Renewables Thrive In Texas Despite Regulatory Hurdles

Oct 9, 2014: Solarcity And Honda’s Partnership Is Committed To Creating Local Jobs And Helping Address Environmental Problems.

Oct 10, 2014: Wind Power Becoming More Competitive

Oct 10, 2014: Offshore Wind Energy In U.S. At Tipping Point Heading Into 2015

Oct 10 2014: Nuclear Power: The “Other” Renewable Energy

Emerging Technologies

Oct 16, 2014: Scientists Are Bashing Lockheed Martin’s Nuclear Fusion ‘Breakthrough’

Oct 15, 2014: Lockheed Martin Developing Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Oct 15, 2014: Neah Power Partners With Silent Falcon to Integrate Fuel Cells Into Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Outside Texas

Oct 17, 2014: FERC Conducting Two Investigations into Generator Offer Behavior During Polar Vortex

Oct 15, 2014: U.S. Senators Urge FERC to “Fundamentally Reexamine” Whether ISO-NE’s Capacity Market Is Effective

Oct 14, 2014: Christi Craddick: Mexico’s Energy Reform A Game Changer

Oct 14, 2014: LED Lights Are A ‘Transformative Technology’ In The Developing World

Oct 14, 2014: N.Y. to Examine Whether California-Style Bilateral Contracts Are a Feasible Alternative to Current Capacity Market

Oct 14, 2014: NRG eVgo Completes Largest Corporate Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Southern California

Oct 10, 2014:  Duke Energy Progress Files With FERC For Approval To Purchase NCEMPA Generation Assets

Other News

Oct 16, 2014: EDF Trading NOV and Settlement Filed at PUCT

Oct 15, 2014: Oncor Notice of Violation and Settlement Filed

Oct 15, 2014: New REP Entrants to Sharyland Continues With Nearly Two Dozen Recently Tested Or In Queue

Oct 14, 2014: Honeywell And Constellation Deliver Value And Comfort With Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats

Oct 14, 2014: Texas REPs Offering Smart Thermostat for Customer Referrals

Oct 13, 2014: Texas Power to Choose Site Sees 72% Increase in Unique Visitors

For the Week of  10/3/14 — 10/10/14

Oct 9, 2014: PUCT Officials Launch Investigation Into Rolling Blackouts in the Valley


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Oct 6, 2014: Iberdrola, a Possible Suitor of Oncor, hires JPMorgan for asset sales to fund U.S. buy

Generation Adequacy

Oct 9, 2014: PUCT Officials Launch Investigation Into Rolling Blackouts in the Valley

Oct 9, 2014: EDF Wins BOP Texas 200 MW Wind Deal

Oct 9, 2014: CPS Energy Reconsiders Plan to Purchase Power from Texas IGCC Project

Oct 8, 2014: ERCOT Conducts Rolling Blackouts In South Texas

Oct 8, 2014: Valley Suffers Power Outage

Oct 8, 2014: Texas Panhandle: Wind Farm Expansion Continues To The Tune Of $900 Million

Oct 8, 2014: Texas Comptroller Attacks Wind Power, And Industry Fights Back

Oct 7, 2014: City Of Lufkin Announces New $700M Electrical Plant

Oct 7, 2014: GE Announces Largest N. American Project For 60Hz J920 Flextra Gas Engine Technology

Oct 8, 2014: ERCOT Receives Notification of Suspension of Operations

Oct 7, 2014: Report: The Evolution of Demand Response in the PJM Wholesale Market

Oct 8, 2014: PJM ‘Road Map’ Would Rely On “Wholesale” Demand Response to Continue Demand Response Participation in Capacity Market, In Light of Court Order

Oct 6, 2014: Capital Dynamics Acquires 300 MW Texas Wind Farm

Oct 6, 2014: ACCIONA Windpower Starts the Supply of Wind Turbines for a 300 MW Wind Project in Texas

Oct 6, 2014: FERC Affirms Golden Spread Switchable Generation Won’t Make ERCOT Subject to FERC Jurisdiction

Oct 3, 2014: Firms Plan West Texas Wind Farms Worth $900M

Oct 6, 2014: ERCOT Sets Date for Implementing Third Party Access to Smart Meter Texas

Oct 6, 2014: Texas REPs: ERCOT Should Assume Ownership of Smart Meter Texas Portal

Oct 6, 2014: Is It Fair to Make All ERCOT Load Pay for Smart Meter Texas Portal Via Admin Fee?


Oct 9, 2014: PEC To Lower Power Delivery Rates In December

Oct 9, 2014: Ft. Worth Picked As HQ For Chinese Wind Turbine Farm

Oct 9, 2014: Energy Storage Now Emerging in the United States

Oct 9, 2014: Texas City Also Sending Letter To EPA

Oct 9, 2014: NextEra Energy’s 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report details clean energy leadership

Oct 9, 2014: Utilities Burning Gas to Preserve Coal Supplies

Oct 9, 2014: US Utilities Say Increased Coal Deliveries Help, But More Needed

Oct 8, 2014: NRG Teams Up With Green Charge Networks to Offer Battery Storage With EV Chargers

Oct 8, 2014: The Clever Marketing Strategy of NRG

Oct 8, 2014: SolarCity and Honda Announce $50 Million Commitment to Provide Solar Power to Honda and Acura Customers and Dealerships

Oct 8, 2014: Lower Winter Heating Costs Ahead

Oct 8, 2014: New Report on Global Market for Concentrated Solar Power New Report on Global Market for Concentrated Solar Power New Report on Global Market for Concentrated Solar PowerNew Report on Global Market for Concentrated Solar Power

Oct 8, 2014: IEEE Joint Task Force on Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) Submits Final Report to the U.S. Department of Energy

Oct 8, 2014: EPA’s Clean Energy Standards Could Actually Lower Electricity Bills

Oct 8, 2014: Comverge and Constellation Agree to Combine Commercial and Industrial Demand Response Businesses to Form New Company

Oct 7, 2014: Xcel Energy Powers Up Texas Segment Of TUCO-Woodward Electric Transmission Line

Oct 7, 2014: Judge Dismisses Suit Against EPA Climate Rule

Oct 7, 2014: Energy Efficiency Advocates Optimistic About Texas PACE Program

Oct 7, 2014: Dynegy Launches Notes Offerings

Oct 6, 2014: CPS Energy Strikes New Deal To Buy Power From ‘Clean Coal’

Oct 7, 2014: Texas Staff: “Onus” on REPs to Communicate Information to End-Use Customers, Including TDU Rate Changes

Oct 6, 2014: Another Round Of Storms Prolongs North Texas Outages

Oct 6, 2014: Dynegy Launches Common Stock and Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock Offerings

Oct 6, 2014: IEEE Joint Task Force on Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) Submits Final Report to the U.S. Department of Energy

Oct 3, 2014: U.S. EPA Finalizes Permit For $1 Bln Texas Natural Gas-To-Gasoline Facility

Oct 6, 2014: Texas Staff Recommend Settlement Data Dispute Between REP, TDU Be Set for Hearing

Oct 3, 2014: Texas Comptroller’s New Report Should Not Play Favorites

Oct 3, 2014: ‘The Energy World Is On The Brink Of A Transformation’ NRG Energy Chief Tells Princeton Students

Oct 3, 2014: CPS Is Curbing Carbon Footprint

Oct 3, 2014: Fitch Maintains Berkshire Hathaway Energy on Negative Watch & Upgrades PPW; PPW Outlook to Positive

Oct 6, 2014: A Decade After Welcoming Wind, States Reconsider

Power Grid Security

Oct 9, 2014: Cybersecurity: The Electric Grid Is Aware and Prepared

Renewable Power

Oct 9, 2014: SolarCity’s CTO Peter Rive on Solar Power Plus Energy Storage

Oct 9, 2014: Mission Solar Energy: New PV star rising over Texas

Oct 9, 2014: Offshore Wind Advancements Take the Stage at AWEA Conference

Oct 9, 2014: Solar Power Portal Awards 2014 shortlist announced

Oct 8, 2014: SolarCity Joins Rivals in Lending Solar Panels to Clients

Oct 8, 2014: Siemens Chief Says US Should Reinstate Subsidy For Wind Power

Oct 8, 2014: These 3 Wind Power Companies Might Take Advantage Of IRS Subsidies

Oct 8, 2014: Hydropower Financing Gets a Boost from the US Department of Energy

Oct 8, 2014: A Promising Step Toward Round-The-Clock Solar Power

Oct 8, 2014: Is America’s Renewable Energy Revolution About to Fall Off a Cliff?

Oct 8, 2014: The Transition to Renewable Energy Is Difficult But Feasible

Oct 8, 2014: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Selects Value Recovery Holding, LLC, as Renewable Energy Prime Contractor

Oct 8, 2014: For Crop-Dusters, Towers Pose a Hidden and Growing Danger

Oct 7, 2014: LED Lights Shine In Nobel Prize; Now How About Your Home?

Oct 7, 2014: Solar Debt Financing on Pace to Reach Highest Since 2010

Oct 7, 2014: Recent Trends In The Solar Industry

Oct 6, 2014: Expect Patent Disputes to Accelerate as Clean Energy Expands

Oct 6, 2014: Solar Socket Parity Has Shifted Solar Forecasts

Oct 6, 2014: Offshore Winds Soon to Power Cape Cod: Part 2

Oct 3, 2014: AREVA And Schneider Electric Team Up On Energy Storage

Oct 4, 2014: Ohio State Solar Battery Can Be Recharged

Oct 3, 2014: Why The Oil Majors Are Backing Away From Renewable Energy

Outside Texas

Oct 9, 2014:  CPUC head Michael Peevey to step down after PG&E uproar

Oct 10, 2014: FERC Intends to Revoke Market-Based Rate Authority of Retail Suppliers for Alleged Failure to File Reports

Oct 8, 2014: Identities of Buyers of Hudson Energy Solar Disclosed

Oct 8, 2014: Federal prosecutors to investigate PG&E’s relationship with CPUC

Oct 8, 2014:  E.U. Approves Plan for New Nuclear Power Station in Britain

Oct 8, 2014: Blame Dysfunctional Markets For Our Economic Malaise

Oct 7, 2014: EV Week in San Francisco Highlights the Revolutionary EV ARC™ Solar Powered EV Charger

Oct 7, 2014:  5 Days In Kentucky: The War On Coal

Oct 6, 2014: Linde to build and operate its first retail hydrogen fueling station in the U.S.

Oct 6, 2014: AEP: 11 Years Have “Proven” PJM Capacity Market Doesn’t Get Power Plants Built

Oct 3, 2014: Engineer Exalts Future Of Nuclear Energy

Other News

Oct 8, 2014: Texas Energy Consultants Register as Aggregator

Oct 9, 2014: Reliant Brings Goal Zero Portable Solar Innovation to Electricity Consumers

Oct 10, 2014: Green Mountain Energy Company Intends to Offer Prepaid Product

Oct 9, 2014: Jade Energy Files for Texas REP Amendment

Oct 9, 2014: Veteran of Texas Retail Market Since Launch Joins Start-up REP as CEO

Oct 9, 2014: Another Texas REP Pilots Critical Peak Rebate Program

Oct 7, 2014: Stephens Ranch Wind Energy Applies for REC Generator Certification

Oct 8, 2014: Retail Supplier Names Market Veteran to C-Level Position

Oct 7, 2014: Texas REP Offering “WaterSaver” Electric Plan

Oct 7, 2014: Texas REP Hires Telecom, Data/Software Veteran

Oct 6, 2014: Texas Rep Sponsoring Posts on Mommny Blogs to Promote Smart Energy Offers, Sweepstakes

Oct 6, 2014: For (Energy) History Buffs

Oct 5, 2014: Oncor: 10,000 Customers Still Without Power Sunday Night, Most To Be Restored By Monday Morning

Oct 3, 2014: U.S. Coal Exports Fall On Lower European Demand, Increased Global Supply

For the Week of  9/26/14 — 10/3/14


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Oct 2, 2014: Energy Future Warns That IRS Ruling Could Delay Bankruptcy Process

Oct 2, 2014: Energy Future Doesn’t Have to Disclose Oncor Stake Bidders, Judge Says

Oct 2, 2014: TXU, 4Change Energy Report Net Income in EFH Bankruptcy Filing

Oct 1, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Reports $10.3M Loss In August

Oct 1, 2014: Energy Future Sees Liquidation Prospects on Tax Bill

Sept 28, 2014: Berkshire Said To Be Interested In Energy Business Oncor

Generation Adequacy

Oct 2, 2014: Industrials Propose ERCOT NPRR to Address Pricing of Certain Proxy Energy Offer Curves At Price Cap

Oct 2, 2014: Wind Power Subsidies Stir Controversy in Texas

Oct 2, 2014: Elizabeth Garza to Head the Independent Market Monitor for ERCOT

Oct 1, 2014: New Proposed Law Would Bring Dramatic Changes To The Texas Electricity Grid

Oct 1, 2014: EPA Finalizes Greenhouse Gas Permit for Austin Energy Expansion

Oct 1, 2014: EPA Releases Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Large Facilities

Sept 30, 2014: GE Announces Largest North American Power Project in Texas for Its 60-Hertz J920 FleXtra Gas Engine Technology

Sept 30, 2014: Wind Generation Drop in Texas Boosts Spot Electricity

Sept 30, 2014: At State Carbon Hearings, Texas Power Operators Offer Varied Future

Sept 29, 2014: Exelon Generation To Build Two New Natural Gas Units of almost 2,000 MW In Texas

Sept 29, 2014: Starwood Energy Group To Acquire 550 MW CC Power Plant in Odessa, Texas

Sept 29, 2014: Texas Power Official Warns CO2 Rule Represents “Severe Threat”

Sept 26, 2014: Texas PUC Rejects Centerpoint Appeal Of ERCOT Transmission Line Ruling

Sept 28, 2014: Texas to Further Study Subsynchronous Oscillation, While Taking Steps on Cost Allocation

Sept 28, 2014: Texas Mission Gas-Fired Plant Will Pump Electricity Into Mexico

Sept 28, 2014: Central Texas Celebrates Commissioning Of Power Plant In Temple

Sept 27, 2014: Some Believe New Larue Power Plant Will Create Problems

Sept 26, 2014:  Pippy: Coal Power Plant Regulations Not ‘Realistic’


Oct 2, 2014: Texas REPs Concerned With Precedent From Texas Customer Complaint Case, SOAH Order Concludes Duty of REPs to Provide Advance Notice, Obtain Consent for Changes in TDU Pass-Throughs

Oct 2, 2014: NRG Acquires Pure Energies to Lower the Cost of Winning Solar Customers

Oct 2, 2014: CPS Smart Meters Making Some Uncomfortable

Oct 2, 2014: Wood, Dreyling: Austin’s Renewable Goals Are Not Sustainable

Oct 2, 2014: Smith: Austin Energy Can’t Afford To Rely On Natural Gas

Oct 2, 2014: Energy-Efficient LED Light Installation Makes History at NRG Stadium

Oct 2, 2014: EPA’s Proposed Power Plant Climate Rule Could Reach Far Beyond Power Plants

Oct 1, 2014: NRG Energy (NRG) Announces Acquisition of Pure Energies Group

Oct 1, 2014: The More Renewables You Have The More Transmission You’ll Need

Oct 1, 2014: Power Boost: New Electricity Transmission Lines Allow Power To Move More Easily Throughout The Lubbock Region

Sept 30, 2014: Retail Energy President: In 10 Years, We “Won’t Care” How Many kWhs We Sell to Customers

Sept 30, 2014: Reliant VP: “Real” Risk to Business Is We Can’t Innovate Fast Enough; Get Leapfrogged By Google/AMZN

Sept 30, 2014: CPS Energy Could Capitalize On Texas’ Growing Demand For Electricity

Sept 30, 2014: CPS Plans Pilot Program To Replace Rebate

Sept 30, 2014: Fitch: DOE Loan Guarantee Program Returns to Greenhouse Gas Roots

Sept 30, 2014: Fitch: Net Energy Metering Provides a Regulatory Dilemma

Sept 29, 2014: Xcel Energy Powers Up Texas Segment of TUCO-Woodward Electric Transmission Line

Sept 29, 2014: Grid lift for wind in Texas

Sept 29, 2014: LP&L Names McCalla As Director, CEO

Sept 29, 2014: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Defends Natural Gas

Sept 25, 2014: Electric Co-Ops Battle Over Texas Power Purchase Contract

Sept 27, 2014: Lubbock Power & Light Leaders Say Utility Could Hire New CEO Next Week

Sept 25, 2014: Bryan Texas Utility’s Coal Reserves Down After Recession

Sept 26, 2014: State Says Federal Pollution Limits Impossible To Meet

Sept 25, 2014: Texas & Germany: Energy Twins?

Renewable Power

Oct 2, 2014: Texas New Central ISD Solar Panel Will Act As Educational Tool, Save District Money

Oct 2, 2014: Beyond Efficiency: Noesis Expands Into Commercial Solar and Possibly Battery Storage

Oct 2, 2014: What To Look For – And Look Out For – In Selecting Solar Development Sites

Oct 2, 2014: Credit Where Credit Is Due: Renewable Thermal Energy Heats Up

Oct 2, 2014: Largest Solar Farm of its Kind in North America Completed

Oct 2, 2014: Sandia Assists Wind Blade Makers

Oct 1, 2014: BLM Seeks Comments on Competitive Offering Lands Processes for Solar and Wind Energy Development Regulations

Oct 1, 2014: FuelCell Energy Announces Funding Award for Advanced Material Development of Next-Generation Fuel Cell Power Plants

Sept 30, 2014: NREL Software Tool a Boon for Wind Industry

Sept 29, 2014: In Texas, Solar Manufacturer Ramps Up Production

Sept 29, 2014: Mission Solar Touts South Side Impact

Sept 29, 2014: Texas Tech Energy Department Begins New Project

Sept 29, 2014: Getting Veterans Into Solar Industry Should Start At Fort Hood, Local Business Owner Says

Sept 26, 2014: Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric To Manufacture Solar Photovoltaic Inverters In Houston, Texas

Sept 25, 2014: IBM’s Solar Concentrator Can Produce Energy, Clean Water And AC

Outside Texas

Oct 2, 2014: Shale Oil-Fuelled Power Plant To Be Ready Late 2018

Oct 2, 2014: Germany’s Energy Model Can Save The World

Sept 30, 2014: PJM Proposes Screening Process to Prevent Retail Suppliers from Submitting Demand Bids in Day-Ahead Above a Level “Commensurate” With Load Served

Sept 28, 2014: Electric Vehicles Sell Power Back to the Grid

Sept 25, 2014: Technology Revolution In Nuclear Power Could Slash Costs Below Coal

Other News

Oct 2, 2014: Energy Curtailment Specialists Settlement Agreement and NOV

Oct 2, 2014: Texas Rep Offering Texas Customers Choice of Three Free Goal Zero Products With Enrollment

Oct 2, 2014: GM To Make Chevrolet Electric Car

Oct 1, 2014: TXU Energy Challenges Consumers to Find “Watt’s the Difference” During Energy Awareness Month

Sept 30, 2014: JP Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation Files Amendment to REP Certification

Sept 29, 2014: Ector County Energy Center Registers as new PGC

Sept 29, 2014: GDF SUEZ Energy Resources Introduces Streamlined Index Price Plans and New Easy Flex Product

Sept 26, 2014: Reach Energy Relinquishes REP Certificate

Sept 26, 2014: EIF Channelview Cogeneration Amends PGC Registration

Sept 25, 2014: Toyota Bets Big On Fuel Cell Vehicles


For the Week of  9/19/14 — 9/26/14

Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Sept 25, 2014: 10 Potential Bidders, Including CenterPoint and Buffet’s Berkshire, Said to Explore Bids for Oncor

Sept 25, 2014: Berkshire Hathaway, Hunt Consolidated Could Bid for Oncor

Sept 25, 2014: Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Among Possible Bidders For Oncor Electric

Sept 24, 2014: Beckville Coal Mine Operated by Luminant To Play Out In 2015

Sept 24, 2014: Titus County Appraisal District Settles Value With Luminant For $350 Million

Sept 22, 2014: Calling All Bidders: Auction For Energy Future Holdings’ Oncor Stake Is Now Open

Sept 22, 2014: Bidding Begins For Sale Of Energy Future Holdings’ Stake In Oncor

Sept 20, 2014: Energy Future Opens the Bidding On Rights to Oncor Stake

Generation Adequacy

Sept 25, 2014: Siemens powers Temple I with First Flex-Plant in Texas

Sept 25, 2014: Bechtel, Part of Siemens Completes State-of-the-Art Combined-Cycle Plant in Texas

Sept 25, 2014: Texas Grid Finally Catches Up With Wind Power Output

Sept 25, 2014: Wind Coalition Statement In Response To Texas Comptroller Report On Renewables

Sept 24, 2014: Facing Compliance Costs, Texas Generators Urge Slowdown of ERCOT Subsynchronous Oscillation Policy Evaluation

Sept 24. 2014: TCEQ Denies Power Producers’ Plea For Tax Relief

Sept 20, 2014: Exelon Generation May Add 1,147 MW Of Gas-Fired Capacity In Texas

Sept 22, 2014: ERCOT Uplift Would Be Used to Compensate Generators for Oscillation Protection Under One (of Three) Staff Proposal

Sept 19, 2014: U.S. Demand Response Market Outlook 2014


Sept 25, 2014: Homeowner Asks IRS to Weigh in on Austin Energy’s Solar Tariffs

Sept 25, 2014: IRS to review Value of Solar Tariffs in Austin, Texas

Sept 25, 2014: Acquisitions Power Dynegy Back Into Top Tier Of Generators

Sept 25, 2014: Is Solar About to Explode in Texas?

Sept 25, 2014: FERC Revises Standards for Business Practices and Communication Protocols for Public Utilities

Sept 24, 2014: NRG Energy Receives “BB-” Credit Rating

Sept 24, 2014: NRG Yield Raised to “Outperform” at Zacks

Sept 24, 2014: Austin Seeks Increase Of Solar Energy Usage

Sept 24, 2014: Those Texas Renewable Power Lines More Than Pay For Themselves

Sept 24, 2014: Fitch Affirms New Braunfels, TX Electric System Revs at ‘AA’; Outlook Stable

Sept 24, 2014: Exelon Recognized for Corporate Sustainability Performance and Reporting by Two Global Authorities

Sept 24, 2014: Texas Revives Low-Income Energy Efficiency Proposal

Sept 23, 2014: Comptroller Susan Combs Releases Energy Report; Says Electricity Policy Should Focus On Reliability, Affordability

Sept 23, 2014: Combs’ Wind Energy Report Lacking Facts

Sept 23, 2014: Solar in Texas: It’s Really Happening this Time (Really)

Sept 23, 2014: DOE: $5M To Develop Clean Energy Projects At Federal Facilities, Including NASA

Sept 22, 2014: Cross Rio Grande Valley Transmission Line Could Bring Changes

Sept 22, 2014: Carol Biedrzycki Fights for Texas Electricity Ratepayers

Sept 22, 2014: Is Bill Gates Behind The Times On Renewable Energy?

Sept 22, 2014: Military Microgrid Market Potential

Sept 22, 2014: Carbon-Capture Technology Works, But Cost Is Still Prohibitive

Sept 22, 2014: Texas Retail Providers Would Be Reimbursed for Providing Smart Thermostats, In-Home Monitors to Low-Income Customers, Under Workgroup Proposal

Sept 22, 2014: TNMP Seeks Authorization for Smart Meter Remediation Plan to Replace 2G Technology

Sept 19, 2014: Just Energy Reaches Agreement On The Sale Of Hudson Energy Solar Corp.

Sept 19, 2014: NRC Issues Final Rule on Spent Nuclear Fuel Continued Storage

Sept 19, 2014: More Evidence That Smart Grids Are Morphing Into Smart Cities

Sept 19, 2014: What Are The Investing Prospects In Microgrids

Sept 19, 2014: USDA Invests $23M To Improve Electric Grid

Sept 19, 2014: Federal Funding Goes To Rural Solar, Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Power

Sept 25, 2014: Solar Plan Gets Nod From Brewster County in Texas

Sept 25, 2014: Renewable Energy Show Comes To Bell County Expo Center

Sept 25, 2014: Discovery Green Renews Clean Energy Commitment with Choice for 100% Wind from Green Mountain Energy Company

Sept 25, 2014: Wall Street & Main Street Vote For Clean Energy

Sept 24, 2014: $100B Invested In Wind Or Solar Will Produce More Energy Than Oil

Sept 24, 2014: Backyard Power Plants Can Back Up Solar, Rival Batteries

Sept 24, 2014: New Funding Program Will Provide $68 Million To Efficiency And Solar Power Projects Throughout The Country

Sept 23, 2014: Bill Would Prohibit VA From Spending Money On Alternative Energy Projects

Sept 23, 2014: Norfolk Company Wins Prize For Solar Cellphone Charger

Sept 23, 2014: Ideal Power Receives Order for Distributed Wind Application

Sept 23, 2014: Solar3D Touts Advantages of Owning Versus Leasing Solar

Sept 22, 2014: Organizations Hold Launch Party at UT Austin For Solar-Charging Stations

Sept 22, 2014: NREL to Test Inverters for the “Little Box Challenge” Presented by Google and IEEE

Sept 22, 2014: Sun Rises on Mission Solar Energy, Texas’s First N-Type Solar Manufacturing Factory

Sept 22, 2014: Unsubsidised Wind And Solar Competitive With Coal, Lazard Says

Sept 22, 2014: AREVA Wins Additional Contract From The U.S. Department Of Energy For The Development Of Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel

Sept 22, 2014: Renewable Energy Investment Attractiveness Sees China Soar, US & UK Lose Ground

Sept 20, 2014: Mission Solar in Texas Producing Solar Panels

Sept 19, 2014: NREL Industry Growth Forum Attracts Clean Energy Entrepreneurs And Investors

Sept 19, 2014: Wind Offers Strong Force In The Sector

Sept 19, 2014: Falling Costs For Wind Power, And Other Top 5 Takeaways From New Wall Street Report

Sept 19, 2014: Large Green Power Plants Competing With Gas, Says Lazard

Sept 19, 2014: GE Proves That Wind Energy Can Stabilize The Grid

Sept 19, 2014: New Studies: Prices Of Rooftop And Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaics Significantly Declined In The U.S.

Outside Texas

Sept 25, 2014: Can Energy Utilities Keep Their Customers, Or Will They Flee The Grid?

Sept 25, 2014: SCE Unveils Largest Battery Energy Storage Facility In North America

Sept 25, 2014: State Policies Effective In Reducing CO2

Sept 24, 2014: FERC Must Not Allow “Piecemeal” Acquisitions to Skirt Market Power Review, Mitigation

Sept 23, 2014: Australia Energy Industry Blueprint Sees Large Scale Deregulation

Sept 22, 2014: Retail Suppliers Warn PJM Ignoring Transition Costs, Mechanism for New Capacity Performance Procurement

Sept 22, 2014: New York Proposal Would “Further Entrench” Utilities As Service Providers, “Roll Back” Decades of Competition

Sept 22, 2014: Direct Energy Offers Novel Interpretations of Court’s Order Vacating Order 745, Future of Demand Response

Sept 22, 2014: Exelon: Government Must Ensure Financial Viability of “Merchant” Generators

Sept 22, 2014: Fifty Foundations Pledge To Divest From Fossil Fuels

Sept 22, 2014: Legislature Discusses Altering Public Utility Regulation

Sept 22, 2014: PJM Load Paying $433 Million in Higher Costs Annually Due to Energy Efficiency Omitted from PJM Capacity Market Load Forecast

Sept 18, 2014: Demand Response Industry and Consumer Coalition Reacts to U.S. Circuit Court Decision

Sept 21, 2014: Rockefellers, Heirs to an Oil Fortune, Will Divest Charity From Fossil Fuels

Other News

Sept 25, 2014: Wolf Hollow I Facility, the Handley Facility, and Mountain Creek Facility File Change in Ownership

Sept 25, 2014: Application for REP Certification of Agera Energy, Proposed Buyer of Glacial Energy, is Dismissed

Sept 24, 2014: Founder of Summit Energy Services Launches New Energy Solutions Company

Sept 23, 2014: With Emissions Rising, It’s Time To Embrace Natural Gas

Sept 23, 2014: It’s Time For Real Eminent Domain Reform

Sept 22, 2014: Agreed Settlement and Notice of Violation by PUCT for SPS Filed

Sept 22, 2014: TX Hereford Wind Registers as PGC

Sept 22, 2014: Direct Energy Offers Free Power to Smart Meters Customers

Sept 17, 2014: NRG Energy Services Adds Turbine Expertise, Flexible Workforce to Offer More Choices to Customers

Sept 22, 2014: In Film On Alternative Car Fuels, Former Shell Exec Speaks Out

Sept 22, 2014: SWEPCO Notice of Violation and Settlement by PUCT Results in Penalties

Sept 22, 2014: AEP North and AEP Central Agree to PUCT’s Administrative Penalties

Sept 22, 2014: ExTex LaPorte Amend Texas PGC Registration

Sept 22, 2014: Texas CER-Colorado Bend Energy Partners LP Changes Its Name

Sept 19, 2014: Texas Risks Losing Business With Mexico To California



For the Week of  9/12/14 — 9/19/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Sept 18, 2014: Twenty-Year ONCOR Franchise To Renew

Sept 16, 2014: Bankrupt Energy Future To Offer Auction Plan Amid Bidding War

Sept 16, 2014: Titus County Appraisal District settles with Luminant

Sept 15, 2014: Energy Future Eyes Early 2015 For Oncor Auction -Sources

Sept 15, 2014: Oncor Identifies Worker Shot While Responding To Call

Sept 12, 2014: Oncor Fighting Ruling On So-Called ‘Phantom Taxes’

Generation Adequacy

Sept 18, 2014: Transmission Grid Planning Must Stay Flexible, ERCOT Utilities Say

Sept 18, 2014: ERCOT, TDU Oppose Retail Provider’s Sought Resettlement Due to Inaccurate Meter Data

Sept 17, 2014: Houston Transmission Line Proposal Sparks High-Powered Dispute

Sept 17, 2014: Proposed Transmission Line Puts Corporate Powerhouses At Odds

Sept 16, 2014: Panda Sherman Power Goes On ERCOT Grid

Sept 16, 2014: Texas Electricity Rises on Below-Forecast Production From Wind

Sept 16, 2014: Generators Push To Get Texas Regulators Away From Wind-Cost Investigation

Sept 16, 2014: Fitch: Mild Summer Weather Dampening US Public Power

Sept 15, 2014: Duke Ropes Texas Service Deal

Sept 15, 2014: Duke Energy To Build Texas Wind Power Project

Sept 12, 2014: Austin: Solar Now A Default Energy Source

Sept 12, 2014: EPA Power Plant Proposal Could Fast-Track Natural Gas Pipeline Projects, S&P Says

Sept 12, 2014: Make Climate Change Work For Texas


Sept 18, 2014: El Paso Electric Appoints El Pasoan Mary Kipp as New President

Sept 18, 2014: El Paso-area native is El Paso Electric’s first woman president, CEO in waiting

Sept 18, 2014: US House Passes Bills To Boost Domestic Energy

Sept 18, 2014: Hard Truths About World Power Plant Carbon Emissions

Sept 19, 2014: CFTC Rule Approved Today Will Help Public Power Utilities Hedge Fuel and Electric Power Price Risks

Sept 18, 2014: NRG Energy Closes Strategic Acquisition of Personal Solar Products Market Leader

Sept 17, 2014: Sen. Cornyn Requests Delay On Proposed EPA Rule That Would Unfairly Burden Texas Energy Consumers

Sept 17, 2014: Lawmaker Wants EPA To Consider Cost Of New Smog Limits

Sept 17, 2014: EPA Extends Comment Period On Power Plant Proposal

Sept 17, 2014: Nuclear Energy Industry Congratulates New NRC Commissioners

Sept 16, 2014: Obama’s Clean Power Plan Will Get Scrubbed Down Before It Is Enacted

Sept 16, 2014: Byrne: EPA Comment Period Should Be Extended

Sept 16, 2014: Manchin Alarmed by New Report on Rising Coal Plant Retirements

Sept 15, 2014: Flowgroup Subsidiary Signs MOU With NRG Energy For US Boiler Testing in Texas

Sept 15, 2014: NRG Energy Downgraded by Zacks

Sept 15, 2014: Texas Must Set The Compass For Energy Realism

Sept 15, 2014: While Chasing Tesla, Austin Area Finds ‘Game-Changer Site’

Sept 12, 2014: The Price of Power in the Panhandle: Part Two

Sept 11, 2014: The Price of Power in the Panhandle – Part I

Sept 12, 2014: PNM Declares Preferred Dividend

Sept 12, 2014: Xcel Energy Seeks up to 200 MW of New Solar Resources

Sept 12, 2014: Is Solar Development Boom About to Begin in Texas?

Power Grid Security

Sept 12, 2014: Cybersecurity Is a Top Concern for Energy Companies

Renewable Power

Sept 18, 2014: Solar Farms Will Diversify Pecos County’s Energy Market, Increase Tax Revenue

Sept 18, 2014: DOE’s Proposed Air Conditioner Rules Could Yield Biggest Savings

Sept 18, 2014: Fracking Gives US Geothermal New Hope

Sept 18, 2014: US To Train Veterans To Install Solar Panels

Sept 18, 2014: Us Solar Power And Wind Energy Start To Outshine Gas

Sept 18, 2014: Obama Pushes Energy Efficiency, Rural Solar Power

Sept 18, 2014: Studies Find Declines In Price Of Rooftop And Utility-Scale Solar

Sept 18, 2014: Brighter Future: A Study on Solar in U.S. Schools Report

Sept 17, 2014: SEIA, Vote Solar Celebrate Solar’s Continued Price Declines

Sept 17, 2014: Adjusting Wind Power Production During Migration Season Saves Bats

Sept 16, 2014: Homeowners Are Expected to Invest More Than $625 Billion in Residential Generation and Storage from 2014 to 2023, Forecasts Navigant Research

Sept 16, 2014: First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) Trying Hard to Capture the Solar Landscape

Sept 16, 2014: North American Windpower Reports U.S. Offshore Wind Is “Embryonic No More

Sept 16, 2014: Wind Turbines Kill Fewer Birds Than Do Cats, Cell Towers

Sept 16, 2014: NRG Home Solar Honored with Major Awards

Sept 16, 2014: New SolarCity Product Makes it Possible for Businesses to Significantly Increase Solar Output From Each Rooftop

Sept 15, 2014: Feds Look To Make Hotels More Energy Efficient

Sept 15, 2014: Scottish Independence Would ‘Slam Brakes’ On Alex Salmond’s Wind Farm Plans

Sept 15, 2014: Is Geothermal Power About to Become The Next Great Battleground Over Fracking?

Sept 15, 2014: DOE Awards $4.5M For Wind Power R&D Projects

Sept 11, 2014: Solar Continues Trumping Fossil Fuel Pricing, With More Innovations To Come

Sept 13, 2014: Strange Bedfellows: Solar Power Meets Oil Drilling

Sept 14, 2014: Google’s $145 Million Clean Energy Investment Puts Solar Atop Old Oil Field

Sept 12, 2014: Cooking Up Renewable Energy Action

Sept 12, 2014: How Pellets Compare to Fossil Fuels in Carbon Intensity and Cost

Outside Texas

Sept 18, 2014: Demand Response Industry and Consumer Coalition Reacts to U.S. Circuit Court Decision

Sept 18, 2014: Group Slams Federal Energy Regulators Over Alleged Market Manipulation

Sept 18, 2014: New York PSC, FERC to Hold Technical Conference on N.Y. Markets, Infrastructure (Capacity Market)

Sept 17, 2014: Court Denies En Banc Rehearing of Order Vacating FERC Demand Response Compensation Order

Sept 17, 2014: FERC Allows Non-Competitive ISO-NE Capacity Auction Prices to Become Law; Clark, Bay “Cannot Conclude” That ISO-NE IMM Complied With Tariff

Sept 16, 2014: Westinghouse Launches New Outage Control Center

Other News

Sept 19, 2014: Texas REP Offering New REC Add-On Product in Addition to Existing Renewable Plans

Sept 18, 2014: Texas REP Innovation to Inspiration Tour Highlights Technology-Driven Transformation of Energy Service

Sept 18, 2014: GDF Suez Notice of Violation Agreement Filed at PUCT

Sept 18, 2014: Summer Energy Changing Risk Management Qualifying Staff

Sept 18, 2014: Former CEO of Green Mountain Energy Joins Texas REP as a Strategic Advisor

Sept 17, 2014: At “Kumbaya” Meeting, LCRA’s New Colorado River Plan Passes

Sept 16, 2014: E-Now Notice of Violation Agreement Filed

Sept 16, 2014: Texas REP Offering Free Month of Electricity

Sept 15, 2014: EcoFactor Appoints Matthew Plante As CEO

Sept 15, 2014: App Shows NRG’s Strategy for Connected Home, Services

Sept 12, 2014: Retail Provider Offering Free Power in “Power to the People” Contest

Sept 12, 2014: Texas Staff File Final Proposed List of Non-Volunteer POLRs for 2015-16


For the Week of  9/5/14 — 9/12/14


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News Copyright 2014 by Competitive Assets, LLC.  All rights reserved

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Sept 5, 2014: Energy Future’s Turnaround May Get Surprise Boost From New York Judge

Sept 9, 2014: TCAD Negotiations Continue With Luminant Over Value

Sept 8, 2014: Fearing Luminant Outcome, County Proposes Tax Hike

Sept 6, 2014: Energy Future Bondholders Clueless About NextEra’s Stance On Oncor Deal

Sept 6, 2014: Somervell County Makes Cuts As Luminant’s Comanche Peak’s Value Drops

Generation Adequacy

Sept 11, 2014: Texans Consume More Power In August But Peak Demand Declines

Sept 11, 2014: PUCT Approves new Ponderosa to Grimes Transmission Line

Sept 11, 2014: Man-Made Fuel For Nuclear Power

Sept 12, 2014: Generators Playing With Fire: Court Further Chips Away At FERC Justification for Capacity Market

Sept 11, 2014: PJM Board Won’t Take Holistic Approach to Capacity Market, Approves More Piecemeal Changes

Sept 10, 2014: Washington Lawmakers Should Adopt Texas-Style Energy Policy

Sept 9, 2014: Texas Officials Declare EPA’s Proposed CO2 Emission Rule Unworkable

Sept 9, 2014: Natural Gas, Solar, And Wind Lead Power Plant Capacity Additions In First-Half 2014

Sept 8, 2014: Fluor Completes New Gas-Fired Power Plant in Texas

Sept 8, 2014: BTU Purchases Additional Electric Generation from South Texas Windmills

Sept 8, 2014: First Solar Completes The Initial Phase Of America’s First Solar Plant To Sell Electricity On The Spot Market

Sept 8, 2014: First Solar Completes 18 MW Barilla Solar PV Project In Texas, Brings Competitively Priced Solar Power To The Market

Sept 8, 2014: Uranium Resources to Add Properties near Its South Texas Processing Facilities

Sept 8, 2014: ERCOT Seeks Court Order to Compel Bankrupt Retail Provider to Accept Market Participant Agreement To Protect Market From Uplift

Sept 5, 2014: Electricity Reliability Council Promises Fewer Blackouts For Valley

Sept 5, 2014: Texas Cities Focus On Increasing Solar Power Generation

Sept 5, 2014: NRC Issues Mid-Cycle Assessments for Nation’s Nuclear Plants

Sept 5, 2014: NRG’s Carbon Capture Project May Prove Groundbreaking


Sept 11, 2014: Energy Lobbyists Big Spenders in Texas Legislature

Sept 11, 2014: Xcel Energy Recognized for Corporate Sustainability

Sept 11, 2014: NRG Energy Receives Consensus Recommendation of “Buy” from Brokerages

Sept 10, 2014: USDA Signs Off Smart Grid Projects In 15 Rural States

Sept 10, 2014: Spark Energy Reports Expanded Unit Margins, Customer Growth

Sept 10, 2014: Fitch Affirms Seguin, TX’s Utility Revs at ‘A+’; Outlook Stable

Sept 10, 2014:  Mirzatuny: Elon Musk’s Love-Hate Relationship with Texas

Sept 10, 2014: With Natural Gas To Burn, Drillers Try Using It To Power Rigs

Sept 10, 2014: Must-Know: The Structure Of The Electric Utility Industry

Sept 9, 2014: Perry: Toyota to Tesla Invest Based on Taxes, Regulation

Sept 9, 2014: Few Show For Galveston Nuke Meeting

Sept 9, 2014: Fitch Affirms Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (TX)’s CP at ‘F1+’

Sept 9, 2014: The Race to Create the 21st Century Utilities: The Biggest Opportunity of our Era

Sept 9, 2014: At Power Conference, Utilities and Suppliers Ponder Industry Model

Sept 9, 2014: Compass to Build Data Center for American Electric Power

Sept 9, 2014: FuelCell Energy Announces Agreement to Sell University Fuel Cell Project to NRG Energy

Sept 8, 2014: Fitch Rates San Antonio City Public Service’s (TX) Elec & Gas Bonds ‘AA+’

Sept 8, 2014: Atkins Buys US Nuclear Business

Sept 8, 2014: How To Survive The Coming Utility Revolution

Sept 8, 2014: Energy Dept: $8M to Improve Grid, Adapt with Microgrids

Sept 8, 2014: Energy Department Announces $8 Million to Improve Resiliency of the Grid

Sept 5, 2014: Power To Confuse? Sneaky Fees Obscure Costs For Texas Electricity Shoppers

Sept 5, 2014: Houston’s Economy Too Strong To Draw Tesla

Sept 5, 2014: Disused Nuclear Barge To Be Scrapped In Galveston

Sept 5, 2014: Capital Improvements, Fuel Costs Increase Texas Bills

Sept 5, 2014: Floresville’s (TX) Electric System Revs ‘AA-’; Outlook Revised to Negative

Sept 4, 2014: Demanding The Impossible

Sept 5, 2014: AEP Chief Financial Officer To Address Investors At Barclays Conference

Renewable Power

Sept 11, 2014: Solar Continues Trumping Fossil Fuel Pricing, With More Innovations To Come

Sept 11, 2014: Solar3D Announces Battery Storage Solutions for Solar Energy Systems

Sept 11, 2014: DOE Awards USD 1.1 Mln for Wildlife-Wind Power Study

Sept 11, 2014: “Fantasy” of Fuel From Corn Waste Gets Big U.S. Test

Sept 10, 2014: Wind Energy Keeps Costs Low And Improves Reliability

Sept 9, 2014: FuelCell Energy Sales Dipped In Third Quarter

Sept 9, 2014: Study: Solar Power Boom Underway In U.S.

