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Any opinions voiced in the articles linked below are those of the article authors only, and not necessarily endorsed by Competitive Assets.


Jan 12, 2018: Texas PUC to spread word about 9.3% reserve margin

Jan 11, 2018: San Antonio’s CPS Energy to ask for another $15 million in solar rebates

Jan 11, 2018: Upshur Rural Co-op mulls Lake O’ Pines power line changes after Scouts’ deaths

Jan 11, 2018: Texas PUC Nixes Fast-Growing Dallas Area Substation Project

Jan 11, 2018: Clearing the Air: No Solar Fees for New Mexican Customers of El Paso Electric

Jan 10, 2018: Blockchain Tech Is Transforming The Energy Industry

Jan 11, 2018:  Will CenterPoint use corporate tax savings to lower rates?

Jan 10, 2018: States to US: Pass along utilities’ tax savings to customers

Jan 11, 2018:  E.ON announces start of construction on 201 MW South Texas project

Jan 9, 2018: What will keep Texas’ electricity grid humming? Big battery farms, salt caverns

Jan 10, 2018: Council to consider resolution Thursday to pursue electric competition in Lubbock

Jan 10, 2018: Windy weather causes mass power outages

Jan 9, 2018: Slew of Texas retirements will have energy, enviro impacts

Jan 9, 2018: LP&L’s contracts for electricity after 2021 — a wrinkle in revived discussion for electric competition

Jan 2, 2018: Austin Energy focuses on innovative solutions to help city of Austin meet clean energy goals

Jan 8, 2018:  Predictions 2018: Federal policies to dominate

Jan 9, 2018: Power Companies Got a Tax Cut. Will Your Bill Reflect It?

Jan 9, 2018: 5 things to know in Texas energy this week

Jan 9, 2018: Reliant offers Nest E, Google Home, new commands

Jan 9, 2018: Perry’s grid plan blocked by FERC

Jan 9, 2018: Energy regulator rejects Perry’s plan to boost coal

Jan 9, 2018: Texas PUC to hear Lubbock bid to join ERCOT; large manufacturers wary

Jan 8, 2018: Texas PUC chair raises concerns over ERCOT independence

Jan 4, 2018: Fickling: Bitcoin’s Cheap Energy Feast Is Ending

Jan 8, 2018: Vistra Energy Corp. 2017 Q3 – Results – Earnings Call Slides

Jan 8, 2018: Bid to expand Texas power grid fuels angst among big electric users

Jan 5, 2018: Trump Tax Reform Has States Hungry for Lower Utility Bills

Generation Adequacy

Jan 11, 2018: Lincoln Energy announces financing for new West Texas wind farm

Jan 12, 2018: Sammons Renewable Energy Acquires Texas Wind Project

Jan 8, 2018: Most power plants retired in last ten years were powered by fossil fuel

Jan 9, 2018: Why can’t we decide what to do about nuclear energy?

Jan 10, 2018: DOE issues final rule outlining emergency order procedures for the grid

Jan 8, 2018: Sammons Renewable Energy Acquires 163mw Texas Wind Development From Apex Clean Energy

Jan 9, 2018: Utility supplies: Aerial inspection and vegetation management software

Jan 10, 2018: DOE issues final rule outlining emergency order procedures for the grid

Jan 8, 2018: Gas, not renewables, driving coal, nuclear woes; DOE labs show how much

Jan 8, 2018: Natural Gas Dominates: Seven Power Sector Experts Weigh In with Forecasts for 2018

Jan 5, 2018: Texas grid meets the challenge of a long winter cold spell

Dec 28, 2017: Chen: Our Grid Needs to Go on a Diet to Get Leaner and Greener

Jan 5, 2018: Maintaining a fair market through price formation reform

Energy Storage

Jan 12, 2018: All the Ups and Downs From the Year in Energy Storage

Jan 12, 2018: Macquarie and Engie invest millions in energy storage firm

Jan 11, 2018: AES and Siemens, Two Power Giants, Join Forces on Energy Storage

Jan 11, 2018: Battery storage opportunities offer consistency for customers

Jan 11, 2018:The Next Five Years in Energy Storage According to 500 Energy Professionals

Jan 11, 2018: Is Energy Storage the Key to Unlocking the “Smart” in Smart Homes?

Jan 11, 2018: Georgia Power offers up PV-plus-storage ‘smart neighbourhood’ of new houses for sale

Jan 9, 2018: Predictions 2018: Energy storage growth shows no sign of slowing down

Jan 9, 2018: Could Florida be the next hot spot for energy storage?

