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June 23, 2017: How to lower your power bill during Texas’ hotter-than-normal summer

June 27, 2017: Tax reform can level the playing field in the energy market

June 17, 2017: Tesla is changing the electric grid

June 25, 2017: Houston Is Sticking With The Paris Climate Deal, But How Much Can It Really Accomplish?

June 23, 2017: Solomon: What Will Rick Perry’s Delayed Energy Grid Study Say?

June 26, 2017: Electric rate increase rejected in El Paso

June 22, 2017: Energy Storage in Texas: An interview with John Carrington of Stem

June 23, 2017: Former power executive sent to prison for two years

June 20, 2017: Fact Check: Cheap gas, not renewables, primarily depressing power prices

Generation Adequacy

June 26, 2017: Deadly heat wave spurs record electricity use across Southwest

June 26, 2017: ‘This ain’t working’: Study authors see trouble in merchant sector

June 23, 2017: Perry wants DOE to support small modular nuclear reactors

June 26, 2017: Perry cites ‘moral obligation’ to build Yucca nuclear waste site

June 26, 2017: Green, Flores: U.S. must better manage nuclear waste storage

June 16, 2017: Texas power plants among nation’s top emitters of carbon dioxide

June 22, 2017: ERCOT Keeping Close Eye on Valley’s Electric Usage

June 22, 2017: Energy wonks have a meltdown over the US going 100 percent renewable. Why?


June 22, 2017: Calpine uniquely positioned to work with renewables, CEO says

June 23, 2017: Mayors Could Shift Nearly 42 Percent Of U.S. Electricity To Renewables By 2035

June 22, 2017: Finally, a Biofuel to Get Excited About

June 22, 2017: Behind the scenes: Inside a renewable energy control center in downtown Chicago

June 20, 2017: New Biofuel Could Work in Regular Diesel Engines

June 22, 2017: Bailey: Powering U.S. Using 100 Percent Renewable Energy Is a Total Fantasy

Power Grid Security

June 22, 2017: A Cyberattack ‘the World Isn’t Ready For’

June 15, 2017: Cyber, physical attacks against the grid increasing


June 26, 2017: Texas A&M wins Energy grant to build power grid in India

June 26, 2017: Texas Railroad Commission’s funding nearly doubled

June 25, 2017: AEP To Restore Power to 95 Percent of Residents by Tonight


For the Week of  12/9/16 — 12/16/16

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Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Dec 15, 2016: Trial date set for ERCOT-Panda case about electricity demand projections

Dec 15, 2016: FERC Proposes Reforms to Large Generator Interconnection

Dec 15, 2016: Revised economic outlook drives up ERCOT demand forecast

Dec 9, 2016: Coal production on track to hit historic low

Dec 12, 2016: MISO Takes Stakeholders’ Temperature on Redesign

Dec 12, 2016: Southwest Power Pool sets new winter peak demand record

Dec 8, 2016: State, EPA continue tussle over emissions standards

Dec 12, 2016: Navigating a Changing Power Grid

Dec 11, 2016: Where could Trump find an example of a GOP-led clean energy plan? Texas


Dec 15, 2016: Public Citizen Tom “Smitty” Smith Looks Back on a Life Well Lived

Dec 14, 2016: NYT: Will Rick Perry Be the Energy Department’s Undoing?

Dec 14, 2016: Rick Perry’s Vow To Destroy The Energy Department Will Now Collide With Reality

Dec 14, 2016: Perry in His Own Words: How Trump’s Energy Pick Views His World

Dec 14, 2016: Renewable energy power-line projects win final approval from BLM

Dec 12, 2016: Climate Skeptic Perry Has Some Clean Energy Cred

Dec 12, 2016: MJP International Signs Distribution Agreement For Texas

Dec 12, 2016: Donald Trump chooses Rick Perry to be energy secretary

Dec 12, 2016: How Rick Perry might handle Trump’s U.S. Dept. of Energy

Dec 12, 2016: Can Exxon CEO represent the interests of all Americans?

Dec 12, 2016: Entergy to more than double energy efficiency spending

Dec 11, 2016: Family in fight with Austin Energy over bill struggles to stay warm

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Dec 15, 2016: Direct Energy Welcomes Dave Roberts to Serve as Vice President of Alberta Operations

Dec 12, 2016: Texas Retail Market Vets Launching New Retail Supplier

Renewable Power

Dec 15, 2016: Wind industry to Trump: Transmission vital to sustain record growth

Dec 15, 2016: World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That’s Cheaper Than Wind

Dec 15, 2016: Chorus of Groups and Citizens Demand 100% Percent Renewable Energy by 2050

Dec 15, 2016: Wind-energy companies allowed unintended eagle killings

Dec 15, 2016: Wood pellets fuel booming energy-related industry in southern U.S.

Dec 14, 2016: Q3 was the largest quarter ever for the U.S. solar market

Dec 14, 2016: Meet the Mobile, Off-Grid Tiny Solar House Traveling Across America

Dec 13, 2016: First U.S. offshore wind farm powers up

Dec 13, 2016: Why Bill Gates thinks alternative energy research has bipartisan support

Dec 13, 2016: Why Rising Oil Prices Are Good for EVs and Renewable Energy

Dec 12, 2016: US solar generation installations set record in third quarter

Dec 13, 2016: How forward-thinking utilities are addressing corporate demand for renewables

Dec 12, 2016: UK Wind Energy Sets New Generation Record, Exceeds 10,000 Megawatts

Dec 12, 2016: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma join forces to invest in clean tech

Dec 9, 2016: As time runs out on bipartisan energy bill, senators propose 100% clean energy goal

Dec 9, 2016: New Arizona proposal seeks to mandate renewable generation during peak demand hours

Outside Texas

Dec 15, 2016: FERC Proposes Minimum Pricing Requirements for Fast-Start Resources

Dec 14, 2016: Cuomo’s energy plan changing NY’s electric grid

Dec 12, 2016: PJM approves changes to transmission expansion plan

Dec 12, 2016: Oklahoma lawmakers to study selling GRDA

Dec 12, 2016: Japan doubles cost estimate for Fukushima cleanup

Dec 12, 2016: Why Exelon’s mammoth Illinois energy bill could set a precedent for other states

Dec 9, 2016: PNM asks state regulators for 14% average system rate hike

Other News

Dec 12, 2016: New way to trap dangerous gases

Dec 14, 2016: Marijuana growers are seeing the (LED) light on energy efficiency

Dec 12, 2016: Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf Celebrate Their Sixth-Year Anniversary

Dec 12, 2016: Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf Celebrate Their Sixth-Year Anniversary

Dec 8, 2016: Utilities find mixed bag in their efforts to acquire gas assets

Dec 11, 2016: Everything you need to know about Exxon Mobil climate change probes

Dec 11, 2016: CenterPoint Energy : Thousands without natural gas service on Houston`s south side


For the Week of  12/2/16 — 12/9/16

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Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Dec 8, 2016: E.On to build Texas wind farm

Dec 7, 2016: German energy company plants wind farm seed in Texas

Dec 8, 2016: Wind energy in Texas — Powerful or not?

Dec 8, 2016: MISO board approves estimated $2.7 billion in wires projects

Dec 7, 2016: New TCEC-led report finds Texans should be optimistic about ERCOT’s ability to ensure uninterrupted electric grid despite anticipated coal plant retirements

Dec 7, 2016: Trump’s EPA pick sued Obama’s agency early and often with anti-climate change ally Greg Abbott

Dec 7, 2016: Trump taps fossil fuel ally Scott Pruitt to head EPA, reports say

Dec 7, 2016: MISO Capacity Market Tariff Provisions Regarding Constraints No Longer Just and Reasonable

Dec 6, 2016: Under Trump, some enviros softening to nuclear, gas, CCS

Dec 6, 2016: Memo from Trump’s energy transition leader could yield hints at future policy

Dec 6, 2016: Inside construction of the world’s largest lithium ion battery storage facility

Dec 5, 2016: Thanksgiving gave Texas electricity grid a breather

Dec 5, 2016: Raytheon, DARPA developing tech to protect power grid against cyber attack

Dec 3, 2016: Texas wind power blows away old record

Dec 5, 2016: Enchanted Rock / Texas Microgrid Powers Buc-ee’s

Dec 2, 2016: Forced outages in MISO South this autumn prompt regulator queries


Dec 8, 2016: Vistra Energy Announces Special Dividend

Dec 8, 2016: UT report: Wind, natural gas cheapest electricity if full cost tallied

Dec 6, 2016: Not-So-Strange Bedfellows: Big Tech And Electric Utilities

Dec 6, 2016: Honeywell’s AMI project with Entergy

Dec 6, 2016: American Electric Power, Trump’s Utility

Dec 6, 2016: Taylor Farms® Expands Commitment to Renewable Energy Investments

Dec 5, 2016: Vistra Energy Updates 2016 Expectations and Initiates 2017 Guidance

Dec 5, 2016: OCI sells solar farm for $385 million

Dec 2, 2016: Jilted wind farm company attacks LCRA on clean energy

Dec 5, 2016: Houston, we have power: Space-based solar power could be the final frontier in renewable energy

Dec 2, 2016: Trump’s corporate tax cut plans could hold changes for utility earnings

Dec 6, 2016: Riverstone completes acquisition of Talen Energy Corporation

Dec 1, 2016: Texas PUC Sets Questions in NextEra-Oncor Merger

Dec 5, 2016: Bill Holden Joins Vistra Energy as Chief Financial Officer

Dec 2, 2016: El Paso Electric files to increase fuel charge fee for Texas customers

Dec 3, 2016: Tenaska seeks to conclude tax deal

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Dec 8, 2016: Energy Company Offers Free Charging for Electric Vehicles

Dec 8, 2016: Large Texas Retail Provider To Newly Offer Prepay Service

Dec 6, 2016: Lawsuit Seeking Class Action Status Filed Against Retail Supplier Over Budget Billing Allegations

Dec 6, 2016: Consumers allege Ambit Energy adds additional charges to monthly bills

Dec 6, 2016: With Launch Of Two New Bundles, Stream Working To Allow Customers To Mix and Match Energy, Value-Added Services

Renewable Power

Dec 8, 2016: US Wind Generation Sets New Records Throughout 2016

Dec 8, 2016: Leaders receive naval study on wind turbines

Dec 8, 2016: ‘Green gas’ plants that use grass proposed for fracking sites by leading renewable energy company

Dec 7, 2016: Renewable Energy Demand Among Fortune 500 & 100 Companies Growing Quickly

Dec 8, 2016: Clean Energy ‘Moving Forward’ Despite Trump’s E.P.A. Pick, Experts Say

Dec 6, 2016: China leads the world in solar power installations

Dec 5, 2016: How Big Can Wind Turbines Get?

Dec 7, 2016: Renewable energy is here to stay: The industry has grown up, and it’s too big to kill

Nov 29, 2016: Get ready for 24-30% reduction in cost of wind power by 2030

Dec 6, 2016: The President-Elect Might Not Love Renewable Energy, But His Party Does

Nov 30, 2016: Why Clean Energy is a Partisan Issue on Capitol Hill, and Nowhere Else

Dec 6, 2016: Four reasons 30% wind and solar is technically no big deal

Dec 3, 2016: Electric Cars May Take an OPEC-Sized Bite From Oil Use

Dec 2, 2016: 5 lessons activists can learn from Florida’s successful ballot fight to defend solar

Dec 1, 2016: EU on track to meet 2020 renewable energy target, report shows

Dec 6, 2016: Google to be powered 100% by renewable energy from 2017

Dec 5, 2016: Plug in for renewable energy

Dec 5, 2016: Wind and Solar Are Better Together

Dec 5, 2016: The Surprisingly Unequal Benefits of Electric Vehicles, Mapped

Dec 6, 2016: Why Renewable Energy Companies Aren’t So Scared of Trump

Dec 2, 2016: Households with alternative energy suppliers paid $817 million extra, state says

Dec 2, 2016: Air Liquide to build renewable energy plant in Mississippi

Outside Texas

Dec 8, 2016: California Gas-Fired Plant Files for Bankruptcy

Dec 8, 2016: Entergy to shutter Michigan Palisades nuclear plant in 2018

Dec 5, 2016: Power line from Canada wins key federal permit

Dec 2, 2016: Paris, Madrid, Athens, and Mexico City will ban diesel vehicles by 2025

Nov 28, 2016: New Mexico electric utility to seek another rate increase

Other News

Dec 8, 2016: Texas lawmakers put self-driving cars to the test

Dec 8, 2016: EPA pick sought to unravel endangerment finding

Dec 4, 2016: Five potential Trump EPA picks

Dec 6, 2016: Alternate location OK’d for Oncor substation, ‘about as perfect a site as we could get,’ Frisco resident says

Dec 2, 2016: Texas landowners coalition seeks to improve eminent domain laws

Dec 5, 2016: Utility Mergers And Acquisitions Lift Capital Markets

Dec 2, 2016: Permian leads latest increase in oil rigs, Baker Hughes says


For the Week of  11/25/16 — 12/2/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Nov 23, 2016: Trump eyes oil, natural gas regulations for repeal

Dec 1, 2016: Obama stays busy on energy policy in final weeks

Nov 23, 2016: Trump eyes oil, natural gas regulations for repeal

Nov 29, 2016: Without the Clean Power Plan, are nuclear plants essential to combat climate change?

Nov 29, 2016: Texas EPA candidate says Trump “likes a good deal” when it comes to environment, climate policy

Nov 29, 2016: Could depleted oil wells be the next step in energy storage?

Nov 28, 2016: NYMEX December gas contract settles at $3.232/MMBtu, up 14.7 cents

Nov 28, 2016: The top 10 utility regulatory commission issues of 2016

Nov 22, 2016: This energy technology gets no respect at all — but it’s cutting carbon


Dec 1, 2016: Energy Future bankruptcy exit hearings set for February

Dec 1, 2016: Calpine closes $900 million Noble Americas acquisition

Nov 29, 2016: Pedernales Co-op weighing fate of director after comments

Nov 29, 2016: How a Texas Congressman’s Newfound Power Could Silence Critical Climate Change Research

Nov 30, 2016: Metro to test electric bus next month

Nov 25, 2016: In Texas, A City Goes Green (For The Money)

Nov 29, 2016: Third Circuit Court of Appeals: Energy Future Required to Pay Make-Whole Payments

Nov 30, 2016: Electric Utilities Stocks Under Scanner — Calpine, Xcel Energy, Duke Energy, and Dynegy

Nov 30, 2016: The 2016 Dive Awards for the utility industry

Nov 22, 2016: Border needs energy reform, study finds

Nov 28, 2016: Economics to keep wind and solar energy thriving

Nov 29, 2016: InfraREIT CEO Will Also Lead Tenant, Sharyland Utilities, New Role Will Enhance Coordination of Linked Companies

Nov 22, 2016: Site of Old Texas Power Plant Could Be Your Ranch

Nov 23, 2016: Should utilities commission regulate rooftop solar companies?

Nov 23, 2016: Travis County turns to solar power to help fund education

Nov 22, 2016: Odessa Council to consider support of nuclear reactor

Nov 23, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Loses Round Three in Fight Over Liability for Make-Whole Premiums

Renewable Power

Nov 29, 2016: Get ready for 24-30% reduction in cost of wind power by 2030

Nov 30, 2016: Developing an algae-based alternative energy could help lower cost of clean energy

Nov 30, 2016: No Tax Extenders Will Affect Biofuels and Wind Production

Nov 23, 2016: Why Southern California’s solar surge is not what you think

Nov 29, 2016: GE dominates in U.S. as wind turbine manufacturer

Nov 29, 2016: In push to 33% renewables, Los Angeles launches low-income rooftop solar program

Nov 29, 2016: Feds to consider renewed protections for bird species

Nov 23, 2016: Why Apple Is Getting into the Energy Business

Nov 25, 2016: Soaring silver prices boost interest in aluminum as solar electricity alternative

Nov 27, 2016: Fracking Gas Blazed A Trail For Renewables

Nov 28, 2016: SolarCity Powers Entire U.S. Island With Solar Energy

Nov 28, 2016: GE dominates in U.S. as wind turbine manufacturer

Nov 25, 2016: Renewable energy is violating human rights as much as fossil fuels have for decades

Nov 23, 2016: Renewables reach 16.7% of US’ total power capacity in 2015 – NREL

Nov 3, 2016: Batteries That Make Use of Solar Power, Even in the Dark

Nov 28, 2016: Solar-Panel Roads to Be Built on Four Continents Next Year

Nov 29, 2016: Six unexpected sources of renewable energy

Nov 22, 2016: Denmark town hopes today’s solar energy will pay off tomorrow

Nov 28, 2016: Three Wind Turbine Manufacturers Provide 76 Percent of U.S. Wind Energy

Nov 28, 2016: U.S. Boosts Refiners’ 2017 Biofuel Quotas to Record Levels

Nov 28, 2016: The Audacity Of China EV Unicorn WM Motor–On Display Soon

Outside Texas

Nov 28, 2016: Cal-ISO market monitor calls for scrapping congestion revenue right auction

Nov 28, 2016: New Mexico electric utility to seek another rate increase

Nov 28, 2016: FERC Order 1000 is working slowly, but it is working

Nov 28, 2016: New Mexico electric utility to seek another rate increase

Nov 28, 2016: FERC Order 1000 is working slowly, but it is working

Nov 28, 2016: New Mexico electric utility to seek another rate increase

Nov 28, 2016: AEP Ohio files to extend electric security plan

Nov 23, 2016: Why Southern China Broke Up Its Power Grid

Nov 23, 2016: NERC and IEEE Sign Agreement to Cooperate on Bulk Power System Analysis, Standards, Cyber Security

Nov 22, 2016: Why demand response providers aren’t happy with PJM’s capacity market fix

Nov 22, 2016: FERC Proposes to Remove Barriers to Wholesale Market Participation for Electricity Storage and Distributed Energy Resource Aggregators

Nov 21, 2016: In building grid of the future, a battle for power

Nov 22, 2016: Alberta returning to partial regulation of electricity market

Nov 22, 2016: New Quake Tests Resilience, and Faith, in Japan’s Nuclear Plants

Nov 21, 2016: Canada Vows To Abandon Coal By 2030

Nov 21, 2016: Everything I Learned About Renewable Energy Contracts By Talking To Developers

Other News

Nov 30, 2016: Notices of Violation Filed for NRG Texas Power, Entergy Texas, and CPS Energy

Dec 1, 2016: Inside FERC Henry Hub December index rises 46 cents to $3.23/MMBtu

Nov 30, 2016: EPA decides not to weaken car efficiency rules

Nov 28, 2016: GAO: Ethanol mandate unlikely to hit climate target

Nov 27, 2016: Redesigned BMW i3 Electric Vehicle With Longer Range Tipped For 2017

Nov 22, 2016: Why Water Utilities Need an Energy Plan – and How Texas is Making Progress


For the Week of  11/18/16 — 11/25/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Nov 21, 2016: LCRA poised to pay $60 million to back out of wind power contract

Nov 22, 2016: Eight Random Thoughts on Oil, Natural Gas, and Nuclear

Nov 21, 2016: One crisis, two futures: How Denmark and Texas answered an energy challenge


Nov 21, 2016: Winds of Change: How the wind industry impacts Texas Panhandle

Nov 21, 2016: Solar Power Deal Finalized with NRG Energy

Nov 21, 2016: Powering Up: All You Need to Know about Utilities

Nov 21, 2016: Breaking Down the Regulated and Deregulated US Electric Markets

Nov 21, 2016: North American Power To Be Acquired By Integrated Generator-Retailer

Nov 21, 2016: Mine closures challenge school districts’ budgets

Nov 21, 2016: Vistra Energy Selects Avanade As Digital Workplace Provider

Nov 20, 2016: American Electric Power: Steady And Sustainable

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Nov 22, 2016: Stream Launches New Plans Bundling Electricity (Or Gas) With Value-Added Services in Texas, Other States

Renewable Power

Nov 21, 2016: How Electric Vehicles Are Becoming a Tool for Grid Stability

Nov 21, 2016: How California utility regulators are turning electric vehicles into grid resources

Nov 18, 2016: America’s First All-Renewable-Energy City

Nov 19, 2016: Texas can push for more renewables, but challenges abound for other regions

Nov 19, 2016: HPE launches ‘world’s first’ solar-powered supercomputer Hikari to solve Zika virus

Nov 18, 2016: DOE ups ante on Sunshot, targeting 50% solar cost cut between 2020 and 2030

Outside Texas

Nov 21, 2016: Re-regulating markets could risk $15B in savings for Ohio customers

Nov 18, 2016: PJM proposes fix for demand response in seasonal capacity rules

Nov 18, 2016: NYPSC approves nuke sale to Exelon amid pushback, looming refueling crunch

Other News

Nov 21, 2016: BP fine proceeds boost environmental projects in Galveston, Brazoria counties

Nov 18, 2016: Coal expected to surpass natural gas as dominant winter fuel source


For the Week of  11/11/16 — 11/18/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Nov 16, 2016: Senate fails to move key energy bill in lame-duck vote

Nov 16, 2016: NARUC after Trump: Utility regulators see a ‘whole new world’ for fossil fuels

Nov 16, 2016: What’s Done To Protect Our Gas Supply From Terrorists?

Nov 16, 2016: 4 Ways to Enhance Texas’ Approach to Electric Reliability

Nov 16, 2016: EPA Removes Texas from Requirements of Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

Nov 16, 2016: ERCOT: Gas generation falls to 36% of state power mix in October

Nov 16, 2016: The Coal Industry Isn’t Coming Back

Nov 15, 2016: How A Houston Company Could Store Electricity In The Ground

Nov 14, 2016: Worland: Donald Trump Says He’ll Bring Back Coal. Here’s Why He Can’t

Nov 15, 2016: Texas relies heavily on other states’ coal, and keeps all its own

Nov 14, 2016: Trump’s Approach to Energy and the Environment: A Texas State of Mind

Nov 14, 2016: Gas-fired power plants make progress in fall 2016

Nov 14, 2016: Wind picks up natural gas’ share of ERCOT energy supply in October

Nov 13, 2016: Texas Renewable Industry Unfazed by Trump Environmental Policies

Nov 13, 2016: 14 Obama regs Trump could undo

Nov 13, 2016: Trump set to roll back Obama policies on energy, environment

Nov 12, 2016: What a Trump Presidency Means for Nuclear Stocks

Nov 12, 2016: Rescinding Obama regs? Not so fast, legal scholars say


Nov 17, 2016: U.S. court ruling puts Energy Future bankruptcy plan in doubt

Nov 17, 2016: Delaware Trust v. Energy Future: Major Make-Whole Decision from Third Circuit

Nov 17, 2016: Valartis Group says definitive moratorium lifted

Nov 16, 2016: CenterPoint seeks increase in gas bills

Nov 16, 2016: What a Trump Presidency Might Mean for Your Electric Bill

Nov 16, 2016: Energy Future’s E-Side Set For 4-Day Trial

Nov 16, 2016: Fitch Affirms Western Farmers Electric Coop’s Implied Senior Secured Rating at ‘A-‘; Outlook Stable

Nov 14, 2016: Molly Sorg Joins Vistra Energy as Vice President of Investor Relations

Nov 14, 2016: Energy policy under President Trump — How much change is possible?

Nov 13, 2016: Feds want to hear your thoughts on West Texas site becoming nuclear waste dump

Nov 14, 2016: Molly Sorg Joins Vistra Energy as Vice President of Investor Relations

Nov 14, 2016: Energy policy under President Trump — How much change is possible?

Nov 13, 2016: Feds want to hear your thoughts on West Texas site becoming nuclear waste dump

Nov 11, 2016: Online services find the best electric plan in Texas based on your power usage

Nov 13, 2016: Is It Time to Deregulate All Electric Utilities?

Renewable Power

Nov 16, 2016: First Solar Drops 11%: Will Restructure Amidst ‘Challenging Market Conditions’

Nov 16, 2016: Battle Lines Drawn Over Extending Energy Tax Credits

Nov 16, 2016: Shareholders Approve Merger of Tesla and SolarCity

Nov 16, 2016: With Donald Trump As CiC, US Navy Is Caught In Clean Power Crosshairs

Nov 15, 2016: Biofuel from logging scraps powers Alaska Airlines jet on cross-country flight

Nov 13, 2016: Balancing birds and bats: Researcher explores wildlife impact, wind power benefits

Nov 15, 2016: Microsoft Announces Biggest-Ever Wind Energy Buy

Nov 15, 2016: Florida’s Amendment 1 defeat shows why solar won’t be stopped, Trump or no Trump

Nov 13, 2016: Windmills or Reactor Cores? Inside South Africa’s Energy Clash

Nov 13, 2016: What’s the Best Way to Finance New Energy Technologies?

Nov 14, 2016: Florida’s Amendment 1 defeat shows why solar won’t be stopped, Trump or no Trump

Nov 14, 2016: Trump insider: New administration won’t attack renewable energy

Nov 11, 2016: The Obama administration just made it easier to put solar and wind on public lands

Nov 13, 2016: As rooftop solar costs drop, utility attempts to raise barriers may not work

Nov 13, 2016: It’s Hard To Tell Whether Trump Supports Renewable Energy — And That May Not Matter Much

Nov 13, 2016: Tesla’s future under Donald Trump is not so bad after all

Nov 10, 2016: FERC OKs investors in 299 MW of wind power projects in North Dakota

Nov 11, 2016: Interior Department Finalizes Plans to Accelerate Wind and Solar Leasing on Public Lands

Outside Texas

Nov 16, 2016: Entergy gets OKs to sell FitzPatrick nuclear plant, build Louisiana power plant

Nov 16, 2016: One Stop for Electricity and Natural Gas, Courtesy of NRG

Nov 13, 2016: PG&E completes battery system performance pilot project in CAISO

Nov 13, 2016: Ex-FERC Commissioner Tony Clark takes advisory position at energy law firm

Nov 10, 2016: GE Announces First U.S. HVDC Line with Department of Energy

Nov 12, 2016: Ohio regulators approve AEP plan to retire 1,500 MW of coal generation

Other News

Nov 16, 2016: It’s Official, Falling Carbon Emissions In US Have Little To Do With EPA Regulations

Nov 13, 2016: A Texas Commission Just Voted to Change the Way The State Monitors The Oil and Gas Industry

Nov 10, 2016: Legalized marijuana initiatives could drive power demand

Nov 13, 2016: A Texas Commission Just Voted to Change the Way The State Monitors The Oil and Gas Industry

Nov 10, 2016: Legalized marijuana initiatives could drive power demand


For the Week of  11/4/16 — 11/11/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Nov 10, 2016: TMPA approves sale of Denton part-owned plant

Nov 10, 2016: Trump advisor sees end of federal oil, gas overreach

Nov 9, 2016: Brattle: Market forces push coal off the Texas grid

Nov 9, 2016: Progress continues on Fort Hood’s $100 million renewable energy farm

Nov 9, 2016: Trump’s “good For America” energy plan

Nov 9, 2016: How President Trump Will Affect Clean Energy and the Climate Change Fight

Nov 9, 2016: Trump win boosts coal, hits renewable stocks

Nov 9, 2016: With Trump in White House, environmental rules to be rolled back

Nov 9, 2016: Trump’s Presidency Already Has Solar, Utilities Stocks Reeling

Nov 9, 2016: What a Trump presidency might mean for renewable energy

Nov 9, 2016: Rule’s demise looms, but how Trump will ax it remains unclear

Nov 4, 2016: Power plant operator profits dimmed by low wholesale prices

Nov 3, 2016: Batteries That Make Use of Solar Power, Even in the Dark

Nov 4, 2016: AEP’s Laredo DC Tie to have planned outage: ERCOT

Nov 4, 2016: Nationwide US fracking ban would cause gas price to spike: study

Nov 4, 2016: Vote on nation’s first carbon tax divides greens

Nov 4, 2016: NYMEX December gas futures settle at $2.769/MMBtu, down 2.3 cents


Nov 9, 2016: Texas Court of Appeals rejected TXU Energy’s attempt to sue Fort Bend Independent school district for breach of contract

Nov 9, 2016: Bid to change Railroad Commission’s name falls short again

Nov 10, 2016: CenterPoint Energy Collaborates with Accenture, SAP on Asset Analytics

Nov 9, 2016: Exelon: On Track To De-Risk Its Business Operations

Nov 9, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Dismissal Sought

Nov 9, 2016: Fitch Rates Austin’s (TX) Electric Utility System Rev Refunding Bonds ‘AA-‘; Outlook Stable

Nov 8, 2016: Does the Railroad Commission need to change?

Nov 8, 2016: CenterPoint Energy to buy nonregulated gas marketing subsidiary from Dallas co.

Nov 8, 2016: CenterPoint’s 3Q16 Earnings Improve on Customer Growth, Weather

Nov 8, 2016: NextEra-Oncor Deal tops Busy Quarter for Power M&As

Nov 8, 2016: Fitch Rates Garland, TX’s Electric Utility System Rev Rfdg Bonds ‘AA-‘; Outlook Stable

Nov 7, 2016: NextEra Energy Talks Up its Oncor Acquisition

Nov 8, 2016: Parent of TXU Energy and Luminant Announces Corporate Rebranding as Vistra Energy

Nov 4, 2016: Florida’s NextEra says it’s worthy to buy Texas’ Oncor. Critics in other states call it ‘arrogant and dishonest’

Nov 3, 2016: Luminant and TXU Energy have a newly named corporate parent: Vistra

Nov 4, 2016: CenterPoint: Additional “Opportunistic” Retail Acquisitions Possible

Nov 4, 2016: NRG Sees Retail Mass Market Customer Growth Accelerate

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Nov 11, 2016: Just Energy Group’s (JE) Q2 2017 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Nov 11, 2016: Large Retail Supplier Looking At Entering Texas For Solar

Renewable Power

Nov 10, 2016: It’s All About Building A Clean Energy Economy

Nov 10, 2016: Tesla’s Future in Trump’s World

Nov 10, 2016: Connecticut’s Largest Solar and Energy Storage System Opens

Nov 8, 2016: Vivint Solar Secures $200 Million In Tax Equity Commitments

Nov 8, 2016: BP buys jet fuel made from garbage to curb air pollution

Nov 8, 2016: When Bats Look for Meals Near Wind Power, Bats Die

Nov 8, 2016: The Battle to Bring Offshore Wind Power to America

Nov 8, 2016: Toyota may reverse its strategy and offer more electric vehicles

Nov 7, 2016: Winds of change: First offshore wind farm in U.S. is scheduled to open this month

Nov 7, 2016: Researchers discover solar heat island effect caused by large-scale solar power plants

Nov 5, 2016: Sorry Elon Musk, The Best Solar Power To Buy Doesn’t Go On Your Roof

Nov 7, 2016: Scotland generates enough wind energy to power almost every household for an entire month

Nov 1, 2016: Hunter: Sales tax slice — With fewer tax subsidies, Tesla’s solar roofs may not be economically viable

Nov 7, 2016: This is what Tesla needs to charge for its solar tiles to be competitive

Nov 3, 2016: NERC-Approved Learning Activity ‘Introduction to Synchrophasors’

Outside Texas

Nov 9, 2016: Washington State Voters Reject Nation’s First Carbon Tax

Nov 9, 2016: Washington State Voters Reject Nation’s First Carbon Tax

Nov 9, 2016: Nevada voters approve opening electric market to more competition

Nov 7, 2016: FirstEnergy Weighs Selling or Closing Up To 13 Power Plants

Nov 7, 2016: FirstEnergy Wants out of Competitive Generation

Nov 7, 2016: CenterPoint Energy Fine-Tunes its Gas Businesses

Nov 7, 2016: Vermont Yankee’s Decommissioning to be Accelerated by Decades

Nov 4, 2016: Board Approves ERO Strategic Plan and Metrics; Accepts Report on Risk Priorities

Other News

Nov 11, 2016: Stanford and SLAC launch initiative to create new electric grid

Nov 10, 2016: Leidos wins contract with DOE’s Energy Information Administration

Nov 8, 2016: U.S. carbon emissions down to ’91 levels

Nov 9, 2016: Coal production in 2016 expected to be lowest in decades

Nov 4, 2016: Railroads provide survival lessons for struggling energy companies

Nov 8, 2016: NOV Filed for Sharyland Concerning Reliability and Continuity of Service

Nov 7, 2016: InfraREIT Announces Appointment of Stacey H. Doré as General Counsel

Nov 4, 2016: The next ‘regulatory czar’


For the Week of  10/28/16 — 11/4/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Nov 2, 2016: New ERCOT rule in effect

Nov 2, 2016: Coal argues EPA is hiding impact of carbon rule

Nov 2, 2016: The Texas Energy Storage Market: Lessons from Existing Storage Applications

Oct 29, 2016: Texas PV – the fastest draw in the west

Nov 2, 2016: Aspen Power biomass plant in East Texas sold for nearly $5M

Nov 2, 2016: American Electric Power Seeks Bids For Coal

Nov 2, 2016: MISO files 3-year auction plan for retail choice areas to meet long-term demand

Nov 1, 2016: ERCOT expects enough electricity for upcoming winter and spring

Oct 31, 2016: ERCOT Maps out Plan for Changing Reserve Margin Methodology

Oct 28, 2016: The US government needs to transition to solar-powered future

Nov 1, 2016: Fact-checking opponents of the Clean Power Plan

Oct 30, 2016: MISO Agrees to Implement Most of IMM’s Recommendations

Oct 31, 2016: Texas Generators: RMR Contracts Should Require ERCOT Board Approval

Oct 31, 2016: What’s holding back solar in the Lone Star State?

Oct 31, 2016: Avoiding backdoor bailouts on the Texas grid

Oct 26, 2016: Nuclear power, defense workers leaking data through unsecure pagers

Oct 28, 2016: Tesla started shipping cheaper Powerpack 2.0 grid battery in September


Nov 4, 2016: NRG Energy (NRG) Tops on Q3 Earnings, Trims 2016 Outlook

Nov 4, 2016: NRG Energy (NRG) Beats on Q3 Earnings, Revenues Miss

Nov 4, 2016: NextEra Works to Overcome Image Problem in Oncor Deal

Nov 3, 2016: Multi-billion dollar deals defined third quarter for some major utilities

Nov 3, 2016: Rural electric customers to benefit from $90M loan

Nov 2, 2016: Dynegy reports lower revenues and third quarter loss of $249 million

Nov 3, 2016: Dynegy: Retail Strategy Focused On Organic Growth, “Not Right Time” For Retail Acquisitions

Nov 2, 2016: Summary of Customer Complaints and PUCT Enforcement Activities

Oct 31, 2016: CenterPoint acquires marketing business to bolster its customer service side

Nov 2, 2016: Moody’s Says NextEra’s (NEE) Move to Acquire OED Assets is Credit-Positive Development

Oct 28, 2016: NEM Policy Leadership Roundtable Recognizes Texas Electric Market Achievements-Competition Brings Billions in Savings, Options and Innovation to Texas Consumers

Nov 2, 2016: NextEra’s Bid for Texas Transmission Assets Makes Perfect Sense

Nov 1, 2016: Columbus council hears from AEP

Oct 31, 2016: TXU, Affiliates See Steady Retail Customer Count During Third Quarter

Oct 31, 2016: CenterPoint Energy (CNP) Unit to Acquire Atmos Energy’s Rretail Energy Services Business

Oct 31, 2016: CenterPoint Energy signs agreement with subsidiary of Atmos Energy Corporation to acquire retail energy services business

Oct 31, 2016: CenterPoint acquires marketing business to bolster its customer service side

Oct 31, 2016: Will NextEra ask for a rate increase if the PUC approves its purchase of Texas giant utility Oncor?

Oct 31, 2016: NextEra Works to Overcome Image Problem in Oncor Deal

Oct 31, 2016: Oncor CEO Bob Shapard Announces Planned Retirement; Allen Nye Named Successor

Oct 31, 2016: South Florida energy giant closer to owning Texas’ largest utility with latest merger

Oct 31, 2016: In bid for indirect 20% Oncor stake, NextEra to buy Texas Transmission Holdings for $2.4B

Oct 31, 2016: NextEra Energy’s (NEE) CEO Jim Robo on Q3 2016 Results

Nov 1, 2016: American Electric Power beats by $0.08, beats on revenue

Nov 1, 2016: AEP reports 3Q loss

Nov 1, 2016: AEP reports $2.3 billion charge as coal-fired power plants lose value

Nov 1, 2016: AEP To Fuel Growth With Increased Investment In Regulated Operations And Renewables

Oct 31, 2016: NextEra takes ownership of Oncor Electric

Oct 31, 2016: NextEra reaches agreement for an affiliate to merge with Texas Transmission Holdings Corporation, including its approximately 20 percent indirect interest in Oncor

Oct 28, 2016: Calpine posts $295 million profit, but lower earnings guidance

Oct 28, 2016: Demand for solar power increasing in Central Texas

Oct 27, 2016: Vote looms on reform of Railroad Commission

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Nov 2, 2016: Texas Retail Provider Introduces Energy Management Pilot Programs, Includes Gamification

Renewable Power

Nov 1, 2016: Tesla Sees SolarCity Boost Within 3 Years as Musk Hits Critics

Nov 3, 2016: IEA doubts electric cars will end oil age

Nov 1, 2016: Tesla needs to get out the vote

Nov 1, 2016: SolarCity Has a Plan to Unlock Tomorrow’s Electric Grid

Oct 30, 2016: How Elon Musk is making solar panels ‘as appealing as electric cars’

Oct 31, 2016: Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Wind Farm US Central 2

Oct 30, 2016: How Elon Musk is making solar panels ‘as appealing as electric cars’

Oct 31, 2016: Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Wind Farm US Central 2

Oct 28, 2016: Texas Launches No Cost Solar Program for Middle-Class Homeowners

Oct 27, 2016: Solar provides 2% of electricity in the Western United States

Oct 30, 2016: Colorado one of 11 states that generated at least 10 percent of its electricity from wind in 2015

Outside Texas

Oct 31, 2016: US Nuclear Retirements Largely Replaced by Fossil Fuels

Nov 2, 2016: Australia’s Support of Hybrid Renewables-Plus-Storage Projects Is Attracting Foreign Players

Oct 28, 2016: Investors wearied by new build PJM projects, but capital still needs a home

Oct 31, 2016: Crafters of Pa.’s Deregulation Law Look Back After 20 years

Oct 28, 2016: No End in Sight for PJM Capacity Market Changes

Oct 28, 2016: PJM, MISO capacity markets seen as most attractive as power prices lag

Oct 28, 2016: Entergy’s Arkansas Nuclear One-2 returns to grid after repairs

Oct 28, 2016: PJM, ISO-NE: Gas pipeline opposition could put power reliability at risk

Other News

Nov 2, 2016: National Utility And Energy Experts Explore Solutions To Industry Challenges At Annual Allconnect Partner Summit

Nov 2, 2016: Settlements of NOV for GDF Suez, AEP Texas, and Luminant

Oct 27, 2016: Wireless Charging: Coming Soon to an Electric Vehicle Near You

Oct 28, 2016: Fisker will challenge Tesla with its own high-end electric car


For the Week of  10/21/16 — 10/28/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Oct 27, 2016: ERCOT panel advances load visibility rule changes

Oct 28, 2016: Southern Company subsidiary acquires Wake Wind Energy Center

Oct 27, 2016: NEM Policy Leadership Roundtable Recognizes Texas Electric Market Achievements

Oct 26, 2016: Texas expected to get 10 percent of its electricity from wind, EIA says

Oct 25, 2016: End of Nuclear in U.S. Seen by Carlyle Group Without Subsidies

Oct 27, 2016: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: A Look at Demand Response and Energy Efficiency

Oct 26, 2016: How Texas Can Protect the Electric Grid from Attack

Oct 26, 2016: The Texas Energy Storage Market: A Four-Part Examination Part 3

Oct 26, 2016: US Smart Meter Deployments to Hit 70M in 2016, 90M in 2020

Oct 26, 2016: EPRI and Eaton Taking Smart Grids and Demand Response to New Levels

Oct 26, 2016: Development groups: More coal plants will not end energy poverty

Oct 25, 2016: Evans: Is clean coal a lost cause?