Sept 9, 2014: U.S. Solar Market Insight: Q2 2014

Sept 8, 2014: Sharp Seeks Sale of U.S Solar Developer Recurrent Energy

Sept 8, 2014: Duke Energy Renewables to build 110MW wind project in Starr County, Texas

Sept 8, 2014: DOE Validates Avent Lidar Technology’s Wind Iris System

Sept 8, 2014: U.S. Offshore Wind Energy Industry Making Steady Progress

Sept 5, 2014: US Solar Makes Up Over Half Of New Generating Capacity

Sept 8, 2014: Geothermal Resources Used To Produce Renewable Electricity In Western States

Sept 8, 2014: Sharp Seeks Sale of U.S Solar Developer Recurrent Energy

Sept 5, 2014: Solar-Powered Savings: How North Texans Are Raising The Roof Over Generating Electricity

Sept 5, 2014: New Report Shows U.S. Solar Industry Nearing 16 GW of Installed Capacity

Sept 5, 2014: Advocate For Birds Wants Safer Wind Turbines

Emerging Technologies

Sept 8, 2014: The Future of the Smart Grid 2014

Outside Texas

Sept 11, 2014: PJM Board Won’t Take Holistic Approach to Capacity Market, Approves More Piecemeal Changes

Sept 9, 2014: Saudi Arabia Fast-Tracks Nuclear Power

Sept 8, 2014: Dynegy Pushing for Downstate Illinois to Join PJM

Sept 8, 2014: Power Plants Heading Out to Sea in Post-Fukushima Japan

Sept 8, 2014: Fusion Power: The Case of the Wrong Competitors

Sept 5, 2014: California In Tussle Over Record Utility Fine

Sept 8, 2014: FERC Sets October Workshop on Scarcity Pricing in RTOs, Offer Caps and Mitigation

Other News

Sept 12, 2014: Texas REP Launches Energy Management Tools

Sept 12, 2014: Texas REP to Provide Customers With Free Energy Usage Reports

Sept 12, 2014: Texas REP Launches Updated Online Account Manager, 3.0

Sept 12, 2014: GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA Names 20-Year Retail Energy Veteran As VP of Sales

Sept 11, 2014: Texas Assigns 6 REPs Cost of Broadcasting PUCT Meetings

Sept 11, 2014: Hate Red-Light Cameras And Smart Meters? Now Hear This

Sept 10, 2014: Texas REPs Challenge POLR Designations

Sept 10, 2014: Direct Energy Tweets Sneak Peek of Smart Home Exhibit To Be Part of Innovation Roadshow

Sept 10, 2014: NRG Energy Receives Average Rating of “Buy” from Brokerages

Sept 10, 2014: Electricity Restored To North Texas County Courthouse, Reopens After Closure For A Day

Sept 9, 2014: Texas Energy Broker Names Retail Market Veteran As New Partner and Director of Sales

Sept 9, 2014: Axon Power & Gas Files for REP Certification

Sept 9, 2014: NRG Energy Moves Up In Analyst Rankings, Passing Priceline Group

Sept 9, 2014: Pedernales EC Promotes Texas Hill Country Development

Sept 9, 2014: House Passes Bill To Halt EPA Water Rule

Sept 9, 2014: Six University Coal Research Projects Selected to Boost Advanced Energy Production, including UT Arlington

Sept 9, 2014: What Is Nuclear Engineering?

Sept 8, 2014: Another Texas REP Seeks to Assign POLR Obligations to Affiliate

Sept 8, 2014: NRG Energy CEO Acquires $152,450 in Stock (NRG)

Sept 5, 2014: Texas Staff File Revised Preliminary List of Non-Volunteer POLRs

Sept 8, 2014: Assets of Texas Based Public Utility Brokers Acquired By Rival

Sept 5, 2014: Israel Looks To Texas As Promised Land For Energy Investment



For the Week of  8/29/14 — 9/5/14

Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
Copyright 2014 by Competitive Assets, LLC.  All rights reserved

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Sept  4, 2014: Sierra Club Ordered to Pay Luminant’s Attorneys’ Fees in Big Brown Suit

Sept  3, 2014: In Power Industry, EFH Plants Represent Next Big Deal

Sept  2, 2014: Fitch Withdraws Ratings on Brazos River Authority, TX (TXU Energy Company LLC) Series 2002A Bonds

Sept  2, 2014: After Bold Moves, Dynegy Could Eventually Eye Energy Future Holdings

Aug 29, 2014: East Texas Coal Mine Operated by Luminant Closing

Generation Adequacy

Sept 4, 2014: NRG Energy Retrofitting Texas Power Plant To Capture CO2 Emissions

Sept 4, 2014: OCI Solar Power Firing Up Three New Texas Solar Projects

Sept 3, 2014: Duke Energy to build Los Vientos V wind power project in Texas

Sept 3, 2014: NRG’s Texas Coal Plant Works On Clean Energy Project

Sept 3, 2014: West Texas Solar Plant Comes Online

Sept 3, 2014: Bureaucracy-Loving NRG Strikes Populist Tone, Invokes “Network” in “Generation Change”

Sept 2, 2014: ERCOT: Grid Should Meet Upcoming Electricity Demands

Sept 2, 2014: How Does Oil and Gas Drilling Raise Electricity Prices in West Texas?

Aug 31, 2014:. $1 Billion Electricity Line To Run Through South Texas

Aug 25, 2014: Will Your Region See Growth in Natural Gas?

Aug 29, 2014: Spinning Spur II Wind Farm Project, Texas, United States of America

Aug 29, 2014: Calpine To Sell Power Plant To Duke Amid Debate In Florida


Sept 4, 2014: Xcel Announces Rate Increase For Texas Customers To Begin Oct. 1

Sept 4, 2014: Dirtiest U.S. Coal Becoming Most Popular on EPA Rules

Sept 4, 2014: Nevada Offers Tesla Up To $1.3B For Battery Plant

Sept 3, 2014: Texas Set To Become Solar Powerhouse

Sept 3, 2014: Tesla Picking Nevada, Not Texas, For ‘Gigafactory’

Sept 3, 2014: Tesla Gigafactory: Two Officials Confirm Nevada Will Get The Plant

Sept 3, 2014: Fitch: Solid 2Q for U.S. Utilities Ahead of Mild Summer

Sept 3, 2014: Why 2014 Is The Year Of The Energy-Water Nexus

Sept 3, 2014: A Quick Look At Smart Grid Markets Performance

Sept 3, 2014: DEFG’s EcoPinion Survey Points to Tension Between Providing Good Customer Service and Loyalty

Sept 2, 2014: EPE Releases RFP For Two Solar Energy Facilities

Sept 2, 2014: Environmental Energy Company To Expand In Houston And Austin

Sept 2, 2014: EPA’s Strict Mining Policies Make U.S. Dependent On Imports

Aug 28, 2014: Sam Houston EC Customers To See $2.3 Million In Capital Credits This Year

Sept 2, 2014: NRC Storage Decision May Lead To Building Of More Dangerous Nuclear Power Plants

Sept 2, 2014: President Obama Taps Colette Honorable To Join FERC

Sept 2, 2014: Commission Chair Lafleur Talks Carbon Rule Challenges, Reliability, Order 1000, Senate Politics

Aug 29, 2014: Austin, Texas Passes a New Law Making Solar a ‘Default’ Generation Resource

Aug 28, 2014: Entergy: Electric Bills Will Decrease 12 Percent In September, October

Sept 2, 2014: NC Offered $100M For Toyota HQ, Twice Texas Bid

Aug 28, 2014: Do Taxpayers Want To Pay $500 Million For Tesla’s Factory?

Aug 29, 2014: Confidence — What Does It Mean For Nuclear Waste?

Power Grid Security

Sept 3, 2014: New ISIS Threat: America’s Electric Grid; Blackout Could Kill 9 Of 10

Aug 31, 2014: Expert: ‘Imminent’ ISIS Threat To U.S. Power Grid

Renewable Power

Sept 4, 2014: DOE: New Reports Highlight Major Potential in Offshore Wind Energy

Sept 3, 2014: Company Works on New Solar Technology

Sept 3, 2014: As Coal Dims, Solar Will Catch Fire… Eventually

Sept 3, 2014: Electric Vehicle Sales Are Running Out Of Gas

Sept 3, 2014: Eaton Displays Critical Solutions for the Wind Energy Industry

Sept 3, 2014: World’s Largest Private Bank Bullish About Solar, New Energiewende Site (Solar News…)

Sept 3, 2014: The Convergence Of Solar PV, Storage Batteries, And Electric Vehicles To Revolutionize Industries

Sept 2, 2014: Future Uncertain For U.S. Wind Energy

Sept 2, 2014: USA – Unlikely Bedfellows: Mines That Run On Solar Or Wind Power

Sept 1, 2014: Geothermal Power Gathering Steam in U.S.

Sept 2, 2014: Solar Company Seeks Stiff U.S. Tariffs to Deter Chinese Spying

Aug 29, 2014: Plano Area Readers Tell Us If Developers Should Ban The Use Of Solar Panels

Aug 29, 2014: Dept. of Energy Report Shows How Far U.S. Wind Has Come and the Challenges Ahead

Aug 29, 2014: Why SunPower is Increasingly Holding Solar Projects On Its Books

Emerging Technologies

Sept 3, 2014: Advanced Cooling Technologies for Water Savings at Coal-Fired Power Plants

Sept 2, 2014: Power Plant Ultrapure Water Systems To Rise Significantly In 2015

Outside Texas

Sept 4, 2014: California Utility PG&E Could Face Fines Totaling $5.89 Billion

Sept 2, 2014: GMP And NRG Energy Talk Energy

Sept 2, 2014: Green Mountain Power and NRG Energy Partner to Make Vermont a National Leader in Sustainable Energy

Sept 2, 2014: FERC Opens Investigation of PJM Up-to Congestion Charges, FTR Forfeiture Rule

Other News

Sept 5, 2014: Mesquite Creek Wind LLC Files for Texas REC Generator Certification

Sept 5, 2014: Volt Electricity Provider, LP Files for Texas REP Certification

Sept 4, 2014: Deal Signed To Sell Israeli Natural Gas To Jordan

Sept 3, 2014: Texas Staff File List of REPs Eligible to Be Designated as Non-Volunteer POLRs

Sept 3, 2014: David Bieber Appointed Chairman of Vertex Board of Directors to Further Drive Company’s Growth in Utility Customer Experience Management

Sept 3, 2014: Water Reuse Has Bad Rap, But It’s A Clean, Efficient Way To Fight Drought In Texas

Sept 3, 2014: U.S.A. Has Become The #1 Natural Gas Producer In The World

Sept 2, 2014: Broker-Consultant 5 Names Industry Veteran As Part of PJM West Expansion

Sept 2, 2014: Texas REP Promotion to Pay Customer’s Last Electric Bill With Old Provider When Switching

Aug 29, 2014: Morgan Stanley Plans Natural Gas Export Plant In New Commodities Foray

Sept 2, 2014: US Government Seeks Train To Haul Nuclear Waste

Sept 2, 2014: Padre Energy and Associates Files Registration as an Aggregator in Texas

Aug 28, 2014: Newly Built CO2-Emitting Plants Outpace Closings

Sept 1, 2014: Do High Voltage Power Lines Cause Cancer?


For the Week of  8/22/14 — 8/29/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Aug 28, 2014: EFH Received a Restraining Order to Stop Bidding of Oncor

Aug 28, 2014: FPL Parent Nextera To Bid On Bankrupt Texas Energy Company

Aug 27, 2014: Bankrupt Energy Future Will Soon Propose Auction Process

Aug 26, 2014: EFH Asks Bankruptcy Court To Delay Bidding On Oncor

Aug 26, 2014: EFH Delays Bankruptcy Auction For Oncor

Aug 26, 2014: Oncor Bidding On Back Burner

Aug 22, 2014: Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals Holds That NOVs Issued By EPA to Luminant Are Not Final Agency Actions

Aug 26, 2014: $360,000 Verdict Against Oncor In Dairy Fire Overturned

Aug 21, 2014: Bankruptcy Auctions 101: Recent Texas Power Plant Auction

Generation Adequacy

Aug 28, 2014:. Texas and Germany: Energy Twins?

Aug 27, 2014:.Positive Electricity News Tempered By EPA Threats

Aug 26, 2014: EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Texas’ Last Stand Or Last Hope?

Aug 26, 2014: Texas Powers Down

Aug 26, 2014: PJM Seeks to Correct “Windfall” Adder Payments to Mitigated Units

Aug 26, 2014: Duke Energy To Sell 11 Power Plants To Dynegy For $2.8B

Aug 26, 2014: GDF SUEZ: Lawsuit Plaintiffs, “Don’t Like The Rules,” of the ERCOT Market, Want Court to Intervene

Aug 26, 2014: FERC Opens 206 Investigation of Calculation of Market Seller Offer Caps in PJM Capacity Market

Aug 25, 2014: Calpine Scoops Up Power Plant For More Than Half A Billion

Aug 25, 2014: Calpine to Acquire Fore River Generating Station in New England

Aug 22, 2014: Dynegy : to Acquire Assets from Duke Energy and Energy Capital Partners – Transforming Power Generation Fleet; Provides 2015 Pro Forma Guidance

Aug 22, 2014: Official: Power Plant Plan Could Spike Electricity Prices

Aug 22, 2014: Uncertainty Perhaps The Only Sure Thing About EPA Clean Power Plan

Aug 22, 2014: Utilities, States Trying To Get Handle On Carbon Compliance


Aug 28, 2014: Lower Electricity Bills for Entergy Customers are on the Way

Aug 28, 2014: Solar Energy in Texas

Aug 28, 2014: Update on US Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear, and Renewables

Aug 28, 2014: NRC Finalizes Spent Nuclear Storage Rule

Aug 27, 2014: Infrastructure Upgrades Mean Texas No Longer Wastes Wind Power

Aug 27, 2014: Nuclear Plants Prevail On Storage Of Waste

Aug 27, 2014: Utilities Spending Big On Transmission Grid, EIA Finds

Aug 27, 2014: FERC Proposes to Streamline Market-Based Rate Program

Aug 26, 2014: Dallas Pays More for Electricity than Austin or San Antonio. Thanks, Deregulation.

Aug 26, 2014: Austin Energy: Renewable Energy Push Is ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing’

Aug 26, 2014: El Paso Electric Seeks Proposals For Fort Bliss, Montana Solar Plants

Aug 26, 2014: Texas Court of Appeals Holds There is No Right Under The Administrative Procedure Act to Seek Judicial Review of a State Agency’s Denial of a Petition for Rulemaking

Aug 26, 2014: Nuclear Industry Commends NRC for Finalizing Used Fuel Storage Rule

Aug 26, 2014: Former EPA Attorney: Agency ‘On Shaky Ground’ With New Emissions Rules

Aug 26, 2014: Smart Grid as a Service Will Reach $11.2 Billion in Annual Revenue by 2023, Forecasts Navigant Research

Aug 26, 2014: U.S. and Europe Face Similar Challenges with Underground Power Lines

Aug 26, 2014: Investment In Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Shows Steady Increase

Aug 25, 2014: Who’s Getting the Best Deals on Electricity in Texas?

Aug 26, 2014: ERCOT TDUs Request Draws on Reach Energy Letter of Credit

Aug 25, 2014: West Texas Energy Bills Show Boom’s Unexpected Costs

Aug 22, 2014: Hill Country Co-Op Launches Strategy To Support Rural Economic Development

Aug 23, 2014: Is Texas Still A Threat To Land Tesla’s Gigafactory?

Aug 22, 2014: TCEQ Approves Nuclear Waste Site Expansion Despite Environmental Concerns

Aug 25, 2014: EPA Sends Renewable Fuels Rule to White House

Aug 22, 2014: Warren Buffett’s Energy Company Says Net Metering Should Be ‘Eliminated’

Renewable Power

Aug 28, 2014: 10 Facts About The Smart Grid: IT’s Role In Unlocking Clean Energy

Aug 28, 2014: Five Reasons Verizon Is Tripling Its Solar Power

Aug 27, 2014: Crystal Solar and NREL Team Up to Cut Costs

Aug 27, 2014: GE Study: Wind Power Can Improve Resiliency of Electrical Grids

Aug 27, 2014: The Answer is Blowing in the Wind: A Surveillance Solution to Protect our Country’s Wind Farms

Aug 27, 2014: SolarCity, SunEdison, First Solar Are Sky-High but That Could End Tomorrow

Aug 27, 2014: Verizon Set To Be Largest Solar Producing Communication Company

Aug 27, 2014: US Renewable Electrical Generation Hits 14.3 Percent

Aug 26, 2014: Apex: Wind Farm Could Be Built Even If Land at Corpus Christie Is Annexed

Aug 26, 2014: How Big Government And Cronyism Are Slowing The Growth Of Solar In The South

Aug 26, 2014: Should We “Green Up” Dirty Energy Technologies?

Aug 25, 2014: DOE Announces Distributed Wind Competitiveness Improvement Project Awards

Aug 26, 2014: Leaf Solar Power Partners with LightStream to Bring Financing to U.S. Residential Customers

Aug 26, 2014: Retail vs Wholesale Energy Pricing: 1 Reason It’s Easy For Rooftop Solar To Be Cost Effective

Aug 25, 2014: Solar Power Starts To Make Sense For Business As Prices Fall

Aug 25, 2014: Verizon To Invest $40M To Triple Its Solar Power Capacity

Aug 25, 2014: 10 Facts About Wind Power

Aug 25, 2014: Geothermal Power Steaming Over Wind And Solar Energies

Aug 22, 2014: McAllen, Texas Deploys 8 New Solar-Powered Bus Stop Shelters

Aug 22, 2014: Solar Power Shedding ‘Ugly’ Image in Houston

Aug 22, 2014: GE celebrates new Fuel Cells facility

Aug 22, 2014: GE Captures 90% U.S. Wind Power Market Share In 2013

Aug 22, 2014: U.S. Wind Energy Industry Is Doing Quite Well Too (It’s Not All About Solar)

Aug 22, 2014: Courts Are Systematically Rejecting Claims About Wind Turbine Syndrome

Aug 22, 2014: Clean Solar Makes the Solar Power World 2014 Top US Solar Contractors List

Aug 22, 2014: The Dark Side of Google’s Solar Project

Aug 22, 2014: Bird Deaths From Solar Plant Exaggerated By Some Media Sources

Aug 22, 2014: Researchers Develop Transparent Solar Concentrator to Cover Windows, Electronics

Emerging Technologies

Aug 28, 2014: Next-Generation Nuclear Reactors That Use Radioactive Waste Materials As Fuel

Aug 28, 2014: FuelCell Energy’s Cost Effective and Efficient Carbon Capture Progresses Under U.S. Department of Energy Program

Aug 27, 2014: Texas A&M Chemist Pursues Natural Approach to Hydrogen Energy

Aug 25, 2014: California Cleantech Startup Says It Can Make Dollar-A-Gallon Gasoline From Natural Gas — Not Oil

Outside Texas

Aug 28, 2014: Accounting for the Expanding Carbon Shadow from Coal-Burning Plants

Aug 26, 2014: Special Support for Nuclear Power Operators at Odds with Market Liberalization

Aug 26, 2014: Hearings Planned After Call For Nuke-Plant Closure

Aug 25, 2014: To Prevent Long Power Outages, Communities Look to Microgrids

Other News

Aug 27, 2014: TXI Power Company Relinquishing Texas REP Certificate

Aug 27, 2014: FPL Affiliates File Changes to it’s Texas PGC Registrations

Aug 27, 2014: Reliant Receives PUCT Approval for New Trade Names

Aug 26, 2014: Direct Energy Business Launches New Integrated Website

Aug 27, 2014: TriEagle Energy DBA Power House Energy Agrees to Fine by PUCT Related to Renewable Energy Credits

Aug 27, 2014: Direct Energy Business Files Update of Officers and Directors

Aug 27, 2014: Iron Energy Updates Contact Information with PUCT

Aug 27, 2014: Direct Energy Brings Comfort & Control Plan with Nest to More States

Aug 27, 2014: Midland TXU Customer Feels She Was Overcharged

Aug 28, 2014: Amerex Energy Services Hires Three Retail Market Veterans

Aug 27, 2014: LCRA Board To Look At Water Management Plan

Aug 27, 2014: President of Supply Management Departs Texas Retail Provider

Aug 27, 2014: EnerNOC Withdraws Aggregator Registration

Aug 27, 2014: Revised List of Providers of Last Resort Filed

Aug 27, 2014: Grandview Windfarm Files to be REC Generator

Aug 26, 2014: The Futuristic Vision That’s Driven Tesla’s Value Above $30 Billion

Aug 26, 2014: Texas REP Promoting Flat Bill Plan with “Unpredictable Sweepstakes”

Aug 25, 2014: Energy Boom Shapes Texas’ Lone Competitive House Race

Aug 25, 2014: Officials Stress Water Conservation In The Valley

Aug 25, 2014: Retail Supplier Names New CFO

Aug 21, 2014: Despite Delay in Vote, Little Change Expected in Proposed LCRA Water Plan

Aug 24, 2014: A Way Texas Can Grow While Being Green

Aug 24, 2014: Thirsty For Oil, Energy Companies Wasting Less Valuable Byproduct: Natural Gas



For the Week of  8/15/14 — 8/22/14

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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Aug 21, 2014: Oncor Seeks New Substation

Aug 19, 2014: Energy Future Keeps a Lid on Questions About Solvency

Aug 19, 2014: Titus County Appraisal District rejects Luminant offer

Generation Adequacy

Aug 22, 2014: Dynegy to Buy Power Assets for $6.25 Billion

Aug 22, 2014: Dynegy To Buy Assets From Duke, Energy Capital Partners

Aug 20, 2014: PJM’s Solution to Capacity Non-Performance: Create New Product

Aug 18, 2014: ERCOT Delays Day-Ahead Market Results Following Server Issues

Aug 18, 2014: Texas Officials Blast New Pollution Rules For Power Plants

Aug 15, 2014: Coal Still Is Top Source of Electricity in U.S.; Where Does Your State Stand?

Aug 15, 2014: On Climate Rules, Texas Regulators Look Beyond Litigation

Aug 15, 2014: Puzzled, Befuddled And Deeply Pessimistic

Aug 15, 2014: Wind Coalition Makes Its Case To Texas Regulators Mulling Over New EPA Plan

Aug 15, 2014: Reasons For Projected Natural Gas-Fired Generation Growth Vary By Region


Aug 21, 2014: US Government Sells 400,000 Acres Offshore Texas

Aug 21, 2014: State Regulators Approve Radioactive Waste Dump Expansion

Aug 21, 2014: EPA’s Ozone Rule Threatens Texas Jobs And Families

Aug 21, 2014: Groups Try To Block Nuclear Regulator’s Vote, Citing Conflict Of Interest

Aug 21, 2014: EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Aug 21, 2014: King Coal is Soon to be Dethroned

Aug 21, 2014: My Microgrid’s Bigger Than Yours

Aug 20, 2014: Direct Energy Considers More Moves in Bundling Strategy

Aug 20, 2014: Natural Gas As A Vehicle Fuel Blows Past Expectations In Texas

Aug 20, 2014: Choose Energy Reaches Major Milestone Sourcing 2.2 Billion Kilowatt-Hours of Energy for Customers

Aug 20, 2014: NRC Awards FY14 Nuclear Education Grants

Aug 19, 2014: Texas’ Nuclear Waste Dump Poised to Get Wiggle Room

Aug 19, 2014: UHD Receives $150,000 Grant from NRC for Nuclear Power Certificates

Aug 19, 2014: CPS Warns Of Scammers After Uniform Theft

Aug 19, 2014: Entergy : Disconnects Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant From Grid

Aug 19, 2014: Here Is How Much You Spend On Electricity In Each State

Aug 19, 2014: Appeals Court Validates FERC Regional Planning Mandate as Reasoned Evolution of the Open-Access Electricity Transmission System

Aug 18, 2014: NRG Energy’s Price Fall Barely Arrested by Acquisition Move

Aug 18, 2014: Calpine Reports Net Income For Q2, Provides Annual Outlook

Aug 18, 2014: FERC Grid-Planning Rule Survives Legal Challenge, Setting Stage for Transmission Upgrades

Aug 15, 2014: NRECA Challenges Costly Rate Change by FERC

Aug 18, 2014: The Argument for Why Utilities Should Give Up Operational Control of the Distribution Grid

Aug 15, 2014: LCRA: Extra Charge Is Not A Mistake

Aug 15, 2014: U.S. Court of Appeals’ FERC 1000 Decision a Big Step Forward for America’s Clean Energy Economy

Aug 15, 2014: Texas Low-Level Nuclear Waste Site Could Grow

Aug 15, 2014: Cross Texas Transmission – Alternative Energy – Deals and Alliances Profile

Aug 15, 2014: Green Mountain Energy Achieves Top Score for Texas Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power

Power Grid Security

Aug 19, 2014: Systems at Nuclear Regulatory Commission Hacked Multiple Times: Report

Aug 15, 2014: More Harsh Winters Could Spell Disaster For The Electrical Grid

Renewable Power

Aug 21, 2014: Solar Power Shedding ‘Ugly’ Image in Houston

Aug 21, 2014: Smart Tattoo Generates Electricity From Sweat, Could Power Future Wearable Computers

Aug 21, 2014: NRG Energy Inc (NRG) Claims Its New Plant Is Not Threatening Avian Survival

Aug 20, 2014: EPA CO2 Rules A Huge Boon To The Wind Power Industry

Aug 20, 2014: America’s Great Solar Boom–In 6 Encouraging Charts

Aug 20, 2014: US Wind Energy Cost Falls To ‘All-Time Low’ Of 2.5c/Kwh

Aug 20, 2014: Three-Quarters of Small Wind Turbines Produced in U.S. are Sold to other Countries

Aug 20, 2014: How Much Does Rooftop Solar Power Cost? Grid Parity Here or Coming in More Than Half of U.S. States

Aug 20, 2014: Renewable Energy Provides 100% Of New U.S. Power In July

Aug 20, 2014: Solar Energy Less Dangerous to Birds Than Cats or Cars

Aug 18, 2014: Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wind Power

Aug 19, 2014: Study: Price Of Wind Energy In U.S. At All-Time Low

Aug 19, 2014: U.S. Wind Capacity To Double By 2020

Aug 19, 2014: 49 Plants That Could Make Biofuel Less Troublesome

Aug 18, 2014: DOE Promotes Wind Power In Reports

Aug 18, 2014: Energy Department Reports Highlight Strength of U.S. Wind Energy Industry

Aug 18, 2014: Explosive US Solar Power Growth & Jobs

Aug 18, 2014: Solar Boom Driving First Global Panel Shortage Since 2006

Aug 18, 2014: Booming Rooftop Solar Power Suffers Growing Pains

Aug 18, 2014: States Should Not Take Ohio’s Lead On Freezing Renewable Energy Standards

Aug 18, 2014: Emerging Solar Plants Scorch Birds in Mid-Air

Aug 18, 2014: Andalay Solar Partners with Highpower for Commercializing Viable Energy Storage Systems

Aug 16, 2014: Texas Law Lets Developers Ban Solar Panels While Subdivisions Are Growing

Aug 17, 2014: Plans For Texas’ First Offshore Wind Farm Abandoned

Aug 16, 2014: Why Geothermal Energy Is The New Fracking

Aug 15, 2014: Solar Power Solutions

Aug 15, 2014: Geothermal Industry Asserts Technology as Beneficial & Affordable

Other News

Aug 22, 2014: Proton Energy’s REP Certificate Revoked

Aug 22, 2014: Texas REP Files Complaint Against Utility Over Inaccurate Settlement Data, Seeks ERCOT Resettlement

Aug 22, 2014: Texas REP Offering $40 Incentive If It Can’t Beat Commercial Rate

Aug 21, 2014: Three Retail Suppliers Rank in Top 100 of Inc. 500 List

Aug 20, 2014: Royse City Council Discusses Issues With Oncor

Aug 20, 2014: Fluor Celebrates 30 Years Working for Luminant in Texas

Aug 20, 2014: CASA Aggregator Application Dismissed

Aug 19, 2014: Senator Hinojosa: South Texas Expects To Flourish From Mexico Energy Reform

Aug 19, 2014: New Drought Restrictions Headline LCRA Meeting

Aug 19, 2014: Texas Research Groups To Study Clean Vehicle Technology

Aug 19, 2014: Texas Rep Launches Service in New Territory

Aug 19, 2014: Texas Rep Launches New Bundled Products, Offerings

Aug 19, 2014: Start-Up Texas REP Launches Service

Aug 18, 2014: Z Champion and Associates Files for Aggregator Registration

Aug 18, 2014: Green Pastures Wind I Files for PGC and REC Registration

Aug 18, 2014: North American Power Announces Date for Texas Market Entry

Aug 18, 2014: Mexico’s Pemex Poised To Import Light Crude From U.S.


For the Week of  8/8/14 — 8/15/14

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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Aug 14, 2014: Creditors Want Answers From IRS on Energy Future’s Restructuring

Aug 14, 2014: Junior Creditors To Investigate Energy Future

Aug 14, 2014: Deal With Luminant On Property Value Appraisal Awaits Approval

Aug 13, 2014: Judge Approves Probe By Energy Future Holdings Junior Creditors

Aug 12, 2014: Uncertainty Over Oncor’s Future Ownership Constrains Additional Upgrades

Aug 11, 2014: Energy Future Seeks to Keep Some Manager Bonuses Secret

Aug 11, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Executives Could Get $18M In Bonuses

Aug 8, 2014: Energy Future Creditors Should Wait on New Panel: Trustee

Generation Adequacy

Aug 14, 2014: PUCT Chairman Donna Nelson Wants To Keep ERCOT Control In Austin, Not D.C.

Aug 12, 2014: NRG Energy CEO Crane Sees ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ For Coal Plants

Aug 10, 2014: PUCT Anderson’a Presentation on Operational Reliability, Success of Texas Market-Based System


Aug 14, 2014: Texas Appellate Court Says Utilities Must Provide “Itemized Receipts” In Rate Hikes

Aug 14, 2014: Behind The Scenes — And The Deals

Aug 14, 2014: States Question Legality Of Clean Power Proposal

Aug 14, 2014: Energy Giant NRG Acquires Goal Zero For On-the-Go Consumer Power

Aug 14, 2014: NRG Energy Buys Solar Start-Up Goal Zero

Aug 14, 2014: NRG Plugs Into Personal Power With Goal Zero Acquisition

Aug 13, 2014: It’s War! What Are Texas’ Strengths Against Four Contenders For Tesla’s $5B Gigafactory?

Aug 13, 2014: Governors Show Contrasting Styles In Tesla Quest

Aug 12, 2014: NRG to Shutter, Repower Illinois Coal Units in Modernization Bid

Aug 12, 2014: $1 Billion Electricity Line To Ensure Energy Stability In Rio Grande Valley

Aug 12, 2014: New Retail Provider Ranks Highest in Texas Customer Satisfaction, J.D. Power Rankings for 8 Other States Released

Aug 12, 2014: NRG Offers $100,000 for Referral of New Executive to Run Its Retail Business

Aug 12, 2014: PNM Resources Management at Power, Utilities, MLP and Pipeline Conference

Aug 12, 2014: Why Direct Energy is selling Ontario assets: Roseman

Aug 11, 2014: Direct Energy to Offer SmartThings’ Smart Home Starter Kits to Texas Customers 

Aug 10, 2014: Greenville Electric Utility System Intends To Raise Electric Rates

Aug 10, 2014: Two Austin Attorneys Seeking Radioactive Waste Deal

Aug 10, 2014: Many Groups Interested In CPS Energy’s New Headquarters

Power Grid Security

Aug 14, 2014: GE Survey Results: Millions of Americans Willing to Pay $10 More on Monthly Bill for Reliable Grid

Renewable Power

Aug 14, 2014: Solar Power Gets Hot, Hot, Hot

Aug 14, 2014: Wind Farm ‘Needs 700 Times More Land’ Than Fracking Site To Produce Same Energy

Aug 14, 2014: Renewable Energy Expert: We Don’t Need Power Storage, Just Dance Lessons

Aug 14, 2014: Why Automakers Will Build More Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Aug 14, 2014: Geothermal: Technology Beneficial & Affordable

Aug 14, 2014: Why Are These U.S. States Fighting Solar Power?

Aug 13, 2014: Top 10: U.S. States with Installed Wind Capacity

Aug 13, 2014: Military’s Energy Strategy: Leading the Way in Technology Transfer for Energy Efficiency

Aug 13, 2014: Pika Energy Selected By NREL To Drive Down Cost Of Small Wind Power

Aug 13, 2014: Concentrated Solar Power Market Will Reach 8,674.7m In 2020

Aug 13, 2014: New Solar + Storage Microgrid Project to Provide Resilient Power

Aug 13, 2014: Outlook For Global Solar Is Getting Brighter

Aug 12, 2014: Clean Air And Energy Make Economic Sense

Aug 12, 2014: 322kW Solar Carport for Veterans Healthcare Center

Aug 12, 2014: Kohl’s Solar Power Portfolio Moves Forward with Solar Tree Chargers

Aug 12, 2014: NRG Yield, Inc. Closes Acquisition of Largest Wind Farm in North America

Aug 11, 2014: Austin Faces Bumpy Road To Carbon-Neutral Fleet

Aug 11, 2014: Testing renewable energy gains steam at West Texas institute

Aug 11, 2014: Annual Sales of Electric Vehicles in North America, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific Will Reach 1.8 Million by 2023, Forecasts Navigant Research

Aug 9, 2014: Texas Becomes Ground Zero For Surge In Wind Power

Aug 6, 2014: Los Angeles ‘Cool Roof’ Rebates Reduce Roofing Costs and Save Energy

Aug 8, 2014: What’s Driving Millions Of Dollars Back Into Energy Efficiency?

Emerging Technologies

Aug 11, 2014: New Equipment Detects Trouble On Power Lines

Aug 10, 2014: GE Announces First Data Lake Approach for Industrial Internet to Better Access, Analyze and Store Industrial-Strength Big Data

Outside Texas

Aug 14, 2014: Reliability and Transmission in an Age of Change: A Grid Planners Guide

Aug 14, 2014: Traders Profit as Power Grid Is Overworked

Aug 13, 2014: Last Of Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant Operators Applies For Safety Checks

Aug 12, 2014: Will Tesla Model S Lose Consumer Reports’ Top Recommendation?

Aug 11, 2014: What Mexico’s Energy Reform Means for Big Oil

Aug 12, 2014: Direct Energy to Pay Fine, Disgorgement Under FERC Settlement

Aug 11, 2014: DTE Energy Unveils DTE Insight Energy Efficiency App

Aug 10, 2014: Mexico Dreams Face Test After Opening Energy To Investors

Aug 10, 2014: U.S. Company To Aid Cleanup Of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Aug 8, 2014: Energy Industry Big Spender for Big Data

Aug 9, 2014: Australia Faces Unprecedented Oversupply Of Energy, No New Energy Generation Needed For 10 Years: Report

Other News

Aug 14, 2014: HFE-Operating LLC Files for Aggregator Registration

Aug 14, 2014: Major Oak Power, LLC Files for Power Generation Company Registration

Aug 14, 2014: Luminant Releases Statement On ETX Coal Mine Incident With Injuries

Aug 14, 2014: Oncor Explains How to Spot an Imposter

Aug 14, 2014: NRG “Realigning” Compassion Energy Brand After Acquiring Cirro, Compassion Brand Not Accepting New Customers

Aug 14, 2014: Texas REP Reports Wider Loss

Aug 14, 2014: LCRA Dispatches Employee To Wichita Falls To Examine Evaporation Technology

Aug 14, 2014: AEP Names Reis Vice President, Audit Services

Aug 13, 2014: Texas REP Bumps Up Referral Bonus to $75

Aug 13, 2014: Toyota Execs Get The Lay Of The Land In North Texas

Aug 13, 2014: Sherbino I Wind Farm Files Registration as PGC

Aug 13, 2014: Texas REP Receives Approval to Use Trade Name Now Power, Two Additional D/B/A’s

Aug 13, 2014: Texas REP Launches Redesigned Website

Aug 12, 2014: New Rules Proposed On Eminent Domain Process For New Pipelines

Aug 12, 2014: Texas Considers New Oil, Gas Pipeline Rules

Aug 12, 2014: San Antonio Mulls $3 Billion Water Supply Project

Aug 11, 2014: Walzem Solar Files for Renewable Energy Credit Certification

Aug 11, 2014: Almost 3K Nacogdoches Co. Oncor Customers Lost Power In Storm

Aug 11, 2014: Texas-Mexico Universities Seek Partnerships To Train Energy Professioners

Aug 11, 2014: A New Environmental Dispute Brews Between Feds And Texas Over Water

Aug 12, 2014: Large Retail Supplier Names Market Veteran As New CEO

Aug 11, 2014: Centerpoint Notice of Violation Final Order Issued

Aug 11, 2014: Texas-New Mexico Power Notice of Violation Final Order Issued

Aug 11, 2014: Texas REP Offering “Membership” Plans That Offer Lower Rate, Benefits In Exchange for Membership Fee

Aug 11, 2014: Retail Energy Ad  Roundup: What We’re Seeing


For the Week of  8/1/14 — 8/8/14

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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Aug 8, 2014: Luminant Appraisal Agreement Imminent

Aug 5, 2014: Here’s Why TXU Is Gaining, Not Losing, Customers During Bankruptcy

Aug 4, 2014: TPG Capital Said To Be Raising $10 Billion — That’s What Failure Will Do For You

Aug 4, 2014: TXU Parent Gains Retail Customers During Bankruptcy

Generation Adequacy

Aug 8, 2014: New Power Plant On Its Way To Texas Grimes County

Aug 8, 2014: Price of Wind Energy Goes Down in Texas

Aug 6, 2014: Siemens Gets Nationwide Test for Demand Response Software

Aug 5, 2014: Pattern Development Acquires Logan’s Gap Wind Project in Texas

Aug 5, 2014: $600M Transmission Project Splits Texas Power Industry

Aug 5, 2014: Eastern U.S. Spot Power Drops as Demand Matches Forecasts

Aug 4, 2014: Siemens to Provide Direct Energy with Integrated Demand Response Solution

Aug 4, 2014: Study Points to High Power Demand from Future Electric Cars

Aug 1, 2014: EPA Green Lights Lufkin Plant

Aug 4, 2014: Current PJM Capacity Market Performance Standards Do Not “Ensure Operational Reliability”

Aug 4, 2014: FERC Staff Seek to Subpoena Information From Marketers for Investigation


Aug 8, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. Reports Second Quarter Results; Completed First NRG Yield Drop Down and Announces Formation of NRG Home and NRG Renew

Aug 8, 2014: NRG Retail Adjusted EBITDA Up on “Sustained” Margins

Aug 8, 2014: How Texas Can Live With Lower Carbon Emissions

Aug 8, 2014: EIA: Energy, Mining Are 11 Percent Of Texas Economy

Aug 8, 2014: Top Ten Things Learned at San Angelo’s West Texas Legislative Summit

Aug 8, 2014: Texas County of 95 Sees Opportunity in Toxic Nuclear Waste

Aug 6, 2014: Texas Struggles to Launch Energy Efficiency Program

Aug 6, 2014: El Paso Electric Profit Increased 3 Percent To $30.1 Million In 2nd Quarter

Aug 6, 2014: Sam Houston Electric Co-op reflects on 75 years

Aug 6, 2014: NRG Energy Swings To Loss As Costs Rise

Aug 6, 2014: Power Firm NRG To Close Plant, Cut Jobs, As Part Of Pollution Reduction Plan

Aug 6, 2014: Constellation Energy Partners Schedules Conference Call to Discuss Second Quarter 2014 Results

Aug 5, 2014: Bryan Texas Utilities Educates The Community Of Electrical Hazards

Aug 5, 2014: Few Comment On City Council’s Proposed Tax Rate, El Paso Electric Co. Fee Increase

Aug 5, 2014: NRG Yield Operating LLC Announces Closing of $500.0 Million “Green Bond” Due 2024

Aug 5, 2014: Calpine Corporation Announces Final Results of Tender Offers and Consent Solicitations for its 7.875% Senior Secured Notes Due 2020 and 7.50% Senior Secured Notes Due 2021

Aug 5, 2014: EPA’s Proposed Emissions Limits Drawing Debate

Aug 5, 2014: Politicians, Texas Companies Still Figuring Out The New Rules For Carbon Dioxide

Aug 4, 2014: In LCRA Suits With New Braunfels And Georgetown, Far Different Outcomes

Aug 4, 2014: NRG Talks Green Energy While Delivering Big Profits to Investors

Aug 4, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. Announces Redemption of Its Outstanding 8.50% Senior Notes Due 2019

Aug 1, 2014: Nevada Groundbreaking Indicates That State Leads Texas In Race For Tesla Battery Factory

Aug 2, 2014: Nevada No Lock For Tesla Plant Despite Groundwork

Aug 1, 2014: Calpine Tops Views on Profit, Revenue, and Reaffirms Guidance

Aug 4, 2014: Is Calpine Thinking of Starting a Retail Supplier?

Aug 4, 2014: Dynegy Rolling Out New Name for Retail Business

Aug 1, 2014: Cleaning Up Coal Not Greenest Option, But Key For Energy Diversity

Aug 3, 2014: Under Revamped GreenChoice, Austin Customers No Longer Tied To Wind Prices

Aug 3, 2014: As Renewable Energy Grows, Wind and Solar Pull Ahead of Hydropower in Texas

Aug 1, 2014: Texas Better Off Embracing EPA Rule

Aug 1, 2014: EPA Coal Plant Emissions Limits Challenged by 12 States

Aug 4, 2014: Rule-Making Petition, Aimed at Limiting Green House Gas Emission, Against TCEQ Halted

Aug 3, 2014: Texas A&M Won’t Lose License Over Unattended Nuclear Reactor

Aug 1, 2014: Tensions Stir At EPA Hearings On New Emission Rules

Renewable Power

Aug 8, 2014: Solar Power Can Compete In Utility Market

Aug 8, 2014: Solar Project Planned For SpaceX

Aug 5, 2014: Texas Joins Top Ranks For Solar Construction

Aug 5, 2014: San Antonio’s South Side A Solar Incubator

Aug 5, 2014: FuelCell Energy Inc Strengthening Financing Ties With NRG

Aug 5, 2014: Texas Food Pantry Partners With Local Solar Company

Aug 5, 2014: First Solar Builds the Highest Efficiency Thin Film PV Cell on Record

Aug 4, 2014: 400 MW Solar PV Project Alamo Advances: Three Of Seven Construction Phases Complete; Fourth Ramping Up

Aug 3, 2014: Texas As Wind Country? State Feeds Renewable Boom

Aug 3, 2014: Solar Energy Just Powered a Race Across the Country

Aug 1, 2014: US Renewable Energy Chief Confident About Future

Aug 3, 2014: Military Saves Energy, Money On The Home Front

Emerging Technologies

Aug 5, 2014: New Gas-To-Liquids Plant Coming To Houston

Aug 4, 2014: Biofuels Power Corp Announces Plans to Build Gas-to-Liquids Pilot Plant in Houston, Texas

Aug 4, 2014: Bio2Electric, LLC Establishes EcoCatalytic Technologies to Develop New Catalyst Technology

Aug 1, 2014: Carbon Captured From Power Plants Potential Key To Future Oil Production

Outside Texas

Aug 8, 2014: NRG To Upgrade Pollution Control In Waukegan; Environmentalists Say It’s Not Enough

Aug 5, 2014: Xcel Energy to Participate in Panel Discussions at Goldman Sachs Conference

Aug 5, 2014: Audi energy: New Sustainability Program Will Add to e-tron Experience

Aug 4, 2014: California, Mexico Partner To Promote Low Carbon Economy

Aug 1, 2014: Tesla Announces Plan To Boost Production In 2015

Other News

Aug 9, 2014: NRG Open to Vets of High Tech, Consumer Goods, Cable/Telecom to Lead New NRG Home

Aug 6, 2014: Reliant Adds New DBAs

Aug 6, 2014: Energy Utility Group, LLC to Become Aggregator

Aug 6, 2014: Start-up Infuse Energy LLC Receives Texas REP Certificate

Aug 6, 2014: Texas Lures Elon Musk’s Rocket Launch Facility, Thanks To Location

Aug 6, 2014: Pipelines And Power Lines Must Go Somewhere

Aug 4, 2014: FERC Staff Accuses Powhatan as Bay Moves Up

Aug 5, 2014: Agera Energy to Acquire Glacial Energy Assets

Aug 5, 2014: El Paso Electric Settlement Agreement Filed for Notice of Violation Related to Reliability

Aug 5, 2014: TXU Energy Mobile Milestones Mark Easier-Than-Ever Customer Experience

Aug 5, 2014: Retail Supplier Surpasses 100,000 Customer Threshold

Aug 4, 2014: Retail Provider Offering $1,000 Bonus for Referrals

Aug 3, 2014: Ohio Water Crisis a Warning for Texas, Other States 


For the Week of  7/25/14 — 8/1/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

July 30, 2014: Chris Burls Named EFH’s Director of Investor Relations

July 26, 2014: To Land Oncor, Even the Hunts Need Help

Generation Adequacy

July 30, 2014: NextEra Energy Resources Announces Wind Generation Plan For Construction Near Lubbock

July 30, 2014: ERCOT Says Electric Demand Is Down. How Cool Is That?