Jan 8, 2018: Xcel solicitation returns ‘incredible’ renewable energy, storage bids

Jan 8, 2018: NES’s 50 MW UK energy storage project operational

Jan 8, 2018: Battery energy storage plant planned for Kilkenny city

Jan 8, 2018: HCP Installing Primus Power Energy Storage Systems at Life Science Buildings

Jan 4, 2018: New model measures characteristics of carbon nanotube structures for energy storage and water desalination applications

Jan 8, 2018: NEC Energy Solutions Commissions 50 MW of Grid Energy Storage Facilities in UK for VLC Energy

Jan 8, 2018: Expect strong growth this year for commercial energy storage

Jan 8, 2017: BrightVolt Expands At Battery Innovation Center, Advances Energy Storage With $500,000 From Radius Indiana

Jan 8, 2017: Florida lawmaker proposes to study solar+storage for grid recovery


Jan 12, 2018: GE completes Texas revamp

Jan 10, 2018: UTSA startup harnessing artificial intelligence, big data to optimize industrial building renewable energy use

Jan 9, 2018: Hype Meets Reality as Electric Car Dreams Run Into Metal Crunch

Jan 9, 2018:  Roadmap to nowhere — The myth of powering the nation 100% with renewable energy

Jan 9, 2018:  California approves closure of last nuclear power plant

Jan 9, 2018: Tax revamp mostly left alone solar and wind power credits, but renewable debate continues

Jan 10, 2018:  Utility-scale renewable energy capacity increased in 2017

Jan 10, 2018:  Clean energy developers look to diversify in bid to boost profits

Jan 2, 2018:  Like Two Lost Souls, Hydrogen & Concentrating Solar Power Find Each Other

Jan 5, 2018: A section of world’s first solar panel road was just stolen

Dec 12, 2017: Dead coal mines everywhere are being reincarnated as solar farms

Dec 27, 2017: Sorghum to Get Biofuels Boost

Dec 11, 2017: Why Trackers Are Essential to Profitable Utility-Scale Solar Projects

Jan 8, 2018: Bell Helicopter offers a sneak peek of its first electric flying taxi

Dec 29, 2017: Scientists Print Living Solar Cells That Retain Energy On Paper

Jan 4, 2018: Sweet: Why 2018 will be a make or break year for renewables

Dec 30, 2017: This Ingenious Artificial Island Will Collect Wind Energy And Divert It to Shore

Dec 12, 2017: A Greener Path To Commerce: Exploring The Future Of Renewable Energy

Jan 3, 2018:  Why mandates still matter in the age of cheap renewables

Dec 13, 2017:Solar-powered floating rig can harvest hydrogen from seawater

Power Grid Security

Jan 10, 2018: How do we make the electrical grid more resilient?

Jan 8, 2018: GlobalSign to Host Utility Cybersecurity Summit During DistribuTECH 2018

Dec 20, 2017: New Report Highlights Cyber Threat to US Electric Industry


Jan 4, 2018:  NV Energy signals opposition to deregulation ballot question, as regulators prep for first major study of the Energy Choice Initiative

Dec 27, 2017: First wireless charging technology approved by the FCC



Jan 5, 2018: Testing Texas power

Jan 5, 2018: Texas electricity demand hit record as cold snap settled in

Jan 4, 2018: ERCOT sets new winter peak demand record

Jan 5, 2018: CenterPoint Energy announces five-year capital investment plan

Jan 5, 2018: Did US Tax Reform Prompt CenterPoint Energy to Hike ’17 View?

Jan 3, 2018: PUCT Executive Director Resigns

Jan 3, 2018: Power outages continue across RGV

Jan 3, 2018: Power outages leave thousands of East Texans in the dark

Jan 3, 2018: San Antonio’s utility hits usage record with cold snap

Jan 2, 2018: MISO extends cold weather, conservative ops alerts; real-time power prices jump

Jan 3, 2018: Data breach affects some El Paso Electric Customers

Jan 3, 2018:Lamar Electric Cooperative customers should see noticeable savings

Jan 3, 2018:Cross Texas Transmission Partners with Think Power Solutions for State of the Art Aerial Inspection and Vegetation Management Software

Jan 3, 2018:LP&L Cites Competition as Reason for Migration to ERCOT

Jan 4, 2018:Mispriced Restructuring Model: NRG Energy

Jan 4, 2018:Deliverability key for US grid resiliency: NRG Energy CEO

Jan 3, 2018: In first, Lubbock opts to join Texas’s deregulated power market

Jan 2, 2018: Mayor, LP&L director say Lubbock should seek to end LP&L’s monopoly on electricity