Oct 25 2016: Texas Leads US in Use of Renewable Energy

Oct 25, 2016: SLAC, Stanford launch ‘Bits & Watts,’ the first-of-its-kind holistic approach to creating the 21st century electric grid

Oct 18, 2016: Batteries May Trip ‘Death Spiral’ in $3.4 Trillion Credit Market

Oct 21, 2016: AEP’s East DC Tie outage ends earlier than expected

Oct 20, 2016: Coal will not recover


Oct 28, 2016: Texas PUC Chair Nelson: Opening Entergy Texas To Retail Choice, “Worthy Of Consideration”

Oct 27, 2016: Texas Representative Files Letter in Support of Southern Cross Transmission Project

Oct 27, 2016: Luminant, TXU Energy Plan to Cut 500 Utilities Jobs in Texas

Oct 27, 2016: Electricity complaints filed by Texans continue to decrease, report says

Oct 27, 2016: New Report from Texas Coalition for Affordable Power Reveals Big Drop in Statewide Electricity Complaints

Oct 26, 2016: Parent company of Dallas-based Luminant, TXU Energy lays off about 10 percent of employees

Oct 26, 2016: Parent company of Luminant, TXU Energy expanding layoffs

Oct 26, 2016: Houston can go green and maintain ‘energy capital’ status

Oct 27, 2016: PNM Resources Inc. (PNM) Set to Announce Quarterly Earnings on Friday

Oct 27, 2016: Exelon Announces Third Quarter 2016 Results

Oct 26, 2016: National Energy Marketers Association Hosts Policy Leadership Roundtable to Showcase Texas Success

Oct 24, 2016: Texas ALJ requests clarification regarding the law and the meaning of a“sirigle purchasing unit” related to the registration of aggregators

Oct 24, 2016: Why NextEra Energy May Continue Its Outperformance in 3Q16

Oct 24, 2016: An environmental ‘dad’ for Texas moves on

Oct 24, 2016: Waste, Families Left Behind As Nuclear Plants Close

Oct 21, 2016: Oncor Schedules Third Quarter 2016 Investor Call

Oct 21, 2016: Power company CEO: Conroe has ‘some looming voltage issues

Oct 21, 2016: Houston office buildings turning greener

Oct 24, 2016: Energy M&A Outlook: What the Halliburton-Baker Hughes Fail Tells Us About 2017

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Oct 25, 2016: Entrust Energy Is Again Recognized for its Record Growth

Oct 24, 2016: Stream Announces Chairman Transition

Oct 24, 2016: New Reliant Energy plan lets Texas customers support solar energy, without the panels

Oct 24, 2016: Company Receives Texas’s First Option 3 Retail Electric Provider Certificate

Renewable Power

Oct 27, 2016: EIA Report Finds Wind Share Growth In 11 States

Oct 26, 2016: Renewable energy growing faster than expected

Oct 26, 2016: Global renewable energy surpasses coal in capacity to power

Oct 25, 2016: How Walmart is leveraging DERs for its 100% renewable energy goal

Oct 26, 2016: Three New England states move on 460 MW of renewables

Oct 19, 2016: This Hybrid Power Plant Combines 3 Clean Energy Sources in One

Oct 23, 2016: Private solar’s future in Arkansas hinges on review

Oct 21, 2016: New Record for Nanowire-Based Solar Cells Achieved

Oct 19, 2016: Get Ready for the Rooftop Solar Stall

Oct 21, 2016: Utilities undervalue rooftop solar, study says

Oct 19, 2016: President Sets 1 GW Renewable Energy Goal by 2021 for Civilian Agencies

Oct 17, 2016: The world’s first tidal energy farm could power 175,000 homes

Oct 21, 2016: Closing in on a solar power breakthrough

Oct 21, 2016: From Solar to Second-Life Batteries: Why the Navy Leads the US Government in Clean Energy Deployment

Outside Texas

Oct 27, 2016: French nuclear problems shake European power market, boost prices

Oct 26, 2016: Transmission loses out in selections for New England clean energy solicitation

Oct 27, 2016: How new transmission can unlock 10 times more renewables for the Eastern U.S.

Oct 27, 2016: FERC Open Access Podcast: Winter 2016-17 Energy Market Assessment

Oct 24, 2016: FERC terminates West-wide must-offer requirement

Oct 25, 2016: Entergy, Exelon defend FitzPatrick nuclear plant deal against suit

Oct 24, 2016: PJM capacity auction reform spurs $250 million in investments

Oct 24, 2016: South Australia’s Blackout Draws Attention to Battery Storage

Oct 24, 2016: NYISO: New ISO-NE capacity rules could spike New York power prices

Oct 23, 2016: Feds Consider Microgrid in Upgrade of Washington, D.C. Energy Backbone

Oct 20, 2016: FMC Technologies to pay $2.5 million for accounting violations: SEC

Oct 21, 2016: Chairman Selects Judge Carmen A. Cintron to Serve as Chief Administrative Law Judge

Oct 21, 2016: FERC’s Honorable urges re-evaluation of time value calculation policies

Other News

Oct 28, 2016: CPS Energy Settles NOV on Governor Testing Requirements

Oct 27, 2016: Riding high on profit, Tesla’s Elon Musk promises much, trash-talks nearly everyone

Oct 27, 2016: Wireless Charging: Coming Soon to an Electric Vehicle Near You

Oct 20, 2016: The real genius behind the self-driving Tesla

Oct 20, 2016: Better batteries, and more electric cars, could be bad news for oil industry

Oct 21, 2016: 7 ways animals threaten the power grid


For the Week of  10/14/16 — 10/21/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Oct 20, 2016: E.On expands in U.S. with new renewable energy projects

Oct 19, 2016: ERCOT files notice of protocol violation regarding inadvertently disclosed certain information related to a completed screening study report for an interconnection request

Oct 18, 2016: The Texas Energy Storage Market: A Four-Part Examination-Part II

Oct 17, 2016: Clean energy and the irony of the red state of Texas

Oct 18, 2016: What Are The Market Effects Of Wind Penetration In ERCOT?

Oct 17, 2016: SPP Panel OKs Changes to Competitive Transmission Process

Oct 18, 2016: Much of SPP coal fleet stymied by day-ahead market

Oct 17, 2016: How the coming boom in electric and self-driving vehicles will transform the grid

Oct 18, 2016: Aliso Canyon task force recommends new rules for natural gas storage

Oct 17, 2016: Power dailies biased higher; ERCOT North, PJM AD surge

Oct 18, 2016: Much of SPP coal fleet stymied by day-ahead market

Oct 13, 2016: Exec: It’s been ‘tougher and tougher’ to make money in the power business

Oct 16, 2016: Clean Power Plan will impact energy industry

Oct 16, 2016: Renewables Account for All New Electricity Generation Capacity in August

Oct 17, 2016: 5 Charts That Show How Coal Is Getting Killed in Texas

Oct 18, 2016: If Obama’s climate change plan is upheld in court, what would it mean for Texas

Oct 17, 2016: MIT nuclear fusion record marks latest step towards unlimited clean energy

Oct 16, 2016: ERCOT power markets short-term outlook September 2016

Oct 12, 2016: With new control technology, demand response set to become operational tool for utilities

Oct 12, 2016: US power sector coal consumption to near 1984 levels in 2016: EIA


Oct 21, 2016: PNM Resources Inc. to Post Q3 2016 Earnings of $0.74 Per Share, KeyCorp Forecasts

Oct 20, 2016: Mission Solar’s pivot away from making solar cells to keep competitive edge

Oct 19, 2016: Reliant email scam reached from Texas to Virginia

Oct 20, 2016: Texas Proposed Decision In AEP Merger Case Addresses Issue of Proposed Rebates To Be Issued Through Retail Electric Providers

Oct 17, 2016: Without SA-based Mission Solar, who are the 12 solar cell makers left in the U.S.?

Oct 19, 2016: Solar pump systems make way into oil field

Oct 19, 2016: National Utility and Energy Experts Explore Solutions to Industry Challenges at Annual Allconnect Partner Summit

Oct 17, 2016: Petition calls for lower utility rates at City of Bowie

Oct 17, 2016: PEC and where the electricity hits the power lines

Oct 17, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Corp. Announces New Leadership Team

Oct 17, 2016: GE discloses job cuts at East Houston plant

Oct 18, 2016: Explosion Reported at Oak Grove Power Plant

Oct 18, 2016: NEM’s Policy Leadership Roundtable to Showcase Texas Success

Oct 13, 2016: Texas Has Millions of Smart Meters. So Why Haven’t Third-Party Energy Services Blossomed?

Oct 14, 2016: Dynegy reaches pact to restructure $825M of unsecured debt

Oct 14, 2016: Solar Power is Growing in Texas. That Could Mean Good News for Consumers.

Oct 14, 2016: Fitch Affirms Boerne, TX’s Outstanding Utility System Revs at ‘A’; Outlook Stable

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Oct 18, 2016: Texas REP Files To Change Trade Name

Oct 17, 2016: CHRON Enters Into Letter of Intent to Acquire Texas-Based Retail Electric Provider (REP): Enertrade Electric LLC

Renewable Power

Oct 20, 2016: 8minutenergy Begins Capital Raise For Solar Project Pipeline

Oct 18, 2016: Xcel Energy Plans OKd to Move Away from Coal to Renewables

Oct 19, 2016: Compensation for solar power not enough, nonprofit report finds

Oct 17, 2016: Blowing The Competition Away: The Wind Power Boom In The U.S.

Oct 17, 2016: Tesla would use Panasonic equipment if SolarCity deal is approved

Oct 17, 2016: SolarReserve proposes 2 GW concentrated solar plant with storage in Nevada

Outside Texas

Oct 19, 2016: Lawsuit Seeks to Halt New York Subsidies for Upstate Nuclear Plants

Oct 20, 2016: Re-regulation on the horizon? State plant subsidies point to looming ‘crisis’ in organized power markets

Oct 19, 2016: PJM to Seek FERC OK for Seasonal Capacity Proposal

Oct 19, 2016: US NRC renews operating licenses for Exelon’s LaSalle nuclear units

Oct 18, 2016: Time & place: How a new locational DER metric helps utilities defer grid investments

Oct 19, 2016: CFTC Exempts RTOs from Private Rights of Action

Oct 18, 2016: Eyeing hydro imports, New York regulators call for transmission expansion

Oct 14, 2016: AEP, Exelon chiefs embrace state regulators as defenders of baseload assets

Oct 14, 2016: Xcel to replace 1.4 GW of coal with renewables, gas as Minnesota regulators approve IRP

Oct 15, 2016: Global deal reached to limit powerful greenhouse gases

Other News

Oct 22, 2016: Entergy NOV Concerning Reliability and Continuity of Service

Oct 21, 2016: Scientists Have Discovered a Way to Turn CO2 into Ethanol. Here’s What That Means.

Oct 20, 2016: Clinton endorses linking US grid to Mexico, Canada in third presidential debate

Oct 19, 2016: AGA winter outlook sees consumer gas prices rising 9-11%

Oct 19, 2016: Oil companies should be scared of electric vehicles

Oct 18, 2016: Report: Apple Abandons Secret Car Plans Amid ‘an Incredible Failure of Leadership’

Oct 19, 2016: What Happens When the Electricity Is Off for Three Days?

Oct 14, 2016: Former Texas oil regulator joins board of Energy Hunter Resources

Oct 14, 2016: New source rule ‘far exceeds’ EPA authority, foes tell court


For the Week of  10/7/16 — 10/14/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Oct 12, 2016: With new control technology, demand response set to become operational tool for utilities

Oct 12, 2016: US power sector coal consumption to near 1984 levels in 2016: EIA

Oct 11, 2016: The Texas Energy Storage Market: A Four-Part Examination

Oct 12, 2016: Solar Power Is About to Hit Texas Generators Where It Hurts Most

Oct 11, 2016: ‘I’m bullish about solar in Texas. It’s just a matter of timeframe’

Oct 12, 2016: EIA: Carbon emissions from power plants lowest since 1991

Oct 11, 2016: Entergy Texas asks for state approval of nearly 1,000-MW gas plant

Oct 11, 2016: Clemente: The Great Texas Wind Power Boom

Oct 11, 2016: Entergy Texas asks for state approval of nearly 1,000-MW gas plant

Oct 10, 2016: IAEA chief: Nuclear power plant was disrupted by cyber attack

Oct 10, 2016: September was busy month in wind power, with dozens of projects

Oct 10, 2016: ERCOT’s Bermudez Resigns from Board Position

Oct 10, 2016: SPP Exit Study Task Force Begins Lubbock Power & Light Work


Oct 13, 2016: Transformer blows at Luminant plant in Robertson County

Oct 12, 2016: Energy Broker Saves North Texan Money On Electricity

Oct 12, 2016: Austin Energy warning of fraudulent solar installation representatives

Oct 12, 2016: Oncor May Consider New Location For Frisco Substation

Oct 11, 2016: City & County Say Texas Gave Dirty Coal a Pass

Oct 11, 2016: Centerpoint delivers power in face of population, development surges

Oct 10, 2016: As wind farms spread in Valley, concern about bird deaths grows

Oct 10, 2016: Iron Mountain Wind Power Purchase in Texas to Deliver as Much as 30 Percent of Company’s Total North American Power Usage

Oct 10, 2016: Energy giant Shell wants to sell electricity in Ohio

Oct 9, 2016: Utilities battle big ‘hit’ from Matthew

Oct 10, 2016: Calpine buying Noble Americas Energy for nearly $1 billion

Oct 7, 2016: $275 million roadblock in sale of Texas electricity giant Oncor may be gone

Oct 7, 2016: Luminant reaches agreement with Somervell County over Comanche Peak valuation

Oct 7, 2016: Fifth Circuit says yes to class action against electricity seller

Oct 7, 2016: Nearly 1 million without power in Florida as Matthew batters Atlantic coast

Oct 9, 2016: Power companies pool resources to get lights back on

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Oct 12, 2016: Seven Texas Retail Electric Providers Named Most-Trusted Brands

Oct 12, 2016: Cogent Reports: Trust Is the No. 1 Driver of Customer Loyalty for Texas Retail Electric Providers

Oct 10, 2016: Direct Energy Customers Across the U.S. Can Help Provide Light to Millions with New Give Brighter Plan

Oct 10, 2016: Viridian Partners with Payless Power to Provide Responsible, Affordable Energy to Texas Customers Using Innovative SmarTricity Eco PrePaid Plan

Renewable Power

Oct 11, 2016: GE continues acquisition spree with wind-power buy

Oct 12, 2016: 6 takeaways from VERGE’s ‘Utility of the Future’ summit

Oct 7, 2016: Xcel Energy, NextEra Energy Resources open New Mexico solar power plants

Outside Texas

Oct 13, 2016: Consumer group asks FERC to block sale of Entergy’s Fitzpatrick nuke plant to Exelon

Oct 11, 2016: Backlash grows against New York’s nuclear plan as greens, consumer groups join forces

Other News

Oct 13, 2016: EPA Agrees Its Emissions Estimates From Flaring May Be Flawed

Oct 13, 2016: Just How Hard Is It To Cut Greenhouse Gases?

Oct 13, 2016: Kobi Electric’s Updated Troffers Offer Increased Energy Efficiency at Cost Effective Price Point

Oct 13, 2016: Marathon sues BP for breach of contract in $2.4B Texas City refinery deal

Oct 10, 2016: How self-driving cars could become weapons of terror

Oct 6, 2016: Range Is All the Rage in Paris, as Electric Cars Steal the Show

Oct 7, 2016: 5 Models = 73% Of US Electric Car Sales


For the Week of  9/30/16 — 10/7/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Oct 6, 2016: Rio Grande Valley residents asked to conserve electricity until 7 p.m. Thursday

Oct 7, 2016: Why the Texas Electric Grid Matters to U.S. Security

Oct 6, 2016: Electricity prices fall in Texas

Oct 4, 2016: How market forces are pushing utilities to operate nuclear plants more flexibly

Oct 4, 2016: Nuclear power lobby names new CEO

Oct 3, 2016: Olson: U.S. energy needs fair, sensible rules and less red tape

Oct 4, 2016: Power plant, industrial emissions continue to fall, EPA reports

Oct 5, 2016: World’s largest carbon-capture power station will soon open—on schedule and within budget

Oct 5, 2016: ERCOT to face more wind, RMR issues: GCPA panelists

Oct 3, 2016: Texas May Become a Testing Ground for Defending the Grid From EMPs

Sept 30, 2016: Apex Clean Energy acquires potential 360-MW Texas wind project

Oct 4, 2016: Texas energy infrastructure needs to grow, despite oil-patch slump: experts

Oct 4, 2016: How market forces are pushing utilities to operate nuclear plants more flexibly

Oct 3, 2016: Valley residents urged to conserve power today and tomorrow

Oct 3, 2016: ERCOT: Valley residents urged to conserve power

Sept 30, 2016: Austin power systems maker agrees to sell assets to British company

Oct 1, 2016: A Curious Plan to Fight Climate Change: Buy Mines, Sell Coal

Oct 3, 2016: The One and Only Texas Wind Boom

Sept 30, 2016: EPA’s Clean Power Plan is not so clean


Oct 6, 2016: What you need to know about Austin Energy’s new ‘smarter’ meters

Oct 7, 2016: Abilene Schools Save $1M on Energy Purchase

Oct 6, 2016: Oncor warns of people posing as employees in scam

Oct 6, 2016: Moody’s assigns Ba2 to TCEH Corp, and Tex Operations Company credit facilities, outlook stable

Oct 6, 2016: PNM Resources Inc. (PNM) Releases FY16 Earnings Guidance

Oct 6, 2016: Xcel Energy completes New Mexico-Texas power link

Oct 6, 2016: After company reorganizing, Energy Future retail, generation units emerge from bankruptcy

Oct 5, 2016: LCRA prepares to install new transmission lines

Oct 6, 2016: ONCOR Sending Crews To East Coast To Help With Hurricane Recovery

Oct 4, 2016: Don’t Get Shocked by Electricity Costs: Inside and outside counsel can play a vital role in managing this indispensable commodity

Oct 4, 2016: Luminant, TXU Energy emerge from bankruptcy after more than 2 years

Oct 4, 2016:  A New Solar Rush Creates Legal Minefield for Landowner

Sept 30, 2016: If There Were A ‘Big-12’ Of Energy, The University Of Houston Would Be A Star

Oct 4, 2016: Will Utilities Keep Outperforming?

Oct 4, 2016: Lime Energy wins DOE energy efficiency grants in Atlanta, Orlando, Houston

Oct 5, 2016: CenterPoint-TDU Fully Exhausts Funds For REP Low-Income Smart Energy Device Reimbursements; AEP TCC Distributes 90% Of Funds

Oct 4, 2016: TCEH Corp., Parent Company for Luminant and TXU Energy, Emerges from Chapter 11

Oct 4, 2016: Dynegy Makes Executive Management Team Adjustments to Optimize Organization

Oct 3, 2016: Power Of The People Versus The Power of ONCOR

Oct 4, 2016: Frisco City Council tables vote on proposed substation while Oncor works on alternative site

Oct 3, 2016: Phone scams targeting local businesses

Sept 30, 2016: FERC Cuts MISO Transmission Owners’ ROE to 10.32%

Sept 30, 2016: NextEra, EFH Seek to Reassure Texas PUC on Merger Deal

Sept 30, 2016: PUCT Files a draft version of 2017 Report on the Scope of Competf tition in Electric Markets in Texas

Sept 30, 2016: Mission Solar Energy lets 87 employees go

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Oct 6, 2016: TriEagle Energy funds weather station for Kingwood school

Oct 6, 2016: PUCT approves the designation of POLRs for 2017-18

Oct 4, 2016: Northern Power Systems confirms commitment to North American market and strengthens commercial leadership

Oct 3, 2016: Just Energy Group Inc. Announces JPMorgan Chase Bank as Additional Lender to Its Credit Facility

Oct 4, 2016: TXU Energy Unveils Limited-Time Instant Rebate For Residential Customers Who Purchase SunPower Solar PV Systems

Renewable Power

Oct 6, 2016: The Huge Impact Goldman Sachs’ Billions Are Having on Clean Energy

Oct 4, 2016: Next ‘Renewable Energy’: Burning Forests, if Senators Get Their Way

Oct 4, 2016: Henrik Fisker launches new electric car company

Sept 29, 2016: Offshore Wind Farms See Promise in Platforms That Float

Oct 4, 2016: Here’s Where Utility-Scale Solar Is Thriving in the United States

Oct 4, 2016: Solar developer expands operations into Texas

Oct 4, 2016: India Already Has a Problem With Wasting Renewable Energy on the Grid

Oct 3, 2016: DOE: Electric, hybrid vehicles to make up 6% of auto sales by 2025

Sept 30, 2016: Oil Rig Builders Tap Into Offshore Wind Market

Oct 3, 2016: Solar Power On Brink Of Huge Boom, Social Research Indicates

Oct 2, 2016: Tesla Jumps as Third-Quarter Shipments Aid Musk’s Funding Plans

Oct 3, 2016: Renewables Are Booming—but Buyer Beware

Oct 1, 2016: California’s ‘Renewable’ Energy Grid on Verge of Crisis

Sept 29, 2016: After storm causes power outage, Australia debates clean energy

Sept 28, 2016: As the reach of renewables grows, costs are spinning downward

Sept 30, 2016: Microsoft Sets New Renewable Energy Target Of 50% By 2018

Sept 30, 2016: Is New York Ready for Solar Power?

Sept 30, 2016: NRG breaks ground on 5 Minnesota community solar projects

Outside Texas

Oct 2, 2016: Canada plans CA$50/ton carbon tax by 2022 to meet climate goals

Oct 2, 2016: Review of PJM Capacity Market Put on Hold

Oct 3, 2016: Justin Trudeau gives provinces until 2018 to adopt carbon price plan

Sept 26, 2016: FERC: SPP Treating P2P Customers Unfairly on Congestion Rights

Sept 29, 2016: After storm causes power outage, Australia debates clean energy

Sept 30, 2016: American Electric Power Seeks Bids For Coal

Sept 30, 2016: NRC won’t penalize Entergy for false reports

Other News

Oct 6, 2016: Houston Hurricane Protection Plan Still in Limbo


For the Week of  9/23/16 — 9/30/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Sept 28, 2016: Don’t Worry About Coal Shutdowns, Texas — Wind’s Got This

Sept 27, 2016: Clean Power Plan leaves businesses and families stuck with the bill

Sept 30, 2016: Reaction mixed as Clean Power Plan merits argued in DC Circuit

Sept 28, 2016: Court must determine if congressional inaction nullifies the Clean Power Plan

Sept 28, 2016: Inside the judges’ questions on carbon trading

Sept 28, 2016: Do nuclear plants have future in low-carbon world?

Sept 28, 2016: In Texas, value of environmental regs debatable

Sept 28, 2016: Texas Sees Gloom and Doom by Cutting Greenhouse Gases

Sept 28, 2016: Inside the DC Circuit: What happened at the Clean Power Plan’s court hearing

Sept 28, 2016: NERC: 2016 Lessons Learned Quick Reference Guide

Sept 28, 2016: ERC Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending: September 23, 2016

Sept 23, 2016: Lawmakers Want To Safeguard Texas Against An EMP

Sept 25, 2016: Obama Climate Plan, Now in Court, May Hinge on Error in 1990 Law

Sept 25, 2016: Obama climate rule faces critical test in court

Sept 26, 2016: Paxton Blasts Clean Power Plan Ahead of High-Profile Legal Arguments

Sept 27, 2016: Texas AG: Obama’s clean power plan will “raise rates and reduce reliability”

Sept 27, 2016: Falvez Energy Completes Financing with GE Energy Financial Services for 163-MW Texas Wind Farm

Sept 21, 2016: ERCOT: Narrow reserves boost real-time prices above $700/MWh

Sept 23, 2016: Obama’s Clean Power Plan Heads to Court: What to Know

Sept 24, 2016: Coal generation behind most 2016 utility forecast: survey


Sept 29, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Stipulation Approval Sought

Sept 30, 2016: Amazon to buy 90 percent of electricity from Texas wind farm

Sept 28, 2016: Austin wins award for improving access to solar energy

Sept 28, 2016: Falvez Energy gets GE financing for 163-MW Texas wind farm

Sept 23, 2016: What Texans Pay For Electricity Is All Over The Map

Sept 26, 2016: Will a $275 million question derail NextEra’s plan to buy Texas power giant Oncor?

Sept 26, 2016: In restructuring move, EnerNOC to lay off 15% of workforce

Sept 26, 2016: Frisco P&Z sides with residents, denies specific use permit for proposed Oncor substation

Sept 26, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Settlement with Texas Comptroller Approved

Sept 26, 2016: Xcel Energy partnering with Walmart for LED bulb discount program

Sept 22, 2016: State to intervene in East Texas utility case

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Sept 29, 2016: TXU Energy Announces Instant Rebate for Residential Solar Rooftop Systems, Unveils Plan to Credit Customers More for Their Excess Solar Electricity

Sept 27, 2016: Energate & Stream Energy Announce Partnership to Deliver Energy Management Tools to Up to 30,000 Texas Households

Sept 16, 2016: Texas REP Offering New Smart Thermostat Plan

Renewable Power

Sept 28, 2016: Wind, solar costs plummeting, Energy Department reports

Sept 28, 2016: SolarCity Partners With Citi To Create Fund To Finance Over $347 Million In Solar Projects

Sept 28, 2016: These 6 Wind Energy FAQs Will Make You A Fan

Sept 28, 2016: Energy secretary: Green power has increased ‘dramatically’

Sept 28, 2016: Tenaska buys 470 MW of wind projects in Minnesota, North Dakota

Sept 26, 2016: Germany Has the World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Train

Sept 22, 2016: Texas engineers on the right track to making train engines “green”

Sept 21, 2016: True Cost Of Solar Variability Is Minor Compared To Installation

Sept 22, 2016: Tesla’s New Solar Roof Could Be Unveiled On Oct. 28

Sept 22, 2016: Spillover Can’t Stop Utility-Scale Solar’s Biggest Year Ever

Outside Texas

Sept 26, 2016: Xcel, 10 utilities near completion of CapX2020 transmission project

Sept 26, 2016: California auditor: CPUC open to improper influence, needs reforms

Sept 23, 2016: Fortis gets FERC nod to acquire ITC Holdings

Sept 23, 2016: Dynegy a winning bidder in MISO Zone 4 capacity procurement

Other News

Sept 29, 2016: Texas alternative fuels company, ex-CEO settle with SEC

Sept 29, 2016: Mercedes just unveiled its first all-electric crossover

Sept 26, 2016: Why the U.S. is using more gas than ever

Sept 22, 2016: Westmoreland Coal to cut 250 jobs, close Texas mine

Sept 22, 2016: Can Tesla’s Autopilot Be Trusted? Not Always

Sept 23, 2016: Seasonal NOx pricing slips as bids drop, activity slows in CSAPR market


For the Week of  9/16/16 — 9/23/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Sept 21, 2016: Panel votes to extend nuclear power tax credit

Sept 22, 2016: Inside the new guidebook for electric utility regulation

Sept 20, 2016: AEP Texas North seeks regulatory approval for utility-scale batteries

Sept 21, 2016: MISO proposes $2.76B transmission investment in 2016 expansion plan

Sept 19, 2016: Let the Arguments Begin

Sept 21, 2016: Texas wind power keeps pressure on gas, coal

Sept 21, 2016: Environmentalists wary of Congress’ rush to pass energy bill

Sept 21, 2016: NRG Recommends Update of Key Analyses used in ERCOT Reliability Standard

Sept 20, 2016: Reform ERCOT’s market guidelines

Sept 21, 2016: Summer (and maybe winter) of discontent for US power markets

Sept 19, 2016: Congress seeking broader look at solar power firms, tax credits

Sept 19, 2016: MYR Group Inc. Awarded Contract with Cross Texas Transmission to Construct Approximately 68 Miles of 345kV Transmission Line in Texas

Sept 15, 2016: EP Electric’s $380M power plant completed

Sept 19, 2016: Massachusetts state report recommends 600 MW energy storage target

Sept 19, 2016: Oil giant Total joins venture funding for DER software company AutoGrid

Sept 16, 2016: Johnson & Johnson Buying 100 Megawatts of Texas Wind Power

Sept 16, 2016: An Alarming Trend Affecting U.S. Baseload Power


Sept 22, 2016: Texas regulators express ‘deep concern’ over NextEra deal

Sept 22, 2016: Can the Oncor Acquisition Boost NextEra Energy’s Earnings Growth?

Sept 21, 2016: City of Denton gives gas fired power plant green light

Sept 20, 2016: Austin Energy gears up for smarter smart meters

Sept 22, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Plan Filed

Sept 21, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Credit Agreement Amended

Sept 22, 2016: 2 separate power outages leave Tyler residents in dark

Sept 21, 2016: Wärtsilä supplies 225 MW power plant to the City of Denton, Texas, USA

Sept 21, 2016: Vivint Solar Brings Affordable Residential Solar Power To Texas Homeowners

Sept 19, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Disclosure Statement Approved

Sept 20, 2016: PNM Resources Inc. (PNM) Shares Gap Up Following Dividend Announcement

Sept 19, 2016: Energy Future Clears Big Hurdle With Approval of Oncor Sale

Sept 19, 2016: Power Engineers buys G2 Electrical Testing & Consulting

Sept 19, 2016: Only 16% Of Texas Residential Customers Visit PUC’s Power To Choose Site Annually

Sept 19, 2016: Koch Acquires EFT Energy, a Leading SaaS and Solutions Provider for Predictive Analytics and Energy Management

Sept 19, 2016: Groom Energy Solutions acquired by DK Energy US, a subsidiary of the EDF group

Renewable Power

Sept 22, 2016: Apple to sell 50 MW solar energy to Arizona public utility

Sept 19, 2016: Will Obama’s Green Energy Plan Drive Alt-Energy Stocks?

Sept 20, 2016: How Tesla and Apple Could Be Good for Each Other

Sept 20, 2016: Tesla Fixes Software Bug That Exposed Hacking Vulnerabilities

Sept 20, 2016: Clean Energy Won Big. So Where’s the Party?

Sept 20, 2016: Companies offer to build cheapest solar plant ever

Sept 20, 2016: How to Raise Trillions for Green Investments

Sept 19, 2016: Researchers hack Tesla Model S with remote attack

Sept 20, 2016: JetBlue Makes Biofuels Deal to Curtail Greenhouse Gases

Sept 19, 2016: More Major Companies Commit To 100% Renewables

Sept 19, 2016: America’s First Wave-Produced Power Goes Online in Hawaii

Sept 15, 2016: Michael Dell-Backed Noble Environmental Files for Bankruptcy

Sept 13, 2016: How China Wastes Its Renewable Energy

Sept 16, 2016: Study reveals major future investments in renewable energy

Sept 16, 2016: Munich Plans to Become First Large City in the World to be Heated by 100 Percent Renewable Energy – Mostly Geothermal

Sept 15, 2016: Wind power is going to get a lot cheaper as wind turbines become even more enormous

Sept 19, 2016: 48 US States Have Wind Projects Under Construction Or In Advanced Development

Sept 19, 2016: Utilities and Solar Companies Want Market-Based Solutions to Facilitate Collaboration

Sept 14, 2016: Electric cars are booming — so what about electric planes?

Sept 15, 2016: When it comes to renewables, customers are like watermelon seeds

Sept 18, 2016: Most Lyft rides will be in autonomous cars in 5 years

Outside Texas

Sept 22, 2016: Most Puerto Ricans Face a Second Night Without Electricity

Sept 21, 2016: UBS upgrades Xcel Energy on increased CapEx, improved ROE

Sept 21, 2016: Court rejects Exelon’s tax deferral tied to power plant sale

Sept 21, 2016: FERC sets for hearing newest challenge to ROE for ISO-NE transmission owners

Sept 21, 2016: How Southern California Edison’s new rate case would transform the grid

Sept 16, 2016: FERC Finds PJM ARR/FTR Market Design Flawed; Rejects Proposed Fix

Sept 16, 2016: Canada to impose carbon taxes nationwide

Sept 19, 2016: California governor signs new ‘super pollutant’ bill into law

Sept 13, 2016: Trio of Nations Aims to Hook Asia Super Grid to Grids of the World

Sept 16, 2016: Sabine Pass applies to FERC for service at train 2

Other News

Sept 22, 2016: Court adds 10th judge to hear arguments over landmark rule

Sept 22, 2016: Why Texas holds the key to carbon taxes

Sept 21, 2016: Must the U.S. lead the world towards a cleaner way to burn coal?

Sept 16, 2016: Summer fuel rules draw ire of pro-ethanol governors

Sept 19, 2016: California restricts pollutants from cow flatulence to diesel emissions

Sept 20, 2016: Front-month natural gas breaks $3/MMBtu for 1st time in 16 months

Sept 19, 2016: A Lesson of Tesla Crashes? Computer Vision Can’t Do It All Yet

Sept 19, 2016: Most States On Track to Meet Emissions Targets They Call Burden

Sept 20, 2016: Texas ports pick up steam as oil and LNG exports ramp up

Sept 20, 2016: 10 things to know about the ‘most difficult ticket in town’

Sept 19, 2016: Federal officials plan aggressive approach to driverless cars

Sept 18, 2016: America’s OPEC — 6 States Declare Emergency Gas Shortages After Koch-Owned Pipeline Spill

Sept 16, 2016: An energy company just debuted a shoe made from power plant emissions

Sept 19, 2016: DC Circuit primer: All you need to know ahead of the Clean Power Plan’s pivotal court date

Sept 15, 2016: Texas attorney general Ken Paxton leads the fight against an unconstitutional climate-change stunt

Sept 14, 2016: A Ride In Ford’s Self-Driving Car


For the Week of  9/9/16 — 9/16/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Sept 16, 2016: Texas PUC Staff Files Memo to discuss its Review of ERCOT Reliability Standard, including an Overview of Alternative Reliability Metrics

Sept 15, 2016: Amazon Taps Lincoln Clean Energy to Build Texas Wind Farm

Sept 14, 2016: CFTC Chair Flips on Private Rights of Action in RTO Markets

Sept 15, 2016: CFTC Chair Says He Will Withdraw Move To Allow Private Lawsuits Concerning ERCOT, RTO Market Outcomes

Sept 12, 2016: Bitcoin Technology Harnessed to Push Electricity Revolution

Sept 13, 2016: US House unanimously passes advanced nuclear development bill

Sept 13, 2016: What Do You Do When a Gold Mine Runs Out? Turn It into a Power Plant

Sept 14, 2016: AEP To Sell Four Competitive Power Plants To Blackstone And ArcLight Joint Venture

Sept 13, 2016: Nanogrids and Microgrids are Keys to Decentralizing the Energy Infrastructure

Sept 12, 2016: Survey finds broad support for Clean Power Plan, Paris agreement

Sept 13, 2016: New SPP Task Forces Looking at the Future — and Past

Sept 12, 2016: Report: Seven Texas Coal Plants Could Close in Coming Years

Sept 12, 2016: Report says Fayette coal plant is a money loser

Sept 12, 2016: Large Duke Energy investor, upset about coal, is selling $380M worth of stock

Sept 12, 2016: Nearly half of US states use carbon-free generation as a top 3 resource

Sept 12, 2016: Industrial Customers Say MISO Use of Wrong Zonal Import Limit Raised Capacity Prices By $50/MW-Day, Seek Refunds

Sept 12, 2016: US nuclear plant up for sale at fraction of cost


Sept 15, 2016: Just Energy reports $160 million public offering of convertible unsecured senior subordinated debentures

Sept 15, 2016: Luminant to idle Rusk County mine; 100 jobs affected

Sept 14, 2016: AEP units file in Texas regarding proposed merger

Sept 14, 2016: Fitch Affirms Austin’s (TX) Bank Note at ‘AA-‘; Outlook Stable

Sept 13, 2016: EMEX Acquires Majority Interest in Texas Electric Aggregation

Sept 13, 2016: Forney City Council finalizes new Luminant agreement with passage of Industrial District Agreement

Sept 13, 2016: NRG wins bid to buy Texas solar farm and more from SunEdison

Sept 13, 2016: NRECA Continues its Fight for the Little Guy

Sept 12, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Settlement Approval Sought

Sept 12, 2016: How Texas’ new energy code affects Houston homebuilders

Sept 10, 2016: Was Texas Miracle more than energy?

Sept 9, 2016: Will San Antonio Become A Smart City?

Sept 8, 2016: High Voltage Substation Completed in the Permian Basin

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Sept 16, 2016: Texas PUC Staff Recommend Amounts For Assessment On Subject REPs To Fund Internet Broadcast of PUC Meetings

Sept 16, 2016: CenterPoint TDU Funds for REP Reimbursements Under Low-Income In-Home Device Provisioning Program Nearly Exhausted

Sept 15, 2016: Affiliate of Texas Generator Seeks Retail Electric Provider Certificate

Sept 15, 2016: Texas Retail Provider Seeks To Use Trade Name Neo Electricity

Sept 13, 2016: Victoria County Teams with QuotEnergy Advisors to Secure Six-Figure Energy Savings through 2023

Sept 14, 2016: Verde Energy Acquired Customers From Texas REP Which Is Exiting Market

Renewable Power

Sept 15, 2016: When it comes to renewables, customers are like watermelon seeds

Sept 15, 2016: Tesla Motors: Will Senate Solar Investigation Put SolarCity Acquisition at Risk?

Sept 12, 2016: Solar Rooftop Revolution Fizzles in U.S. on Utility Pushback

Sept 13, 2016: Expert survey: Wind power costs could fall 40% by 2050

Sept 15, 2016: Quest Diagnostics: Investing in Green Power to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Sept 13, 2016: SolarCity Raises Another $305 Million In Financing

Sept 12, 2016: World’s first large-scale tidal energy farm launches in Scotland

Sept 14, 2016: Expert survey: Wind power costs could fall 40% by 2050

Sept 12, 2016: Bad actors in solar industry imperil national security

Sept 12, 2016: U.S. Solar Poised For ‘Unprecedented’ Growth Spurt This Year

Sept 12, 2016: Here’s Why Solar Farms Are Booming in the U.S.

Sept 13, 2016: Electric vehicles, renewables to re-order global energy supply chains

Sept 12, 2016: Bad actors in solar industry imperil national security

Sept 12, 2016: U.S. Solar Poised For ‘Unprecedented’ Growth Spurt This Year

Sept 12, 2016: Here’s Why Solar Farms Are Booming in the U.S.

Sept 9, 2016: Solar skylights are latest lighting innovation

Sept 9, 2016: Hydro, biofuels industries press for tax credit renewal

Outside Texas

Sept 14, 2016: OPC Misconstrues Texas Retail Market Design In Opposing Retail Auction for SOS

Sept 9, 2016: California nears adoption of energy-saving rules for computers

Sept 9, 2016: 5 lawmakers, generator challenge New York’s nuclear supports

Sept 9, 2016: FERC dismisses complaint accusing NYISO of abdicating transmission planning responsibility

Other News

Sept 14, 2016: How Did G.M. Create Tesla’s Dream Car First?

Sept 15, 2016: Tesla Sues Oil Industry Exec It Says Pretended To Be Elon Musk To Gain Secrets

Sept 15, 2016: New EPA methane emissions rules get cold shoulder

Sept 15, 2016: NOVs for GDF Suez Energy Marketing, AEP Texas Central, and AEP Texas North

Sept 14, 2016: Ford unveils plans for robo-taxis, autonomous cars

Sept 14, 2016: What $1.8 Trillion Doesn’t Buy in Energy

Sept 13, 2016: GM’s electric Chevy Bolt to go 238 miles per charge

Sept 12, 2016: Tesla files $250,000 permit to renovate future San Antonio showroom

Sept 12, 2016: Judge sides with feds’ call to halt Dallas firm ETP’s pipeline construction

Sept 10, 2016: Is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve worth the cost?

Sept 12, 2016: Spectra exec: ‘We have to do what we can to compete’

Sept 9, 2016: The battle between Tesla and your neighborhood car dealership


For the Week of  9/2/16 — 9/9/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Sept 8, 2016: Unexplored Territory: CPP and the Power Grid

Sept 8, 2016: NEC unveils new battery system to compete with Tesla, Schneider Electric

Sept 8, 2016: Energy members begin hunt for compromise reform bill

Sept 2, 2016: A Chill Won’t Be What Drives Texas Power Use to Winter Record

Sept 7, 2016: Nuclear Electricity’s Bright Future

Sept 7, 2016: Uncle Sam’s battery bank: ARPA-E spurs commercialization of innovative storage technology

Sept 7, 2016: Nuclear outages jumped 50% this summer

Sept 7, 2016: The birth and troubled childhood of an American supergrid

Sept 1, 2016: Calpine to sell power plant for more than $395M

Sept 6, 2016: Calpine to Sell Mankato Power Plant

Aug 26, 2016: Texas Coal Loses Battle at NRG Power Plant, Wyoming Coal Wins

Sept 4, 2016: The $8 trillion fight over how to rid the U.S. of fossil fuel

Sept 2, 2016: How Intermittent Renewables Are Harming The Electricity Grid

Aug 30, 2016: Will Texas Surpass California as King of Solar?


