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Texas Electric News Clips

Texas Electric News Clips

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For the Week of  4/21/17 — 4/28/17

Updated 4/28/17


ERCOT Files Real-Time Co-Optimization Update with PUCT
On 4/27/17, ERCOT filed with the PUCT an update on the stakeholder discussions about a potential implementation of the Real-Time Co-Optimization of Energy and Operating Reserves. ERCOT said that it “plans to submit the initial RTC progress report to the Commission on July 14, 2017, for discussion at the Commission’s Open Meeting, …….…..Click here for more 


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ENGIE, City of Houston Complete 50-MW Solar Plant
On 4/26/17, Power Engineering reported that “ENGIE announced the company has completed its 50-MW SolaireHolman solar plant in Alpine, Texas, which will now provide 10.5 percent of the power consumed in Houston. The 360-acre project includes 203,840 solar panels, and will provide power to areas across the city including the Hermann Park Zoo, ………Click here for more

Dynegy Looks to Slash Debt after Years of Growth
On 4/25/17, S&P Global reported on the growth of Dynegy, after it had emerged from bankruptcy in 2012. “With a strengthened balance sheet and a generation fleet of about 10,000 MW, Dynegy Inc., has grown into one of the largest independent power producers in the U.S. through several big-ticket acquisitions that have substantially………….Click here for more

New: Report: ERCOT’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting 4/24/17
At the 4/24/17 WebEx meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee, participants heard updates on two items and TAC members were asked to vote on those by 4/26/17. To read more, please subscribe to ERCOT Monitor Reports. If you are interested in purchasing this ERCOT Monitor Reports issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing ERCOT Monitor Reports, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151.

New: TEW: Entergy’s Transition to MISO — Benefits Realized?
In 2012, Entergy filed an application to transfer its transmission assets to MISO. The PUCT approval included a number of conditions and a requirement for a cost/benefit analysis. Five years later, how has the compliance process progressed and have Texas consumers benefited? To learn more, please subscribe to Texas Electric Watch. If you are interested in purchasing this TEW issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Watch, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151

TEPN: PUCT Open Meeting 4/13/17
At the 4/13/17 open meeting, the Commission finalized its decision in the Oncor purchase case, discussed the need for the real-time co-optimization process, and recognized a resolution of Sub-synchronous Resonance issues by stakeholders. If you are interested in purchasing this TEPN issue, please click here. If you are interested in subscribing the Texas Electric Policy News, please click here or call Competitive Assets at 512-581-0151.

News Flash Archive

Texas Headlines

Apr 27, 2017:  New Opinion: A Future Without Zero-Emission Electricity Generation

Generation Adequacy

Apr 26, 2017: Fort Hood Switches On Wind And Solar In Texas

Apr 26, 2017: The economic prospects of advanced coal technologies have never seemed so promising.

Apr 27, 2017: Coal finding energetic allies in Trump’s energy, environmental agencies

Apr 27, 2017: Big, young power plants are closing. Is it a new trend?

Apr 26, 2017: The bulk of Houston’s “clean energy” innovation comes from oil and gas

Apr 26, 2017: Wind capacity addition to depend on bidding plans by utilities: ICRA

Apr 26, 2017: Oil-Gas Lobby Opposes State Subsidies for Nuclear Power Producers

Apr 26, 2017: Perry calls for US to remain in Paris accord, deepening climate split in White House

Apr 26, 2017: US coal power won’t come back: power-sector CEOs

Apr 26, 2017: Rick Perry Talks About Reviving Coal, Exporting Natural Gas and Staying in the Paris Climate Deal

Apr 24, 2017: Natural gas generators make up largest share of US generation capacity

Apr 25, 2017: Eneco and Mitsubishi Plan Europe’s Largest Battery, Pitching Storage Against Coal and Gas

Apr 25, 2017: Elimination of Clean Power Plan Restores Balance to EPA Policymaking

Apr 25, 2017: Appeals court delays decision on rules cutting power plant pollution

Apr 24, 2017: How a Cold Day in Texas Exposed the Value of Grid Flexibility

Apr 21, 2017: Energy Dept. chief Perry says coal retirements threaten to destabilize the grid

Apr 24, 2017: US Coal Plant Closures Likely To Eliminate 30 Million Tons Of Annual Coal Demand

Apr 18, 2017: Panda Temple power plant, Suniva solar firm file for Chapter 11


Apr 27, 2017: Chapter 313 in Texas puts energy fight in the school yard

Apr 27, 2017: AEP sees earnings rise 18 percent in first quarter

Apr 27, 2017: Vermont Yankee cleanup partner stops work on Texas nuke dump

Apr 27, 2017: New wind farm in Cameron County opens, will provide energy for 30 thousand homes

Apr 27, 2017: Heights council renews franchise agreement with Oncor Electric for city service

Apr 26, 2017: Texas House may reverse course on LCRA sunset review

Apr 26 2017: Solar farm funded by city starts generating power

Apr 26, 2017: CHRON Files Form 10 Registration with SEC; Unveiling the Details of its Comprehensive Business Plan

