Texas Electric News Clips

Texas Electric News Clips

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For the Week of  8/19/16 — 8/26/16

Updated 8/24/16

Aug 23, 2016: Denton paves way for sale of coal plant 


Today’s News Flashes by Texas Electric News
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Proposed Austin Energy Rates Would Save Average Customer $20 a year
On 8/3/16, the Austin America Statesman wrote that the “$42.5 million in cuts Austin Energy accepted in a compromise with its biggest customers would mean dramatic reductions in electric rates for commercial uses and cuts for many residential customers.” The Austin city council may vote on the proposal on 8/5/16. It could reduce the average Austin Energy residential customer’s bill by ……..Click here for more

Texas Regulators Tackle Rate Design Reform
On 8/3/16, UtilityDIVE led with a piece about Texas utility regulators “looking at new rate design mechanisms that could lead to new possibilities on the grid – or yet another debate about fixed charges.” It notes that the PUCT commissioned a report on alternative ratemaking mechanisms, based on a directive from the legislature. In June…….Click here for more

SPP Seeks Feedback on Transmission Studies at Engineering Summit
On 8/22/16, RTO Insider reported on SPP engineering staff’s update to members on the Regional Transmission Operator’s “current regional and interregional transmission planning studies.” This took place at an engineering summit last week, with staff asking for feedback …….Click here for more

Tesla Unveils 315-Mile Range Car Battery
Tesla is offering an electric car that can travel up to 315 miles on a single charge, and go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal.  Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk has said it will be the “fastest care in the world.”  The car is the Model S sedan, and Tesla will also offer a heavier SUV using……Click here for more

TEPN: PUCT Open Meeting 8/18/16
At the Open Meeting on 8/18/16 the PUCT discussed the docket on Pedernales Electric Cooperative vs Georgetown Utility Systems, the El Paso Electric voluntary community solar project, and a City of Garland CCN, among other topics. If you are interested in purchasing this TEPN issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Policy News, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151.

TEW:  PUCT Workshop: Does Texas Need New Ratemaking Regime?
The PUCT was charged by the legislature with exploring alternative ratemaking mechanisms (ARMs). Is a reform really needed in Texas, or is it a “remedy in search of a problem,” as described by one commenter at a recent workshop on ARMs? For more, please subscribe to Texas Electric Watch. If you are interested in purchasing this TEW issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Watch, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151

Report: ERCOT’s Commercial Operations Subcommittee (COPS) Meeting 8/10/16
At its August meeting, the Commercial Operations Subcommittee (COPS) discussed the Unregistered Distributed Generation (DG) Report, heard a comprehensive update from the Market Data Working Group and NOGRR084, and reviewed ERCOT’s plan to address market continuity issues. Please click here

Report: ERCOT Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting 8/9/16
At its August meeting, the ERCOT Board reviewed several NPRRs, heard a report from the Independent Market Monitor on the real-time prices, and made a decision on the appeal of NPRR784 by NRG. For more about the meeting, Please click here

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Aug 23, 2016: Denton paves way for sale of coal plant

Aug 23, 2016: ERC Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending: August 19, 2016

Aug 22, 2016: Coal industry on hunt for dollars to help capture carbon

Aug 22, 2016: FERC largely accepts changes to MISO’s rules for units needed for reliability

Aug 22, 2016: Aging And Unstable, The Nation’s Electrical Grid Is ‘The Weakest Link’

Aug 22, 2016: Texas PUC Staff: In AEP Texas Merger Case, PUC Must Decide If Merged Company Entitled To Exemption for Generation Ownership (Oklaunion, Mothballed Plants), Or Whether Disposition of Plants Required

Aug 19, 2016: Prices Heat Up as Generation Melts

Aug 19, 2016: Montgomery: Where Are The Best Returns In Energy?

Aug 20, 2016: Jury cuts Riesel coal plant’s tax appraisal by more than half

Aug 20, 2016: Can sewage sludge replace coal at power plants?

Aug 19, 2016: Genetically Modified Bacteria Conduct Electricity, Ushering in New Era of Green Electronics

Aug 19, 2016: Report: EPA ‘overly optimistic’ about nuke availability for Clean Power Plan


Aug 23, 2016: Frisco Planning & Zoning Commission Denies Prop To Build Oncor Substation

Aug 23, 2016: ‘Corporate Bullying’ by Luminant May Shutter Glen Rose Community Hospital

Aug 23, 2016: Electricity customer choice out-performs traditional monopoly

Aug 22, 2016: Texas Coal Plant Wins Tax Appraisal Case, Property Value Cut 60%

Aug 23, 2016: Fixed charge battle looms in Texas as regulators tackle rate design reform

Aug 22, 2016: Frisco Families Continue Oncor Electrical Substation Fight

Aug 22, 2016: San Antonio solar installer offers rebates to less wealthy areas of the city

Aug 19, 2016: Texas PUC Moves To Protect ERCOT Ratepayers From Costs Created By New Line Exporting Power to Eastern Interconnect

Aug 19, 2016: El Paso Electric drops demand charge push as regulators approve solar settlement

Aug 19, 2016: Cuero residents seek choice in electricity providers

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Aug 24, 2016: Ace Power Receives Texas REP Certificate

Aug 23, 2016: Company Seeks What Would Be First Option 3 Retail Electric Provider Certificate To Be Granted in Texas

Aug 23, 2016: Texas REP Offering Texas Customers Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Power Grid Security

Aug 16, 2016: FERC directs development of standards for supply chain cyber controls

Renewable Power

Aug 23, 2016: Why Tech Companies Want a Piece Of The Renewables Pie

Aug 22, 2016: Are Tesla Investors Getting A Raw Deal In SolarCity Merger?

Aug 19, 2016: Bigger, better, cheaper: wind power is flourishing in the US

Aug 19, 2016: How Garbage Trucks Can Drive a Green Future

Outside Texas

Aug 23, 2016: Pipeline ruling could lead to higher energy bills, industry says

Aug 23, 2016: New Mexico utility threatens layoffs if rate increase request is reduced

Aug 22, 2016: California Policy Goals to Require Significant Transmission Upgrades

Aug 23, 2016: California grid operator proposes to make permanent interim bidding rules

Aug 22, 2016: Bringing electricity to rural locations

Aug 18, 2016: Arkansas Landowners Seek to Stop Plains & Eastern Clean Line Project

Aug 19, 2016: MISO approves 11 proposals for 345-kV transmission line from Kentucky to Indiana

Other News

Aug 22, 2016: Wray: Why Does the Texas Railroad Commission Even Exist?

Aug 23, 2016: Citi Sees Future of LNG Trading in Tanker Traffic Near Texas

Aug 22, 2016: “Why Are You So Angry at the Railroad Commission?” Texas Lawmaker Asks Reviewers

Aug 22, 2016: A State Agency’s ‘Misleading’ Name Is OK With Texas Lawmaker

Aug 22, 2016: Public Citizen: RRC commissioners should be appointed, not elected

Aug 19, 2016: Should the Texas Railroad Commission get a new name?

Aug 19, 2016: Protesters ask FERC to deny 3 Texas LNG projects

Aug 20, 2016: US coal distribution down 15.7% in 4Q16

Aug 18, 2016: Fairfield ISD Raises Tax Rate Due to Luminant Litigation


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