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Sept 9, 2015

New REP Applications Filed at PUCT
On 9/4/15 an application was filed at the PUCT by Quest Distributors LLC for a Retail Electric Provider (REP) Certifcate.  The office is in Irving, Texas.  On 9/8/15 an application was filed at the PUCT by GEE Solutions, Inc. for a Retail Electric Provider (REP) Certifcate.  The office is in Fort Worth, Texas.

August 27, 2015

Verde Energy USA Don Whaley Names Head Of Texas Affiliate
Verde Energy USA today announced the appointment of Don B. Whaley as President of Verde Energy USA Texas, LLC. Mr. Whaley will report directly to Thomas FitzGerald, President and Chief Executive Officer of Verde Energy USA.
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June 11, 2015

Glacial Energy Relinquishing REP Certificate
On 5/11/15 Glacial Energy of Texas, Inc. filed at the PUCT an application to relinquish its REP certificate.  Glacial filed for bankruptcy in 2014.  Agera Energy LLC purchased all of Glacial’s customer contracts and deposits.  Glacial is ceasing operations and therefore relinquishing its REP certificate.

New REP Certification Application/Amendment Filed at PUCT
On 5/11/15 MidAmerican Energy Services, LLC filed at the PUCT an application for REP certification.  Although styled at the PUCT as being for REP certification, the application reads like it is more properly an amendment.  The application states that MidAmerican Energy Company’s service to electric customers in Texas under its existing REP certificate has been operating as a division of MidAmerican’s regulated service entity.  MidAmerican wishes to transfer that operation to a separate part of the company that deals with unregulated business. MidAmerican Energy Services will rely on its affiliate Berkshire Hathaway Energy to meet financial requirements.

June 10, 2015

New REP Application Filed at PUCT
On 6/9/15 an REP
application was filed at the PUCT for Golden Rule Enterprises, LLC.  Located in Austin, Texas, the Option 2 REP application, with one exception, has only one contact person listed, and that person, President Josua Runion, has an email address at rreciprocalenergysolutions.com.  One of the affidavits was signed by Waylan Johnson, who is listed on that document as the President of Spicewood Energy Management LLC
, an oil and gas exploration and production company. The application requests a dba of Operators Electric. 


June 3, 2015

Texas REP Has New Ownership/Control
On 5/2/15 an application for a change in ownership/control was filed by TriEagle Energy LP.  The amendment notes that Crius Energy Trust has purchased TriEagle Energy.  TriEagle Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crius Energy Trust, which is based on Connecticut.  The name TriEagle Energy will continue to be used.

May 21, 2015

New REP Application Filed at PUCT
On 5/20/15 a new application for Retail Electric Provider (REP) Certification was filed by Electranet Power, LLC.  The application is to become an Option 2 REP – a REP that serves only specific large customers. 

March 13, 2015

Texas REP Pioneer Power Changing Technical/Managerial Qualifications
On 3/9/15 Pioneer Power LLC filed with the PUCT an application to change its technical/managerial qualifications.  The specifics of the change are filed confidentially.  Two names new to the Director list are Daniel Schmidt and Christine Cockrell, both of whom have worked for Tara Energy in the past.

Pilot Power Group Relinquishing Texas REP Certification
On 3/12/15 Pilot Power Group, Inc. filed with the PUCT an application to relinquish its Retail Electric Provider (REP) Certificate in ERCOT.  The application states that Pilot Power Group has not served retail customers in ERCOT for over 24 months.  According to the PUCT website, this REP is certified for the entire State of Texas.

March 10, 2015

Texas Retail Provider Wants to Avoid Third Party Phone Call for Enrollment Verification
On 3/9/15 Accent Energy Texas, LP dba IGS Energy, a Retail Electric Provider (REP) in Texas, filed with the PUCT a petition for limited good cause exception to the PUCT rule requiring a customer to participate in a recorded third party verification voice telephone call.  In their petition they state that customers using a hand held electronic device, such as an iPad, to sign up, find using the voice call to be inconsistent and unnecessarily duplicative with the technology they choose for signing up.  The REP states that their enrollment process provides enhanced consumer protections beyond what is required in the Commission rules.  They are seeking the waiver only for electronic enrollments.

March 5, 2015

Mega Energy Adding the Name “Texans Energy”
On 3/4/15 Mega Energy, LP filed with the PUCT an amendment to its Retail Electric Provider Certificate requesting the addition of a new DBA.  The new name is Texans Energy.

Feb 3, 2015

Agera Energy Acquiring Glacial Energy’s Business
On 2/2/15 Agera Energy LLC filed with the PUCT an application to become certified as a Retail Electric Provider.  Agera Energy has been designated as the ultimate acquisition entity for Glacial Energy’s retail electric and retail natural gas assets.  This transaction will be completed once all necessary regulatory approvals and consents in Texas have been acquired, and hence this application.  Agera Energy’s principal office is in New York, and the Texas office is in Houston.