July 28, 2014: New IHS CERA Study Underscores Need to Preserve Existing Nuclear Energy Plants

July 28, 2014: The Nuclear Industry Isn’t Planning For The Next Unthinkable Catastrophe

July 26, 2014: FERC Seeks Comments on Proposed Rulemaking Regulations for Market Based Rates of Electric Energy, Capacity and Ancillary Services

July 26, 2014: OSHA Issues Interim Enforcement Policy on Electric Power Generation Rule

July 26, 2014: Promises Of Easier Nuclear Power Plant Construction Fall Short In New Round Of Building


July 31, 2014: Exelon’s Constellation Business Acquiring Integrys Energy to Expand its Competitive Retail Energy Supply Business

July 31, 2014: Exelon Revenue Falls Amid Lower Energy Prices, Results Also Benefit From Constellation Energy Nuclear Group Integration

July 31, 2014: Constellation Sees Expanding Retail Margins

July 31, 2014: Centrica, Parent Co. of Direct Energy, First-Half Profits Fall 35% But Revenue Increases by 15 %

Aug 1, 2014: Direct Energy Seeing Higher C&I Margins

July 31, 2014: Direct Energy Customer Count up 3%

July 31, 2014: Nevada, Not Texas, Gets First Nod From Tesla

July 31, 2014: El Paso Electric Announces Quarterly Dividend

July 31, 2014: Xcel Creates Two Transmission-Only Units

July 30, 2014:  Corporate America Clean-Energy Lead Urged by NRG CEO

July 30, 2014: FuelCell Energy Announces Strategic Financing Agreements With NRG Energy

July 29, 2014: TXU Energy Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary of Brighten iThermostat, Highlights Consumer Study

July 29, 2014: Entergy Profit Rises, Led By Wholesale Commodities Strength

July 29, 2014: Houston’s S Waste Management Turns Focus From Energy To Waste With $1.9 Billion Deal

July 29, 2014: Exelon Corporation Declares Dividend

July 29, 2014: 4 Ways Texas Could Win Big Under New Climate Change Rules

July 29, 2014: Coal Burns Brighter as Utilities Switch From Natural Gas

July 29, 2014: White House Says Delay Will Raise Climate Cost

July 29, 2014: Direct Energy Enters US Residential Solar Market Through Acquisition Of Astrum Solar

July 29, 2014: Spark Energy, Inc. Announces Pricing of Public Offering

July 28, 2014: Report: Improper Staffing at A&M Nuclear Reactor Leads to Short Shut

July 28, 2014: ABB Replaces HVDC Link in Texas

July 28, 2014: Fracking Powers Demand For AEP In 2Q

July 28, 2014: Goldman Sachs Reiterates “Conviction-Buy” Rating for NRG Energy

July 28, 2014: EPA Heads Into Battle On Climate Rule

July 25, 2014: Texas, Gas States Biggest Winners Under EPA Carbon Rules -Report

July 25, 2014: The Biggest Winners of New EPA Rules? States That Oppose Them

July 24, 2014: Does Rick Perry Act Contrary To Texas Interests On Carbon Regs?

July 27, 2014: Texas Leads In Emissions, Fights Change

July 25, 2014: American Electric Power Company’s (AEP) CEO Nick Akins on Q2 2014 Results

July 27, 2014: NRG Energy Given “Buy” Rating at Jefferies Group

July 26, 2014: DTE Energy reports Second Quarter 2014 Results

Renewable Power

July 31, 2014: Is Texas the Greenest State? By One Measure, Maybe

July 31, 2014: Two Solar-Powered Charging Stations Installed On UT Austin Campus

July 31, 2014: NRG Buys $35 Million In Fuelcell Energy Stock

July 30, 2014: Ethanol Fuels A Clash In Corn Country

July 29, 2014: The Truth About Wind’s Back-Up ‘Burden’

July 29, 2014: Direct Energy buys Howard County based Astrum Solar

July 28, 2014: Most Solar Panels Are Facing The Wrong Direction, Say Scientists

July 28, 2014: Renewable Energy Accounts For Almost 40% Of New Domestic Power Capacity Installed In The US

July 28, 2014:  Greenpeace And Amazon In War Of Words Over Clean Power

July 28, 2014:  Inside the Huge Solar Farm That Powers Apple’s iCloud

July 28, 2014:  Report Ranks Electric Utility Companies’ Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Performance

July 26, 2014: Wind’s Integration Costs Are Lower Than Those For Other Energy Sources

July 26, 2014: US Adds Further Heavy Duties To Solar Panels Made In China; Taiwan Hit Hard

July 26, 2014:  U.S. Finds Chinese, Taiwanese Firms Dumped Solar Products

July 26, 2014:  Chevron Tests Solar Technologies

July 26, 2014:  What Do Solar Decathlon Team Members Do After Competing?

Emerging Technologies

July 29, 2014: Let’s Talk: Plug-In Electric Vehicles and Energy Companies Are About to Start Communicating via the Cloud

Outside Texas

July 30, 2014: Stockton Best Site For Tesla Plant

July 29, 2014: Utilities and Grid Operators Will Invest More Than $42 Billion in Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems from 2014 to 2022, Forecasts Navigant Research

July 29, 2014: Coal Miners Clash With Ski Operators Over EPA’s Coal Rule

July 28, 2014: NRG eVgo Partnership with BMW Expands Access to Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network

July 28, 2014: Mexico Energy Reform Looms

Other News

July 31, 2014: TxDOT Plans to Research Self-Driving Cars and Other Futuristic Tech

July 31, 2014: FERC Approve Texas Natural Gas Export Project

July 31, 2014:  Utility Customers’ Mobile Usage on the Rise

July 30, 2014: Oncor’s 3 Tips To Capture Customer Attention Online

July 30, 2014: Texas Paves Way In Oilfield Water Recycling, Spreads The Word

July 30, 2014: Texas Court Reinstates Multi-Million Dollar Judgment Against Mexico’s Oil Union And Its Leader Romero Deschamps

July 29, 2014: The Story Of Texas Begins With Respecting Private Property

July 29, 2014: Four Guys and a Boat Tackle a Texas-Sized Water Problem

July 29, 2014: Texas REP Launches Critical Peak Rebate (With Automation), Promotes With $3,000 Challenge

July 29, 2014: Texas Retail Energy Shopping Website Allowing Customers to “Name Their Own Price”

July 29, 2014: Texas REP Signs Definitive Funding Agreement To Expand Nationally

July 28, 2014: LCRA To Crack Down On Those Who Pump Water Illegally

July 28, 2014: Grandview Wind Farm Changes Ownership

July 28, 2014: Power Collective Files for Aggregator Registration

July 28, 2014: New Texas REP Offering Critical Peak Rebate Program, Pays $1/kWh

July 24, 2014: Property Tax Agreement Reached for Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant  


For the Week of  7/18/14 — 7/27/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

July 24, 2014: Energy Future Seeks Longer Bankruptcy As It Scraps Plan

July 24, 2014: Bankrupt Energy Future Holdings to auction stake in Oncor, with interested bidders lining up

July 24, 2014: Energy Future Invites Bids for Oncor Unit as Plan Dropped

July 24, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Drops Financing Plan In Bankruptcy Case

July 24, 2014: EFH Officially Dumps Restructuring Plan

July 24, 2014: Energy Future Scraps Restructuring Pact, Deal Talks Continues

July 24, 2014: TXU Parent Scraps Restructuring Plan in Favor of Court Supervised Bidding Process

July 21, 2014: FPL Parent Looks To Expand In Texas

July 23, 2014: EFH Noteholders Denied 3rd Circ. Hearing On $4B Debt Deal

July 23, 2014: Luminant Reaches Agreement To Lower Taxable Value Again

July 21, 2014: Dallas’ Hunt Consolidated Hires Former Energy Future Holdings Executive

July 21, 2014: Milam County Officials Say Mineral Rights May Make Up For Luminant Tax Loss

July 18, 2014: Energy Future Prepares To Scrap Bankruptcy Plan

July 18, 2014: Restructuring Plan On The Ropes, EFH Warns Judge

Generation Adequacy

July 24, 2014: Study Warns U.S. Power Grid Will Become Too Reliant On Gas

July 23, 2014: Texas Is Wired for Wind Power, and More Farms Plug In

July 23, 2014: Nuclear Energy Beats The Heat In Summer

July 22, 2014: FGE Power Announces Strategic Partnership With Starwood Energy Group To Finance And Build 1,500MW FGE Texas Project

July 22, 2014: NTE Energy Secures Investment for Three Natural Gas-Fired Generation Projects Totaling Up to 1,470 MW, including a Texas Project

July 22, 2014: TXU Energy Tells Businesses: Demand Response Benefits Are in Easy Reach

July 18, 2014: ERCOT Clears $46 Million Of CRRs In Auction For First Half Of 2016

July 18, 2014: Texas Adds More Wind Power To The Grid

July 18, 2014: Permits Withdrawn For Texas Off-Shore Wind Farm


July 24, 2014: Proposed RRC Changes Revive Eminent Domain Debate

July 23, 2014: Appeal By Former PEC Exec Rejected

July 24, 2014: Texas Man Makes Creative Coolers To Fight The Heat

July 24, 2014: Direct Energy To Sell Ontario Business For More Than $500M

July 23, 2014: Texas Jury Awards Municipal Utility $30 Million

July 23, 2014: Nacogdoches Co. Commissioners Mulling How To Spend $22K Refund From Electric Coop

July 23, 2014: States Against E.P.A. Rule on Carbon Pollution Would Gain, Study Finds

July 23, 2013: EPA regulation flies in face of Constitution

July 23, 2014: Texas Slams EPA Website that Compares State Pollution Enforcement

July 23, 2014: White House Names NRC Picks

July 23, 2014: EPA to Cut CO2 from Power Plants

July 23, 2014: More Than 120 Groups Report Lobbying Congress on Existing Power Plant Regulations

July 23, 2014:Smart Grid: USDA Comes To Aid (Again) Of US Electric Grid

July 22, 2014: Jury Hands NBU A Win Against LCRA

July 22, 2014: CPS Energy’s Commercial Energy Calculator From Apogee Helps Businesses Run the Numbers and Keep the Savings

July 21, 2014: Jurors Handed Contract Dispute Pitting NBU Against LCRA

July 21, 2014: Xcel Energy announces $106.7 million investment for new substations in Texas

July 21, 2014: U.S. Nuke Plant Operator Entangled In New Scandle

July 21, 2014: Credit Suisse to Exit Commodities, Posts Big Quarter Loss

July 21, 2014: Texas Court Rules PURA Allows TDU, REP to Share Brand

July 18, 2014: Why the Largest Microgrid in the U.S. is in Austin

July 18, 2014: Attack On Wind Energy Is Hot Air

July 18, 2014: DOJ Sues Entergy for Not Reporting Affirmative-Action Compliance

July 18, 2014: Formula Sun: Solar Racing Comes to Austin

Power Grid Security

July 24, 2014: Al Qaeda Targeting U.S. Infrastructure for Digital 9/11

July 22, 2014: Modern Electric Grid Fighting Cyber Vulnerabilities

Renewable Power

July 24, 2014: Wind Power’s Set For A Comeback: World Capacity To More Than Double By 2018

July 24, 2014: Wind Power Found To Be Cheaper Than Either Natural Gas Or Coal

July 24, 2014: Google Offering $1 Million For Solar, Wind Energy Breakthrough

July 23, 2014: U.S. Geothermal Profits Heat Up

July 23, 2014: Will Microsoft’s Wind Of Change Hit Amazon?

July 23, 2014: Wind Farms Potentially Beneficial and Harmful to Offshore Ecosystems

July 23, 2014: Is Coal the Next Clean Energy?

July 23, 2014: Nuclear-Renewable Mix Is Just What The EPA Ordered

July 22, 2014: Self-cooling Solar Cells Boost Power, Last Longer

July 22, 2014: Wave, Tide, Ocean Current, In-Stream, And OTEC Power

July 22, 2014: Magnolia Solar Is Using Nanotechnology to Develop High-Efficiency Thin Film Solar Cells

July 22, 2014: Forget the Death Spiral: Electric Vehicles Offer a Major Growth Opportunity for Utilities

July 21, 2014: Departments of Energy and Agriculture Announce Bioenergy Projects in 10 States

July 21, 2014: Sheep Keeping Grass Under Control At OCI Solar “Farm” In San Antonio

July 21, 2014: The Big Question: What is Your Prediction for the North American Wind Power Market Post 2015?

July 21, 2014: NRG Energy Acquires Its First Public Solar Facility in the U.S. Virgin Islands

July 21, 2014: Solar Power And Wind Energy Comprised A Majority Of New New Generating Capacity In The First Half Of 2014

July 21, 2014: Utility Scale Solar Farms are Fueling U.S. Growth

July 18, 2014: Solar Investments Completes Purchase of SolarPanelTalk, America’s Leading Online Solar Forum

July 18, 2014: Utilities Shouldn’t Fight Distributed Solar, They Should Own It

July 18, 2014: Trash-To-Electricity Project To Double Capacity

Emerging Technologies

July 22, 2014: Next Big Thing You Missed: Bigger, Cheaper Fuel Cells Will Eliminate Power Outages

July 21, 2014: Three Battery Projects Tied To PNNL, DOE Will Integrate Renewable Energy, Improve Power Grid

July 21, 2014: Laufer Wind Demonstrates Radar-Activated Obstruction Lighting System

July 18, 2014: Construction Begins On Largest Carbon Capture Project For An Existing Coal Plant To Date

Outside Texas

July 24, 2014: Report: Nuclear Industry’s Safety Measures Are ‘Inadequate’

July 24, 2014: Proposed U.S. Nuclear Power Reactors

July 22, 2014: Lockheed Goes Global To Build Its Nuclear Business

July 21, 2014: Mexico’s CFE To Tender $2.8 Bln In Power Plant, Pipeline Projects

Other News

July 24, 2014: Direct Energy Partners with Sears Shop Your Way

July 24, 2014: Ten Tips to Save Money Inside Your Home

July 24, 2014: Corralling Carbon Before It Belches From Stack

July 23, 2014: OCI Solar Power LLC Files Notice of EWG Status

July 23, 2014: Sharyland Files to Implement TCRF for IDR Customers, Lower Rates for Non-IDR Customers

July 23, 2014: Corralling Carbon Before It Belches From Stack

July 22, 2014: GDF SUEZ Joins Broadscale Group to Accelerate Energy Innovations

July 21, 2014: Woodville Renewable Power Plant Files for REC Certification

July 21, 2014: Different POLR Selection Process Requested for New Sharyland Areas

July 22, 2014: New MLM Channel Begins Marketing Retail Electric, Natural Gas Supply

July 18, 2014: Acacia Energy Adds New Assumed Names

July 18, 2014: Texas Lawmakers Study Desalination Expansion

July 18, 2014: Wind Turbines Could Power Smartphones: Math Workshop Engages Elementary Teachers  


For the Week of  7/11/14 — 7/18/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

July 18, 2014: Energy Future Says It May Have to Scrap Bankruptcy Deal

July 17, 2014: NextEra Sweetens Energy Future Loan in Oncor Takeover Bid

July 17, 2014: Florida Power Company NextEra Outbids Itself In Fight For Oncor

July 17, 2014: NextEra Floats Bankruptcy Merger for Energy Future’s Oncor Division

July 15, 2014: EFH Pulls Out Of Optim Energy Auction

July 14, 2014: Energy Future Drops Bid For Another Bankrupt Power Firm

July 14, 2014: Luminant Energy Disputing Lower Appraised Value

July 14, 2014: Oncor Schedules Second Quarter 2014 Investor Call

July 14, 2014: Energy Future Intermediate Holding Company LLC and EFIH Finance Inc. Announce Extension of Expiration Date for Second Lien Settlement

July 13, 2014: Bankrupt Energy Future Holdings’ Value Surges

Generation Adequacy

July 17, 2014: Keeping America’s Lights On

July 16, 2014: Parties Agree to Resettlement in ERCOT, Odessa-Ector Power Partners Dispute

July 15, 2014: Texas Electricity Prices Rise as Hot Weather Boosts Demand

July 14, 2014: Texas Commission Okays Two More Montana Units For El Paso

July 14, 2014:Xcel Energy: Investment in Texas Plainview-Area Power Facilities Surging

July 10, 2014: Texas Regulators Back Yearlong Review of ERCOT Power Reserve Margin

July 13, 2014: AMS Data Workshop II: ERCOT AMS Data Monitoring


July 17, 2014: Texas GEUS Considering Electric Rate Increase

July 17, 2014: As Solar Grows in Texas, Border City Provides a Model

July 17, 2014: Small-Scale Solar Energy Projects take Advantage of Abundant Sunlight in West Texas

July 17, 2014: Local Neighborhood in Austin Practices Smart Solar Savings

July 17, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend

July 17, 2014: Sunrun Strengthens Leadership Team with Key Appointments from TXU Energy, Box and United Technologies

July 16, 2014: How One Austin Home Produces More Energy Than It Uses

July 16, 2014: NRG Energy Could Be Onto Something Big With This $1 Billion Investment

July 16, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. to Present Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results on August 7, 2014

July 16, 2014: Bennie Fuelberg’s Convictions Stand, Appeals Court Rules

July 16, 2014: Could Water Be The Next Regulatory Hot Spot Between Texas And The EPA?

July 16, 2014: USDA Announces Funding to Improve Electric Systems in Rural Areas

July 15, 2014: Cleaner Air Alchemy from NRG Energy

July 16, 2014: GDF SUEZ Offers VPower™ to Help Commercial and Industrial Customers Manage Electricity Consumption and Cost

July 16, 2014: StarTex Power Help Texans Manage Energy Costs With Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats

July 14, 2014: Texas Utilities Preparing for New EPA Regulations

July 14, 2014: 2 Charts Show Why Wind Power Won’t Solve the Carbon Problem

July 14, 2014: Study: States Can Handle EPA Power Plant Rules

July 14, 2014: Distributed vs. Centralized Generation: Battle of the CEOs

July 10, 2014: NBU Rests, LCRA Starts Making Its Case

July 13, 2014: Making The Most Of America’s Natural Gas Resources

July 13, 2014: What Is Power Consumption Telling Us About The US Economy?

July 11, 2014: Why Buffett Is Betting On Energy Stocks Again

July 8, 2014: Advanced Energy Management Alliance: States, Consumers and Industry Rally for Demand Response Appeal

Power Grid Security

July 14, 2014: Bechtel Launches Initiative to Strengthen U.S. Cybersecurity Capabilities

July 14, 2014: US House Passes Payne Smart Grid Study as Part of Larger Appropriations Bill

Renewable Power

July 17, 2014: NRG Energy Donates $100,000 To Fund Solar Power Expansion At The Houston Food Bank

July 17, 2014: Siemens Wind Service Update: Film Previews New Purpose-Built SOV And Offshore Logistics Concept

July 17, 2014: Clean Power, Off the Grid

July 17, 2014: Dead Air: End of Tax Credit Deflates Wind Power

July 17, 2014:  5 Graphs About Wind Energy

July 17, 2014:  Sany Wins Appeal On US Wind Farms

July 17, 2014: NRG Energy Innovations Help Make Levi’s(R) Stadium the First Venue of its Kind in the U.S. Eligible for LEED Gold Certification as New Construction

July 17, 2014: US Federal Government Tips Solar For Leading Energy Role

July 17, 2014: Alternative-Energy Funds See Renewed Buying by Investors

July 16, 2014: Leased Solar Panels Can Cast A Shadow Over A Home’s Value

July 16, 2014:  Benchmark Reveals 25 Electric Utilities Across 14 States Offering Electric Vehicle Rates And Tariffs To Boost Customer Engagement

July 16, 2014: Wind Power Growth Still Surging Where Strongly Supported

July 15, 2014:  Solar-Industry Coalition for Fair Trade Swells above 250 Employers of 25,000 Americans

July 15, 2014: EDF Renewable Energy Acquires 175 MW Wind Project with a Power Purchase Agreement with Microsoft Corporation

July 14, 2014: San Antonio Mission Solar Receives Job-Training Grant

July 14, 2014: Why Texas Beats Alberta With Wind Energy

July 14, 2014:  Intelligent Energy’s Secret Apple Deal

July 14, 2014: Solar Power: Renewable Energy’s ‘More Acceptable Face’

July 11, 2014: Sheep Power: Texas Solar Farm Employs Lamb Landscapers

July 13, 2014: Electric Bicycle Puts Extra Oomph In Every Pedal Stroke

July 11, 2014: La Caisse Buys Almost 25% Stake in Invenergy Wind for Undisclosed Price

July 11, 2014: Wal-Mart, GM, HP Lobby To Boost Renewable Energy

July 11, 2014:  As Jobs In Solar Power Boom, R&D Investment Falls

July 11, 2014: Report Finds Burned Birds Near Solar Power Mirrors

Emerging Technologies

July 15, 2014: Siemens Releases New Mobile-Web App

Outside Texas

July 16, 2014: Hungry U.S. Power Plant Turns to Russia for Coal Shipment

July 14, 2014: ISU Helps Develop Electricity Rate Database

July 14, 2014: Westinghouse Shakes Up Prospects For West Coast Nuclear Power

July 14, 2014: Siemens Hits 10 GW Installed Wind Capacity In The Americas

July 11, 2014: Texas Disputes EPA Over Pollution In Illinois

July 11, 2014: Westinghouse Technology Installed At Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant

Other News

July 17, 2014: Customer Acquisition Specialists of America Register as Aggregator in Texas

July 17, 2014: Oncor Smart Meter Opt-Out Tariff Takes Effect, Opportunity for REP Differentiation, Acquisition

July 17, 2014: Madison Team From San Antonio Set For Solar Car Competition

July 16, 2014: New Aggregator Registering with PUCT has 5 Senior Staff You May Recognize

July 16, 2014: US Retailers LLC Files to Use DBA of Cirro Energy

July 16, 2014: Texas REP Promoting 1¢/kWh Power

July 16, 2014: Direct Energy Offering DirecTV Bundle in New State

July 16, 2014: NBA Legend Bill Walton Joins NRG Home Solar Team

July 15, 2014: Fifth Circuit Limits The Reach Of ESA “Take Liability” For State Regulatory Agencies Based On “Proximate Causation” Principles

July 15, 2014: NRG Energy Donates $100,000 to Fund Solar Power Expansion at the Houston Food Bank

July 14, 2014:  Power Generation Company to Operate and Dispatch DG Assets

July 14, 2014: Direct Energy Teams with Nest to Bring Energy Savings As Part Of Initial Customer Offers in Five States

July 14, 2014: Direct Energy Giving Nest Thermostats To AEP Customers Who Switch For 2 Years

July 14, 2014: People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Use More Electricity

July 14, 2014: KCI Energy Files for REP Certification

July 14, 2014: Cogeneration Power Generation Company Changes Name

July 14, 2014: New Wind Facility Registers as Power Generation Company


For the Week of  7/4/14 — 7/11/14

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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

July 9, 2014: Energy Future Postpones Hearings After Judge Questions Plans

July 9, 2014: EFH Delays Hearing To Determine Fate Of Oncor

July 9, 2014: EFH Asks Court To Delay Hearings On Oncor

July 8, 2014: Oncor’s Credit Rating Gets A Boost From Moody’s

July 9, 2014: Energy Future Defers Request on $1.9 Billion Loan

July 7, 2014: Energy Future Asks to Take Part in Optim Asset Auction

July 6, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Bankruptcy At Critical Juncture As Oncor Fight Nears End

June 30, 2014: Energy Future $1.9 Billion Loan Draws Competition, Opposition

July 7, 2014: Would Hunt-Owned Oncor Mean Integration of Sharyland, Oncor Retail Pricing?

Generation Adequacy

July 10, 2014: New “peaking” power units coming to Texas

July 10, 2014: Is Texas Souring On Wind Power?

July 9, 2014: Three Wind Units Change Hands From Edison Mission Energy To NRG Energy

July 9 2014: Navasota Energy Plans Three ERCOT Peaking Stations: Company President

July 9, 2014: Study Will Assess Shifting Transmission Costs To Wind Generators in Texas

July 9, 2014: E.ON In Pact With GE Financial Services For Texas Wind Farm

July 8, 2014: Navasota Seeks To Build Three Natgas Power Plants In Texas

July 8, 2014: CPS Tapping Multiple Energy Sources To Meet EPA Requirement

July 8 2014: E.ON and GE Energy Financial Services Partner to Complete GE-Powered Wind Farm, in Texas Panhandle

July 8, 2014: Expert Says New Texas Carson Wind Farm Could Cost $442 Million

July 8, 2014: Buried Message in NERC Report Hints at Investor Opportunity

July 7, 2014: No 100-Degree Days Means Low Demand For Electricity In Texas, So Far

July 7, 2014: Texas Power Companies Oppose Electric Reliability Project

July 7, 2014: Houston Energy Company Completes $1.5 Billion Power Plant Sale

July 7, 2014: Sunday Fire Rips Building CPS’s Calaveras Power Plant

July 7, 2014: Texas Utility Aims To Be Coal-Free With The Help Of Solar Power

July 7, 2014: Spinning Spur Ii Wind Energy Project In Texas Becomes Operational

July 4, 2014: How to Prevent Summer Blackouts


July 10, 2014: CPS Energy Aims To Crack The Code To Succeed In An Era Of Distributed Generation

July 10, 2014: Texas Can Lead In Approaches To Meeting Emissions Caps

July 9, 2014: El Paso May Become the First Texas City to Go Coal Free

July 9, 2014: PUCT Approves El Paso Electric Application For 115-Kv Transmission Line

July 9, 2014: CPS Customers Sent False Bills

July 9, 2014: FERC Workshop on Price Formation in Energy and Ancillary Service Markets

July 9, 2014: Warren Buffett Might Be Onto Something With This Investment

July 9, 2014: FERC Proposes Blanket Waiver Of Tariff Requirements For Generators With Interconnection Facilities Potentially Subject To Open Access Transmission Requirements

July 8, 2014: Schneider Electric To Expand West Side El Paso Plant, Hire Nearly 200 People

July 8, 2014: Rio Grande Valley, TX Booming With Economic Opportunity

July 8, 2014: Calpine Corporation Announces Inaugural Senior Unsecured Notes Offering

July 8, 2014: Calpine Corporation Announces Cash Tender Offers and Consent Solicitations for Its 7.875% Senior Secured Notes due 2020 and 7.50% Senior Secured Notes due 2021

July 7, 2014: It’s A Busy Time For Mergers In Texas

July 7, 2014: AE’s Solar Deal: ‘Game Changer’

July 7, 2014: Series Of Copper Thefts Costs Co-Op $20,000

July 2, 2014: Smart Grid Project Saves Money and Energy in Texas

July 3, 2014: Calpine Completes Sale of Six Southeast Power Plants, Sets Date for Second Quarter 2014 Earnings Call

July 6, 2014: Taking Oil Industry Cue, Environmentalists Drew Emissions Blueprint

July 5, 2014: Consequences Of Future EPA Regulations For Texas Look Cloudy

July 5, 2014: EPA Rules Will Stifle U.S. Economy

July 5, 2014: EPA’s Clean Power Plan Will Boost Economy, Create Jobs

Power Grid Security

July 8, 2014: Security Systems for Solar Power Plants

July 7, 2014: Power Plant Attacks Spark Research Groups To Urge Feds To Take Control Of Power Grid Security

July 3, 2014: Wind Plant Owners Are Leaders In Cyber-Security And Grid Reliability

Renewable Power

July 10, 2014: Sheep Power at a San Antonio Solar Farm

July 10, 2014: Race hosted by UT Austin is On for Best Solar Car of 2014

July 10, 2014: What’s New In Wind Technology?

July 9, 2014: Texas Solar Power Association Founded To Promote Development Within The Industry

July 9, 2014: Enbridge Eyes US Wind Plays

July 9, 2014: Wind Generators May Be Handed Power Line Costs

July 9, 2014: American Universities Learn Wind Power Is A Good Deal

July 9, 2014: Wind Energy Industry doing Best to Protect and Care for Bald Eagles

July 9, 2014: With New EPA Emissions Proposal, Is Biomass Conversion Becoming More of a Reality?

July 8, 2014: Siemens Achieves Milestone Of 10-GW Of Installed Wind Capacity Milestone In The Americas

July 7, 2014: Houston Giant Named Top Green Energy Company Of 2014

July 7, 2014: Solar Energy Comes to Pecos County: a Look at the Barilla Solar Project

July 3, 2014: Solar’s New Weapon – Knowing The Weather Forecast

July 3, 2014: Solar Power Makes Gains in US

July 3, 2014: Geothermal Energy Unloved While Solar Steals the Show

July 3, 2014:Small-Scale Solar Will Be ‘Most Important’ Renewable In Coming Years

July 3, 2014: Energy Department Makes Additional $4 Billion in Loan Guarantees Available for Innovative Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects

Outside Texas

July 10, 2014: Nuclear Regulatory Commission International Policy Statement

July 10, 2014: EIA Projections Show Hydro Growth Limited By Economics Not Resources

July 10, 2014: Carbon Producers Can Meet EPA’s Limits As They Have In The Past

July 9, 2014: PNM Under Fire Over Coal, Nuke Power In Plan

July 9, 2014: Federal Research Spurs Washington State To Store Energy

July 9, 2014: Utility Bill Spikes Caused By Lack Of Electric, Gas Coordination, Experts Say

July 8, 2014: Obama to Nominate Defense Adviser as Deputy Energy Secretary

July 7, 2014: 99 Of 100 U.S. Power Reactors Now Producing Power

July 6, 2014: Russian Scientists Raising Funds To Rebuild Tesla Tower, Satisfy World Energy Hunger

July 6, 2014: US Company Signs Billion-Dollar Energy Deal With Iran

July 3, 2014: Refining Estimates of Bird Collision and Electrocution Mortality at Power Lines in the United States

July 3, 2014: Nuclear update: Total US production approaches 97%

Other News

July 10, 2014: Aggregator Electricity Management Services Registers with PUCT

July 11, 2014: Texas REP Acquires Customers of Two Competitors

July 9, 2014: TCEQ Announces Grants For Alternative Fuel And Hybrid Vehicles

July 8, 2014: Oncor Hosts Electrical Safety Conference

July 8, 2014: Texas REP Offering Customers $50 Incentive for Every 60 Days of Service

July 8, 2014: KKR and Riverstone Holdings to Form Trinity River Energy

July 8, 2014: A Texas Guide to Economic Recovery

July 7, 2014: Texas REP Offering Service in New Territories

July 7, 2014: Texas REP Offering Replenishment of Prepaid Service Through Barcode Sent to Phone



For the Week of  6/27/14 — 7/4/14

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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

July 1, 2014: Energy Future Insiders Took in $46 Million Last Year

July 1, 2014: 8 Lender Groups Seek To Throttle EFH’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

June 30, 2014: Lenders Line Up To Oppose Energy Future Holdings Financing Plan

June 27, 2014: Senator Troy Frasier Warns Against Hedge Funds ‘Flipping’ Energy Future Unit

June 27, 2014: Hunt Consolidated Enters Fight For Oncor

June 27, 2014: NextEra Pursues Bid for Control of Energy Future’s Oncor

June 27, 2014: Hunt Family, Pension Fund Seek to Invest in Energy Future Holdings

June 27, 2014: Energy Future Lenders Fight to Put Brakes on Turnaround

Generation Adequacy

July 2, 2014: ERCOT’s Generation Requests Queue Declines; 2,006 MW Approved For Synchronization

July 2, 2014: PSEG Solar Source To Acquire 13 MW Texas Solar Project From Juwi

July 2, 2014: First Wind Buys Westerly Wind’s 2nd Texas Wind Project

July 2, 2014: Pattern Energy Acquires Panhandle 1 Wind Project In Texas As It Reaches Completion

July 2, 2014: Texas to Lead Other States in Wind Power Development, ERCOT Says, an Industrial Info News Alert

July 1, 2014: Citi Buys Deutsche Bank’s U.S. Power Trading Books, Including in ERCOT

July 1, 2014: Bandera Buys CPS Power

July 2, 2014: David Crane’s Green Vision For Carbon-Belching NRG Energy

July 1, 2014: EPA Appears to Have Green Light to Develop Regulations on Utility Power Plant Greenhouse Gas Emissions

July 1, 2014: Are EPA’s Carbon Rules Really About Nuclear?

July 1, 2014: Will U.S. Power Plant Rule Stimulate Renewable Energy Deployment?

July 1, 2014: U.S. Fracking Has ‘Cut Carbon More Than The Whole World’s Wind And Solar’

June 30, 2014: Texas Co-Op Working To Mitigate Wholesale Power Costs

June 30, 2014: High Heat in Texas Brings Calls For Conservation

June 30, 2014: Basis For State Goals In EPA’s Clean Power Plan Remain Mysterious, Experts Say

June 30, 2014: FERC Initiates Proceeding to Evaluate Price Formation

June 27, 2014: Westerly Wind Sells Second Texas Wind Project to First Wind

June 27, 2014: Power Generation Services Acquires Constellation Control and Dispatch Unit

June 27, 2014: FERC Calls ISO-NE Capacity Price Filing Deficient, Seeks Info on Manipulation, Mitigation


July 2, 2014: Fitch Affirms Lower Colorado River Auth’s, TX Transmission Contract Rev Bonds at ‘A+

July 2, 2014: FERC Acts To Ensure That Utility Cost-Based Rates Include An Adequate Return On Equity

July 1, 2014: FERC Commissioner Norris Expects Not To Seek Another Term

July 1, 2014: NRG Yield Completes $349M Acquisition Of Three NRG Energy Assets

July 1, 2014: NextEra Energy, Inc. and NextEra Energy Partners, LP announce closing of initial public offering of NextEra Energy Partners, LP

July 1, 2014: Fitch Affirms Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, TX’s CP at ‘F1+’

July 1, 2014: NRC Names William (Bill) Dean Director of Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

June 30, 2014: Austin Energy To Stick With Kinder Morgan, Sign $25M Gas Pipeline Deal

June 30, 2014: Angry About Wind Power Subsidies? So Was Texas

June 30, 2014: In Austin, Calif. Lawmaker Pushes Back On Tesla, Business Recruiting

June 30, 2014: Report Ranks The Top States For LEED Certified Homes: California, New York And Texas Top The List

June 30, 2014: NRG Yield, Inc. Completes Acquisition of NRG Right of First Offer Assets

June 30, 2014: Utility Deals Heating Up With Gas Glut

June 27, 2014: LCRA Faced Tough Choices In Trying To Keep its Electric Customers

June 27, 2014: FERC Adopts New Methodology to Determine Electric Utility ROE

June 27, 2014: Texas Co-Op Offers $1,000 Reward For Copper Thefts

June 27, 2014: NRG Plans to Convert Coal-fired Shawville Power Plant to Natural Gas

Power Grid Security

July 2, 2014: Western Energy Companies Facing Sabotage Threat

July 1, 2014: Hackers Find Open Back Door to Power Grid With Renewables

Renewable Power

July 2, 2014: These New Energy Maps Show 4 Neat Things About Renewables

July 2, 2014: Home Of American Motor Racing Embraces Solar

July 2, 2014: DOE Conditionally Commits To U.S. Offshore Wind Industry

July 1, 2014: This Smart Energy Experiment In Texas Will Benefit You, Too

July 1, 2014: The Solar Challenge In Texas: Lessons Learned From Arizona, California

July 1, 2014: Research: Solar Panels Benefit Crops

July 1, 2014: IKEA, Microsoft And Google Power Business With Wind

July 1, 2014: Why The Shift To Alternative Energy Continues Despite Shale Boom

July 1, 2014: Nautilus Solar Energy and North American Roofing Announce Partnership Agreement

June 30, 2014: Texas Leads U.S. In Wind Power

June 30, 2014: 4 New Energy Maps Show A Lot About Renewables

June 30, 2014: Solar Capacity Grew 33% In 2013, And There’s Plenty Of Room To Run

June 27, 2014: More Builders Adopt Solar as Standard

June 27, 2014: US And Canada Are Global Leaders In Renewable Power Generation

June 27, 2014: Bladenboro Farmer Producing Electricity From Hog Waste

June 27, 2014: Michigan’s Wind Energy Industry Soaring

Emerging Technologies

July 2, 2014: Utah State University Researchers Aim to Cure ‘Range Anxiety’ in Electric Cars

July 1, 2014: Segway Inventor Dean Kamen Thinks His New Stirling Engine Will Get You Off The Grid For Under $10K

July 1, 2014: UT Ausitn: Improved Method For Isotope Enrichment Would Better Secure Supplies

June 27, 2014: Westinghouse Extends New-Plant Market With Specialized Seismic Option

June 27, 2014: NREL Supercomputer Tackles Grid Challenges

Outside Texas

July 2, 2014: Westinghouse Acquisition to Expand Nuclear, Oil and Gas Business

June 30, 2014: GE Releases 2013 Progress against Sustainability Commitments

June 30, 2014: Tiny Electric Grids Help States Weather Extreme Storms

June 30, 2014: OSHA Issues Interim Policy For Electric Power Generation Rule

June 27, 2014: Can ‘Clean Coal’ Be An Environmental Game Changer?

June 27, 2014: Utilities Are Best Suited For Developing Microgrids, APS Tech Director Says

June 27, 2014: Interest Growing in Commercial and Community Microgrids

Other News

July 2, 2014: TXU Energy Tells Texans to Cool Off and Win Big with Sweepstakes

July 3, 2014: Texas Rep Promoting 30% Off Solar Lease, in Addition to $250 Bill Credit

July 1, 2014: Texas Rep Offering Service in New Territory

July 1, 2014: Luminant And Tyler Junior College Creating Success With Power Track Program

June 30, 2014: NRG Offering Mobile Device Charging “Lockers” Solution for Airports, Malls, Also Expands Pivit Point

June 30, 2014: NRG’s Partnership with Unilever to Green the CPG Giant’s Energy Use

June 30, 2014: Reliant Summer Tips Make the Home a Playground of Energy Savings

June 30, 2014: MPISD Hears Report On Luminant Appraisal Appeal

June 30, 2014: Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals Rules In Favor Of TCEQ In Whooping Crane Lawsuit, Ruling Upholds Texas Water Rules, Refutes Claim That TCEQ Harmed Cranes

June 30, 2014: 5th Circuit Opinion Favors Texas Water Suppliers

June 27, 2014: Is the Drought Over?

June 27, 2014: Major Water Pipeline Deal for San Antonio Could Come This Fall

June 27, 2014: Planning For Desalination Now Will Help Meet Our Future Needs


For the Week of  6/20/14 — 6/27/14

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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

June 26, 2014: Holdout Fidelity Gets $200 Million Haul in Energy Future Bet

June 26, 2014: Creditors Balk At Bankruptcy Loan Teeing Up Energy Future Sale

June 24, 2014: Energy Future Rejects NextEra’s $2.3 Bln Bankruptcy Plan to Take Over Oncor

June 25, 2014: Energy Future Should Kill Borrowing Plan, Creditors Say

June 24, 2014: Energy Future Crown Jewel Creates Rift: Corporate Finance

June 24, 2014: Energy Future Investors Float Oncor Takeover Via NextEra

June 23, 2014: Energy Future Said to Revise Loan Backing Restructuring

Generation Adequacy

June 26, 2014: Obama, Epa Regulations Make Fracking Mandatory

June 26, 2014: The Next Steps for the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

June 26, 2014: Austin City Council Endorses EPA Emissions Rule

June 25, 2014: GDF Suez Faces CFTC Market Manipulation Probe

June 25, 2014: Texas Community Wind Farm Sold To First Wind Holdings

June 25, 2014: Lockheed Martin and Chinese Nuclear Firm Begin Developing Reactor Safety Systems in Texas

June 25, 2014: As Renewables Grow in Texas, Battles Over Fees and Subsidies Emerge

June 24, 2014: Wind Curtailments & Negative Wholesale Electricity Prices Drop In Texas

June 24, 2014: GDF Suez: ‘Speculators’ Attempting to Have Court Reject ERCOT Market Design, Impose Novel Obligations on Participants

June 24, 2014: How Texas Could Easily Meet New Carbon Regulations

June 24, 2014: New EPA Power Plant Rule Is A Sweet Deal For Fracked Gas

June 24, 2014: Environmental Groups Say Obama Administration Watered Down EPA Pollution Rule

June 23, 2014: Texas Hits New Peak Wind Output

June 23, 2014: Texas: The Renewable, Green Energy State

June 23, 2014: Marston: Chairman Nelson Cannot Ignore Texas Wind’s Benefits and Condemn Its Cost

June 23, 2014: Texas a Testing Ground for Energy Storage

June 23, 2014: U.S. Has Sufficient Resources to Meet Summer’s Peak Electricity Demand

June 23, 2014: U.S. Supreme Court ruling on EPA hailed by both Inhofe, Sierra Club

June 23, 2014: Inhofe Statement on the Supreme Court Ruling for Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA

June 23, 2014: Another Loss for Texas in Its Challenge of EPA Regulations

June 20, 2014: Texas Electricity Prices Gain Amid Below-Forecast Wind Output

June 20, 2014: Oncor Project Tests New Storage for Energy

June 20, 2014: Cirque Energy To Develop Biomass Gasification Plant In Texas

June 20, 2014: NRG Energy Deploys 1,200 Megawatts of Solar Capacity to Capture Energy on Longest Day of the Year


June 26, 2014: Utility Scam Hits Texas

June 26, 2014: Is Austin America’s Smartest City?