Jan 2, 2018: United warns cold weather translates into higher electricity bills

Jan 3, 2018: Amid cold spell outages, AEP wants power use reduced

Dec 27, 2017: Wind power could be blowing up job creation in Texas, experts say

Dec 29, 2017: Port Corpus Christi emerging as wind energy hub

Jan 2, 2018: San Antonio’s CPS Energy wraps up 2017 with eye toward new headquarters in 2020

Jan 3, 2018: Fuel Charges Going Down for Entergy Texas Customers

Jan 3, 2018: Sempra Energy Announces Proposed Public Offerings Of Common Stock And Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock

Dec 22, 2017: Tesla to help Plano’s Frito-Lay boost truck fleet fuel efficiency

Jan 2, 2018: Laredo getting a chilly start to 2018

Generation Adequacy

Jan 4, 2018: Icy grip on nation providing boost gas companies, refiners

Jan 5, 2018: Microgrid News from NRG Energy, Cummins, USA Microgrids, Navigant

Jan 5, 2018: Maintaining a fair market through price formation reform

Jan 3, 2018: Wind Nearing Coal as ERCOT Ponders Thinning Reserves

Jan 3, 2018: U.S. blizzard to test gas, electric markets

Jan 3, 2018: Arctic Blast Heating Up Battle Between Energy Lobbying Groups

Dec 29, 2017: Coal to the rescue as record cold grips the East

Jan 3, 2018: Utility M&A Is So Hot Not Even Berkshire’s Billions Won a Bid

Jan 2, 2018: MISO extends cold weather, conservative ops alerts; real-time power prices jump

Dec 30, 2017: As cold snap lingers, New England becomes ‘world’s priciest market’ for power plants using natural gas

Dec 30, 2017: Keep the Texas Energy Market clean

Jan 2, 2018: How 2017 Made the Argument for Microgrids

Energy Storage

Jan 4, 2018: A New Frontier: The Interconnection of Energy Storage

Jan 4, 2018: U.S. Energy Storage Surges 46% In Q3; 2018 Could Be A Breakout Year For Vanadium Batteries

Jan 4, 2018: Manchester virtual energy storage firm secures funding

Jan 4, 2018: Industry reacts positively to New York’s 1,500MW energy storage target

Jan 4, 2018: Future-proofing solar PV savings with energy storage

Jan 2, 2018: Energy storage safety set to move forward in 2018 with new fire standards

Jan 3, 2018: ‘Support agreement’ pushes ahead ‘world’s first’ wind-plus-storage crop farm in Australia

Jan 3, 2018: IESA: India to draw megawatt-scale stationary storage deployment in 2018

Jan 3, 2018: New York sets bigger energy storage target than California

Dec 30, 2017: Residential Energy Storage Systems Ready for Prime Time

Jan 1, 2018: The UK Could Install 12 Gigawatts of Energy Storage by 2021

Jan 2, 2018: Navigant: Energy storage for renewables integration to reach $23B by 2026

Jan 2, 2018: Exploring electrolysis for energy storage

Dec 28, 2017: Energy Storage: Charging Ahead in 2018


Jan 4, 2018: This Fusion Reactor Can Provide World With Limitless Clean Energy Using Only Hydrogen By 2025

Jan 4, 2018: Solar’s Bright Future Is Further Away Than It Seems

Jan 2, 2018:The US Energy Grid Is Making Electric Cars Dirtier Than They Should Be

Dec 26, 2017:Winds of worry: US fishermen fear forests of power turbines

Dec 26, 2017:Wind, solar exceed hydro for US electrical generation

Dec 13, 2017:Solar-powered floating rig can harvest hydrogen from seawater

Dec 27, 2017: Germany paid people to use electricity over the holidays because its grid is so clean

Dec 18, 2017: Homemade solar power system believed to spark fire in downtown Charleston

Jan 4, 2018: International Business Machines Assigned Patent for Forecasting Solar Power Generation

Dec 27, 2017: Lane: A decade of unexpected curves in the bioeconomy

Jan 2, 2018: SunEdison completes reorganization after Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Jan 2, 2018: 5 steps renewable providers can take to simplify energy procurement and increase business opportunities

Jan 2, 2018: Orders show corporate interest in Tesla’s electric semi

Dec 22, 2017: Texas bucks national coal trend with faith in renewables

Dec 14, 2017: U.S. solar power group says it sees headwinds ahead

Dec 29, 2017: Does a lower “total cost of ownership” boost electric car sales?

Power Grid Security

Dec 20, 2017: New Report Highlights Cyber Threat to US Electric Industry


Jan 4, 2018:  NV Energy signals opposition to deregulation ballot question, as regulators prep for first major study of the Energy Choice Initiative

Dec 27, 2017: First wireless charging technology approved by the FCC

Any opinions voiced in the articles linked above are those of the article authors only, and not necessarily endorsed by Competitive Assets.

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