Sept 8, 2016: Incorrect tax hits thousands of Austin Energy customers

Sept 8, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Disclosure Statement Filed

Sept 7, 2016: As solar price drops, utility interest spurs growth in non-traditional markets

Sept 7, 2016: Houston mayor laments end of program he championed

Sept 6, 2016: Settlement Would End AEP Texas Efficiency Program Reimbursing REPs for LED Lamps If Not Cost-Effective This Year

Sept 6, 2016: Bryan council gives OK for selling of nearby power plant

Sept 6, 2016: Texas’s Notable Customer Growth May Boost CenterPoint’s Revenues

Sept 2, 2016: Bryan considers authorizing sale of coal plant

Sept 2, 2016: Texas High Court Won’t Hear $1B Entergy Pricing Appeal

Sept 6, 2016: Texas Staff: PUC Should Consider Requiring AEP Texas To Obtain FERC Disclaimer of Jurisdiction As Part of TCC, TNC Merger

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Sept 8, 2016: Affiliate of Northeast Retail Supplier Entering Texas Market, Seeks REP Certificate

Sept 6, 2016: Direct Energy Welcomes Thomas Smith to Serve as Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Sept 7, 2016: Retail Supplier Paid Customers Up To $250/MWh For Critical Peak Rebates This Summer

Power Grid Security

Aug 31, 2016: Cyber Threats On Ferc’s Radar, Commissioner Cheryl Lafleur Says

Renewable Power

Sept 6, 2016: Elon Musk’s Solar Vision, Up for a Dicey Vote

Sept 7, 2016: AES winding down building new coal projects worldwide: CEO

Sept 6, 2016: Elon Musk’s Solar Vision, Up for a Dicey Vote

Sept 7, 2016: AES winding down building new coal projects worldwide: CEO

Sept 1, 2016: US wind power surpasses 75 GW and Americans love it

Sept 1, 2016: Winds of change: How the industry can continue wind power’s boom into the 2020s

Sept 2, 2016: Besides Shale, Argentina Doubles Down On Renewables

Outside Texas

Sept 8, 2016: Electricity choice on the chopping block in Michigan as state debates reliability, renewables

Sept 6, 2016: California ISO Accepts Tariff Revisions for ‘Grid Reliability’

Sept 6, 2016: GE Seeks ‘Greener’ Pastures in Coal

Sept 6, 2016: PJM issues hot weather alerts for Thursday, Friday

Sept 6, 2016: After Hermine, electric utilities slowly restoring power in Florida

Sept 3, 2016: PacifiCorp, Utah sue EPA over haze reduction plan for 2 power plants

Sept 2, 2016: DOE: Converting Colstrip coal plant to carbon capture would cost $1.2B

Sept 1, 2016: Gov. Brown, lawmakers strike deal on cap-and-trade spending

Sept 2, 2016: SoCalEd asks for $2.3B revenue increase in 2018 general rate case

Sept 2, 2016: Large hydro generators seeking credit from NY clean energy standard

Other News

Sept 2, 2016: The problem with natural gas: methane emissions

Sept 8, 2016: AEP Names Sundararajan Vice President Of Regulatory Services

Sept 2, 2016: Electric, self-driving, flying taxis are the future

Sept 2, 2016: As Texas Stalls in Electric Car Infrastructure, Austin Prepares for a Surge in Drivers

Sept 6, 2016: How Difficult Is It To Buy An Electric Car In Texas? Ask This Guy

Sept 6, 2016: Spectra purchase ‘hugely strategic,’ Enbridge CEO says

Sept 6, 2016: Cast Your Vote! Help Your Favorite Charity Receive $100,000, Courtesy of Reliant Gives

Sept 3, 2016: Report: Daimler could launch up to 9 electric car models

Sept 2, 2016: ‘Cool’ clothing breakthrough could slash building emissions

Sept 2, 2016: R Street’s Electricity Glossary

Sept 5, 2016: R Street’s Electricity FAQ


For the Week of  8/26/16 — 9/2/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Sept 2, 2016: ERCOT Preliminary Determination Says Calpine Clear Lake Units Needed For Transmission Reliability

Sept 1, 2016: ERCOT says October-November 2016 peakload demand projected to increase 9.5%

Sept 1, 2016: Oil patch electric demand poses challenges

Aug 31, 2016: Tesla’s solar plans forecast battery revolution in Nevada desert

Sept 1, 2016: NYMEX October gas settles 6 cents higher at $2.887/MMBtu

Sept 1, 2016: Exelon, America’s Leading Nuclear Generator, Keeps the Faith on Nukes

Aug 31, 2016: States Are Leading Winds Of Change In U.S. Renewable Energy Revolution

Aug 31, 2016: ERCOT Submits NPRR To Base Credit Exposure Calculations on Futures Prices

Aug 31, 2016: ERC Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending: August 26, 2016

Aug 30, 2016: U.S. universities using less coal for heat, power

Aug 30, 2016: MISO stakeholders question market project priority rankings

Aug 30, 2016: Public purpose microgrids: Mixed-ownership models spur utility investment in growing sector

Aug 29, 2016: Wind farms in Texas, N.D., N.Y. move forward

Aug 25, 2016: Solar Tracker Installation in Texas to Power Over 25,000 Homes

Aug 29, 2016: US Microgrid Market Growing Faster than Previously Thought: New GTM Research

Aug 29, 2016: It might be time to bring nuclear power back to America

Aug 29, 2016: The Big Potential of Used Electric Car Batteries

Aug 27, 2016: Era of cheap energy spells trouble for coal plants and tax base

Aug 29, 2016: The Market-Driven Path to Renewables

Aug 26, 2016: Texas A&M partnering with UT to improve solar power’s reach


Sept 2, 2016: Austin Energy: Rate Cuts Solve Everybody’s Problems

Sept 1, 2016: Challenge of Recovering Cleanup Costs from Bankrupt Coal Companies

Sept 1, 2016: Constellation Completes Acquisition of Retail Electricity and Natural Gas Business from ConEdison Solutions

Sept 1, 2016: Texas PUC Staff, Current Utilities Seek Summary Judgment in Case Concerning Definition of Aggregator

Aug 31, 2016: Railroad Commission needs transformation, not reform

Aug 29, 2016: NextEra says it has advisors ready for deal to buy giant Texas utility Oncor

Aug 30, 2016: Can a Fort Worth entrepreneur recharge an energy company customers hated?

Aug 30, 2016: TxDOT: Progress fixing utility delays

Aug 31, 2016: CenterPoint TDU Notifies REPs of Final Invoice Period For Texas Low-Income REP Smart Device Program, As Funds Nearly Exhausted

Aug 30, 2016: Council to vote on sale of TMPA assets

Aug 30, 2016: Retail Market Vets Launch “First Of Its Kind” No-Fee Concierge Shopping Service in Texas (Algorithms Automatically Switch Customers To Best Rate)

Aug 29, 2016: City Council nixes Austin Energy’s base rate hike, approves new rates

Aug 29, 2016: Federal judge approves 2nd Energy Future Holdings bankruptcy plan

Aug 29, 2016: After week without power, Greenville residents ‘angry’

Aug 26, 2016: Energy Future wins court approval to exit bankruptcy

Aug 29, 2016: NextEra Reaches Pact With Lenders on Funding Oncor Buy

Aug 29, 2016: NextEra Energy and NextEra Energy Partners to meet with investors during the month of September

Aug 28, 2016: You might be surprised who’d pay more under Austin Energy’s new rates

Aug 29, 2016: How the City of Austin Makes Money (or Doesn’t) Every Time the Weather Changes

Aug 28, 2016: I Warned About REITs And Utilities. I Hope You Listened

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Sept 1, 2016: Texpo Energy Earns 5 Circle Score on Texas P.U.C. Official Complaint Scorecard 

Sept 1, 2016: Southwest Power & Light Earns 5 Circle Score on Texas P.U.C. Official Complaint Scorecard

Sept 1, 2016: PGA of America names Constellation ‘Official Energy Provider and Sustainability Partner’ for the PGA and its Major Championships

Aug 30, 2016: Centrica (Direct Energy Parent) Makes Acquisition in Connect Home Arena, Complementing North American Business

Aug 30, 2016: Texas C&I Retail Provider Begins Listing Residential Electric Offers on Texas Power To Choose

Renewable Power

Sept 1, 2016: Wind Power Finally Getting Out From Solar’s Shadow

Aug 31, 2016: To Beat City Heat, Use an ‘Ice Battery’

Sept 1, 2016: Mutual needs, mutual challenges: How corporate PPAs are remaking the renewables sector

Aug 30, 2016: DOE invests over $20M to help create ‘commercially viable’ wave, tidal energy industry

Aug 30, 2016: The IoT-Solar Connection: How Home Automation Could Affect Clean Energy

Aug 25, 2016: Renewable energy power generation up 16.9% in US

Aug 24, 2016: New York Has Nearly 2 Gigawatts of Proposed Community Solar

Aug 30, 2016: How Much Do Solar Panels Cost—and How Much Money Do They Save?

Aug 30, 2016: How Sungevity Could Be A Solar Survivor

Aug 24, 2016: SolarCity Chooses Its Relatives (For Loans)

Aug 27, 2016: The Unlimited Power of Ocean Winds

Aug 29, 2016: Renewable energy production is up in US, reports EIA

Aug 26, 2016: Headwinds ahead: Solar companies trim deployment expectations ahead of possible slowdown

Aug 27, 2016: The nation’s first offshore wind farm is ready to go, despite critics’ blowback

Aug 24, 2016: Utility-Scale, Distributed Solar Prices Tumbled 5% to 12% in 2015

Aug 28, 2016: US solar PV prices hit “all-time low”, at rooftop and utility-scale

Aug 26, 2016: Tesla Clears Antitrust Hurdle In $2.6 Billion Deal For SolarCity

Outside Texas

Aug 31, 2016: NREL Study: Eastern Interconnect Would Strain If 30% Of Annual Electricity Was Solar And Wind

Aug 29, 2016: NRG to pay $1M penalty, fund wastewater upgrades in Md. settlement

Aug 29, 2016: TVA Reduces FY2017 Budget by $330 Million, Investing in Clean Energy Sources

Aug 26,2016: California gives nod to Calpine plant suspension

Aug 29, 2016: Japan’s ‘Hail Mary’ at Fukushima Daiichi: An Underground Ice Wall

Other News

Aug 30, 2016: DC Circuit sets briefing schedule for appeal of EPA’s CO2 rule for new sources

Aug 24, 2016: National Coal Council pushes federal support for carbon capture in draft report

Sept 1, 2016: Start-up Texas Power Up Receives Texas Aggregator Certificate

Aug 24, 2016: Feds make broadband push in coal country

Aug 27, 2016: Feds aren’t fooled by Railroad Commission name; Texans are

Aug 29, 2016: Southern Company subsidiary acquires Grant Plains wind facility

Aug 24, 2016: Feds make broadband push in coal country

Aug 27, 2016: Feds aren’t fooled by Railroad Commission name; Texans are

Aug 29, 2016: Southern Company subsidiary acquires Grant Plains wind facility


For the Week of  8/19/16 — 8/26/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Aug 25, 2016: A Texas startup’s big energy idea: storing electricity underground

Aug 24, 2016: ERCOT: Energy producers should notify military before connecting to power grid

Aug 24, 2016: Texas Power Plant Is Switching From Coal to Less Dirty Coal

Aug 24, 2016: Why Tesla’s New Battery Pack Is Important

Aug 24, 2016: Natural gas exports expanding, good business for Texas

Aug 23, 2016: Denton paves way for sale of coal plant

Aug 23, 2016: ERC Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending: August 19, 2016

Aug 22, 2016: Coal industry on hunt for dollars to help capture carbon

Aug 22, 2016: FERC largely accepts changes to MISO’s rules for units needed for reliability

Aug 22, 2016: Aging And Unstable, The Nation’s Electrical Grid Is ‘The Weakest Link’

Aug 22, 2016: Texas PUC Staff: In AEP Texas Merger Case, PUC Must Decide If Merged Company Entitled To Exemption for Generation Ownership (Oklaunion, Mothballed Plants), Or Whether Disposition of Plants Required

Aug 19, 2016: Prices Heat Up as Generation Melts

Aug 19, 2016: Montgomery: Where Are The Best Returns In Energy?

Aug 20, 2016: Jury cuts Riesel coal plant’s tax appraisal by more than half

Aug 20, 2016: Can sewage sludge replace coal at power plants?

Aug 19, 2016: Genetically Modified Bacteria Conduct Electricity, Ushering in New Era of Green Electronics

Aug 19, 2016: Report: EPA ‘overly optimistic’ about nuke availability for Clean Power Plan


Aug 24, 2016: No time to think: How utilities are handling the deluge of grid data

Aug 25, 2016: Rising natural gas costs boosted MISO power prices from June to July

Aug 25, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Third Amended Plan and Supplement Filed

Aug 24, 2016: Oncor Must Decide on Next Step After Frisco Rejects Planned Substation Site

Aug 24, 2016: Xcel Energy bills may increase in October

Aug 24, 2016: Allen council members vote to keep solar panel roof limitations

Aug 24, 2016: New smart material may soon cut down your electricity bills

Aug 24, 2016: Public Hearing on Possible Wind Farms Near SAFB

Aug 25, 2016: Texas OPUC: Customers’ Ability To Shop “Compromised” Under SFV

Aug 23, 2016: Frisco Planning & Zoning Commission Denies Prop To Build Oncor Substation

Aug 23, 2016: ‘Corporate Bullying’ by Luminant May Shutter Glen Rose Community Hospital

Aug 23, 2016: Electricity customer choice out-performs traditional monopoly

Aug 22, 2016: Texas Coal Plant Wins Tax Appraisal Case, Property Value Cut 60%

Aug 23, 2016: Fixed charge battle looms in Texas as regulators tackle rate design reform

Aug 22, 2016: Frisco Families Continue Oncor Electrical Substation Fight

Aug 22, 2016: San Antonio solar installer offers rebates to less wealthy areas of the city

Aug 19, 2016: Texas PUC Moves To Protect ERCOT Ratepayers From Costs Created By New Line Exporting Power to Eastern Interconnect

Aug 19, 2016: El Paso Electric drops demand charge push as regulators approve solar settlement

Aug 19, 2016: Cuero residents seek choice in electricity providers

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Aug 24, 2016: Ace Power Receives Texas REP Certificate

Aug 23, 2016: Company Seeks What Would Be First Option 3 Retail Electric Provider Certificate To Be Granted in Texas

Aug 23, 2016: Texas REP Offering Texas Customers Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Power Grid Security

Aug 16, 2016: FERC directs development of standards for supply chain cyber controls

Renewable Power

Aug 25, 2016: Apple Becomes a Green Energy Supplier, With Itself as Customer

Aug 23, 2016: Investors Confront Tesla’s Energy Fantasy

Aug 24, 2016: Green Groups Urge Lawmakers: Don’t Leave Taxpayers on the Hook for Coal Cleanup

Aug 24, 2016: 7 Charts That Show Wind Power Is Surging in the US and Abroad

Aug 24, 2016: Another glut looms: Solar industry boosts panel production

Aug 24, 2016: Houston’s SES aims to use cleaner coal to power the developing world

Aug 23, 2016: Solar developers may benefit as panel manufacturers face ‘ugly … shakeout’

Aug 23, 2016: Why Tech Companies Want a Piece Of The Renewables Pie

Aug 22, 2016: Are Tesla Investors Getting A Raw Deal In SolarCity Merger?

Aug 19, 2016: Bigger, better, cheaper: wind power is flourishing in the US

Aug 19, 2016: How Garbage Trucks Can Drive a Green Future

Outside Texas

Aug 24, 2016: Virginia Tech professor earns $1 million grant to produce nuclear radiation energy-harvesting device

Aug 24, 2016: Rhode Island may pave way for Obama wind energy boom

Aug 24, 2016: NERC to Host Fourth Annual Monitoring and Situational Awareness Conference

Aug 23, 2016: Pipeline ruling could lead to higher energy bills, industry says

Aug 23, 2016: New Mexico utility threatens layoffs if rate increase request is reduced

Aug 22, 2016: California Policy Goals to Require Significant Transmission Upgrades

Aug 23, 2016: California grid operator proposes to make permanent interim bidding rules

Aug 22, 2016: Bringing electricity to rural locations

Aug 18, 2016: Arkansas Landowners Seek to Stop Plains & Eastern Clean Line Project

Aug 19, 2016: MISO approves 11 proposals for 345-kV transmission line from Kentucky to Indiana

Other News

Aug 25, 2016: Auto, technology industries clash over talking cars

Aug 24, 2016: Could a lithium shortage derail electric car boom?

Aug 26, 2016: Toyota Shows Tesla How To Run A Car Factory – In Texas!

Aug 25, 2016: With a court defeat & FERC rejection — What’s Next for Natural Gas Pipeline Proponents?

Aug 24, 2016: Westmoreland to shift to reclamation at Texas coal mine after early contract end

Aug 26, 2016: Infinity Power Partners Names Former Retail Supplier VP As Director Of Sales

Aug 25, 2016: NOV Filed for SPS Concerning Reliability and Continuity of Service

Aug 24, 2016: Solar Frontier in talks to buy ‘multiple’ US project pipelines

Aug 24, 2016: Coal towns hit by layoffs to get job grants from US gov’t

Aug 23, 2016: Tesla Unveils the World’s Fastest Production Car: 0 to 60 in 2.5 Seconds

Aug 24, 2016: The Eagle Ford: Down But Not Out

Aug 22, 2016: Wray: Why Does the Texas Railroad Commission Even Exist?

Aug 23, 2016: Citi Sees Future of LNG Trading in Tanker Traffic Near Texas

Aug 22, 2016: “Why Are You So Angry at the Railroad Commission?” Texas Lawmaker Asks Reviewers

Aug 22, 2016: A State Agency’s ‘Misleading’ Name Is OK With Texas Lawmaker

Aug 22, 2016: Public Citizen: RRC commissioners should be appointed, not elected

Aug 19, 2016: Should the Texas Railroad Commission get a new name?

Aug 19, 2016: Protesters ask FERC to deny 3 Texas LNG projects

Aug 20, 2016: US coal distribution down 15.7% in 4Q16

Aug 18, 2016: Fairfield ISD Raises Tax Rate Due to Luminant Litigation


For the Week of  8/12/16 — 8/19/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Aug 18, 2016: Transmission line project proposed for Greenville

Aug 18, 2016: Coal Clean Up, Texas Style

Aug 18, 2016: Grid warnings that halted $2B Texas cleanup draw fire

Aug 18, 2016: Power grid hums along during heat wave thanks to upgrades

Aug 17, 2016: Entergy Texas proposes new 230 kV transmission line

Aug 17, 2016: Mine Games

Aug 17, 2016: Golladay: The case for distributed solar generation

Aug 17, 2016: The Energy Efficiency Free Market Act: A Step Toward Real Energy Efficiency

Aug 17, 2016: SWEPCO Issues Request for Proposals for Purchase of Wind Energy Assets

Aug 17, 2016: ERCOT Issues Protocol Interpretation Concerning Definition of Wholesale Storage Load, Pumped Hydro

Aug 15, 2016: Waco: Millions in tax dollars at stake in power plant’s lawsuit

Aug 17, 2016: ERC Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending: August 12, 2016

Aug 15, 2016: Amid Disruption & Transformation, Operational Excellence Remains Elusive for Many Utilities

Aug 13, 2016: NRG makes offer for solar, wind properties

Aug 13, 2016: How Producing Clean Power Turned Out to Be a Messy Business

Aug 13, 2016: Wind farm project completed in Starr County

Aug 12, 2016: Nuclear power’s time has come


Aug 18, 2016: Hunt Consolidated in Bid to Revive Deal for Energy Future’s Oncor

Aug 18, 2016: End of energy discount program leaves low income families in a pinch

Aug 18, 2016: Some are shocked at people selling electricity door-to-door

Aug 17, 2016: Hunt back in the power struggle for Oncor

Aug 17, 2016: Energy Future Pushes Its Bankruptcy Exit Plan in Trial

Aug 17, 2016: The Hunts won’t give up on Oncor, and they’re offering new sweeteners and support

Aug 17, 2016: Berkshire Hathaway Energy sees less income due to renewable investments, fuel cost

Aug 17, 2016: City of Forney and Luminant agree to new six-year agreement, cease annexation proceedings

Aug 16, 2016: Pay As You Save: Co-ops are reaching new customers with a novel way to pay for efficiency

Aug 16, 2016: NRG Yield subsidiary prices $350M senior note offering

Aug 16, 2016: CenterPoint Energy Scores Highest on Customer Engagement among Texas Electric Utilities

Aug 16, 2016: No Turnover of the Make-whole Amount in the EFH Bankruptcy

Aug 16, 2016: Fitch Rates Oncor’s Senior Secured Notes ‘BBB+’

Aug 12, 2016: What Will You Do When The Lights Go Out? The Inevitable Failure Of The US Grid

Aug 15, 2016: Although Misunderstood, The Texas Railroad Commission Is A Name Worth Saving

Aug 15, 2016: ‘Tesla Service Plus’ goes live in Austin, Tesla completing the ‘Texas Triangle’

Aug 12, 2016: 3 American cities that use 100% renewable energy — and 7 that plan to join them within 20 years

Aug 15, 2016: TXU Seeks Assurance DG Interconnection Rule Will Not Infringe on REP’s Disconnection, Service Rights

Aug 11, 2016: Xcel Energy boosts northeast Panhandle power grid

Aug 12, 2016: Bill Gates backs cleantech startup to help utilities improve electric grid efficiency

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Aug 18, 2016: Texas-Based Discount Power Leads Retail Suppliers, Brokers In Inc. 500 List

Aug 17, 2016: Texas REP Launches New Customer Loyalty Program

Aug 15, 2016: Just Energy Launches Unlimited Flat Bill Plan in Texas

Power Grid Security

Aug 15, 2016: DOE to offer up to $34M for cybersecurity R&D, releases earthquake report

Renewable Power

Aug 18, 2016: As states debate solar, contentious rate cases give way to broader valuation proceedings

Aug 10, 2016: Chernobyl’s Radioactive Wasteland Could Become The World’s Largest Solar Farm

Aug 18, 2016: Wind energy and economic development — a proper accounting

Aug 18, 2016: Wind turbine maker issued cease and desist order in Arkansas

Aug 18, 2016: A Danish Wind Turbine Maker Harnesses Data in a Push to Stay Ahead

Aug 17, 2016: MIT: 87% of vehicles could be electric today with no problem

Aug 18, 2016: A Danish Wind Turbine Maker Harnesses Data in a Push to Stay Ahead

Aug 18, 2016: Energy Department Reports Show Strong Growth of U.S. Wind Power

Aug 16, 2016: Why the clouds will eventually part for solar stocks

Aug 15, 2016: ‘Range anxiety’ is scaring people away from electric cars — but the fear may be overblown

Aug 15, 2016: How solar could change the face of low-income energy assistance

Aug 15, 2016: Oil, Wind, Solar: So Much Energy, So Many Tax Breaks But For How Long?

Aug 17, 2016: Electric vehicles available now could replace 90 percent of cars used today, study says

Aug 10, 2016: Elon Musk wants to sell you an entire ‘solar roof’

Aug 13, 2016: Who owns the wind? We do, Wyoming says, and it’s taxing those who use it

Aug 14, 2016: Declining energy sector jobs switching to solar power

Aug 12, 2016: Solar and Wind Power Won’t Work Without Natural Gas as a Back-Up, Says New Study

Aug 12, 2016: 10 Myths About Solar Power, Busted

Aug 11, 2016: Can Big Data Speed Renewable Energy?

Aug 12, 2016: Natural gas appears to work best when wind, solar power lags

Aug 12, 2016: Ivanpah desert solar plant boosts its electricity production

Aug 13, 2016: Solar Snare: Spend Thousands and Cut Power Bills by $9 a Month

Outside Texas

Aug 17, 2016: MISO seeks to begin allocating MVP costs to exports sinking in PJM

Aug 17, 2016: Mass. pipeline decision mires region in energy quandary, gas industry says

Aug 17, 2016: Massachusetts court bars electric utilities from charging ratepayers for gas pipeline construction

Aug 16, 2016: NYDPS staff suspends efforts to spur low-income use of renewables

Aug 16, 2016: Xcel Energy files Colo. settlement for time-of-use rates, community solar programs

Aug 17, 2016: Colo. utility enters historic settlement on solar power, grid fees

Aug 16, 2016: Could France’s Total reinvent the grid?

Aug 12, 2016: Through venture fund, Exelon gets intel while startups get funding

Aug 12, 2016: PJM, NYISO Seeking Input on Replacing Con Ed-PSEG ‘Wheel’

Aug 15, 2016: FERC Staff Issues Report on Common Metrics for RTO/ISOs and Individual Utilities

Other News

Aug 18, 2016: Tesla Plans Big Store Changes Ahead Of Model 3 Launch

Aug 15, 2016: Better Air In Houston But Not Good Enough

Aug 13, 2016: Turbine-Powered Compression For Gulf Coast Expansion Project

Aug 11, 2016: The cost of owning an electric vehicle in Texas


For the Week of  8/5/16 — 8/12/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Aug 11, 2016: ERCOT: High temperatures spark 4 peak demand records in 1 week

Aug 11, 2016: Despite Excessive Heat, No Orders From ERCOT To Conserve

Aug 10, 2016: With new water generators, Carrollton startup can unlock the ocean above your head

Aug 10, 2016: Texans Set Electricity Use Record As Questions Arise Over Using Old Power Plant in Houston

Aug 10, 2016: ERCOT reports 2nd record peak demand of the week

Aug 11, 2016: ERCOT Posts Amendments to RFP For RMR Alternatives

Aug 10, 2016: NRG offers $188 million for some SunEdison assets

Aug 9, 2016: Will Texas ever have 100% renewable energy?

Aug 8, 2016: Texas Is Drowning in Wind Energy

Aug 8, 2016: ERCOT could hit new peak record this week

Aug 9, 2016: NRG Energy Makes $144 Million Bid for SunEdison Wind and Solar Projects

Aug 8, 2016: US coal production hits weekly high

Aug 8, 2016: U.S. dips into natural gas reserves for first time in 10 years

Aug 8, 2016: Texas electricity consumption breaks record in Monday’s heat

Aug 8, 2016: Electric plants gobble natural gas at record pace

Aug 8, 2016: E.ON starts new wind farm in Texas

Aug 8, 2016: Low Natural Gas Storage Injections To Continue This Week And Next

Aug 8, 2016: CFTC Proposes to Permit Private Rights of Action Against RTOs and ISOs and Persons Transacting Thereon

Aug 8, 2016: MISO Delays Forward Auction Filing; Issues Draft Tariff and Business Rules

Aug 6, 2016: Schwab: Market forces driving Lone Star State toward a cleaner grid

Aug 6, 2016: In Texas Oil Country, Wind Is Straining the Grid

Aug 5, 2016: Nevada high court ruling delays solar net metering vote: analyst

Aug 4, 2016: Glapke: America needs more nuclear energy, not less

Aug 8, 2016: Oak Ridge Lab-Built Algorithms Aim to Identify Power Grid Areas That Are Vulnerable to Climate Change


Aug 11, 2016: Public Utility Commission Of Texas Studies Alternative Electricity Ratemaking Mechanisms

Aug 12, 2016: For Approving Merger of AEP Texas Companies, Texas Staff Recommend PUC Adopt Condition Requiring Rebate That Must Be Passed Through Retail Electric Providers To End-Use Customer For Performance Metric

Aug 11, 2016: Exelon Corporation: Too Much Risk

Aug 11, 2016: Exelon: Primary Beneficiary Of Clean Energy Standards

Aug 11, 2016: Exelon Expects More Consolidation in Retail Market

Aug 11, 2016: Exelon Says Further Merchant Plant Sales Possible

Aug 11, 2016: Exelon Says Won’t Invest In New, Non-Contracted Generation (Won’t Invest on Capacity Market Alone)

Aug 10, 2016: Could Utility CenterPoint Energy Be Worth $29 To $31 A Share?

Aug 10, 2016: The Third Circuit Rules That Tender Offer Prior To Confirmation Of Chapter 11 Plan Is Not Prohibited By The Bankruptcy Code

Aug 9, 2016: Texas Railroad Commission to consider trimming oil and gas rules

Aug 10, 2016: Fewer Customers Switching Electric Providers in Deregulated States

Aug 9, 2016: OPUC: SFV Rate Design Favored By TX Consultant Would Stifle Innovation, Not a “Competitive” Design

Aug 8, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Plan Filed

Aug 7, 2016: Sitton says RRC is getting ready for sunset review

Aug 3, 2016: Tesla’s Big Loss Reflects Its Costly Ambitions

Aug 8, 2016: Hospital On Life Support… As Nuclear Plant Fights Tax Bill

Aug 8, 2016: EFH bankruptcy fees approaching those of Enron

Aug 8, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Competitive Units (TXU) Enter $4.25 Million in Financing

Aug 6, 2016: Titus power plant Luminant in suit over tax appraisals

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Aug 12, 2016: Texas Retail Provider Launches Ad Campaign To Support New Flat Bill Product

Aug 11, 2016: Texas REPs: Implementing SFV, Other Alternative TDU Rate Designs Would Carry “Significant Price Tag” For Retail Market

Aug 11, 2016: Spark Energy Earnings Higher Due To Increased Unit Margins, Volumes

Aug 11, 2016: Just Energy (JE) Q2 Loss Narrower than Expected, Sales Lag

Aug 11, 2016: No More Phone Battery Worries as Reliant Brings Portable Power To Keep Greater Houston Area Charged

Aug 10, 2016: J.D. Power: Residential Customers Resistant to Changing Retail Electric Providers as Price Gap Closes and Texas REPs Get High Marks

Aug 9, 2016: NRG Retail Sees Strongest Second Quarter Performance Ever

Aug 8, 2016: Freepoint Commodities Announces Launch of Retail Energy Supplier: Freepoint Energy Solutions

Aug 4, 2016: Texas REP worker fired for live broadcasting customer’s personal information

Renewable Power

Aug 11, 2016: How Tesla’s batteries can change the solar power game

Aug 11, 2016: Arizona Solar Advocates Call Favorable Net Metering Decision ‘a Commitment to Data-Driven Analysis’

Aug 11, 2016: Clean Power Plan opponents seek legal reinforcement in MACT ruling

Aug 9, 2016: Solar Still Worthwhile, Even If Solar Stocks Are Not

Aug 9, 2016: Wind, solar subsidies are hurting the electricity market

Aug 9, 2016: Watchdog says VA has wasted millions on solar-energy projects

Aug 5, 2016: Renewable Energy Policy FiT Analysis to 2020: Solar Technology to Grow at Fastest Rate

Aug 2, 2016: Massachusetts mandates energy storage, offshore wind power

Aug 10, 2016: Report: Smart inverters are key to boosting renewables integration, growing solar

Aug 8, 2016: In Corporate March to Clean Energy, Utilities Not Required

Aug 5, 2016: Young people lay groundwork in classrooms for solar-powered future

Aug 4, 2016: This breakthrough in ‘blue energy’ could change the world

Aug 5, 2016: As price of biofuel credits spike, refiners suspect market manipulation

Outside Texas

Aug 11, 2016: Exelon execs express confidence NY nuke subsidy will overcome legal challenges

Aug 9, 2016: New York state just rescued a nuclear plant from oblivion. Why that’s a very big deal

Aug 10, 2016: N.Y. nuclear plant survives on its carbon-free power

Aug 8, 2016: Calif. governor says unresolved issues on expanded ISO require more time

Aug 9, 2016: California Gov. Brown puts CAISO expansion on hold

Aug 9, 2016: New Mexico PRC staff recommends cutting PNM’s proposed rate increase

Aug 9, 2016: Court rules for DOE, upholding Obama’s social cost of carbon

Aug 5, 2016: Engie SA, Brookfield among bidders for Duke’s international biz

Aug 5, 2016: Duke CFO: Company will continue to target regulated energy infrastructure

Aug 5, 2016: California files 1st state Clean Power Plan compliance draft despite SCOTUS stay

Other News

Aug 12, 2016: Texas Aggregator Adopts New Trade Name Focused on Mass Market Service

Aug 10, 2016: Energy Efficiency Program Provides Attic Insulation

Aug 11, 2016: Zero Battery Degradation Replacements Giving Chevy Volts an Edge

Aug 10, 2016: ‘Self-driving’ in spotlight again as China sees first Tesla autopilot crash

Aug 9, 2016: Why Are Electric Car Charging Companies Worried About Volkswagen?

Aug 11, 2016: Start-up Maximum Energy Consultants Seeks Texas Electric Aggregator Certificate

Aug 4, 2016: Mercedes Is About to Unveil an Entire Fleet of Electric Vehicles

Aug 7, 2016: Tyler Junior College power plant technology students get hands-on experience in summer internship


For the Week of  7/29/16 — 8/5/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Aug 5, 2016: Tres Amigas transmission line connecting the Eastern, the Western Interconnections, and ERCOT to begin moving power in 2017

Aug 4, 2016: Duke Energy Renewables completes the final Los Vientos wind project in Texas

Aug 4, 2016: Dynegy posts loss while preparing for Texas growth

Aug 4, 2016: Dynegy Sells 50% Stake in Illinois Power Plant, Announces Uprates, New Brand

Aug 4, 2016: As El Paso utility exits coal, enviros seek more progress

July 29, 2016: Electric grid vulnerabilities in extreme weather areas

Aug 2, 2016: Heat, population movements likely to both stress the grid

Aug 4, 2016: Xcel Energy plans to add more wind energy: company

Aug 4, 2016: American Electric Power buys PPA storage projects from EnSync

Aug 2, 2016: ERCOT real-time power prices top $800/MWh after advisory is issued

Aug 3, 2016: ERCOT Proposes NPRR To Clawback Certain RMR Payments If Plant Later Returns To Market

Aug 2, 2016: Texas ERCOT wind, solar project grid queue at 33.5GW

Aug 2, 2016: El Paso Electric becomes first Texas utility to generate power without coal

Aug 2, 2016: America’s real-time electricity use mapped

Aug 2, 2016: Low-carbon movement expected in North America

Aug 1, 2016: Do We Focus Too Much on Electricity?

Aug 2, 2016: Examining the impact of the EPA’s recent regulatory activities

Aug 2, 2016: Is the Long-Term PPA Becoming Outdated for Corporate Renewables Procurement?

Aug 1, 2016: With retirements expected in 2020s, industry looks to next generation of nukes

Aug 1, 2016: OCI’s Alamo 6 blooms in West Texas desert

July 28, 2016: $50M federal grant will help group including UT professor build car batteries of the future

Aug 1, 2016: The State of the American Grid Is … Confusing

Aug 1, 2016: Does carbon capture have life yet?

Aug 1, 2016: Calpine CEO Claims 30% of ERCOT Generation Losing Money Or Breakeven

Aug 1, 2016: Calpine “Doubling Down” on Serving Customers Directly With Generation, Plans Retail Growth

Aug 1, 2016: Longview Power Plant Rehabilitation Results in Most Efficient U.S. Coal Plant

July 29, 2016: El Paso Electric celebrates coal-free status

July 28, 2016: China’s Nuclear Power Ambitions Sailing Into Troubled Waters

July 29, 2016: The subsidy question: When it comes to energy, everyone gets a little help

July 31, 2016: Tesla Gigafactory’s Promise: More and Cheaper Batteries


Aug 5, 2016: CenterPoint Energy reports second quarter 2016 net loss and rejects REIT plan

Aug 5, 2016: CenterPoint rejects REIT plan as it reports $2 million loss

Aug 4, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Objection Filed

Aug 4, 2016: Why Oncor’s the belle of the ball: The more it spends, the more it makes

Aug 4, 2016: Private equity advisers recommend Curt Morgan as CEO of TXU Energy, Luminant

Aug 4, 2016: Energy Future Seeks Court’s Approval on Deal With NextEra

Aug 4, 2016: NextEra Energy – One Of America’s Best Utilities Keeps Getting Better

Aug 4, 2016: Texas Railroad Commission Sunset

Aug 4, 2016: Texas regulators to explore alternative utility ratemaking mechanisms

Aug 4, 2016: City, county officials dispute impact of ERCOT power rates

Aug 5, 2016: Fast-growing Austin solar company files bankruptcy papers

Aug 3, 2016: NextEra to sell $1.5B in equity units to help fund Oncor acquisition

Aug 2, 2016: Buyout Would Bolster Largest Texas Utility’s Investment Plans

Aug 3, 2016: NextEra selling $1.5 billion equity stake for acquisition

Aug 3, 2016: Edited Transcript of Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC earnings conference call or presentation

Aug 3, 2016: Heat, population movements likely to both stress the grid

Aug 2, 2016: Exxon Mobil to invest $15M at UT Austin for renewable energy research

Aug 1, 2016: Miller says bye to Summit

Aug 2, 2016: NextEra Energy to Extend Its Presence in Texas by Buying Oncor

Aug 2, 2016: NextEra Energy – One Of America’s Best Utilities Keeps Getting Better

July 31, 2016: Port benefits from wind energy development

Aug 2, 2016: Unnatural Monopolies

Aug 1, 2016: Five questions on the NextEra-Oncor deal for consumers and regulators

Aug 1, 2016: Fitch Places Oncor on Positive Watch Following EFH’s Acquisition Announcement

Aug 1, 2016: Hundreds of residents fed up with power problems in community

Aug 1, 2016: New company promises to end confusion over Texas electric rates

Aug 1, 2016: NextEra Buys Stake in Oncor, Sells Interest in Energy Center

Aug 1, 2016: The NextEra-Oncor deal means more pay for big banks

July 29, 2016: $18B NextEra acquisition of Oncor sparks questions for ratepayers

July 29, 2016: Odessa Police warning public about IRS, TXU scams

Power Grid Security

July 31, 2016: ORNL-led study analyzes electric grid vulnerabilities in extreme weather areas

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Aug 4, 2016: Don’t Sweat Your Electric Bill! Save Money This Summer

Aug 4, 2016: Texas Electricity Ratings Releases Updated Summer Rankings

Aug 3, 2016: TXU Parent Sees Steady, Marginal Residential Customer Churn

Aug 3, 2016: Direct Energy Parent To Launch “Entire Suite” of Connected Home Products in U.S. By Year-End

Aug 3, 2016: Texas REP To Relinquish Unused REP Certificate

Aug 2, 2016: Direct Energy Announces the Live Brighter 12 + Hulu Plan

Aug 1, 2016: Oil Major Seeks Option 1 Texas Retail Electric Provider Certificate (Ability To Serve All Customers)

Aug 1, 2016: Texas REP Reports Corporate Restructuring

Renewable Power

Aug 2, 2016: Researchers Test Sand-Like Particles for Transferring Heat From Concentrating Solar Power

Aug 4, 2016: The Renewable Energy House of Cards

Aug 4, 2016: Renewable Energy Policy FiT Analysis to 2020: Solar Technology to Grow at Fastest Rate

Aug 4, 2016: Solar power shakes up California’s power markets as renewable generation grows

Aug 4, 2016: More Utilities Are Offering Services That Allow Customers to Self-Consume Their Solar Power

Aug 4, 2016: NARUC rate design manual reignites debate over cost shift, value of solar

Aug 2, 2016: Transmission’s Role in a Clean Energy Future

Aug 2, 2016: Solar Capture Technique Turns CO2 Into Burnable Fuel

Aug 2, 2016: The good and the bad of biofuels

Aug 3, 2016: EIA: North American renewables, nuclear to reach 45% by 2025

Aug 2, 2016: ‘Clean’ power to produce half of U.S. energy by 2025

Aug 1, 2016: A new leaf: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into fuel

Aug 1, 2016: In Tesla and SolarCity Deal, a Glimpse of Musk’s Clean-Energy Aspirations

Aug 1, 2016: Missing the forest for the trees on solar net metering

Aug 1, 2016: SolarCity accepts Tesla’s $2.6 billion offer; both shares fall

Aug 1, 2016: Why Renewable Power Can Still Be Wasteful

Aug 1, 2016: How The Quest For Clean Energy Sank HECO’s Biggest Deal Ever

Aug 1, 2016: The NY Times Got It Wrong: Renewable Energy Is Key to Fighting Climate Change

Aug 1, 2016: Tesla offers $2.6B for SolarCity to speed sustainable energy

July 29, 2016: Sharp rise in estimated bird deaths at Calif. ‘power tower’

Outside Texas

Aug 4, 2016: Xcel Energy proposes plan for advanced distribution grid in Colorado

Aug 3, 2016: California’s DRAM Auction Contracts for 82MW of Distributed Energy as Grid Resource

Aug 5, 2016: Consolidated Edison, Inc. Reports Expected Proceeds From Sale of Retail Supply Biz To Constellation

Aug 2, 2016: Portland can learn from Texas

July 29, 2016: Protecting the grid

July 29, 2016: New York’s Grid Operators: Cuomo’s Green Energy Plan Can’t Work

Aug 1, 2016: Prosecutors Let Utility Out Of Massive Fine In Deadly California Gas Explosion

Aug 1, 2016: Starwood Energy Seals $760M Deal with NextEra

Aug 1, 2016: SunEdison asset sale restrained in India

Aug 1, 2016: Independence Day: Local utilities ditch power suppliers for renewables, stable prices

Other News

Aug 4, 2016: Google’s self-driving car was just involved in ANOTHER crash

Aug 4, 2016: Itron and Landis+Gyr License TransData’s Smart Electric Meter Communications Patents

Aug 2, 2016: Electric car sales stagnant, despite federal push on climate change

Aug 3, 2016: Final Environmental Impact Statement for Golden Pass Products, LLC

Aug 3, 2016: Maggie FitzPatrick Joins Exelon as Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Aug 2, 2016: New Obama rule means every government agency will have to consider climate change

Aug 2, 2016: Is Elon Musk serious about the Tesla Semi?