June 26, 2014: Resort, Texas Co-Op To Install Charging Stations For Electric Cars

June 26, 2014: FERC Under Fire

June 25, 2014: Large Solar Farm May Be Constructed Here, Lamesa, Texas

June 25, 2014: Power, Key to Economic Stability

June 25, 2014: Can We Build a Next-Generation Distributed Grid

June 25, 2014: Crumbling U.S. Grid Gets Jolt in Smart Houston Power System

June 24, 2014: Texas Solar Power Association To Promote State Solar Business

June 24, 2014: NRG Energy Short Interest Down 30.9% in May

June 24, 2014: Nest Allows Other Products To ‘Talk’ With Its Devices

June 25, 2014: Led By Constellation, eCurv Inc. Raises $2.5 Million In Series A Funding Round To Reduce Electricity Costs For Commercial Customers

June 24, 2014: Could “Personal Power Plants” Make Utility Companies Seem Retro?

June 23, 2014: Rancher’s Complaint May Spur New Power Line Rules in Texas

June 23, 2014: Tesla Motors Opening Its First Dallas ‘Gallery’ At Northpark

June 23, 2014: Why Rick Perry Wants Tesla Motors In Texas

June 23, 2014: TXU Power Plant A Dusty Old Relic Or Real Estate Gem?

June 23, 2014: Google’s Nest Opens Doors To Third-Party Apps

June 23, 2014: With Google, an Eye on New Screens

June 23, 2014: FERC Sets For Hearing MISO’s Plan To Allocate Entergy Integration-Related Transmission Costs

June 23, 2014: New OSHA Rules On Electric Power Generation, Transmission, And Distribution

June 23, 2014: New Energy Efficiency Standardization Roadmap Establishes National Framework for Action

June 23, 2014: Obama’s Clean Power Plan Avoids Policy Mistakes Made In EU

June 23, 2014: Supreme Court Dials Back EPA’s Global Warming Rules

June 20, 2014: Texas PUC Denies Petition To Eliminate ‘Small Fish’ Rule

June 20, 2014: Texas Approves Settlement Under Which Retail Provider Must Sell Business

June 20, 2014: New Braunfels Utilities Takes Battle With LCRA To Trial

June 20, 2014: SPS Ups Rates For Electricity

June 20, 2014: Election For Coserv Electric’s Board Goes To Runoff

June 20, 2014: Unleashing The Benefits Of American Energy

June 20, 2014: Energy Department Invests Over $10 Million to Improve Grid Reliability and Resiliency

Power Grid Security

June 23, 2014: From Smart to Resilient: How Utilities Are Using New Technology to Protect the Grid

Renewable Power

June 26, 2014: Toyota Reveals Exterior, Japan Pricing Of 2015 Fuel Cell Vehicle

June 25, 2014: Half Of Houston’s Downtown Commercial Projects Considered ‘Green”

June 25, 2014: NRG Energy Collects Power from Solar Energy

June 25, 2014: At Last, Stable Profits From Green Energy Stocks?

June 25, 2014: NASA Administrator and Media to See DSS Solar Array Progress in Goleta, Calif.

June 25, 2014: RAM Proves Successful For SCE In Securing Renewable Power

June 25, 2014: Toyota Accelerates Rollout of Fuel-Cell Cars

June 24, 2014: Residential Solar Competitive With Electricity In 25 States Next Year: NRG CEO

June 24, 2014: NextEnergy, in Partnership with Clean Energy Trust, Awarded $745,000 National Incubator Initiative for Clean Energy Grant

June 24, 2014: Wind Helps Renewables Dominate New U.S. Generation In May

June 24, 2014: US Wind Headed For Dismal Year As Carbon Emissions Rise

June 24, 2014: EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan to Affect these 5 Sectors the Most

June 23, 2014: NRG Energy Exceeds 1.2 GW Of Installed Solar Power Capacity

June 23, 2014: Calpine Sees Risk to Geothermal as Green Energy Grows

June 23, 2014: Geothermal Energy Association Brings National Summit to Reno

June 23, 2014: New Study Gives Concentrating Solar Power Fans Something To Cheer About

June 23, 2014: Wind Power Improves Energy Reliability & Reduces Energy Costs

June 23, 2014: Nation’s Mayors Expand Their Commitment To Attack Local Climate Challenges

June 23, 2014: U.S. To Face Multibillion-Dollar Bill From Climate Change: Report

June 23, 2014: Leffingwell Among Mayors To Endorse Climate Change Ideas

June 20, 2014: Oklahoma To Levy Tax on New Residential Solar And Wind

Emerging Technologies

June 26, 2014: NREL and General Motors Announce R&D Partnership to Reduce Cost of Automotive Fuel Cells

June 26, 2014: General Electric Company to Be Lead Research Sponsor at New University of Notre Dame Technology Center

June 26, 2014: Cool Energy Technology Converts Waste Heat Energy from Concentrating Solar Power into Carbon Free Energy

June 23, 2014: The World is Moving Toward the Development of the ‘Power Cloud,’ Whether It Knows It Or Not

June 23, 2014: New Technology Driving Geothermal

June 20, 2014: EPRI Study on the Integrated Electric Grid at Darnell’s Energy Summit

Outside Texas

June 24, 2014: Scams Set Off Utility Alarms Across The Country

June 23, 2014: In California, Car Charging Group Charges Ahead While NRG Energy Stumbles

June 23, 2014: Nevada Could Lure Tesla With Discounted Electricity

June 20, 2014: Utilities Unsure Of Future As Environmental Regs Loom

Other News

June 26, 2014: New Power Generator using Distributed Generation Registers with PUCT

June 26, 2014: Top Retail Exec Departs NRG Energy

June 26, 2014: CenterPoint Ex-empolyee Turned Identity Thief Now On Probation

June 25, 2014: Luminant Power Track Graduates Jump-Start Their Energy Careers

June 25, 2014: New Wind Facility Applies for Renewable Energy Credit Certification

June 23, 2014: Ensuring Sufficient Water Supplies In Texas

June 20, 2014: TX Rep Expands How It Powers and Protects Texas Homes

June 20, 2014: El Paso Jumps Into Fight Over Rio Grande Water



For the Week of  6/13/14 — 6/20/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

June 17, 2014: Texas Lets Bankrupt EFH Set Aside Funds

June 17, 2014: Texas Railroad Commission Okays EFH Financing For Coal Mine Cleanup

June 17, 2014: Bankrupt Energy Future Unit Sued Over Proposed Refinancing

June 16, 2014: Energy Future Sued Over Payment on $2.2 Billion of Loans

June 13, 2014: Energy Future Creditors Fail to Halt $706 Million Accord

Generation Adequacy

June 19, 2014: NRG Energy to Bring 50 MW of Biomass Back to Texas

June 19, 2014: InventivEnergy and NRG Energy Services Partner to Restart the Aspen Power Biomass Plant

June 19, 2014: Gates-Controlled Optim Energy Seeks Sale of Texas Plant

June 19, 2014: Macho Springs Solar PV Plant Comes Online In New Mexico

June 18, 2014: Despite Heat, Low Electricity Prices In Texas Show How Wind Is Good For Consumers

June 18, 2014: EPA and Partners Celebrate Nation’s Largest Federally Owned Wind Farm; Site Near Amarillo Now Generates Power for Nearby Plant

June 17, 2014: Spot Power Doubles in Mid-Atlantic as Heat Sweeps Region

June 16, 2014: Natural Gas, Electric Power Prices Inch Upward

June 16, 2014: EMRF Study Finds Restructured Electricity Markets Challenged To Ensure Reliability Without Major Changes

June 16, 2014: PUCT To Discuss Staff’s Recommendation To Deny Raiden Commodities Petition About Market Power Definition


June 19, 2014: EPA Ruling On Uranium Mining Near Goliad TX Could Set National Precedent

June 19, 2014: Uranium Energy Corp Receives Reaffirmation from EPA of Aquifer Exemption for the Goliad Project

June 19, 2014: NEI Welcomes House Appropriators’ Support for Nuclear Energy

June 19, 2014: Texas State Climatologist on Politics, Weather, and Setting the Facts Straight on Climate Change

June 19, 2014: Peddicord nominated for Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

June 19, 2014: Why Electric Utilities Should Invest In Grid Modernization

June 18, 2014: CPS Council Should Nix Proposed Solar Fees

June 18, 2014: Time For Discussion On Radioactive Waste

June 18, 2014: After Deal, Senators Advance Energy Agency Nominees

June 18, 2014: Clock To Start Ticking On EPA’s CO2 Limits For Existing Power Plants

June 18, 2014: U.S. Supreme Court Allows to Stand Ruling That Sources of Air Pollutants are Subject to State Common Law Tort Claims

June 17, 2014: EP Electric Now Getting Power From New Mexico’s Largest Solar Plant

June 17, 2014: Texas Group Seeks New Clean Air Plan

June 17, 2014: ICForecast Energy Outlook: Expects Proposed Regulations to Add to Long-Term Power and Fuels Market Uncertainty

June 17, 2014: Joint Transmission Project Benefits Xcel Energy Customers

June 17, 2014: Utility Group Says ‘Utility Death Spiral’ Talk Is Overblown

June 16, 2014: Texas-Based Utility Well-Positioned for New EPA Carbon Standards: Coal-Free By 2016, Largest Solar Facility Doubles Solar Portfolio

June 16, 2014: El Paso Electric To Be Coal-Free By 2016, Increase Solar PV Use

June 16, 2014: Reliant Offers Unlimited Electricity Plan

June 13, 2014: Lubbock P&L Confirms Talks With FBI About Possible Criminal Activity

June 13, 2014: Texas Gov. Rick Perry Makes A Play For Tesla’s Battery Factory

June 13, 2014: Xcel Energy Evenly Poised

June 13, 2014: Senate Energy Committee Set To Vote On FERC Nominees

Power Grid Security

June 16, 2014: Threats Of Cyberattacks Just As Serious As Sabotage Seen At Power Plant

June 13, 2014: UglyGorilla Hack of U.S. Utility Exposes Cyberwar Threat

Renewable Power

June 19, 2014: Clarke Energy Installs GE’s Jenbacher Gas Engines to Drive Largest Landfill Gas Power Plant in France

June 19, 2014: Energy Department Announces New Regional Approach to Wind Energy Information

June 19, 2014: Buffett Unit Closes Second Deal This Month for Utah Solar Power

June 18, 2014: NRG Yield Plans $565M Common Stock Offering To Help Fund Alta Wind Buy

June 18, 2014: Shifting to Renewable Energy Can Save U.S. Consumers Money

June 18, 2014: Wind And Solar Power Ready To Help States Meet EPA Rule

June 18, 2014: US Solar Power Market: Government Incentives Will Support Revenue Growth As Demand Heats Up

June 16, 2014: NRG Energy Launches 6-MW Community Solar Facility

June 16, 2014: How Energy Storage Will Help Wind And Solar Power Clean Up Their Act

June 16, 2014: The Wind Turbine Payback

June 16, 2014: Solar Power’s Impact on Rural Exodus

June 13, 2014: An Innovative Community Solar Program from NRG and…Boeing?

June 13, 2014: Envision Solar International’s ‘Solar Tree’ product chosen by US retailer

June 13, 2014: The Poor Shouldn’t Have To Bear The Cost Of Solar Power

June 13, 2014: US Energy Department Announces New Regional Approach To Wind Energy Information

June 13, 2014: EIAs For Wind Farms Too Simplistic

June 13, 2014: Tenaska Closes $450 Million Financing for Second California Solar Project

June 13, 2014: Solar Power Threatens US Utilities

June 13, 2014:  Solar Building on Sandia’s Molten Salt Expertise

Emerging Technologies

June 16, 2014: NREL Bolsters Batteries with Nanotubes

Outside Texas

June 19, 2014: FERC To Hold Conferences on RTO Energy Market “Price Formation”

June 19, 2014: Natural-Gas Export Facility Clears Federal Hurdle

June 18, 2014: Assembly OKs direct Tesla sales in N.J.

June 18, 2014: Perry vs. California

June 18, 2014: French Energy Law Leaves EDF to Plan Nuclear Retreat

June 18, 2014: Energy Savior or Red Herring?

June 18, 2014: Exelon and Pepco Holdings File for Merger Approval with Utility Commissions in Delaware, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

June 17, 2014: Nuclear update: US output edges up to 96.55%

June 17, 2014: EPA: Carbon Rules Could Ensure Nuclear Power’s Survival

June 17, 2014: Tesla Model X On Track To Ship; Carmaker Is Winning N.J. Dealer Fight

June 17, 2014: Chevrolet Volt Owners Surpass Half a Billion Electric Miles

Other News

June 19, 2014: EDF Trading Names Two Appointments for North American Retail Business

June 19, 2014: Texas Rep Adds Retail Veteran to Houston Office

June 19, 2014: Direct Energy’s New Partnership With Check Brings Mobile Payments To The Forefront For Utility Customers

June 18, 2014: State Agency Unveils Draft Rules On $2B In Funds For Water Projects

June 18, 2014: LCRA Board Approves 2015 Increased Raw Water Rates To Address Loss Of Water Revenue

June 18, 2014: Oncor Crew Worker Injured; Causes Power Outage In Rusk

June 17, 2014: $100,000 Donation from Texas Rep Serves Up Solar Power to the Houston Food Bank

June 17, 2014: Brazil Energy Giant Buys $1.24 Billion of Pain in Texas

June 16, 2014: Merrill Lynch Files Application to Become a Retail Provider in Texas

June 16, 2014: New Rules Could Shed Light on Texas Future Water Projects

June 16, 2014: Legislators Weigh Possibilities Of Expanding Water Desalination

June 16, 2014: Electric Now LP Files to Cease Operations

June 16, 2014: Court to Address Selection of Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund As Winning Bidder for Glacial Energy

For the Week of  6/6/14 — 6/13/14

FERC to Get New Homepage On 6/12/14, FERC announced that its new homepage will debut on 6/16/14. The new site promises “easier navigation to important items.”

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

June 11, 2014: Energy Future Creditors Seek Halt to $706 Million Accord

June 10, 2014: TXU Seeks Court Approval to Execute Settlement Providing Tax Refunds to C&I Customers

June 10, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Approved For Loan

June 9, 2014: Luminant Energy Selects OSI Technology for a New Generation Management System

June 6, 2014: Energy Future Wants to Use the approved $4.475 Billion Loan to Refinance Its Senior Bonds

June 6, 2014: Energy Future Plan Foes Must Wait to Challenge Valuation

Generation Adequacy

June 12, 2014: Nextera Energy : El Paso County Wind Farm Project’s New Owner Eyes Springs 2015 Construction Start

June 12, 2014: Natural Gas Gets A Reality Check After Obama’s EPA Proposal

June 12, 2014: Republicans To Try To Block Funds For EPA Emissions Rules

June 12, 2014: The Future Of Nuclear – Are The Majors Lagging?

June 12, 2014: Coal Plays A Unique And Vital Role – Peabody Energy CEO Boyce

June 12, 2014: EIA Expects Moderate Increases In Electric Prices, But With Wide Regional Variations

June 11, 2014: FERC To Seek En Banc Review Of Demand Response Ruling

June 11, 2014: McKinley Introduces Bill to Stop Devastating EPA Rule

June 11, 2014: EPA Proposes Clean Power Plan For Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Existing Electric Generating Units

June 10, 2014: PUCT Opens Investigation Into Transmission Upgrades And Grid Stability Related To Renewable Generation

June 10, 2014: Transmission Projects Could Break Through Borders Of Power-Independent Texas

June 10, 2014: What Texas Could Do to Follow Climate Change Rules

June 10, 2014: Chamber Criticizes EPA Rules

June 10, 2014: Is The EPA Too Optimistic On Energy Efficiency?

June 10, 2014: The Surprising Winner Of The EPA’s Power Plant Rules

June 9, 2014: Large Solar Farm Coming to West Texas Brewster County

June 9, 2014: Water Quality Affects Texas Coal Plant

June 9, 2014: The 15 Dirtiest Power Plants In the US

June 9, 2014: Utilities Discuss How EPA Power Plant Rule Will Affect Transmission

June 9, 2014: ALJ: CCN for Two New Utility-Owned Generating Units Would Have No Effect On Customer Choice

June 9, 2014: What The EPA’s Clean Power Plan Looks Like In Practice

June 9, 2014: Power Sector CO2 Emissions Sensitive To Policy Changes And Natural Gas Supply

June 9, 2014: EPA Carbon Rule: Cost And Benefit

June 9, 2014: Power-Hungry America: Where Will We Get the Energy

June 9, 2014: Carbon Captures Spotlight After EPA Proposal

June 9, 2014: Harry Reid Flexes Power at Electric Grid Regulatory Agency

June 6, 2014: EE, DR, CHP Could Reduce TX Demand By 50 Percent

June 6, 2014: AEP’s North DC Tie Returns To Service After Planned Outage: ERCOT Notice

June 6, 2014: EPA Finalizes Greenhouse Gas Permit For Company In Hale County, Texas; Facility Will Create Almost 200 Construction Jobs And Bring $110M To Area


June 12, 2014: CPS’s Solar Fee Proposal Questioned

June 12, 2014: CPS’s Contentious Fees For Solar Explored

June 12, 2014: About 7,000 In Central Texas Without Power After Thursday Storms

June 12, 2014: Is Residential Solar on the Rise in Texas?

June 12, 2014: Exelon Prices Common Stock and Equity Units Offerings

June 12, 2014: Elon Musk Opens Up Tesla Patents To Kickstart Electric Car Industry

June 12, 2014: The EEI’s Campaign For Electric Utility Industry Supremacy

June 12, 2014: What Is Google Plotting for the Smart Grid?

June 12, 2014: Your Outlet Knows: How Smart Meters Can Reveal Behavior at Home, What We Watch on TV

June 11, 2014: Even Toilets Aren’t Safe as Hackers Target Home Devices

June 10, 2014: Consultant: Alpine Energy Group Got A Sneak Peek At Lubbock Power &Light’s Request For Proposals

June 11, 2014: Lamesa, Texas Is One Of Four Areas Eyed For Solar Farm

June 11, 2014: Businesses Could Go Solar Without Any Upfront Costs Using New Texas PACE Program

June 11, 2014: Decision Delayed On Austin Energy’s Plans For $67 Million Building

June 11, 2014: GDP Growth Slowed In Texas Last Year, Government Report Says

June 11, 2014: Texas Governor Rick Perry Visits California In Push For Tesla Battery Factory

June 11, 2014: Challenges Of Converging U.S. Gas, Power Markets

June 11, 2014: Convergence: Smart Grid And Smart Cities

June 11, 2014: Warren Buffett: “There’s Another $15 Billion Ready To Go” For Solar, Wind Power

June 10, 2014: U.S. Senate Lauds Texas For Measure That Increases Energy

June 10, 2014: Sharyland Reports Suspension of Disconnects for Non-Pay in New Choice Areas Due to ESI ID Confusion

June 10, 2014: Mexico’s Economic Transformation Means Change For Texas

June 10, 2014: Southern Co-ops Repairing Storm Damage

June 10, 2014: Texas Wind Farm Developer Working On A Compromise

June 10, 2014: Google Said to Plan Energy Push With Tools for Utilities

June 10, 2014: Fitch Affirms Calpine at ‘B+’; Outlook Stable

June 10, 2014: Exelon Announces Common Stock and Equity Units Offerings

June 10, 2014: Texas Gov. Rick Perry Tries To Woo Tesla In Sacramento

June 9, 2014: How Will EPA Regulations Affect Texas? Straus Wants To Get To The Bottom Of It.

June 9, 2014: Thousands Lose Electricity In North Texas Storms

June 9, 2014: Oncor Reports About 9,000 Still Without Power In DFW

June 9, 2014: Buffett Ready to Double $15 Billion Solar, Wind Bet

June 6, 2014: Weakest Link In EPA’s Climate Rule?

June 6, 2014: Questions Of Jurisdiction, Responsibility May Foreshadow Legal Trouble For New EPA Power Plant Rule

June 6, 2014: Texas Cash-From-Carbon Program Lures Climate Skeptics

June 7, 2014: Wind Power On Tap To Help Texas Meet Carbon Reduction Goals

June 7, 2014: Tesla could bet on Texas or Reno

June 6, 2014: Obama’s Pick To Lead FERC Fends Off Critics, Piques More Questions

Power Grid Security

June 11, 2014: “Suspicious Device” Explodes At Nogales Power Plant

June 11, 2014: APPA, Others Voice Support For Draft Cybersecurity Bill In Senate

June 9, 2014: Expertise Needed to Ensure Physical Security of Nation’s Electric Grid

Renewable Power

June 12, 2014: NRG Energy Completes Collaborative Solar Project to Sell Community Clean Energy to 2,200 California Homes

June 12, 2014: Sierra Club Launches Wind Energy Jobs Ad Campaign

June 11, 2014: Southern Research Institute Builds Solar Research Center

June 11, 2014: US Wind Power Market: Increasing Government Assistance And Demand For Electricity Will Benefit The Industry

June 11, 2014: Home Solar Power With Power Storage Will Disrupt Utilities Say Barclay’s As They Downgrade Bonds

June 11, 2014: Solar Tariffs Aid U.S. Firms, But Not the Environment

June 10, 2014: OCI Solar Power Signs $40 Million Loan Agreement For 39.6 MW Texan PV Project

June 10, 2014: Campus Showcases High-Performance Buildings

June 10, 2014: Abengoa To Develop New Solar-Thermal Storage Technology In Collaboration With The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) And The Colorado School Of Mines

June 10, 2014: Algae Underfunded In Energy Hunt

June 10, 2014: Is This Odd-Looking Wind Turbine The Most Efficient You Can Buy?

June 10, 2014: Warren Buffett Plans To Double Wind Energy, Solar Power Investment

June 10, 2014: NREL Finds Up to 6-cent per Kilowatt-Hour Extra Value with Concentrated Solar Power

June 9, 2014: OCI Solar Power Inks Loan Agreement to Build Alamo 4 Solar Park

June 9, 2014: Exotic, Highly-Efficient Solar Cells May Soon Get Cheaper

June 9, 2014: EDP Renewables Purchases Vestas PowerPlus™ Upgrades Solutions for Wind Turbines in its US, Increasing Efficiency of Existing Generators

June 9, 2014: Solar Concept Paves Way For Energy Production

June 6, 2014: Wind Energy Helps Texas Rancher Cope With Costs

June 7, 2014: Peter Glaser, Who Envisioned Space Solar Power, Dies at 90

June 7, 2014: Lebanon Looks To Change Trash To Energy

June 6, 2014: Solar Roadways: Optimizing The Use Of Public Space For Power Generation

Emerging Technologies

June 11, 2014: Energy Storage Enhances Power’s Value For Everyone, Association Panelists Say

June 10, 2014: Solar Panels Made Cheaper And Lighter By New Class Of Nanoparticles

Outside Texas

June 12, 2014: Fukushima Fires Up Atomic Industry’s Removal-of-Liability Drive

June 12, 2014: Pioneering Nuclear Power Researcher Bookends Year With Honors

June 11, 2014: Utility Asset Management and Grid Monitoring Technology Will Reach Nearly $7 Billion in Annual Revenue by 2023, Forecasts Navigant Research

June 11, 2014: Nuclear Industry Launches PR Push to Cover Its Assets

June 11, 2014: US Nuclear Output Holds Near 4-Month High At 95%

June 10, 2014: GE Energy Unit Invests In Japan’s Renewable Power Market

Other News

June 12, 2014: The ‘New Normal’ For North Texas Water Use

June 12, 2014: Texas Rep Partners with Food Bank to Fight Childhood Hunger This Summer

June 12, 2014: Panhandle Wind Holdings 2 to Issue Passive Interest to JPMorgan Entities

June 10, 2014: Mesquite Creek Wind LLC Registers at PGC with PUCT

June 10, 2014: Google’s Driverless Car Will Need More Testing, Watchdog Group Warns

June 9, 2014: New Solar Generator Files for Registration with the PUCT

June 8, 2014: Direct Energy Teams with Nest

June 9, 2014: NRG Energy Employees Generate ‘Volunteer Power’ for NRG Global Giving Day

June 9, 2014: Texas Retail Provider Names Retail Veteran As Vice President of Operations

June 8, 2014: First Take On Prioritizing Water Projects


For the Week of  5/30/14 — 6/6/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

June 5, 2014: Energy Future Wins Final Approval of $4.475 Billion Loan

June 5, 2014: Bankrupt Energy Future Says Resolves Objections To Financing

June 5, 2014: Judge set to OK loans for Energy Future Holdings

June 5, 2014: EFH Creditors Drop Objection To DIP Financing

June 5, 2014: Businesses That Make Mistakes Have To Pay A Price, like Proton and EFH

June 1, 2014: BlackRock Has $903 Million in Junior Energy Future Notes

June 3, 2014: Energy Future Defends $9.9 Billion Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Financing

June 3, 2014: LBOs Face Their Day of Reckoning

May 30, 2014: Energy Future Creditors Protest Bankruptcy Financing

May 31, 2014: Oncor Bets On A Better Grid

Generation Adequacy

June 5, 2014: ERCOT Clears Nextera To Retire 2 Texas Wind Power Projects

June 5, 2014: North American Development Bank Signs $40 Million Loan for Solar Park in Bracketville, Texas

June 3, 2014: New Obama Power Plant Rules Will Raise Your Electric Rates, Hurt Texas Economy

June 4, 2014: Nation’s Biggest Carbon Emitter Is Well-Positioned To Weather EPA Rule

June 4, 2014: Beyond Coal — Where Does Texas Go Next And What Are The Drawbacks?

June 4, 2014: Coal Battle Could Be Biggest In Texas

June 4, 2014: It’s Not The Biggest, But Coal Is A Large Piece Of Texas Energy Production

June 4, 2014: For GE, Winds Of Change At EPA Blow Both Ways

June 4, 2014: Power Plant Rule A Tipping Point For Clean Energy Economy

June 4, 2014: Technology, Not Regulation, Will Kill Coal Fired Power

June 4, 2014: Texas Wind Energy Continues to Blow Us Away

June 3, 2014: What Proposed Carbon Rules Mean for Texas

June 3, 2014: Natural Gas Looks Like A Winner In New Carbon Plan

June 3, 2014: McConnell Introduces Bill To Thwart Obama Plan To Reduce Emissions From Power Plants

June 3, 2014: Area Power Station Evaluating Effect Of Greenhouse Proposal

June 3, 2014: Obama’s Carbon Crackdown Small Threat To Utilities

June 3, 2014: EPA Regs Threaten To Close Coal-Fired Power Plants, But States Push Back

June 3, 2014: Why Wi-Fi is a Natural Fit for Demand Response

June 3, 2014: Weighing the ZigBee Broadband Gateway Solution for Demand Response

June 2, 2014: Texas Faces Steep Cut (39% by 2030) in Climate Plan

June 2, 2014: GOP pushes hard against new EPA carbon rules; Cruz, Perry Smith blast Obama

June 2, 2014: Perry, Cruz blast Obama’s EPA proposal

June 2, 2014: Texas Attorney General Plans To Fight New EPA Rule

June 2, 2014: EPA’s Carbon Plan Isn’t Perfect, But It Moves Forward An Otherwise Stagnant Debate

June 2, 2014: Texas Will Be At Center Of CO2 Stage

June 2, 2014: Texas Needs Biggest Cut to Comply With Climate Plan

June 2, 2014: Texas Clean Coal Plant May Be Environmental Game Changer

June 2, 2014: Obama’s Demand For Lower Carbon Emissions Could Have Severe Consequences For Texas

June 2, 2014: EPA Draft CO2 Regulations Provide Flexibility, but Greater Role for Demand Response and Smart Grid Needed

June 2, 2014: Carbon Reduction Requires Big Role for Nuclear Energy

June 2, 2014: Nuclear Power, Natural Gas Drillers Like Exxon Mobil Surprise Beneficiaries Of Obama Rule

June 2, 2014: El Paso Electric In Good Shape To Meet CO2 Reduction Plan, CEO Says

June 2, 2014: Calpine Supports Proposed EPA Clean Power Plan

June 2, 2014: Statement by Chairman and CEO of NextEra Energy on EPA’s Proposed Guidelines for the Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Existing Power Plants

May 30, 2014: No Electric Bill Shock for ERCOT Customers From This Charge-Up (At Least Not Currently)

June 2, 2014: FERC Concedes Capacity Market “[F]orc[es] Consumers to Pay for Capacity Without Receiving Commensurate Reliability Benefits”

June 2, 2014: FERC Approves Sloped Demand Curve for New England Capacity Market

June 2, 2014: Obama Administration Unveils Controversial Emissions Cap On Power Plants

June 1, 2014: How Texas Will Fare Under New Emissions Rules Is Complicated

June 1, 2014: Texas House Lawmakers To EPA: We Handle Climate Policy, Not You

June 1, 2014: Why The EPA’s New Power Plant Rules Could Be Good News For Houston

June 1, 2014: States Move To Blunt Obama Carbon Reduction Plan

May 30, 2014: Greens Plan Huge Push For President Obama’s Climate Plan

May 30, 2014: Carbon Rules To Boost Exelon, But Not Soon Enough

May 30, 2014: New Report Shows Decline in Carbon Dioxide and Other Pollutants from U.S. Power Plants, but State and Power Company Emissions Vary Widely

May 30, 2014: Top Coal-Power Operator, AEP,  Expects Plant Closures On Obama Plan

May 30, 2014: AEP, Duke Top Power Plant Carbon Pollution List


June 5, 2014: EPA Delays Final Decision About Uranium Mining In Goliad, Texas

June 5, 2014: Clean Energy Project In Texas Looks To Clean Up Coal

June 5, 2014: Buffett’s $26 Billion Power Bet Seen Paying Off

June 5, 2014: Distributed Solar Thrives Online In Deregulated Electricity Markets

June 5, 2014: Fitch Affirms Brazos Electric Cooperative at ‘A’; Outlook Stable

June 5, 2014: Dynegy Among Bidders for Duke Energy Midwestern Power Plants

June 5, 2014: Why Dynegy (DYN) Stock Is Rising Today

June 5, 2014: California To Mount Aggressive Bid For Tesla Battery Plant

June 5, 2014: Nuclear Giant Exelon Blasts Wind

June 4, 2014: Consumer Advocates Scrutinize Prepaid Electricity Plans

June 4, 2014: Texas Lawmakers Ironing Out Water Fund Plan

June 4, 2014: Solar Power Gains Momentum After Long Struggle In Texas

June 4, 2014: NRG Yield, Inc. to Acquire Largest Wind Farm in North America

June 3, 2014: Texas Representative Turner Urges Low-Income Texans To Enroll In State Electricity Discount Program

June 3, 2014: Co-op Helps Educate Firefighters on Solar Dangers

June 3, 2014: Direct Energy Business Enters Into Exclusive Partnership with Panoramic Power for Wireless Energy Monitoring and Analytics Solution

June 3, 2014: NRG Nears $800M-Plus Deal to Buy Alta Wind Energy Center

June 2, 2014: Texas Legislators Keeping Water Rights, Drought At Forefront For Next Session

June 2, 2014: Wind Farm Company Halts Texas SPI Project

June 2, 2014: 33,000 SF blows into Lubbock’s Wind Power Center

June 2, 2014: Fitch Rates Southwestern Public Service Co.’s $150MM FMBs ‘A-’; Outlook Stable

June 2, 2014: Groups Request Independent Assessment Of PNM Plan

June 2, 2014: Nuclear Giant Exelon Launches Front Group to Cover Its Assets

June 2, 2014: FERC Proposes New Policy Restricting Third-Party Use of Interconnection Facilities

June 2, 2014: Fitch: EPA Proposal May Keep Pressure on Coal Power in Long Term

June 2, 2014: EPA’s Clean Power Rule Must Ensure Electricity Remains Affordable and Reliable, says American Public Power Association

June 2, 2014: EPA Carbon Rules Will Show Environmentalists and Nuclear Are Not Such Strange Bedfellows

June 2, 2014: Heartland Institute Experts React to President Obama’s Power Plant Emission Rule

June 2, 2014: How Obama’s Power Plant Regulations Will Transform Our Electric Grid

June 2, 2014: Texas Staff: REPs Have Duty to Inform Customers of Distribution Charges

June 2, 2014: NRG Energy Moved Up The Ranks Of Top U.S. Electricity Sellers In North America

May 29, 2014: El Paso Electric Announces an Increase in the Quarterly Dividend

May 30, 2014: Houston Strikes Deals With Centerpoint For LED Lights, Bike Trails

May 30, 2014: OCI Solar, A Provider to CPS Energy, Details Layoff

May 29, 2014: Wind Power Center at Lubbock Announces Expansion

Power Grid Security

June 2, 2014: How Much Harm Could a Moderately Skilled Hacker Cause to Critical Nuclear Systems?

Renewable Power

June 5, 2014: New Group Pushes To End Renewable Power Credit

June 5, 2014: Cellular Base Stations to Use Renewable Energy Resources

June 5, 2014: Wind Energy Gets More Support In The US

June 5, 2014: Solar Energy Installations Continue To Grow In The US

June 4, 2014: Affordable Wind Power The Reality

June 4, 2014: Paper Describes New Concept In Wind Power Harnessing

June 4, 2014: Wind Power Fact Sheet

June 4, 2014: Concentrated Solar Power (Csp) In 2013 Increased By Nearly 0.9 GW, Up 36%, To More Than 3.4 GW

June 4, 2014: US Hits China With New Solar Tax

June 3, 2014: Hybrid Fuel Claims Often Inflated: Consumer Reports

June 3, 2014: New Energy’s See-Through SolarWindow™ Estimated to Generate Ten-Fold Greater Electrical Energy & Environmental Benefits Over Today’s Rooftop Solar

June 2, 2014: Are Solar Sails The Future Of Space Travel?

June 2, 2014: 2 Big Hints That US Offshore Wind Power Will Dominate

June 2, 2014: Statement from First Wind regarding EPA Rules about Carbon Emissions

June 2, 2014: Wind Power Helps Xcel Energy Slash Carbon Emissions

June 2, 2014: First Solar Launches Pre-Engineered PV Plant Solution, Next Generation Module

June 2, 2014: US Solar PV Installations Up Nearly 80% In Q1’14

June 2, 2014: Northern Power Systems’ Technology Powers New 3.3MW Wind Turbine

June 2, 2014: Solar Energy Represents 74% Of All New U.S. Electricity Generation In 1st Quarter Of 2014

May 29, 2014: Fracking Sucks Money From Wind While China Eclipses U.S.

May 30, 2014: A New Strategy to Drive Down the “Soft Costs” of Solar

May 30, 2014: Rapid Solar Growth Offers Hope In Fight Against Climate Change

May 30, 2014: The Future of Solar Economics and Policy

May 28, 2014: Solar Energy Primed to Help U.S. Meet Future Energy Needs

May 30, 2014: Why SunPower’s Colorado Project Is a Big Deal

May 30, 2014: US Solar PV Installations Up Nearly 80% In Q1’14

May 30, 2014: Sunshot Charges Forward To Tackle Solar Challenges!

May 30, 2014: Wind Power Is A Cost-Effective Way To Reduce Emissions

Emerging Technologies

June 3, 2014: Texas Researchers Tout New Carbon Powder Material As Anti-Pollution Breakthrough

June 4, 2014: Siemens delivering four industrial steam turbines in Enhanced Platform Design

June 2, 2014: Composite Electric Lines To Replace Aluminum Conductor And Steel Lines

Outside Texas

June 3, 2014: World’s Energy Bill To Hit $48 Trillion By 2035: IEA

Other News

June 6, 2014: Calpine Agrees to $10,000 Fine for RUC-Related Violations

June 5, 2014: Texas Rep Includes Free Identity Protection Services With Energy Plan

June 5, 2014: Texas Rep Urges Customers to Lock in Natural Gas Rates Now

June 5, 2014: Retail Supplier Hires Veteran Energy Expert as Head of Supply and Trading

June 5, 2014: NEC Retail gives back to Veteran’s

June 4, 2014: Morgan Stanley to Pay Fine Related to Non-Spinning Reserve in ERCOT

June 4, 2014: Texas Rep Introduces Flat Electricity Bills with its new Predictable 12 Plan

June 2, 2014: Texas Rep Offers Summer Relief with Beat the Heat Centers, Assistance Programs

June 4, 2014: Direct Energy Business Signs Partnership Agreement with BuildingIQ for HVAC Energy Monitoring and Analytics Solution

June 4, 2014: Aurora Algae Farm Throws Down Green Guantlet In Oil State

June 3, 2014: Committee Urges Austin Water Utility: Cut Costs, Consider Drought Fee

June 3, 2014: Retail Supplier Providing Free Smart Thermostat in Piloting New A/C Cycling Program

June 3, 2014: Texas REP Now Offering Astros Plans

June 2, 2014: QSE Fined for Failure to Meet Contracted Interruptible Load Service in ERCOT

June 2, 2014: Texas REP Agrees to Pay $10,000 Fine for Violations

June 2, 2014: Newly Registered Self-Generator; Pattern Panhandle Wind to Issue Equity Interests

June 2, 2014: Texas Rep Expands Portable Power Stations to Levitt Pavilion (DFW)

June 2, 2014: Settlement Filed in Retail Supplier Bankruptcy Case

June 2, 2014: Volkswagen To Enter U.S. Electric Market With E-Golf


For the Week of  5/23/14 — 5/30/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

May 30, 2014: Energy Future Holdings’ Second Lien Bondholders Vie to Control DIP

May 27, 2014: Energy Future Says Fidelity May Fund $500 Million of Loan

May 25, 2014: Energy Future Starts Moving Pieces on Chapter 11 Chessboard

May 22, 2014: Apollo, Oaktree Hold $2.7 Billion in Energy Future Claims

May 27, 2014: Energy Future Intermediate Holding Company LLC and EFIH Finance Inc. Announce Extension of Early Participation Date and Expiration Date and Availability of Withdrawal Rights in Cash Tender Offer for Second Lien Notes

May 23, 2014: Energy Future Seeks to File Debt-Plan Details June 13

Generation Adequacy

May 30, 2014: Texas Already Setting Wind Power Records With 8,000 More MW Planned By 2017

May 29, 2014: GDF Suez Unit Buys U.S Energy Efficiency Firm Ecova

May 29, 2014: Polar Vortex Still Pushing Power Prices Up

May 29, 2014: How Electricity Auctions are Rigged to Favor Industry

May 29, 2014: On Eve of New EPA Carbon Regs, Survey Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Support Modernizing the U.S. Electricity System

May 29, 2014: PNM Says It Is Ready To Meet Anticipated EPA Emissions Rule

May 29, 2014: Xcel Energy Surpasses National Carbon Emissions Reduction Goal

May 29, 2014: Looming EPA Power Plant Rules Fuel Industry Concerns

May 29, 2014: Texas U.S. Reps Push Back Against Pollution Rules

May 29, 2014: EPA Releases Climate Report In Anticipation Of New Power Plant Regulation

May 29, 2014: Study: Little Risk of Asset Stranding from Obama’s June 2 Clean Air Act Regulation

May 29, 2014: Direct Voices Support for “Robust” Capacity Market; Will It Defend Market Against Higher Price Caps

May 28, 2014: Cutting Carbon: States Can Use What they’ve Already Got to Whittle Power Plant Emissions

May 28, 2014: EPA to Limit CO2 Pollution, U.S. Wind Energy Already Helps States to Comply

May 28, 2014: Wave Of New Generation Clearing PJM Auction Could Depress Power Prices

May 27, 2014: Expert Sees Opportunity For Texas With Climate Rules

May 27, 2014: Wind Giant Texas Stands Tall As Rule Change Looms

May 27, 2014: Obama Set to Release New Carbon Regulations

May 27, 2014: Senators Call On EPA To Halt Coal Killing Rule

May 27, 2014: What the Court Decision on FERC Order 745 Means for Demand Response

May 27, 2014: Auction Results Place Exelon Nuclear Power Plants In Jeopardy

May 28, 2014: Retail Suppliers Slam Generator’s Bid to Recover Costs Not Allowed Under PJM Tariff

May 23, 2014: LCRA’s Fayette Power Project Wins International Award for Reliability, Efficiency

May 23, 2014: How Green Energy Won Out Over Fossil Fuels in a Red State

May 23, 2014: GE To Supply Turbines For 400MW Texas Wind Project

May 23, 2014: Delay EPA Power Plant Rules, Senators Demand

May 23, 2014: Federal Court Throws Out FERC Effort to Boost Demand Response

May 27, 2014: In Generator-Friendly Demand Response Order, Court Clips FERC’s Authority to Regulate Based on “Affecting” Wholesale Prices

May 27, 2014: Generator Immediately Seeks to Apply Court Ruling on Demand Response to Capacity Market

May 23, 2014: PJM Capacity Market Secures New And Diverse Resources To Meet Future Electricity Demand

May 27, 2014: Capacity Prices Double in Latest PJM Auction


May 29, 2014: NRG Settlement Agreement and Voluntary Mitigation Plan Filed at PUCT

May 29, 2014: Reliant Hopes You’ll Give Up Some Control Of The Thermostat

May 29, 2014: Could Smart Power Lines Reduce Outages?

May 29, 2014: Co-ops Prepare to Push Smart Grid Forward

May 29, 2014: 3 Ways General Electric Company Will Rule the Future Economy

May 29, 2014: Solar Plant Seen As Economic Boost in West Texas

May 30, 2014: Concerns Aplenty On Nuclear Waste in Texas

May 28, 2014: Critical improvements for Power for the Plains

May 28, 2014: The Real Threat to the Electric Power Grid Is Not Terrorism

May 28, 2014: NERC Examining Reliability Impact Of Renewables

May 28, 2014: Shale Boom Won’t Budge Utility Bills—Or Stocks

May 28, 2014: President Said to Be Planning to Use Executive Authority on Carbon Rule

May 28, 2014: Texans In Congress Challenge New EPA Rules On Power Plant Emissions

May 28, 2014: U.S. Industry Gears Up To Fight Obama’s Climate Change Rules

May 27, 2014: Texas Residents Sick of Bio-Waste Aroma, Inaction By State

May 27, 2014: Inside Energy: Clean Coal in West Texas

May 27, 2014: Put Communications Front and Center at Your Co-op

May 23, 2014: LCRA Approves 2014 Business Plan That Promises $148 Million Savings For Wholesale Customers

May 23, 2014: College Station City Council Urged To Hold Of On New ‘Smart’ Meters

May 23, 2014: NRG Energy Expands Portfolio of Professional Football Stadiums Equipped with Sustainable Energy Solutions

May 23, 2014: No Support For Eliminating Texas Small-Fish-Swim-Free Rule

May 23, 2014: Texas Staff Proposes Options for Next Steps in Docket on REPs’ Sharing of Customer Info. With Third Parties

May 23, 2014: NextEra Energy Board Declares Quarterly Dividend

May 26, 2014: At EPA, It’s Get Sued, Then Crack Down

Renewable Power

May 29, 2014: Students Blow through Wind Power in Free Virtual Lab

May 29, 2014: Walmart to Double Solar Power Projects in U.S

May 28, 2014: Solar: The future of energy?

May 28, 2014: Walmart To Double Number Of Solar Projects

May 28, 2014: Green Hygienics : Follow Warren Buffet and General Electric Into the Wind Power Space

May 28, 2014: Wind Energy In 2013 Was Equivalent To Taking 20 Million Cars Off The Road

May 28, 2014: Solar Power Primed To Meet US Energy Needs, Says SEIA

May 27, 2014: Can Solar Compete in Retail Energy Choice Markets?