Jan 23, 2015

Texas Power Reserve Withdraws Application to Become Texas REP
On 1/20/15 Texas Power Reserve, LLC filed with the PUCT a
request to withdraw its application to become an Option 2 Retail Electric Provider  (REP).  On that same date an order was filed dismissing the application.  The REP application, originally filed on 12/23/14, is headquartered in Oklahoma City with a Texas office in Dallas, and is headed up by David Walters of Walters Power International.  It had requested a dba of TPR-Tyler, LLC.

Jan 16, 2015

Renewable Power Direct Withdraws Texas REP Application
On 1/12/15 Renewable Power Direct
withdrew its application with the PUCT for certification as a Retail Electric Provider (REP).  The original application was filed on 11/5/14.  An order dismissing the application was filed on 1/13/15.

Jan 15, 2015

Minotaur Legacy Group dba Carbon Free Power &  Light Applies for Texas REP Certification
On 1/14/15 Minotaur Legacy Group LLC filed with the PUCT an
application to become a Retail Electric Provider (REP).  The application includes a dba of Carbon Free Power & Light, and is for an Option 2 REP certificate.  Option 2 REPs serve only designated customers that contract for one megawatt or more of capacity.  The application shows a physical address in Brownwood, Texas, and a mailing address in Arlington.

Jan 9, 2015

NA Power Application to Change Financial Qualifications Dismissed by PUCT
NA Power LLC d/b/a North American Power & Gas LLC had filed an application on with the PUCT on 11/12/14 to change its financial qualifications, as well as other changes.  The PUCT staff had requested an extension so the applicant could submit additional information, but the extension deadline was reached without such information being submitted.  As a result, on 1/7/15, an Order was entered dismissing the application.

Source Power & Gas Change in Ownership/Control Approved by PUCT
On 12/16/14 Source Power & Gas LLC filed an application with the PUCT to change its ownership and control after its sale to ERM Business Energy LLC.  On 1/7/15 the PUCT approved the application.

Acacia Energy Changes Name to Brooklet Energy Distribution
On 12/17/14 Acacia Energy, LLC filed
an application with the PUCT to change its name to Brooklet Energy Distribution LLC and use Acacia Energy as a dba.  On 1/7/15 the PUCT approved the application.

Jan 8, 2015

PUCT Staff Recommends Dismissal of Second Request by Jade Energy to Change Ownership
On 1/7/15 the PUCT Staff filed its final recommendation in Jade Energy, LLC’s second amendment request to reflect a change in ownership/control, corporate restructuring, technical/managerial qualifications, and financial qualifications.  As with the first request, Drs. Subhash and Sarojini Bose made a filing in which they claim ownership of Jade Energy and that the application was filed without their knowledge or permission.  In this current docket, they also filed a request to intervene and “…a Temporary Restraining Order issued in Hidalgo County District Court which restrains ‘Rafael S. Patag, Jr. and Rico Agustin De Los Reyes, from taking any action on behalf of Jade Energy, LLC, Bose Power & Electric, and Bose Power & Electric Clearing House.’”  The applicants did not dispute this nor respond to the request to intervene.  Furthermore, the staff continue to find the application insufficient, and on the basis of the above, have recommended dismissal of the application. 

Dec 29, 2014

Texas Power Reserve Applies to Become Texas REP and PGC
On 12/23/14 Texas Power Reserve, LLC filed applications with the PUCT to become certified as a Retail Electric Provider (REP) and also to register as a Power Generation Company (PGC).  The REP application is for an Option 2 REP, and a dba is requested for the name TPR – Tyler, LLC.  According to the PGC registration form, Walters Power International LLC is the owner, and the principal place of business is in Okahoma.  The registration states that the PGC will “[i]nstall, own and operate 9.93 MW industrial based diesel/nature gas fired power generation to provide electricity services to industrial clients in the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (sic) region (“ERCOT”) to increase the reliability of power supply and to generate savings in electrical cost to the industrial client.  Particpate in various Demand Response (“DR”) energy programs through ERCOT.  Provide electricity to the real time market.”  It will be interconnected with Oncor.  The application lists the power region as “TRE”.

Dec 23, 2014

Jade Energy REP Application Draws Intervention From Owners As happened in the earlier Jade Energy REP amendment to change ownership, in the current refiled amendment, Drs. Subjash and Sarojini Bose state that they are the owners of Jade Energy and did not give permission for nor have knowledge of the filing of this amendment to change ownership. The previous amendment attempt had been dismissed, noting this claim of 100% ownership by Drs. Bose, and also that that amendment filing was deficient.  In this docket, the Drs. Bose have formally requested to intervene and have attached a Temporary Restraining Order restraining Rafael S. Patag, Jr. and Rico A De Los Reyes from taking any action on behalf of Jade Energy, LLC, Bose Power & Electric, and Bose Power & Electric Clearing House


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