Aug 2, 2016: In Texas, wastewater spills get less scrutiny

Aug 2, 2016: NRG Welcomes Bruno Sarda as its New Sustainability Leader

July 31, 2016: Deadly hot air balloon crash raises legal issues

Aug 1, 2016: IEEE Publishes 2017 National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®), Announces New NESC Chair and Vice Chair

July 29, 2016: Court tosses part of contentious EPA boiler rule


For the Week of  7/22/16 — 7/29/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

July 28, 2016: Calpine Announces Retirement of ERCOT Generating Assets

July 26, 2016: Tesla opens Gigafactory to expand battery production, sales

July 28, 2016: Tesla Gigafactory’s promise — more and cheaper batteries

July 29, 2016: Protecting the grid

July 25, 2016: Exelon, America’s Leading Nuclear Generator, Keeps the Faith on Nukes

July 27, 2016: No More ‘All Of The Above’ On U.S. Energy Policy

July 27, 2016: Superconductor Technologies Inc. Announces $2.2 Million Registered Direct Offering Priced At-The-Market

July 25, 2016: AES to partially replace California gas plant with 300 MW of battery storage

July 25, 2016: E.ON to build 10 MW storage facility for Arizona utility

July 22, 2016: Washington Times: Foolishness over fossil fuels

July 22, 2016: Stavros: The New Utility Castles

July 25, 2016: Exelon, America’s Leading Nuclear Generator, Keeps the Faith on Nukes

July 24, 2016: EIA details strength of U.S. power grid’s interconnected systems

July 25, 2016: Nat gas prices poised to fall as summer heat fades

July 26, 2016: Natural Gas Consumption Declining As Prices Rise?

July 24, 2016: Up next for ERCOT decision is cost-benefit study for LPL integration


July 29, 2016: NextEra Agrees to Buy Oncor in Deal Valued at $18.4 Billion

July 29, 2016: NextEra agrees to buy Oncor from Energy Future Holdings for $18.4B

July 29, 2016: NextEra to buy bankrupt Energy Future Holdings, its Oncor stake

July 29, 2016: NextEra buying Dallas-based Oncor

July 27, 2016: NextEra Energy Partners ups distribution after booking $156M in Q2 adjusted EBITDA

July 27, 2016: NextEra Energy to sell Pennsylvania gas generating assets for $760M

July 28, 2016: Texas Municipality Signs Up For Community Solar

July 28, 2016: Forney City Council delays annexation of power plant, in-house city attorney appointment

July 28, 2016: American Electric Power’s (AEP) CEO Nick Akins on Q2 2016 Results

July 29, 2016: AEP wants to pursue partial restructuring in Ohio

July 29, 2016: AEP Pursuing “Restructuring,” Not Re-regulation In Ohio, Says Proposal Intended To Preserve Customer Choice in Supplier

July 29, 2016: Calpine posts loss as revenue falls 19%

July 27, 2016: Texas middle of the road in average home energy costs

July 27, 2016: No official net metering in Texas? No issue for SolarCity in this market

July 27, 2016: Olney city council approves new electricity deal

July 28, 2016: Centrica net profit rises 8.6%, but revenue slips

July 27, 2016: Exelon to buy retail electricity and nat gas business from ConEdison

July 26, 2016: CPS Energy interim chief Paula Gold-Williams officially hired as CEO

July 25, 2016: Energy industry leaders talk efficiency

July 21, 2016: Power Up: Check Out Target’s New Wind Energy Partnership in Texas

July 26, 2016: Parts of the city without power after fire at Oncor facility in northeast Dallas

July 26, 2016: American Electric Power Declares Quarterly Dividend On Common Stock

July 26, 2016: American Electric Power upgraded at Goldman, which sees multiple expansion

July 26, 2016: Calpine upgraded to Buy at Deutsche Bank with “best-in-class fleet”

July 25, 2016: Powering Down

July 25, 2016: In Texas, MP2 Energy Sees the ‘Shape’ of Rooftop Solar as Value to Substitute for Net Metering

July 25, 2016: City Power Play Report: Part 1 — Municipal Utilities

July 25, 2016: How Warren Buffett and Elton Musk both Compete and Contrast in Energy

July 24, 2016: Jordan: Purchases by auction are not really Buffett’s style

July 22, 2016: El Paso Electric Agrees to Kill Solar Fee for Customers

July 25, 2016: Texas PUC Assigns Dockets For Contemplated Rulemakings

Power Grid Security

July 21, 2016: NERC seeks to bolster grid security with improved cyber protocols

Texas Retail Electric Providers

July 28, 2016: Direct Energy Plans To Launch “Own” Smart Thermostat By Year-End

July 28, 2016: Remaining Funds for Retail Provider Reimbursements Under Texas Low-Income Smart Device Program at Oncor Still Above $5 Million

July 25, 2016: Texas Retail Providers Oppose Requirement For REPs To “Determine” Customer’s Authority To Enroll Account, Also oppose Increase Verification Information Required For Enrollments Proposed in PUCT Staff Strawman

July 25, 2016: Texas Retail Provider Proposes “Two Step” (Dual Validation) Process For Electronic Door-to-Door Enrollments

July 25, 2016: Texas Consumer Advocates Press For Greater Disclosure of REP Fees in Electronic Door-to-Door Rulemaking, Seek Disclosure of Post-Contract “Rate” At Time of Enrollment

Renewable Power

July 27, 2016: Eight Things to Know About the Wind Energy Industry’s Dramatic Growth

July 24, 2016: Clean Coal Technology Continues to Suffer Setbacks

July 28, 2016: Duke Energy enhances its renewable energy control center to support expanding line of business

July 28, 2016: Duke Energy Renewables Control Center crosses 3,500-megawatt milestone; adds more capabilities

July 26, 2016: Chernobyl’s Atomic Wasteland May Be Reborn With Solar Energy

July 26, 2016: Why renewables still need fossil fuels — for now

July 25, 2016: Solar Powered Cars? – It’s Not As Far-Fetched As You Might Think

July 26, 2016: NC Green Energy Law Will Destroy 50,000 Jobs

July 28, 2016: Duke Energy Renewables Control Center crosses 3,500-megawatt milestone; adds more capabilities

July 26, 2016: Belgian scientists make novel water-from-urine machine

July 26, 2016: Wind-power investment grows during second quarter and deliveres what voters want

July 22, 2016: Solar projects can’t save the forest for the trees?

July 23, 2016: Six of the best and worst countries for solar power policy and progress

July 23, 2016: Historic Solar Flight Marks First Round-the-world Journey

July 25, 2016: Clean Energy Is Booming in Historically Red States

July 23, 2016: Solar Power Isn’t Linked To Falling CO2 Emissions

July 21, 2016: ‘Quintessential Insider Deal’: Taxpayers Finance Family Ties of 2 Failing Green Companies

July 22, 2016: Former U.S. Solar owner going to prison

Outside Texas

July 28, 2016: PURPA’s puzzle: FERC workshop revisits 1978 law, embattled as ever

July 28, 2016: Mississippi Power raises cost estimate again for Kemper coal gasification plant

July 25, 2016: California power grid operator issues ‘flex alert’ as temperature soars

July 26, 2016: Genie Retail Energy to acquire Retail Energy Holdings

July 26, 2016: NARUC participants explore how energy industry can catch up to the ‘cloud’

July 26, 2016: NY Supreme Court vacates regulatory ‘reset’ order for retail energy market

July 26, 2016: FERC judge finds WEPCo must refund millions under Presque Isle reliability agreements

July 26, 2016: Real-time power prices across US Northeast spike amid heat wave

July 27, 2016: PJM Interconnection extends hot weather alerts through July 28

July 25, 2016: A Thunderstorm Just Drove New York Power Prices Above $1,000

July 22, 2016: US, Mexico to negotiate nuclear power deal

Other News

July 28, 2016: Texas economy could stabilize this year, analyst says

July 27, 2016: State Plans Violate ‘Bedrock’ Clean Air Principles, EPA Says

July 29, 2016: Net lease deals keep shining

July 26, 2016: Elon Musk Sees Tesla Master Plan Costing Tens of Billions

July 26, 2016: State law forces environmental groups to change strategy

July 26, 2016: Texas radioactive waste company eyes New Mexico site

July 25, 2016: Energy Department And American Public Power Association Sign Agreement To Accelerate Growth Of Electric Vehicle Market

July 26, 2016: GE’s New “Energy As a Service” Company Hires Former Chief Marketing Officer of Retail Energy Supplier

July 23, 2016: Houston Solar Team unofficial winner of 2016 Solar Car Challenge

July 24, 2016: Tesla plans trucks, small SUV as part of future plans


For the Week of  7/15/16 — 7/22/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

July 21, 2016: Deregulated electricity markets may be imperfect, but they’re better than regulation

July 21, 2016: Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative Latest Utility Seeking To Join ERCOT

July 20, 2016: How aggregated DERs are becoming the new demand response

July 19, 2016: Texas clean coal project buys time to nail more financial support

July 20, 2016: Failing ‘Clean Coal’ Project Uses Obscure DOE Reg To Keep Its Subsidies

July 20, 2016: SunEdison looks to sell Buckthorn PV project in Texas

July 19, 2016: ERCOT seeks alternative to must-run agreement with NRG unit

July 18, 2016: Itochu joining wind power project in Texas

July 15, 2016: The Marvel of Electricity

July 15, 2016: Apex Clean Energy sells majority ownership of renewable energy portfolio

July 18, 2016: ERCOT Compelled To Disclose Market Participants’ Confidential Information In Panda Lawsuit

July 18, 2016: Calpine: Texas PUC Should “Consider Eliminating” Emergency Response Service

July 15, 2016: Texas Clean-Coal Project Slammed by Watchdog Gets Late U.S. Reprieve

July 17, 2016: Texas Solar’s rise delayed

July 16, 2016: El Paso Electric sets new native system peak


July 21, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Mediation Denied

July 22, 2016: CenterPoint TDU Reports on Remaining Funds For Retail Provider Reimbursements Under Texas Low-Income Smart Device Program

July 21, 2016: SCOTT | PEREZ, LLP: Reliant Energy Stiffs Door-to-Door Sales Employees

July 20, 2016: How The “Light Company” Got Smart On Energy And Consumers

July 20, 2016: Electric Mayhem

July 20. 2016: CenterPoint raising Houston electricity transmission fees

July 20, 2016: Businesses, advocates submit rate proposal to Austin Energy

July 20, 2016: Bankrupt Energy Future expects to get key tax ruling next week

July 20, 2016: Oncor Schedules Second Quarter 2016 Investor Call

July 19, 2016: NRG Energy announces $1B note offering

July 20. 2016: Stay cool, but pay less for electricity this summer

July 19, 2016: Moving to (or Within) Texas: How to Start, Stop, or Transfer Electricity Service

July 19, 2016: For utility customer satisfaction, J.D. Power says communication, control are key

July 18. 2016: What is the Internet of Things and how does ARM fit in?

July 18. 2016: Buffett Bid Electrifies Oncor Electric Bankruptcy Process

July 15, 2016: Buffett, Edison, others jump into Oncor bidding effort

July 15, 2016: Texas town is all business in its approach to solar power

Texas Retail Electric Providers

July 18, 2016: Stream Offers Free Skydrop® Smart Sprinkler Controller with New Smart 30 WaterSaver Green & Clean Plan

July 18, 2016: Spark Energy Says Second Quarter Results “Far Exceeded” Expectations, Plans to Raise Guidance

July 18, 2016: MP2 Energy, Apex To Provide Renewable Energy For Fort Hood

July 18, 2016: Texas-based Retail Supplier Names Market Veteran As Senior Director, Commercial Sales

Power Grid Security

July 21, 2016: Utilities look back to the future for hands-on cyberdefense

July 20, 2016: Grid hack exposes troubling security gaps for local utilities

July 18, 2016: Inside the diabolical Ukrainian hack that put the U.S. grid on high alert

Renewable Power

July 20, 2016: 40 senators seek higher biodiesel mandate

July 21, 2016: In new ‘master plan,’ Musk defends timing, rationale of SolarCity deal

July 21, 2016: Elon Musk reveals part 2 of his ‘Master Plan’ for Tesla, defends potential SolarCity deal

July 20, 2016: White House rolls out plan to boost solar, efficiency access for low-income groups

July 20, 2016: Biggest Sale of Clean Energy Finds No Buyer for All of SunEdison

July 20, 2016: The hollow promise of renewable energy

July 18, 2016: Route 66 becoming green with charging stations, solar panels

July 12, 2016: Trainer: Bailing Out SolarCity Costs Tesla Investors $7.4 Billion

July 19, 2016: Obama makes new push on solar power

July 19, 2016: SolarCity raises $345M to finance solar projects

July 18, 2016: Cal-ISO sets record for solar generation for second straight day

July 18, 2016: Tesla acquisition target SolarCity raises $345 million to fund projects

Outside Texas

July 21, 2016: South African Utility Seeks Clarity on Power Procurement Program

July 20, 2016: MISO power prices jump above $200/MWh as demand nears daily peak

July 20, 2016: NERC Highlights 10-Year Anniversary as the ERO

July 19, 2016: North Dakota coal plant shuttered over low energy prices

July 18, 2016: Canada to implement national carbon price

July 18, 2016: Mexico’s Demand for Natural Gas Spurs Pipelines, Disputes

July 18, 2016: PJM remains under hot weather alert

July 18, 2016: NextEra, Hawaiian Electric terminate merger

July 15, 2016: NextEra’s $2.6 Billion Hawaii Deal in Doubt as Regulator Says No

July 15, 2016: China media again touts plans to float nuclear reactors in disputed South China Sea

July 16, 2016: NERC Signs Agreement with EU Energy Directorate

Other News

July 20, 2016: Solar Car Challenge opens doors for young women in STEM

July 20, 2016: Forbes drops list of largest U.S. private companies, and 16 are from Texas

July 20, 2016: The Fuel That May Halt The Electric Car Revolution

July 19, 2016: Mexico: A Whole New Natural Gas Market Opening Close to Home

July 15, 2016: FERC Hits BP With $20M Fine for Alleged Texas Gas-Market Manipulation


For the Week of  7/8/16 — 7/15/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

July 14, 2016: Apex Clean Energy Sells Stake In 217 MW Renewables Portfolio including those in military bases in Texas

July 15, 2016: Calpine: Who Powers The Grid?

July 14, 2016: Gas-fired electricity to break record this summer

July 14, 2016: House passes Interior, EPA spending bill

July 14, 2016: Senate Democrats push carbon capture tax credits

July 13, 2016: Utility clean energy rankings reveal ‘unprecedented shift’ in power sector paradigms

July 14, 2016: Will The Next Natural Disaster Doom The Nation’s Energy Grid?

July 13, 2016: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners acquire two Texas wind-power projects

July 13, 2016: House chairman: Energy bill unlikely before election

July 13, 2016: How the Grid Was Won: Three Scenarios for the Distributed Grid in 2030

July 13, 2016: How to keep the lights on in organized markets

July 13, 2016: Council approves new TMPA agreement

July 13, 2016: 3 Sure Signs of Texas’ Emerging Solar Market

July 13, 2016: US Power Sector CO2 Emissions ‘Almost Down to 1990 Levels,’ Report Says

July 12, 2016: MIT researchers see a ‘window of opportunity’ for non-battery storage

July 12, 2016: Utility deal spurs gas-to-grid momentum

July 13, 2016: Con Edison Developing Energy Storage System on Wheels

July 11, 2016: Senators strike deal to move forward on sweeping energy bill

July 7, 2016: Mini Nuclear Reactors to Be Built by Sheffield Forgemasters

July 6, 2016: South Korea Has High Hopes for Nuclear Energy’s Future and Plans to Build 9 New Reactors

July 7, 2016: US nuclear industry suffers shutdowns, pressured by power prices

July 12, 2016: AEP Texas Central Provides Interim Update on REP Reimbursements Under Low-Income In-Home Device Provisioning Program As Funds Approach Exhaustion

July 9, 2016: Coal burn reaches 2016 high in June: ERCOT

July 10, 2016: Luminant’s new power plants will meet clean-air standards

July 11, 2016: ViZn Energy Systems and Alpha Energy Announce Partnership to Use Zinc Redox Technology for Turnkey Energy Storage Solutions


July 14, 2016: Fidelity preparing bid for Energy Future’s Oncor with creditors -sources

July 14, 2016: El Paso Electric warns of possible ‘managed outages’

July 12, 2016: H-E-B to install natural gas ‘microgrid’ as backup generators at 45 stores in Houston

July 13, 2016: 3 Sure Signs of Texas’ Emerging Solar Market

July 15, 2016: Sharyland To Hold Meeting With Texas Retail Providers on Operational Issues Related To Introduction of System-Wide Distribution Rates For Service Areas

July 14, 2016: ‘That’ll Be the Day’: Quirky Texas city aims for new market

July 13. 2016: Think Texans spend a lot on energy bills? New England states are envious

July 12, 2016: Booming solar industry could mean big business for Texas

July 13, 2016: VA hospital welcomes the sun and saves energy

July 13, 2016: Residents Oppose proposed Oncor substation on Legacy Dr. in Frisco

July 13, 2016: Overall Satisfaction Is Up, Yet Electric Providers Lag Behind Others in Customer Satisfaction

July 13, 2016: EFH Lining Up $4.25 Billion in Financing For TXU Spin-off, Talks TXU Market Position/Share, Earnings With Investors

July 12, 2016: Moody’s assigns Baa3 to TCEH’s DIP credit facilities

July 13, 2016: Arlington, Texas, Switches from TCAP to TXU

July 13, 2016: Overall Satisfaction Is Up and Monthly Bills Down, Yet Electric Providers Still Lag Behind Other Industries in Customer Satisfaction, J.D. Power Study Finds

July 12, 2016: Electric market deregulation has failed to deliver on the promise of lower rates

July 13, 2016: If Texas Market Advocates Ever Wanted To Push To Open Entergy To Customer Choice, The Door Could Soon Close

July 12, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Mediation Sought

July 12, 2016: Enchanted Rock / Texas Microgrid Powers H-E-B

July 9, 2016: San Antonio becomes home to the first retail design center for solar power in Texas

July 9, 2016: The Sun Will Set on Electric Utilities

July 11, 2016: Solar power still waiting for ‘liftoff’ in Texas

July 9, 2016: Downtown utility project raises new questions: who pays for older buildings to connect?

July 11, 2016: AEP Texas Reports on Customers Opting Out of Smart Meters

Texas Retail Electric Providers

July 14, 2016: State’s leading electricity provider gives business owners contracting tips

July 14, 2016: Discovery Green® and Green Mountain Energy Celebrate 10-Year Commitment to Clean Energy

July 13, 2016: Texas PUC Staff File Report on Just Energy SBF Compliance

July 13, 2016: Stream Launches New Weekly Energy Reports For Texas Customers

July 13, 2016: Koch Energy Services Receives Option 1 Texas Retail Electric Provider Certificate

July 12, 2016: Priority Power Management Secures 9-Year Contract for City of Arlington

July 12, 2016: Texas REP Complies With Settlement, Will Retain Certificate

July 12, 2016: Texas PUC Staff File Report on Champion Energy SBF Compliance

July 11, 2016: CES Retail Energy Supply Seeks Texas REP Certificate

Power Grid Security

July 13, 2016: Energy Department Announces Up To $15 Million To Help Improve The Security And Resilience Of The Nation’s Power Grid

Renewable Power

July 14, 2016: Hauter: America is ready for clean energy

July 14, 2016: Potential of wind, solar overstated, says KMI CEO

July 14, 2016: Deaton: These Deep Red States Are Going Green

July 14, 2016: House takes aim at Obama’s solar bird-killer

July 14, 2016: The Future of Cities: Green Building to Driverless Cars

July 12, 2016: Is Burning Trees Still Green? Some Experts Now Question Biomass

July 12, 2016: Cell phone towers to wind farms: Local firm hopes to capitalize on clean energy

July 6, 2016: Want a cooler house? Get a white roof

July 7, 2016: The Winds Are Changing for Renewable Energy

July 9, 2016: EIA Growth Projections Confound

Outside Texas

July 13, 2016: China Pledged to Curb Coal Plants. Greenpeace Says It’s Still Adding Them

July 14, 2016: New York utility turns to DERs to avoid $11.8M substation upgrade

July 14, 2016: Retail electric supply group, PJM voice concern over utility rate plan

July 12, 2016: Integrated electrical grid could save consumers, businesses $1.5 billion annually, report finds

July 8, 2016: Colstrip agrees to close 2 units

July 13, 2016: Entergy in talks to sell FitzPatrick nuclear plant to Exelon

July 8, 2016: NY regulators propose generous Upstate nuclear subsidies

July 11, 2016: NextEra-HEI decision delayed by regulatory infighting

July 8, 2016: FBI questions Arizona utility officials, watchdog group in 2014 election investigation

July 7, 2016: FERC’s PURPA technical conference explores market access, avoided-cost issues

July 5, 2016: Piles of Dirty Secrets Behind a Model ‘Clean Coal’ Project

Other News

July 14, 2016: No more Tesla buyback guarantee as company cuts price of Model X

July 13, 2016: Electric-Car Startups Bloom in China, Backed By Technology Firms

July 12, 2016: Texas Eastern could have final say on Rover/Leach XPress project overlap

July 13, 2016: Industry Veteran Joins Texas-Based Broker

June 30, 2016: Tesla’s Elon Musk teases a new ‘top secret masterplan’

July 12, 2016: Chinese automaker plans self-driving, electric car by 2020

June 30, 2016: Clean Energy Opens Public CNG Station in Houston


For the Week of  7/1/16 — 7/8/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

July 7, 2016: Come together? DER aggregation sparks more confusion than consensus in power sector

July 7, 2016: EPA deems WA Parish coal plant near Houston compliant with emission standards

July 5, 2016: Wind surges and coal plunges within US Southwest Power Pool

July 7, 2016: Southern Co. adds Texas solar facility to portfolio

July 7, 2016: Southern Company Purchases 102-MW Lamesa Solar Farm

July 7, 2016: Texas congressman slams EPA clean air rules in hearing

July 7, 2016: Groups sue EPA over air pollution standards

July 7, 2016: Will the world’s largest storage battery be America’s energy cure?

July 6, 2016: ERCOT working on generation-related seams issues

July 6, 2016: Exelon utilities to invest $18B in smart grid tech by 2020

July 6, 2016: Why does Texas have its own power grid?

July 6, 2016: Southern Company subsidiary acquires Lamesa Solar Facility in Texas

July 6, 2016: Even At Current Prices, Energy Storage Makes Economic Sense For Many Renewables Projects

July 6, 2016: The Uncertain Future of Nuclear Power in the U.S.

July 6, 2016: Lawmakers look to ‘dumb down’ smart grid

July 6, 2016: Natural gas fills the gap as coal drops out of U.S. power market

July 5, 2016: Coleto Creek power plant faces uncertain future

July 5, 2016: Piles of Dirty Secrets Behind a Model ‘Clean Coal’ Project

July 5, 2016: Alcoa’s land holdings for sale to be split

July 5, 2016: EPA cites 4 counties for SO2 pollution under round 2 of sulphur designations

July 6, 2016: Modernizing the grid: a tugboat ‘trying to turn a big ocean liner’

July 5, 2016: Inside the first municipal solar-plus-storage project in the US


July 7, 2016: Watchdog: How shopping for Texas electricity just changed for the better

July 7, 2016: Texas Regulator: Let’s Make Electricity Shopping Easier

July 6, 2016: Appeals court won’t stop Consumers Energy smart meters

July 4, 2016: Texas PUC Takes Slow Approach with LP&L Integration

July 6, 2016: Oncor Sale: High Valuations And Access To Low-Cost Capital Fuel Utility Sector M&A

July 5, 2016: Denton’s Plan for Renewable Energy Angers Opponents With Its Reliance on Natural Gas

July 6, 2016: Forney City Council to continue Luminant annexation negotiations with formed committee

July 6, 2016: Priority Power Management Provides Supply and Infrastructure Solution to Prism Midstream LLC

July 5, 2016: Is Another Energy Megamerger on the Horizon?

July 3, 2016: PUC seeking cost-benefit analysis in LP&L move to ERCOT

July 5, 2016: Solar’s Growth Is Going South… And That’s A Good Thing

July 3, 2016: Church opposes electric rate increase for houses of worship

July 3, 2016: Sonic experiments with electric vehicle charging stations in Central Texas town

July 5, 2016: GEUS expected to adopt new TMPA agreement

July 1, 2016: Fitch Rates Bryan Texas Utilities, TX City Electric System Revs ‘A+’; Outlook Stable

Power Grid Security

July 6, 2016: Majority of utility insiders expect major outages from cyberattacks

Texas Retail Electric Providers

July 1, 2016: Arlington Taps TXU Energy for New Electricity Contract

Renewable Power

July 5, 2016: Big solar is leaving rooftop systems in the dust

July 7, 2016: Wind and solar energy are booming. Do we still need nuclear power?

July 5, 2016: Expanding wind energy, cheap natural gas tamps down power prices

July 5, 2016: Some so-called clean-energy projects are contaminating millions of gallons of incredibly valuable water

July 6, 2016: Waging America’s Wars Using Renewable Energy

July 8, 2016: Here’s what U.S. can learn from Germany’s sunny grid

July 5, 2016: The Winds Are Changing for Renewable Energy

July 5, 2016: Solar is on pace to contribute more new electricity to the grid than any other type of energy

July 3, 2016: A Trillion Dollar Renewable Energy Market Might Have Just Opened Up in North America

July 6, 2016: Southern Company subsidiary acquires Henrietta Solar Project

July 1, 2016: Why This New Solar Stock Could Put Musk’s SolarCity to Shame

July 5, 2016: Solar Power Is Finding Its Day in the Sun

July 5, 2016: Waging America’s Wars Using Renewable Energy

July 5, 2016: How Blockchain Helps Brooklyn Dwellers Use Neighbors’ Solar Energy

July 5, 2016: Southern Company subsidiary expands renewable portfolio with wind acquisition in Maine

July 5, 2016: A Trillion Dollar Renewable Energy Market Might Have Just Opened Up in North America

June 30, 2016: Solar on track to break growth records, but analysts say market challenges loom

Outside Texas

July 6, 2016: Hot weather along US East Coast sends power prices, demand soaring

July 5, 2016: Mexico electricity market reforms attempt to reduce costs and develop new capacity

July 7, 2016: More reports of drones over Savannah River Site

July 6, 2016: California dreaming: Utilities uneasy with regulator’s vision to remake their business model

July 1, 2016: Billionaire Warren Buffett’s energy company may be eyeing Hawaiian Electric

July 6, 2016: Ideal Power Applauds California Public Utilities Commission Action on Self-Generation Incentive Program

July 1, 2016: Inside FERC Henry Hub July index up 96 cents to $2.92/MMBtu

June 30, 216: Judge Considers Nuclear Fuel Dispute Between SC, Energy Dept.

Other News

July 7, 2016: Tesla blasts Fortune reports about fatal crash of Model S on autopilot

July 7, 2016: Anti-coal groups protest Commission on Environmental Quality

July 6, 2016: Texas Agency Votes to Expand Coal Mine Near Border

July 4, 2016: Tesla and Google Take Different Roads to Self-Driving Car

July 3, 2016: Tesla’s Difficult Month Just Got A Little Worse

July 1, 2016: An ELF delivers farmers’ market products for Texas-side mobile market program

June 30, 2016: ‘Imagine an R2-D2 that is also an air conditioner’


For the Week of  6/24/16 — 6/31/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

June 30, 2016: Humble Battery Leads Charge Towards Green Energy And Smart Grids

June 30, 2016: Biggest U.S. Gas Rally in 16 Years Leaves Electricity Behind

June 30, 2016: What If We Redesigned the Grid From Nothing?

June 29, 2016: C&I demand response growth is slowing, but more opportunities could emerge from the utility sector

June 28, 2016: For GE, the future of power plants is digital

June 29, 2016: GE Says Too-Big-to-Fail Exit Puts Stamp of Approval on Overhaul

June 28, 2016: Natural Gas Fills the Gap as Coal Drops Out of U.S. Power Market

June 29, 2016: “Tesla Solar’ Wants to Be the Apple Store for Electricity

June 28, 2016: Here’s how far Texas is from Obama’s new U.S. goal of 50% carbon-neutral power by 2025

June 28, 2016: Texas will become the 2nd-largest U.S. solar market in the next five years

June 28, 2016: Texas to become the fastest-growing utility-scale solar market in the US

June 28, 2016: Batteries Aren’t Efficient Enough To Support Wind And Solar Power

June 28, 2016: Stem CTO: Lithium-Ion Battery Prices Fell 70% in the Last 18 Months

June 28, 2016: Energy storage slowdown in Q1 an ‘anomaly’ as sector expected to regain momentum

June 28, 2016: Texas on Track to Become the Fastest-Growing Utility-Scale Solar Market in the U.S.

June 28, 2016: Nest partners with SolarCity on new ‘Time of Savings’ energy service

June 26, 2016: Central Texas rains lead to spike in hydroelectricity

June 25, 2016: Natural gas is crucial to Texas’ future

June 27, 2016: The new EV playbook: How utilities can gain from the coming boom in electric vehicles

June 27, 2016: Utility With Choice Installing “Home Powerplant” (Gas-Fired DG)


June 30, 2016: Power to Choose website tweaked to weed out misleading rates

July 1, 2016 Fitch Affirms Pedernales Electric Cooperative, TX’s First Mortgage Bonds at ‘AA-‘

July 1, 2016: Millions Remain Available At Oncor, CenterPoint-TDU For Retail Provider Reimbursement Under Texas Low-Income Smart Device Program

July 1, 2016: Millions Remain Available At Oncor, CenterPoint-TDU For Retail Provider Reimbursement Under Texas Low-Income Smart Device Program

June 29, 2016: City of Denton gets $3.7 million settlement from NRG Power Marketing

June 29, 2016: Is NextEra ahead of Berkshire in Oncor bid?

June 29, 2016: Here Are 3 Reasons To Love NextEra Energy

June 29, 2016: CPS Energy sells $544M worth of electric and gas systems bonds

June 28, 2016: Report: NextEra top contender for Oncor bid

June 27, 2016: Communities bypass utilities to save money, push green power

June 27, 2016: Why a West Texas Nuclear Dump May Be a Short-Term Fix

June 28, 2016: Companies to Buy TX Biodiesel Plant

June 28, 2016: US NRC to recover $882.9 million in fiscal 2016 user fees

June 27, 2016: NextEra Said to Bid on Oncor as Berkshire, Edison Interested

June 27, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Severance Increase Approved

June 23, 2016: Rep. James Frank to file wind farm-related proposal

June 25, 2016: Hunt-Led Group Sues Texas Regulator Over Failed Oncor Buyout

June 24, 2016: Outside Denton City Hall, dozens protest approval of Renewable Denton Plan

June 26, 2016: Cooperative Utilities Win Fight For More Local Renewables

Texas Retail Electric Providers

July 1, 2016: Investment Bank Receives Texas Retail Electric Provider Certificate

June 30, 2016: Texas PUC Changes Power to Choose Website To Remove 1¢ Credit-Based Offers From Default View

June 30, 2016: Even Without Gimmicks, 1¢ Power Plans Make Economic Sense for Texas Retail Providers

June 27, 2016: Texas REPs, PUC Staff, OPUC Oppose Sharyland Petition to Sever AMS Surcharge, Move Forward With Review of Other AMS Deployment Items

Renewable Power

June 30, 2016: Pattern Energy Commits to Acquire 324 MW Broadview Wind Power Facility in New Mexico for $269 Million

June 30, 2016: Will String Inverters Completely Replace Central Inverters in the US Solar Market?

June 30, 2016: Startups connect to industry giants at Cleantech Innovation Bridge

June 30, 2016: World Bank to back India’s solar power initiative

June 29, 2016: ‘Something’s got to give’: Why Wall St is uneasy with the renewable energy boom

June 30, 2016: From Worst to First: Can Hawaii Eliminate Fossil Fuels?

June 29, 2016: There’s a Digital Revolution Underway in Solar

June 29, 2016: ‘Something’s got to give’: Why Wall St is uneasy with the renewable energy boom

June 28, 2016: What Rooftop Solar Looks Like in Watts

June 28, 2016: Wind energy group gets in on 2016 fight

June 28, 2016: Dialogue before dispute: Clean energy groups call on regulators for uniform rate design approach

June 27, 2016: ‘Tesla Solar’ Wants to Be the Apple Store for Electricity

June 27, 2016: Retraining Our Energy Workforce From Coal To Solar

June 27, 2016: Apparent conflicts of interest may dog Tesla-SolarCity deal

June 24, 2016: Can Elon Musk make solar panels as attractive as a Tesla?

June 28, 2016: Want to expand renewable power? Know these states

June 23, 2016: Testing the Clean-Energy Logic of a Tesla-SolarCity Merger

Outside Texas

June 29, 2016: A FERC challenge: Opening up electricity markets to advanced energy technologies

June 29, 2016: FERC approves ISO-NE’s sloped demand curve proposal

June 29, 2016: PUC loses member as NextEra-HECO decision looms

June 29, 2016: North America’s Big Energy Goal Is a Cinch

June 29, 2016: Generators ask FERC to block New England pipelines over energy price suppression fears

June 26, 2016: FERC upholds right of cooperatives to buy from independent generators

June 27, 2016: Drone Rules Eased, Caution Urged for Co-ops

June 26, 2016: US, Mexico, Canada to team up on clean energy, methane

June 26, 2016: Electricity markets are at the center of Illinois plant closures

Other News

June 30, 2016: How to Use Smart Tech to Automate Your Business

June 28, 2016: Appeals court clears LNG expansion in Texas, Louisiana

June 28, 2016: Volkswagen diesel deal could be a win for many companies

June 28, 2016: Karma comes around again to rival Tesla

June 27, 2016: Sonic Drive-In testing electric vehicle charging stations in Boerne


For the Week of  6/17/16 — 6/24/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

June 24, 2016: 3 transmission projects that illustrate the importance in modernizing the grid

June 23, 2016: What Would Tesla’s Solar Strategy Look Like if It Bought SolarCity?

June 23, 2016: After hours of public comment, Denton City Council approves Renewable Denton Plan

June 22, 2016: Elon Musk’s latest deal pits Wall Street against Silicon Valley

June 22, 2016: Gexa Energy Teams Up with AutoGrid to offer New Demand Response Programs in ERCOT

June 21, 2016: Tesla Offers to Acquire SolarCity

June 21, 2016: Elon Musk Moves To Consolidate His Empire

June 21, 2016: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tesla’s Plan to Acquire SolarCity

June 21, 2016: Coal Burning Out As Way To Make Electricity In Texas

June 21, 2016: Luminant spokesman: Subsidized wind energy could force coal plants to close

June 20, 2016: Calculating the costs of adding storage to renewables

June 17, 2016: BlackRock Buys 50% Stake in Texas Wind Project from GE

June 20, 2016: Coal Burning Out As Way To Make Electricity In Texas

June 20, 2016: IEEE and the U.S. Department of Energy Collaborate to Address Grid Modernization Challenges

June 20, 2016: Brookfield, Chinese firms weigh bids for Duke power plants

June 19, 2016: Luminant official: Wind energy enjoys competitive advantage

June 17, 2016: ERCOT Report Suggests a Bright Future for Solar in Texas

June 16, 2016: White House Lays Out Plans to Scale Up Microgrids, Storage & Renewables

June 19, 2016: It’s the first new U.S. nuclear reactor in decades. And climate change has made that a very big deal.

June 20, 2016: Duke Energy: Adapting The Changing Trends


June 23, 2016: The Utility Merger Hit List

June 20, 2016: Elon Musk-chaired solar energy co. expands to Houston, looks to hire

June 22, 2016: Xcel Energy planning new $400M TX-NM power line

June 23, 2016: Texas PUC Consultant Report “Prefers” Movement To Much Higher Fixed Fees Charged to Retail Electric Providers For T&D Charges Under SFV; Change Would Wreak Havoc With Retail Price Comparisons

June 23, 2016: Fox To Lead Electric Transmission Texas

June 16, 2016: Challenged By Houston, CenterPoint Cuts Deal To Reduce Proposed Rate Hike

June 20, 2016: JCPenney Reduces Electricity Costs With Ice Storage Technology

June 21, 2016: LP&L’s board OKs proposed budget with scheduled rate increase

June 20, 2016: Texas regulators aren’t even clear on Hunt-Oncor failure takeaways

June 20, 2016: After Hunt-Oncor unraveling, PUC Chair Nelson still doesn’t know where agency stands

June 20, 2016: Freedom Solar Power reveals Austin’s largest solar rooftop

June 20, 2016: Forney City Council to hold public hearings in power plant annexation

June 20, 2016: Candidates Backed By Texans for Affordable Electric Rates Win Pedernales Electric Co-op Seats

June 17, 2016: Why Florida company might make sense owning crown jewel of Texas utilities

June 17, 2016: Toyota will add rooftop solar panel to new Prius

June 18, 2016: Doctors group joins opposition to emissions

June 17, 2016: Sierra Club: States ‘want a seat at the table,’ will not heed calls to ignore EPA

June 20, 2016: Sharyland Seeks To Reinstate Advanced Meter Deployment Proceeding, Severing AMS Surcharge Issue

Texas Retail Electric Providers

June 24, 2016: Power Generation Developer Launching New Texas Retail Provider

June 22, 2016: TXU Energy Signs Contracts with Dozens of Cities in First Half of 2016

June 23, 2016: Retail Supplier Names New Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary

June 22, 2016: Texas Retail Provider Opens New Regional Sales Office

June 21, 2016: Texas REP To Relinquish Certificate

June 17, 2016: SolarCity sees bright future in Houston market

Renewable Power

June 23, 2016: Former TCEQ Chairman: Renewables Are ‘False Hope’

June 20, 2016: Quiet Moves Toward a Renewable Resource Based Economy

June 23, 2016: Cooperative Utilities Win Fight for More Local Renewables

June 23, 2016: Cooperative Utilities Win Fight for More Local Renewables

June 21, 2016: 72% of Corporations Are Actively Procuring Clean Energy

June 20, 2016: China’s Largest Wind Turbine Maker Seeks New Markets

June 20, 2016: SolarCity expands to greater Houston area

June 20, 2016: For America’s Clean Energy Future, the Smart Money is on Wind

June 20, 2016: Southern Company subsidiary completes issuance of €1.1 billion of Green Bonds

June 20, 2016: Ice as an Efficient, Clean Cooling Tool

June 20, 2016: Nothing new under the sun as FTC seeks to expand power over solar

June 18, 2016: Growing industry marks Global Wind Day

June 19, 2016: Wind should stand on its own power

Outside Texas

June 22, 2016: FERC rejects co-op’s proposal to recover fixed costs from members buying QF power

June 22, 2016: Why Warren Buffett is one of the very few making money off Alberta’s mostly unprofitable electric system

June 20, 2016: California’s last nuclear plant slated to close

June 21, 2016: FPL to purchase 330-MW coal plant, with plans to retire it

June 21, 2016: UBS: Merchant conditions in West could mean cheap plants for utilities

June 20, 2016: CAISO calls on consumers to conserve electricity

June 19, 2016: California power grid urges energy conservation on Monday due to heat wave

June 17, 2016: California Power Trader Fined $2.4 Million for Market Rigging

June 19, 2016: Utility head blamed for late mention of Fukushima ‘meltdown’

June 17, 2016: FERC orders MISO to explain why it is paying for reactive service not provided

Other News

June 20, 2016: US coal consumption increases to near year-high volume

June 17, 2016: Lawmaker Revives Eminent Domain Question for Bullet Train

June 17, 2016: OSIsoft Energy Software Saves Companies Millions


For the Week of  6/10/16 — 6/17/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

June 16, 2016: Proposed ERCOT rule could boost RMR energy price 10 times

June 16, 2016: ERCOT board approves reliability must-run agreement for NRG plant

June 17, 2016: NRG Texas Unit To Return To Operational Status

June 16, 2016: US power demand growth seen facing headwinds in coming years

June 16, 2016: BlackRock Acquires 50% Stake in Texas Wind Farm From GE

June 16, 2016: The World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels for Electricity

June 13, 2016: Higher natural gas prices to lead to increased coal burn: analysts

June 15, 2016: Market Forces are Driving Coal’s Demise and Cleaning Up the Grid in Texas

June 15, 2016: Lawyers Take an Economics Class: Capacity Markets vs. Scarcity Pricing

June 15, 2016: Irvine, California, will house nation’s largest indoor energy storage system by year’s end

June 15, 2016: DOE invests $82M in advanced nuclear technology

June 15, 2016: Dynegy Buys Energy Capital Partners’ Stake In ENGIE (GDF SUEZ) Portfolio

June 15, 2016: Dynegy to Acquire Energy Capital Partners Interest in Atlas Joint Venture

June 15, 2016: Dynegy speeds up purchase of 17 former Engie power plants

June 15, 2016: GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA Changes Name to ENGIE Resources, Announces New President and CEO

June 14, 2016: ENGIE Brand Launches in North America

June 14, 2016: Grid Operator Sees More Sun, Less Coal for Texas

June 13, 2016: Energy Storage Isn’t Necessary for a Cleaner Grid

June 13, 2016: Q&A: He says it’s not just spin – wind has a big future

June 15, 2016: 20 energy storage disruptors

June 10, 2016: Texas Regulators Saved Customers Billions by Avoiding a Traditional Capacity Market

June 13, 2016: Supreme Court rejects new challenge to Obama air pollution rule

Jun 13, 2016: Peabody paying as much as $75,000 per month to former Obama mentor fighting EPA

Jun 12, 2016: The Booming U.S. Natural Gas Electricity Market

June 13, 2016: MISO survey sees Midwest generation deficit possible by 2018

June 13, 2016: In complex energy retail market, a middleman emerges

June 7, 2016: Will Texas Be the Home of the Low-Money-Down Microgrid?