May 27, 2014: New Mexico Biofuel Plant Catches Fire

May 27, 2014: The Upside of Alternative Energy MLPs

May 27, 2014: Wind Energy Is One Of The Biggest, Fastest, Cheapest Ways States Can Meet Carbon Pollution Rule For Existing Power Plants

May 27, 2014: Sprint Recognized by DOE for Energy Reduction

May 27, 2014: DOE Highlights Success With Concentrating Solar Power Technology Through Loan Guarantee Program

May 25, 2014: Texas, Idaho, California Take Clean Energy Lead

May 26, 2014: Gas Stations in San Antonio Being Powered By Renewable Fuels

May 26, 2014: Austin Energy Switches Company, But Groundbreaking Solar Deal Moves On

May 23, 2014: DOE Awards $10 Million for Concentrating Solar Power Storage Research

May 23, 2014: Capital One Bank Invests $100 Million in SolarCity Fund to Provide Solar Power To Thousands of U.S. Homeowners

May 22, 2014: Enervault Unveils ‘Flow Battery’ For Solar Energy Storage

Emerging Technologies

May 29, 2014: Power Up Your Device Without Plugging In

May 28, 2014: Clariant and Siemens to Introduce New Sour Gas Shift Technology for Coal Gasification

May 27, 2014: Superconductor Discovery Points To Energy Efficient Power Transmission

May 27, 2014: $470M Power plant worth its salt in Anderson County

May 23, 2014: A Breakthrough In Power Plant Waste Heat Conversion

Outside Texas

May 29, 2014: Combined Heat and Power Even More Appealing Amid Spiking Utility Prices

May 29, 2014: States Set Ambitious Target For Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales

May 29, 2014: Federal nuclear facilities safety board calls for safety changes at Savannah River Site

May 27, 2014: One Of America’s Dirtiest Coal Plants Had Some Dire Predictions. It Was Wrong

May 27, 2014: Podesta’s Challenge Puts EPA Funding On Hot Seat

May 27, 2014: “Clean Gas” More Dangerous Than Coal

May 23, 2014: New Nuclear Emergency Center Opens

May 23, 2014: US Plants Prepare Long-Term Nuclear Waste Storage

May 23, 2014: Cause Of Poor DOE Estimates Investigated By Advisory Board

May 23, 2014: Forget Saving the Planet, Driving an Electric Car Will Save Your Life

Other News

May 29, 2014: Texas REP Teaches New Homeowners, Recent Graduates How to Buy Electricity in Texas

May 29, 2014: 7 in 10 Sharyland Utilities Customers Make An Active Choice as Competition Introduced

May 28, 2014: Two Texas REPs Change Financial Qualifications

May 28, 2014: One Texas REP Ceasing Operations, Other Group of REPs Designate Affiliate to Provide POLR Service

May 28, 2014: New Power Generation Company Registers with Texas PUC

May 26, 2014: GBRA And LCRA Join Forces In Strategic Partnership


For the Week of  5/16/14 — 5/23/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

May 22, 2014: Energy Future Postpones Hearing On Restructuring Agreement

May 22, 2014: Energy Future Bankruptcy to Remain in Delaware

May 22, 2014: Apollo, Oaktree Hold $2.7 Billion in Energy Future Claims

May 22, 2014: Luminant Launches New Advertising Campaign Featuring “Powering Texas” Pride

May 20, 2014: TXU Energy Says Customers Largely Unaffected By Bankruptcy Court Notice

May 20, 2014: Energy Future Hit With Make-Whole Litigation

May 19, 2014: The Real Lesson From the EFH Bankruptcy

May 17, 2014: Energy Future Sued Over Bankruptcy Refinance Plan

May 17, 2014: Creditors Sue Energy Future For $665 Million

May 17, 2014: Fitch Rates Oncor’s Senior Notes ‘BBB+’; Outlook Stable

Generation Adequacy

May 22, 2014: Transmission Line Could Expand Texas Wind Market

May 22, 2014: Pattern Development Receives Final FERC Approval for Southern Cross Transmission Project

May 22, 2014: Cleaner Air Could Mean Higher Electric Bills

May 22, 2014: Midwest Electricity Declines as Use Below Day-Ahead Forecast

May 22, 2014: EPA Rules That Water Cooling Options At Plants Are Up To States

May 21, 2014: Development Generating Need For Power in Katy

May 21, 2014: New Generation Power Texas Selects GE for Major Wind Turbine Supply Agreement

May 21, 2014: Texas Wind Boosted with Improved Public Planning

May 21, 2014: Predicting The Impact Of EPA’s Proposed Power Plant Effluent Limits

May 21, 2014: Power Prices Could Be On The Rise As Pollution Rules Tighten, Nation Turns More To Natural Gas

May 21, 2014: EPA Is Readying Climate Rule For Existing Power Plants As Deadline Approaches

May 21, 2014: Midwest, Mid-Atlantic Power Gains as Demand Exceeds Forecasts

May 20, 2014: Profits, Not Subsidies, Will Keep The Lights On In Texas

May 20, 2014: Active ERCOT Generation Interconnection Requests Climb Again

May 19, 2014: Wind Leads Renewable Energy Increase in Texas

May 17, 2014: Texas Utility Regulators Expect To Open Investigation On Wind ‘Cost Apportionment’

May 17, 2014: FERC Staff: Market Expects Higher Power Prices This Summer

May 16, 2014: NERC Sees Adequate Power Supply For Summer Peaks, But Lower Reserve Margins In Texas And The Midwest

May 17, 2014: FERC Order Gives Boost To Major New Line That Will Deliver Texas Wind Energy To Southeast

May 17, 2014: FERC Final Order Directing Interconnection and Transmission Service re Southern Cross Transmission LLC

May 17, 2014: Austin Energy Switches From SunEdison to Recurrent for 5-Cent Solar


May 22, 2014: Fitch Rates San Antonio City Public Service’s (TX) Elec & Gas Sys Junior Lien Revs ‘AA+’

May 22, 2014: Entergy Prepares for Storm Season in Weeklong Drill

May 22, 2014: Xcel Completes $64M Interstate Power Line

May 22, 2014: Settlement With NRG Energy Subsidiary Energy Plus Nets State $4.5M For Enforcement in Connecticut

May 22, 2014: Obama Divides Power Players Over Climate as Utilities Engage

May 22, 2014: Pressure Grows For Building A Centralized Nuclear Waste Repository

May 22, 2014: Nuclear Industry Opens Phoenix Response Center to Enhance Plant Safety

May 21, 2014: TXU Energy Says Energy Management is Key in the Internet of Things

May 21, 2014: Largest Us Municipal Utility Wants To Add Us$500+ Rooftop Fees In San Antonio

May 21, 2014: Sierra Club Sues EPA, Seeks Tougher Pollution Controls In North Texas

May 21, 2014: NRG Energy Poised Evenly

May 21, 2014: Calpine Advances Succession Plans with Promotions of Senior Leaders

May 21, 2014: Xcel Energy Inc. Board Declares Dividend on Common Stock

May 20, 2014: CPS To Add Solar Fees

May 20, 2014: Buyouts May Trim A Fourth Of CPS’ Workers

May 20, 2014: Texas Nuke Site Increases Monitoring Of Containers

May 20, 2014: Lawmakers Scrutinize Nominee to Head Federal Electricity Regulator

May 20, 2014: Obama FERC Nominee Faces The Heat

May 20, 2014: NRG Energy Rating Lowered to Neutral at Zacks

May 20, 2014: Co-op Marketing Pro Gives Tips for Tight Budgets

May 20, 2014: NextEra Energy Announces Public Filing Of Registration Statement For Proposed Initial Public Offering Of NextEra Energy Partners, LP

May 20, 2014: Better East Texas: Congress Flip Flops Over Domestic Energy

May 19, 2014: ETT Files Application To Build Transmission Line From Barney Davis Substation To Naval Base Substation

May 19, 2014: Back To Basics At FERC

May 19, 2014: Why Electric and Natural-Gas Cars Will Gain Traction

May 19, 2014: Utility Spending on Smart Grid as a Service Will Total $57.6 Billion from 2014 through 2023, Forecasts Navigant Research

May 17, 2014: Plug-In Rebates Finally Come to Texas, But Not For Tesla

May 17, 2014: Entergy Texas, Inc. Announces Redemption of All Outstanding First Mortgage Bonds, 7.875% Series due June 1, 2039

May 17, 2014: Feds Looking To Make ‘Risky’ Tech Loans

May 17, 2014: Obama’s FERC Problem Isn’t Going Away

May 17, 2014: FERC Enforcement: The Pit And The Pendulum

May 17, 2014: Next Decade To Be Very Chaotic For Investor-Owned Utilities, Panel Says

May 17, 2014: Obama To Personally Push EPA Emission Rules

May 17, 2014: EPA Races To Finish Obama Rules

Power Grid Security

May 20, 2014: Cybercrime Case Names U.S. Steel, Westinghouse, Alcoa As Victims

May 20, 2014: U.S. Utility’s Control System Was Hacked, Says Homeland Security

May 20, 2014: Westinghouse’s Data Stolen Despite Big Deal With China

May 20, 2014: Survey Finds Energy Firms Taking Cyber Threat Seriously

May 20, 2014: NRC, FERC Commissioners to Discuss Grid Reliability, Reactor Issues May 28 in Rockville, Md

May 17, 2014: U.S. Industry Too Complacent About Cyber Risks, Say Experts

Renewable Power

May 22, 2014: Texas Nearly Takes Top Clean Energy Jobs Spot

May 22, 2014: Why Is The US Wind Industry In The Doldrums?

May 22, 2014: 2 Companies Capturing America’s Offshore Wind Opportunity

May 22, 2014: DOE Continues to Push Concentrating Solar Power Systems

May 22, 2014: Capital One Bank Invests $100MM to Provide Solar Power

May 22, 2014: Solar Booms Beyond White House To Mega U.S. Projects

May 21, 2014: Houston NRG Park Set To Go Green

May 21, 2014: High Winds Could Mean High Revenue In Texas

May 21, 2014: USDA Announces Support for Renewable Biomass Energy

May 21, 2014: New Permits Sought For 2 Tidal Power Dam Projects In Cobscook Bay

May 21, 2014: USGS Pinpoints American Wind Turbines—And Shares With You

May 20, 2014: These Are Not Your Father’s Solar Panels

May 20, 2014: Cox Enterprises Announces National Employee Solar Program

May 20, 2014: Maintaining Turbine Efficiency: Guarding Against Premature Wear

May 20, 2014: ET Solar Launches Cell Optimizer Module Globally

May 20, 2014: Edison Electric Institute Members Lobbying For Solar Taxes

May 20, 2014: Siemens Signs Three-Year Charter For New Jack-Up Vessel, Purpose-Built For Service

May 20, 2014: Planting The “SEEDS” Of Solar Technology In The Home

May 20, 2014: Modi to Use Solar to Bring Power to Every Home by 2019

May 20, 2014: Helotes Students Take First Place At Solar Race

May 19, 2014: Scotland Set To Build First Floating Wind Farm In World

May 19, 2014: Scottish Islands Provide a Proving Ground for Power From the Ocean

May 19, 2014: SgurrEnergy Demonstrates Method to Cut the Cost of Offshore Wind Power Curve Tests

May 19, 2014: Wind Energy Company WindEco Launches New Website,, to Educate Investors

May 19, 2014: NASA Uses Solar Power To Get Crippled Kepler Back To Work

May 19, 2014: HP’s Corporate Headquarters Teaming With SolarCity To Go Solar

May 17, 2014: Texas Instruments Launches C2000 Solar Micro Inverter Development Kit

May 17, 2014: NRG Energy Unit Builds Solar Array in Rutland

May 17, 2014: How The Army Solar Power Program Is Like The Affordable Care Act

May 17, 2014: A New Solar Investment Paying You Cash

May 17, 2014: Proposed IRS Rule Could Allow Solar Energy REITs

May 17, 2014: SunPower’s CEO, Tom Werner, Talks Solar’s Next Big Thing

Emerging Technologies

May 20, 2014: Electric Grid, You Have Software Updates Available

May 20, 2014: Power, Pipeline Companies Find Efficiency, Flexibility In Multiparty Contract

May 19, 2014: New LYTSwitch-2 Isolated LED-Driver ICs from Power Integrations Deliver More Output Power and Greater Accuracy

May 19, 2014: Silicon Labs Eases Smart Meter Design with Wireless M-Bus Software

May 19, 2014: Smart Meter Technologies, Malaysia and EnVerv Announce their Collaboration on Range of Smart Meter Products

May 19, 2014: Cars Could Drive Themselves Sooner Than Expected After European Push

Outside Texas

May 22, 2014: Nominations Now Open for Energy Storage North America 2014 Innovation Awards

May 21, 2014: Mexico’s National Power Utility Plans Natural Gas Sales

May 21, 2014: Electric-Car Charging Program Hits Speed Bump

May 21, 2014: House Receives Final Rules from Energy Department, Treasury Department

May 21, 2014: Biggest Market By Value For Distribution Services Market Are For Contracting Services

May 20, 2014: NEI’s Incoming Chairman Cites Nuclear Energy’s Value to Electricity Diversity, Reliability

May 20, 2014: Nuclear Outages Could Pick Up In H2’14 But With Modest Impact To Gas Demand

May 20, 2014: Green Appeal of Nuclear Means Hope for Burned Uranium Shares

May 20, 2014: NRDC: New EPA Water Intake Rule Too Weak, Fails to Protect Aquatic Life

May 19, 2014: AEP Launches Seismic Risk Studies At Cook Nuclear Power Plant

May 19, 2014: Power Plant Owners Get EPA Options to Prevent Fish Kills

May 17, 2014: NRG eVgo Introduces New Convenience To Electric Vehicle Charging

May 17, 2014: Hot Nuclear Waste, Cold Hard Cash, And You

May 17, 2014: NRC Too Lenient on Spent Nuclear Fuel, Safety Exemptions, Senators Say

May 15, 2014: Govt Halts Fee For Non-Existent Nuke Waste Site After 30 Years And $43 Bn Collected

Other News

May 23, 2014: Proposed Order for REP Violation Corrected by PUCT Staff

May 23, 2014: New Application Filed at the PUCT for Retail Electric Provider Certification

May 22, 2014: Co-ops Use Data to Improve Member Services

May 21, 2014: Texas Retail Provider Ceasing Operations and Relinquishing Certificate

May 21, 2014: Google Mulls Ads On Thermostats: Is The Smart Home Doomed?

May 21, 2014: Google S.E.C. Filing Says It Wants Ads In Your Thermostat and Car

May 21, 2014: TCEQ Rejects LCRA Water Plan, Suggests Fewer Downsteam Releases

May 20, 2014: Calpine Advances Succession Plans with Promotions of Senior Leaders

May 20, 2014: San Angelo City Council Oks Wastewater Reuse Study

May 20, 2014: Conserving Water In The Oil Fields

May 20, 2014: TXU Energy Program Helps Cuts Business Electricity Spending by $51 Million

May 19, 2014: How Rising Seas Could Sink Nuclear Plants On The East Coast and Texas

May 15, 2014: Texas REP Settles Notice of Violation

May 17, 2014: TCEQ Rejects LCRA Water Management Plan

May 17, 2014: Race For Energy Post Deserves Voters’ Attention

May 17, 2014: $270K Grant Will Help TJC Train 133 Luminant Employees



For the Week of  5/9/14 — 5/16/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

May 15, 2014: J.P. Morgan Snags Role on Alternative Energy Future Bankruptcy Loan

May 15, 2014: Second Lienholders in EFH Bankruptcy Oppose Deal

May 14, 2014: Energy Future Creditor Trustee Faults Financing Plan

May 14, 2014: Energy Future Top-Ranking Lenders Take Issue With Financing Plan

May 15, 2014: Energy Future Pays $23.5 Million to Retain Sidley, Kirkland

May 13, 2014: Energy Future Unsecured Creditors Form Ranks, Hire Morrison & Foerster

May 12, 2014: Energy Future Creditors Seek Seats on Bankruptcy Panel

May 12, 2014: Creditors In Energy Future’s Bankruptcy Form Official Committee

May 12, 2014: Three Bond Trustees Named to Energy Future’s Creditor Committee

May 8, 2014: Energy Future’s Oncor Electric Raises $250 Million in Bond Sale

Generation Adequacy

May 15, 2014: Mars Agrees To Construct 200 MW Wind Farm in Texas

May 15, 2014: Austin Energy Pens Pact For Texas’ Largest Solar Power Plant

May 15, 2014: Deal Sets Plan for Texas’ Largest Single Solar Facility

May 15, 2014: PV ‘Competitive’ In ERCOT Market

May 15, 2014: Calpine, NRG Aim To Sink Houston Transmission Project On Question Of Need

May 14, 2014: Electricity Prices Rise From Dallas to Boston

May 15, 2014: Proposed Texas Order Would Grant Appeal, Require ERCOT Resettlement

May 14, 2014: EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook Predicts More US Natural Gas-Fired Power Capacity

May 13, 2014: Houston-Based NRG Wins Right Operate Biomass Plant in East Texas

May 13, 2014: NextEra Energy To Shut Two Texas Wind Farms In A First For ERCOT

May 13, 2014: Opinion: The Future Of America’s Power Markets? Watch Texas

May 13, 2014: PJM Ready To Provide Power To Withstand Hot Summer Ahead

May 12, 2014: Natural Gas’ Share Of ERCOT’s Market Grows, Nuclear’s Share Drops

May 12, 2014: PJM Wins on DR, Loses on Arbitrage Fix in Late FERC Rulings

May 11, 2014: Oncor Is Testing Battery Technology On Grid

May 12, 2014: FERC Rejects PJM Changes Designed to Increase Capacity Prices By Limiting Incremental Auction Participation

May 9, 2014: AARP Analysis: Polar Vortex Grip on NY Energy Costs to Last into Summer


May 15, 2014: TXU Energy Tells Customers: Our Efforts are ‘Inspired by You’

May 15, 2014: Telsa CEO Elon Musk Sees Nearly Unlimited Demand For Energy Storage

May 15, 2014: University Of Texas Wants To Work With Tesla’s ‘Gigafactory’

May 15, 2014: SMU Fracking Scientist Says Texas Regulators Actually Being Helpful With Earthquake Study

May 15, 2014: Neighborliness Between State And Feds On Environmental Matters

May 14, 2014: Man-Made Quakes Get a Hearing at Texas Legislature

May 13, 2014: Ideal Power Inc. from Austin, TX Announces Q1 2014 Results

May 8, 2014: Coritech Services Orders Ideal Power’s Battery Converters for DOD Vehicle-to-Grid Program

May 14, 2014: Sanders Bill Would Give States More Say in Nuclear Plant Shutdowns

May 14, 2014: Senate Bills Aim to Shield Nuclear Power Plant Waste from Sabotage

May 14, 2014: Bill Calls For Dry Storage Of Spent Fuel

May 14, 2014: Pattern Energy Announces Closing of Public Offering

May 14, 2014: North Texas Rancher’s Power Line Battle Gains Attention

May 13, 2014: TXU Energy’s Scott Hudson Urges Industry: Focus on the Fundamentals

May 13, 2014: Xcel To Invest $557M In New Mexico, West Texas

May 13, 2014: Thousands Lose Electricity In Texas Storms, Rain

May 13, 2014: Texas Lawmakers Again Consider Overhauling How Pollution Permits Are Fought

May 13, 2014: 40 Answers for EPA Carbon Rules: AEE Identifies Technology Solutions for Cutting Carbon Emissions from Electricity Generation

May 13, 2014: Coal Rules Will Devastate, Say Biz Groups

May 12, 2014: EPA’s Carbon Limits for New Power Plants Must Be ‘Grounded in Reality,’ Industry Says

May 12, 2014: 6 Electric Utilities including Austin Energy Charging A New Energy Course

May 8, 2014: Texas Electric-Car Purchase Rebates Up To $2,500 To Start Soon

May 12, 2014: Report: State Regulators Won’t Let EPA Harm Electrical Grid

May 8, 2014: Natural Gas-Powered ‘House Of The Future’ Can Generate More Electricity Than It Uses

May 12, 2014: Will Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ Fight Come Down To Texas Vs. California?

May 9, 2014: Pattern Energy Announces Pricing of Public Offering

Renewable Power

May 15, 2014: Texas Solar Farm Construction May Bring Hundreds Of Jobs

May 15, 2014: Tax Credit For Renewable Energy Confronts Congressional Headwinds

May 15, 2014: Republican Senator Chuck Grassley Promotes Wind Power On U.S. Senate Floor

May 15, 2014: Housing Authorities, Is On-Site Solar Power Right For You?

May 15, 2014: Recent Winners in the Battle for Offshore Wind

May 14, 2014: Senate Debates Wind Tax Credit

May 14, 2014: Wind Turbine Systems

May 14, 2014: Utilities Launch Campaign Against Home-Based Solar

May 13, 2014: As Wind Farm Industry Matures, Environmental Opposition Grows

May 13, 2014: The Best Way to Play Wind Energy

May 13, 2014: Kaiser Permanente Pledges More Investment In Onsite Solar Power Generation

May 13, 2014: SolarCity to Provide Clean Energy for HP’s Corporate Headquarters

May 13, 2014: NRG Energy Completes Innovative Community Solar Array

May 13, 2014: Walmart Sets the Stage with Commitment to Solar Energy

May 12, 2014: Can the Texas Solar Market Live Up to Its Potential?

May 12, 2014: More Solar Energy Powering Corporate America

May 12, 2014: Build Us A Cheap Solar Power Inverter, Take Away $1 Million: Google

May 9, 2014: Solar Seen Bailing California Out of Summer Hydro Shortage

May 9, 2014: Solar-Powered Cars A Boost For Texas STEM Students

May 9, 2014: Ag Energy Efficiency Grants, Loans Now Available

May 9, 2014: Wind Power Experts: All Things Being Equal, Industry Can Compete

May 9, 2014: Let The Sun Shine In — On White House Solar Panels

May 10, 2014: From Wal-Mart To The White House, Obama Talks Up Expansion Of Solar Power

May 9, 2014: Walmart To Double Solar Energy Projects At U.S Stores In 7 Years

Emerging Technologies

May 15, 2014: Delta Thermo Gets Two Permits For Allentown Waste-To-Energy Plant

May 14, 2014: Siemens Adds Further Performance Category To Its Entrained-Flow Gasifier Portfolio

May 13, 2014: SCE&G Sets Super Module At Nuclear Plant

May 12, 2014: Solar Cells From Blackberry Juice

May 9, 2014: Siemens To Deliver The World’s Largest Subsea Pipeline Heating Power System

Outside Texas

May 15, 2014: NRC Schedules Meeting to Discuss Annual Assessment of St. Lucie Nuclear Plant

May 15, 2014: NRC Schedules Open House to Discuss Oconee Nuclear Plant Performance

May 15, 2014: Nuclear Update: US Production Steadies Near 84%

May 14, 2014: Ex Goldman Risk Chief: Stanford Coal Cut A ‘Tipping Point’

May 14, 2014: Boulder Hopes For Cooperative Utility Transition

May 14, 2014: Ga. Utility Closer To US Loans For Nuclear Plant

May 13, 2014: With Energy Efficiency Bill Doomed To Fail, Senate Will Pivot To Tax Cuts

May 13, 2014: Bills Would Beef Up Safety Regs For Spent Nuclear Fuel

May 11, 2014: NRC Orders New Earthquake Risk Analyses at 21 Nuclear Plants

May 13, 2014: Plant Vogtle Makes Nuclear Regulatory Commission List For Earthquake Analysis

May 12, 2014: Even If Coal Has Bottomed, Will It Ever Recover?

May 12, 2014: Energy Savings Bill Fails Amid Election Politics

May 12, 2014: Amid Pipeline and Climate Debate, Energy-Efficiency Bill Is Derailed

May 12, 2014: Is The Senate Doomed To Fail On Energy Policy?

May 9, 2014: Coal Plants Under Fire: U.S. Supreme Courts Rule on Cross State Air Pollution

Other News

May 15, 2014: Consulting Firm Promotes James Harvey to Partner

May 15, 2014: Frontier Utilities Acquires Customers from Texas REP

May 15, 2014: Retail Supplier to Sell Solar Division

May 15, 2014: Just Energy Sees Accelerated Churn from Polar Vortex

May 15, 2014: In Texas, REP Approved, REPs Amend Certificates, REP Relinquishes Certificate

May 15, 2014: Direct Energy Partners with Nest to Bring Energy Savings Offers to Customers in North America

May 15, 2014: Crius Energy Targets New Markets, Including Texas

May 13, 2014: Texas REP Offers Moving Services

May 13, 2014: Energy Market Veteran Forms New Texas Retail Provider

May 13, 2014: Texas Retail REP to Offer Rebates, Offers With Nest Thermostat to ‘Millions’ of Customers

May 13, 2014: NREL Announces Participants in National Executive Education Program

May 13, 2014: North American Power Creates Solar Brand to Offer Solar Financing

May 13, 2014: Liberty Power Signs Agreement with Wholesale Supplier

May 13, 2014: OneRoof Energy, Choose Energy Announce Marketing Alliance

May 12, 2014: Entrust Energy Acquires Reach Energy Customers

May 10, 2014: Jones: Water, Water Everywhere And Not Enough Acre-Feet To Drink

May 11, 2014: Treated Wastewater Getting Second Look As A Valuable Resource

May 10, 2014: Emissions Studies Matter To State, As Long As Data Fits With Policy


For the Week of  5/2/14 — 5/9/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

May 8, 2014: How is Oncor Protected?

May 8, 2014: What Are the Terms of Oncor’s Ring-Fence?

May 7, 2014: Energy Future Intermediate Holding Company LLC and EFIH Finance Inc. Commence Offer for First Lien Notes Settlement

May 7, 2014: TXU Parent Sees Essentially Flat Residential Churn Through First Quarter of 2014

May 5, 2014: EFH Moves Off Restructuring Watchlist, In Largest Default (But Not Credit Loss) On Record

May 5, 2014; Energy Future Unit Said to Plan $9 Billion Debt Deal

May 5, 2014: Fitch Affirms Oncor’s IDR at ‘BBB’; Outlook Stable

May 5, 2014: Energy Future Parts Crowd to Get Early Bankruptcy Financing

May 5, 2014: Bankrupt Power Company Owns Businesses Worth Billions

May 2, 2014: Energy Future’s Revamp May Put New Oncor Owners Under Microscope

May 2, 2014; Inside The Negotiations Over Energy Future Holdings’ Breakup

May 2, 2014: Why Are Private-Equity Firms Behind Energy Future Deal The Only Ones Coming Out Okay?

May 2, 2014: The Fracking Boom and the Fall of a Texas Utility

May 2, 2014: EFH files Form 10-K with PUCT

Generation Adequacy

May 7, 2014: Texas Power Price Drops as Wind Output Exceeds Expectations

May 7, 2014: Coal Delays Not Likely To Impact ERCOT System: Official

May 7, 2014: Pattern Energy to purchase 179MW of Panhandle 1 wind power project for $125m

May 7, 2014: Opinion: Texas is the American Leader in Energy – So How Can Its Electricity Markets be Such a Mess?

May 6, 2014: PUCT to Revisit Loophole for Small Electric Generators

May 6, 2014: FERC Accepts PJM’s Proposal to Limit Imported Capacity

May 6, 2014: New FERC and EPA Regulations will Impact Cost and Security of Electricity Supply

May 6, 2014: Annual Review Concludes that New England’s Wholesale Power Markets Operated Competitively in 2013

May 2, 2014: Pattern Energy Agrees To Acquire 179 MW Of Wind Power Project In Texas From Pattern Development

May 2, 2014: Mirzatuny: Can Texas Keep the Lights On? Clean Energy Holds the Answer

May 1, 2014: New Plants To Power Up, But Electricity Could Get Tight This Summer


May 8, 2014: Mild Winter Brings Smaller Profit For El Paso Electric

May 8, 2014: Fitch: U.S. Utilities Face Modest Exposure to Rising Interest Rates

May 7, 2014: TXU Energy Gives Customers Even More Hours to Use Free Electricity

May 7, 2014: NRG Energy and Unilever Announce Formation of Strategic Partnership on Renewable Energy

May 7, 2014: NRG CEO: Distributed Solar Is A Trillion Dollar Opportunity

May 7, 2014: Centrica’s, Direct Energy Parent Co’s, Interim Management Statement

May 7, 2014: Direct Energy Parent Reports $110 Million Hit from Polar Vortex

May 7, 2014: El Paso Electric Announces First Quarter Financial Results

May 7, 2014: California Now In Running For Tesla Motors’ ‘Gigafactory’

May 7, 2014: Tesla’s First Gigafactory Site Will Break Ground Next Month

May 7, 2014: Tesla Reports Loss on Higher Research Costs

May 7, 2014: NRG Says Expanding Texas Retail Margins Made Company “Comfortable” With Significant Expansion Via Dominion Retail Book

May 6, 2014: Global Solar Equipment Manufacturer Relocates North American Headquarters To San Antonio

May 6, 2014: New Mexico Not A Favorite To Land Tesla Gigafactory

May 6, 2014: Exelon Corporation Declares Dividend

May 6, 2014: NRG Energy Loss Narrows As Revenue Soars

May 5, 2014: Race For Coserv Electric Co-Op Board Turns High-Wattage

May 5, 2014: 6 Things You Don’t Know About Your Electric Bill

May 5, 2014: Entergy Announces Retirement of Chief Integration Office, Joe Domino

May 1, 2014: CenterPoint Officials Weigh Oncor Opportunity

May 1, 2014: CenterPoint Energy Management Discusses Q1 2014 Results

May 2, 2014: Reserve Deputy Accused Of Firing Gun At Centerpoint Energy Workers

May 2, 2014: CEO Says Entergy Will Thrive On Industrial Boom

May 2, 2014: EPA Victory Is Good For Texas Air

Power Grid Security

May 8, 2014: Hearing: Electric Grid Vulnerable to EMP

Renewable Power

May 8, 2014: Bring On The Renewables: Offshore Wind Power Gets A $141 Million Boost

May 7, 2014: Houston 9th In Green Energy Buys

May 7, 2014: Siemens Signs Multiple 10-Year Wind Service Contracts In North America

May 7, 2014: U.S. Adds Up To 141 Million To Support Offshore Wind Power

May 7, 2014: Wind Power Cuts CO2 Emissions On Close To 1:1 Basis

May 7, 2014: Agua Caliente, World’s Largest Photovoltaic Plant, Helps Advance America’s Solar Leadership

May 7, 2014: Biomass Power Association Statement on National Climate Assessment Report

May 7, 2014: Green Power EMC Debuts Pecan Row Landfill Gas Generating Facility

May 6, 2014: Siemens Wins Wind Energy Contracts In North America, Puerto Rico

May 6, 2014: Warren Buffett: I Build Wind Turbines To Lower My Corporate Taxes

May 6, 2014: GE Announces Cumulative 3.9 Gigawatts of US Orders, Expansion of Brilliant Wind Platform

May 6, 2014: Rooftop Solar Equals Personal Power

May 6, 2014: Dow Highlights Concentrated Solar Power Solutions At Menasol 2014

May 5, 2014: Pattern Energy Announces Commencement of Public Offering

May 5, 2014: Big Wind in the Big Oil State

May 5, 2014: First Solar Earnings: Bookings, Longer-Term Profitability In Focus

May 5, 2014: The Latest Wind Energy Information

May 5, 2014: 5 Places You’d Never Expect to Find a Solar Panel

May 5, 2014: Solar Energy’s Quiet Invasion Into Professional Sports

May 2, 2014: S. A. a Leader In Renewable Energy

May 2, 2014: There Is Bright Future For Alternative-Energy Engineers

May 2, 2014: Renewables Get Vote Of Financial Confidence In Nextera Spinoff Plans

May 2, 2014: 11 Take-Aways From AWEA’s Wind Energy Report

Emerging Technologies

May 8, 2014: Smart Grid: Jesse Berst Says Prepare For An Electricity Revolution

May 6, 2014: Northwestern University Makes A Breakthrough In Solar Energy Technology

May 5, 2014: NASA Using High Voltage Transmission Lines In Space Weather Project

May 5, 2014: FuelCell Energy Announces Highly Efficient And Environmentally Friendly Fuel Cell Power Plant Installation At The University Of Bridgeport

May 2, 2014: The Economics Of Using Mesquite For Electricity

May 5, 2014: New Ideas in Lighting Get Closer to Market

May 2, 2014: Energy Commission Will Fund New Hydrogen Fueling Stations In California

May 2, 2014: Chain Reaction: Electric Bicycles Make New Power Commute

Outside Texas

May 7, 2014: NRC Seeks Comment on Supplement to Certification Rule for General Electric-Hitachi New Reactor Design

May 7, 2014: Difficulties Arise In Decommissioning Of San Onofre Nuclear Plant

May 7, 2014: NRC Pushes PG&E To Provide Updates On Seismic Testing At Diablo Canyon Nuke

May 6, 2014: Rockefeller Introduces Bills To Invest In Cleaner Coal

May 6, 2014: White House Sees Climate Change Effects In California, Texas, Florida

May 6, 2014: House Science Chair Lamar Smith Rejects Climate Report From White House

May 6, 2014: CO2 Emissions From Electric Power Sector Vary With Coal & Nuclear Retirements

May 5, 2014: Surry Nuclear Power Plant: A Look Inside

May 5, 2014: At Chernobyl, Hints of Nature’s Adaptation

May 5, 2014: Japan to Work With France on Future Fast-Breeder Atomic Reactor

May 5, 2014: Merger Would Make Exelon Biggest U.S. Utility

May 5, 2014: Nuclear Lobbying Campaign Aims To Boost The Industry’s Flagging Business Fortunes

May 2, 2014: DTE Energy Files Application For Fermi 2 License Renewal

May 2, 2014: Graham gets ‘harsh’ with officials over MOX

May 2, 2014: Pilgrim Hit On Safety Record

Other News

May 8, 2014: TCEQ Says River Water Is Safe

May 8, 2014: What’s the Magic Number on Texas’ Water Needs?

May 8, 2014: Wild Turkey Restoration Program Takes Flight on Luminant’s Reclaimed Land

May 7, 2014: State Rep Pushes Desalination Plant Near Victoria

May 6, 2014: Frontier And Crius Energy To Provide Solar Power For California Markets

May 6, 2014: Texas REP Receives License in New State

May 6, 2014: North American Power Names Retail Market Veteran As New CEO

May 5, 2014: NRG and Affiliate REPs Begin Closer Consolidation

May 5, 2014: NRG’s Everything Energy Brand to Replace Energy Plus Brand in Texas

May 5, 2014: New Texas REP Launches Service, Files To Offer Prepaid Plan


For the Week of  4/25/14 — 5/2/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

May 1, 2014: Texas Localities’ Revenue at Risk After Bankruptcy, Moody’s Says

May 1, 2014: Attorneys Pack Courtroom For First EFH Bankruptcy Hearing

May 1, 2014: EFH Placed Too Many Chips Behind The Wrong Wager

May 1, 2014: How TXU’s ‘Bankrupt’ Owners Could Still Win

May 1, 2014: Millstein’s Abrams Juggles TXU to Puerto Rico as Workouts Scarce

April 30, 2014: Utility’s Bankruptcy Prompts Consumer Worries In Texas

April 30, 2014: Oncor’s Ring Fence Has A $100M Hole, Analyst Says

May 1, 2014: Retail Customer Churn at TXU Parent Steady

April 30, 2014: Utility’s Demise Is a Boon for Blackstone

April 30, 2014: Chapter 11 Surprise — Sometimes Junior Debt Holders Win

April 30, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Lost $2.3 Billion Last Year, But Its CEO Got A Raise

May 1, 2014: Energy Future Holdings CEO Gets $7M While Company Posts Billion-Dollar Losses

April 30, 2014: Luminant Readies New Gas Capacity — In Case Power Prices Justify It

April 30, 2014: One Of The Biggest Bankruptcies In The World Began With 2,400 Breakfast Tacos

April 30, 2014: Energy Future Looks To Tap Nearly $10B

April 30, 2014: Energy Future Junior Creditors Test Bid for Fast Bankruptcy Deal

April 29, 2014: What’s At Stake In The Massive Energy Future Holdings Bankruptcy?

April 29, 2014: Breakup Likely For Energy Future Holdings In Bankruptcy

April 30, 2014: Power Giant’s Bankruptcy Raises Questions Of Coal Plants’ Future

April 29, 2004: Bankruptcy’s Silver Lining For Energy Future’s Coal Power Plants

April 29, 2014: Delaware Messes With Texas, Sparks Fight Over Mega-Bankruptcy

April 29, 2014: TXU Energy Pledges Service Won’t Be Hurt By Bankruptcy

April 29, 2014: TXU Bankruptcy Potential Has Rivals ‘Licking Their Chops’

April 28, 2014: NRG Energy Seizes The Moment While EFH Is Hamstrung

April 30, 2014: For Those Who Blew TXU Takeover, EFH Chief Has Only Praise

April 29, 2014: Junk-Bond Default Rate Will Double After TXU Bankruptcy Filing – Fitch

April 29, 2014: Ex-CEO Secures Big Payday In Energy Future Holdings Collapse

April 29, 2014: Warren Buffett’s ‘Big Mistake’ Ends Up In Bankruptcy Court

April 29, 2014: How Shale-Gas Boom Led to Demise of Energy Future Holdings

April 29, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Could Find New Life Through Bankruptcy

April 29, 2014: Settling the Bets of the Private-Equity Megadeal’s Golden Age

April 29, 2014: PUCT’s Press Release: PUC Moves to Protect EFH Customers during Bankruptcy

April 29, 2014: PUCT Addresses Customers’ Concerns Regarding EFH Bankruptcy

April 29, 2014: Energy Future Files for Bankruptcy Protection in Delaware

April 29, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

April 29, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

April 29, 2014: TXU, Oncor Owners File for Bankruptcy

April 29, 2014: Big Texas Utility Files for Bankruptcy

April 29, 2014: Texas Power Company Energy Future Files For Bankruptcy

April 28, 2014: EFH Board Votes For Chapter 11

April 28, 2014: Energy Future Close To $9.7B Bankruptcy Financing Commitment From Banks

April 28, 2014: Energy Future Holdings and Creditors Near Deal on Bankruptcy Plan

April 28, 2014: EFH Deal Eminent, Bankruptcy Filing Within 48 Hours

April 28, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Prepares To File For Bankruptcy

April 28, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Set To File For Bankruptcy

April 26, 2014: For EFH, A Colossal Collapse But Limited Pain For Buyout’s Architects

April 25, 2014: Energy Future To File U.S. Bankruptcy As Soon As Monday-Sources

April 25, 2014: Clock Ticking, Bankruptcy Near For Energy Future Holdings

April 25, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Has 2 Options As Bankruptcy Looms

Generation Adequacy

May 1, 2014: Sumitomo Joins Project To Build 200-MW Wind Farm In Texas

May 1, 2014: Western US Power Markets Continue Higher Amid ‘Record Warmth’

May 1, 2014: ERCOT Press Release: Several New Power Plants Expected To Begin Operating By Late Summer

April 30, 2014: Luminant Readies New Gas Capacity — In Case Power Prices Justify It

April 28, 2014: ERCOT Adds 2,827 MW To Generation Request Queue

April 29, 2014: CPS Energy CEO Says Texas Is “OK” For Energy Ahead Of Another Hot Summer

April 29, 2014: ERCOT Files its 2013 Annual Report with PUCT

April 25, 2014: The Price of Electricity In The U.S. Is About to Skyrocket

April 25, 2014: U.S. Electricity Prices May Be Going Up For Good

April 25, 2014: Texas Power Generator Accused Of Electricity Market Manipulation


May 1, 2014: Radioactive Waste Opponents Say Tx Lege Should Consider Storage Risks

May 1, 2014: Whole Foods Joins DOE’s Better Building Challenge to Cut Energy Use

May 1, 2014: Fitch Affirms Pedernales Electric Cooperative’s (TX) Mtge Bonds at ‘AA-’; Outlook Stable

May 1, 2014: A Big Week For Energy Company Mergers, Buys, Bankruptcies

May 1, 2014: Supreme Court Upholds EPA Interstate Pollution Rule

May 1, 2014: Xcel Energy First Quarter 2014 Earnings Report

April 30, 2014: Sierra Club Worried About Precedent From Nuclear Waste Site Ruling

April 30, 2014: FPL, Parent Company, NextEra Energy, Report Financial Gains

April 30, 2014: Fitch Places Exelon’s Ratings on Negative Watch Following Acquisition Announcement

April 30, 2014: OSHA Issues Final Rule Revising Standards for Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

April 29, 2014: Texas Loses Supreme Court Ruling On EPA Pollution Cuts

April 29, 2014: EPA Air Permit Issued to El Paso Electric to Build Montana Power Station Becomes Effective

April 29, 2014: Texas City Tries Out LED Lighting

April 29, 2014: Amarillo Company Wins Environmental Excellence Award

April 28, 2014: Texas Regulator Says No Controversy In Cutting Air Quality Funding

April 28, 2014: Fitch Publishes Recovery Analysis for U.S. Power Companies

April 27, 2014: A Shock To The System: Power Outages in Texas

April 25, 2014: El Paso Electric Company (EE) – Clean Technology – Deals and Alliances Profile

April 25, 2014: AEP Texas On Lookout For Theft

April 25, 2014: AEP Gets Cold Weather Boost In 1st Quarter

April 27, 2014: Mistake Costs Coalition State Pollution Funds

April 25, 2014: Boehner Says Country Can Be Energy Independent In 5 Years

April 25, 2014: Top 10 Reasons Why The Electric Utility Industry is Gearing Up Like Never Before

Power Grid Security

April 28, 2014: DOE Issues Guidance On Electric Grid Cybersecurity

April 25, 2014: Heartbleed Could Hit Energy Grid

Renewable Power

May 1, 2014: Fitch: US Wind Power’s Problem Will Remain Speed and Direction

May 1, 2014: Solar And Wind Power Fee Generates Flap

May 1, 2014: US Wind Power At Last Sees Transformation In Motion

May 1, 2014: With Construction Boom in Full Swing, Wind Energy Heads to WINDPOWER 2014 Conference in Las Vegas

May 1, 2014: Collegiate Wind Competition with Turbines to Go Blade-to-Blade in Wind Tunnel Tests

May 1, 2014: The Time for Wind and Solar Energy Is Now

April 30, 2014: Energy Efficiency Gaining Ground Among Consumers And Energy Professionals

April 30, 2014: NextEra Energy Latest to Form Yieldco for Renewable Power Plants

April 30, 2014: Nextera Energy Announces Confidential Submission Of Draft Registration Statement For Yieldco Vehicle

April 30, 2014: GE Offers $13.5 Billion Enterprise Value to Acquire Alstom Thermal, Renewables, and Grid Businesses

April 30, 2014: Energy Dept. Report Finds Major Potential To Grow Clean, Sustainable U.S. Hydropower

April 30, 2014: Wind Power Is Getting Big

April 30, 2014: Wind Power Equipment Company Delivers Kit To US Firm

April 30, 2014: US Solar Power Installed Costs On Course For 2020 Target

April 29, 2014: How Solar Is Cutting Grid Costs

April 29, 2014: Tucson Electric Power To Develop 18MW Solar Array For The US Army

April 29, 2014: A Snapshot Of The Feeder-By-Feeder Solar Challenge In The US

April 28, 2014: West Texas Wind Sees Its Own Boom

April 28, 2014: SEPA Analysis Shows that 10 Utilities Accounted for 82% of all Integrated Solar Capacity in 2013

April 25, 2014: Is General Electric Making a Bigger Push Into Wind?

