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Texas Electric News Clips

Texas Electric News Clips

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For the Week of  1/13/17 — 1/20/17

Updated 1/19/17


 PUCT Staff File Testimony in Oncor Acquisition Case
On 1/18/17, the PUCT staff filed testimony from several witnesses, including Darryl Tietjen in NextEra’s case to acquire Oncor (PUCT Docket No. 46238). His testimony centered on two questions: (a) should NextEra Energy’s ability to expense for ratemaking purposes a federal income tax be addressed in this docket; and (b) if so, should any tax savings derived from NextEra Energy’s structure or tax filings be shared with its ratepayers? In his recommendation, Darryl stated that:
–“Assuming that the Commission approves the proposed transaction, and given the size of Oncor Electric Delivery Company (Oncor) and the amount of federal income-tax expense included in its Commission-authorized revenue requirement……….Click here for more


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Oncor Demo Center Tests DG, Storage – and Gives Visitors a Jolt
On 1/16/17, RTO Insider provided a story about Oncor’s test center near Dallas, where visitors are greeted with a loud “rumble of thunder.” “’We like to give people a little jump … and we’re only running the [sound system at] about 60%,’ Oncor Chief Technology Officer Michael Quinn says with an impish grin. That’s a key part of the experience in the “Immersion Room” at Oncor’s Technology, Demonstration and Education Center (TDEC) on the plains south of Dallas.………Click here for more

New: Report: ERCOT’s Wholesale Market Subcommittee (WMS) Meeting 1/11/17
At its January meeting, the Wholesale Market Subcommittee considered many revision requests, heard an exhaustive analysis of options for offering Reliability Must Run resources into the market, and received updates from several working groups.To read more, please subscribe to ERCOT Monitor Reports. If you are interested in purchasing this ERCOT Monitor Reports issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing ERCOT Monitor Reports, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151.

New: Report: ERCOT’s Retail Market Subcommittee (RMS) Meeting 1/10/17
In its first meeting of the year, the Retail Market Subcommittee discussed ways to improve Inadvertent Gains numbers, heard an update on the 2017 projects, and considered simplifications to the Digital Certificate process.To read more, please subscribe to ERCOT Monitor Reports. If you are interested in purchasing this ERCOT Monitor Reports issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing ERCOT Monitor Reports, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151.

TEPN: PUCT Open Meeting, 1/12/17
At the 1/12/17 open meeting, the PUCT approved revisions to the deemed savings manual, took action on an ETT rate case, and finalized an order on a solar company application.If you are interested in purchasing this TEPN issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Policy News, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151.

New: TEW: Can ERCOT’s RMR Process Be Improved?
The effort to improve ERCOT’s Reliability Must Run process continues, with the PUCT staff filing a strawman rule and holding a workshop. But with 21 parties filing comments, consensus remains elusive. For more, please subscribe to Texas Electric Watch. If you are interested in purchasing this TEW issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Watch, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Generation Adequacy

Jan 18, 2017: Houston NRG exec: Power generation is moving toward smaller scales

Jan 18, 2017: The Coal Power Comeback — Starting With Carbon Capture

Jan 18, 2017: Here’s why deregulation won’t put miners back to work

Jan 18, 2017: States sue to block last-minute Obama environmental rule

Jan 18, 2017: NuScale Submits First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Design to NRC

Jan 17, 2017: Beyond Smart Meters: Utilities in a Connected Future

Jan 17, 2017: Paxton files one last lawsuit against Obama administration

Jan 17, 2017: Rick Perry and the “Texas Approach” to Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

Jan 17, 2017: Rick Perry prepares to re-enter political arena with confirmation hearing

Jan 16, 2017: Coal lost hold as dominant energy source in 2016

Jan 17, 2017: Inside Pruitt’s conflicting approaches to Okla. energy cases

Jan 12, 2017: Open Access: How Regional Organized Power Markets Work

Jan 13, 2017: Miniaturized Nuclear Power Plant? U.S. Reviewing Proposed Design

Jan 16, 2017: Rick Perry praised for role in making Texas a leader in clean energy