June 16, 2016: Microsoft Partners With Primus Power to Drive Energy Innovation at Datacenters

June 16, 2016: Texas TDUs To Merge — What’s The Impact on Retail Electric Providers?

June 16, 2016: Settlement Would Increase Residential DCRF Charge Applicable To Retail Electric Providers By 230% at CenterPoint TDU

June 15, 2016: Burlington County finds energy savings through electric supplier auction

June 15, 2016: SPP Squelching MMU Independence, Former Monitors Say

June 13, 2016: Is Austin Electric a Case Study in Government Monopoly Mismanagement?

June 14. 2016: IRS skeptical of Energy Future Holdings tax-free spinoff proposal

June 14, 2016: Deregulating PEC would drive up costs for customers

June 9,2016: Pedernales Electric Co-op faces new election test

June 14, 2016: Council to discuss city’s TMPA membership

June 10, 2016: HC: Time to re-regulate electricity

June 10, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Plan Filed

June 10, 2016: Bumper crop of ‘community solar’ projects coming to Texas this summer

June 11, 2016: Denton faces $240 million question

Texas Retail Electric Providers

June 16, 2016: Reliant Beat the Heat Centers, Electricity Plans Provide Relief as Mercury Rises

June 16, 2016: Green Mountain Energy Company and Texas Parks and Wildlife Celebrate New Solar Array at Sea Center Texas

Renewable Power

June 16, 2016: US Wind Industry Highlights 66% Drop In Costs Of Wind Generated Electricity

June 14, 2016: Net metering for solar power sounds simple, but is it fair?

June 14, 2016: Forget Godzilla, NYC Gets Monster-Sized “Virtual” Solar Power Plant

June 14, 2016: Not Counting on Subsidies for Solar: Just Energy

June 9, 2016: Sharing economy goes green; New type of solar farms across Texas to yield a bright bumper crop

June 10, 2016: Aerospace firm successfully tests solar-powered aircraft

June 10, 2016: Solar installations overtaking all other conventional energy sources in the U.S.

June 13, 2016: News In Numbers: SDG&E Hits 35 Percent Clean Energy

June 13, 2016: New York’s Con Ed Is Building a Virtual Power Plant From Sunverge Energy Storage and SunPower PV

June 8, 2016: Where the Poor Spend More Than 10 Percent of Their Income on Energy

June 8, 2016: Renewables Closing In On Coal In The US, Says IEEFA

Outside Texas

June 15, 2016: MISO plans to release final study of EPA’s Clean Power Plan in July

June 16, 2016: FERC Mandates Scarcity Pricing for “Transient Shortages”; Retail Suppliers Have Warned Requirement Will Increase Uplift

June 14, 2016: Japan taps new options for crude oil suppliers

June 14, 2016: Some nuclear plants shut down as Vogtle expands

June 15, 2016: Weak natural gas pushes down NYISO prices in May

June 14, 2016: Exelon to shut Nine Mile Point-1, Ginna reactors if New York fails to OK compensation plan

June 14, 2016: Energy analytics company aims for more effective smart meter reading

June 13, 2016: Carolinas industry group seeks to change up the utility business model

June 12, 2016: Coal to Replace Gas as Japan’s Leading Power Source From 2019

Other News

June 15, 2016: Tesla Takes Direct Sales Message To The People At Party Conventions

June 15, 2016: Volkswagen to ramp up electric cars after emissions scandal

June 15, 2016: Tesla Takes Direct Sales Message To The People At Party Conventions

June 14, 2016: Texas’ Evolving Energy Reality: Clean Energy Uses Less Water

June 14, 2016: Chamber pushes Senate on energy bill

June 15, 2016: Pre-Market Scans on Electric Utilities Stocks — Calpine, Xcel Energy, Duke Energy, and American Electric Power

June 13, 2016: 2016 Edison Award Winners Announced

June 11. 2016: Turning CO2 Emissions Into Stone

June 10, 2016: Tesla Model S Suspension Failures Under Scrutiny by Safety Agency

June 11. 2016: Fuel exporter bogs down in Mexico’s formidable red tape


For the Week of  6/3/16 — 6/10/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

June 8, 2016: Texas firm pushes into C&I microgrid projects, secures funding

June 8, 2016: Modelling the future: how to build safer nuclear reactors

June 9, 2016: With clean power plan stayed, congressional leaders offer states conflicting advice

June 9, 2016: EIA: Natural gas generated almost a third of Q1 power, could hit 34% this year

June 9, 2016: New PJM capacity rules challenge demand response aggregators

June 6, 2016: ERCOT to Keep NRG’s Greens Bayou Plant Running for Summer

June 8, 2016: We need lots more power lines. Why are we so bad at planning them?

June 7, 2016: ERCOT: Coal to drop below 10% of Texas fuel mix by 2030s as solar booms

June 7, 2016: GE Ventures Buys Stake in German Sonnen to Boost Solar Storage

June 7, 2016: Coal plant, handhelds on Denton council’s mind

June 6, 2016: Paper: Clean Power Plan transmission planning must start now despite uncertainty

June 3, 2016: CSG Investments, Inc. Announces $360M Debt Refinancing on Panda Power Funds’ Sherman, TX Power Plant

June 6, 2016: ERCOT Enters RMR Agreement With Plant Through 2018

June 6, 2016: 3 ways batteries could dramatically improve your life

June 6, 2016: Texas’ Energy Market and Power Grid 101

June 6, 2016: Independent Market Monitors Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

June 3, 2016: Solar Will Replace Nearly All Retiring Coal in Texas

June 3, 2016: Riverstone to take Talen Energy private for $1.8 billion

June 2, 2016: Startup to Deliver Energy Storage by Truck, Rail or Barge


June 9, 2016: Texas utility panel decries ‘deceptive,’ confusing electricity marketplace

June 8, 2016: Why People Pay More For Electricity In Houston And Dallas

June 9, 2016: PUC To Houston And Dallas Electricity Customers: Start Shopping For Better Rate Plans

June 9, 2016: Southwest Power Pool’s old-wires upgrade charges ‘shock’ Texas regulators

June 9, 2016: Baskin: Will Consumers Manage Their Electricity Use?

June 9, 2016: Fitch Rates San Antonio, TX’s Electric & Gas System Revenue Bonds ‘AA+’; Outlook Stable

June 9, 2016: Contractors to begin assessment of BTU electric facilities

June 8, 2016: Texans Finding Better Deals on the Power Market

June 8, 2016: Texas’ deregulated electricity market, explained

June 8, 2016: Former Dallas mayor’s ‘clean coal’ effort struggles to survive

June 8, 2016: Luminant files notice of appeal

June 8, 2016: Toyota Motor North America Commits to 100% Renewable Energy Contract with MP2 Energy

June 9, 2016: Oncor To Issue Refund of Transition Charge Over-collection to REPs

June 9, 2016: CenterPoint TDU Announces Automated Historical Usage / LOA Function Now Live For IDR Accounts

June 7, 2016: Texas consumers pay more in deregulated electricity markets, study says

June 7, 2016: ABC Report Seeks to Define Broker Link to Deregulated Markets

June 7, 2016: GEUS board to meet for special session today

June 7, 2016: Where does the thermostat go after Nest CEO’s exit?

June 6, 2016: Learning From Energy Future’s Mistakes

June 6, 2016: Toyota’s new Plano headquarters will draw 25 percent of its electricity from solar

June 6, 2016: GRMC on life support? CEO says financial fallout from Luminant lawsuit forcing cuts

June 6, 2016: Buy On Weakness? Exploring National Grid And NextEra Energy

June 6, 2016: TDUs Report REP Reimbursements Under Low-Income In-Home Device Provisioning Program

June 3, 2016: Watchdog: What you’re telling the PUC about electricity

June 4, 2016: NextEra’s Pursuit of $2.6 Billion Hawaii Deal Goes Past Deadline

June 4, 2016: NextEra, Hawaiian Electric merger still alive as parties await PUC decision

June 3, 2016: Oncor holds community meeting about proposed substation in Frisco

June 3, 2016: Ownership of Smart Meter Texas To Remain With TDUs Under Stakeholder Settlement

Texas Retail Electric Providers

June 8, 2016: Private Equity Firm Purchases Shares Of Texas Retail Provider

June 8, 2016: Priority Power Management Advises Toyota on Unique Renewable Energy Contract

June 3, 2016: Priority Power Management and TPC Save Member Hospitals Over $7 Million on New Electricity Supply Contract

June 3, 2016:  Marketer Acquires Retail Supplier

June 3, 2016: Start-Up Retail Provider Drops Request To Use Trade Name Tex-Power

Power Grid Security

June 9, 2016: N-Dimension Selected By PUC Services to Improve Utility’s Cybersecurity Defenses

June 7, 2016: Senate bill would encourage ‘retro’ grid security approach

Renewable Power

June 3, 2016: Could Coal Have Survived by Going Green?

June 7, 2016: How to Get a Small City off Coal

June 9, 2016: Unemployed oil workers find new home in solar industry

June 8, 2016: How to Overcome the Greatest Barriers to Rooftop Solar Power

June 6, 2016: UK solar eclipses coal power over month for first time

June 6, 2016: Dubai to Build World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant

June 7, 2016: Renewables Are Getting Cheaper. But That Doesn’t Mean We Should Eliminate Subsidies, Says IEA

June 9, 2016: Unlikely casualty in California’s renewable energy boom: natural gas

June 8, 2016: Nuclear energy can be solution to fossil-fuel fadeout

June 8, 2016: A green city and a power giant join forces to curb power demand

June 2, 2016: U.S. renewable energy capacity to more than double by 2040, agency says

June 6, 2016: Solar is the fastest growing new energy source in India; more than 13 GW under construction

June 6, 2016: Finally in Sight, $1-a-Watt Solar Milestone Shows Long Road Ahead

June 3, 2016: What Needs To Happen For The U.S. To Ditch Fossil Fuels

June 7, 2016: Renewables Are Getting Cheaper. But That Doesn’t Mean Getting Rid of Subsidies Entirely, Says IEA

June 3, 2016: DOI Opens Area off NY Coast for Offshore Wind Development

June 3, 2016: SunPower to Break Ground Soon on U.S. Army Solar PV Project

June 2, 2016: Chile Has So Much Solar Energy It’s Giving It Away for Free

Outside Texas

June 8, 2016: Canada, Mexico and the United States Show Progress on North American Energy Collaboration

June 8, 2016: Pepco exec wants ‘rate fairness’ for distributed generation grid access

June 9, 2016: DTE to retire 8 Michigan coal units

June 7, 2016: Exelon to apply for unprecedented 2nd license renewal for Pa. nuke

June 6, 2016: Monkey knocks out Kenya’s entire power grid after ‘falling onto transformer at electricity plant’

June 6, 2016: California lawmakers propose constitutional amendment to reform PUC

June 3, 2016: Company leading Wyoming coal gasification project files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

June 3, 2016: EPA: Coal-fired power plants need new pollution controls

June 3, 2016: Mass. lawmakers ask NRC to close NextEra’s Seabrook nuke over cracking concrete

Other News

June 9, 2016: CenterPoint Energy Announced Winner of 2016 ISGAN and GSGF Smart Grid Awards

June 9, 2016: Former NRG Exec Joins Distributed Energy Provider as VP, Business Development

June 9, 2016: Former TXU Exec Joins Board of Waste-to-Energy Company

June 4, 2016: Kinder Morgan gets green light for new LNG project

June 6, 2016: General Electric Company (GE) Announced Further Job Cuts

June 2, 2016: Rate design roundup: demand charges vs. time-based rates


For the Week of  5/27/16 — 6/3/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

June 2, 2016: Leaders meet about energy sources

June 1, 2016: Successful DR integration in wholesale markets depends on location

May 31, 2016: Energy storage’s role in decarbonization will depend on duration, cost cuts

June 1, 2016: Hitachi sets sights on US smart-grid market

May 31, 2016: ERCOT Finds Houston-Area Power Plant Required for RMR Service

May 28, 2016: Wind turbines to fill Floyd County skies

May 26, 2016: SPP CEO: Regionalization, transmission help push renewables penetration near 50%


June 2, 2016: Texas regulators delay El Paso Electric request for rate increase, solar surcharge

June 2, 2016: Texas tech researcher aiding in study of eagle interaction with wind turbines

June 2, 2016: CLEAResult to Expand Successful eScore™ Digital Engagement Platform

June 1, 2016: EnerNOC’s utility customer engagement business up for sale

June 1, 2016: Fitch Rates Boerne, TX’s GO Rfdg Bonds ‘AA’, Upgrades Outstanding Bonds; Outlook Revised to Stable

May 31, 2016: City to consider new building standards to encourage efficiency, solar power

May 27, 2016: EPE’s solar panel surcharge proposal put on hold again

May 31, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Chapter 11 Case – The Largest Game Ever of Texas Hold’em?

May 31, 2016: Selling Power to a Texas Muni Just Got Easier

May 26, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Date Deadlines Fixed

May 27, 2016: Fitch Affirms Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, TX at ‘A’; Outlook Stable

May 27, 2016: U.S. House votes to enter conference committee with Senate on energy bills

Texas Retail Electric Providers

June 1, 2016: SolarCity offers new loan program for homeowners

June 1, 2016:  Texas Retail Provider Offering Discounted LEDs To Customers Via TDU Programs

June 1, 2016: Texas Retail Provider Objects To Start-up’s Sought Trade Name

May 31, 2016: Fifth Largest C&I Retail Supplier In U.S. (8 GW) Put Up For Sale

Renewable Power

June 2, 2016: IKEA to Export Renewable Energy by 2020

June 1, 2016: Energy officials gather in San Francisco to promote clean energy deployment

June 1, 2016: Renewables crack 10% of US electricity generation mix

June 1, 2016: Perfect storm driving U.S. solar market

May 31, 2016: Nuclear Plants, Despite Safety Concerns, Gain Support as Clean Energy Sources

May 29, 2016: Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz Says Government Can Help Clean Energy Innovation

June 1, 2016: Renewable power installations hit record in 2015: report

May 27, 2016: Tesla sets July 29 as grand opening date for Nevada gigafactory

May 27, 2016: Big solar, wind projects in Panhandle are delayed

May 30, 2016: FuelCell Energy’s Cheap, Green, World-Scale Hydrogen Byproduct

May 27, 2016: DOE chooses 3 offshore wind projects for additional funding, drops others

May 27, 2016: When Will Solar Overtake Oil?

Outside Texas

June 1, 2016: Illinois fails to pass comprehensive energy plan aiding Exelon’s nuclear plants

June 1, 2016: FERC Accepts Measures Addressing Gas-Electric Reliability in Southern California

June 1, 2016: The head of California’s ISO is on a mission to regionalize and decarbonize

June 1, 2016: Xcel Energy files plan for 615 MW of new Colo. resources through 2023

May 31, 2016: MISO’s April prices rise month-on-month with natural gas, despite lighter loads

May 31, 2016: Great Plains acquiring Westar in $8.6B cash-and-stock deal

May 31, 2016: FERC Fines Power Trader $26 Million

May 27, 2016: Ohio regulators grant rehearing for AEP plant subsidy request

Other News

June 1, 2016: DOE stonewalling efforts to rehear LNG orders, Sierra Club lawyer says

June 1, 2016: Inside FERC Henry Hub June index falls 3 cents to $1.96/MMBtu

May 31, 2016: NOAA anticipates near-normal Atlantic hurricane season


For the Week of  5/20/16 — 5/27/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

May 25, 2016: Coal Power Plant Use Of Coal In US Fell 29% In 2015 (Compared To Peak Use In 2007)

May 25, 2016: E.ON Gains New Investors In 200 MW Texas Wind Farm

May 25, 2016: Battery life to get five times better: Texas University research

May 24, 2016: This Texas fight shows just how conflicted we still are about ‘clean coal’

May 24, 2016: Report Highlights Potential Reliability Risks Due to Increased Natural Gas Dependence

May 20, 2016: The Energy Interstate — A national system of electricity transmission could cut power-plant emissions by 80 percent.

May 23, 2016: Discovery could energize development of longer-lasting batteries

May 20, 2016: NERC: Clean Power Plan will halve US power demand growth, spur renewables

May 19, 2016: World’s Top Turbine Manufacturer Coming to Texas

May 19, 2016: 3 Ways Small Modular Reactors Overcome Existing Barriers to Nuclear


May 25, 2016: Is NextEra Energy Looking at Oncor Electric Again?

May 26, 2016: Will NextEra Swoop In after Hunt’s Abandoned Deal with Oncor?

May 25, 2016: Apple Could Be Developing Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

May 25, 2016: Lubbock or leave it: The costs of an electric divorce

May 24, 2016: For The Future Of Solar, Watch Texas, Says 8minutenergy

May 25, 2016: EP Electric ordered to issue new rate notice

May 24, 2016: House moves toward conference committee on sweeping energy bill

May 25, 2016: BBIP and ERock Form Texas Microgrid with Signed Contracts in Excess of 50 MWs

May 24, 2016: NextEra Hawaiian Electric Pursuit Dims as Oncor Back on Market

May 24, 2016: NextEra may exit Hawaiian Electric pursuit to pursue Oncor, analysts say

May 24, 2016: Xcel Energy requests nearly $90 million switching fee if LP&L joins ERCOT

May 23, 2016: Power To Complain: Houston And Dallas Customers Say State Electricity Website Is Rigged

May 24, 2016: Good News on Rural Utilities Service Funding

May 24, 2016: AEP Releases 2016 Corporate Accountability Report

May 24, 2016: Owners lit up over electricity charges

May 23, 2016: Schnurman: Uncertainty, indecision led to demise of Hunts’ bid for Oncor

May 23, 2016: Energy Future Contemplates Possible Competing Chapter 11 Plan

May 23, 2016: Energy Future restarts bankruptcy process after failed Oncor deal

May 23, 2016: Energy Future Contemplates Possible Competing Chapter 11 Plan With Oncor at Stake

May 23, 2016: FERC: LS Power Texas HQ not Jurisdictional

May 24, 2016: Haymeadow Solar Developing Utility-Scale Solar Farm In Houston Area, Touts Location To Purchasers Seeking To Avoid Congestion Costs

May 20, 2016: Key PUC member: What killed Hunts’ Oncor bid and advice for future suitors

May 19, 2016: Texas PUC Denies Rehearing on Oncor Sale, Ends Hunt Bid

May 20, 2016: Texas auto dealers receive Tesla-sized dent from state GOP

Power Grid Security

May 20, 2016: Power sector preparing for EMP attack among grid risks, EEI official tells Senate

Texas Retail Electric Providers

May 26, 2016: Priority Power Management Secures 9-Year Contract for City of Abilene

Renewable Power

May 26, 2016: The Electric Car You Can Charge Next to Your Phone

May 26, 2016: Rooftop solar: Net metering is a net benefit

May 26, 2016: Solar panels plus tax credits save money for homeowners

May 26, 2016: Charged Up: Where Do Electric Vehicles Go from Here?

May 26, 2016: Wind Energy’s Rustic Years Are Over

May 26, 2016: Alberta’s Grid Sets Record Highs For Wind And Record Lows For Coal

May 25, 2016: China Moves Into U.S. Wind Sector

May 25, 2016: More companies floating idea of water-based solar panels

May 24, 2016: Orange Button: A New Data Standard for Cheaper Solar?

May 24, 2016: Industry survey finds U.S. wind power growing

May 24, 2016: Duke Energy signs 2nd deal to get electricity from pig waste

May 25, 2016: Solar panels plus tax credits save money for homeowners

May 25, 2016: Across the ‘valley of death’: How the wind industry will cope without tax credits

May 25, 2016: A grid of DERs: DOE program aims for 100% solar penetration on the distribution system

May 24, 2016: SolarCity: Nevada rooftop solar delivers 1.6¢/kWh in net benefits to grid

May 23, 2016: Germany Runs Up Against the Limits of Renewables

May 18, 2016: Saving Energy Has Never Been So Lucrative, or So Effective

May 20, 2016: New Solar Plants Generate Floating Green Power

May 24, 2016: Natural gas prices to stay low, US renewables to grow: survey

May 24, 2016: Duke Energy signs 2nd deal to get electricity from pig waste

May 21, 2016: Mirrors blamed for fire at world’s largest solar plant

May 20, 2016: SunEdison to withdraw request for independent examiner

May 23, 2016: The solar battle on Nevada rooftops

May 23, 2016: Rooftop solar: Net metering is a net benefit

May 20, 2016: We’re Inching Closer to Making Solar Power as Cheap as Regular Electricity

May 20, 2016: Watly Cleans Water, Makes Electricity, And Provides Wifi

May 20, 2016: Wind, solar to provide bulk of new US capacity this summer

May 21, 2016: 100% Clean Energy Economy Is Much Closer Than You Think

May 20, 2016: The World’s Largest Solar Plant Just Torched Itself

Outside Texas

May 24, 2016: FERC OKs Engie’s sale of hydro, pumped storage projects

May 24, 2016: Study points to congestion, routing challenges in western energy corridors

May 25, 2016: FERC grants NYISO request to give behind-the-meter resources market access

May 25, 2016: Exelon says two nuclear plants fail to clear PJM auction

May 25, 2016: Power restored after hour-long outage leaves Downtown Seattle in the dark

May 24, 2016: New York energy reforms’ price effects unclear so far: experts

May 24, 2016: Market woes and low gas prices put major PJM coal plant at risk

May 23, 2016: SEC awards $3.5M to whistleblower, something FERC cannot do

May 20, 2016: Coal plants disappeared from MISO — and so did demand

May 20, 2016: NEI: More than a dozen nuclear plants ‘at risk’ of early closure

May 20, 2016: FERC signs off on NYISO’s behind-the-meter tariff changes

May 20, 2016: New York PSC enacts new revenue models for utilities in REV proceeding

May 20, 2016: Study: Calif. ratepayers could save $1.5B per year by 2030 with regional market

Other News

May 23, 2016: Dallas Fed: Texas unlikely to see recession, despite energy woes

May 23, 2016: Tesla vs. Texas dealerships explained: Are more luxury electric cars headed our way?


For the Week of  5/13/16 — 5/20/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

May 19, 2016: Low oil, gas prices dampen booming Texas power use

May 19, 2016: Area officials learn more about project to expand renewable energy

May 19, 2016: Texas will add 13 GW of solar PV by 2035

May 19, 2016: FERC: Summer 2016 Energy Market and Reliability Assessment

May 19, 2016: EIA: 9,900 MW of Gas-Fired Generation Under Construction Near Major Shale Plays

May 18, 2016: New 345kV Transmission Line Project in Texas to Support Continued Oil and Gas Load Growth

May 18, 2016: Market Forces Largely Driving Lone Star State’s Transition To Cleaner Grid

May 18, 2016: Goldwind Americas to acquire 160MW Rattlesnake wind project in US

May 18, 2016: China’s largest wind company blows into Texas

May 18, 2016: Is this the end of clean coal?

May 17, 2016: Industry shouldn’t rely on government for innovation

May 18, 2016: Why utilities are investing in this technology as a way to boost resiliency and reduce consumer costs

May 18, 2016: EIA: Clean Power Plan Will Wallop Coal Power Generation

May 17, 2016: Natural gas, renewable energy can provide all of the new electric power Texas will need in the future at little increased cost to consumers

May 17, 2016: Nuclear costs will come down, executives tell senators

May 17, 2016: Goldwind to buy 160-MW wind project in Texas from RES

May 17, 2016: Full appeals court to decide on greenhouse gas emissions plan

May 17, 2016: Pickens sees continuing need for fossil fuels

May 15, 2016: Wind energy hits 3-year high

May 10, 2016: GE Power Conversion to move North American HQ to Houston

May 16, 2016: Texas coal industry crushed by needless regulation

May 16, 2016: Texas is Top State for Wind Generation Capacity

May 16, 2016: The Energy Interstate

May 15, 2016: Priority Power Management Supports the Proposed Far West Texas Project in ERCOT

May 13, 2016: EIA Forecast Sees Stable Electricity Prices

May 13, 2016: U.S. power generation hits lowest emission levels since 1993

May 13, 2016: Energy Department Suspends Funding for Texas Carbon Capture Project, Igniting Debate


May 19, 2016: Dallas-based Hunt group’s plan to buy Oncor is dead; what’s next for big Texas utility?

May 19, 2016: Deal Is Off, But EFH Still Wants Ruling In Oncor Fight

May 19, 2016: Selling Power to Texas Muni Just Got Easier (or at least more enforceable)

May 19, 2016: Clean Energy Collective steps up marketing game for ‘community solar’ in South Texas

May 19, 2016: Could American Electric Power Join the Regulated Utility Club?

May 19, 2016: GEUS board to consider change to TMPA agreement

May 18, 2016: Hunt Consolidated-Led Group Withdraws Bid for Oncor Utility

May 18, 2016: How the Dallas-based Hunts’ $17-billion Oncor buy unraveled — and why there could be an encore

May 17, 2016: 143,000 Workers In Texas Advanced Energy Industry

May 17, 2016: Projects for 2019, slight rate increase in LP&L’s proposed 2016-17 budget

May 18, 2016: Southwest Power Pool plans $309 million in transmission upgrades

May 19, 2016: Priority Power Management Secures 8-Year Contract for City of Big Spring

May 17, 2016: Texas Panel Advises Switching Gas Rate Cases from Railroad Commission to PUCT

May 16, 2016: Make Me a Tender Offer! EFH Bankruptcy Settlement Gets Third Circuit Approval

May 16, 2016: AEP promotes Texas president to new position focused on customers

May 17, 2016: Lubbock Power & Light Announces New Assistant Director Of Electric Utilities

May 16. 2016: MISO, ARPA-E Partner for Inaugural MISO Market Symposium

May 16, 2016: Make Me a Tender Offer! EFH Bankruptcy Settlement Gets Third Circuit Approval

May 16, 2016: AEP promotes Texas president to new position focused on customers

May 13, 2016: How to make shopping for electricity easier

May 15, 2016: Infrareit Incorporated (NYSE:HIFR) Shorted Shares Decreased By 10.42%

May 14, 2016: Partnership to bring energy savings to Gunter ISD

Power Grid Security

May 17, 2016: Hall: Electric grid security is a serious — but fixable — issue

Texas Retail Electric Providers

May 18, 2016: ConEdison Solutions Preps For Sale of Retail Supply Biz, Says No Specific Buyer Yet Identified

May 17, 2016: Start-up Texas Retail Energy Provider Seeks To Use Trade Name Tex-Power, Led By Energy Marketing Veteran

May 16, 2016: Texas REP Named BBB Pinnacle Winner, 6 Other REPs Named Winners of Distinction

Renewable Power

May 19, 2016: Corporate PPAs – What Are The Market Trends?

May 19, 2016: Converting Sunlight Into Hot Electrons Using Gold Nanoparticles

May 19, 2016: Environmental and public health benefits of solar power tallied

May 18, 2016: Pilots of solar-powered plane say mission includes promotion of clean technologies

May 18, 2016: Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone

May 19, 2016: Renewables, LNG capacity growth to mute US gas price strength: economist

May 19, 2016: Microsoft pledges to use more renewable energy in its data centers

May 19, 2016: Solar power is already saving lives in the US. Here’s how

May 19, 2016: ‘Like putting a man on the moon’: How U.S. utilities can break into the offshore wind market.

May 19, 2016: Renewable Energy Tax Credits: Recent IRS Notice Favorable to the Renewable Energy Industry

May 16, 2016: The answer to sustainability isn’t blowing in the wind; Read the fine print when corporations tout ‘green’ achievements

May 17, 2016: Department of Energy expands solar training for veterans

May 18, 2016: Engineers just smashed the world record for solar power

May 17, 2016: Best Buy, Nordstrom to pursue renewables

May 17, 2016: Startup wants to put self-driving big rigs on US highways

May 16, 2016: Apple’s big bet on China is also a bet on driverless cars

May 16, 2016: Why the ‘Green Police’ fail to catch carmaker crooks

May 17, 2016: Tax deal to boost renewables’ share of US power market

May 17, 2016: Dow Increases Clean Energy Targets Aligned to 2025 Sustainability Goals

May 17, 2016: Here’s the No. 1 Problem With Renewable Energy Financing

May 17, 2016: Gone with the wind: Surprising potential to improve reliability in wind power

May 13, 2016: Xcel to build $1 billion wind-power project, Colorado’s biggest

May 15, 2016: Sunnova CEO wary of growth at any cost model for solar firms

May 16, 2016: Companies propose deep-water wind farms off Hawaii shores

May 13, 2016: Solar power driving new demand for silver

May 13, 2016: Argentina to Hold First Auction in Renewable Energy Drive

May 13, 2016: Biofuels Plant in Hawaii Is First to Be Certified as Sustainable

May 13, 2016: Solar stocks lag coal shares despite upbeat forecasts

May 12, 2016: Why charging an electric car at night is worse for the environment

Outside Texas

May 19, 2016: FERC’s LaFleur: Agency should have resolved dispute involving PJM’s capacity market

May 19, 2016: Tesla fights NV Energy’s resistance to changes to support battery storage

May 16, 2016: Nuclear Power’s Decline In New England Could Cause Blackouts

May 17, 2016: The electricity crisis in Venezuela: A cautionary tale

May 16, 2016: GE and Virginia Solar Complete 32-Megawatt Power Plant in Japan

May 13, 2016: UK energy from coal hits zero for first time in over 100 years

May 16, 2016: NY utility workers want deterrent from attacks

Other News

May 17, 2016: Tesla to Sell $2 Billion in Shares to Bolster Model 3 Output

May 18, 2016: Texas Water Board Approves $US 62 Billion Water Plan

May 19, 2016: Dow’s Texas polyethylene expansion on track for 2017 startup: company

May 20, 2016: Energy Marketer Names Market Veteran As CEO, Closes New Funding

May 17, 2016: Trimble Sells its Energy Transmission Solutions to GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc.

May 13, 2016: Xcel Energy CEO Ben Fowke Appointed to National Infrastructure Advisory Council

May 13, 2016: Natural gas prices fall on lackluster demand


For the Week of  5/6/16 — 5/13/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

May 10, 2016: Charting Nuclear Power’s Future — A Conversation with NRC Chair Stephen Burns

May 12, 2016: Transmission Essential for Robust Electric Grid

May 11, 2016: Luminant agrees to terms on Tradinghouse power plant while new opposition emerges

May 10, 2016: GE to buy power plant unit of Korea’s Doosan Engineering

May 11, 2016: West Texas May Have an Answer to Pilgrim’s Nuclear Waste Problem

May 12, 2016: Nissan’s xStorage is a home battery pack like Tesla’s Powerwall

May 10, 2016: Texas, of all places, shows how to lower carbon emissions

May 10, 2016: Construction manufacturer Caterpillar enters microgrid and storage market

May 11, 2016: Saving Energy and Money: Texas is on a Path to Greater Efficiency

May 10, 2016: ERCOT: Texas gears up for proposals to integrate DERs

May 10, 2016: A Test Case for How to Lower Carbon Emissions: Texas

May 10, 2016: Energy sector carbon emissions dipped in 2015

May 6, 2016: Texas Moving Into Real-World Proposal Stage for Distributed Energy-Grid Integration

May 6, 2016: Goodbye antiquated bulk power system; hello game-changing Tesla tech


May 12, 2016: NextEra Said to Renew Interest in Energy Future’s Oncor Electric

May 13, 2016: NextEra renews Oncor pursuit after Hunt’s acquisition bid falters

May 12, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Plan Filed

May 12, 2016: Calpine names new chairman after Fusco leaves for Cheniere

May 12, 2016: Entergy sees bright future in solar

May 11, 2016: Houston City Council Rejects CenterPoint Rate Hike

May 12, 2016: CenterPoint Energy’s (CNP) CEO Scott Prochazka on Q1 2016 Results

May 12, 2016: Weather Drags CenterPoint Energy’s 1Q16 Top Line, Again

May 11, 2015: Credit Suisse Reiterates a Hold Rating on Centerpoint Energy

May 11, 2016: Advanced energy industry in TX employs more than refining: Report

May 11, 2016: Area stuck in middle of fight over clean energy

May 11, 2016: Arjuna Resolution Fails at Entergy Annual Shareholder Meeting

May 9, 2016: Some AE panelists reject all manager finalists

May 10, 2016: CenterPoint aims for rate hikes on multiple fronts

May 10, 2016: Frisco Families Oppose Oncor Substation Plan

May 9, 2016: Advanced energy industry employs 143,000 workers in Texas, with employment expected to increase 7% this year

May 10, 2016: Fitch Affirms Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, Texas’ CP Notes Program at ‘F1+’

May 9, 2016: Bluebonnet Electric customers to get share of $3 million surplus

May 9, 2016: Embedded fuel cells power smartphones for a week… and could run the world

May 9, 2016: MISO Considering Changes to Proposed Auction Design

May 9, 2016: French driller Total to buy battery maker in push to expand clean energy

May 8, 2016: Hunt Says Jump. Dallas Mayor Rawlings Asks How High. What Was the Answer?

May 8, 2016: Bid for state’s largest utility is on life support

May 8, 2016: Some AE panelists reject all manager finalists

May 8, 2016: NRG to Lay Off 500 Employees With Restructuring of Its Home Solar Business

May 8, 2016: NRG Steps Back From Alternative Energy Ventures in Cost-Cutting Effort

May 8, 2016: InfraREIT’s (HIFR) CEO David Campbell on Q1 2016 Results

May 8, 2016: Forney begins annexation process of Luminant power plant, formerly NextEra

May 8, 2016: What Warren Buffett Can Teach Us About Utility Depreciation

May 6, 2016: Exelon (EXC) Christopher M. Crane on Q1 2016 Results

Texas Retail Electric Providers

May 12, 2016: Just Energy First Retail Energy Provider to Offer Compatibility with Amazon Alexa Voice Service

May 11, 2016: City agrees to 8-year term with electricity provider

May 12, 2016: Retail Energy Exec Sees Brokers As Among Retail Suppliers’ Key Competitors In The Future

May 12, 2016: Texas REP Offering 100 Days of Free Power

May 12, 2016: Texas REP Changes Name

May 9, 2016: Stream Launches Roadside Assistance, Virtual MD Services

May 6, 2016: TXU Energy Adds Flexibility To Free Nights Offer, Allowing Customers To Pick Hours

May 6, 2016: Texas PUC Staff Seek Default Order Revoking Texas REP’s Certificate

Renewable Power

May 5, 2016: Dvorak: IRS issues more construction-start guidance

May 12, 2016: Nation’s Fastest-Growing Job Only for Those Who Like to Get High

May 11, 2016: Clean Energy ‘Miracles’ Remain Elusive — But Here’s Why That Might Not Be a Problem

May 11, 2016: GE closing Pennsylvania solar inverter plant on weak demand

May 10, 2016: Community solar systems popping up across rural America

May 11, 2016: Electric Cars Are Not Necessarily Clean

May 11, 2016: Report: Renewables Will be No. 1 in Global Power Generation in 24 years

May 11, 2016: US solar company inks deal with China to build 1,000 MW concentrating solar power plant

May 11, 2016: Wyoming lawmakers to consider raising the only US state tax on wind generation

May 10, 2016: Riding the ‘Solarcoaster’ as Shares Plunge Even More Than Coal

May 10, 2016: Coal-Killing Low Cost Solar Cell Hits 10% Efficiency Mark

May 10, 2016: U.S. Hotels Become More Hospitable to Energy-Saving Systems

May 10, 2016: Nuclear energy draws renewed interest in Congress

May 10, 2016: Wind power prospects may hinge on gas price, government

May 10, 2016: Experts divided on how wind farms affect property values

May 10, 2016: Riding the ‘Solarcoaster’ as Shares Plunge Even More Than Coal

May 5, 2016: 4 drivers of solar growth utilities need to know

May 7, 2016: Oil Isn’t the Only Commodity Threatened by Tesla’s Rise

May 6, 2016: GE deploys first of its latest fast-ramping gas engine in US to support renewables

May 6, 2016: SolarCity, duke of the rooftop, expands into solar farms

Outside Texas

May 12, 2016: CFTC proposes to allow market actors to sue grid operators

May 12, 2016: Ohio PUC greenlights rehearing for FirstEnergy plant subsidy case

May 11, 2016: FERC Grants Waiver to Gas-Fired Oregon Clean Energy Project

May 11, 2016: Most PJM capacity prices likely lower this auction: observers

May 4, 2016: Nuclear Waste Leak Continues at ‘America’s Fukushima’; 33 Left Ill by Radioactive Fumes

May 9, 2016: MISO expects to have enough power to meet slightly lower demand this summer

May 9, 2016: Australian inquiry backs nuclear power after decades-long aversion

May 9, 2016: SEC investigates Mississippi Power over Kemper costs

May 9, 2016: ComEd jumps on the demand charge train with new Illinois proposal

May 6, 2016: FERC to hold technical conference to address concerns about Southern Co. market power

May 6, 2016: Cost of Illinois nuclear plants looms large for Exelon

May 6, 2016: NRC Publishes Final Supplement to Yucca Mountain’s Environmental Statement

Other News

May 11, 2016: Houston court cuts into Delaware’s bankruptcy business

May 11, 2016: Cheniere names Calpine’s Fusco as new CEO

May 7, 2016: UVIG Announces 2016 Technical Achievement Honorees

May 7, 2016: ‘It’s the future’: S.A. Tesla drivers take us for a spin

May 9, 2016: When will state change Texas Railroad Commission’s name?


For the Week of  4/29/16 — 5/6/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

May 5, 2016: ERCOT: Uncertainty Increased in 10-Year Outlook

May 5, 2016: The Unloved Business That’s Saved Big Oil From Low Energy Prices

May 5, 2016: Texas Could Get a Fifth of Its Electricity from Solar Panels, but It Has a Long Way to Go

May 4, 2016: Texas co-op expands renewable portfolio as power plan concerns linger

May 4, 2016: New power plant technology goes smaller and closer to customer needs

May 5, 2016: Tesla Powerwalls for Home Energy Storage Hit U.S. Market

May 4, 2016: Dying a coal death: Dynegy latest to go down

May 4, 2016: ERCOT’s summer 2016 reserves shrinking, but ‘enough’: report

May 3, 2016: Texas Matters: Will You Share The Road With High Level Nuclear Waste?

May 3, 2016: ERCOT analysis anticipates sufficient electricity reserves for summer, upcoming fall

April 28, 2016 : Company’s plan to store high level radioactive waste in Texas could affect San Antonio

April 28, 2016: Palo Verde Refueling Top-Performing Reactor

April 29, 2015: Challengers want 5 hours for epic court brawl


May 5, 2016: El Paso Electric loses $5.8 million 1st quarter

May 5, 2016: New Home senior represents Texas in National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

May 5, 2016: Controversy Over Proposed Site of New Electric Substation, Two Miles from Cowboys New Home

May 5, 2016: Two Suspects Posing as Oncor Workers Arrested by Heath DPS

May 5, 2016: Dynegy CEO’s Comments Serve To Highlight Barriers Facing Independent Retailers From Capacity Markets

May 5, 2016: NRG Revamps Residential Solar To Originate Business For Sale To Other Providers; Sells Majority Share of EV Charging Business

May 5, 2016: American Electric Power: Long-Term Growth Stays Secure

May 5, 2016: PUC punts decision on Hunt-led buyout of Oncor

May 4, 2016: Here’s what the PUC decided today about the Hunts’ bid to buy Oncor

May 5, 2016: Here’s how the Texas mild winter hurt Oncor’s bottom line in Q1 2016

May 5, 2016: InfraREIT Reports First Quarter 2016 Results

May 5, 2016: NRG Energy, Inc. Reports First Quarter Results, Concludes GreenCo Process, and Reaffirms 2016 Guidance

May 5, 2016: NRG Energy (NRG) Q1 Earnings Impress Yet Revenues Weak

May 3, 2016: Three possible results today from battle over Oncor and why you should care

May 3, 2016: Why the largest power company in Texas can’t wait on the Hunts, PUC

May 3, 2016: The future of the state’s largest regulated utility is uncertain

May 3, 2016: Energy Future files 2nd bankruptcy plan, leaving Hunt’s bid for Oncor in limbo

May 3, 2016: Moody’s Assigns A2 to City of Brownsville, TX’s $39M Util. Sys. Refunding Bonds, Series 2016; Outlook Stable

May 4, 2016: Spectra Energy Reports First Quarter 2016 Results

May 4, 2016: El Paso Electric reports 1Q loss

May 3, 2015: Oracle buys Opower, and the role of energy data grows

May 3, 2016: Hunt Oncor Deal Involves $250 Million a Year You and I Either Get or Don’t Get

May 1, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Files Second Bankruptcy Plan

May 1, 2016: Energy Future Offers New Reorganization Plan Amid Deal Dispute

May 1, 2016: Six things Texas electricity customers should know about the new race to buy Oncor

May 1, 2016: Energy Future Files New Chapter 11 Exit Plan

April 29, 2016: Mitchell Schnurman: Deal for Oncor may fall apart after Texas bungles utility case

April 29, 2016: InfraREIT’s Tenant, Sharyland Utilities, Files Rate Case with the Public Utility Commission of Texas

April 29, 2016: Calpine Q1 adjusted EBITDA, free cash flow up YOY; adjusted loss widens YOY on expenses

April 29, 2016: SNL: PNM Resources maintains guidance despite drop in Q1 earnings | SNL

Texas Retail Electric Providers

May 4, 2016: TXU Energy Free Nights Evolving to Give Consumers Even More Choice

May 5, 2016: Priority Power Management Secures 10-Year Electricity Contract for City of Midland

May 3, 2016: TXU Energy helps area residents with utility bills

May 3, 2016: Just Energy Customers Now Get More in Comfort, Convenience and Control with FilterEasy Partnership

May 2, 2016: Retail Supplier Names Former Consumer Products Exec To New Role of Chief Products & Services Officer

May 2, 2016: Calpine: Likes Retail Business, Wants To See It Grow

Power Grid Security

April 28, 2016: Texas’ power grid in safer position than most

Renewable Power

May 5, 2016: Fish and Wildlife to allow more wind-related eagle deaths

May 4, 2016: Solar power is contagious. These maps show how it spreads.