April 25, 2014: Will Newer Wind Turbines Mean Fewer Bird Deaths?

Emerging Technologies

May 1, 2014: NREL, Sandia Team to Improve Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

May 1, 2014: Widespread Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Goal Of New Project

April 30, 2014: Fuelcell Energy To Install Fuel Cell Power Plants For United Illuminating

April 30, 2014: FuelCell Energy Awarded 5.6 Megawatts of Ultra-Clean and Efficient Fuel Cell Power Plants by United Illuminating for Renewable Distributed Generation Development

April 28, 2014: Experimental Efforts To Harvest The Ocean’s Power Face Cost Setbacks

April 28, 2014: Energy Trash Talk! We’re Bigger Than Solar: CEO

April 25, 2014: Active Power from Austin Looks To Turn On The Juice

April 25, 2014: Peak Load Management Alliance Releases Spring Demand Response Market Research Report

April 27, 2014: Upcoming Doe Funding May Heat Geothermal Space

April 27, 2014: Experimental Efforts to Harvest the Ocean’s Power Face Cost Setbacks

Outside Texas

May 1, 2014: NRC: Seismic Activity Exceeds Plant’s Design

May 1, 2014: The Right Lessons From Chernobyl

April 30, 2014: NRC Schedules Open House to Discuss McGuire Nuclear Plant Performance

April 30, 2014: US Power Plant Coal Stockpiles Expected To Rebuild

April 30, 2014: Distributed Energy Threatening Utilities

April 29, 2014: Nuclear Plant Retirements to ‘Slightly Increase’ Carbon

April 29, 2014: U.S. Greenhouse Emissions Tied To Aging Nuclear, Coal Plants

April 29, 2014: Closing US Nuclear Plants Bad For The Environment – Report

April 28, 2014: Nuclear Industry Gains Carbon-Focused Allies In Push To Save Reactors

April 28, 2014: Maintaining U.S. Nuclear Power Helps Meet Our Climate Goals

April 28, 2014: Tesla Finds Friends In The FTC

April 25, 2014: Siemens Delivers CO2 Compressors To Coal Liquefaction Plant In China

April 25, 2014: Catawba Nuclear Station Meets Safety Audit Standards

Other News

May 1, 2014: NRG and Reliant Bring Solar Solutions to North Texas

May 1, 2014: Texas Rep Enters Into Comprehensive Agreement With DTE

May 1, 2014: Texas Rep Launches Program to Provide U.S. Bowling Congress’ Members  Preferred Energy Prices

May 1, 2014: Senior Business Development Exec Departs Retail Supplier

May 1, 2014: MP2 Energy Seeks Gas Supplier License

April 29, 2014: LCRA Asks To Reduce Water For Downriver Fish In Time Of Drought

April 30, 2014: New Texas Retail Electric Provider Launches Service

April 30, 2014: Another Texas REP Offering Service in New Sharyland Territory

April 30, 2014: 5 Hires Retail Market Veteran

April 30, 2014: Another Texas REP Also Offering $400 for Enrollments

April 29, 2014: Texas REP Offering $400 for Enrollments

April 29, 2014: Texas REP Launches Mobile App for Residential Customers

April 28: 2014: QSE to Pay $20,000 Under Settlement with Texas Staff


For the Week of  4/18/14 — 4/25/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

April 24, 2014: Energy Future Board Said to Meet Today on Two Bankruptcy Plans

April 24, 2014: EFH Reportedly Looks At Two Debt Restructuring Offers

April 24, 2014: Bankruptcy Talks Over Energy Future Holdings Hinge On Tax Issues

April 24, 2014: Oncor Schedules First Quarter 2014 Investor Call

Generation Adequacy

April 24, 2014: Lawsuit Accuses Texas Electricity Company Of Market Manipulation

April 23, 2014: Electricity Prices in Texas Fall Amid Below-Forecast Demand

April 23, 2014: US Power Dailies Move Mixed, With Strong Northwest Gains

April 21, 2014: Power Supply Outlook Tight But There’s Nothing To Worry About, Says DOE

April 21, 2014: EPA Proposals Jeopardize Affordable Power Supplies

April 18, 2014: Power Assets Not For Sale, LCRA Executive Says


April 24, 2014: San Antonio Agency Decides To Ask For More Money From State For Air Quality Work

April 23, 2014: Retail Energy Companies Rank Highly in Direct Selling Rankings, Revenue Data Reported

April 23, 2014: Texas Yanks Funding From San Antonio Air Quality Program For Releasing Emissions Data

April 22, 2014: LCRA Draws Criticism Over Proposed Rate Increases

April 22, 2014: Texas Greenhouse Gas Regulations Go Into Effect

April 22, 2014: Texas County To Seek Federal Grant To Fund Dam Upgrades

April 22, 2014: American Electric Power Declares Quarterly Dividend on Common Stock

April 22, 2014: AEP Plans Continuing Investments In Transmission

April 21, 2014: Rep. Farenthold Concerned About Nuclear Waste Proposal

April 21, 2014: El Paso Electric Announces New Executives

April 21, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend

April 21, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. Announces Closing of Senior Notes

April 21, 2014: Fitch: Calpine’s Ratings Unaffected by the Announced Asset Sale

April 21, 2014: Brewer: Race For Tesla Battery Plant Down To Three States

April 18, 2014: Texas Regulators To Spend Summer Reviewing ERCOT Grid Reliability Standard

April 20, 2014: Interest Builds In West Texas Storage Of High-Level Radioactive Waste

April 18, 2014: Calpine Agrees to Sell Six Southeast Power Plants for $1.57 Billion

April 18, 2014: Wise County Rancher Protests Position Of Oncor Power Line On His Property

April 19, 2014: Is Tesla project a Dream Factory?

April 19, 2014: Texas Must Make Smart Choices To Control Pollution

Power Grid Security

April 23, 2014: America’s Power Grid At The Limit: The Road To Electrical Blackouts

April 22, 2014: Bulletproofing the Grid

April 22, 2014: U.S. Unprepared For The Results Of An Electromagnetic Pulse?

April 22, 2014: Experts: Civilians Not Ready For EMP-Caused Blackout

April 22, 2014: Four Ways The U.S. Military Can Adopt Clean Energy For National Security

April 20, 2014: GOP Demands Answers On Electric Grid Security Leak

April 18, 2014: Pilgrim Nuclear Plant To Stage Attack Drill

Renewable Power

April 24, 2014: New Solar Car Called Phaeton Gives Team Prisum High Hopes

April 24, 2014: Solar Power Grows 400 Percent in Only 4 Years

April 24, 2014: Solar Power ‘Up And Coming,’ EIA Says

April 24, 2014: MIT: Cheaper Batteries for Solar and Wind Power Made Possible by Nanoparticle Networks

April 24, 2014: Top 10 Clean-Powered U.S. Companies

April 24, 2014:  Google And Apple Announce New Low Carbon Investments

April 24, 2014: Oregon Tech Runs On Geothermal

April 24, 2014: Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth Want US to Drop Solar Trade Case Against India

April 24, 2014: Ex-Im Bank Awards Gamesa “Renewable Energy Exporter of the Year”

April 23, 2014: Freedom Energy Logistics Offering LED Lighting

April 23, 2014: Wind Power: A New Service Industry

April 23, 2014: Smart Wind and Solar Power

April 23, 2014: Google, Sunpower To Finance Residential Solar Power Projects

April 22, 2014: Solar Fuels: A Grand Challenge of 21st Century Chemistry

April 22, 2014: Google Inks Huge Wind Power Deal With Warren Buffett’s Iowa Power Company

April 22, 2014: Wind Power: Changing the Way We Live off the Earth

April 22, 2014: 11 States Produced Twice As Much Power From Nonhydro Renewables Than US Average

April 22, 2014:  Sunny Days for Solar Power Stocks

April 22, 2014: As Nuclear Power Dies, Solar Rises

April 22, 2014: The Economic Problem With Solar Power; And The Solution

April 22, 2014: LEGOLAND Florida Becomes First Theme Park in U.S. to Run Completely on Renewable Energy on Earth Day

April 21, 2014: ‘Not In My Back Yard’ Could Cause Catastrophe

April 21, 2014: Western Texas College Joins With Texas Tech University For Wind Energy Degree Programs

April 21, 2014: Where Is The Real Innovation In Wind Energy?

April 21, 2014: News Roundup: PTC Boosts Wind, Utah Grows Its Resources, Texas Goes Big

April 21, 2014: Fuels From Corn Waste Not Better Than Gas

April 21, 2014: Federally Funded Study Says Biofuels Not Better Than Gasoline In Short Run

April 21, 2014: Oklahoma May Charge Customers Who Install Their Own Solar Panels, Wind Turbines

April 21, 2014: U.S Wind Turbine Demand To Rise 55% Annually Through 2018 To $18.9bn

April 21, 2014: How Wind Farm Monitoring Leads To Maximum Output

April 21, 2014: Power Outages, Extreme Weather, and Climate Change: How Smart Energy Choices Will Help Keep the Lights On

April 18, 2014: You’ll Never Guess Which State Has the Most Wind Energy

April 18, 2014: 80% Of US Wind Power In 2013 Generated By 12 States

April 18, 2014: Wind Energy Policy Takes Important Step Forward US Senate

April 18, 2014: Wind Turbine Systems (US Market & Forecast)

April 18, 2014: Ikea Breezes Into US Renewables Market With Wind Farm Purchase

April 18, 2014: Every 4 Minutes, Another American Home Or Business Goes Solar

Emerging Technologies

April 24, 2014: Microgrids: An Electrical Port In A Storm, But Spread Limited By Regulation

April 24, 2014: Geothermal Looks Ahead To US Coal Retirements, Efforts To Value Ancillary Benefits

April 24, 2014: GE Modernizes ComEd’s Electrical Grid, Improves Reliability with Industry’s First UL-Certified Smart Meters

April 24, 2014: From Defense To Offense: EY Report Provides Roadmap To Help Utilities Thrive Amid Rise In Distributed Energy

April 23, 2014: Consultant Foresees ‘Evolution’ With Distributed Generation, Not ‘Revolution’

April 22, 2014: EPRI Reveals Its Worldview on the Integrated Electrical Grid

April 21, 2014: Floating Nuclear Plant Design Unnveiled

April 21, 2014: ANS Congressional Testimony Urges for U.S. Leadership in Nuclear Technology

April 21, 2014: WSU Professor Finds Dry Deserts Absorb Unexpected Carbon Levels

April 21, 2014: Ice or Molten Salt, Not Batteries, to Store Energy

Outside Texas

April 24, 2014: Energy Department Scraps Millions In Fees For Nuclear Loan Guarantee

April 24, 2014: EPA Nears Decision On Coal Ash Regulation

April 24, 2014: Labor Dept. Cuts Levels Of Allowable Coal Dust

April 23, 2014: Exelon Urges Lawmakers to Take Hard Look at Energy Policies to Preserve Benefits of Nation’s Nuclear Plants

April 23, 2014: TMI, Peach Bottom To Take More In-Depth Look At Seismic Risks

April 23, 2014: Exelon Completes Ambitious Goal for Eliminating Carbon Emissions Seven Years Ahead of Schedule

April 23, 2014: EPA Administrator and Apple VP Lisa Jackson discusses the future of energy in the United States

April 23, 2014: Mexico’s Electric Utility Expected to Seek Pipeline Bids

April 23, 2014: Western Regulators Study Performance-Based Alternatives To Cost-Of-Service Rates

April 22, 2014: Nuke Plants Submit Seismic Evaluations To NRC

April 22, 2014: NRC Seeks Comments on Safety and Environmental Regulations Related to Spent Fuel Storage and Disposal

April 22, 2014: Earthquakes Could Affect Beaver Valley Nuke Plant More Than First Thought

April 22, 2014: Some Winners And Losers As Obama’s EPA Preps Carbon Crackdown

April 22, 2014: LS Power To Acquire Calhoun County Power Station From Calpine

April 22, 2014: Tesla Says Panasonic Likely Partner In Battery Plant

April 21, 2014:  Federal EPA Again Delays Rule to Reduce Massive Fish Kills at Power Plants

April 21, 2014: Umaine Designated A ‘Green College,’ Despite Aging Infrastructure

April 21, 2014: Daimler/BYD Joint Venture Unveil Plans for All-Electric Car for China

April 18, 2014: The Losing Economics of Investing in Aging Coal Plants: Part 2

April 18, 2014: NRC: Quake Hazards May Imperil Nuke Plants

April 18, 2014: NRC Issues ‘White’ Inspection Finding for Ginna Nuclear Plant; Level of Oversight to be Increased

April 18, 2014: OSHA Revises Rules To Reduce Generation, Transmission Work-Related Deaths, Injuries

April 18, 2014:  Is EPA’s MATS Rule Now A Done Deal? In Effect, The Answer Is Yes

Other News

April 24: 2014: TCEQ: Complete Data Needed For Wichita Falls Plan

April 24, 2014: New Texas Retail Provider Offering “Build Your Own Plan”, Offering Nordstrom Gift Card

April 23, 2014: Direct Energy Launches Energy and Protection Plan Bundle in New York

April 24, 2014: Direct Energy Caps Residential Variable Rates in Connecticut

April 24: 2014: Texas REP Offering Free Membership in Bike Sharing Program for Enrollments

April 23, 2014: Direct Energy Now Cross-Selling Home Security Service to Texas Customers

April 23, 2014: Texas REPs Assign POLR Responsibilities to Affiliate

April 21, 2014: AEP Again Honored For Tree Pruning

April 21, 2014: Texas Pollution Worsens as Budget Shrinks for Regulators

April 21, 2014: Wichita Falls Project To Reuse Waste Water Should Proceed Quickly

April 21, 2014: Investigators Crack Down On Environmental Fraud

April 21, 2014: Centrica Using As Portal for Its Retail Brands, Beckons Customers to “Compare”

April 21, 2014: Affiliate of Texas REP Receives Licenses in Northeast State



For the Week of  4/11/14 — 4/18/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

April 16, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Bankruptcy Would Likely Attract Bidders For Oncor

April 15, 2014: EFH Misses SEC Deadline, Is Positioned For Bankruptcy Filing End of this Month

April 15, 2014: Biggest LBO Demise Poised To Put Oncor In Play

April 15, 2014: Noose Tightens On Energy Future Holdings As It Delays 10-K Again

April 15, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Misses Filing Deadline

April 15, 2014: EFH Delays 10-K Again, Negotiations With Creditors Continue

April 14, 2014: EFH Bankruptcy Likely To Result In Cash Bond For Mining Cleanup Costs

April 14, 2014: Texas Railroad Commission will No Longer Accept Empty “Self-Bonding” for Energy Future Holdings’ Mining Operations Upon Its Bankruptcy Filing

April 14, 2014: Life After TXU for Gas Buyouts

April 14, 2014: Drama Continues For EFH; New Anonymous Bonds Buyer In The Mix

Generation Adequacy

April 15, 2014: Power Jumps in Texas as Cool Air Boosts Demand Above Forecasts

April 14, 2014: Conn. Attorney General Alleges Generator “May Have” Exercised Market Power in Capacity Market

April 15, 2014: Texas Might Avoid Blackouts and Brownouts This Summer

April 15, 2014: Power Prices Advance From Indiana to Houston as Demand Rises

April 14, 2014: Power Prices in Texas Fall as Wind Generation Above Forecast

April 10, 2014: Trade Group Leads Effort To Advance Energy Storage In ERCOT Grid


April 17, 2014: Senator Fraser Threatens Future Of Downriver LCRA Reservoir

April 17, 2014: In Power Line Dispute, Texas Rancher Questions Wiggle Room

April 17, 2014: Entergy Declares Dividend

April 17, 2014: EDF Helps Standardize Energy Efficiency Projects In Texas

April 17, 2014: PACE Program Seeks Comments From Local Governments, Developers

April 17, 2014:  MIT Designs Floating Nuclear Plant That’s Tsunami-Proof

April 16, 2014: Senator Fraser Wants LCRA’s Permit Revoked

April 16, 2014: LCRA Asks State For $250 Million Loan To Build Reservoir

April 16, 2014: Houston Household Electric Bills Up 25% From March 2013

April 16, 2014: Austin-Based Skyonic Pioneers Profitable Carbon-Capture Technologies

April 16, 2014: Nuclear Power Also Needed to Combat Climate Change

April 16, 2014:  Is Your Home’s Energy Meter Spying On You?

April 16, 2014: Sharyland Reports Number of Customers To Be Assigned to Default REP at Start of Choice

April 15, 2014: Uranium Energy Corp Reaches Production Permitting Stage for Burke Hollow Project in South Texas

April 15, 2014: Bluebonnet EC Settles Wildfire Lawsuits

April 15, 2014: Dynegy Completes Exchange Offer for $500 Million in Senior Notes

April 15, 2014: EPA Wins In Federal Court, But Texas-Based Challenges To Its Authority Likely To Continue

April 16, 2014: Court Thwarts Sierra Club’s Radioactive Waste Challenge

April 15, 2014: EPA’s Power Plant Rules Top Target If Republicans Take Senate

April 15, 2014: Radioactive Waste Booms With Oil As New Rules Mulled

April 15, 2014: Nuclear Update: 5 Outages Send Total US Output To Near 1-Year Low

April 15, 2014: EPA Power Plant Mercury Rule Upheld by U.S. Appeals Court

April 14, 2014: Priority Power Management Procures Nearly 1 Billion kWh for Clients in Sharyland Utilities Service Territory

April 14, 2014: Consultant Brokers 40% of Non-Residential Usage at Sharyland Utilities

April 14, 2014: US Nuclear Power Plants Posted Strong Performance in 2013

April 14, 2014: Coal’s Best Hope is Costly Power Plant

April 10, 2014: FERC Approves Rockland Power Purchase Of 50% Stake In Texas Cogen

April 14, 2014: Texas Retail Provider Ceases Operations

April 12, 2014: EPA Coal Rules Leaving US Vulnerable To Power Blackouts?

April 13, 2014: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple to Save Climate, UN Says

April 12, 2014: Copelin: When Negotiating With Tesla’s Musk, Trust But Verify, California Official Says

April 11, 2014: Climate Change Doubling Big Power Outages, Group Says

April 12, 2014: NRC Eyes Quake Hazards To Nuke Plants

April 11, 2014: Calpine testified in Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hearing

Power Grid Security

April 17, 2014: Southern Nuclear’s Plant Farley Site To Conduct Security Exercise

April 16, 2014: Experts Scrutinize US Power Grid’s Vulnerability to Severe Weather

April 15, 2014: Security Holes In Power Grid Have Federal Officials Scrambling

April 15, 2014: Losing 9 Of 55,000 Electrical Stations Would Black Out America For Months

April 16, 2014: Utilities Warned To Prepare For Increasing Cyberattacks

April 10, 2014: DOE Inspector General Says FERC Should Have Classified Now-Leaked Data About Grid Vulnerabilities

Renewable Power

April 17, 2014: Wind Developers Tap Hedging Contracts To Spark Next Texas Boom

April 17, 2014: Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ Brings Solar Power and Energy Education to Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas

April 17, 2014: Xcel Crowned Top U.S. Utility Provider Of Wind Energy For 10th Consecutive Year

April 17, 2014: IKEA Invests In Wind Power At Its U.S. Facilities

April 17, 2014: Has Solar Power’s Day In The Sun Arrived?

April 17, 2014: Xcel Energy Named No. 1 Wind Provider for 10th Consecutive Year

April 17, 2014: Private Sector Driving U.S. Wind Market Forward

April 17, 2014: Wind Farms Are Less of a Threat to Birds than People Think

April 17, 2014: Obama Puts $15M Into Solar Power

April 17, 2014: Harnessing Sun Power Even When It’s Not Shining

April 16, 2014: Corpus Christi Officials Pursuing Annexation Of Land Where Wind Farm Proposed

April 16, 2014: GE To Supply Turbines For Texas Wind Farm

April 16, 2014: New Wind, Solar Power Cheaper Than Nuclear Option, Study Shows

April 16, 2014: 12 U.S. States Account For 80 Percent Of Wind Power

April 16, 2014: Xcel Energy Named No. 1 Wind Provider for 10th Consecutive Year

April 16, 2014: Clean Energy Investment Rises 9%, Led by Solar Power

April 16, 2014: IKEA Wind Farm To Cover 165% Of IKEA’s US Electricity Consumption

April 16, 2014: Photoswitching Material Harnesses Solar Power For Heat Storage

April 16, 2014: Building-Integrated Solar Air Heating Systems Hit Milestone

April 16, 2014: Why Your Neighbors Will Finance Solar Panels for Your Roof

April 15, 2014: Boy Scouts of America’s Capitol Area Council Chooses to Go Solar at North Austin

April 15, 2014: Aggressive Goals By CPS Energy Credited With Making San Antonio 6th In Nation For Solar Power Generation

April 15, 2014: Wind energy policy moves forward in the U.S. Senate

April 15, 2014: Tighter Lightbulb Standards Coming From Energy Dept.

April 15, 2014: BMW Lifts i3 Electric Car Production 43% on Higher Demand

April 14, 2014: Austin Ranks On Nation’s Solar Industry Scene, But Far Behind Leaders

April 14, 2014: Report Supports US Wind Energy Production Tax Credit

April 14, 2014: Global Wind Installations Have Dropped Considerably In 2013

April 14, 2014: The Never Dull Life of a Wind Farm

April 14, 2014: A Molecular Approach To Solar Power

April 14, 2014: MIT, Harvard Scientists Find Way To Produce Solar Power Without Sunshine

April 11, 2014: GDF SUEZ Energy Resources Supports Houston METRO’s Commitment To Environmental Responsibility

April 13, 2014: San Antonio, Austin Among Solar Power Leaders

April 11, 2014: Houston Solar Power Lags Far Behind Other Texas Cities

April 10, 2014: From Panhandle To Gulf Coast, Texas Sees Surge In Wind Energy Projects

April 13, 2014: SAEN: San Antonio Shines As Solar City

April 14, 2014: Putin Natural Gas Embargo Would Help Clean Energy Cause

April 13, 2014: Solar Jobs Join Harry Reid to Chinese Billionaire in Price Drop

April 11, 2014: Report: California Still A Force In Wind Power, But Trails Texas In Key Areas

April 11, 2014: Are We Halfway To Market Dominance For Solar

April 9, 2014: Walmart Commits To Massive LED Lighting Rollout

April 8, 2014: Some Environmentalists Want To Save Utilities From Death Spiral

April 10, 2014: Clean Power Funding Easier as Investors Seek Simplicity

Other News

April 17, 2014: TXU Energy Expands Home Warranty Services, Reminds Texans About Lightning Risks To Appliances, Electronics

April 18, 2014: Direct Energy to Expand Enrollment Through Facebook to More Brands, Adds Account Management

April 17, 2014: Texas REP Offering $50 Enrollment Bonus as Part of Dynamo Promotion

April 17, 2014: New Dry Times Mean Innovative Water Ideas

April 17, 2014: Showtime Brings Realities Of Texas Drought Home To Millions

April 17, 2014: Retail Supplier Launches New Solar Brand

April 16, 2014: Nissan Launches Programs To Make LEAF Charging Free And “EZ”

April 16, 2014: US Energy Security and the Weakening of US-Saudi Ties

April 16, 2014: Electricity Price Surged to All-Time Record for March

April 16, 2014: Nuclear update: Oconee 3 outage tugs US output to 76.3%

April 15, 2014: Direct Energy Restructures Company to Lead in the Next Decade and Beyond

April 16, 2014: Texas REP Offering WeatherBug Home Plans

April 16, 2014: Texas REP Receives Authority To Use Trade Name Epiq Energy

April 16, 2014: Parent of Texas REP Reports Loss for 2013

April 15, 2014: Texas REP to Pay $10,000 for Failure to Timely File Financial Statements, Reports

April 15, 2014: Dynegy Sees “Tremendous Growth” Opportunity for Retail Biz, Touts Cost Advantage from Generation

April 15, 2014: NRC Schedules Meetings to Discuss Vogtle Nuclear Plant Performance and Construction Inspection for New Units

April 15, 2014: Texas REP Launches Direct Sales/Referral Marketing Channel

April 15, 2014: Dynegy Sees “Tremendous Growth” Opportunity for Retail Biz, Touts Cost Advantage from Generation

April 15, 2014: TriEagle Energy Seeks License in New State

April 15, 2014: Direct Energy Expected to Launch Residential Service in New Territory

April 14, 2014: Champion Energy Posts Pricing For Sharyland Territories Newly Opening To Choice

April 13, 2014: A “Most Irreplaceable” Port

April 11, 2014: Post-Fukushima Japan Chooses Coal Over Renewable Energy

April 4, 2014: OSHA Institutes Final Rule On Electrical Utility Safety


For the Week of  4/4/14 — 4/11/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

April 10, 2014: Anonymous ‘Big Boy’ Bond Buyer Bids Up Energy Future Debt

Generation Adequacy

April 8, 2014: Demand Response Exceeds Expectations in Texas During January Grid Emergency

April 8, 2014: ERCOT Board Approves Houston Import Transmission Project

April 8, 2014: ERCOT News Release: New Transmission Project To Deliver More Power To Houston Area


April 10, 2014: Glacial Energy Holdings Declare Bankruptcy

April 10, 2014: Fitch Rates Lubbock Power & Light, TX’s $17.3MM Power System Rev Bonds ‘A+’; Outlook Stable

April 10, 2014: US Power Prices Mixed As Warmer Weather Pushes Eastward

April 10, 2014: In DC, Texas Tech Chancellor Cites Plans For Big Wind Farm Near Campus

April 10, 2014: Does the Smart Grid Create an “Energy Divide?”

April 10, 2014: DOE Marks Major Milestone with Startup of Recovery Act Demonstration Project

April 10, 2014: MISO Limits Flows To South After FERC Orders It To Pay For Transmission Use

April 10, 2014: EPA Consulted With Hundreds of Groups On Carbon Rule for Existing Power Plants

April 9, 2014: Electricity Phone Scam Has Texas Businesses On The Alert

April 9, 2014: Settlement Would Set Smart Meter Opt-Out Fees at Oncor

April 9, 2014: LCRA Chief Phil Wilson Hires Senior Managers Long On Experience And Perry Ties

April 9, 2014: New Transmission Project Expected To Improve Houston Energy Reliability

April 9, 2014: Power Line Plan Sparks Dispute

April 9, 2014: How the U.S. Power Grid Is Like a Big Pile of Sand

April 9, 2014: US Energy Chief: ‘Green’ Includes Nuclear And More

April 9, 2014: NRC Won’t Expand Safety Buffer around Nuke Plants

April 9, 2014: Power Price Recovery May Be Too Late To Aid Its Nuclear Plants: Exelon Exec

April 9, 2014: Vogtle Expansion Could Signal Future Of Nuclear Industry

April 9, 2014: Exelon Calls for Energy Policy and Market Reforms to Ensure Clean, Reliable Energy Supply

April 9, 2014: EIA: Half of 2013 Power Plant Capacity Additions Came from Natural Gas

April 8, 2014: Sen. Troy Fraser: Time For LCRA To Live Up To Customer Obligations

April 8, 2014: Fraser Blasts LCRA

April 8, 2014: Oncor DLR Program Increases Transmission Capacity, Reduces Congestion

April 8, 2014: Bryan Texas Utilities Receives National Recognition for Reliable Electric Operations

April 8, 2014: Thousands Of Homes, Businesses Lose Electricity During Austin-Area Storms, Nobody Hurt

April 9, 2014: For Utilities, It’s a Whole New Game

April 8, 2014: EPA Administrator Gina Mccarthy: ‘EPA Listened’ On Carbon Rules

April 4, 2014: Texas One Step Closer to Obtaining Authority to Issue GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Air Permits

April 7, 2014: US Seismic Reports Come In; Impact Of New Rules Could Be Significant

April 7, 2014: Top 50 US Utilities Leveraging Social Media and Mobile Apps To Improve Smart Grid Benefits

April 4, 2014: Electric Bill in Texas May Come As Jolt

April 4, 2014: Is Rick Perry Cheerleading for a Nuclear Trans-Texas Corridor?

April 4, 2014: AEP: Power Stations Switch to Gas, But Coal Stays on the Menu

April 6, 2014: Will Tesla’s $5 Billion Gigafactory Make a Battery Nobody Else Wants?

April 1, 2014: Power Outages Increase in 2013

April 4, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. Prices Senior Notes Offering

Power Grid Security

April 10, 2014: PG&E Offers $250K Reward In California Grid Attack

April 9, 2014: Regulators, Overseers Want More Power To Thwart Attacks — But Congress Needs More Convincing

April 7, 2014: Security Holes In Power Grid Have Federal Officials Scrambling

April 7, 2014: Electric Grid Security Draws Renewed Focus

April 4, 2014: Federal Analysis Says Sabotage of Nine Key Substations Is Sufficient for Broad Outage

Renewable Power

April 10, 2014: When It Comes To Solar, Dallas Is Left In The Dark, New Report Says

April 10, 2014: Economics Of Using Mesquite Biomass For Electricity Generation

April 10, 2014: Solar Installation Industry Grows 45 Percent in 2013

April 10, 2014: Ameresco Biomass Plant Uses Damaged Wood from Ice Storm

April 10, 2014: Wind Energy Delivers Record Construction Numbers; Leading Choice In Many Regions For New Electric Capacity

April 10, 2014: U.S. Wind Industry Slammed By Tax Uncertainty, Fracking

April 10, 2014: Financing Solar Power

April 9, 2014: Offshore Wind Advances In Rhode Island, Texas, Georgia

April 9, 2014: U.S. Learns from UK about Offshore Wind Impact on Fishery

April 9, 2014: Tesla Offers Small, Medium Business Model S Financing

April 9, 2014: Wind Helped the US Cut Carbon Emissions by 96 Million Metric Tons in 2013

April 9, 2014: Concentrated Solar Power Market (CSP) About To Explode, Research Firm Says

April 9, 2014: EIA Report: Solar Accounts For Nearly 25% Of New US Generating Capacity

April 8, 2014: More Wind Energy Generation Records

April 9, 2014: Grandfather Utilities Threatened by Spreading Renewable

April 8, 2014: Clean Energy Victory Bond Push In Congress Would Generate $150 Billion In Financing, 1 Million Jobs

April 8, 2014: Mercom Reports Strong Q1 2014 With USD 7 Billion In Corporate Funding For Solar

April 8, 2014: Why Renewables Are Hot Investments Again

April 8, 2014: Energy-Efficiency Upgrades Get Tax Credits

April 8, 2014: US Wind Energy Output Breaks Records, Thanks to Transmission Upgrades & New Wind Development

April;8, 2014: Why Are So Many Veterans Serving In The Solar Industry?

April 8, 2014: Crowdfunding Seen Topping $5 Billion for Rooftop Solar

April 8, 2014: Concentrating Solar Power Under Fire: Glaring Planning Oversight or Easily Remedied Issue?

April 8, 2014: U.S. Navy’s Ability To Make Fuel From Seawater A ‘Game-Changer’

April 8, 2014: Alternative Energy Companies Poised for More Top Line Growth in 2014

April 7, 2014: Electric Vehicles at Home on the Texas Range

April 7, 2014: Environmental Group’s Report Comes Under Fire After Citing Bucksport Mill As One Of Dozens Of ‘Dirty’ Biomass Plants

April 4, 2014: Capture A Little of the Sun’s Power in Texas

April 4, 2014: Gov. Perry Announces Emerging Technology Fund Award to Texas A&M University Wind Energy Center

April 4, 2014: A&M Gets $2.2 Million For A Wind Energy Project

April 6, 2014: Shale Gas Boom Leaves Wind Companies Seeking More Subsidy

April 7, 2014: US Wind Gets Found In Transmission

April 4, 2014: Wind Power Has Cut U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions By 4.4 Percent

April 4, 2014: US Senate Committee Votes to Extend Tax Breaks for Wind Farms

April 4, 2014: The Global Market For Solar Irrigation Is Almost Limitless

April 4, 2014: U.S. Solar Market Grows 41%, Has Record Year in 2013

April 4, 2014: LPL Financial Opens San Diego Net-Zero Energy Office Tower

April 4, 2014: The Future Of Solar: Solar Power To Surge in 2014?

April 4, 2014: Energy Breakthrough Uses Sun To Create Solar Energy Materials

April 4, 2014: Geothermal Energy Is a Superior Solution for Today’s Electrical Grids

Other News

April 10, 2014: Direct Energy Launches Energy and Protection Plan Bundle

April 10, 2014: Retail Provider to Pay $164,000 Under Settlement With Texas Staff

April 10, 2014: Announces Aggressive Expansion into Northeast

April 10, 2014: LCRA To Live-Stream Meetings Over The Internet

April 10, 2014: NRC: Nukes Operating Safely Despite Issues

April 10, 2014: Nuclear Industry To Hire 130,000 For New Reactors

April 9, 2014: Ambit Launches Service in New Territory

April 9, 2014: Energy-Saving Company Set for Public Offering

April 9, 2014: Siemens Offers New Solution For Utilization Of Waste Heat Using The Organic Rankine Cycle

April 9, 2014: Stream Energy Launches HomeLife Service Offerings (ID Protection, Credit Monitoring, More)

April 8, 2014: TXU Energy Announces ‘Ivy’ IVR Virtual Assistant

April 8, 2014: In Defense of Coal

April 8, 2014: Champion Energy Offering $50 Rebate for Customers Purchasing Smart Thermostat

April 8, 2014: Choose Energy Offering Platform to Referral Channel Partners Under ‘Energy Mayor’ Program

April 7, 2014: The New Oil Is Water

April 4, 2014: Green Mountain Energy Posts Pricing for Sharyland Area Newly Opening to Choice

April 4, 2014: Energy Imports at 26-Year Low



For the Week of  3/28/14 — 4/4/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

April 2, 2014: When Will The Energy Future Holdings Time Bomb Go Off?

April 1, 2014: Energy Future Holdings’ Restructuring Would Almost Wipe Out Owners

April 2, 2014: EFH Bankruptcy Plan Would Nearly Erase Private Equity Owners’ Stakes

March 31, 2014: Energy Future Holdings’ Downfall A Sign Of Power Industry Struggles

April 1, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Delays SEC Filing, Misses Interest Payment

March 31, 2014: EFH Files For SEC Extension, Delays Interest Payment As Bankruptcy Negotiations Continue

March 31, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Postpones Interest Payment As Talks Continue

March 31, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Seeks More Time for Restructuring Deal

April 1, 2014: TXU Parent Provides Update on “Constructive” Restructuring Discussions with Financial Stakeholders

March 30, 2014: Energy Future Nearing Bankruptcy as Creditors Said to Align

March 30, 2014: Fidelity Reportedly Back On Board With Possible EFH Bankruptcy Plan

March 29, 2014: EFH’s Downfall A Sign Of Power Industry Struggles

March 29, 2014: Greed Doomed The TXU Buyout

March 31, 2014: Luminant Claims Sierra Club Poses ‘Irreparable Harm’

Generation Adequacy

April 2, 2014: U.S. Sen. Schumer Asks FTC to Investigate Polar Vortex Pricing

April 1, 2014: Demand Response Is the Best Cure for Texas’ Ailing Grid

April 1, 2014: Long-Time Capacity-Market Supporter Direct Energy Embraces “Freedom” for Texas Electric Market, Says “Choice” Fundamental

March 31, 2014: PUC Punts Capacity Market Decision To The Texas Legislature In 2015

March 31, 2014: Generators Zero-In on Problem of Polar Vortex — Prices Were Too Low!

March 30, 2014: Rising Utility Costs Lingering After Winter’s Chill Fades


April 3, 2014: High Power Bills Weigh On North Texans After Unusually Cold Winter

April 3, 2014: Westinghouse, Ukraine Near Deal on Nuclear Fuel for Reactors

April 3, 2014: EPA Falls Far Short of Its Promised ‘Common Sense’ Regulatory Approach

April 3, 2014: EPA Sends Proposed Emissions Rule For Existing Power Plants To White House

April 3, 2014: EPA Seeking Comments On Futuregen Carbon-Capture Plan

April 3, 2014: OSHA Releases Final Rule Covering Electrical Safety for Power Plant, Power Line Workers

April 2, 2014: Duncanville Police Warning About Scam Involving Oncor

April 2, 2014: Settlement Would Set Smart Meter Opt-Out Rates at CenterPoint TDU

April 2, 2014: Direct Energy CFO Andrew Sunderman on M&A, Consolidation

April 2, 2014: Perry Backs Storage Site For Texas Nuclear Waste

April 2, 2014: Tesla Keeps Suitors Guessing About Battery Factory Site

April 2, 2014: Texas Auto Dealers Say No Special Treatment For Tesla

April 2, 2014: EPA Requests Delay In Decision About Texas Aquifer Exemption

April 2, 2014: Companies Transforming the US Power Sector

April 1, 2014: NRG Energy Closes Multiple Strategic Acquisitions

April 1, 2014: NRG Announces Purchase Price for Dominion Retail Electric Book in Announcing Closing

April 1, 2014: American Electric Power with Partners Get PUCT Nod

April 1, 2014: Nuclear Waste Move Not Ideal But Necessary

April 1, 2014: Fitch Rates Duke Energy’s Senior Notes ‘BBB+’

April 1, 2014: 3D Visualization Could Benefit Plant Inspection Programs

April 1, 2014: EEI Report: Investment in Transmission Infrastructure Set to Soar

March 31, 2014: PUCT approves ETT and Sharyland application for Cross Valley 345-kV transmission line from North Edinburg to Loma Alta

March 31, 2014: Gov. Rick Perry Encourages Support Of High-Level Radioactive Waste Storage In Texas

March 29, 2014: Honeywell, CPS Extends Partnership To Improve Texas Electric Grid Stability

March 29, 2014: SCAM ALERT: Gladewater PD Warns Of Electric Company Con

March 31, 2014: El Paso-Las Cruces Borderplex Not On Tesla Motor’s List For $5 Billion Factory

March 31, 2014: Bluebonnet Electric Settles Dozens Of Bastrop Wildfire Lawsuits

March 31, 2014: Embattled Utilities Face ‘Talent Storm’

March 29, 2014: Watchdog: With Electric Companies, Level Of Trust Is Low in Texas

March 29, 2014: El Paso Electric Edges Closer To Opening East Side Plant

March 29, 2014: Future Of Electricity No Longer An Afterthought

March 30, 2014: Tesla’s $5B Giga Battery Factory and Deep Politics in AZ, TX, NV and NM

March 29, 2014: Coal-Fired Power Plant Operators Consider Emissions Compliance Strategies

Power Grid Security

April 1, 2014: Chilling: Why An Underreported, ‘Significant Incident of Domestic Terrorism’ Might Not Be a Failed Attack at All

April 1, 2014: Will The Feds Take Over Grid Security?

March 31, 2014: Senate Leaders Call for Investigation into FERC Leaks Regarding Grid Security

March 31, 2014: Risky Business: Protecting US Energy Supplies

March 29, 2014: Energy Industry, Agency Officials Brief House Members On Physical Grid Security

Renewable Power

April 3, 2014: Wind Generation Sets Records In Regional Grids For Oklahoma, Texas

April 3, 2014: Grid Upgrade Spurs Wind Records

April 3, 2014: U.S. Wind Energy Output Breaks Records, Thanks To Transmission Upgrades And New Wind Development

April 3, 2014: Investors Warm to Green Bonds

April 3, 2014: Clean Energy Investments Drop Globally

April 3, 2014: Grassley Goes To Bat For Wind Energy Tax Credit

April 3, 2014: SD Senators Confident In Extension Of Wind Energy Tax Credit

April 3, 2014: Solar Power Cheaper Than Natural Gas, Coal, And Nuclear Power In Texas!

April 3, 2014: Robots Find A Job In The Emerging World Of Solar Energy

April 3, 2014: Fuel Cells Power Up: Three Surprising Places Where Hydrogen Energy Is Working

April 2, 2014: American Wind Power Reaches Major Power Generation Milestones In 2013

April 2, 2014:  Biomass Plants Take Hit For Pollution

April 2, 2014: US Wind Turbine Systems Market

April 2, 2014: Advancements in Wind Turbine Technology: Improving Efficiency and Reducing Cost

April 2, 2014: Google, Facebook And Apple Lead On Green Data Centers

April 1, 2014: Solar Company Moving North American Headquarters To San Antonio

April 1, 2014: Algonquin Closes 400 MW Wind Portfolio Acquisition including Texas In The U.S

April 1, 2014: EDF Renewable Energy Confirms Turbine Order with Vestas for 194 Megawatts for Texas Projects

April 1, 2014: As Solar Power Gets Cheaper, Austin Energy Gains The OK To Buy $525M More of It

April 1, 2014: GigaFactory Proves that Tesla is Ahead of the Clean Energy Curve, But Does Texas Stand to Benefit?

April 1, 2014: Wind Power Hits Record Output in Texas, US

April 1, 2014: Wind Power Can Be Cost-Comparable, New Analysis Reveals

April 1, 2014: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Wind Power

April 1, 2014: Wind Energy: On the grid, Off the Checkerboard

April 1, 2014: A New Way To Visualize The Wind Energy Tax Credit

March 31, 2014: Why Oil State Texas Turns Out To Be Friendly To Electric Cars

March 31, 2014: Tesla to Use North American Material Amid Pollution Worry

March 31, 2014: Wind Power Costs Almost Equal To Natural Gas

March 31, 2014: Almost 80% Of American Consumers View Solar Favourably

March 31, 2014: DOE Map Helps Tell The Story Of US Wind Development

March 30, 2014: Minnesota Utilities Commission Upholds Landmark Solar Versus Gas Ruling

March 28, 2014: Wind Generated Record Amount Of Power In Texas Wednesday -ERCOT

March 29, 2014: Wind ‘Competitive With Gas’ In US

Other News

April 4, 2014: GCPA Board Member John Moore Passes Away

April 4, 2014: Wholesale Market Inefficiencies To Be Focus of National Energy Marketers Association Restructuring Conference

April 2, 2014: Structure Appoints Mark Davis to Lead Growth of Services in Midstream Sector

April 2, 2014: State To Study Desalination Of Gulf Water As Viable Option In Face Of Drought

April 1, 2014: ERA Environmental Announces Direct Upload to TCEQ STEERS

April 1, 2014: Texas Hoping for Edge Over New Mexico in Water Battle

March 31, 2014: Gexa Branding Product as “Every Day, Every Night” Plan

March 31, 2014: Texas Broker Expanding Nationally

March 31, 2014: Beyond Power Offering Service in New Texas Territory


For the Week of  3/21/14 — 3/28/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

March 27, 2014: Energy Future Stakeholders Nearing Chapter 11 Deal

March 26, 2014: Energy Future Holdings, Key Creditors Move Closer To Talks As Bankruptcy Looms

March 26, 2014: Energy Future Negotiations Coming Down To The Wire

March 27, 2014: RLPC-Energy Future Holdings Lining Up $9 Bln Bankruptcy Financing

March 26, 2014: Energy Future Trying To Reach Debt-Restructuring Deal

March 26, 2014: Texas Utility Preparing to File for Bankruptcy Protection as Soon as April 1

March 24, 2014: Oncor: The Shining Light During Dark Times At EFH

March 21, 2014: Size Matters: EFH Shakeup Will Ripple

Generation Adequacy

March 28, 2014: News Release: Wind Generation Output In ERCOT Tops 10,000 MW, Breaks Record

March 27, 2014: Wind Power Sets New Daily Records In Texas

March 28, 2014: ERCOT Proposes Reduction in Cure Period

March 27, 2014: GHG Permit Issued For El Paso’s Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant

March 26, 2014: NRG CEO Crane’s Vision for Energy Industry Again Inconsistent With Push for Capacity Market

March 24, 2014: New PJM Bal Day Application Manages Trader Price Risks in Extremely Volatile Energy Market

March 24, 2014: Demand Response: The Power Of Aggregation


March 27, 2014: Xcel Energy Completes 115-Kv Power Line In Texas

March 27, 2014: Allow Tesla To Sell Cars Directly

March 26, 2014: Texas Regulators Taking Over Greenhouse Gas Permits From EPA

March 26, 2014: Honeywell And CPS Energy Expand Efforts To Help Make The Electrical Grid Smarter, More Reliable

March 26, 2014: Tesla Execs Secretly Visit S.A.