Apr 26, 2017: CPS refines solar panel rebate rules for contractors

Apr 26, 2017: ACCIONA and Secretary of State Pablos Inaugurate the 93 MW San Roman Wind Farm in Cameron County

Apr 26, 2017: Energy Future Holdings’ spinoff to move hundreds of workers from downtown Dallas

Apr 25, 2017: NextEra will ask Texas regulators to reconsider rejection of Oncor acquisition

Apr 25, 2017: Reliant ‘smart house’ tests the future of electrical usage

Apr 25, 2017: Bidding dispute sparks legislation that could raise schools’ electricity costs

Apr 24,, 2017: Choice to Choose-The journey to a competitive electricity market in Texas

Apr 24, 2017: The electricity revolution taking place in Texas

Apr 25, 2017: Austin Energy proposes Value of Solar for commercial properties

Apr 24, 2017: Oncor Proposes Rate Increase for Solar, Wind Customers

Apr 24, 2017: Bluebonnet members to get capital credits beginning in May

Apr 24, 2017: Houston Has No Problem with Renewable Energy

Apr 24, 2017: Goldman Makes Case for Volcker Rule

Apr 21, 2017: Eminent domain bill draws positive remarks

Apr 21, 2017: NextEra Energy, FPL first-quarter earnings rise

Apr 22, 2017: Pflugerville, Round Rock among cities reviewing Oncor rate increase

Apr 21, 2017: Trump to sign executive orders on drilling, cybersecurity and a rural America task force

Apr 21, 2017: What cuts? Perry promises Energy Department will keep innovating

Renewable Power

Apr 27, 2017:  Air Pollution Can Cut Solar Panel Efficiency By Up To 25%

Apr 27, 2017: Creating the ultimate hybrid system by mixing solar energy and hydroelectricity

Apr 27 2017: Solar Block-and-Index Contracts: A New Market for Utility-Scale Solar?

Apr 27, 2017: Wind turbine maker Vestas eyes end to green power subsidies

Apr 27, 2017: South Texas Solar System expands as industry thrives in San Antonio

Apr 27, 2017: 31 Years After Disaster, Chernobyl Goes Solar

Apr 27, 2017: Utility-scale panel cleaning techniques ‘must improve’, say asset owners

Apr 27 2017: Pattern Energy buys 324 MW New Mexico wind power project

Apr 24, 2017: Rising wind power growth to be led by China over next five years

Apr 24, 2017: Home to World’s Biggest Wind-Turbine Maker to End All Subsidies

Apr 24, 2017: Wind power will keep growing rapidly — and bring economic opportunity to rural America

Apr 24, 2017: This boat shows the way to a clean energy future

Apr 25, 2017: Companies disagree with Trump’s plan to cut EPA energy efficiency program

Apr 23, 2017: In biofuels case, “Who gets to solve the craziness and how is the question,” federal judge says

Apr 24, 2017: Saudi Arabia to Offer 1 Gigawatt of Renewable Contracts in 2017

Apr 24, 2017: Genome sequence of fuel-producing alga announced

Apr 22, 2017: How Major Oil Compnay Total Could Be Building a Renewable Energy Giant

Apr 22, 2017: Solar Roads: Emerging Tech or Looming Disaster?

Apr 21, 2017: Residential Solar Giants May Not Be Low Cost After All

Apr 21, 2017: Gigantic Wind Turbines Signal Era of Subsidy-Free Green Power

Apr 21, 2017: Green light for 50MW solar power plant in Jordan

Apr 21, 2017: Home owners face jail for not installing solar power

Apr 21, 2017: Wind Turbines Create Big Problems For Small Planes

Apr 21,, 2017: NextEra Energy Partners to acquire 250-MW Colo. wind facility from sponsor

Outside Texas

Apr 26, 2017: Committee holds first meeting in opening Nevada power market

Apr 25, 2017: UK electricity grid not ready for electric car future, claims report

Apr 22, 2017: Britain has day without coal power

Apr 21, 2017: FERC: Hydropower Primer

Apr 22, 2017: San Francisco power mostly restored after outage

Apr 21, 2017: PNM plan to stop coal use includes retiring San Juan plant by end of 2022

Apr 21 2017: Court denies two petitions for review involving FERC Order No. 1000

Apr 21, 2017: Boulder’s long road to its elusive right to a municipal electric utility


Apr 25, 2017: Today’s Energy Jobs Are in Solar, Not Coal

Apr 25, 2017: Bank of America just said there’s ‘material risk’ to the long-term viability of Tesla

Apr 25, 2017: Platform-based grids promise a power boost

Apr 25, 2017: NOV for EDF Trading

Apr 24, 2017: Will the EPA’s Open Data Web service be shut down? Agency responds to ‘rumors’

Apr 24, 2017: EPA to Shut Down Open Data Service Friday

Apr 21, 2017: Environmental group takes on Dallas smog with high-tech gadgets


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