May 3, 2016: Solar Airplane Lands In Phoenix After Flight From Silicon Valley

May 4, 2016: ChargePoint Raises $50M as EV Charging Market Hits Its Stride

April 30, 2016: Texas Solar Prices Are Currently The Lowest Price Per Watt In The Country

April 29, 2016: Study says Texas is one of the worst solar states in the U.S.

April 27, 2016: Mercom Says Global Solar Installations Set To Reach 66.7 GW In 2016

April 28, 2016: Top 10 solar utilities see growth through declining prices, favorable policies

April 29, 2016: Duke Energy plans 8,000 MW of renewables by 2020

Outside Texas

May 5, 2016: MSU economics study has implications for Sheppard wind farms

May 5, 2016: Can the House and Senate turn two energy bills into one law?

May 3, 2016: Power plant, gas pipeline ‘on target’

May 4, 2016: FirstEnergy, critics file for rehearing in Ohio power plant subsidy case

May 4, 2016: California bills target power plants, oil, natural gas

April 28, 2016: Fukushima plant’s new ice wall not watertight

May 2, 2016: Oracle to buy Opower for $532M

May 2, 2016: Ohio utilities look to re-regulate market with plant subsidies under FERC scrutiny

May 1, 2016: This New York Project Fuses Energy Microgrids With Blockchain Technology

April 28, 2016: PJM capacity performance auction process facing more challenges

April 29, 2016: AEP’s Akins says struggling Ohio power plants may be sold

April 29, 2016: Fortis, ITC file with FERC for merger approval

Other News

May 4, 2016: Shell’s earnings plummet

May 2, 2016: Tesla’s Elon Musk says mass preorders for Model 3 have been canceled

May 2, 2016: How one energy company uses hybrid-cloud to its advantage

May 3, 2016: Utilities Take Advantage Of Pipeline Companies’ Pain

April 29, 2016: Coal demand drops in almost all U.S. states

May 3, 2016: Xplore Secures New $1.3 Million Order for B10 with Leading Utility Infrastructure Service Provider

April 29, 2016: Sunset Review Suggests Changes, New Name at Railroad Commission

May 1, 2016: GM successfully blocked Tesla’s effort to directly sell electric vehicles in Connecticut

April 29, 2016: Texas Congressman Plans Bill to Speed Hurricane Protection

April 28, 2016: Cornyn Files Bill to Speed Hurricane Study

April 28, 2016: Coal swoon felt in most states, except 2



For the Week of  4/22/16 — 4/29/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

April 28, 2016 : West Texas Site Applies for Nuke Waste License

April 28, 2016 : Nuclear power plant COMPROMISED: Fears grow as power plant affected by malware

April 28, 2016: Could Texas’ dirty coal power plants be replaced by geothermal systems?

April 27, 2016: Plants Emitting Pollutants Illegally, Report Claims

April 27, 2016: Three takeaways from the national energy storage conference in Charlotte

April 26, 2016: Clean Power Plan litigation ready for oral arguments as parties file final briefs

April 22, 2016: Elegantly Matching Demand to Generation

April 25, 2016: RES Distributed Announces Solar Project for Central Texas

April 25, 2016: PEC to build solar generation sites across Hill Country

April 22, 2016: States file opening brief in federal ozone rule challenge

April 25, 2016: Utilities, greens collaborating on energy storage

April 22, 2016: Texas move makes Dynegy a major national player

April 22, 2016: As wind turbines boom, nature doesn’t cooperate

April 22, 2016: Utilities in no hurry to lock into IB coal term deals

April 25, 2016: EDF Renewable Energy Acquires groSolar


April 28, 2016: Energy Future Holdings likely to ditch $18B Hunt-led play for Oncor

April 28, 2016: Energy Future Holdings says Oncor sale is dead

April 28, 2016: Did the Hunt group’s plan to buy Oncor just die in a Delaware court hearing?

April 28, 2016: Hunt-Led Investors Scramble to Save Oncor Buyout

April 28, 2016: Austin Energy further tightens standards for need-based bill discounts

April 28, 2016: Angry Duncanville man saves $177 on $18,000 solar investment

April 28, 2016: Austin’s role in cleantech revolution highlighted in Secretary of State visit

April 28, 2016: American Electric Power reports slight earnings miss

April 25, 2016: Big fine hits LCRA for unpermitted plant operation

April 26, 2016: Some utility watchers underwhelmed with Austin Energy finalists

April 25, 2016: Toyota to add solar to its San Antonio campus

April 26, 2016: AARP pushes for legislative probe of Oncor deal

April 25, 2016: Commissioners shouldn’t back down on Oncor

April 25, 2016: Tesla unveils pricing details for Powerpack system

April 25, 2016: Nest taps more than 50 providers for efficiency and DR services

April 22, 2016: Chronic Houston flooding raises the stakes in U.S. ‘energy capital’

April 22, 2016: Analysts Expect Lower Earnings from AEP in 1Q16

Texas Retail Electric Providers

April 22, 2016: Investment Bank Seeks Texas Retail Electric Provider Certificate

Renewable Power

April 28, 2016: Top 10 solar utilities see growth through declining prices, favorable policies

April 28, 2016: The Undoing Of Utilities? A Look At The New Consumer-Driven Age Of Energy

April 25, 2016: Can The Solar Industry Absorb Laid-Off Oil Workers?

April 26, 2016: How ‘Green’ is Your State?

April 27, 2016: Summit in Reno to Highlight Future Role of Geothermal and Baseload Renewables

April 27, 2016: U.S. wind power puts Americans back to work

April 25, 2016: Brownsville neurosurgeon wins solar panel patent

April 25, 2016: Wind energy converter inspired by ancient boats

April 26, 2016: Utility-Solar Partnership Proposes Net Metering Overhaul

April 26, 2016: Coloradans feel the heat from indoor marijuana growing

April 25, 2016: SunEdison Bankruptcy: What it means to the solar industry

April 25, 2016: Bankruptcy judge says SunEdison can tap $300 million loan

April 24, 2016: Solar-plane pilots say trip was also test of human endurance

April 25, 2016: Getting Cheap Wind Power Where It’s Needed Shouldn’t Be This Hard

April 25, 2016: Macy’s Launches 28-Store Solar Power Program

April 22, 2016: SunEdison Is Just The Latest Casualty Of The Popping Of The Easy-Money Energy Bubble

April 23, 2016: Renewable Energy Stumbles Toward the Future

April 23, 2016: From peanuts to power

Outside Texas

April 25, 2016: FERC Blocks Ohio Power Plant Subsidy Deal

April 27, 2016: FERC to consider waivers for electric utilities purchasing gas pipeline capacity

April 25, 2016: China Curbs Plans for More Coal-Fired Power Plants

April 26, 2016: FERC finds NYISO’s reliability must-run rules rely too much on NY PSC

April 25, 2016: PJM average power prices hit 15-year low in March

Other News

April 26, 2016: On the importance of America’s new role as a major exporter of LNG

April 26, 2016: AEP Names Dieck Treasurer; Sever Named Senior Vice President

April 26, 2015: Pioneer’s Strong Results Show America’s Oil Boom Is Just Taking A Breather

April 26, 2016: Google, Uber, Ford Form Group to Advocate for Self-Driving Cars

April 26, 2016: AEP Names Dieck Treasurer; Sever Named Senior Vice President

April 21, 2016: Feds approve plans to export LNG produced at Eagle Ford facility

April 22, 2016: China edging closer to first maritime nuclear station

April 22, 2016: China eyes floating nuclear power plants for remote locations

April 22, 2016: Advanced reactor bill raises ‘red flags’


For the Week of  4/15/16 — 4/22/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

April 21, 2016: Struggling SunEdison files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

April 20, 2016: SunEdison Filing Leaves Renewable Energy Developers Unfazed

April 20, 2016: An Energy Bill in Need of Fixes

April 20, 2016: Co-op Using Nest Thermostat for Load Control

April 20, 2016: Senate OKs bill to promote wide variety of energy sources

April 20, 2016: How energy efficiency could become the new ‘bridge fuel’ to cut carbon

April 20, 2016: FERC seeks input from ISOs on possible market barriers to energy storage

April 13, 2016: New gas-fired power plants are concentrated near major shale plays

April 18, 2016: EPA ‘ties itself in knots’ in CPP defense, opponents say

April 18, 2016: Industry groups endorse ozone bill

April 19, 2016: High court strikes down Maryland power plant subsidies

April 15, 2016: It’s already happening: New EIA numbers show a utility sector in transformation

April 15, 2016: What keeps grid CEOs up at night?

April 18, 2016: Alevo batteries from Concord plant headed to Texas

April 15, 2016: EPA says utilities can meet pollution rules cheaply

April 16, 2016: Texas Power Players Sit Out Political Opposition To Clean Power Plan


April 20, 2016: City Council approves resolution to dispute rates with Oncor

April 20, 2016: Texas fails on new ranking of America’s greenest states

April 20, 2016: Electric power industry investments and coordination making the grid more resilient and secure

April 20, 2016: GE pushes power sector towards the digital age

April 20, 2016: Hunt deal to buy Oncor will fall apart without changes, buyers say

April 20, 2016: Oncor Schedules First Quarter 2016 Investor Call

April 20, 2016: Energy prices bite low-income households in Dallas deeper than those in other cities

April 20, 2016: CPS Energy renews CEO search

April 21, 2016: Texas People’s Counsel: PUC Should Consider Sorting Power To Choose Site Offers Based on Complaint Score

April 20, 2016: Austin’ Controversial pilot energy programs don’t make it far

April 19, 2016: Fort Worth wants Oncor to prove why rates shouldn’t be reduced

April 19, 2016: Local cities file rate case against Oncor

April 18, 2016: Storms cut power for over 122,000 in Houston, prices swing widely

April 18, 2016: Hunt group says it can’t buy Oncor under the terms of last month’s PUC order, asks for rehearing

April 18, 2016: Hunt Group Asks For Re-hearing on Oncor Bid

April 18, 2016: Oncor warning: Thieves posing as power company techs are working North Texas

April 18, 2016: MISO capacity auction sees higher prices across many states

April 15, 2016: Senate bill introduced to reform NRC fees, speed up licensing of advanced nukes

April 15, 2016: Xcel Energy selects Frenzel as new CFO

April 15, 2016: Georgetown Utility Systems Receives National Recognition for Reliability and Safety

April 17, 2016: They’ve got the power

Texas Retail Electric Providers

April 22, 2016: Texas REP Withdraws Petition for PUCT Declaratory Ruling on Original Jurisdiction of Cities Over Customer Complaints

Power Grid Security

April 19, 2016: Sharing can help utilities fight cyber threats

Renewable Power

April 20, 2016: San Francisco Requires New Buildings To Install Solar Panels

April 20, 2016: Green Ammonia Made With Wind Is Future of Fertilizer at Siemens

April 20, 2016: Wind energy must coexist with the Navy

April 20, 2016: Wind industry touts consumer savings, landowner income

April 15, 2016: Duke Energy makes list of 20 innovative companies shaping the new interactive power grid

April 14, 2016: After 9-Month Delay, Record-Breaking Solar Plane Prepares For Liftoff

April 15, 2016: Documents show deals between DoD, wind farms elsewhere in Texas

April 20, 2016: NY utilities, solar companies propose transition away from retail net metering

April 13, 2016: New Solar Panel Turns Raindrops Into Electricity: Here’s How The Technology Works

April 18, 2016: How cheap does solar power need to get before it takes over the world?

April 18, 2016: After Receiving $191 Million in Taxpayer-Backed Loans, Spanish Solar Company Files for Bankruptcy

April 18, 2016: The Green Energy Bust — It’s the 1970s all over again

April 15, 2016: BLM conservation policy threatens key power line

April 15, 2016: Wind Sector Job Boom Could Offer Shelter to Displaced Oil & Gas Employees

April 15, 2016: The fuzzy accounting behind renewable energy’s falling prices

April 15, 2016: Duke Energy ranks in top 3 utilities for solar power use

April 15, 2016: Notre Dame licenses wind technology

April 15, 2016: UCF floats solar power, given limited land space

Outside Texas

April 20, 2016: NY regulators order utilities to share data to spur distributed generation

April 20, 2016: Seven US coal-fired power units get 1-year extension for MATS compliance

April 20, 2016: How Venezuela’s Economic Success Fueled Its Electricity Crisis

April 20, 2016: Japan faces fresh earthquake panic as 6.1 magnitude tremor hits coast near Fukushima nuclear plant

April 19, 2016: Yieldcos seen playing central role in a SunEdison bankruptcy

April 18, 2016: ISO-NE asks FERC to approve sloped zonal demand curves, revisions to systemwide curve

April 18, 2016: CAISO proposal looks at gas-electric market coordination in wake of Aliso Canyon

April 18, 2016: 9 states challenge Wis. in high-profile takings case

April 14, 2016: OCI Solar Power, Buenavista Renewables to build first private utility-scale PV plant in Mexico

April 19, 2016: Exelon Generation and RES Announce 10 MW Battery Storage Project

April 15, 2016: Midwest utilities retire more than 2,000 MW of coal-fired generation

April 18, 2016: Pilgrim nuclear plant to refuel next year, close in 2019

April 18, 2016: ‘Catastrophic’ event at Hanford prompts emergency response

April 14, 2016: Venezuela to ration malls, change clocks, to save power

April 15, 2016: OCI Solar Power, Buenavista Renewables Commemorate First Private Utility-scaleSolar Park in Mexico

Other News

April 20, 2016: Student Tour: Oncor’s Technology Demonstration & Education Center

April 21, 2016: Eagle Ford production slowing: Kinder Morgan

April 19, 2016: Bill allowing drones to inspect oil, gas infrastructure passes Senate

April 19, 2016: Alcoa tract goes on market with asking price of about $250 million

April 18, 2016: Utilities should join us in working toward a 21st century rate design

April 15, 2016: May natural gas futures tumble in week’s closing session

April 18, 2016: The Lessons of a Coal Giant’s Collapse

April 16, 2016: Studies suggest a driverless Tesla Model 3 fleet could be highly profitable, obtain significant market share


For the Week of  4/8/16 — 4/15/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

April 14, 2016: Decision on Frisco’s transmission line case delayed a second time

April 10, 2016: U.S. Natural Gas Electricity Efficiency is Always Improving

April 15, 2016: The Green Energy Bust

April 15, 2016: Right After All On Oil

April 14, 2016: What’s in, what’s out of the latest Senate energy bill deal

April 14, 2016: Senate plots return to energy reform bill without Flint aid

April 12, 2016: Graphene: Energy storage’s silver bullet or a promise stretched thin?

April 13, 2016: It’s official: Alamo 5 is now on the power grid

April 12, 2016: Texas Solar Shoppers Seeing Lowest Prices in the US

April 12, 2016: Natural gas generation bringing below-cost values: analyst

April 12, 2016: ERC: Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending April 8, 2016

April 12, 2016: When it comes to wind power, see all the ways Texas blows away other states

April 12, 2016: ConEdison inaugurates 118 MW dual-axis tracker solar plant in Texas

April 8, 2016: DAP claims Somervell County, Comanche Peak unsafe, but testing, manuals say otherwis

April 10, 2016: The Mystery of Wind Energy in Texas

April 10, 2016: SPP Briefs: Another New Wind Penetration Record

April 11, 2016: The Grid Edge Awards: Building the 21st-Century Energy System

April 11, 2016: Moody’s: Cheap gas could pressure coal, nuclear plants into retirement

April 9, 2016: Former head of Texas utility commission sheds light on energy mix

April 8, 2016: Less Than Zero: Why Texas Power Generators Sell at a Loss

April 9, 2016: With another generation record, Texas edges closer to 50% wind penetration

April 10, 2016: U.S. Natural Gas Electricity Efficiency is Always Improving


April 14, 2016: Concerns over Oncor deal linger as Texas teacher pension fund mulls investment in bid

April 13, 2016: Decoupling policies could boost efficiency spending, savings

April 14, 2016: 3 Different Approaches From Rural Electric Cooperatives To Reduce the Cost of Community-Scale Solar

April 15, 2016: Allconnect’s Kim Shumway Speaks about Leveraging Technology and Data to Create Highly Satisfied Customers at Energy Thought Summit

April 11, 2016: Lawmakers mull eminent domain tweaks

April 13, 2016: The top-performing hedge fund manager that’s too hot for big money to handle

April 12, 2016: Lime Energy Awarded Small Business Direct Install Contract with Oncor Electric Delivery Company

April 11, 2016: Forney begins annexation process of Luminant power plant, formerly NextEra

April 11, 2016: Former NRG CEO: This type of business model is ‘completely broken’

April 11, 2016: SPS finishes $22M Dalhart expansion

April 8, 2016: Energy Income Partners buys $42.8 Million stake in American Electric Power Company Inc (AEP)

April 7, 2016: AEP won’t let Dynegy bid on its Ohio plants, exec says

April 11, 2016: As complexity of energy solutions grows, utility consultancies target C&I customers

April 11, 2016: GridLiance Appoints J. Calvin Crowder President, South Central Region

Texas Retail Electric Providers

April 15, 2016: European Retail Energy Aggregator To Enter U.S. Market

April 15, 2016: Retail Energy Comparison Site: Texas Should License Brokers, Cites Required Security in Other States

April 15, 2016: Texas REP Wants PUC To Regulate Pricing: Impose Uniform Costs on All Customers

April 13, 2016: Stream Announces Kelly Habbas as New CIO

April 13, 2016: Texas Retail Provider Offering $400 Rebate For Enrollment, Also $500 Incentive

April 13, 2016: Texas City Selects REP, 3¢/kWh Power

April 8, 2016: Electricity Comes Free in Texas Time-of-Use Plans

Power Grid Security

April 10, 2016: Cyber coverage seen as security incentive

April 8, 2016: FBI Warns of Cyber Threat to Electric Grid

Renewable Power

April 14, 2016: A possible game-changer in developing clean, renewable energy sources

April 14, 2016: Warren Buffet Wants To Build The Nation’s Largest Wind Farm

April 12, 2016: Microsoft Explores Self-Driving Cars With Toyota Partnership

April 12, 2016: Why companies are buying so much wind power

April 12, 2016: SolarCity shares get boost from fundraising, Wellinghoff hire

April 12, 2016: Wind was the largest source for new capacity again in 2015, AWEA says

April 8, 2016: City’s 100% green plan seeks overhaul in electricity buying

April 9, 2016: Durham’s NET Power breaks ground on zero-emissions plant

April 9, 2016: Global Investment In Solar Slips, Venture Capital Shifts Focus To Downstream

April 12, 2016: U.S. Wind Power Jobs Up 20% In 2015

April 8, 2016: Nothing Can Stop Solar Now: Army Will Help Air Force Meet Clean Energy Goal

April 10, 2016: Researchers Are Working on Graphene Solar Cells That Create Electricity in the Rain

April 10, 2016: Electric Vehicles Are Just Trolling Cheap Gas

April 10, 2016: More Than $128 Billion Dollars Invested in U.S. Economy by New Wind Power Projects

April 8, 2016: Google Funds to Expand Nonprofit Pushing Renewable Energy

April 8, 2016: Rural cooperatives fight solar power tooth and nail

April 8, 2016: Orion Energy Systems Launches Game-Changing LED Retrofit Products

April 11, 2016: America’s Shining Cities 2016

Outside Texas

April 13, 2016: FERC judge: Public interest presumption overcome, Shell, Iberdrola must pay $1B-plus in refunds

April 12, 2016: Japan prepares for release of tritium from Fukushima plant

April 12, 2016: Venezuela orders long weekends to stave off power crisis

Other News

April 12, 2016: Cheap Natural Gas To Spark Another Wave Of Coal Plant Retirements

April 12, 2016: What Will It Take to Get More Electric Cars on the Road?

April 14, 2016: Tesla 3 proves popular, but will electric cars go mainstream?

April 14, 2016: Analysts blame natural gas, not ‘war on coal,’ for Peabody’s demise

April 12, 2016: Hopes remain for congressional energy reforms in 2016

April 13, 2016: ‘Moral Case for Fossil Fuels’ sparks angry Senate debate

April 12, 2016: EIA Cuts U.S. Natural Gas Price Forecast Yet Again

April 6, 2016: A call goes out to slow down on self-driving cars

April 8, 2016: Demand Response Provider, Energy Consultant Merged Into Retail Supplier


For the Week of  4/1/16 — 4/8/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

April 6, 2016: 257 MW Texas Wind Power Project Arranges Financing

April 8, 2016: How to Juggle 100 Distributed Energy Resources on a Microgrid

April 7, 2016: Texas and California Have Too Much Renewable Energy

April 5, 2016: MIT coal power plant cuts emissions in half

April 4, 2016: How Utility Conservatism is Hampering Transmission Innovation

April 5, 2016: One Thing California, Texas Have in Common Is Negative Power

April 5, 2016: MP2 Energy To Purchase Excess Output From Village Farms’ New Solar Facility in Texas

April 4, 2016: NextEra Energy Resources completes sale of Texas fossil generating assets to an affiliate of Energy Future Holdings

April 4, 2016: Luminant Completes Purchase of Combined-Cycle Gas Plants

April 1, 2016: Luminant Names New Chief Nuclear Officer for Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant

April 4, 2016: ERCOT Confirms Default of Retail Provider, POLR Mass Transition Averted

April 3, 2016: Over 50 Cities Urge Court To Uphold Clean Power Plan

April 4, 2016: Natural gas plants running at a fast clip, EIA says

April 4, 2016: GridLiance Completes Acquisition of the Transmission Assets from the Tri-County Electric Cooperative

April 1, 2016: How Utilities Could Cut Planning Time for Demand-Side Management by Half


April 8, 2016: Fitch Affirms Oncor at ‘BBB’; Outlook Stable

April 7, 2016: Park it and charge it: Wireless electric car charging is coming

April 5, 2016: There Goes the Sun

April 5, 2016: What the Electric Vehicle Revolution is Really About

April 6, 2016: NextEra Energy Inc got downgraded

April 6, 2016: How Valuable Data Can Change the Energy Landscape Status Quo

April 6, 2016: San Antonio poised to climb even higher as solar energy adopter

April 6, 2016: FELPS addresses cost price hike as fuel costs decline

April 4, 2016: Oncor Enhances Online Reporting

April 4, 2016: PNM Resources: Sometimes A Quarterly Loss Is A Good Thing

April 4, 2016: LP&L gets positive reviews from bond rating agencies

April 4, 2016: Third Party Customer Data Providers Want ERCOT Voting Membership Without Stake In Market; Seek “Streamlined” Authorization For Customer Data

April 4, 2016: Why Your Utility Bill’s Still Rising Even When Power’s So Cheap

April 1, 2016: Solar panels boost home values best in energy-rich Texas

April 4, 2016: Competition is dead. Long live competition.

April 4, 2016: How DOE is leveraging federal authority to ease transmission development

April 4, 2016: America’s aging electrical grid could benefit from smart grid tech

April 3, 2016: Xcel Energy plans energy future with more wind, solar

March 31, 2016: A new ‘Keystone’ — Houston-based Clean Line Energy leads a change in power infrastructure.

March 31, 2016: CPS Energy Sets One-day Record for Wind Energy Powering San Antonio

April 1, 2016: Texas Environmental Regulators Argue Against Environmental Regulations — Again

April 1, 2016: Sheppard raises concern on possible wind farm developments in Clay County

Texas Retail Electric Providers

April 8, 2016: Texas REP Names Market Veteran As New CEO

April 7, 2016: Verde Energy Acquires Book of Texas Customers

April 5, 2016: Affiliate of Spark Energy Acquires Another Retail Energy Supplier

April 5, 2016: Stream Launching Three New Non-Energy Services

April 4, 2016: CenterPoint Energy closes on agreement to acquire Continuum Energy’s retail energy services business

Power Grid Security

April 7, 2016: Utilities Seek to Stockpile Essential Parts for Disasters — Energy Journal

April 4, 2016: Could There Be a Terrorist Fukushima?

April 4, 2016: FBI: Man put devices resembling pipe bombs on power lines

March 31, 2016: FBI: Devices similar to pipe bombs found on power lines

Renewable Power

April 5, 2016: Florida Will Vote This Year On Measure That Would Block Solar Leasing In The State

April 5, 2016: Wind and Solar Are Crushing Fossil Fuels

April 6, 2016: Rooftop Solar Panels Can Meet 40 Percent of US Electricity Demand

April 5, 2016: As RPS importance declines, 3 factors help drive growth for utility-scale solar

April 5, 2016: As solar prices drop in the U.S. consumers are increasingly shopping around to find the best deal

April 6, 2016: 15 Cities that Have Committed to Clean Energy

April 4, 2016: From Silicon Valley to Main Street, firms say SunEdison owes money

April 5, 2016: How Colorado Is Turning Food Waste Into Electricity

April 5, 2016: This Underwater Technology Harnesses Ocean Waves To Make Renewable Energy

March 31, 2016: How SunEdison went from No. 1 to the edge of bankruptcy

April 4, 2016: A Renewable Energy Boom

April 3, 2016: Solar farm developers target New York with lease offers

April 1, 2016: Market forces choose wind power

April 2, 2016: As coal and gas prices slide, renewable energy getting a second look

Outside Texas

April 5, 2016: Work begins on potential dam purchase

April 5, 2016: Southern’s Fanning has a plan to get new nukes built

April 4, 2016: FERC Orders MISO to Charge Uniform Interconnection Fees

April 5, 2016: Officials say ‘huge’ natural gas leak in Los Angeles could bring blackouts to southern California

April 3, 2016: California’s Growing Imported Electricity Problem

April 4, 2016: 5 energy lessons from D.C.’s $7 billion mega-utility merger

April 4, 2016: Watchdog: San Onofre should have a say in ‘consent’ nuclear waste disposal, Rep. Issa says

April 1, 2016: NRG Energy says Ivanpah output on track to meet its contracts

April 1, 2016: SunEdison preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Other News

April 6, 2016: Texas Supreme Court To Rehear “Bizarre” Pipeline Case

April 4, 2016: Tesla Deliveries Miss Forecast as `Hubris’ Hurts SUV Supply

April 4, 2016: Orders for lower-price Tesla reach 276000

April 2, 2016: The police could be controlling your self-driving car

April 4, 2016: Orders for Lower-Priced Tesla Hit 198,000


For the Week of  3/25/16 — 4/1/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

March 31, 2016: Private equity firm invests $300M in Houston clean power co.

March 31, 2016: Alevo partners to develop 10-MW storage project in Texas

March 28, 2016: Technology to Make Clean Energy From Coal Is Stumbling in Practice

March 30, 2016: Free To A Good Home: 75,000 Tons Of Nuclear Waste

March 29, 2016: This Messaging Guru Is Helping Utilities Clean Up Their Appearance

March 29, 2016: The ‘War on Coal’ will be expensive

March 28, 2016: ERCOT Receives Notification of Suspension of Operations

March 29, 2016: Vaisala and Pattern Energy strike lightning data deal

March 29, 2016: Printer friendly Natural gas leads pack for US power generation

March 28, 2016: 5th Circ. Shuts Off Texas Power Futures Manipulation Appeal

March 25, 2016: Richardson: Energy Storage – This Changes Everything

March 25, 2016: U.S. needs to reconsider nuclear power


April 1, 2016: Electric grid business is changing, so should regulations

March 30, 2016: Energy Future Wins Round Two In Fight To Skirt Liability For Make-Whole Premiums

March 30, 2016: Federal grant offers Austin chance to be leader in solar energy storage

March 30, 2016: IBEW local union No. 2337 acts to protect jobs

March 30, 2016: Tyler Area Energy Summit to be held Thursday

March 31, 2016: Texas City “Believed” It Had Original Jurisdiction Over Complaint Against Retail Provider, Now Reviewing Applicable Law

March 29, 2016: Tesla may go to federal court to get direct sales in Texas, 5 other states

March 29, 2016: Texas Considers Scrapping ‘Power To Choose’ Website Some Say Is Deceptive

March 25, 2016: Sen. Hancock speaks up on Oncor deal

March 25, 2016: Expert says renewable energy for Denton in reach

March 28, 2016: Will NRG Energy Sustain the Recovery?

March 25, 2016: Let Oncor follow American’s template for prosperity

March 24, 2016: Austin’s Seaholm project for sale, renewing debate over its public use

Texas Retail Electric Providers

 March 28, 2016: Texas REP Seeks To Lift Suspension Of Certificate

March 29, 2016: Constellation and Powerhouse Dynamics Offer Commercial Customers Enterprise-Level Automated Energy Management with No Upfront Costs

March 29, 2016: Gexa Energy Solutions and Deco Lighting Partnering

March 28, 2016: Texas Retail Provider Stepping Back From Prepay Service

Power Grid Security

March 31, 2016: Hackers Attacking More and More Nuclear Facilities, Report Shows

March 28, 2016: UTSA researcher to study vulnerability of electrical grid to cyber attack

Renewable Power

March 31, 2016: 2.5 Million Americans Are Employed By Renewable Energy Industries

March 31, 2016: HP commits to 100 percent renewable energy

March 30, 2016: Weinstein: Nuclear should be part of renewables strategy

March 31, 2016: Could The U.S. Switch To 100% Renewable Energy?

March 31, 2016: When Will Rooftop Solar Be Cheaper Than the Grid?

March 31, 2016: Is Rooftop Solar Cheaper Than Buying Electricity From the Grid?

March 31, 2016: One chart shows the incredible potential of renewable energy in the US

March 31, 2016: Utilities Fight Back Against Clean Energy Transition

March 31, 2016: Geothermal: Tapping Earth’s abundant energy

March 30, 2016: How ComEd is reinventing itself as a smart energy platform

March 30, 2015: Duke Energy snags another California solar project

March 29, 2016: Nevada Power Plant First in World With Solar-Geothermal Mix

March 30, 2016: Taxpayers Are Footing Bill for Solar Project That Doesn’t Work

March 30, 2016: James announces Office of Energy Assurance

March 30, 2016: Lynn Northrup, 98; Inventor Was Pioneer In Solar Energy

March 30, 2016: Mexico First Power Auction Awards 1,720 Megawatts of Wind, Solar

March 30, 2016: As goes Texas, so goes China?

March 30, 2016: Migratory birds are latest issue in Somerset wind power controversy

March 28, 2016: Momentum building behind U.S. wind energy

March 29, 2016: Xerox’s R&D Arm Is Developing a Digital Printer for Concentrated Solar PV

March 29, 2016: Energy Dept.: U.S. could get 39% of electricity from rooftop solar

March 29, 2016: SunEdison at risk of bankruptcy, unit says

March 29, 2016: SEC Investigating SunEdison’s Disclosures to Investors About Its Liquidity

March 28, 2016: Study: California could get 74% of power from rooftop solar

March 28, 2016: With Tax Break, 2015 was Big for Wind Energy

March 28, 2016: Wind power pays $222 million a year to rural landowners

March 28, 2016: Eight Ways Solar Power Is Driving New-Gen Computing

March 28, 2016: If a Power Plant Is Built in U.S., It’s Likely to be Renewable

March 28, 2016: Momentum building behind U.S. wind energy

March 28, 2016: Duke Energy to produce bimethane using waste from chickens and pigs

March 28, 2016: Could Mexico Become A Geothermal Giant?

March 23, 2016: Fight to Keep Alternative Energy Local Stymies an Industry

Outside Texas

March 31, 2016: China Builds an Empire of Electricity With Australia as Target

March 31, 2016: New take on clean coal technology presented at Montana Energy Conference

March 31, 2016: Japan regulators OK costly ice wall at Fukushima nuclear plant

March 31, 2016: Direct Energy Warns Of New Unhedgeable Uplift From PJM Proposal Regarding FTR Underfunding

March 29, 2016: Nuclear Materials Remain Vulnerable to Theft, Despite U.S.-Led Effort

March 30, 2016: Mexico holds first auction of rights to produce, sell renewable energy

March 26, 2016: Two Belgian nuclear power plant workers have joined ISIS leading to fears the jihadis have the intelligence to cause a meltdown disaster

March 28, 2016: IECA Urges Congress to Extend CHP Business Investment Tax Credit

Other News

April 1, 2016: Tesla to unveil Model 3 sedan at $35,000

April 1, 2016: Tesla’s Newest Electric Enemy: Chevy

April 1, 2016: Where’s the lane? Self-driving cars confused by shabby U.S. roadways

March 30, 2016: Alta Motors builds a hotter motorcycle, powered by a plug

March 30, 2016: TCEQ Chairman says Reducing Smog Will Make Texans Sick

March 30, 2016: How coffins are like Tesla’s electric vehicle sales

March 29, 2016: TransData Licenses Smart Electric Meter Patents to Aclara Technologies

March 25, 2016: U.S. natural gas supply balloons

March 28, 2016: Tesla Weighs New Challenge to State Direct-Sales Bans

March 28, 2016: How Should We Structure Performance-Based Regulation of Utilities?

March 27, 2016: Technical Tour: Oncor Static Var Compensator


For the Week of  3/18/16 — 3/25/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

March 24, 2016: Enough Electricity In Texas For Spring As Renewable Energy Surges

March 24, 2016: Natural gas expected to be our top source of electricity this year for the first time ever

March 24, 2016: MISO Stakeholders Seek Solutions For Seams Issues

March 23, 2016: Power Developer Sues ERCOT Over Allegedly “Misleading” CDR Report

March 22, 2016: McCarthy provides Clean Power Plan update, talks CCS in trip to Capitol Hill

March 22, 2016: US’ Southwest Power Pool Sets New Wind Peak Record At 10,783 Mw

March 21, 2016: Amid a Graying Fleet of Nuclear Plants, a Hunt for Solutions

March 22, 2016: Researchers Crack 50-Year-Old Nuclear Waste Problem

March 23, 2016: Energy Storage Quickly Becoming a Capital-Deferment Tool

March 19, 2016: Texas grid expects 2 GW of new solar in 2016

March 21, 2016: How Electricity Storage Could Make Or Break Power Utilities

March 20, 2016: As Coal’s Future Grows Murkier, Banks Pull Financing

March 21, 2016: Nuclear power is losing popularity in the US. Here’s why.

March 21, 2016: Nuclear industry demands more ‘efficient’ decommissioning rules

March 21, 2016: NEI Wants More Efficient Rules for Decommissioning Nuclear Plants

March 17, 2016: Nuclear Power Plants Set Records for Safety, Operational Performance in 2015

March 21, 2016: What Is The Future Of Nuclear Power?

March 19, 2016: Environmentalists try to block nuclear growth in Texas

March 16, 2016: Majority in US opposed to nuclear power: Gallup poll

March 21, 2016: Willmar’s wind turbines have best year ever

March 20, 2016: Solar Farm Harnesses Sun on Small Scale


March 24, 2016: Oncor sale to Hunt group approved, with major conditions

March 24, 2016: PUC approves plan for Hunt group to buy Oncor — effect on electric rates won’t be clear for about a year

March 24, 2016: Austin Energy customers to save a few dollars with lower fuel charge

March 22, 2016: This time for sure — PUC will make a decision Thursday about the Hunt group and Oncor

March 23, 2016: Concerns over Oncor sale mount ahead of hearing this week

March 23, 2016: 23 groups get involved in Austin Energy rate review

March 23, 2016: Organizations struggle to get solar power

March 24, 2016: Brussels terrorists planned nuclear plants attack, changed target after accomplice’s arrest

March 24, 2016: Oncor, CenterPoint TDU Report Millions Remain Available For Retail Provider Reimbursement Under Texas Low-Income Smart Device Program

March 22, 2016: Texas Regulators Tell Utilities To Share The Wealth

March 22, 2016: Man up, PUC, and approve the Oncor deal

March 22, 2016: Belgium ‘beefs up security’ at nuclear plants

March 22, 2016: Fitch Rates Lubbock, Texas’ Series 2016 GOs and COs ‘AA+’; Outlook Stable

March 21, 2016: PUC signals it will greenlight Hunt group’s purchase of Oncor

March 21, 2016: Potential Oncor sale vote looming on Thursday

March 21, 2016: PUC puts off decision on proposed Hunt Oncor deal until Thursday

March 21, 2016: DMN: Why it’s important for the PUC to approve the Hunts’ bid for Oncor

March 21, 2016: Delaware Bankruptcy Court Rules TCEH First Lien Distributions Governed by Bankruptcy Code, Not by Intercreditor Agreement Waterfall

March 21, 2016: Seattle confirms appointment of ex-Austin Energy head Larry Weis

March 22, 2016: El Paso Electric Company (EE) Stock Rating Lowered by Zacks Investment Research

March 22, 2016: Firm eyed to review renewable energy plan for Denton

March 20, 2016: Morse: Austin Energy needs independent board to address challenges

March 19, 2016: We may find out this afternoon if the Hunt-led buyout of Oncor will go through

March 20, 2016: Meet the Commercial Energy Working Group, a lobby group that won’t say who it lobbies for

March 20, 2016: Council to vote on TMPA ordinance

March 20, 2016: Lockheed sharpens its energy-tech efforts

March 19, 2016: Sierra Club Can Intervene In Entergy Document-Release Case

March 19, 2016: Xcel Energy Moves to LED Street Lights

March 18, 2016: LS Power Forms Joint Venture with Zin Smati

March 21, 2016: MISO Seeking To Impose Three-Year Mandatory Forward Capacity Obligation on Retail Suppliers

Texas Retail Electric Providers

March 24, 2016: Retail Supplier Parent To Sell HVAC/Water Heater Business

March 24, 2016: Texas REP Discloses Size of Acquired Book of Customer

March 24, 2016: Spark Energy Reports Earnings Growth on Enhanced Margins, M&A

March 21, 2016: Reliant Bundling Portable Solar Power Kit With New Electricity Plan, Launches “One of a Kind” Media Campaign

March 21, 2016: No Texas REPs Provided Smart Energy Devices Under TDU Reimbursement Program at AEP TNC Since October

Renewable Power

March 24, 2016: What Drives Utility Solar Growth in a Post-ITC-Extension World?

March 24, 2016: US brings online 180 MW of non-hydro renewables in Feb 2016

March 25, 2016: New Efficiency Standards Could Mean the End for Compact Fluorescent Lights

March 25, 2016: EDF Renewable Energy Leads U.S. Wind Energy in 2015

March 24, 2016: Why this new solar market could be set to explode

March 18, 2016: ComEd Looks to Build Microgrid Clusters to Support the ‘Community of the Future

March 20, 2016: PHYCO2, MSU “breakthrough” grows algae 24/7 without sunlight

March 22, 2016: Key Strengths That Enable First Solar To Continue On Its High Growth Trajectory

March 23, 2016: EIA: Wind adds the most electric generation capacity in 2015, followed by natural gas and solar

March 23, 2016: Apple Operating At 93% Renewable Electricity Worldwide

March 22, 2016: How GM Used Renewable Energy to Save $80M

March 22, 2016: Solar Beat Natural Gas for New Electric Generation Capacity in 2015

March 17, 2016: Germany Uses 0.07% Of Its Area For Solar

March 22, 2016: Apple Now Operates on 93% Renewable Energy Worldwide

March 21, 2016: Gross: The Most Important Light Bulb Deal in the World

March 17, 2016: SolarCity hits the East Coast, powers Navy homes

March 21, 2016: Utilities See Growing Opportunity in the Community Solar Market

March 21, 2016: China Plans 22 percent Increase in Wind Power Capacity for 2016

March 17, 2016: Obama-Backed Solar Plant Could Be Shut Down For Not Producing Enough Energy

Outside Texas

March 23, 2016: D.C. regulators green-light Pepco-Exelon merger, creating largest utility in the nation

March 23, 2016: O.C. Watchdog: Could there be an ‘early’ nuclear cleanup at San Onofre?