March 26, 2014: Tesla Execs Hold Secret Meeting in San Antonio

March 26, 2014: Tesla Strikes Deal With Ohio Auto Dealers

March 26, 2014: Tesla Thaw? Suddenly States Are Moving On Laws Favoring The Company’s Stores

March 26, 2014: EPA Air Permit Issued to Build Montana Power Station in Far East El Paso

March 26, 2014: Entergy Texas Seeks Increased Energy Assistance For Needy Customers

March 26, 2014: Obama Administration Proposal for 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard Will Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions, BIO Says

March 25, 2014: FERC Orders Gas And Power Suppliers To Work Together

March 25, 2014: Sen Rubio: Allow Tesla To Sell Direct To Consumers

March 25, 2014: N.J. Bill Would Let Tesla Sell Cars Directly, Reversing Ban

March 25, 2014: As Texas Woos Tesla, Perry Has No Plans For Special Session For Carmaker

March 25, 2014: Perry Says Dealership Laws Should Be Changed For Tesla

March 25, 2014: First Texas Greenhouse Gas Permit Upheld By EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) Environmental Appeals Board

March 24, 2014: Gov. Rick Perry: It’s Time For State To Revisit ‘Antiquated’ Rules That Prohibit Tesla Sales In Texas

March 21, 2014: Texas Commissioner Anderson Seeks Further Revisions to Definition of REP Principal

March 21, 2014: PUCT Commissioner Proposes More Revisions to REP Certification Rule

March 21, 2014: Austin Energy App Tracks Your Electric Bill Daily

March 21, 2014: Texas’ Political Winds Blowing Against Tesla’s Business Model

March 21, 2014: Sierra Club Loses Appeal To Reconsider BACT Decisions Under Texas La Paloma Plant Permit

March 21, 2014: NRG Energy, Waste Management, Others Forms Joint Venture for Gas-to-Liquids Opportunities

Power Grid Security

March 26, 2014: FERC BES Revisions Could Boost Reliability

March 26, 2014: Protecting The Power Grid: A Bigger Role For Government?

March 24, 2014: Power Companies Struggle to Maintain Defenses Against Cyber-Attacks

March 24, 2014: How Do We Really Protect the Grid from the Bad Guys?

March 24, 2014: Aging Power Grid Presents Security Gap

March 21, 2014: FERC Refines Bulk Electric System Definition to Bolster Reliability

March 21, 2014: Will ‘Guns, Guards and Gates’ Really Terror-Proof the Grid?

Renewable Power

March 27, 2014: Texas Solar Power May Have its Day in the Sun

March 27, 2014: CPS To Add Commercial Users To Energy-Saving Program

March 27, 2014: As Austin Approves Massive Solar Power Deal, Could It Do More?

March 27, 2014: US Wind Projects Fall 93 Percent

March 27, 2014: First Solar and GE Shape Next-Generation PV Power Plant

March 26, 2014: Corpus Christi Council Votes On Resolution Opposing Wind Turbines

March 26, 2014: New US Wind Power Installations Plummet

March 26, 2014: Solar Power Eclipsed Wind In 2013 And Is Set To Keep Rising

March 26, 2014: US Utility Solar Market Grappling With Impact Of Federal Tax Credit Expiration

March 20, 2014: Efficiency, Not Just the Recession, Drove US Energy Savings Since 2007

March 25, 2014: United States Solar – The Shift from Utility Scale to Distributed Generation

March 25, 2014: Goldman Sachs – The US’s Solar Future

March 24, 2014: Austin Blows $558M To Castro County

March 24, 2014: At Austin Event, Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Warns That Clean Energy Has ‘Dirty’ Costs

March 24, 2014: NREL Driving Research on Hydrogen Fuel Cells

March 24, 2014: Navy Research Laboratory Unveils Ambitious Solar Energy Project

March 24, 2014: Wind Industry’s New Technologies Are Helping It Compete On Price

March 24, 2014: Biofuels Do More Harm Than Good, UN Warns

March 21, 2014: Texas-Based Electric Drive Firm, KDL Energy Technology, To Display With BMW, Tesla at Austin Energy Thought Summit

March 21, 2014: Congressional Champions Of The PTC And ITC Warn Colleagues They Must Act Now To Keep The U.S. Wind Industry Robust

March 21, 2014: Wind More Favorable Than Solar For Grid-Scale Storage, Study Finds

Other News

March 28, 2014: Direct Energy Announces Leadership Changes

March 27, 2014: NRG Energy Acquires Another Retail Book in Texas

March 27, 2014: NRG Acquires Roof Diagnostics Solar (RDS)

March 27, 2014: Tara Energy Introduces Mobile App

March 26, 2014: Texas QSE to Pay $27,000 to Settle Audit of Operator Training

March 26, 2014: Arlington, Texas Announces Marketing Alliance With Retail Provider

March 26, 2014: Texas REP Provides Entry Date For Northeast State, Seeks License in Another

March 25, 2014: Exxon Mobil: Ship Channel Shutdown Hitting Refinery Output

March 25, 2014: Reliant Launches ‘Primetime’ Time of Use Product for Businesses

March 25, 2014: Reliant Bundling EnTouch Controls Management Solutions in Texas Commercial Offer

March 25, 2014: Texas REP Seeks to Use Trade Name Epiq Energy

March 25, 2014: National Retail Provider to Launch Green-Focused Multi-Level Marketing Channel

March 23, 2014: Dike, Ports Closed After Barge Collides With Ship in Houston


For the Week of  3/14/14 — 3/21/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

March 20, 2014: Luminant Wins Top National and State Awards for Mine Reclamation Program

March 19, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Announces Two North Texas Leaders Join Sustainable Energy Advisory Board

March 12, 2014: Bankruptcy risk rises for Energy Future Holdings

March 13, 2014: Energy Future Said to Arrange Bankruptcy Loans

Generation Adequacy

March 20, 2014: Power Prices In Texas Rise As Wind Generation Below Forecast

March 19, 2014: FERC Conference on Winter’s Extreme Wholesale Pricing Doesn’t Include Any Retail-Only Suppliers

March 17, 2014: PJM ‘Statement’ on Winter 2014 Cold Weather Events

March 17, 2014: Merchant Generators Don’t Care If Retail Choice Dies


March 20, 2014: Start-up Volterra Energy Acquires Texas Retail Electric Provider

March 20, 2014: La Paloma Energy Center Scores Legal Victory For Its Texas Power Project

March 20, 2014: Pa. House Chair: ‘We’re Going to Have to’ Cap Variable Rates; Free Market for Electricity ‘Hasn’t Worked’

March 19, 2014: Texas Coal Plants Burned 23m Tons In 3 Months To Lead Nation

March 19, 2014: Age Of Coal Fleet May Limit Impact Of EPA Climate Rule, Industry Says

March 18, 2014:  Lite-Up Texas Plan Helps Qualified Low-Income Families With Electric Bills

March 17, 2014: ‘Dynamic’ Year Ahead For Texas Power Retailers, Big And Small

March 17, 2014: Reliant, Andeler Release Pricing for Sharyland Areas Moving to Choice

March 14, 2014: Sharyland Customers Face A Choice

March 14, 2014: Dynegy Launches Exchange Offer for $500 Million in Senior Notes

March 17, 2014: Loving County Wants To Store Spent Nuclear Fuel

March 15, 2014: 3 Charged In Texas Co-Op Credit Card Abuse

March 14, 2014: House GOP Launches Probe Into EPA Rule

Power Grid Security

March 20, 2014: No Consensus Yet on How to Safeguard America’s Power Grid

March 18, 2014: FERC And EEI Criticism Of WSJ For Recent Article On Terrorism And Power Grid Misses The Point

March 18, 2014: FERC Directs Standards Requiring Utility Hardening Against Physical Threat

March 18, 2014: Cyberattack ‘Could Cause Blackouts’

March 18, 2014: Shielding The Transmission Grid Means Protecting The Economy

March 17, 2014: NERC Drill Finds U.S. Grid Preparedness Insufficient

March 14, 2014: WSJ Article On Power Grid Vulnerability Outrages Federal Regulator, Lawmaker

March 14, 2014: NERC CEO Outlines Implementation Ideas For FERC-Mandated Physical Security Standards

March 14, 2014: Grid Security Is Top Priority For The Electric Industry

March 14, 2014: Culture Of Safety Can Make Or Break Nuclear Power Plants

Renewable Power

March 20, 2014: On-Site Solar Power Could Hasten Us Utility ‘Death Spiral’, Report Finds

March 20, 2014: Electric Cars Can Go Only Half As Far In Freezing Weather, AAA Finds

March 20, 2014: NRG Energy : World’s Largest Solar Power Plant Is Forcing Pilots To Fly Blind

March 19, 2014: S.A. Ranks Among Top 10 Cities For Solar Power

March 19, 2014: Veterans Affairs Wind Turbine, Built For $2.3 Million, Stands Dormant

March 19, 2014: Solar Power More Economical Than Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear In Texas

March 19, 2014: Which State Is Winning The Gigafactory Race?

March 19, 2014: LM Wind Power To Develop Innovative Turbine Blade

March 19, 2014: Energy Storage Offers Tailored Grid Solutions, But at What Cost?

March 18, 2014: Texas Utility Secures Rock-Bottom Price For Solar

March 18, 2014: Sun Powered: Solar Racing Team Tests Boat In East Texas Waters

March 18, 2014: Solarcity Freezes Energy-Storage Program As Grid Connections Lag

March 18, 2014: Wind Turbine Utilizes Industrial Internet For Optimal Efficiency

March 18, 2014: The United States Of Solar: The Top 5 In Solar Power

March 18, 2014: Solar Makers Shift To Profit As Demand Eases Oversupply

March 18, 2014: Kior Falls After Biofuel Maker Warns Of Possible Default

March 18, 2014: Pilots Complain That Glare From the World’s Biggest Solar Power Plant Is Blinding Them

March 18, 2014: Solar Forecasting: Bringing Certainty To Power Generation

March 18, 2014: Hybrid Concentrated Solar System Blossoming

March 18, 2014: Here’s What’s Behind the Fuel Cell Mania

March 17, 2014: Austin Energy Announces 150 MW Utility-Scale Solar

March 17, 2014: Texas Is Perfect For Tesla Motors

March 17, 2014: Regulations Could Harm Texas’ Bid For Tesla Plant

March 17, 2014: States Move To Stop Tesla’s Direct Sales, As Musk Suggests Company Victim Of ‘Mafia’ Tactics

March 17, 2014: Solar Power Threatening Future for U.S. Electric Utilities

March 17, 2014: The Navy’s Plan to Beam Down Energy From Orbiting Solar Panels

March 17, 2014: Best Buy, Solarcity To Offer Solar Panel Home Upgrades

March 17, 2014: America’s Largest Grid Operator: Massive Renewables Push Won’t Be a Problem

March 17, 2014: Solar and Wind Will Have Little Effect on Electric Grid’s Reliability, Report Says

March 14, 2014: Solar Less Than 5¢/Kwh In Austin, Texas! (Cheaper Than Natural Gas, Coal, & Nuclear)

March 15, 2014: Austin’s Appetite Growing For Plug-In Cars

March 14, 2014: OCI Solar Power Completes Phase 2 of 400-MW Texas Solar Project

March 14, 2014: Turbine Tech Advances Played Key Role In U.S. Wind Power Growth, Cost Decline

Other News

March 20, 2014: Direct Energy to Launch DirectTV Bundle

March 20, 2014: FERC Revises The EQR Data Dictionary And Announces A Technical Conference

March 19, 2014: Texas REP Looking To Redeploy Prepaid Brand In Late Spring/Early Summer

March 19, 2014: Texas REP Source Power & Gas Launches Service In Two Northeast States

March 18, 2014: Texas REP Seeks to Use Trade Name Shyne Energy

March 17, 2014: Founder, Principal of Broker Joins Board of Texas REP

March 17, 2014: ERCOT Retail Market Veteran Joins Tradition Energy

March 17, 2014: Portable Cell Chargers at Houston Rodeo Show a Potentially Big Marketing Opportunity for NRG, If Nothing Else

March 17, 2014: Affiliate of Texas REP Seeks Licenses in Northeast State


For the Week of  3/7/14 — 3/14/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

March 13, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Lining Up Loans For Bankruptcy Filing

March 14, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Reportedly Close To Getting Bankruptcy Loans

March 11, 2014: Tax Fight Looms Large In Energy Future Restructuring

March 10, 2014: Energy Future Said to Hold Last-Minute Talks to Ease Bankruptcy

Generation Adequacy

March 11, 2014: Cold Snap Knocks Texas Electric Generators Offline

March 11, 2014: ERCOT Details Outages During Jan. 6 Cold Snap

March 11, 2014: Electricity Prices Fall From Texas To Boston As Demand Drops

March 12, 2014: State Regulators Say PJM Generators Seeking To Recover Inflated Costs Not Actually Experienced Under FERC Waiver Make-Whole Payments

March 10, 2014: Coal’s Share Of ERCOT’s Market Grows Stronger, Gas’ Share Continues To Fall

March 10, 2014: Polar Vortex Emboldens Industry To Push Old Coal Plants

March 10, 2014: Texas Electricity Prices Rise As Power Demand Exceeds Forecast

March 10, 2014: Priorities: PJM Files Tariff Changes to Curb Price-Dampening ‘Speculation’ in Capacity Market; Ignores Actual Failures By ‘Physical’ Resources (See 40% Forced Outage Rate)

March 8, 2014: Too Much Panic In Texas Power Market

March 8, 2014: Drought Hastens End Of LCRA’s Hydropower Era

March 3, 2014: Why Texans Are Using Less Energy Than Predicted


March 13, 2014: Texas Still Biggest CO2 Emitter But Getting Better, Environmentalists Say

March 13, 2014: Texas Wind Power Cutting Emissions, Environmental Group Says

March 13, 2014: Small-Scale Power Grid Attack Could Cause Nationwide Blackout

March 13, 2014: U.S. Risks National Blackout From Small-Scale Attack

March 13, 2014: U.S. Commission Warns Of Weakness In Power Grid: Report

March 12, 2014: Fitch Affirms CenterPoint Energy and Subsidiaries; Outlook Stable

March 12, 2014: Fitch’s ‘Negative’ Outlook Persists For Brownsville Public Utility

March 12, 2014: U.S. Electric Grid ‘Inherently Vulnerable’ To Sabotage

March 12, 2014: Electric Grid Hardened, Still Vulnerable After Attack

March 11, 2014: Appeals Court Denies Texas’s Challenges On New EPA Rules

March 11, 2014: NRG Agrees To Acquire Dominion’s Retail Electric Business

March 11, 2014: NRG Goes On A Buying Spree To Expand U.S. Presence

March 11, 2014: Most US Power Dailies Open Week Lower; West Coast Markets Advance

March 11, 2014: FERC Orders NERC To Develop Physical Grid Security Standards

March 10, 2014: Palo Verde Unit 2 Ranked as Top U.S. Generator for 2013

March 10, 2014: Entergy Texas, Inc. : Utility, Vegetation Crews Brought In To Entergy Texas’ Westernmost Areas

March 10, 2014: Fitch Rates NextEra Energy Capital Holdings’ Debentures ‘A-‘

March 10, 2014: Snipers Won’t Blackout US Power Grid, But Sun May

March 10, 2014: Renovating Aging Electric Utility Grid Infrastructure With New Technology

March 10, 2014: Nuclear, Coal-Fired Plants Continue To Produce Most Energy

March 10, 2014: FERC Orders Power Authority To Craft Grid Security Rules

March 7, 2014: Congress Should Clarify US Power Plant Greenhouse Gas Rules: Utility Execs

March 7, 2014: EPA Chief: Power Plant Rules Won’t ‘Put The Brakes On Business’

March 7, 2014: Nuclear Plant Safety Improves Despite Lapses, Watchdog Group Says

March 7, 2014: Changing Times for Electric Utilities

March 7, 2014: Severe U.S. Winter Leaves Questions For Gas, Power Markets

Renewable Power

March 13, 2014: Wind Energy Is Clean, Efficient

March 13, 2014: Tesla Giga Plant, Knight Grant To OHSU Demonstrate Power Of Ambition

March 12, 2014: OCI Solar Texas Second PV In Service

March 12, 2014: The Top 10 Cities For Solar Power including San Antonio

March 12, 2014: Texas Among Top States For “Clean Energy” Jobs Last Year

March 12, 2014: 78,600 Clean Energy, Transportation Jobs Announced In 2013

March 12, 2014: Poll: 75% of US Homeowners Say Utilities Shouldn’t Block Solar

March 11, 2014: San Antonio A Great Match For Tesla Plant

March 11, 2014: Chinese Wind Power Developer Explores US Market With Software Deal

March 11, 2014: Wind Power Tax Credit ‘Dead’ In Congress This Year

March 10, 2014: Austin Energy Close To Signing ‘Cheapest’ Solar Power Deal Experts Have Seen

March 10, 2014: North American Wind Farm Operators Talk Business

March 10, 2014: Discovery Makes Solar Power Less Expensive, More Efficient

March 10, 2014: Fuelcell Energy Obtains $2.8m From US DOE To Demonstrate Direct Fuelcell Power Plant

March 7, 2014: West Texas Wind Farm Could Be Largest Taxpayer

March 7, 2014: Photos: Is GE’s Space Frame Tower the Future of Wind Power?

March 7, 2014: 2013 Is Milestone Year For Wind

March 7, 2014: More US Solar Installed In 18 Months Than Past 30 Years

Other News

March 13, 2014: Texas REP Launches New Affinity Program With Nancy Lieberman Foundation

March 13. 2014: Electricity Girl Seeks Texas Aggregator License


For the Week of  2/28/14 — 3/7/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

March 4, 2014: Largest LBO Puts Energy Future-Backed Bonds At Risk: Muni Credit

March 3, 2014: Could EFH Bankruptcy Lead To A Sale Of Oncor?

March 3, 2014: For Oncor, The Suitors Are Plentiful

March 3, 2014: Luminant Beats $470m Pollution Suit Over Texas Coal Plant

March 3, 2014: Buffett: Without Gas Price Spike, End Is Nigh For Luminant Parent

March 1, 2014: Buffett Lost Nearly $900 Million Exiting Biggest Buyout Ever

March 1, 2014: Buffett Says Energy Future Will Probably Seek Bankruptcy

Generation Adequacy

March 6, 2014: Texas Think Tank: Facts Speak For Themselves on Capacity Markets

March 6, 2014: Four New Texas Power Plants To Go Online Before Worst Summer Heat Should Hit

March 6, 2014: A Decade Of Leadership — Texas Electric Power Deregulation

March 6, 2014: Power Grid Takes On The West Texas Drilling Boom

March 5, 2014: Grid Operator Says Four New Plants Will Ease Electricity Demands In Texas

March 5, 2014: ERCOT Anticipates Sufficient Generation for Summer

March 5, 2014: ERCOT Sees Slim Power Reserve Going Into Summer

March 5, 2014: Spot Power Falls From New England To Texas As Cold Blast Eases

March 5, 2014:  Nolan County Power Plant Tagged As ‘A Project Of Economic Significance’

March 4, 2014: Energy Demand Breaks 12-Year-Old March Record

March 4, 2014: Texas Mulls Capacity Market

March 4, 2014:  Texas Grid Extends Power Conservation Call As Cold Boosts Usage, Prices

March 3, 2014: Latest Arctic Blast Sends Texas Power Usage, Prices Soaring

March 3, 2014: Texas Power Market Monitor Resigns Amid Unresolved Reform Debate

March 3, 2014: ERCOT Report Empowers Fans Of Texas’ Current Electricity Market

March 4, 2014: Energy Conservation Urged Through Tuesday Morning

March 4, 2014:  Proposed ERCOT Resource Adequacy Task Force Matrix

Feb 28, 2014: Texas Sees Higher Summer Power Supply Amid Slower Demand Growth

Feb 28, 2014: ERCOT Report Should Slow Down Energy Industry’s Push To Dip Into Ratepayer’s Pockets

Feb 28, 2014: Capacity Market Foes Seize On Brighter Electric Forecast

Feb 28, 2014: ERCOT: Growth in Texas Energy Demand Slows

Feb 28, 2014: Calpine Buys San Antonio-Area Power Plant For $625 Million

Feb 27, 2014: Lesson From Europe: Renewable Energy = Need For Capacity Payments?


March 6, 2014: Little Texas Electric Company Fine Upped To $2.8 Million

March 6, 2014: Frigid US Weather Means Highest Power Prices Since 2008

March 6, 2014: Harsh Winter Reveals Necessity Of Coal

March 6, 2014: Distributed Generation an Opportunity, Not a Threat to Utilities

March 6, 2014: CIA, NSA And Others Tell Utilities How To Up Their Cybersecurity

March 6, 2014: President Requests $711.0 Million for Fossil Energy Programs

March 5, 2014: U.S. Appeals Court to Hear Appeal of Ruling Which Had Granted Class Action Status to Retail Energy Lawsuit

March 5, 2014: ERCOT Notifies PUCT Of Inadvertent Transmission Of Data Which Could Have Revealed Number Of Competitor’s ESI IDs

March 5, 2014: BPC Issues Cyberattack Protection Recommendations

March 5, 2014: NRG Retail Provider Acquires Customers of Texas REP

March 5, 2014: Texas PUC Posts List of Cities Requiring Copy of REP Disconnect Notice Sent to Certain Multi-Family Dwellings

March 5, 2014: Texas Staff Propose Lower Upfront, Ongoing Smart Meter Opt-Out Charge at TNMP

March 4, 2014: Small Trading Operation In FERC’s Enforcement Crosshairs Takes Pre-Emptive Defensive Action

March 4, 2014: Transformers: A Weak Link On The Power Grid

March 4, 2014: Experts Call For A New Organization To Oversee Grid’s Cybersecurity

March 4, 2014: Important Steps Are Needed Now To Guard Against Cyber Threats To Key U.S. Sectors.

March 3, 2014: ERCOT Proposes NPRR to Reflect Incremental Load Exposure to POLRs from Mass Transition

Feb 27, 2014: Texas Electricity Bills Soar In Abnormally Cold Winter

March 1, 2014: Watchdog: Stream Energy Target Of Racketeering Class-Action Lawsuit

Feb 28, 2014: Austin Software Company Noesis Energy Raises $6 Million For Expansion

Feb 28, 2014: Energy Studies Focus On Austin Neighborhood

March 3, 2014: NRG Talks Retail Margins, M&A in Discussing Earnings

March 2, 2014: PNM Resources Reports Healthy Finances In 2013

March 2, 2014: Under The U.S. Supreme Court: Climate Change Fight In The Balance

Feb 26, 2014: Hot Air About The EPA

Feb 28, 2014: Group Sees Higher Gas Usage As EPA’s Best Option In Power Plant Greenhouse Gas Rule

Feb 28, 2014: Utility CEO: Generators Will Soon Make Electric Grid an ‘Antiquated System’

Renewable Power

March 6, 2014: Citigroup, EFS Panhandle Seek Passive Interests In 218-MW Texas Wind Project

March 6, 2014: New Task Force To Evaluate Austin’s Green Energy Goals

March 6, 2014: Soda Can Solar Furnace Helps Cut Heating Bills

March 6, 2014: Wind Power Continues To Grow As Source Of American Electricity

March 6, 2014: When Will Solar Be More Affordable Than Traditional Utilities?

March 5, 2014: Can Wind And Solar Power Meet Our Energy Needs?

March 5, 2014: ACEEE Statement on Passage of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2014 (HR 2126)

March 5, 2014: Can Offshore Wind Farms Protect Us From Hurricanes?

March 5, 2014: North American Wind Farm Operators Talk Business

March 5, 2014: Is Solar Power Cheaper than Grid Electricity?

March 5, 2014: New Report: U.S. Solar Market Grows 41%, Has Record Year in 2013

March 4, 2014: What Texas Must Overcome To Land Tesla’s Gigafactory

March 4, 2014: Tesla’s ‘Gigafactory’ Sets Off 4-State Bidding War

March 4, 2014: 5 Things To Know About How Tesla’s Huge Battery Factory Will Affect The Power Grid

March 4, 2014: Facebook Eyes Up DRONES: Social Network Rumoured To Be Spending $60m On Solar-Powered Aircraft To Bring Internet To Africa

March 3, 2014: Texas Ranks No. 6 For Solar Energy Jobs

March 3, 2014: Dots Connected:?Texas’ Growing Alternative Energy Market

March 3, 2014: Big Ideas For Tiny Windmills At UTA

Feb 27, 2014: Pecos County’s First Solar Farm Breaks Ground

March 3, 2014: Molten Salt Storage Gives Push To US Solar Power

Feb 28, 2014: Wind Deal Puts Austin Energy On Track To Meet Renewables Goal Four Years Early

Feb 27, 2014: Wind Industry Study: Electricity Prices Skyrocketing In Largest Wind Power States

Feb 26, 2014: Solar With Batteries Could Allow US ‘Grid Defection’ By 2030: Rocky Mountain Institute

Feb 28, 2014: Geothermal Offers Cost-Effective Alternative To Volatile Fuel Prices And Propane Shortages

Other News

March 5, 2014: Texas REP Launches Service in New York

March 4, 2014: Broker-consultant 5 Hires Texas Market Veteran

March 1, 2014: ‘Construction Flaws’ In Six Hanford Nuclear Waste Tanks, 13 More May Be Compromised – Report


For the Week of  2/21/14 — 2/28/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

Alert: Texas Consumers asked to conserve electricity Monday (3/3/2014) morning

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Feb 26, 2014: Judge Rules For Luminant In Sierra Club Suit

Feb 26, 2014: Luminant Wins Ruling in Pollution Suit, Sierra Club Says

Feb 24, 2014: Why Consumers Could Benefit From Energy Future Holdings’ Bankruptcy

Feb 20, 2014: Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Poised for Another Windfall on Energy Future Holdings

Feb 21, 2014: Energy Holdings Prepares for a Breakup Energy Future Seeks Loans as Bankruptcy Looms

Feb 21, 2014: KKR’s $45 Billion 2007 LBO Energy Future Holdings May Now Be Close To Bankruptcy

Generation Adequacy

Feb 28, 2014: Officials: Electricity Reserves Better Due to Efficiency

Feb 27, 2014: ERCOT Reports Significant Improvement in Reserve Margins, In Latest CDR Report

Feb 27, 2014: Calpine Completes Purchase of Guadalupe Power Plant in Texas for $625 Million

Feb 26, 2014: Remake Of Texas Electricity Market Likely To Wait As Supply Fears Abate

Feb 26, 2014: Nat Gas Prices May Hit You In The Electric Bill

Feb 22, 2014: Texas Commissioner Marty Says Energy Market “Healthy”, As Focus Shifts to Reliability Standard

Feb 21, 2014: Another Power Plant Proposed for Nolan County in Texas

Feb 22, 2014: Retail Suppliers Tell PJM Board They’re “Deeply Concerned” About “Lack of Transparency” on Reserves Charges


Feb 27, 2014: Texas Staff Proposal for Adoption Would Further Tweak Definition of “Principal” for Retail Provider Certification Rules Versus Original Proposal

Feb 27, 2014: Fitch Affirms 12 U.S. Utility Tariff Bond Transactions, including ERCOT Utilities

Feb 27, 2014: Dynegy Loss Narrows

Feb 27, 2014: Texas At Center Of Conflicting Pollution Lawsuits

Feb 27, 2014: Where Microgrids Stand In The Battle For Our Energy Future

Feb 26, 2014: Texas Staff Seek Additional $600,000 Administrative Penalty on Retail Provider, Alleging More Violations

Feb 26, 2014: For The Supreme Court, A Case Poses A Puzzle On The E.P.A.’S Authority

Feb 26, 2014: Active Power Expects To Raise More Than $9 Million In Stock Offering

Feb 26, 2014: GE Puts $1.4B Into Natural-Gas-Fired Distributed Power

Feb 26, 2014: Unique Challenges of Cyber Attacks for Utilities

Feb 25, 2014: 2 Statewide GOP Candidates Fell Victim To Energy Trading Scheme

Feb 25, 2014: El Paso Electric’s 2013 Profit Falls 2.5 Percent To $88.6 Million

Feb 25, 2014: Efficient Gas-Fired Power Plants Save 25-50 Time More Water Than Fracking Consumes

Feb 25, 2014: EPA Inspector General Reports On Agency Response To An Event That Never Happened At A Company That Doesn’t Exist

Feb 25, 2014: ALEC Drums Up Opposition To Upcoming EPA Power Plant Limits

Feb 25, 2014: Report: Texas Electric Complaints Down, But REP “Violations” Up in 2013

Feb 25, 2014: Texas REP Offering $200 Enrollment Bonus for Free Saturdays Plan

Feb 24, 2014: Workshop at TCEQ Focuses On Calculating Emissions

Feb 24, 2014: US Nuclear Projects On The Horizon

Feb 24, 2014: EEI And NRDC Closer To Getting It Right On Net Metering

Feb 24, 2014: Supreme Court Seems Divided In Climate Case

Feb 24, 2014: How Utilities Can Fight Physical And Cyber Attacks

Feb 22, 2014: Retail Provider Withdraws as Default REP at Sharyland

Feb 21, 2014: Bid To Connect Grids Needs Buy-In From Independent Texas

Feb 22, 2014: Electric Consumers Warned Of Phone Scams

Feb 22, 2014: Texas Commission to Further Consider Cease and Desist Authority

Feb 22, 2014: Fed Up With Government, Environmentalists Sue Companies

Feb 22, 2014: Justices To Hear Arguments In Test Of EPA Authority

Renewable Power

Feb 27, 2014: How Texas Made Wind Energy a Real Player

Feb 27, 2014: Tesla: 4 States Including Texas Contend For 6,500-Job Battery Plant

Feb 27, 2014: For Tesla, The Road May Lead Into Energy Storage

Feb 27, 2014: NREL Examines Solar Policy Pathways for States

Feb 27, 2014: Fitch Updates Rating Criteria for Solar Power Projects

Feb 27, 2014: GE Wind Turbine Lab Aims For Better Way To Do Job

Feb 27, 2014: Wind Power Helps Boost U.S. Renewable Generation Up 30% Last Week

Feb 26, 2014: Renewable Generation Up 30% Last Week As Gas Consumption Plummets 35%, GENSCAPE Reports

Feb 26, 2014: Tesla To Offer $1.6 Billion In Convertible Notes

Feb 26, 2014: Offshore Wind Farms Could Knock Down Hurricanes

Feb 25, 2014: New Power Lines Will Make Texas The World’s 5th-Largest Wind Power Producer

Feb 25, 2014: El Paso Electric And JUWI Announce New Solar Power Station To Be Built In Northeast El Paso, Texas

Feb 25, 2014: Alterra Power Completes Acquisition Of Shannon Wind Project in Texas

Feb 25, 2014: With Austin Energy Nearing Renewable-Energy Goal, Environmentalists Say Utility Can Do More

Feb 25, 2014: Tesla’s Battery Ambitions Gets Stock Jumping

Feb 25, 2014: Pricey Hydrogen Cars To Challenge Electric

Feb 25, 2014: NRG: “Testing” Beacon 10 Gas/Solar-Powered Distributed Gen Tech in Homes, Businesses

Feb 25, 2014: Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) To Recover Zinc From Steelworks Waste

Feb 24, 2014: Austin Solar Company Heliovolt Suspends Operations

Feb 24, 2014: Sunpower Partners With Meritage Homes On Supply Deal

Feb 24, 2014: Alterra Power Corp. Buys Texas Wind Power Project

Feb 24, 2014: News Roundup: Optimizing Wind, Camp’s Tax Plan, And A Call To Extend The PTC

Feb 24, 2014: Long-Lived Clean Power: Wind Turbines Last 25 Years, Study Says

Feb 24, 2014: Wind Power Stalls, Natural Gas Up Slightly In January New Power Capacity

Feb 24, 2014: New Year Off to Hot Start for US Solar Industry

Feb 24, 2014: DOE Awarding $3 Million To Support Geothermal Energy Systems With Capability Of Extracting Rare Earth Elements

Feb 24, 2014: Apple Plant Plans To Use 100 Percent Renewables

Feb 21, 2014: Austin Energy Pursues $558M Wind Energy Deal

Feb 21, 2014: The Butler Firm Assists First Solar’s Texas Barilla Solar Plant

Feb 21, 2014: Army Awards 20 Additional Contracts To Renewable Energy Companies

Feb 21, 2014: Optimizing The Wind Energy Resource

Other News

Feb 26, 2014: Oncor Electric Delivery Joins the Utility Analytics Institute


For the Week of  2/14/14 — 2/21/14

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Feb 21, 2014: Lengthy Bankruptcy Looking More Likely for Energy Future

Feb 21, 2014: TXU/Energy Advisers Bankruptcy:  Commodity Price Reality Bites

Feb 21, 2014: EFH Considers Breakup As Deal Remains Ellusive

Feb 21, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Weighs A Breakup As Creditor Talks Go On

Feb 21, 2014: Energy Holding Prepares for a Breakup

Feb 21, 2014: Oncor Schedules Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2013 Investor Call

Generation Adequacy

Feb 20, 2014: Plans Unveiled For Natural Gas-Powered Power Plant In Nolan County, Texas

Feb 19, 2014: Will The New Texas Power Report Change The Game?

Feb 19, 2014: Proposed “Electricity Tax” Sends Wrong Message To Texans—Old And New

Feb 20, 2014: Texas Capacity Market Supporters Know What Future Energy Market Prices Will Be to Make Claim on Cost of Capacity Market; Except They Don’t Know What Future Energy Market Prices Will Be, Which is Why They Need a Capacity Market

Feb 18, 2014: NTE Energy to Develop One of the Most Efficient Natural Gas Fired Power Plants in ERCOT

Feb 17, 2014: How Electric Vehicles are Strengthening the Texas Power Grid and improving Air Quality

Feb 14, 2014: Coal Powers Past Natural Gas To Electrify Texas In January


Feb 20, 2014: Centrica Says It’s Less Inclined to Pursue Retail Energy M&A in Certain U.S. Regions, but not Texas

Feb 20, 2014: Fitch Affirms AEP & Subs; Outlook Revised to Stable for AEP, Ohio Power, & Kentucky Power

Feb 20, 2014: Will Oxy’s Divorce Spur The Break Up Of Big Oil?

Feb 20, 2014: Flurry Of US Coal Power Plant Shutdowns Expected By 2016

Feb 20, 2014: US Utilities And Distributed Generators: Enemies No More?

Feb 20, 2014: DOE Loan Guarantees Finalized For Plant Voglte Expansion

Feb 19, 2014: Direct Energy Profits Down on Margin Pressure, Launches $100M Cost Reduction Initiative, Warns on Impact from Extreme Weather

Feb 19, 2014: 3 States Including Texas Driving Energy Storage For Utilities And Customers

Feb 19, 2014: Texas Staff Proposes Lower Upfront Smart Meter Opt-Out Charge at TDUs

Feb 18, 2014: TXU Energy Tells Smart Energy Summit Attendees: Innovate to Enhance the Customer Experience

Feb 18, 2014: TriEagle Energy Launches Service in New Territory

Feb 18, 2014: Opinion: Major Texas Competition Advocates Left Behind by Grassroots Choice Movement

Feb 18, 2014: Party Seeks Introduction of Electric Choice at El Paso Electric, in Texas Proceeding Reviewing New EPE Power Plants

Feb 18, 2014: 34 Groups: Reactor Licensing Should Be Suspended Until NRC Addresses New Findings On Nuclear Reactor Pool Fire Risks, Costs

Feb 18, 2014: U.S. Orders Power Grid To Prepare For Solar Storms

Feb 17, 2014: China’s Goldleaf Eyes Texas Energy Company

Feb 17, 2014: Switch To Gas From Coal May Threaten Water Supply

Feb 17, 2014: US Forecasts Increase In Coal-Fired Power Plant Retirements By 2020

Feb 17, 2014: EPA Power Plant Regs Depend on Enhanced Oil Recovery

Feb17, 2014: Texas Draft Preamble on Cease & Desist Authority Provides Guidance on When Authority May Be Applied to Retail Electric Providers

Feb 14, 2014: Occidental Petroleum To Spin Off California Assets, Move To Houston

Feb 14, 2014: Gates-Backed Energy Company Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Feb 14, 2014: Bill Gates’ Energy Co. Files For Bankruptcy

Feb 14, 2014: Christine Todd Whitman Making A Case For Nuclear Power

Feb 14, 2014: EEI, Wall Street Talks Include Policy, Environment

Feb 14, 2014: Murkowski Warns That EPA Rules, Renewables Could Threaten Electric Reliability

Feb 14, 2014: Report: EPA Regulations To Accelerate Coal Plant Shutdowns

Feb 14, 2014: Obama To Propose $1 Billion To Prepare For Climate Change

US Power Plant Attacks

Feb 20, 2014: Hope For Grid Security? The Federal Government May Actually Get Something Done

Feb 19, 2014: Deterring Substation Attacks

Feb 19, 2014: IBM, GMU Faculty to Research ‘Evolving Threat Landscape’ in Electric Power

Feb 18, 2014: Power Companies Struggle to Maintain Defenses Against Cyber-Attacks

Feb 17, 2014: Schumer Calls for Increased Security at US Power Plants

Feb 17, 2014: FERC Responds to Senate Inquiry about Physical Grid Security

Renewable Power

Feb 20, 2014: EPE, Newman Solar To Build 10Mw Energy Plant In Texas

Feb 20, 2014: Solar Plant Planned for Pecos County in West Texas

Feb 20, 2014: The Companies That Are Using The Most Solar Power

Feb 20, 2014: Sugar-Powered Biobattery Has 10 Times The Energy Storage Of Lithium: Your Smartphone Might Soon Run On Enzymes

Feb 19, 2014: Colorado Company To Build El Paso County’s Largest Solar Plant For El Paso Electric

Feb 19, 2014: New Solar Power Station to be Built in Northeast El Paso

Feb 19, 2014: More Wind Energy Means Lower Electricity Prices

Feb 19, 2014: New Generation Power Texas Wind Farm Project Kicks Off

Feb 19, 2014: Baker Electric Solar To Host Five Solar Open Houses including San Marcos This Spring

Feb 19, 2014: Global Concentrated Solar Power Market: United States Dominates Production With 63% Share

Feb 18, 2014: St. David’s to Unveil Pilot Solar Project in Austin

Feb 17, 2014: Sunny Prospects As Texas Climbs Rankings On Solar Jobs

Feb 17, 2014: Wind Energy Is Safe For The Environment

Feb 17, 2014: Google’s Big Investment In Clean Energy

Feb 17, 2014: Google Investing More Than $1 Billion In Alternative Energy

Feb 13, 2014: First Wind Obtains $206M Financing For 150-MW Texas Wind Project

Feb 14, 2014: Wind Power Found to Affect Local Climate

Feb 14, 2014: Analysis: Obama Limited For Action On Wind Power

Feb 14, 2014: Solar Power Coming of Age But Big and Expensive

Feb 14, 2014: U.S. Solar Power Becoming Competitive, Moniz Says

Feb 14, 2014: Adequate Transmission Among Options to Better Integrate Renewable Energy to Grid, Says NREL

Other News

Feb 20, 2014: Centerpoint Energy Appoints New Board Member

Feb 20, 2014: Tesla Shares Hit A Record On Earnings News

Feb 19, 2014: Start-up Receives Texas Retail Electric Provider Certificate

Feb 19, 2014: Welcome To ‘Saudi Texas’

Feb 18, 2014: In The Dark About Picking A Light Bulb? This FAQ Can Help

Feb 18, 2014: Taking Teamwork to Heart: Martin Lake Power Plant Employees Receive Luminant Lifesaving Award

Feb 18, 2014: A Self-Driving Tesla? Tantalizing But Not Practical

Feb 14, 2014: Superconductivity in Orbit: Scientists Find New Path to Loss-Free Electricity


For the Week of  2/7/14 — 2/14/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Feb 11, 2014: Energy Future Holdings May Be Lining Up Loans For Bankruptcy

Feb 11, 2014: Energy Future Holdings Reportedly Seeks Financing To Use During Bankruptcy

Feb 11, 2014: Energy Future Said to Revive Talks on Bankruptcy Funding

Generation Adequacy

Feb 12, 2014: Coal’s Share Of ERCOT Market Remains Strong, Gas’ Share Falls Again

Feb 11, 2014: Despite Sufficient Reserves, Texas Power Providers Warn Of Rolling Blackout Risk

Feb 11, 2014: Luminant’s Reopened Power Plants Are Dirty Old Relics

Feb 12, 2014: FERC Grants Windfall to Generators By Allowing Offers In Excess Of $1,000/MWh to Set Clearing Price

Feb 10, 2014: Luminant to Restart East Texas Power Plants

Feb 10, 2014: Brattle FERC Report: “Energy-Only Markets Can Attract The Optimal Level Of Generation Investments”

Feb 8, 2014: Copelin: Texas Blackout Debate — Doing Nothing Is Now An Option

Feb 7, 2014: Texas To Consider Target Power Margin Review Amid Push To Drop Capacity Market Talk

Feb 7, 2014: Electric Cars Seen Having Role in Stabilizing Texas Power Grid

Feb 10, 2014: Brattle FERC Report: “Energy-Only Markets Can Attract The Optimal Level Of Generation Investments”


Feb 13, 2014: CPS Energy Wants To Contract Out Management Of Villita Assembly

Feb 13, 2014: Calpine Corporation : Calpine Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Results, Raises 2014 Guidance

Feb 13, 2014: NEI Tells Wall Streeters Reliable Power Generation Is Undervalued

Feb 12, 2014: As US Endures Winter, Coal Trumpeted As Backbone Of Reliability

Feb 12, 2014: EPA Considered Few Projects Not Funded by EPACT for CCS Determination

Feb 12, 2014: Texas REPs Say Customer Data Proposal from Demand Response Providers Would Compel REPs to Act as “Middleman” for Third Parties

Feb 12, 2014: Texas Consumer Groups Seek More Granular Retail Electric Complaint Data

Feb 12, 2014: Austin Utilities Likely To Get Building

Feb 12, 2014: 150 Texas Crossroads Residents Attend EPA Hearing About Uranium Mining

Feb 12, 2014: DOE Official: Initial CCS Technologies Estimated to Increase Wholesale Electricity Costs Up to “70 to 80 Percent”

Feb 12, 2014: Sen. Lisa Murkowski Says Nuclear Waste Bill Doubtful This Congress

Feb 12, 2014: Status of DOE’s Clean Coal Program

Feb 12, 2014: EEI Tells Wall Street Electricity Is Main Ingredient Of Our Lives

Feb 12, 2014: EPRI Launches Study On The ‘Integrated Grid’

Feb 12, 2014: White House Plan to Help Banks, Utilities Fight Hackers

Feb 11, 2014: Nuclear Waste Storage On Texas Lawmakers’ Agenda

Feb 11, 2014: Entergy Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year Earnings

Feb 10, 2014: TXU Energy Reminder: Long, Harsh Winter Means Higher Electricity Usage

Feb 11, 2014: TXU, Veteran Energy Post Pricing for Sharyland-Cap Rock Service Areas Opening to Choice

Feb 10, 2014: Cruz To Target Regulations In Wide Ranging Energy Bill

Feb 10, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. Announces Final Tender Results For Its Offer To Purchase Up To $400 Million In Aggregate Principal Amount Of Its Outstanding 8.50% Senior Notes Due 2019 And 7.625% Senior Notes Due 2019

Feb 10, 2014: How Can A Nation Awash In Natural Gas Have Shortages?