Jan 16, 2017: Renewable power with smart inverters compete with traditional power plants


Jan 18, 2017: Dan Patrick makes only one change atop Senate committees

Jan 18, 2017: Schneider Electric acquires Renewable Choice Energy

Jan 17, 2017: Tesla begins making battery cells at Nevada ‘gigafactory’

Jan 17, 2017: PEC board rebukes, but doesn’t remove, director for controversial post

Jan 17, 2017: SunPower by Freedom Solar announces Oncor 2017 Texas solar rebates

Jan 17, 2017: Calculating the Full Cost of Electricity—Know Your History

Jan 17, 2017: LP&L electric rates to increase $5 for average customer next month

Jan 18, 2017: PNM Resources, Inc. (Holding Co.) (PNM) To Go Ex-Dividend on January 19th

Jan 17, 2017: How electricity retailer TXU Energy emerged from bankruptcy as a hot property

Jan 16, 2017: FERC OK in Hand, NextEra Faces More Questions on Oncor Deal

Jan 17, 2017: Oncor Electric Delivery Company, LLC v. Public Utility Commission of Texas

Jan 16, 2017: Is borrowing $1 billion to reward the bankruptcy-saving investors of TXU Energy, Luminant money well spent?

Jan 13, 2017: Cha-ching! A billion-dollar payday for the hedge funds that took TXU Energy and Luminant out of bankruptcy

Jan 14, 2017: Legal and financial advisers feast on bankruptcy fees from the oil patch

Jan 12, 2017: Energy Center plan gets money-saving change

Jan 16, 2017: 8 Reasons To Worry About Rick Perry Running The Department Of Energy

Jan 17, 2017: Donations pour in for North Texan who couldn’t afford heat

Jan 17, 2017: NRG Energy +6.7% as Elliott Associates discloses large stake

Jan 17, 2017: Elliott, private equity firm buy stakes in NRG Energy

Texas Retail Electric Providers

Jan 17, 2017: Just Energy Announces Early Redemption of the Remaining $94,652,000 of its 6.0% Convertible Debentures Due June 2017

Jan 17, 2017: Texas Supreme Court: Retail Providers “Lack Obligation” To Pass-On Any TDU Discount

Renewable Power

Jan 17, 2017: Solar deployment drives U.S electric power sector job growth

Jan 17, 2017: Obama puts offshore North Carolina on wind energy map

Jan 17, 2017: Electric car maker Faraday Future unveils prototype

Jan 15, 2017: Gas And Renewables Toppled Coal A Decade Early

Jan 17, 2017: New blades and generators for more efficient small wind turbines

Jan 13, 2017: Farenthold’s windfarm bill calls for safe air space

Jan 13, 2017: EDF Renewable Completes Wind Development for Google

Jan 13, 2017: U.S. Solar Employment Jumped 25% In 2016, Says DOE Study

Jan 16, 2017: American wind energy jobs reach 100,000 according to US DOE

Jan 16, 2017: Saudi Arabia seeks $30bn-$50bn solar and wind energy investment

Jan 13, 2017: With Nine Gigawatts Coming Online In 2017, India Set To Emerge As Solar’s Third Superpower

Jan 9, 2017: All Dutch trains now running on 100% wind energy

Jan 16, 2017: Security fears spark call for wind farm shutdown

Jan 16, 2017: In New York, Wind And Solar Get Double Their Value In Subsidies

Outside Texas

Jan 17, 2017: In latest move, China halts over 100 coal power projects

Jan 12, 2017: Generators call New York nuclear subsidies an ‘existential threat’ to wholesale markets

Jan 16, 2017: Moniz: Bid to revive Nevada nuclear waste dump doomed

Other News

Jan 19, 2017: Acclaim Energy Announces Senior Management Team Addition

Jan 18, 2017: Power restored at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

Jan 13, 2017: Toyota Dealers Refuse To Sell Prius Prime Electric Car

Jan 11, 2017: Startup company that wants to recycle electric car batteries on display at Detroit auto show


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