Texas Electric News Clips

Texas Electric News Clips

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For the Week of  9/23/16 — 9/30/16

Updated 9/30/16

Austin Energy Gears up for Smarter Smart Meters
On 9/20/16, Austin Monitor reported that Austin Energy proposed to spend $29 million to upgrade its smart meters through a contract with Texas Electric Cooperatives that will “put in place ‘full function two-way meters’ on every home in the city.”……….Click here for more


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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Duke CEO Sees Coal Entirely Disappearing from its Power Mix
On 9/28/16, Bloomberg reported that, as Duke Energy is finalizing its $4.9 billion purchase of Piedmont Natural Gas Co., its CEO stated that this will accelerate the utility’s shift away from coal. This shift will “eventually eliminate coal entirely from its diet.” The company’s move “away from coal mirrors the trend of the country at large. Since 2008, the utility slashed ……..Click here for more

Following New York’s Lead, Maryland Targets Electric Distribution Transformation
On 9/29/16, UtilityDive reported that the “Maryland Public Service Commission this week launched a ‘targeted review of electric distribution systems’ to ensure they are affordable, reliable and focused on customer choice. Maryland’s proceeding appears similar to initiatives in New York, California, and Hawaii, where regulators are taking a close look at:……..Click here for more

New: Report: ERCOT’s Credit Working Group and Market Credit Working Group (CWG/MCWG) Meeting 9/21/16
At their September meeting, the two credit groups reviewed NPRRs for credit implications, heard a detailed analysis of NPRR800, and considered revisions to several documents on collateral requirements. For more about the meeting, please click here

TEPN: PUCT Open Meeting 9/22/16
At the 9/22/16 open meeting, the Commission discussed how to proceed in the Sharyland rate case and the Lubbock integration proceeding. It also suggested next steps for the review of Reliability Standards in ERCOT and expressed “deep concerns” about the proposed sale of Oncor to NextEra.   If you are interested in purchasing this TEPN issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Policy News, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151.

TEW: Can Utilities Benefit from Electric Cars?
Imagining today the full impact of electric vehicles may require a certain leap of imagination, but it is necessary. Or so says a new report from the Rocky Mountain Institute on EVs as Distributed Energy Resources – and the time to do it is now, before EVs really take off. For more, please subscribe to Texas Electric Watch. If you are interested in purchasing this TEW issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Watch, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151

Report: ERCOT’s Commercial Operations Subcommittee (COPS) Meeting 9/14/16
At the September meeting, COPS reviewed reports from its working groups, discussed potential changes to the 2017 schedule, and considered a Load Profiling Guide Revision Request.. For more about the meeting, please click here

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Sept 28, 2016: Don’t Worry About Coal Shutdowns, Texas — Wind’s Got This

Sept 27, 2016: Clean Power Plan leaves businesses and families stuck with the bill

Sept 30, 2016: Reaction mixed as Clean Power Plan merits argued in DC Circuit

Sept 28, 2016: Court must determine if congressional inaction nullifies the Clean Power Plan

Sept 28, 2016: Inside the judges’ questions on carbon trading

Sept 28, 2016: Do nuclear plants have future in low-carbon world?

Sept 28, 2016: In Texas, value of environmental regs debatable

Sept 28, 2016: Texas Sees Gloom and Doom by Cutting Greenhouse Gases

Sept 28, 2016: Inside the DC Circuit: What happened at the Clean Power Plan’s court hearing

Sept 28, 2016: NERC: 2016 Lessons Learned Quick Reference Guide

Sept 28, 2016: ERC Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending: September 23, 2016

Sept 23, 2016: Lawmakers Want To Safeguard Texas Against An EMP

Sept 25, 2016: Obama Climate Plan, Now in Court, May Hinge on Error in 1990 Law

Sept 25, 2016: Obama climate rule faces critical test in court

Sept 26, 2016: Paxton Blasts Clean Power Plan Ahead of High-Profile Legal Arguments

Sept 27, 2016: Texas AG: Obama’s clean power plan will “raise rates and reduce reliability”

Sept 27, 2016: Falvez Energy Completes Financing with GE Energy Financial Services for 163-MW Texas Wind Farm

Sept 21, 2016: ERCOT: Narrow reserves boost real-time prices above $700/MWh

Sept 23, 2016: Obama’s Clean Power Plan Heads to Court: What to Know

Sept 24, 2016: Coal generation behind most 2016 utility forecast: survey


Sept 29, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Stipulation Approval Sought

Sept 30, 2016: Amazon to buy 90 percent of electricity from Texas wind farm

Sept 28, 2016: Austin wins award for improving access to solar energy

Sept 28, 2016: Falvez Energy gets GE financing for 163-MW Texas wind farm

Sept 23, 2016: What Texans Pay For Electricity Is All Over The Map

Sept 26, 2016: Will a $275 million question derail NextEra’s plan to buy Texas power giant Oncor?

Sept 26, 2016: In restructuring move, EnerNOC to lay off 15% of workforce

Sept 26, 2016: Frisco P&Z sides with residents, denies specific use permit for proposed Oncor substation

Sept 26, 2016: Energy Future Holdings Settlement with Texas Comptroller Approved

Sept 26, 2016: Xcel Energy partnering with Walmart for LED bulb discount program

Sept 22, 2016: State to intervene in East Texas utility case

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Sept 29, 2016: TXU Energy Announces Instant Rebate for Residential Solar Rooftop Systems, Unveils Plan to Credit Customers More for Their Excess Solar Electricity

Sept 27, 2016: Energate & Stream Energy Announce Partnership to Deliver Energy Management Tools to Up to 30,000 Texas Households

Sept 16, 2016: Texas REP Offering New Smart Thermostat Plan

Renewable Power

Sept 28, 2016: Wind, solar costs plummeting, Energy Department reports

Sept 28, 2016: SolarCity Partners With Citi To Create Fund To Finance Over $347 Million In Solar Projects

Sept 28, 2016: These 6 Wind Energy FAQs Will Make You A Fan

Sept 28, 2016: Energy secretary: Green power has increased ‘dramatically’

Sept 28, 2016: Tenaska buys 470 MW of wind projects in Minnesota, North Dakota

Sept 26, 2016: Germany Has the World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Train

Sept 22, 2016: Texas engineers on the right track to making train engines “green”

Sept 21, 2016: True Cost Of Solar Variability Is Minor Compared To Installation

Sept 22, 2016: Tesla’s New Solar Roof Could Be Unveiled On Oct. 28

Sept 22, 2016: Spillover Can’t Stop Utility-Scale Solar’s Biggest Year Ever

Outside Texas

Sept 26, 2016: Xcel, 10 utilities near completion of CapX2020 transmission project

Sept 26, 2016: California auditor: CPUC open to improper influence, needs reforms

Sept 23, 2016: Fortis gets FERC nod to acquire ITC Holdings

Sept 23, 2016: Dynegy a winning bidder in MISO Zone 4 capacity procurement

Other News

Sept 29, 2016: Texas alternative fuels company, ex-CEO settle with SEC

Sept 29, 2016: Mercedes just unveiled its first all-electric crossover

Sept 26, 2016: Why the U.S. is using more gas than ever

Sept 22, 2016: Westmoreland Coal to cut 250 jobs, close Texas mine

Sept 22, 2016: Can Tesla’s Autopilot Be Trusted? Not Always

Sept 23, 2016: Seasonal NOx pricing slips as bids drop, activity slows in CSAPR market


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