Feb 10, 2014: Great River Energy And The Brattle Group Present Innovative Approach For Compliance With EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Feb 10, 2014: EPRI Recommends Regulators Begin To Re-Think Notions Of Power Grid

Feb 9, 2014: Watchdog: Here’s The Best Way To Pick An Electricity Company In Texas

Feb 9, 2014: Xcel Energy Subsidiary Fined For Unreliable Electricity

Feb 9, 2014: Texas County To Host Power Plant Hearing

Feb 9, 2014: CenterPoint Settles Lawsuit With Family Of 2 Burned Children, Begins Inspection Of Guy Wires

Feb 7, 2014: Ruling On Immunity In Power Suit in West Texas Highlights ‘Multi-Million-Dollar Question’

Feb 9, 2014: Energy Secretary: Texas Is On The Right Track With Oil, Gas, Wind

Feb 7, 2014: EPA Proposes Commission On Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Take Over Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Permitting In Texas

US Power Plant Attacks

Feb 12, 2014: Second Possible Terror Attack on U.S. Power Plant Uncovered

Feb 11, 2014: 2nd US Power Plant was Attacked by Armed Gunman

Flashback–April 23, 2013: Shots fired at TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Feb 12, 2014: Why An Underreported, ‘Significant Incident of Domestic Terrorism’ Might Not Be a Failed Attack at All

Feb 11, 2014: Sophisticated But Low-Tech Power Grid Attack Baffles Authorities

Feb 11, 2014: Sen. Murkowski Calls for Greater Emphasis on Protecting Electric Reliability

Feb 10, 2014: Sniper Attack On Calif. Power Station Leads To Calls For More Security

Feb 7, 2014: Attack On California Power Station Heightens Concerns About Grid Security

Feb 7, 2014: Lawmakers Urge Federal Takeover Of Electrical Grid Security

Renewable Power

Feb 13, 2014: New Generation Power Texas Breaks Ground on 400 Megawatt Wind Farm

Feb 13, 2014: Energy Secretary Moniz Dedicates World’s Largest Concentrating Solar Power Project

Feb 13, 2014: DOE Celebrating Solar Success

Feb 13, 2014: Green Power participation grows 33 percent

Feb 13, 2014: Giant Laser Complex Makes Fusion Advance, Finally

Feb 13, 2014: New Solar Technology Captures High-Energy Photons More Efficiently

Feb 12, 2014: First Wind Finances Route 66

Feb 12, 2014: First Wind Secures $206 Million Financing for Route 66 Wind Project and Continues Construction of First Project in Texas

Feb 12, 2014: Abernathy in West Texas May Get Solar Energy Farm

Feb 12, 2014: NREL Report Finds Similar Value in Two CSP Technologies

Feb 11, 2014: New Study Finds 4,100 Solar Jobs in Texas

Feb 11, 2014: 90 Percent Of States Added Solar Jobs In 2013, Fueled By Growth In The South

Feb 11, 2014: Wind Power Is Boring; This Isn’t

Feb 11, 2014: Wind Energy Faces Uncertain Future In The US

Feb 11, 2014: Green Energy Could Show Utility Investors the Money

Feb 11. 2014: What’s Next for Solar Stocks?

Feb 10, 2014: U.S. Senators Propose Extension Of Investment Tax Credit, A Key Solar Policy

Other News

Feb 13, 2014: Liquid-Cooled Supercomputers, To Trim The Power Bill

Feb 12, 2014: IKEA Plugs-in 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Houston

Feb 12, 2014: Co-Founder of StarTex, Joins Board of Retail Energy Company

Feb 12, 2014: TXU Energy Marketing “Support and Save” Affinity Program for Non-profits

Feb 12, 2014: Gas Marketer With 1.6 Million Customers to Enter Retail Electric Supply Business

Feb 10, 2014: Affiliate of Retail Supplier Offering $600 for Solar Referrals; Still Offering 2 Years Free Electricity

Feb 10, 2014: Parent of Texas Retail Provider Names New President


For the Week of  1/31/14 — 2/7/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Feb 6, 2014: TPG Capital Said to Seek $1.25 Billion for Energy Fund

Generation Adequacy

Feb 6, 2014: Cold Weather Prompts Call For Power Conservation In Texas

Feb 6, 2014: Studies Prove Texas Grid Is Healthy, Commissioner Says

Feb 6, 2014: Hedge Funds Bet On Us Gas Shortage As Cold Boosts Demand

Feb 6, 2014: ERCOT Adds 848 MW Of Wind, Energized $3.17B In Transmission In 2013

Feb 6, 2014: FERC Price Cap Ruling Could Reverberate for Years

Feb 6, 2014: FERC Demands More Data on Import Cap

Feb 6, 2014: Freezes Hit U.S. Natural Gas Output, California Supply

Feb 5, 2014: Anderson Suggests Texas Commission Study Reliability Standard Prior to Comparing Costs of Resource Adequacy Alternatives

Feb 5, 2014: ERCOT Energy-Only Market Expected To Support Average Reserve Margin

Feb 5, 2014: Electric Trucks Provide Frequency Regulation In ERCOT

Feb 4, 2014: Luminant Restarts 3 Texas Coal-Fired Units As Power Prices Rise

Feb 4, 2014: Luminant Restarts Power Units Early As Natural Gas Prices Rise

Feb 3, 2014: In Grid Debate, New Info Doesn’t Sway Opinions

Feb 3, 2014: Brattle Economists Analyze Economically-Optimal Planning Reserve Margin For Texas Power Market

Jan 31, 2014: Texas Power Capacity Market Debate Falls On Doorstep Of State Legislators

Jan 31, 2014: Report: Texas Can Wait To Address Threat Of Power Shortages

Jan 31, 2014: New Report Will Figure In Debate Over Electricity Reserves

Feb 3, 2014: Brattle: Current Texas Energy-Only Market Can Maintain Optimal Reserve Margin


Feb 6, 2014: U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz Visits Austin, With Praise

Feb 6, 2014: Appellate Court Says Lubbock Immune In Republic Power Lawsuit, Not WTMPA

Feb 6, 2014: Texas QSE to Pay $10,000 Under Settlement With PUCT Staff

Feb 6, 2014: FERC Pick a Blank Slate

Feb 6, 2014: Texas Hailed For Challenging EPA Regs

Feb 6, 2014: GOP Texans Blast EPA At Congressional Hearing

Feb 6, 2014: Smith: EPA Should Allow Texas Flexibility to Regulate

Feb 4, 2014: Huntsville Rejects Rate Increases By Entergy

Feb 5, 2014: Assault On California Power Station Raises Alarm On Potential For Terrorism

Feb 5, 2014: Snipers Attacked A Silicon Valley Power Station Last Year And Nobody Told Us

Feb 5, 2014: Ex-Federal Official Raises Concerns Over Terror Attack On Power Grid

Feb 5, 2014: What You Need to Know About Attacks on the U.S. Power Grid

Feb 5, 2014: Quote Du Jour: Texas And Obama’s Energy Strategy

Feb 5, 2014: EPA Names Landfill Gas Projects Of The Year

Feb 5, 2014: E.P.A. Staff Struggling To Create Pollution Rule

Feb 5, 2014: Partisan Fight Over Epa’s Role In Texas Emerges At House Hearing

Feb 5, 2014: NEMA-Backed Smart Grid Study Passes House Committee

Feb 4, 2014: Last Line Energized, $6.8B Texas CREZ Project Is Complete

Feb 4, 2014: Austin Council Members Say Cutting Ties With Coal Plant Too Expensive

Feb 4, 2014: EPA Shifts Greenhouse Gas Permitting To Texas

Feb 4, 2014: New Texas REP Launches Rewards Program, Including 3% Off Bills for Lifetime

Feb 4, 2014: Revolutionizing The Power Supply, One Smart Building At A Time

Feb 5, 2014: Ex-Federal Official Raises Concerns Over Terror Attack On Power Grid

Feb 3, 2014: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NEM, DSA Warn of “Extortionate Settlements” if Retail Energy Court Ruling Upheld

Feb 3, 2014: Texas Retail Providers Press For Prohibition On Use Of Utility Brand By Affiliate Offering Competitive Electric Service

Feb 3, 2014: Direct Energy Releases Pricing for Texas Smart Thermostat Plan

Feb 3, 2014: Initial REP Pricing Posted for Sharyland Service Areas Newly Open to Choice

Feb 3, 2014: Texas Is Considering Accepting High-Level Radioactive Waste, And Environmentalists Are Pissed

Feb 1, 2014: Could Texas Become Home To Highly Radioactive Waste?

Feb 3, 2014: EPA’s Proposed New Source Clean Air Act Standards And Carbon Capture And Storage Technology

Jan 31, 2014: Court Ruling Could Limit LCRA Claims Against KPUB

Jan 31, 2014: Entergy Declares Dividend

Feb 1, 2014: A Pro-Business Stance That’s Bad For Business

Jan 31, 2014: States, Utilities Face Challenges with Net Metering

Renewable Power

Feb 6, 2014: Sen. Franken to Hold Hearing Examining State Efforts to Implement Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Policy

Feb 5, 2014: Novel Solar Cell Technology Handles The Blues

Feb 5, 2014: Siemens Awarded Wind Turbine Order For Windthorst-2 Wind Power Plant

Feb 4, 2014: The Lone Star State’s Clean-Energy Leader

Feb 4, 2014: Siemens Wins Turbine Order For Texas Wind Power Project

Feb 4, 2014: Obama Administration Proposes 30-Year Eagle Kill Permits

Feb 4, 2014: Apple’s Future Smartwatch Likely To Run On Solar Power

Feb 1, 2014: Texas Based Company Abandons Plans For Wind-Energy Farm In Newport

Jan 31, 2014: Solar Comes To The Super Bowl

Feb 2, 2014: Wind Packs A Powerful Punch In Denton

Jan 31, 2014: Siemens Wins Turbine Order For Google-Backed Wind Farm

Jan 31, 2014: A Wind Power Record For 2014, One Texas Town’s Push For More Wind, And A Look At The World’s Biggest Turbine

Feb 1, 2014: Texas Based Company Abandons Plans For Wind-Energy Farm In Newport

Jan 31, 2014: Solar Comes To The Super Bowl

Other News

Feb 5, 2014: Texas REP Offering Concierge Services to Customers

Feb 5, 2014: Retail Supplier Adopts Brand “America’s Energy Choice”

Feb 4, 2014: Texas Co-op Rebuilds Toad Habitat

Feb 4, 2014: Texas Professor Prepares To Move Into A Dumpster

Feb 3, 2014: Comcast Picks NRG As Electricity Partner In Pennsylvania

Feb 3, 2014: Solar San Antonio Founder Bill Sinkin Dead At 100


For the Week of  1/24/14 — 1/31/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Jan 28, 2014: Energy Future Board Wins Dismissal of Aurelius Loan Suit

Jan 24, 2014: KKR’s Marc Lipschultz Resigns From Energy Future Holdings Board

Generation Adequacy

Jan 30, 2014: Retail Supplier Opposes Waiver to Allow PJM Offers Above $1,000/MWh To Set LMP, Says Capacity Suppliers Should “Honor Their Commitments”

Jan 30, 2014: Industrials, Consumer Advocates Say Load Shouldn’t Be Forced to Cover Generators’ “Poor Decision-Making” In Not Hedging Gas Risk, In Opposing Waiver of PJM $1,000/MWh Offer Cap

Jan 30, 2014: FERC Approves Change in PJM Capacity Market Seen as Increasing Costs $1.8 Billion Over Two Years

Jan 19, 2014: Two Weeks Ago A Polar Vortex Prompted Most Texans To Huddle Inside Heated Buildings To Escape The Icy Weather. It Also Nearly Caused Some Texans To Experience Power Outages.

Jan 28, 2014: Smart Meter Backers See Role In Texas Power Market Debate

Jan 28, 2014: Texas Capacity Market Supporter Asks FERC to “Permanently Eliminate” $1,000/MWh Price Cap in New York

Jan 28, 2014: Power Marketer Slams PJM’s “Objectionable” Request to Lift $1,000/MWh Price Cap “On The Fly”

Jan 27, 2014: In Texas, Wind Nears 10 Percent of Electricity Generation

Jan 27, 2014: PJM Seeks to Allow LMPs to Exceed $1,000/MWh Cap; May Be Easily Gamed

Jan 24, 2014: New Forecast Challenges Views On Texas Electricity Crunch

Jan 24, 2014: New Forecast Should Drive Stake Through The Heart Of Proposed Energy Tax


Jan 30, 2014: Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative Warning Customers About Potentially Higher Bills

Jan 30, 2014: Scammers Target Bandera Electric Coop. Members

Jan 30, 2014: 14 Groups: EPA Should Close Loophole Allowing Nearly 400 Oil & Gas Sites In Six States To Avoid Public Reporting Of Millions Of Pounds Of Toxic Pollution Annually

Jan 30, 2014: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program Doing Better Than Expected

Jan 30, 2014: Opinion – Time Not Ripe For Carbon Capture Technology

Jan 29, 2014: EPA, Texas Reach Deal On Clean Air Plan

Jan 29, 2014: West Texas Gas To Supply Carbon Sciences’ First Gas-To-Liquids Plant

Jan 29, 2014: Decision Makers, Developers Of Texas Transmission Grid Meet In San Antonio

Jan 29, 2014: New Power Lines To Houston Proposed

Jan 29, 2014: Fitch Affirms Granbury (TX) Utility Revenue Bonds at ‘A+’; Outlook Stable

Jan 29, 2014: Obama’s ‘Warmed Up’ To Executive Action; Will Use It For ‘Climate Change And Energy Transformation Agenda’

Jan 29, 2014: Electric Power’s Five Biggest Challenges: Part Three — Multi-Customer Microgrids

Jan 29, 2014: Houston Companies Predicted To Be The Big Winners Under Mexico’s Energy Reform

Jan 28, 2014: New Texas Retail Provider to Offer Smart Thermostat Solution

Jan 28, 2014: Texas-New Mexico Power to Restore Customers’ Power, More Quickly, Safely and Efficiently with Ventyx Solution

Jan 28, 2014: Exelon Corporation Declares Dividend

Jan 28, 2014: Power Plant On The Table in West Texas

Jan 27, 2014: New Power Lines May Be Coming To Houston

Jan 27, 2014: Kyle Energy Storage Company Xtreme Power Files For Bankruptcy

Jan 27, 2014: NRG Energy Announces Closing Of Senior Notes Offering

Jan 27, 2014: American Electric Power Beats on Earnings, Revs

Jan 27, 2014: Power Outage Solutions Seen

Jan 27, 2014: New Research Warns World To Prepare For Power Outages

Jan 23, 2014: Oncor: December Storm Worst In Company’s 60-Year History

Jan 26, 2014: Utility2utility: Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative

Jan 23, 2014: El Paso Electric Announces Quarterly Dividend

Jan 24, 2014: EIA Now Providing More Detail On Electric Capacity Additions And Retirements

Renewable Power

Jan 30, 2014: How One Texas Town Is Big, Really Big, On Wind Power

Jan 30, 2014: In Much Of US, Wind Is Most Economic Form Of New Generation, Nextera Exec Says

Jan 30, 2014: Intel, Microsoft, Kohl’s Lead EPA’s Green Power Ranking

Jan 29, 2014: Siemens Nets Wind Turbine Order For Texas Wind Power Project

Jan 29, 2014: Siemens Wins Turbine Order And Service Contract For 79 Wind Turbines In Texas

Jan 29, 2014: Isle Wind Farm Contractor Has Filed For Bankruptcy

Jan 29, 2014: Solar Provides 0.2% Of Electric Supply–Up From 0.02% Before Obama

Jan 29, 2014: Google Continues To Show Strong Support For Wind And Other Forms Of Clean Energy

Jan 29, 2014: Apple Awarded Solar Power Patent For Macbook

Jan 29, 2014: SEIA praises Obama’s solar support in SOTU address

Jan 28, 2014: A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: Denton, Texas

Jan 28, 2014: American Solar Companies: It’s Where The Jobs Are

Jan 28, 2014: Utility-Scale US Solar Capacity Grew 43% In 2013

Jan 28, 2014: Who’s Your Energy Daddy?

Jan 28, 2014: Geothermal Power Rings Show Promise

Jan 27, 2014: First Solar begins construction on Phase I of Barilla Solar Project, Texas

Jan 27, 2014: Clean Energy Hopes Natural-Gas-Powered Autos Fuel Its First Profit

Jan 27, 2014: Solar Led Lighting Brings Safety To Remote Communities

Jan 27, 2014: Don’t Get Blown Away by the Naysayers: 3 Reasons to Be Bullish on Wind

Jan 27, 2014: MIT Researchers Enhancing Solar Power

Jan 27, 2014: New Study Finds U.S. Solar Jobs Grew 20% Last Year

Jan 27, 2014: The U.S. added 2.94 GW of utility-scale solar PV, CSP in 2013

Jan 27, 2014: Solar top US renewable of 2013

Jan 27, 2014: Renewable Energy Provides 37% of All New US Electrical Generating Capacity in 2013

Jan 27, 2014: Honda Ramps Up U.S. Wind Power Capability

Jan 24, 2014: First Solar Begins Construction Of Texas Solar Project On Merchant Basis

Jan 24, 2014: Solar Plant planned for Pecos County

Jan 24, 2014: New Yeast Makes Oil From Sugar – UT Austin Researchers Say It’s A ‘Renewable Sweet Crude’

Jan 26, 2014: Energy Alternatives Important For Future Generations

Jan 24, 2014: Solar Power: What We Want It To Be vs. What It Is

Jan 24, 2014: New Solar Cell Technology Captures High-Energy Photons More Efficiently

Jan 24, 2014: Could Wind Emerge As a Major Provider of Frequency Regulation?

Other News

Jan 30, 2014: Northeast Retail Supplier Receives Texas Rep Certificate

Jan 30, 2014: Oncor Launches Online News Outlet, ‘The Wire’

Jan 29, 2014: Blackstone, Private Equity to Acquire Majority Stake in Parent of National Retail Supplier

Jan 29, 2014: 2 States Feel The Market Heat As Their Deregulated Neighbors Reap Rewards

Jan 28, 2014: TXU Officially Announces New Products Offering Credits At Usage Thresholds; Says “Thousands” Have Enrolled

Jan 28, 2014: Class Action Lawsuit “Certified” Which Threatens Entire Channel of Retail Energy Marketing


For the Week of  1/17/14 — 1/24/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Jan 21, 2014: Energy Future Eyes Reorganization After Gas Prices Spoil Record Buyout

Generation Adequacy

Jan 23, 2014: ERCOT Now Forecasts Slower Growth In Electricity Demand In Texas

Jan 23, 2014: ERCOT Looking At Reducing Its Texas Power Demand Forecast

Jan 23, 2014: New Forecast Gives Hope For Power Reserves In Texas

Jan 23, 2014: Texas Grid Operator: Cold Snap Won’t Spark Another Power Emergency

Jan 22, 2014: Texas Lt. Governor Candidate Todd Staples Asks PUCT to Reject Capacity Market

Jan 22, 2014: Preliminary Revised ERCOT Load Forecast Shows Reserve Margin Above 16% Until 2019

Jan 22, 2014: New York ESCOs Asked to Pay Generators in Excess of $1,000/MWh As NYISO Seeks FERC OK to Lift Bid Cap; Despite Capacity Market, NYISO Says Bid Cap Waiver Needed to Ensure “Reliable Operations”

Jan 22, 2014: Owner of 13,000 MW of Merchant Generation: PJM’s Capacity Auctions Don’t Provide Adequate Support for Competitive Generators

Jan 21, 2014: Behind Texas Electric Grid Emergency Alert, a Power Plant Failure, Not Demand

Jan 21, 2014: Unplanned Generation Outages DOUBLE After Introduction of Capacity Market; 13% of Total Capacity Supply Obligation Offline During Heatwave

Jan 21, 2014: What Billions in Capacity Payments Buy: Shoestring-Operated Generators Unable to Run Because No Staff is Present

Jan 21, 2014: Seven Years Later, Capacity Market Conceded by RTO To Be A “Failure”

Jan 19, 2014: Saturday: ERCOT Issues ‘Power Watch,’ Asks For Energy Conservation After ‘Sudden Outage’

Jan 17, 2014: Texas’ System Of Electric Reliability

Jan 20, 2014: ERCOT: Demand Increased Only 1% in 2013

Jan 17, 2014: ERCOT: Electricity use up 2.1 percent in 2013


Jan 23, 2014: Providers Talk About Higher Electricity Bills

Jan 23, 2014: Expansion of Choice to New Texas Service Areas On Track for May Start

Jan 23, 2014: With Strain on Electric Grid, a Push to Prioritize Conservation

Jan 23, 2014: NRG Offers Free Charging For Some Electric Cars

Jan 24, 2014: Frigid Temperatures Heat Up Home Utility Bills

Jan 23, 2014: 17 Million Residential Consumers in North America Participate in Competitive Electricity Markets

Jan 23, 2014: Just As Cornyn Faults EPA, Europe Said To Weigh Costs Of Climate Change Policies

Jan 23, 2014: Nuclear Plants Look At 80 Years Of Operation As Coal Sits On Sidelines

Jan 23, 2014: Xtreme Power, Grid-Scale Energy Storage Startup, Files for Bankruptcy

Jan 23, 2014: AES Storage Solutions Surpass 1.5 Million Megawatt-Hours of Delivered Service

Jan 23, 2014: Transmission and Energy Storage 2014 Outlook: The Macro and Micro Transformation of Electric Grids

Jan 22, 2014: Texas Regulators Air Concerns on Greenhouse Gas Rules

Jan 22, 2014: ERCOT Plans More Than $3.6 Billion In Transmission Improvements

Jan 22, 2014: American Electric Power Declares Quarterly Dividend On Common Stock

Jan 22, 2014: NRG Energy, Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend

Jan 22, 2014: Entergy Fourth-Quarter Profit Better Than Market Had Expected

Jan 22, 2014: Fitch Affirms San Miguel Electric Coop, TX’s Sr. Secured Obligations at ‘A-‘; Outlook Stable

Jan 22, 2014: ABACCUS Report: “Little Concern” for Retail Providers from “Death Spiral” Facing Traditional Utility Model, If Providers Offer Value-Add to Customers (Commodity-Only Suppliers Face Pressure)

Jan 22, 2014: Representatives From World’s Largest Utilities To Attend DistribuTECH

Jan 22, 2014: Nuclear Update: US Output Tugged Lower By Texas, Minn. Outages

Jan 21, 2014: TXU to Reward TX Customers $37m In Cash Back

Jan 21, 2014: Industry Spokesman Says Federal Standards Would Effectively Ban New Coal-Fired Power Plants

Jan 21, 2014: Will Electric Cars Kill Utility Grids? No, Study Says.

Jan 21, 2014: Electric Power’s Five Biggest Challenges: Part Two — Involving Customers In Grid Operations

Jan 21, 2014: Energy Reform Among Several Sweeping Changes For Mexico

Jan 20, 2014: Texas Company, Alone In U.S., Cashes In On Nuclear Waste

Jan 20, 2014: Weinstein: Nuclear Power Can Bring Long-Term Stability To The Stressed Electric Grid

Jan 17, 2014: Electric Highway Open For Business

Jan 17, 2014: Direct Energy Completes Sale Of Three Texas Power Plants To Blackstone

Jan 19, 2014: Lines Drawn Over Power Lines In Williamson County

Jan 17, 2014: Hackers Can Turn Your Home Appliances Against You

Jan 20, 2014: Infrastructure Investment, Fair Pricing Key To Reliability

Jan 17, 2014: Senate Republicans Attack EPA On Carbon Cuts At Coal Plants

Jan 17, 2014: To Balance Energy Demand, We Need Nuclear Power

Jan 17, 2014: How a Smarter Grid Can Prevent Blackouts—and Cut Your Energy Bills

Jan 17, 2014: Electrifying the Globe: Two-steps Into Texas

Jan 17, 2014: Obama Names Cheryl Lafleur Acting Chairman Of FERC

Renewable Power

Jan 23, 2014: First Solar Begins Construction On Texas Solar Power Project

Jan 23, 2014: NREL Finds Wind Turbines Can Boost Grid System Readiness

Jan 23, 2014: How Do You Recycle a Solar Panel?

Jan 22, 2014: Solar Plant Planned for West Texas

Jan 22, 2014: DG Growth And Energy Storage – FERC Reforms The SGIA Process

Jan 22, 2014: An Led Bulb Is Both Dimmable And Affordable

Jan 22, 2014: How Solar Power Is Changing the Game for U.S. Automakers

Jan 21, 2014: A Central Texas Family Receives Solar Lights

Jan 21, 2014: UT Austin Engineer Converts Yeast Cells Into ‘Sweet Crude’ Biofuel

Jan 21, 2014: Why One Analyst Sees The ‘Early Innings’ Of A Solar Stock Upswing

Jan 21, 2014: Innovative Coating Could Keep Wind Turbines from Freezing During Wintertime

Jan 21, 2014: Solar On The Rise At US Military Bases

Jan 20, 2014: Are We Giving This Renewable Energy Source Enough Credit?

Jan 19, 2014: NREL Study: Active Power Control of Wind Turbines Can Improve Power Grid Reliability

Jan 19, 2014: Renewable Electricity Generation Rises Driven By The Wind And The Sun

Jan 20, 2014: There’s More Than One Way To Invest In Solar Power

Jan 19, 2014: There Are An Increasing Number Of Ways To Invest In Solar Power’s Rise

Jan 19, 2014: Valuing Geothermal Power: In Today’s Renewable Energy Market

Jan 19, 2014: The State Of The “Smart Grid” Today, And Google’s Future Role In It

Jan 18, 2014: Principal Solar Seeks To Buy 250 Megawatts Of Projects, CEO Says

Jan 17, 2014: For Some Paranoid Patriots In Houston, There’s A Spy Inside The Thermostat

Jan 17, 2014: US Congress Orders Suspension Of Wind Power Subsidies

Jan 17, 2014: Is Google On Its Way To Becoming Your Cleantech Utility?

Other News

Jan 22, 2014: Oncor Rep Explains Severity Of December Storm

Jan 22, 2014: Auto Show Electrifies Some Before They Know It

Jan 21, 2014: New Texas REP to Offer Prepaid Service

Jan 21, 2014: North Texans to Texas Railroad Commission: Stop the ‘Frackquakes’

Jan 21, 2014: Houston’s Ozone Mystery: Pockets of Pollution Unlike Other Cities

Jan 17, 2014: Toyota Wants To Prove Elon Musk Wrong

Jan 20, 2014: Texas REP Offering Free Boots ($350 Value) with Enrollment


For the Week of  1/10/14 — 1/17/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

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Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Jan 16, 2014: How The Polar Vortex Impacted Energy Prices, Grid Reliability

Jan 15, 2014: Winter Weather Brings Peak In Power Use

Jan 15, 2014: Texas Power Prices Jumped More Than States Hit Harder By Polar Vortex

Jan 15, 2014: Report: Percent of PJM Forced Outages During Cold Snap Grid Stress Four Times That of ERCOT

Jan 14, 2014: Could Solar Solve Texas’ Peak Demand Problem?

Jan 14, 2014: ERCOT Energy Usage Up In December And For All Of 2013

Jan 14, 2014: Power Crisis Costs in ERCOT Haven’t Hit Home

Jan 14, 2014: NRG’s David Crane Envisions Energy Future of “Choice,” “Self-Determination”; Yet Company Favors Top-Down Capacity Mandates from Gov’t

Jan 14, 2014: ERCOT Receives Notification of Suspension of Operations

Jan 14, 2014: Businesses Continue to Flock to Texas Despite Alleged Resource Inadequacy

Jan 10, 2014: West Texas Wind Helped Power Through Cold

Jan 9, 2014: Did Wind Really Save Texas from Rolling Outages?

Jan 10, 2014: Energy Investors Grabs Texas Power Plant


Jan 16, 2014: Texas Staff File Draft Language to Ensure No Financial Gap Where REP’s Affiliate Assumes POLR Obligation

Jan 16, 2014: Texas Staff File Changes to Retail Delivery Tariff, Timelines for Discretionary Services Provided to REPs

Jan 16, 2014: CPS Energy Begins Smart Meter Rollout

Jan 16, 2014: We Can’t Expect a Reliable Energy Future Without Talking Water

Jan 16, 2014: New EPA Rule Is First Ever To Limit Carbon Emissions From New Power Plants

Jan 16, 2014: Bruning Challenges New EPA Rules

Jan 16, 2014: Mitch Mcconnell Launches Pre-Emptive Strike On EPA Climate Rule

Jan 16, 2014: Potential Seen For Market-Based Approach In EPA Regulation Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Jan 16, 2014: As Emissions Rise, US Coal Steps Up Push For Carbon Capture

Jan 15, 2014: Court: LCRA May Sue Seguin Over Electricity Deal

Jan 15, 2014: Critics Take Aim At Prepaid Electricity Plans

Jan 15, 2014: Hall Opposes EPA War on Coal

Jan 15, 2014: 5 Large Nuclear Power Plant in US

Jan 15, 2014: Electric Power’s Five Biggest Challenges, Part One: Balancing Supply And Demand In The Face Of Complexity

Jan 15, 2014: Sharyland Informs Customers of Last Date to Select REP Prior to Assignment to Default Providers

Jan 15, 2014: Tara Energy Co-Founder Among Upstream Ownership of New Texas Retail Provider

Jan 14, 2014: LCRA Vows Appeal In Lawsuit Loss To Boerne

Jan 14, 2014: SwRI Develops First ERCOT-Qualified Vehicle-to-Grid Aggregation System

Jan 14, 2014: US Power Markets Could Face Choppy Session Ahead Of Returning Cold

Jan 14, 2014: QSE Enters Settlement With Texas Staff Regarding Pricing of RUC-Committed Resources

Jan 13, 2014: Google to acquire Nest for $3.2 billion

Jan 14, 2014: 5 Reasons Nest Sold To Google

Jan 13, 2014: EPA Agenda Suffers Setback As Clean Coal Plant Project Is Derailed

Jan 13, 2014: Rising Coal Use Reverses Three Years Of Co2 Declines

Jan 13, 2014: How Smart Meters Are Helping Utilities With Voltage Management

Jan 13, 2014: Getting Rid of Coal Isn’t As Wise As You Think

Jan 13, 2014: Texas Appeals Court Rules on Whether City Can Operate as Retail Electric Provider

Jan 10, 2013: CPS, Saws Explore Pairing Up Plants

Jan 12, 2014: Texas Nuclear Power Plants Seek New Workforce

Jan 10, 2014: Stop The Waste

Jan 13, 2014: NRG Informs Investors of Expected Impairment Charge

Jan 10, 2014: Power Was Plentiful In Cold Snap

Jan 10, 2014: FERC Approves Entergy Texas Acquisition Of Certain Transmission Assets

Renewable Power

Jan 16, 2014: Google Invests In Wind Energy

Jan 16, 2014: Xcel on course for 7GW of wind

Jan 16, 2014: OCI Breaks Ground On Fourth Plant At America’s Largest Municipal Utility CPS Solar Project

Jan 16, 2014: Solar Power Plants’ Appeal Wanes

Jan 16, 2014: Armed Forces See Rise In Renewable Energy

Jan 16, 2014: Blacklight Power, Inc. Announces The Game Changing Achievement Of The Generation Of Millions Of Watts Of Power From The Conversion Of Water Fuel To A New Form Of Hydrogen

Jan 15, 2014: Mortenson Construction To Open New Office In San Antonio

Jan 15, 2014: Principal Solar Files To Register Distributed Solar Utility With SEC

Jan 15, 2014: OCI Solar Begins Construction On 39 Mw Solar Farm In Texas

Jan 15, 2014: Federal Wind Power Subsidies Expire, but Lobbyists Aren’t Giving Up

Jan 15, 2014: Google “Gets It” On Wind Power; Clean Energy, The Smart Investment; And Wind-Powered Beer

Jan 14, 2014: PSI Seeks To Build A Distributed Solar Utility Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Jan 14, 2014: Google Invests $75M in Wind in Texas

Jan 14, 2014: Texas County Approves Two Wind Energy Reinvestment Zones

Jan 14, 2014: CPS Energy, Saws Collaboration Beneficial

Jan 14, 2014: The US Broke Several Solar Power Records in 2013

Jan 14, 2014: Google Glass Is Helping Solar Power Become a Reality

Jan 14, 2014: Solar Stocks Bullish Thanks To Tax Credits

Jan 14, 2014: Conergy Launches $100 Million Solar Fund For US Market

Jan 13, 2014: Micro-Windmills To Power Your Mobile Devices

Jan 13, 2014: Wind Power Helps Preserve Water Resources

Jan 13, 2014: A Day In The Sun: Solar’s Revival Sends Stocks On A Tear

Jan 13, 2014: After A Building Boom, Solar Energy’s Prospects Now Aren’t As Sunny

Jan 13, 2014:  Potential NEM Rollbacks Won’t Impact US Solar Markets In 2014

Jan 12, 2014: Regional Effort in Texas Underway To Boost Solar-Friendly Regulations

Jan 10, 2014: Texas County Seeking Windfall From Energy

Jan 10, 2014: EDF Renewable Energy increases investment in wind power in Texas

Jan 10, 2014: Lighthouse Solar Sprints To Finish With Over 5mw Of Solar Installed In One Quarter Across Five States

Jan 10, 2014: We Must Protect Eagles and Expand Wind Power at the Same Time

Jan 10, 2014: Researchers Find Flaws In Wind Power

Jan 9, 2014: Wind Energy Credit Is Successful

Jan 9, 2014: The High Cost of the Solar Middleman

Jan 10, 2014: EIA Seeks Renewable Energy Comments

Other News

Jan 16, 2014: Eric Bradley Named Senior Vice President of Strategy At GDF SUEZ Energy North America

Jan 15, 2014: Reliant Customer Referral Program Rewards Both Current and New Texas Customers

Jan 14, 2014: Ambit Energy Announces Entry for Two New States, Texas Expansion

Jan 12, 2014: Alternative Energy Powered Cars On A Roll At CES


For the Week of  1/3/14 — 1/10/14

Today’s News Flash by Texas Electric News

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Energy Future Holdings

Jan 8, 2014: Luminant: Tax Payments Will Be On Time

Generation Adequacy

Jan 9, 2014: Rolling Blackouts Are Texas’ Future Without Reform, Generators Say

Jan 9, 2014: Texas’ System Of Electric Reliability A Success Story

Jan 9, 2014: Texas Power Market Debate Poised To Heat Up After Cold Snap

Jan 9, 2014: State Grid’s Reliance On Wind Generates Some Concern

Jan 9, 2014: Next Texas Resource Adequacy Open Meeting/Workshop Pushed to March

Jan 8, 2014: Role Of Texas Wind Power Debated After Winter Emergency

Jan 8, 2014: Texas Oil Lobby Takes On Electric Power Generation Lobby

Jan 8, 2014: Oil And Gas Industry Says No On Capacity Market Proposal

Jan 8, 2014: As Winter Takes Hold, Plunging Temperatures Test Utilities

Jan 8, 2014: Excessive Capacity Market Costs To PJM Customers From Load Forecasting Errors Alone Equal $5 Billion In Single Year, $25 Billion Since 2008/09

Jan 7, 2014: Texas Power Companies Want More $$

Jan 7, 2014: Texas Sets New Winter Electricity Demand Record

Jan 7, 2014: Xcel Energy Seeking Rate Increase For Texas Retail Customers

Jan 7, 2014: Texans Use More Power But Avoid A Repeat Of Monday Crisis

Jan 7, 2014: Saving Energy Saves Millions for The Grand Prairie ISD

Jan 6, 2014: ERCOT: 2011 Lesson Helped Texas Avoid Rolling Blackout

Jan 6, 2014: ERCOT Urges Texans To Conserve Power During Cold Snap 1/6/14

Jan 6, 2014: Texas Grid Ends Power Alert; Extends Conservation Call

Jan 6, 2014: Cold Weather Causes Surge In Demand On Texas’ Electric Grid

Jan 6, 2014: Equipment failures leave thousands in Burleson in the dark; conservation alert in effect

Jan 6, 2014: Capacity-Market Dependent PJM Issues “Third World” Plea for Electric Conservation

Jan 6, 2014: Texas Power Grid Manager Cancels Emergency Alert

Jan 6, 2014: Texas Oil & Gas Producers Criticize Skeletal Nature of Capacity Market Proposals; Point to Prolonged Nodal Implementation As Indicative of Pitfalls


Jan 9, 2013: Texas Review of POLR/Affiliate Rule Continues Due to Concerns Over Uplift Costs

Jan 9, 2014: Austin Faces Long Odds To Cut Coal Ties, According To Utility

Jan 9, 2014: Austin Energy Bills Are Lower Than Deregulated Competitors

Jan 9, 2014: Cps Energy Customers Merit Better Service

Jan 9, 2014: Texas To Blame For Oklahoma’s Biggest Haze Pollution Problem

Jan 9, 2014: Net-Energy Metering Rollbacks Won’t Impact US Solar Markets

Jan 9, 2013: US Power Plant Emissions Down, Study Finds

Jan 8, 2014: Leading Network-Marketing Retail Supplier Could Soon Enter Texas Market, 2014 Launch Confirmed

Jan 8, 2014: TXU Energy Investments in Lean Training, Projects Pay Off for Customers

Jan 8, 2014: Xcel Energy Seeking Rate Increase To Recoup Improvement Costs, Wholesale Customer Losses

Jan 8, 2014: ANALYSIS: More US nuclear units to refuel in 2014 than 2013

Jan 8, 2014: Obama/EPA Latest Proposal for New Power Plant Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Proposed Rules

Jan 7, 2014: Court Orders Additional Briefs In Fuelberg Appeal

Jan 7, 2014: Saving Energy Saves Millions for The Grand Prairie ISD

Jan 6, 2014: Instead Of Reading Meters, CPS Estimated How Much Energy Was Used

Jan 6, 2014: Fitch: Electric Cooperatives Turn to Capital Markets as Restrictions on Federal Funding Increase

Jan 6, 2014: Retail Energy CEO, Ex-Wal-Mart Exec: “Lot of Room” to Make Energy Choice Shopping Easier for Customers

Jan 6, 2014: Double Threat: US Grid Vulnerable On Two Fronts

Jan 6, 2014: CFTP Op-Ed In The Hill Details Widespread Opposition To FERC Overhaul Of The Nation’s Electric Grid

Dec 25, 2013: Regulation of Carbon Emissions for Existing Power Plants Under the Clean Air Act

Jan 6, 2014: EIA: Biggest Energy Producers Are Also Biggest Users

Jan 5, 2014: Electricity Shock

Jan 5, 2014: Five Years Away, 2014 Is Crunch Time To Secure Lubbock’s Power For 2019, Leaders Say

Renewable Power

Jan 9, 2014: CPS Energy Allows Electricity Contract To Expire

Jan 9, 2014: Wind Providing ‘Massive Quantities’ Of Power During US Cold Snap

Jan 9, 2014: Utilities Want Solar Users To Pay Up

Jan 9, 2014: Wind Energy Companies Prepare For Tax Credit’s End

Jan 9, 2014: Solar Industry Wins Important Regulatory Victory

Jan 9, 2014: Climate Change Battle: Nuclear Vs. An Efficient, Renewable Grid

Jan 8, 2014: EDF Acquires 194-Megawatt Wind-Power Project in Texas From CIELO

Jan 8, 2014: Houston Boosts Energy Efficiency In New Homes

Jan 8, 2014: Wind Energy Helps Ward Off Power Outages

Jan 8, 2014: A Solar Energy System Is Installed In U.S. Every Four Minutes

Jan 7, 2014: Potential Net-Energy Metering Rollbacks Will Not Impact Solar Markets In The US During 2014, Says IHS

Jan 7, 2014: WakaWaka Brings Solar Power to Dark Places

Jan 7, 2014: How Wall Street Suddenly Fell In Love With Solar

Jan 6, 2014: Enbridge to Invest $0.2 Billion in Texas Wind Power Project

Jan 3, 2014: Researchers Find Ways For More Efficient Control Of Wind Power

Jan 6, 2014: Clean Energy Should Do Without Special Tax Breaks

Jan 6, 2014: Mark Ruffalo Wants You To Imagine A 100 Percent Clean Energy Future

Jan 6, 2014: 8 Ways Wind Power Companies Are Trying to Stop Killing Birds and Bats

Jan 6, 2014: Keeping Safe When Working with Wind Power

Jan 6, 2014: Solar Power Craze On Wall St. Propels Startup

Jan 3, 2014: Ways to Minimize Power Grid Disruptions from Wind Power

Jan 3, 2014: US Wind Power Manufacturing Pipeline Fills Up

Jan 3, 2014: New Test Facility To Improve Wind Turbines

Jan 3, 2014: Ten Solar Predictions for 2014

Jan 3, 2014: Net Metering Rollbacks Won’t Hurt US Solar Market This Ear

Other News

Jan 9, 2013: TXU Now Offering $50 Monthly Credit to High Usage Customers

Jan 9, 2013: Retail Supplier Launches Affinity Program With Access to 11 Million Members

Jan 7, 2014: Toyota Shows off Fuel Cell Car That Can Also Power A Home

Jan 7, 2014: Canadian Man Uses Electric Car As A Generator During Outage

Jan 7, 2014: From Ford, A Plug-In That Tracks The Sun

Jan 6, 2014: Ford Unveils Concept Solar Car

Jan 5, 2014: Texas Company Says Hawaiian Electric Would Save 30 Percent On Fuel By Burning Wood Pellets

Jan 5, 2014: Metzger: 2014 Will Be Big For Texas Environment

Jan 5, 2014: ONCOR: Vehicle Hits Pole, Briefly Leaves 2,000 Without Power



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