Texas Electric News Clips

Texas Electric News Clips

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For the Week of  10/21/16 — 10/28/16

Updated 10/25/16

ERCOT Proposes Plan for Additional Reliability Standard Analyses
On 10/24/16, ERCOT filed a letter in Project No. 42302, Review of the Reliability Standard in the ERCOT Region, informing the PUCT about the steps that would be necessary to complete its request for “providing an assessment of the Economically Optimal Reserve Margin (EORM) and ……………Click here for more


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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EPA to FERC: ‘We Really Need to Talk’
On 10/24/16, EE News reported that the EPA is seeking a headquarters-level discussion with FERC “to promote deeper, more comprehensive climate reviews of proposed natural gas pipelines.” The EPA explains that there have been many pipeline projects………Click here for more

Hacked Internet-of-Things Devices Were Responsible for Widespread Internet Outage
On 10/24/16, GreenTech Media reported on the earlier news that the wide-spread Internet outage was caused by inter-connected devices. The new data suggest that the “massive and sustained internet attack that has caused outages and network congestion for a large number of websites was launched with the help of hacked ‘internet of things.………………Click here for more

New: Report: ERCOT’s Credit Work Group (CWG) and Market Credit Working Group (MCWG) Meeting 10/19/16
At its October meeting, the credit groups evaluated revision requests for credit impacts, finalized comments on NPRR800, and reviewed additional revisions to collateral documents. For more about the meeting, please click here

New: Report: ERCOT’s Wholesale Market Subcommittee (WMS) Meeting 10/17/16
At the October meeting, the Wholesale Market Subcommittee reviewed several revision requests, discussed revisions to Ancillary Services, and reviewed presentations on Reliability Must Run issues. For more about the meeting, please click here

New: Report: ERCOT’s Commercial Operations Subcommittee (COPS) Meeting 10/12/16
At its October meeting, the Commercial Operations Subcommittee discussed a revision request on DG reports, heard an update on settlements, and was informed about adjustments to CARD.For more about the meeting, please click here

New: Report: ERCOT’s Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting 10/11/16
At its October meeting, the ERCOT Board considered a number of revision requests, heard a comprehensive update on ERCOT operations, and reviewed two new transmission projects. For more about the meeting, please click here 

TEPN: PUCT Open Meeting 10/7/16
At the 10/7/16 open meeting, Commissioners addressed a couple of rate cases, dismissed a complaint, and approved a draft rule for publication. If you are interested in purchasing this TEPN issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Policy News, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151.

New: TEW: NextEra’s Oncor Offer — Will It Finally Work?
For several years now, NextEra has tried to buy Oncor. But soon after the bankruptcy court approved its plan, the PUCT Commissioners expressed “deep concern” with the proposal. What are those concerns and is there a way out?For more, please subscribe to Texas Electric Watch. If you are interested in purchasing this TEW issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Watch, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Oct 18, 2016: Batteries May Trip ‘Death Spiral’ in $3.4 Trillion Credit Market

Oct 21, 2016: AEP’s East DC Tie outage ends earlier than expected

Oct 20, 2016: Coal will not recover


Oct 24, 2016: Texas ALJ requests clarification regarding the law and the meaning of a“sirigle purchasing unit” related to the registration of aggregators

Oct 24, 2016: Why NextEra Energy May Continue Its Outperformance in 3Q16

Oct 24, 2016: An environmental ‘dad’ for Texas moves on

Oct 24, 2016: Waste, Families Left Behind As Nuclear Plants Close

Oct 21, 2016: Oncor Schedules Third Quarter 2016 Investor Call

Oct 21, 2016: Power company CEO: Conroe has ‘some looming voltage issues

Oct 21, 2016: Houston office buildings turning greener

Oct 24, 2016: Energy M&A Outlook: What the Halliburton-Baker Hughes Fail Tells Us About 2017

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Oct 24, 2016: Stream Announces Chairman Transition

Oct 24, 2016: New Reliant Energy plan lets Texas customers support solar energy, without the panels

Oct 24, 2016: Company Receives Texas’s First Option 3 Retail Electric Provider Certificate

Renewable Power

Oct 23, 2016: Private solar’s future in Arkansas hinges on review

Oct 21, 2016: New Record for Nanowire-Based Solar Cells Achieved

Oct 19, 2016: Get Ready for the Rooftop Solar Stall

Oct 21, 2016: Utilities undervalue rooftop solar, study says

Oct 19, 2016: President Sets 1 GW Renewable Energy Goal by 2021 for Civilian Agencies

Oct 17, 2016: The world’s first tidal energy farm could power 175,000 homes

Oct 21, 2016: Closing in on a solar power breakthrough

Oct 21, 2016: From Solar to Second-Life Batteries: Why the Navy Leads the US Government in Clean Energy Deployment

Outside Texas

Oct 24, 2016: PJM capacity auction reform spurs $250 million in investments

Oct 24, 2016: South Australia’s Blackout Draws Attention to Battery Storage

Oct 24, 2016: NYISO: New ISO-NE capacity rules could spike New York power prices

Oct 23, 2016: Feds Consider Microgrid in Upgrade of Washington, D.C. Energy Backbone

Oct 20, 2016: FMC Technologies to pay $2.5 million for accounting violations: SEC

Oct 21, 2016: Chairman Selects Judge Carmen A. Cintron to Serve as Chief Administrative Law Judge

Oct 21, 2016: FERC’s Honorable urges re-evaluation of time value calculation policies

Other News

Oct 20, 2016: The real genius behind the self-driving Tesla

Oct 20, 2016: Better batteries, and more electric cars, could be bad news for oil industry

Oct 21, 2016: 7 ways animals threaten the power grid


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    ERCOT's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting 8/25/16

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