March 23, 2016: An Historic Moment: Advanced Meters Make their Way to New York City

March 21, 2016: Cash-Hungry U.S. Power Producers Lured by Mexico Energy Reforms

Other News

March 23, 2016: Toyota CEO: Hybrid sales to pick up, here’s why

March 23, 2016: Proterra Electric Buses Reached Two Million Miles of Revenue Service

March 23, 2016: SEC says Exxon, Chevron must put climate proposal to shareholders

March 22, 2016: New petrochemical plant authorized on Dow complex in Freeport

March 22, 2016: How Energy-Water Data Can Help Cities Conserve Both, on World Water Day and Beyond

March 22, 2016: 2016 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid charges ahead of competition

March 21, 2016: Texas law firms exporting their M&A expertise

March 21, 2016: Trial Date Set for TransData’s Smart Meter Patent Infringement Lawsuits in East Texas

March 16, 2016: Tesla could upgrade older models to support sales ahead of Model 3


For the Week of  3/11/16 — 3/18/16

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

March 16, 2016: Moody’s downgrades Sandy Creek Energy Station to B2 from Ba3; rating outlook remains negative

March 14, 2016: Faradion Leads Energy Storage Trio Into Sodium-Ion Territory

March 16, 2016: Rep. Mulvaney Introduces Interim Consolidated Storage Act

March 18, 2016: ERCOT Receives Notification of Suspension of Operations

March 17, 2016: NRG: Backers of $2.2B Ivanpah solar plant ask regulators for more time

March 16, 2016: Southern Power Adds another 120 MW Solar Project in Texas

March 16, 2016: Utilities of the Future Panel Looks at How an Industry can Shake Off its Inertia

March 16, 2016: Generators taking $2 billion hit from rooftop solar

March 16, 2016: Southern Company Looks To Microgrids

March 16, 2016: Luminant files motion to halt EPA reg

March 15, 2016: Natural gas surplus to slow energy industry recovery

March 16, 2016: Ideal Power to Commercialize and Market Next Generation Variable Frequency Drives Based on PPSA Technology

March 14, 2016: Toyota partners in making wind-power hydrogen for fuel cells

March 14, 2016: Nuclear key part of U.S. energy mix, official says

March 15, 2016: To-Be Mothballed Houston Plant Not Required For Transmission System Reliability, ERCOT Says

March 14, 2016: Retail Providers, ERCOT IMM Say Changes to ERCOT ORDC Unnecessary; Generators Press For Revisions

March 11, 2016: Tomlinson: Making wind turbines is an opportunity missed


March 18, 2016: Analyst Rating on InfraREIT

March 17, 2016: Could California’s massive Ivanpah solar power plant be forced to go dark?

March 17, 2016: Electricity Competition, Innovation Contributes to Business Facility Investments

March 16, 2016: Hunt’s Oncor plan inches forward

March 16, 2016: Williamson County mulls involvement in energy efficiency program

March 16, 2016: Fitch Rates Lubbock Power & Light, TX’s $7.7MM Power System Rev Bonds ‘A+’; Outlook Stable

March 17, 2016: The Electric Bill Of The Near Future Just Might Use ‘Time-Of-Use’ Pricing

March 16, 2016: Dynegy CEO sees David Crane’s influence in current expansion

March 15, 2016: Flooding Swamps Co-op Areas in Three States

March 15, 2016: North Texas man gets 6 years for wind farm investment fraud

March 14, 2016: Bankruptcy judge backs Energy Future’s distributions in opinion

March 11, 2016: Neill rules in Somervell County’s favor in dispute over $800 million with Luminant

March 13, 2016: Energy Future, Dallas Style

March 13, 2016: Analysts Estimations: Entergy Corporation

March 11, 2016: Solar farm harnesses the sun on a small scale

Texas Retail Electric Providers

March 16, 2016: CenterPoint TDU To Implement Automated, Web-Based Historical Usage, LOA function

Renewable Power

March 16, 2016: Fed. Energy Agency Eyes Wind Farm Site Off NY Shores

March 16, 2016: Tesla Will Unveil a Drivable Model 3. Here’s What It Looks Like

March 17, 2016: Offshore wind still on quest for developer

March 16, 2016: NASA picks solar power candidates for deep space missions

March 16, 2016: Energy Security Drives U.S. Military to Renewables

March 16, 2016: GCL System to Set Up $95 Million Solar Fund With Bank of Suzhou

March 14, 2016: It Doesn’t Have To Be A Battle Between Utilities & Solar Power Providers

March 11, 2016: Nevada Solar Power Business Struggles To Keep The Lights On

March 11, 2016: Meeting the people who live and work with wind power

March 11, 2016: NRL Space-Based Solar Power Concept Wins Secretary of Defense Innovative Challenge

March 11, 2016: Morocco is producing solar power at night

March 11, 2016: The big utilities are coming after solar users. Again.

Outside Texas

March 14, 2016: Direct Energy Proposes $1 Million Financial Assurance Requirement For New York ESCOs, $3 Million If Involved In Door-to-Door, Outbound Telemarketing

Other News

March 16, 2016: Houston’s $3 Billion of Debt Cut by Moody’s After Oil Drop

March 15, 2016: Google urges Congress to help self-driving cars

March 15, 2016: Announced Methane Goals Impact Environment And Industry

March 17, 2016: Oncor’s Technology Demonstration and Education Center Technical Tour

March 16, 2016: Coal giant Peabody Energy warns it may seek bankruptcy

March 16, 2016: Oil is in the spotlight, but natural gas woes may be a bigger deal

March 14, 2016: Fung: I rode in Google’s self-driving car. This is what impressed me the most.

March 13, 2016: Wear: Google car czar’s goal: autonomous vehicles on the market by 2019

March 14, 2016: U-Tegration First to Achieve SAP Recognized Expertise in Utilities for the United States

March 11, 2016: One graphic shows how much the US still relies on coal

March 11, 2016: GM buys software company to speed autonomous car development

March 11, 2016: EPA Spends $295,507 to Track Energy and Water Use of Office Workers


For the Week of  3/4/16 — 3/11/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

March 10, 2016: ERCOT electric power demand dips, wind surges in February: report

March 10, 2016: Weiss: Why the sun-drenched state of Texas isn’t No. 1 in solar energy

March 10, 2016: Pitching Gas Against Coal

March 10, 2016: Parks: Skipping the Age of Edison

March 8, 2016: Southern Company Unit Acquires New Solar Facility in Texas

March 9, 2016: Transmission Upgrades Deliver Substantial Value to Southwest Power Pool Members

March 9, 2016: SPP notches back-to-back wind generation records

March 8, 2016: Prospects for Wind, Solar, Storage, DR Dominate Talk at ERCOT Market Summit

March 8, 2016: NRC engineers ask agency to act on nuclear power plant safety concerns

March 7, 2016: Wind energy technology booms, increases role in Texas electricity power

March 7, 2016: Why NRG’s green crusade faltered

March 7, 2016: DOE announces $22 million in R&D for hydrokinetic energy and power-storage systems

March 7, 2016: Texas, other states resist EPA strategy targeting coal, mercury and haze

March 7, 2016: MISO Delays Seasonal, Locational Capacity Constructs

March 7, 2016: Southern Company subsidiary acquires East Pecos Solar Facility in Texas

March 4, 2016: Texas Utilities Ask 5th Circ. To Put EPA Haze Plan On Hold

March 4, 2016: How America’s Electric Utilities Can Speed Recovery From Cyber-Induced Blackouts

March 3, 2016: Incidents and accidents in nuclear power plants – when are they really dangerous?


March 10, 2016: InfraREIT Postpones Purchase of Golden Spread Interconnection and Cross Valley Transmission Projects

March 10, 2016: InfraREIT Inc(NYSE:HIFR) Declares Dividend of $0.2500

March 10, 2016: EFH Duels With TTI Over Drag-Along In $20B Oncor Sale

March 10, 2016: Entergy: Why Is Its Wholesale Segment so Volatile?

March 10, 2016: Xcel Energy recognised for reducing carbon emissions – Energy Global

March 9, 2016: Feds: More power will be generated from natural gas than coal in 2016

March 7, 2016: Vivint cancels $2 billion deal with struggling SunEdison

March 7, 2016: Whole Foods to add solar panels at 100 stores

March 8, 2016: Whole Foods teaming with NRG and Solar City to install rooftop solar at 100 stores

March 8, 2016: Texas County Commissioners approve tax abatements for solar energy projects

March 7, 2016: Texas regulators delay Oncor vote, push Hunt to draft proposal on deal

March 7, 2016: El Paso Electric settlement hikes rates

March 3, 2016: Council approves first solar farm in Gainesville

March 7, 2016: 7 Simple Things You Should Know about Your Electricity

March 7, 2016: Deregulated utilities more trusted, engaged

March 3, 2016: Texas Considers Letting Utilities Pass Millions Of ‘Tax Dollars’ From Customers To Investors

March 3, 2016: In Hunt Oncor Ruling, PUCT Unlikely To Be Prescriptive on Oncor-Sharyland Merger Issues

Texas Retail Electric Providers

March 11, 2016: Texas PUC Directs City of McAllen To Respond to REP’s Complaint That City Usurped PUC’s Jurisdiction In Ordering Refund To Customer

March 3, 2016: Energy Marketing Conferences Names REP of the Year, Most Innovative Marketer

Renewable Power

March 10, 2016: Warren Buffett Admits Renewable Energy Is Big Threat to Utilities

March 10, 2016: US Solar Market Set To Grow 119% In 2016

March 10, 2016: Duke Energy Ditching Its Coal Plants While Embracing Natural Gas And Renewables

March 10, 2016: Don’t Neglect Hydropower

March 9, 2016: Solar Energy Tops Natural Gas in 2015 US Capacity Growth

March 9, 2016: Green energy claims under scrutiny in Illinois

March 9, 2016: Biomass goes from golden age to the brink of demise

March 4, 2016: Solar power sector’s future is bright, but challenges lurk

March 8, 2016: Ganz: Why I bought a new Nissan Leaf electric car 2 hours from home: $8,500 net cost

March 8, 2016: Up front: Hello electric, goodbye gasoline

March 4, 2016: The US Could Learn a Lot From Germany’s Energy Transition

March 7, 2016: These Old-School Companies Are Going Big With Solar and Wind

March 7, 2016: There’s an important ballot fight in Florida between big power companies and the solar industry

March 7, 2016: The Markets Have Spoken — America’s Clean Energy Economy Is Here to Stay

March 7, 2016: Las Vegas casinos seek to power their bright lights with renewable energy

March 7, 2016: Xcel Energy files 2017 Colorado Renewable Energy Plan; proposal addresses state’s energy future, customer choice

March 7, 2016: Let the light shine in: New LED streetlights catch eye of some

March 4, 2016: Borg brings solar to Indian parliamentarians

March 4, 2016: Peters: Self-driving cars may be more lethal than we think

March 4, 2016: We’ve been ready for self-driving cars for 100 years

March 4, 2016: Renewable Energy: the question of capacity

Outside Texas

March 10, 2016: Fukushima’s ground zero: No place for man or robot

March 10, 2016: Are Big Power Companies Pulling a Fast One on Florida Voters?

March 9, 2016: Florida Supreme Court skeptical on utility-backed solar amendment

March 8, 2016: Court orders Japan reactor to shut down, keeps 2nd offline

March 9, 2016: Yuan Depreciation Risk Spurs Greenland Into $100 Million Hedge

March 9, 2016: PJM panel advances capacity, day-ahead power market proposals

March 8, 2016: Miami’s oceanfront nuclear power plant is leaking

March 8, 2016: Containing Fukushima’s radioactive water may be 9-year fight

March 8, 2016: Another attempt by Exelon and Pepco to save $6.8 bn merger

March 4, 2016: Exelon and Pepco offer new deal to save $6.8 billion merger

March 7, 2016: Entergy Pockets Arkansas Project

March 4, 2016: Entergy completes power plant purchase

March 4, 2016: Utilities continue talks on Exelon-Pepco merger

March 4, 2016: As Xcel pushes non-wire alternatives, solar+storage pilot sparks utility ownership debate

Other News

March 10, 2016: Forget Taco Wars – the Real Competition is Over Who is Using Water More Wisely

March 10, 2016: House Energy & Commerce Issues Report on Satisfying Energy Needs, Saving Environment Act

March 9, 2016: Google sees stranded seniors as big market for self-driving cars

March 9, 2016: Interactions Accelerates Momentum with Record Growth in 2015

March 9, 2016: Buy A Mansion And Get A Free Tesla, Then Further Destroy Houston’s Economy

March 8, 2016: Current Utilities Seeks Hearing on Texas NOV

March 8, 2016: Calpine Names Charlie Gates as New EVP of Power Operations

March 8, 2016: Startup licenses Purdue technology

March 8, 2016: Texas Supreme Court Grapples With Billion-Dollar Question

March 7, 2016: Bald eagles relocated from power lines have another eaglet — or maybe two — in their new nest

March 7, 2016: Billions At Stake for State in Tax Challenge

March 7, 2016: Southern Co. buys into Texas’ new wave of solar power

March 7, 2016: TransCanada ends power purchase agreements with Alberta coal plants


For the Week of  2/26/16 — 3/4/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

March 3, 2016: Xcel completes Texas grid job

March 3, 2016: Wind energy boom spurs $77.4M expansion at West Texas

March 3, 2016: Storage firm Stem puts focus on control

March 3, 2016: Court Dismisses Suit Which Challenged ERCOT Small Fish Swim Free Rule

March 2, 2016: Waco to spend $200,000 to push for stricter Tradinghouse power plant permit

Feb 29, 2016: Good news, Texans! ERCOT says there’s enough electricity for the spring

March 1, 2016: Novak: Why the Clean Power Plan Needs a Dynamic Reliability Safety Valve

March 1, 2016: The sector favorite: Storage tops utility tech picks for second year running

ERCOT Press Release: ERCOT analysis indicates sufficient generation expected to meet spring, summer demand

Feb 29, 2016: Falling yieldcos may push US utilities into mergers

Feb 29, 2016: Once Staggered, Electricity Reform is Still Fighting

Feb 26, 2016: Texas should put carbon regulation on ice

Feb 29, 2016: Warren Buffett says climate change no risk to Berkshire Hathaway

Feb 29, 2016: Xcel Energy: Committed to Renewables, but Going Its Own Way

Feb 29, 2016: Utilities are adopting cloud technologies in record numbers

Feb 26, 2016: Electricity business undergoing quiet revolution

Feb 26, 2016: panel says Texas likely to see ‘wave’ of new solar power generation

Feb 25, 2016: Fuel mix, regulations key to clean and accessible energy

Feb 28, 2016: Assessing the future of coal: Is there a way back up?


March 3, 2016: Tax issue could block purchase of utility

March 3, 2016: Texas Energy Regulators Wary of Oncor Buyout

March 3, 2016: Vote Delayed, But Hunt’s Oncor Plan Inches Forward

March 3, 2016: Texas’ Public Utility Commission likely to demand rate cuts in Hunt-led plan to buy Oncor

March 3, 2016: United States: Real Estate Investment Trust As A Vehicle For Utility Funding

March 2, 2016: Oncor deal could reshape public utilities statewide

March 2, 2016: Will this affect electric rates? PUC official knocks Hunt group’s Oncor takeover plan

March 2, 2016: Texas Regulators Poised To Vote On Hunt’s Oncor Plan

March 3, 2016: Will Dallas-led Hunt group buy Oncor? Today’s Public Utility Commission meeting could hold answers

March 3, 2016: Texas regulators to consider portions of Hunt’s acquisition plan for Oncor today

March 2, 2016: Why Isn’t Texas Saving Energy and Water through Solar Floatovoltaics?

March 2, 2016: Lower fuel costs result in electric bills dropping this month

March 1, 2016: Austin Energy customers to see lower rates on April 1

March 2, 2016: “Customer Choice” Sought at El Paso Electric at New Mexico

March 1, 2016: Rodríguez: Concerns That El Paso Electric Agreement Will Hamper Solar Power

March 1, 2016: DME, energy broker fail to settle suit

March 1, 2016: NRG seeks simpler strategy in post-Crane era

Feb 29, 2016: Hunt-Oncor Marriage on the Rocks Before They’ve Tied Knot

March 1, 2016: TXU Parent Sees Marginal Uptick in Net Residential Customer Churn; Grows Large C&I Book

Feb 29, 2016: NRG shifts away from green power after $6 billion loss

Feb 29, 2016: CPS Energy looking for 2 or 3 CEO candidates

Feb 29, 2016: Electric bills set to increase about 9 percent beginning in April

Feb 29, 2016: Luminant Mining Co. sets final day for 80 East Texas employees

Feb 29, 2016: Texas AG Ken Paxton suing EPA over air pollution rules intended to protect national parks

Feb 29, 2016: NRG Energy Posts Hefty Loss, Reintegrates NRG Renew; Cuts Annual Dividend

Feb 29, 2016: NRG Energy posts $6 billion loss

Feb 29, 2016: NRG Energy cuts annual dividend 79% to $0.12

Feb 29, 2016: NRG Reports “Best Retail Results” In Company’s History

Feb 29, 2016: NRG: Sale of EVgo, Home Solar Businesses Expected To Be Announced in Q2 2016

Feb 25, 2016: PUCT staff finds Hunt’s latest Oncor acquisition commitments ‘misleading’

Feb 26, 2016: Sale of Oncor is a bad bet for Texans

Feb 27, 2016: Berkshire Profit Climbs 32%, Capping Record Year for Buffett

Feb 26, 2016: San Juan write-off causes sharp drop in PNM Q4 earnings

Feb 27, 2016: Dynegy’s (DYN) CEO Bob Flexon on Q4 2015 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Feb 28, 2016: Buy Exelon: A Broken Record Review

Feb 29, 2016: NRG Energy reports FY15 results

Feb 29, 2016: NRG Energy (NRG) Q4 2015 Results – Earnings Call Webcast

Texas Retail Electric Providers

March 3, 2016: Reliant Showcases Energy Innovation at 2016 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo®

March 3, 2016: New Texas Retail Provider To Offer Prepaid Service

March 1, 2016: Retail Supplier Confirms Rebranding

Power Grid Security

March 3, 2016: Duke Energy CEO: Cyber-threats grow

March 1, 2016: Beyond the Firewall: Best Practices for Cybersecurity Risk Management

Renewable Power

March 3, 2016: Utility-Scale Solar Poised To Lead New U.S. Generation This Year: EIA Report

March 3, 2016: Asian countries and the U.S. will install highest PV capacity in 2016

March 1, 2016: U.S. Turns to Solar—Not Coal—to Meet Power Needs

March 1, 2016: This scientist wants to light up your house with predictable renewable power

March 1, 2016: ARPA-E 2016: Sector leaders look to capitalize on ‘the best of times for innovation in energy’

Feb 29, 2016: Over Half Of Installed US Utility-Scale Solar In 2016 Will Be Above Renewable Portfolio Standards

March 1, 2016: U.S. utility-scale solar increasingly driven by economics, not mandates

March 1, 2016: Solar leading way for new power in 2016

Feb 29, 2016: U.S. number one in the world in wind-power production

Feb 29, 2016: Sooner than you think? A prediction that electric cars will cause the next oil crisis

Feb 29, 2016: GM Has Lobbied Against Tesla’s Direct Sales Model In At Least Five States

Feb 29, 2016: Space Solar Power Being Considered at High Level

Feb 25, 2016: SolarCity Launches New Home Energy Saving Bundle

Feb 26, 2016: Buffett: Wind and Solar Power Competition Challenges Utilities

Feb 25, 2016: The Bright Future Ahead for Electric Vehicles, in 4 Charts

Feb 25, 2016: As gas and renewables grow, should there be concern?

Feb 26, 2016: An Electric Car Battery That Will Get You From Paris to Brussels and Back

Feb 25, 2016: Over $128 billion dollars invested in U.S. economy by new wind power projects over last 10 years

Outside Texas

March 3, 2016: Bird poop apparently caused NY nuclear reactor outage

March 3, 2016: Exelon Is Better Than Investors Give It Credit For

March 1 , 2016: Nuclear Energy Agency recaps lessons learned 5 years after Fukushima

Feb 29, 2016: Washington Rejects (Sort Of) The Merger Between Pepco Holdings And Exelon

Feb 29, 2016: Singapore feeds first solar power into retail grid to reduce emissions

Feb 29, 2016: Texas-Based Start-up Seeking Retail Supplier Licenses

Feb 29, 2016: Washington Rejects (Sort Of) The Merger Between Pepco Holdings And Exelon

Other News

March 3, 2016: Dan Eggers Joins Exelon as Senior Vice President of Investor Relations

March 2, 2016: Mexicans Are Disappearing From Texas in Latest Twist on Oil Bust

Feb 29, 2016: When Coal Companies Fail, Who Pays For The Cleanup?

March 1, 2016: AZZ Inc. Appoints Venita McCellon-Allen to the Board of Directors

March 1, 2016: NextEra Energy chooses Ketchum as new CFO

March 1, 2016: Inside FERC March US natural gas average drops 61 cents to $1.60/MMBtu

Feb 27, 2016: Pot is power hungry: America’s $3.5 billion weed industry is an energy hog


For the Week of  2/19/16 — 2/26/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Feb 25, 2016: Texas likely to see ‘wave’ of new solar power generation

Feb 25, 2016: Power industry sees renewables, consolidation ahead

Feb 24, 2016: These states are setting wind energy records – and suing over Obama’s climate plans

Feb 25, 2016: Feds give green light to expand nuclear power plant partly owned by CPS

Feb 25, 2016: Texas power market rapidly growing in renewables

Feb 25, 2016: FERC chairman: Energy storage potential “game changer”

Feb 25, 2016: Alexander Says Ending Nuclear Waste Stalemate Is Critical To Future Of Nuclear Power

Feb 24, 2016: ERCOT Wind Generation Dynamics and Impacts on Power Pricing

Feb 22, 2016: Dynegy makes move into Texas as part of $3.3 billion deal

Feb 24, 2016: Dynegy, Energy Capital to buy Engie’s U.S. power plants in $3.3B deal

Feb 25, 2016: Dynegy, Energy Capital to buy Engie’s U.S. power plants

Feb 25, 2016: ENGIE (GDF SUEZ) Acquires OpTerra Energy Services

Feb 25, 2016: CPS Energy writes off $391.4 million from South Texas Project nuclear expansion

Feb 25, 2016: 20 states ask justices to halt embattled mercury rule

Feb 18, 2016: Winds of Change

Feb 22, 2016: ERCOT sets another wind record, with over 14 GW serving 45% of system load

Feb 18, 2016: As wind turbines grow larger, so does the challenge of moving them into place

Feb 24, 2016: Despite its High Cost, Energy Storage Sees Light in Domestic and Global Markets

Feb 23, 2016: Law of Supreme and Demand

Feb 23, 2016: Partnering for success: Utilities leverage innovative vendor relationships at the grid edge

Feb 22, 2016: Embracing Change, Educating Customers

Feb 24, 2016: Short-Term and Long Term Price Benchmark Trends

Feb 22, 2016: NRG tells ERCOT it plans to mothball a unit at its WA Parish power plant

Feb 19, 2016: Luminant lawsuit mired in legal red tape, $381 million disparity in disputed value

Feb 18, 2016: EPA cites 12 counties for exceeding SO2 standards under NAAQS regulation

Feb 18, 2016: Texas wind power set a new record late Thursday

Feb 21, 2016: Why SunPower Corporation Sees a Bright Future

Feb 19,2016: Microgrids in the American Power Network


Feb 25, 2016: Texas regulators: ‘Benefits’ in Hunt-led plan to buy Oncor is $295 million worse for customers

Feb 25, 2016: Fitch Rates New Braunfels, TX Utility System Revs at ‘AA’; Outlook Stable

Feb 25, 2016: The EPA has more bad news for ‘dirty fuels’

Feb 25, 2016: Obama visit to portray Florida battery plant as model beneficiary of stimulus

Feb 25, 2016: Some Parts of Clean Power Plan Will Stick, Panelists Say

Feb 25, 2016: Consumer coalition: Hunt-led Oncor plan would cost power customers $300 million

Feb 24, 2016: City to cut electric bill in half

Feb 23, 2016: Finalist for CPS Energy CEO withdraws

Feb 24, 2016: Mayor: CPS Energy CEO finalist wanted too much cash

Feb 24, 2016: State financing allows congregation to move on clean energy project

Feb 24, 2016: El Paso Electric Company’s (EE) CEO Mary Kipp on Q4 2015 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Feb 23, 2016: Shopping for electricity? Hate Tell Texas regulators

Feb 23, 2016: How Meteorologists sound first calls on outage-inducing weather

Feb 23, 2016: Entergy’s New Website Sells Region to Developers

Feb 23, 2016: Opponents challenge federal expansion under Clean Power Plan

Feb 24, 2016: Achieving Clean Power Plan targets well ahead of schedule

Feb 24, 2016: El Paso Electric Company (EE) Issues Earnings Results

Feb 21, 2016: Proposal to put LCRA power lines by nature trail draws ire

Feb 22, 2016: Time to crack down on deceptive energy offers

Feb 18, 2016: Ecova Announces New Insight into Energy Use and Services to Navigate Industry Challenges

Feb 22, 2016: Majority of Republicans and Democrats Say Government and Industry Should Work Together to Improve Energy Security

Feb 22, 2016: Best Way to approach energy security and independence

Feb 18, 2016: Hunt group says its newest plan to take over Oncor could save customers more than $500 million by 2021

Feb 19, 2016: Hunt group’s wish for Public Utility Commission: Treat us like everybody else

Feb 19, 2016: Energy Future Holdings’ Ch. 11 Fees At $300M, And Climbing

Feb 19, 2016: Texas Justices To Review Oncor Rate-Making Case

Feb 21, 2016: InfraREIT, Inc. (NYSE:HIFR) Analyst Updates

Feb 18, 2016: Watchdog: PUC chief gets tough on deception

Feb 19, 2016: Bastrop County: Bluebonnet to host town halls on utility, plans

Feb 18, 2016: Austin to issue new call for developers of Seaholm intake facility

Feb 22, 2016: Not Your Grandpa’s Utility Business Model

Feb 22, 2016: Calpine Co. (CPN) Expected to Earn Q1 2016 Earnings of ($0.34) Per Share

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Feb 26, 2016: Centrica CEO Sees Company Going Head-To-Head With Google, Amazon

Feb 26, 2016: Retail Provider Presses Texas PUC On Establishing Procedure To Review Declaratory Order Request

Feb 22, 2016: Retail Supplier Names Market Veteran As VP of Sales

Power Grid Security

Feb 23, 2016: TXU Energy unveils TXU Energy Solar Club 60

Feb 22, 2016: FERC’s Revised Critical Infrastructure Protection Demands Active Vigilance

Renewable Power

Feb 25, 2016: How utilities and their regulators will determine the future of solar

Feb 25, 2016: New Orleans Is Testing Ground for Southern Solar Power

Feb 25, 2016: Solar installation may be ‘oversubscribed’

Feb 25, 2016: Wind energy broke records across central US in late February

Feb 25, 2016: As gas and renewables grow, should there be concern?

Feb 25, 2016: Indiana Drops Ban On Tesla’s Direct-To-Consumer Sales

Feb 22, 2016: Researchers find simpler way to convert CO2 and water directly into renewable liquid hydrocarbon

Feb 19, 2016: Bill Gates: Young people needed to help solve energy problem

Feb 23, 2016: US has a record-breaking year for solar power

Feb 19, 2016: Wind is ‘no-regrets’ solution for governors seeking affordable, clean energy

Feb 19, 2016: Despite Overwhelming Nationwide Support for Clean Energy, Poll Shows Personal Disconnect

Feb 19, 2016: U.S. needs investments in clean energy

Feb 19, 2016: The failed promise of biofuels

Outside Texas

Feb 22, 2016: Southern Co. joins AT&T smart cities alliance

Feb 24, 2016: Exelon cut to sell Citi

Feb 24, 2016: Bill Gate calls for energy miracle

Feb 18, 2016: Canada delays decision on nuclear waste burial near Lake Huron

Feb 19, 2016: FERC Reviewing Provision, Compensation of Primary Frequency Response

Feb 21, 2016: NextEra Energy Partners to buy Oklahoma wind site, to offer 9.7M units

Feb 19, 2016: FERC proposes scrapping West-wide must-offer requirement

Feb 19, 2016: Taming the Wild West: CAISO begins study of a full regional electricity market

Other News

Feb 24, 2016: Worried about warm winter? Look forward to wet spring, LCRA’s Rose says

Feb 22, 2016: Gov. Greg Abbott meets with Mexican president, talks energy in Houston

Feb 19, 2016: California company invests billions in LNG project on the Texas Gulf


For the Week of  2/12/16 — 2/19/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Feb 18, 2016: SunEdison to sell plant in Malaysia, close Texas facility

Feb 18, 2016: SunEdison to close Pasadena plant, cut 180 jobs

Feb 17, 2016: Borehole test sought for hot nuke waste

Feb 19, 2016: More Demand Response in Microgrids following Supreme Court Decision? Maybe, Maybe Not

Feb 18, 2016: Southwest Power Pool sets new wind records

Feb 18, 2016: In about face, FERC allows PJM to change how it allocates costs for some reliability projects

Feb 16, 2016: What’s Next for the Clean Power Plan?

Feb 14, 2016: Why banning nuclear power is bad for public health

Feb 11, 2016: The Promise Of Electric Power Industry Outlook Tomorrow

Feb 16, 2016: What’s Next for the Clean Power Plan?

Feb 14, 2015: Why banning nuclear power is bad for public health

Feb 11, 2016: The Promise Of Electric Power Industry Outlook Tomorrow

Feb 11, 2016: Clean Power Plan stay is bad news for Texas, gas producers

Feb 15, 2015: Luminant shutting down local mines

Feb 14, 2016: Blevins: Texas’ coal industry commends the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision

Feb 13, 2016: Reality tempers optimism in coal country after court ruling

Feb 12, 2016: DMN: Despite court ruling, Texas should redouble clean energy policies

Feb 12, 2016: County Taxing Entities Will Lose $6.62 Million; Local Coal Mining Operation to Close Permanently


Feb 18, 2016: Oncor’s Corporate Structure Raises Questions for Regulators

Feb 18, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Severance Procedure Approval Sought

Feb 18, 2016: SunPower Q4 Review: Power Plants, Commercial Business Drive Growth

Feb 17, 2016: McAllen Monitor: Wind energy benefits for Hidalgo County and RGV

Feb 18, 2016: EPA targets sulfur dioxide in 6 East Texas counties

Feb 19, 2016: American Electric Power Co Inc (NYSE:AEP): Continue to Grow

Feb 19, 2016: Retail Business May Uphold NRG Energy’s Earnings in 4Q15

Feb 18, 2016: Entergy’s (ETR) CEO Leo Denault on Q4 2015 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Feb 18, 2016: Duke Energy (DUK) Lynn J. Good on Q4 2015 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Feb 17, 2016: Coal power plants contributing to Dallas area pollution targeted again by EPA

Feb 17, 2016: EPA cites East Texas coal plants for air pollution violations

Feb 17, 2016: Retail Choice In Electricity: What Have We Learned In 20 Years?

Feb 16, 2016: Entergy and the New Utility Business Model

Feb 15, 2016: Texas PUC unsure over Hunt’s Oncor proposal

Feb 16, 2016: Oil Crisis: As Prices Plunge, Houston Launches $2 Billion Plan To Become ‘Third Coast’ For Biotech

Feb 16, 2016: Xcel Energy proposes bill increase

Feb 16, 2016: Texas Superstores Should Go Big on Solar

Feb 11, 2016: TCAP Commentary: PUC Puts Electric Providers on Notice

Feb 15, 2016: Don’t Use to Shop for Electricity Rates and Plans

Feb 15, 2016: Oncor Schedules Fourth Quarter And Year End 2015 Investor Call

Feb 15, 2016: Parks Associates: 50% of U.S. Broadband Households Take Steps to Reduce Energy

Feb 12, 2016: TCAP to Negotiate Five-Year Electric Rates for Sherman, Texas

Feb 12, 2016: Bowie looks to solar power

Feb 9, 2016: A bright spot for Grayson County: Solar project would be $80M investment, bring hundreds of temporary jobs

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Feb 18, 2016: Direct Energy Reports Half of New Customers Take Bundled Products; Residential Customer Count Declines

Feb 18, 2016: Direct Energy Sees Significantly Higher Profits

Feb 16, 2016: TXU Energy Expands Solar Offerings, Creates State’s First Solar Club

Feb 16, 2016: U.S. Retail Supplier Has “Eye” on Japan Market, Actively Pursuing European Expansion

Feb 15, 2016: Champion Energy Investment “Absolutely Delivering,” Calpine Says; Company Prepared For More M&A

Power Grid Security

Feb 14, 2016: Ongoing Threat To The Whole Internet – John McAfee: ‘As Serious As It Gets – Absolutely No Defenses In Place’

Feb 9, 2016: Obama unveils national cybersecurity plan

Renewable Power

Feb 18, 2016: Hall: Texas has world-class clean energy potential

Feb 19, 2016: Current and JP Morgan Chase Team on ‘World’s Largest Single-Order LED Installation’

Feb 17, 2016: Musk buys more SolarCity shares, sending the stock soaring

Feb 18, 2016: Smart Energy Summit Sessions to Address Consumer and Industry Roles in Expanding Energy Management Programs in the Home

Feb 17, 2016: Co-ops Considering a 100 Percent Renewable Energy Portfolio

Feb 16, 2016: Intel campus in Folsom unveils sprawling solar power carport

Feb 16, 2016: Sonic Lets the Sun Shine—With Solar Panels

Feb 17, 2016: That Other Renewable Fuels Market

Feb 16, 2016: Wind energy top source for new electric capacity in 2015

Feb 13, 2016: Chevy’s new Bolt — is it good enough for a future of electric cars?

Feb 9, 2016: Solar farming and solar collectives: Will the future of energy lie within communities?

Feb 14, 2016: DOE Funds $18 Million In Six ‘After-Sunset & Cloudy’ Solar Energy Storage Solutions Projects

Feb 10, 2016: Rooftop Solar Providers Face a Cloudier Future

Outside Texas

Feb 12, 2016: Mexico’s energy reform headed for ‘administrative hell’

Feb 12, 2016: Duke Energy Engages Advisers to Sell South American Power Plants

Feb 12, 2016: Here’s how much Exelon has spent pursuing its $6.8 billion merger with Pepco

Feb 12, 2016: SoCal Edison to invest up to $2.5B to integrate DERs over 5-year span

Feb 11, 2016: Board Welcomes New Member; Highlights U.S. and Mexican Collaboration; Adopts Two Standards Projects

Feb 16, 2016: US, Canada and Mexico up cooperation on energy

Feb 13, 2016: Shops’ electricity rationed in crisis-hit Venezuela

Feb 13, 2016: Tapping the power of the Great Plains to light up cities far away

Feb 12, 2016: Fluor Lands $1.4 Billion Idaho Site Clean Up Contract

Feb 9, 2016: Company wants court to review latest FERC market manipulation allegations

Feb 13, 2016: Analysts rethinking PJM auction after New England capacity prices retreat

Feb 15, 2016: Over Retail Supplier’s Objection, FERC Allows PJM To Sell-Back Excess Capacity For Pennies On The Dollar, To Detriment Of Load

Other News

Feb 18, 2016: Troxclair wants to cut Austin water utility transfers

Feb 18, 2016: Start-up Villa Power Receives Texas Aggregator Certificate

Feb 16, 2016: Utility regulators face unfriendly — and unfair — fire

Feb 15, 2016: Former Retail Supplier VP Joins Freeport LNG


For the Week of  2/5/16 — 2/12/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Feb 10, 2016: Coal, nuclear boost share of ERCOT energy supply in January

Feb 11, 2016: First Reserve takes majority in 230-MW wind project in Texas

Feb 11, 2016: Texas Leaders: Supreme Court Stay On Obama’s Clean Power Plan Is A Victory

Feb 11, 2016: 5 States Forging Ahead With Obama Power Plan, Court Hold or Not

Feb 11, 2016: For many utilities, court action ‘doesn’t really change anything’

Feb 12, 2016: Why there is No One Microgrid Business Model & Other Quick Microgrid News

Feb 11, 2016: Why the Future Looks So Promising for Utilities in a Distributed World

Feb 10, 2016: We should leverage solar tax credit

Feb 10, 2016: A bright spot for Grayson County: Solar project would be $80M investment, bring hundreds of temporary jobs

Feb 10, 2016: Supreme Court puts Obama’s power plant regs on hold

Feb 10, 2016: Obama’s Clean Power Plan May Be on Hold, Coal’s Fate Is Not

Jan 28, 2016: Feds Can’t Rush Appeal Of EFH Unit Clean Air Row

Feb 9, 2016: Report: 39 states devised aggressive decarbonization plans before CPP

Feb 9, 2016: Can Large Companies Lead The Low-Carbon Revolution?

Feb 8, 2016: Why natural gas investments could spell trouble for electric utilities

Feb 8, 2016: Hammond: There’s no quick fix for reducing emissions

Feb 8, 2016: Mark J. Perry: Nuclear power is safest, most efficient energy form

Feb 7, 2016: Texas Power project nears completion

Feb 5, 2016: Texas’ grid of tomorrow may include batteries

Feb 4, 2016: ACCIONA and Bank of America Merrill Lynch Complete Financing for San Roman Wind Farm in Texas

Feb 5, 2016: Post holds groundbreaking for $100M project

Feb 5, 2016: Deal nearly sealed for $9 million Central Texas solar farm project

Feb 8, 2016: Why this utility giant’s $4 billion coal bailout is a bad idea

Feb 8, 2016: Incentives for On-Site Power Generation for Data Centers


Feb 12, 2016: Texas PUC To Open Rulemaking On Tablet-Enabled In-Person Sales, Waives TPV Requirement for REP As Pilot

Feb 12, 2016: Calpine counts net loss after mild weather and weak power prices

Feb 9, 2016: Houston and Texas go green in 2015

Feb 10, 2016: Power restored to Huntington after Oncor equipment issues

Feb 10, 2016: KKR learns harsh lesson from energy bets

Feb 10, 2016: 4 Utilities Chugging Along to Top Earnings in Dreary Q4

Feb 4, 2016: Eaton Selected to Modernize American Electric Power Substation Automation Systems

Feb 9, 2016: Parks Associates: 16% of Texas broadband households own a smart energy device

Feb 9, 2016: How Austin Energy is looking to manage solar-plus-storage on its grid

Feb 4, 2016: Delaware Bankruptcy Court Addresses When and Whether Creditors are Entitled to Postpetition Interest in Chapter 11 – Part 4

Feb 8, 2016: Rate Hike Apart, What Can Hold Back Utilities?

Feb 8, 2016: Comcast and Earth Networks Bring Big Data Intelligence to Xfinity Home

Feb 7, 2016: Watchdog: Don’t let phony 1-cent electricity plans and knockoff websites fool you

Feb 5, 2016: Solar energy tax credit is an opportunity for Texans

Feb 5, 2016: Solar energy grows 30 percent in Texas, keeping pace with country

Feb 5, 2016: EPA Magic: Regulation by Illusion

Feb 8, 2016: “Most” Candidates for Austin-Area Senate Seat Would Support Deregulation of Austin Energy

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Feb 12, 2016: Calpine Reports Champion Customer Data, Sales

Feb 11, 2016: Just Energy Planning Storage Pilot, To Enter Two New European Markets

Feb 11, 2016: Just Energy Customer Count Dips on Margin Discipline, Market Conditions; Margin Discipline Lifts Earnings

Feb 10, 2016: Texas REP leads State  in Electricity Slamming Refund

Feb 3, 2016: Invenergy to Provide Clean Power to 3M Company

Renewable Power

Feb 11, 2016: DOE Funds $18 Million In Six ‘After-Sunset & Cloudy’ Solar Energy Storage Solutions Projects

Feb 11, 2016: Elon Musk’s vision is not for the faint of heart

Feb 10, 2016: Rooftop Solar Providers Face a Cloudier Future

Feb 10, 2016: Why the “duck curve” created by solar power is a problem for utilities

Feb 10, 2016: 3 Renewable Energy Companies With Big Yields

Feb 10, 2016: Electricity From Wood? Company Gets Permit To Build Power Plant East Of Show Low

Feb 9, 2016: How rooftop solar is changing the utility-customer relationship

Feb 9, 2016: Gasoline keeps getting dirtier while alternatives keep getting cleaner

Feb 9, 2016: Elon Musk to Target VTOL Market?

Feb 9, 2016: Electric Fantasy: Will the Next Tesla Sell for $25,000?

Feb 8, 2016: Inside Nevada’s $1.3 billion gamble on Tesla

Feb 9, 2016: DOE provides $21M in funding for solar research, deployment

Feb 8, 2016: Power generation from renewable energy to grow 9 percent in 2016

Feb 5, 2016: Reporter’s Notebook: Door closes for oil, window opens for geothermal

Feb 4, 2016: A Requiem for the CFL Light Bulb

Feb 3, 2016: US: Cumulative solar installs top 28 GW, 16 GW of renewables installed in 2015

Feb 3, 2016: NYC mayor wants to boost solar power capacity five-fold

Feb 6, 2016: Tesla gigafactory job creation slower than first projected

Feb 5, 2016: NASA Spacecraft Breaks Solar Power Distance Record

Outside Texas

Feb 11, 2016: Entergy Says Indian Point Water Tests Show Elevated Tritium, But No Risk to Public Health

Feb 12, 2016: NRG, PSEG Announce New Generation Clears ISO-NE Capacity Auction

Feb 9, 2016: NC regulator fines Duke Energy nearly $7M for coal ash spill

Feb 9, 2016: FERC agrees PJM, MISO can scrap $20M cost threshold for interregional market efficiency projects

Feb 9, 2016: Fortis to Acquire ITC Holdings (ITC) in ~$11.3B Deal

Feb 8, 2016: Calpine buys USD500m Granite Ridge Energy Centre in New England

Feb 3, 2016: NY to probe “radioactive” water leak at Indian Point

Feb 7, 2016: 65,000% radioactivity spike’: N.Y. Gov. orders probe into water leak

Feb 8, 2016: Looking to Restructure, RWE Is Building a $140M Venture Fund for Cleantech

Feb 5, 2016: Nevada ballot initiative seeks to break NV Energy monopoly with retail choice

Feb 4, 2016: California ISO approves proposals to bolster storage and demand response

Feb 5, 2016: Calif. lawmakers move to strip powers from PUC

Feb 5, 2016: UCS report: Pa. ‘green bank’ could raise billions for renewables, energy efficiency

Other News

Feb 11, 2016: Acclaim Energy Announces Senior Management Team Promotions

Feb 11, 2016: Texas-Based Energy Shopping Site Names New Chief Technology Officer As Site Preps New Commercial Comparison Tool, Expansion

Feb 10, 2016: Peso trouble for Mexico spells more trouble for Texas

Feb 9, 2016: Driverless Cars Also Struggle in the Snow

Feb 8, 2016: CCISD does not see potential in energy savings project

Feb 8, 2016: GridLiance Deepens Board of Directors with Addition of Terry Boston and Michael Morris

Feb 5, 2016: Xcel Energy CFO Madden to retire\

Feb 5, 2016: S&P cuts Shell’s credit rating

Feb 4, 2016: Ice, CME contracts target growing Houston market

Feb 8, 2016: Ecova Invests in TROVE, a Next-Generation Predictive Data Science Company


For the Week of  1/29/16 — 2/5/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Feb 4, 2016: Feeling Gridlocked? New Report Grades State Power Systems and Inspires Modernization

Feb 3, 2016: 3 Ways Texas’ Grid is Getting Smarter Thanks to DOE’s SunShot Initiative

Feb 3, 2016: California, Illinois, Texas Lead The Charge Toward A Modernized Electric Grid

Feb 3, 2016: Why Texas Electricity Regulators Won’t Fix a $50 Million Mistake

Feb 2, 2016: Calpine Sub. To Acquire 50% Stake in 750 MW, Houston-area Power Plant

Feb 2, 2016: Wind blows ill for natural gas in Texas

Feb 1, 2016: Coal for Electricity Hits a 45-Year Low

Feb 2, 2016: Moody’s downgrades ExGen Texas Power to B2; outlook remains negative

Feb 2, 2016: Entergy New Orleans Announces 1st Utility-Scale Solar Project to Integrate Battery Storage

Feb 1, 2016: Apex Clean Energy to Invest USD100 Million in Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Project in Texas, US

Jan 31, 2016: Bryan Texas Utilities buying wind power

Jan 31, 2016: Texan Wind Is Blowing Away The Competition

Jan 29, 2016: Why this utility giant’s $4-billion coal bailout is an ill-fated energy strategy


Feb 4, 2016: Duke Energy looks to sell Houston-based Latin American operations

Feb 5, 2016: American Electric Power: Downside Ahead

Feb 5, 2016: 5 Electric Utilities Stocks to Buy Now

Feb 4, 2016: Scammers target businesses, claiming to be Entergy

Feb 4, 2016: Utilities Versus the World

Feb 2, 2016: Exelon unveils new dividend policy, discusses contingency plans for Pepco

Feb 4, 2016: Oncor To Cease Charging Retail Providers Certain Charges

Feb 3, 2016: Xcel Energy is first US utility company using advanced drone technology

Feb 3, 2016: Big Brown, Big Bad

Feb 3, 2016: Exelon Misses Q4 Earnings & Revenue Estimates

Feb 4, 2016: Exelon sales and profit fall on warm weather

Feb 2, 2016: KKR’s energy chief Lipschultz leaves to start new fund

Feb 1, 2016: CenterPoint considers restructuring, selling its pipeline business

Feb 1, 2016: Electric rate hearing suspended for talks

Feb 2, 2016: AEP Texas Central Reduces Rates Charged to Retail Electric Providers

Feb 2, 2016: CenterPoint Energy (CNP) Provides 2015 and 2016 Outlook

Feb 1, 2016: Sherman City Council looking to lock down low electricity rates

Feb 1, 2016: Xcel Energy Met 4Q15 Expectations

Feb 1, 2016: How Utilities Are Using Texting

Feb 1, 2016: Social media: An evolving platform for utilities to connect with customers during snowstorms

Jan 29, 2016: State Senator Walkman: Austin’s Solar Power Buys Are Political & Increase Rates for Austin Energy Customers

Feb 1, 2016: CenterPoint Energy eyes sale, spinoff of MLP

Jan 29, 2016: CenterPoint buys Continuum Energy’s retail business

Feb 1, 2016: CenterPoint Energy announces 2016 earnings guidance of $1.12 to $1.20 per diluted share

Feb 1, 2016: Xcel Energy Inc (XEL) Announces Quarterly Earnings Results

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Feb 3, 2016: Stream Announces New President and CEO

Feb 3, 2016: Green Mountain Energy Announces Sustainability Partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Feb 4, 2016: Ambit To Expand Large C&I Sales To New Market

Feb 2, 2016: Spark Energy Announces Preliminary FY2015 Results

Feb 2, 2016: Crius Energy Trust Announces Successful Close of the Acquisition of 75,000 Residential Customer Equivalents

Power Grid Security

Jan 26, 2016: Israel’s electric authority hit by “severe” hack attack

Jan 21, 2016: Nuclear Power Plants Could Benefit from Better Cybersecurity

Renewable Power

Feb 3, 2016: The U.S. needs a DC ‘super-grid’ to boost renewables and reduce pollution

Feb 3, 2016: Japanese Solar Power Station to Go on Sale on Yahoo Auction Site

Feb 3, 2016: Non-Californian Tesla Buyers Can Buy In California & Skip Sales Tax

Feb 3, 2016: Concentrated Solar Power could meet up to 6% of the world’s power needs by 2030 and 12% by 2050

Feb 3, 2016: Morocco Unveils A Massive Solar Power Plant In The Sahara

Feb 3, 2016: Low Oil Prices A Potential Obstacle To US Clean Energy Sector, But Renewables Growth Remains Resilient: Report

Feb 2, 2016: Renewable energy forecast to grow 9 percent in 2016

Jan 29, 2016: Solar Energy Fuels HyperSolar’s Hydrogen Dream

Feb 2, 2016: China Blows Past the U.S. in Wind Power

Feb 2. 2016: Tesla CEO Musk: New version of Powerwall is coming in summer 2016

Feb 2, 2016: BioSolar Prepares for the Next Phase of Its Super Battery Technology Development

Feb 1, 2016: Solar-Backed Bond Opens New Path for Renewable-Energy Financing

Feb 1, 2016: Wind Powering America’s Transformation to a Clean Energy Economy

Feb 1, 2016: More claims that renewable energy is key to CPP compliance

Feb 1, 2016: Green jobs boom: meet the frontline of the new solar economy

Jan 29, 2016: Electric cars will be big in 2017 model year

Outside Texas

Feb 3, 2016: FERC rejects AEP’s request for waiver of PJM capacity performance nonperformance charges

Feb 4, 2016: Senate blocks energy bill, as debate rages around Flint

Feb 2, 2016: US House subcommittee considers legislation impacting FERC merger reviews, rate challenges

Feb 3, 2016: FERC to Convene Technical Conference on Bulk Power System Policy Issues

Jan 29, 2016: Big Win for Solar as California Preserves Net-Metering

Other News

Feb 3, 2016: New Braunfels notches another court win over LCRA

Feb 3, 2016: Ex-legislator get OK for solar in stalemate

Feb 2, 2016: Texas House begins talks on water grid, markets

Feb 2, 2016: Entergy Names Former Hinkley Point C Director as Chief Nuclear Officer

Feb 2, 2016: El Paso Electric (EE) Is Today’s New Lifetime High Stock

Feb 2, 2016: Utilities’ unique stake in the National Electrical Safety Code

Feb 2, 2016: Natural gas may drop to a more than 20-year low

Feb 1, 2016: Federal coal sales moratorium shakes industry stronghold

Jan 28, 2016: Exelon appoints new director


For the Week of  1/22/16 — 1/29/16

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Jan 28, 2016: Geli’s ‘Internet of Energy’ Software Gets Real-World Test in Texas Microgrid

Jan 28, 2016: Texas beats all other states combined in planned wind power growth

Jan 27, 2016: Texas stays in front on wind

Jan 28, 2016: Invenergy to provide wind power from Texas to Google

Jan 27, 2016: How utilities and regulators differ in their approaches to distributed energy

Jan 26, 2016: EPA extends deadline on air pollution data

Jan 26, 2016: NOAA study suggests US could slash power emissions by 78 percent with existing tech

Jan 27, 2016: 2016 Is the Year for Wholesale Power Market Reform

Jan 27, 2016: In PURPA ruling, FERC says Entergy not obligated to buy from large QFs

Jan 26, 2016: Ideal Power Partners With Austin Energy on US DOE-Funded Projects to Integrate Solar PV and Storage for Commercial Sites

Jan 26, 2016: Duke Energy Renewables Completes 110 MW Texas Wind Farm

Jan 26, 2016: With completion of Los Vientos V, Duke Energy Renewables racks up more than 600 megawatts of wind and solar power in 2015

Jan 26, 2016: National power grid could cut costs and carbon: Study

Jan 26, 2016: How MISO is reforming market rules to spur storage deployment

Jan 26, 2016: Utilities seek flexibility, emissions trading in CPP federal implementation plan

Jan 26, 2016: States seek court delay in enforcement of Clean Power Plan

Jan 26, 2016: Raiden Commodities Files Complaint at Texas PUC Over ERCOT LMPs Resulting From Hardware Failure, Data Error; Seeks Market Resettlement

Jan 26, 2016: Trader Urges PUCT To Investigate “Market Manipulation” As Result Of “Probable” Information Asymmetry

Jan 25, 2016: High court steps in to preserve market for ‘negawatts’

Jan 25, 2016: EDF Renewable Energy to Power Salesforce’s Texas Operation

Jan 20, 2016: The Future Of The Grid Is Here, In These Two Products

Jan 22, 2016: Con Edison Development Buys Texas Solar Project for $227M

Jan 20, 2016: Batteries With A Less Fiery Future

Jan 25, 2016: 3rd Grid Modernization Index Finds California, Illinois, Texas, Maryland, Delaware Leading

Jan 25, 2016: National Rural Electric Cooperative Association tapped to develop transformational grid technology

Jan 25, 2016: Philadelphia along with Constellation Energy expands battery storage in public transport system beyond 10 MW

Jan 19, 2016: Wind Energy Beats Nuclear Power On ERCOT Grid In 2015


Jan 28, 2016: Fort Hood breaks ground on renewable energy project

Jan 28, 2016: Solar project in Brewster County delayed

Jan 28, 2016: Family sues power company claiming electricity cutoff led to “wrongful death”

Jan 28, 2016: Austin Budget chiefs still see financial picture as rosy

Jan 28, 2016: NextEra, FPL earnings up for the fourth quarter and full year 2015

Jan 28, 2016: NextEra Continuing To Explore Sales of Merchant Power Plants

Jan 28, 2016: How Are Exelon’s Operating Segments Performing?

Jan 28, 2016: Q4 2015 EPS Estimates for American Electric Power Company Inc (AEP) Cut by Analyst

Jan 28, 2016: American Electric Power misses by $0.02, misses on revenue

Jan 28, 2016: Xcel Energy Inc (XEL) Stake Reduced by First Financial Bank – IRA Market Report

Jan 28, 2016: Xcel Energy EPS in-line, misses on revenue – Xcel Energy Inc

Jan 26, 2016: Senate Begins Debate on Comprehensive Bipartisan Energy Bill

Jan 26, 2016: Hedge Funds Buying Oncor Face Pressure to Share Tax Windfall

Jan 22, 2016: Anthem of the Sun

Jan 26, 2016: Comparing American Electric Power To Some Of Its Peers

Jan 26, 2016: Southwest Power Pool Adds 2 New Board Members

Jan 26, 2016: Transmission Upgrades Delivering Substantial Value for Southwest Power Pool Members

Jan 18, 2016: Reduced Reserve Margin Could Cut SPP Capacity Costs

Jan 22, 2016: Kirkland’s Fees On Energy Future Ch. 11 Nearing $150M

Jan 23, 2016: A global center for sustainability, grown right here in Austin

Jan 25, 2016: Fort Hood will hold groundbreaking ceremony for Hybrid Large-Scale Renewable Energy project

Jan 20, 2016: Lubbock Power and Light to Reduce Cost of Electricity for Customers

Jan 25, 2016: Denton ISD looking at idea of partnership to bring in solar panels

Jan 26, 2016: American Electric Power Company Inc (AEP) to Issue Quarterly Dividend of $0.56

Jan 26, 2016: Hilton Capital Management Eliminates Position in NextEra Energy Inc

Jan 25, 2016: Steen nominated by CPS Energy board as new trustee

Jan 25, 2016: Fitch Affirms Oncor Electric Delivery Transition Bond Company LLC Series 2004-1

Jan 23, 2016: Rodríguez: El Paso Electric solar class eliminates choice

Jan 21, 2016: CPS Energy steps up natural gas game with Eagle Ford pipeline deal

Jan 22, 2016: Developer Can’t Take $1.6M Oncor Row To Texas High Court

Jan 24, 2016: Zacks Investment Research Upgrades PNM Resources Inc (PNM) to “Hold”

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Jan 27, 2016: New Texas Retail Provider Launches Residential Service

Jan 21, 2016: Jim Steffes Joins Retail Supplier

Jan 21, 2016: Stream Launches Smart 30 Thermostat Plan in Texas and other states

Jan 26, 2016: Addition of StarTex Name To Constellation NewEnergy REP Certificate Approved

Power Grid Security

Jan 28, 2016: U.S. utilities worry about cyber cover after Ukraine grid attack

Jan 28, 2016: As FERC bolsters cybersecurity rules, critics cite lack of secure communication standards

Jan 26, 2016: ‘Israel’s electrical grid attacked in massive cyber attack’

Renewable Power

Jan 28, 2016: American wind power posts second strongest quarter ever

Jan 28, 2016: Duke Energy Renewables racks up more than 600 megawatts of wind and solar power in 2015

Jan 28, 2016: Energy Dept. Funds Solar Projects At Federal Facilities

Jan 28, 2016: State regulators set to vote on new costs for solar owners

Jan 27, 2018: IKEA Plugs-in Addition to Solar Installation at Detroit-area Store in Canton, MI, Making Michigan’s Largest Rooftop Array 25% Bigger

Jan 27, 2016: American wind power posts second strongest quarter ever, readies to help states meet Clean Power Plan affordably.

Jan 27, 2016: What will cheap gas do to electric cars?

Jan 27, 2016: Economics make renewable energy good for business and the environment

Jan 19, 2016: Researchers Pinpoint Drivers for Low-Priced PV Systems in the United States

Jan 25, 2016: Self-driving cars may get here before we’re ready

Jan 26, 2016: Renewable Energy to study biodiesel production methods with Exxon

Jan 25, 2016: The U.S. Could Switch to Mostly Renewable Energy, No Batteries Needed

Jan 25, 2016: What are the world’s biggest renewable energy projects?

Jan 20, 2016: SunShot Program Seeks to Lower Solar-Plus-Storage Costs to 14 Cents per Kilowatt-Hour

Jan 25, 2016: Electric cars will ‘suffer’ from cheap oil, Elon Musk says

Jan 19, 2016: How Dubai will deliver sub-6¢ solar

Jan 25, 2016: In a self-driving Tesla, cruising down Westheimer

Jan 24, 2016: US Navy launches carrier group powered partly by biofuels

Jan 25, 2016: Apple, Inc.’s Electric Car Ambitions May Have Hit a Speed Bump

Jan 25, 2016: Tax Burdens From Renewable Energy Sources are Large

Jan 22, 2016: Wind power generation plant pleads in deaths of hundreds of birds

Jan 22, 2016: Solar power hits the brakes amid incentive cuts in Asia, Europe

Jan 22, 2016: China Overtakes Germany as Worlds Leader in Solar Power Capacity

Outside Texas

Jan 28, 2016: Generators, RESA Ask FERC To Rescind Prior Waivers Granted to FirstEnergy, AEP Units Regarding Affiliate Sales, Seek FERC Review of Proposed Ohio PPAs

Jan 28, 2016: FirstEnergy & AEP power deals violate FERC rules, say competitors, Consumers’ Counsel agrees

Jan 28, 2016: Power Sells at Almost $20 in Mexico Market, Close to Texas Price

Jan 28, 2016: Why this utility giant’s $4-billion coal bailout is an ill-fated energy strategy

Jan 27, 2016: Japan to Build World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant

Jan 26, 2016: Coal Will Struggle To Survive Australian Solar Surge

Jan 25, 2016: U.S. Department Of Energy And New Mexico Finalize $74M In Settlement Agreements For Nuclear Waste Incidents Of 2014

Jan 25, 2016: Japan to restart second nuclear power plant after two-year hiatus

Jan 25, 2016: Exelon’s Calvert Cliffs-1 nuclear unit shut due to tech glitch in storm’s wake

Jan 25, 2016: NRC Begins Comprehensive Inspection at Arkansas Nuclear One

Jan 25, 2016: Several Nuclear Units Experience Unplanned Outages During Winter Weekend

Jan 22, 2016: Say Goodbye To $1,000 Price Caps in FERC-Jurisdictional RTOs; FERC To Allow Offers Above $1,000 Set LMP

Other News

Jan 28, 2016: Hegar Calls Moody’s Dour Texas Budget Report “Unfounded”

Jan 22, 2016: Tons Of Coal Waste In Texas But EPA’s New Regulation Lacks Weight

Jan 22, 2016: Tons Of Coal Waste In Texas But EPA’s New Regulation Lacks Weight

Jan 25, 2016: Another Exec Leaves NRG, Joins Retail Supplier As New COO


For the Week of  1/15/16 — 1/22/16


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Jan 21, 2016: Obama’s climate change rule stays alive, for now

Jan 20, 2016: US DoE supports solar-plus-storage projects with USD 18m of grants

Jan 18, 2016: Local cities asked to back spent nuclear fuel bill

Jan 21, 2016: Duke Energy CEO: ‘We need to talk about nuclear power’

Jan 20, 2016: CMU, Aquion Energy partner with government on power grid research

Jan 19, 2016: ERCOT: Wind energy provided record 45% of electricity on Dec. 20

Jan 19, 2016: In Texas, different ideas on fossil fuels, renewables

Jan 20, 2016: Lithium Thrives As Energy Storage Market Triples

Jan 19, 2016: Energy Department Announces $18 Million To Develop Solar Energy Storage Solutions, Boost Grid Resiliency

Jan 18, 2016: Acciona Energia Acquires San Roman Wind Power Plant in Texas, US from Pioneer Green Energy

Jan 18, 2016: US funds energy distribution and nuclear power projects

Jan 18, 2016: Solar power starts ascent in Texas

Jan 18, 2016: US DOE selects Southern Company and X-energy to develop advanced nuclear reactor design

Jan 14, 2016: ERCOT New Release: Energy use in ERCOT region grows 2.2 percent in 2015

Jan 14, 2016: Texas Sets New All-Time Wind Energy Record

Jan 15, 2016: CPS on renewables, evolution and the grid of the future

Jan 15, 2016: Energy department announces investments in advanced nuclear power reactors

Jan 14, 2016: EIA: Fossil-Fueled Power Generation to Lose Share to …


Jan 20, 2016: Holzapple: To stay competitive, Texas should invest in clean energy

Jan 20, 2016: UTA and City of Denton Partner on Groundbreaking Landfill Project

Jan 21, 2016: Van Doorn: Escape the stock market rout with these utility stocks

Jan 21, 2016: ALJs Would Approve Sharyland Smart Meter Deployment, Deny Calls To Link Case to Oncor Change-in-Control Proceeding

Jan 19, 2016: Former Austin Energy exec under pressure over comments

Jan 19, 2016: “Recent Rulings Underscore Importance of Careful Drafting of Make-Whole Payment Provisions”

Jan 13, 2016: Entergy Earns EEI Emergency Assistance and Recovery Awards

Jan 13, 2016: Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction Reaches 8-Year High

Jan 7, 2016: What Are Flexiwatts and How Can I Get Some?

Jan 15, 2016: Two times to clear the air

Jan 15, 2016: Xcel Energy Warns Texas Customers Of Phone Scam

Jan 15, 2016: Scam callers targeting New Braunfels Utilities Texas customers

Jan 15, 2016: Xcel Energy Seeks Lower Fuel Charges for Texas Customers

Jan 17, 2016: Dallas Fed Quietly Suspends Energy Mark-To-Market On Default Contagion Fears

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Jan 21, 2016: NRG To Use Cirro Energy Brand Outside of Texas

Jan 21, 2016: Withdrawal of Texas REP Certificate Approved and H. P. Technologies Seeks Texas Aggregator Certificate

Jan 21, 2016: Texas REP Files To Transfer POLR Obligation to Affiliate

Jan 19, 2016: TXU Energy Customers To Get $47 Million In Cash Back Loyalty Rewards

Jan 15, 2016: Skybox Datacenters Push Energy Efficiency with Houston First, with NRG Energy

Jan 19, 2016: Comcast Retail Energy Offers Launched in Texas

Jan 15, 2016: GDF Suez offers large commercial and industrial customers new energy management tool

Jan 19, 2016: Defense Logistic Agency Taps Apex Clean Energy for $497M Renewable Electricity Supply Contract for Texas and Virginia

Renewable Power

Jan 20, 2016: Opportunities Dawning For U.S. Renewable Energy Companies In Mexico

Jan 21, 2016: Self-Driving Cars May Get Here Before We’re Ready

Jan 21, 2016: Why Solar and Wind Thrive Despite Cheap Oil and Gas

Jan 21, 2016: Can utilities learn to love distributed solar like central station arrays?

Jan 20, 2016: Navy carrier group powered partly by biofuel sets sail

Jan 21, 2016: Study explores how backing for clean technology should be designed

Jan 17, 2016: 2015 Renewable Energy Investments Total $329 Billion

Jan 17, 2016: Buyer Aware: Solar power may be missing key ingredient

Jan 20, 2016: Buckle Up: The Car as You Know It Will Soon Go Extinct

Jan 19, 2016: Carter: In era of cheap oil, our choices are clear: consume more or spark change

Jan 17, 2016: For Now, Self-Driving Cars Still Need Humans

Jan 18, 2016: The Solar Tax Credit Extension Will Make Net Metering Battles Much More Intense

Jan 18, 2016: The Problem With Rooftop Solar That Nobody Is Talking About

Jan 18, 2016: Wind Power Generated Nearly Half of Denmark’s Electricity in 2015, Sets World Record

Jan 18, 2016: US Geothermal eyes 68MW in 2016

Jan 12, 2016: Solar energy industry now employs more than Oil & Gas extraction

Jan 14, 2016: Solar Jobs Are Outpacing the U.S. Economy By a Longshot

Jan 14, 2016: Murkowski, Faison: Stop Wasting America’s Hydropower Potential

Jan 15, 2016: How Growth in Solar and Wind Power Is Outpacing Coal

Outside Texas

Jan 21, 2016: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission member Tony Clark says he won’t seek reappointment when his term ends June 30

Jan 19, 2016: AEP’s Oklahoma Utility to Lower Customer Bills as Fuel Costs Drop

Jan 18, 2016: Energy Department Announces $220M for Grid Modernization

Jan 19, 2016: DOE announces new projects to modernize America’s electric grid

Jan 18, 2016: RTOs Seek More Time To File Reports on Price Formation At FERC

Jan 16, 2016: SPP, MISO Working on M2M Improvements

Jan 18, 2016: RTOs Seek More Time To File Reports on Price Formation At FERC

Jan 16, 2016: Environmentalists want fed probe into FERC claiming it favors energy companies

Jan 15, 2016: EPA Should Recognize Market-Driven Climate Progress

Other News

Jan 19, 2016: Zerrenner: Saving Texas’ Water through Smart Energy Choices in 2016

Jan 20, 2016: Rice growers on the front lines of U.S. carbon markets

Jan 20, 2016: Scott L. Fordham Appointed President of House based Acclaim Energy

Jan 17, 2016: NBU, LCRA fight has shifted to water rights

Jan 17, 2016: Recent Rulings Underscore Importance of Careful Drafting of Make-Whole Payment Provisions

Jan 15, 2016: Interior Department Launches Federal Coal Leasing Program Review


For the Week of  1/8/16 — 1/15/16


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Jan 14, 2016: Buys Texas Wind Power in Second Clean Energy Deal

Jan 14, 2016: Environmentalists want EPA to take over TCEQ. They know this is Texas, right?

Jan 13, 2016: ERCOT power prices seen hampering gas-fired project development: sources

Jan 14, 2016: ACCIONA Energy Renews Its Investments in the United States with the Construction of a 93-Megawatt Wind Farm in Texas

Jan 12, 2016: Panel approves nuclear energy research bill

Jan 13, 2016: Why an Environmental Group Wants The EPA to Take Control from Texas

Jan 12, 2016: Halyard Energy expands portfolio in Texas – air permit issued for another peaking power plant

Jan 12, 2016: Flashback: ERCOT to hike administrative fee for electric power, CEO to retire in 2016

Jan 12, 2016: AES Completes 10-Megawatt Energy Storage System in Netherlands

Jan 12, 2016: President Obama’s New Energy Economy Relies On Renewables And Natural Gas

Jan 12, 2016: Environmentalists Ask EPA to Strip Texas’ Authority

Jan 12, 2016: Export anxiety: Where will pipeline’s natural gas wind up?

Jan 11, 2016: Tyler City Council to explore project that would generate electrical fuel from biomass

Jan 11, 2016: Solar and wind comprise 61% of 2015 capacity additions, gas contributes 35%

Jan 7, 2016: NEI’s Flint On Nuclear Energy Industry’s 2016 Priorities

Jan 8, 2016: APPA Report: Capacity Markets Do NOT Incent New Electric Generation

Jan 8, 2016: ERCOT mulls changes to scarcity adder, price caps

Jan 10, 2016: Nuclear Power Risk


Jan 14, 2016: Kirkland team shelters $1.4B in EFH bankruptcy duel

Jan 13, 2016: NRG’s Green Visionary Departure Leaves Clean-Energy Questions

Jan 15, 2016: What ‘Flexiwatts’ tell us about the future of energy bills

Jan 14, 2016: Fitch Rates Seguin, TX’s Utility Revs, Series 2014 ‘A+’; Outlook Stable

Jan 12, 2016: Fitzsimons: Clash of land-use priorities troubling with LCRA

Jan 13, 2016: Mitigating Major Electricity Rate Hikes Top the Texas Association of Manufacturers’ Top 10 Issues

Jan 14, 2016: Oncor Receives Approval To Increase Certain Charges Applicable To Texas Retail Providers

Jan 13, 2016: Duke Is A Compelling Long Investment

Jan 12, 2016: Duke Energy’s Younger Brother: Out Performance In The Age Of Disruptive Technology

Jan 13, 2016: UT research leads to revolutionary ‘self-healing’ gel for electronics

Jan 13, 2016: Titus County Appraisal District notified of abstention

Jan 13, 2016: Tyler landfill could turn trash into fuel

Jan 12, 2016: Senator Bob Hall: Consumers may foot the bill for Hunt’s risky Oncor takeover plan

Jan 12, 2016: Texas Oil Family Faces Opposition In Deal For Big Utility Company

Jan 12, 2016: Fitch Affirms San Miguel Electric Cooperative, TX at ‘A-‘; Outlook Revised to Positive

Jan 12, 2016: Morgan Stanley upgrades regulated utilities sector; Dynegy is top pick

Jan 13, 2016: Texas PUC Staff Have “Considered” Cost Calculator for Power To Choose Website

Jan 12, 2016: Will Rising Rates Power Down Utilities Stocks?

Jan 12, 2016: Google reports some close calls in tests of driverless cars

Jan 12, 2016: Utilities Cling To Regulated Model As Markets Turn Against Them

Jan 11, 2016: Texas Regulator Urged to Reject Oncor Sale on Ratepayer Concerns

Jan 11, 2016: Oncor Airs Concerns with Ray Hunt Takeover Plan

Jan 11, 2016: Arguments made in Austin Energy consumer advocate hearing

Jan 11, 2016: Hedge funds stars join losers’ club for first time

Jan 11, 2016: POLICE: Phone scams preys on customers posing as local utilities; demands payments

Jan 8, 2016: Hunt: An open letter to Texans on our Oncor acquisition

Jan 8, 2016: Perry: Hunt acquisition of Oncor threatens Texas’ power grid

Jan 11, 2016: Austin Energy poised to launch new distributed energy management system

Jan 8, 2016: Utilities Tiptoeing into Live Chats

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Jan 15, 2016: ONEnergy Inc. Announces Resignation Of CEO

Jan 12, 2016: Tornado Destroys Couple’s Home, Texas Rep Sends A Bill and Then Cancel it

Jan 11, 2016: 100% Solar Plan Offered By TXU Energy — This The Future?

Jan 8, 2016: Defense Logistics Agency awards Constellation electricity contracts in Texas and Marlyand

Renewable Power

Jan 12, 2016: Houston plant helps Ford go a little greener

Jan 14, 2016: Progress in wind energy leads clean energy sector

Jan 14, 2016: Top 10 Places To Go Solar in the United States

Jan 13, 2016: States’ Electricity Goals Have Limited Reach: Study

Jan 13, 2016: From Tesla, a New Car Smell That Vegans Can Get Behind

Jan 13, 2016: President May Have Exaggerated Role of Stimulus in Clean Energy, Experts Say

Jan 15, 2016: Sunrun Launches New Online Tool, App; Includes Customer Referral Tool

Jan 13, 2016: Elon Musk: Apple’s Electric-Car Plans Are an ‘Open Secret’ in Silicon Valley

Jan 13, 2016: Return of incandescent light bulbs as MIT makes them more efficient than LEDs

Jan 4, 2016: Hitachi Maxell and Kopin Announce Revolutionary Advance in Lithium-Ion Battery Performance

Jan 8, 2016: Electricity from Cheese Is Possible – and Is Happening around the World

Jan 12, 2016: Utility Solar PV: A major technology shift

Jan 12, 2016: China pushed renewable energy installed capacity beyond 900 gigawatts in 2015

Jan 12, 2016: In 1910, Electric Cars Were the Best Vehicles on the Road. What Happened?

Jan 12, 2016: Automakers Go Electric, Even if Gas Is Cheap

Jan 12, 2016: OCI sells U.S. affiliate for $227 mln

Jan 12, 2016: Can Thin Film Technology give Solar Energy a boost?

Jan 12, 2016: Beijing to end coal usage by 2020 to reduce smog

Jan 12, 2016: Nevada’s Solar Power Fees Draw Ire of Silicon Valley Investors

Jan 11, 2016: FuelCell Energy to install 5.6MW fuel cell power generation system for Pfizer

Jan 11, 2016: A Massive Solar Power Plant Is Taking Shape in the Sahara Desert

Jan 8, 2016: Here’s where Duke Energy plans to build its next military solar project

Jan 11, 2016: Wind, solar dominate US new power capacity in 2015 – SeeNews Renewables

Jan 8, 2016: Nevada’s Solar Job Exodus Continues, Driven by Retroactive Net Metering Cuts

Jan 8, 2016: Schnurman: In Texas, clean energy set to boom

Jan 8, 2016: VW Refuses to Give American States Documents in Emissions Inquiries

Jan 10, 2016: Stop Comparing GM’s Chevy Bolt to Tesla’s Model 3

Jan 8, 2016: GE to provide 1 GW wind power converters in China

Jan 8, 2016: Is this sunny state trying to kill solar power?

Outside Texas

Jan 14, 2016: China faces nuclear energy choice

Jan 14, 2016: FERC Denies Sought Fresh Start on Proposed Rules For Info Collection On Other Business Interests, Contractual Relationships Of Any RTO Market Participant

Jan 14, 2016: FERC Sets Date for Tech Conference on PJM Financial Transmission Rights Revenue Adequacy Proposal

Jan 13, 2016: China Coal Imports Crash as Economy Slows Amid Clean Power Shift

Jan 12, 2016: NRC rejects Sanders’ request to stop exemptions for decommissioning nukes

Jan 12, 2016: AEP Ohio defends out-of-market subsidy plan against calls for PJM intervention

Dec 5, 2015: US House brings hydropower licensing process into the 21st century

Jan 11, 2016: FERC Allows RTO To Issue Make-Whole Payments In Excess of Offer Cap To Generators Via Uplift

Other News

Jan 13, 2016: General Electric to Move Headquarters to Boston

Jan 14, 2016: Kocher to become head at Engie, replacing Mestrallet

Jan 12, 2016: NOV Filed Regarding Spark Energy and Customer Protection

Jan 12, 2016: Macquarie Infrastructure Closes USD 115m of Investments

Jan 8, 2016: US coal production falls to lowest level in nearly 30 years


For the Week of  1/1/16 — 1/8/16


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Jan 7, 2016:  Texas keeps getting greener: Solar power, like wind a decade ago, is about to soar

Jan 7, 2016:  Coal power declines in Southwest Power Pool, aided by cheap gas, wind

Jan 7, 2015: MISO, SPP decline proposed interregional projects as not beneficial

Jan 4, 2016:  SPP, ERCOT Set New Wind Records

Jan 5, 2016:  Graphene: A Game Changer for Nuclear Power?

Jan 5, 2016: The Year of the Customer: 5 demand management trends to watch in 2016

Jan 5, 2016: DMN: How Texas is winning the “war on coal”

Jan 4, 2016: Using Technology To Keep Carbon Emissions In Check

Jan 4, 2016: Infocast’s ERCOT Market Summit Returns to Examine Regulatory Changes Driving Investment Opportunities

Jan 5, 2016: Direct Energy Says ORDC Working As Intended, Says Change Requires 12-Month Advance Notice to REPs

Jan 3, 2016: Proposed energy plant may come to Rusk


Jan 8, 2016: GDF SUEZ Energy Resources to Acquire Guttman Energy Customer Portfolio

Jan 7, 2016: Hunt calls AARP objections to Oncor sale ‘alarmist and misguided’

Jan 7, 2016: Hunt Rebuts AARP’s Alarmist and Misguided Claims

Jan 7, 2016: Retirees Group Spars With Hunt Over Oncor Sale

Jan 7, 2016: Flexiwatts — Say What?

Jan 7, 2016: Nueces Electric Opts Out of Open Carry

Jan 6, 2016: Austin Energy is Plotting a New, More Efficient Grid

Jan 6, 2016: AARP objects to Oncor sale to Hunt-led group

Jan 6, 2016: Two Safe Picks For A Volatile Market

Jan 6, 2016: Financial Analysts Predict Stable Outlook For Utilities

Jan 6, 2015: Tornado Victims Without Power Getting Charged for Electricity

Jan 5, 2016: Saddling the Colorado: How LCRA brought Central Texas into modern era

Jan 5, 2016: City of Houston increases renewable energy purchase and receives sustainability certification

Jan 6, 2015: NRG Home CEO Leaves Company Amid Reorganization Plan

Jan 4, 2016: Bonuses flow at LCRA, especially at the top

Jan 4, 2016: Austin Energy chief gives candid assessment of utility, city politics

Jan 5, 2016: Texas REPs Press For Consolidation of Oncor, Sharyland Service Areas if Hunt Acquisition of Oncor Approved

Jan 4, 2016: Denton Utility works to reduce rates

Jan 4, 2016: 54 words: Lobbyists help delay end to tax loophole

Jan 4, 2016: Expecting Sunset Review, RRC Publishes ‘2015 Year in Review’

Jan 2, 2016: Solar power farm coming to Austin County

Jan 3, 2016: El Paso Fire addresses dangers of solar panels

Jan 1, 2016: Four Bluebonnet Electric board seats up for election

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Jan 8, 2016: AP Gas & Electric Hires Texas Market Veterans As New Executives

Jan 6, 2016: Retail Energy Supply Association Elects 2016 Officers and State Chairs

Jan 5, 2016: Direct Energy Evaluating Use of First Choice Power Brand Outside of Texas

Jan 5, 2016: TXU Energy Introduces 100% Texas Solar Electricity Plan

Jan 5, 2016: NRG Acquires Broker Software Vendor

Jan 5, 2016: AP Gas & Electric Joins Retail Energy Supply Association

Power Grid Security

Jan 6, 2016: Utilities on alert after Ukraine cyber attack

Jan 6, 2016: Will MSPs Stop Hackers Targeting Public Utilities?

Jan 5, 2016: NREL’s cybersecurity initiative to wall off smart grid from hackers

Renewable Power

Jan 7, 2016: What utilities need to know about solar growth after the ITC extension

Jan 7, 2016: Clean Power and Kilowatt Financial Join Forces on Solar

Jan 7, 2016: German Solar Power Costs Drop 5.8 Percent in Government Auction

Jan 7, 2016: Two Maine biomass plants to go offline, alarming state’s loggers

Jan 7, 2016: GM’s Chevrolet Bolt to Pose a Challenge for Tesla (TSLA)?

Dec 9, 2015: Taxing the sun? Why some states are making solar power more expensive

Jan 7, 2016: 8 Tips to Help Close that Renewable Energy Deal

Jan 6, 2016: In 1910, Electric Cars Were the Best Vehicles on the Road. What Happened?

Jan 6, 2016: Bill aims for long-term extension of renewable energy tax credits

Jan 6, 2016: Large Cities Show Potential As Geothermal Energy Sources

Jan 6, 2016: Why The Renewable Energy Tax Credit Won’t Help Wind as Much as Solar

Jan 6, 2016: A rebranded Saab at the center of China’s green car push

Jan 5, 2016: China to target at least 15 GW of solar PV deployment in 2016

Jan 5, 2016: 2015: The year in solar

Jan 5, 2016: First Solar Rises on Goldman Upgrade of Strong Balance Sheet

Jan 4, 2016: Tesla Stresses Quality Over Quantity as Model X Deliveries Begin

Jan 5, 2016: Pfizer to get fuel cell power plant at its complex in Groton

Jan 5, 2016: Hurricane wind power review: Solar panel market, clean energy dirty money

Jan 5, 2016: Microgrid Market to Expand at an Extraordinary 20.70 % CAGR Owing to Development of Renewable Energy Technologies

Jan 5, 2016: New ‘Nano-Reactor’ May Create Hydrogen Biofuel for the Future of Renewable Energy

Jan 4, 2016: Tesla barely hits Q4 goal amid cautious start for Model X

Jan 4, 2016: U.S. wind power reaches new milestone: Generates enough power for 19 million homes

Jan 4, 2016: Google Partner: Solar Power Dependability Zero

Jan 3, 2016: Renewables include hydro, tidal, geothermal power

Jan 5, 2016: Retail Energy CEOs Announced for Round Table Discussion at Texas Energy Marketing Conference

Jan 3, 2016: Google Helps Analyze If Rooftop Solar Panels Are Good Deal

Jan 3, 2016: Faraday Future Loses Battery Designer Before Electric Car Debut

Jan 3, 2016: Get Solar Energy Without Putting It On Your Own Roof

Dec 31, 2015: GE splits off renewable energy division

Jan 1, 2016: Wind, solar power soaring in spite of bargain prices for fossil fuels

Dec 31, 2015: Solar is in, biomass energy is out—and farmers are struggling to dispose of woody waste

Dec 31, 2015: Countries come together to promote geothermal energy

Outside Texas

Jan 7, 2016: Nuclear Power Plants Appear Safe From Flooding In Midwest And South

Jan 7, 2016: NREL, Berkeley Lab find state RPS policies drive billions of dollars in benefits

Jan 7, 2016: FERC moves to fine yet another company for trading solely to gain PJM credits

Jan 6, 2016: Calpine Subsidiary Seeks Approval for California Energy Center

Jan 7, 2016: FERC Issues Show Cause Order to Power Traders Regarding Sought $26 Million Fine

Jan 5, 2016: Federal commission requires rule changes on grid operator’s electricity auction

Jan 6, 2015: Direct Energy: Customers Getting Bad Deal in PJM’s Proposal To Sell Back Capacity Outside of Tariff For Pennies On The Dollar

Jan 5, 2016: Ontario turns to storage for renewables integration, grid services

Jan 4, 2016: Duke Energy’s Decreasing Profit Margin Has Lowered The Return On Equity

Dec 29, 2015: FERC Orders Technical Conference on PJM FTR Rule Changes

Jan 4, 2016: FERC Finds Use of PJM Opportunity Costs To Set MISO Capacity Market Mitigation Levels Unreasonable, Orders Changes

Other News

Jan 6, 2016: Freight rail traffic declined 2.5 percent last year

Jan 6, 2016: NOV Filed for FPL Energy Texas Keir

Jan 5, 2016: NOV for Austin Energy Settled

Jan 4, 2016: Protested Big Bend Pipeline Now Closer to Approval

Jan 4, 2016: US sues VW over emissions-cheating software in diesel cars

Jan 4, 2016: Tom Friedman To Lead Panel On Impact of Paris Accords On Electric Utilities


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